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~ Contempt of God ~

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page - 7 - The 'cloak' page - 8 - So says Caesar
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page - 15 - The Law of the Land page -16 - The Lamb & the Lion
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page - 20 - The Police Army page - 21 - Contempt of God
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~ The 'Ransom' note ~

The public 'fine' imposed is the 'Ransom note,' upon which is 'stamped' the 'due' date to be met, and the 'donated' amount needed to attain or 'retain' ones liberty or freedom from persecution by the enforcement arm of the State 'religion,' or State Institution as it was 'formerly' known. It is also 'white collar' extortion.

As the State punitive 'system' in every land is used as the retributionary 'hand' of God, that is the 'adversary' of the Light and right hand of God, all that comply with its 'extortionist' demands and pay the Ransom do accrue a 'further' and deeper debt* to be met on a later day.

What the police and judiciary need to see is that when they make their 'mark' on God's property, on behalf of God the dark authoritative punitive aspect, they place a similar return due upon their own soul under God's One Law 'An eye for an eye' - - - "As you do is done unto you."

For God's property is us all, the good, the bad, the short, the tall, and any 'person' that demands that a 'Ransom' must be 'met,' have placed their own 'bet' upon the presumption that the 'dark' gives them immunity from ITS Law.

For when a 'judge' says: "You will pay a fine of $ 1000, and it will be paid within 3 months and a day," what he is in 'reality' saying is: "If you do not pay the 'Ransom' by the due date as demanded by me, then on a later day my 'gun men' will 'seize' your body, and it will be held hostage in a cell for a time and a time."

So as said, when the police and the prosecutor and the 'judge' complicity became a 'party to' the Ransom note being issued, they have placed their 'bet' on some sort of immunity from God for when on a later day, they are forced by their own 'rules' to go further along the dark road, and incarcerate a person that does not pay.

There is no 'such' immunity, for none that 'seize or steal or extort or ransom or abuse or hold hostage' any of God's children can avoid the 'eye for an eye' singular Law of God that will become their due on a later day, a day to be appointed by God.

There is also no immunity 'protection' from their Institution, for its 'rules' giving 'seeming' protection are but mere 'words' written by some arrogant man in the past, and no 'words of men' can 'void' God's singular immutable Law.

And neither can any person pay a 'ransom' to criminals posing as 'the law of the land' without incurring a further similar 'due,' a due to be taken by force from them by 'dark forces' for having supported their 'Ransom' demand, and thus to their iniquitous 'cause' being true. Do not support iniquity. Better to die than to eternally cry

Beware the 'Ides of March,' for soon our God will 'see' if your soul is white or 'stained' by iniquity, and for those that defy me will 'come' their 'repartee,' and swiftly will be the 'parry' as the sword of death does them 'free,' so that their soul can into the depths be carried swiftly.

Note: debt* - Being controlled, a restriction of ones freedom of movement. The 'further' debt is accrued for having contributed to the funding and thus 'supporting' the punitive & controlling 'body,' for it is the funds that are its primary 'source' of income that pays its enforcers.

Note: 'religion of peace & forgiveness'* - Those that fellowship with this ideological 'belief' do not abuse others, nor do they drink and drive, because they 'fear' to cause grief to others, for they know that any pain & suffering imposed by them comes back to them under God's 'eye for an eye' Law, and for sure they would never seek to impose pain upon any other sister or brother.

Those of the 'opposing' State religion' do not believe in God's Power or God's Law, thus they feel 'secure' and 'immune' to it as they do impose pain and suffering each day, as they 'callously' and ignorantly go their way relying on their 'sword or gun' in defiance of the Holy One.

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~ The sleeping Judge ~

The 'sleeping' Judge is one so 'bound' that he hears not the 'sound' of the 'bell' I ring that tells all of the last call of God. Thus the sleeping Judge fails to see that the imposition of a 'ransom' fine placed upon a man of peace from the Land Divine is in fact the 'placement' of his signature upon his own 'death' warrant.

For he was unable to 'observe' the words of reason stated in a long past season, when God said: "You each prepare your own final eternal 'bed,' either in the Land below of cruelty and cold snow, or in the warm and sunny Land above, the place where all are happy and joyfully love."

And for our God I did then and now do say: "It is by your personal deed each day that you place the 'shackles' of the 'links' of chain around your own neck if you defy MY Command to 'Only love' and be forgiving to the others perceived by you as 'in sin' living and, - - -

It is by your own deed each day as you mercifully permit offenders to be counselled and sent home that you 'remove' the shackles of the chains that invisibly bind you as to God you are 'forgivingly' true."

So I now via you and you and directly too, tell every man and every 'judge' that it is I the 'awake' Judge to say that: "It is our God to now 'judge' all on an 'eye for an eye' basis, and that 'pain or pleasure' will be on an eternally perpetuating basis."

For any that are sent below will be forced to darkness with its 'pain & suffering' sow, and it will be forcefully returned on an 'eye for an eye' basis each and every moment of time, as all there are eternally 'swine.'

Those that go above will be freely given a return of joy and love as they freely gave; on an 'eye for an eye' basis each and every moment of time as love & happiness does 'shine.' You now 'choose,' and place your last 'bet' on the win or lose.

A reasonably 'wise' judge should be able to see that there is a difference between heeding the Command of God, and the 'puny' demands of men. (Caesar).

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~ The legitimiser ~

Force of arms is the 'legitimiser,' being the mandate to 'legitimately' control other children of God. It is used by Dictators, kings, police, and 'jailers,' as well as all others with 'disturbed' minds, such as 'common' murderers and 'wife' abusers. The use of any 'force' means that 'someone' suffers.

The 'club,' the axe, the sword, and now the powerful gun is 'worn' by the 'officers' of every one assuming their 'legitimacy' to impose their Code of Conduct demands upon others.

Whether it is "In the name of" a Chief or an Emperor, or simply 'The Fatherland' or 'The Nation,' it is all one and the same thing. It is the imposition of a religious Creed that is enforced with the gun and many an anti-God deed.

So the 'legitimiser' is a 'lost sheep' who uses his powerful 'gun' to enforce, and legitimises his deed of punishment against any 'one' seeking to either not 'conform,' or that tries to be a 'better' normalcy.

The 'worst' legitimisers are the legislators that write the 'Codes of Conduct' rules to be thrust upon all in the guise of "It is for the good of all."

The 'worst' legitimisers are the young and proud 'policers' who have been taught that it is their rightful and legitimate duty to 'report' and abduct unto 'trial' any that do not conform.

The 'worst' legitimisers are the supposedly 'wise' elders who 'judge' others using the very same 'legislated' codes of penalty clauses. For they assume 'godship' and believe that 'as God,' they are above their own law and God's Law.

The 'worst' legitimisers are the 'jailers,' for they hold the hostages 'penned' in a cell and detained until they have 'supposedly' recanted, or have been 'brainwashed' and thus indoctrinated into the false ideology, or forced into submission so that they do submit to the 'ways' of the dark Code of Conduct.

The punishment is the 'deterrent' that integrates the 'fearful' into becoming a 'member' of the dark 'legitimising' force 'Company' that presently 'rule' this Land as 'swine.'

The 'legitimiser' is the one who believes in the legitimate use of force to 'back' his 'belief.' The governments of the self-named 'just' world legitimise their 'terror tactics' by asserting that their belief system is the only one backed by God, and thus able to bring about peace.

Thus they feel it 'legitimate' to bomb men, women and children. At no time do they 'reflect' that their 'action' is the action of a brutal dictator. Supposed 'legitimate' violence is always justified by the 'dark' belief system, and backed by the 'power' to force compliance.

The 'darkness' that is an invisible energy, which inspires all 'force' backed belief systems to ensure compliance, is like a 'mist' in the minds of those in control, since this mist 'shrouds' their inner sight and 'deadens' their morals, and at the same time 'illuminates' the perceived error of the other, and justifies their 'placement' of terror.

God is the 'ultimate' legitimiser who always has the last say, as you will all 'see' on the last day when all for their folly do pay. God can 'legitimately' place your soul in a place 'space' where it will suffer all the indecencies it has placed upon others, and in that 'place' there are only similar criminals, and they all feel and are justified in causing pain to swine.

page 4

~ Kind men - Cruel men ~

In the 'last' days, the cruel will be seen as 'kind,' as they say their deeds are just & honourable. But they are cruel, for they lead millions on the false road as these millions follow them into the Abyss, seeing naught 'amiss' with the punitive and unforgiving ways of the world.

Cruel punishment is seen as 'kind' rehabilitation. None even interested in the other as 'defaulters' are made to pay. The 'self-righteous' say: "They deserve to die." None even aware as to 'why' they feel 'good' when others suffer or cry.

None seeing that this is due to all being now 'full' of dark energy, and that it is thus all are on the same road to Hell. None seeing that it is this very dark energy drawn into their souls that is the 'avenger' that demands and reprimands.

This is why all 'lads' empowered by a mandate of man believe and feel it 'right' to make others grieve as per the 'standing' orders and not comply with God. For it is a fact that no 'one' on this 'sod' has taught them that all 'imposed' by them upon others has a painful 'payback' comeback to them.

The 'regulators' and their 'policy' and policing officers see not how their 'acts' and actions interfere with, humiliate, degrade, separate, destroy, and abuse God's children, as the 'extortionist' taxes and mercenary 'ransom' note fines and incarcerating punishment destroys lives and livelihoods, and causes ongoing trauma to wives and children, and families are 'torn apart' and, - - -

As this is all going on, the 'dictators' sit in their 'ivory towers' and eat as 'pigs' and 'swill' wine and fart. Not one of them is merciful or forgiving, and each and every one will spend 'time' below and, - - - greater than GREAT will be their 'misgiving' for, - - -

Once the 'sentencing' is done by the appointed 'one' (the judge), neither 'he' nor the legislators, nor the policing forces see the coming misery that they imposed upon their 'brother' or sisters, and neither do they care and, - - -

Neither do they see God's Wrath 'mount,' and neither do they see the invisible 'tick of time' go by as God 'counts' down to THE DAY when every 'errant' son does pay in FULL for being to HIM untrue.

It is now the time for all to see that every person has erred and presently lives in a fantasy. A fantasy whereby they believe that they will 'somehow' get to heaven and not grieve.

I say that together we must now learn to forgive before we are all 'judged' by God. For if we do not learn the correct 'way,' then as we are suffering our 'fate' on a later day, we will unforgivingly retaliate, and thus eternally will become our painful fate. (Pain received for pain given ad-infinitum.)

Let each now search their 'conscience' and see if they have an 'ounce' of 'capacity' left within which they can reason, and see the "Only love" reality, and the 'justice' of God there be, in the 'Just' return due for kindness or cruelty as per the 'eye for an eye' in all we do. Good for good - Sorrow for sorrow.

Man says: "You must comply with us because it is our law." I say: "NO, you and I only have to comply with God's Code of Conduct Command or die." So I will comply with God and go my way in PEACE, - - - you are free to 'ignore' God and 'grease' your souls with darkness as you DISTURB THE PEACE and, - - -

I can but WARN you ALL that there is a VERY HEAVY penalty clause of GOD that says: "NONE will 'live' whom cannot 'forgiveness & love' GIVE." I seek to aid you all to eternal freedom gain, for those I cannot 'reach' will soon feel eternal cold and pain.

Wake up please.

Note: - As the 'belief' in the need to control everyone is so 'ingrained' in the ideology of the Dark religion, the officers and members of this 'organisation' named 'The State government' cannot see that the 'peaceful' way of the Light religion needs no 'force' to maintain its peaceful & giving & sharing & merciful & forgiving ways.

All 'adherents' to the dark religion will continue to use 'force of arms' to enforce their ideology, being their punitive Code of Conduct demands, as they 'fear' to walk away and 'disassociate' themselves from this false organisation, due to the knowledge that it will then persecute them in a similar fashion as per its 'standing orders.'

What a 'sorry' state to find oneself in! So needing to walk 'upright' in God's sight but fearful of the consequence of so doing. Each soul has now but a very short time to ask themselves: "How do I stand in God's sight"? - - -

And then quickly lay down their 'arms' and begin to show their loving and forgiving charms, and be kind and merciful and no longer others 'berate,' as they 'absorb' this wisdom from God's Holy plate.

Note: Ask yourself, can others 'trust' that you are merciful & kind, or must they 'fear' that you will them cruelly bind? Can you truly see the 'nature' that you be? Or do you just interfere and intrude because you are paid to be rude?

It should be obvious that the way of 'enforcing' does not lead to peace, it leads to more chaos that requires more rules and more control and more punishment. Why? It is because God's dark energy that is the retributive Dark, - - - that exists within 'sinners,' - - - is totally just unto itself, - - - and what is expressed through you comes back to you and, - - - it is also a fact that the more it comes back to 'hurt' you, the 'greater' the force you use to 'oppose' it thus, - - - the greater it under its own Law imposes itself upon you and all society for using it more.

The proof is here, Education of this FACT is needed so that each individual has the opportunity to change their personal 'expression' and become peaceful with the insight within these sacred pages. For only thus will our God purge them of their inner darkness. (Sin energy).

It is 'simply' a fact that if you support by vote, or condone or 'fund,' or work as an enforcer 'for' any ideology that uses force to extort money, or that abuses others in any way, then you are in defiance of God's Holy Command and, - - - you should be able to see that 'such' action is not 'peaceful' as is demanded by God the Father.

page 5

~ Law and Order ~

When a military or a political policing force says: "We are here to maintain law and order," it is in fact saying:

"We are here to use all the force necessary to ensure that you the people comply with the rules of our 'employer,' and - - -

We are authorised by our employer's 'rules' of law to punish any that do not comply with these 'orders,' thus any 'other' way of living is seen by 'us' as disorderly, and is not 'acceptable to us or our employer thus, - - -

We will force you into compliance by threat, coercion, abuse, and any other punishment if you in any way do not conform to these dictates of ours and, - - -

As we believe that it is for your benefit also, we 'entreat' you to peacefully lay down your 'arms' and surrender to our 'force of arms.' If you do not, then our 'conduct' will become very disorderly, as you will see.

You are only 'civil & orderly' in our eyes when you comply with our dictates, being the rules of our organisation. So even if you are a peaceful person going about your God given business, if you do not 'fund' our taxation department and thus comply with our 'extortionist' demands, then we are here to reprimand you."

Any 'system' that uses force called 'the law' to enforce their required Code of Conduct 'way,' are already defying God's "Walk in peace" Command. Thus God later 'reprimands' all complicit. The only way towards true peace, is for each person to individually heed God and never use force, nor use 'enforcers' to act on their behalf.

page 6

~ Public Order ~
The 'Beast'

Regrettably, in the 'eyes' of the 'State' judiciary, the words 'Public Order' do not necessarily mean "Being peaceful," for to many it means: "Compliance with our rules."

Thus the 'variance' of ideology (belief.) For to comply with the dictates of man, and the rules of man, one is disorderly in God's eyes, due to one funding a demigod punitive and destructive system that punishes other community members in defiance of God.

The words 'public order' are used by the dark and controlling 'governing systems' of man to disguise their demand to conformity to their ideology. Their ideology being the 'ruling' requirements of the ever-changing rules, (unholy scriptures) contained within their 'books of rules.' (The Universal Fundamentalist Bible**).

For even if one is conforming to the 'opposite' religion of peace & love ideology, and thus conforming to God's Command to "Only be peaceful," the 'office' rules of the dark religion sees your 'peaceful way' as a contravention of its demand to conformity with its nature of 'orderliness.'

Its 'Public Order' requirement is that all of any 'religion' must comply with its 'rules,' being its Code of Conduct. Being its 'creed' and dogma. Its 'officers' do 'disturb the peace' in their intrusiveness, as they defy God in their 'efforts' to force you into conforming with their and its (the rules) 'view' of Public Order.

If you follow God's Command, then you will be 'out of order' in man's view, as man's 'view' is that mirrored by the rules contained within the 'unholy' books of rules. It is these rules that 'form' and are the dark and punitive ideology of the State religion in every land, formerly known as 'The State government.'

For to truly follow God and abide in God's Code of Conduct requirement of 'Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness,' you cannot belong to, or fund, or condone, or promote, or comply with any organisation that rules others by extortion & punishment.

Thus all presently 'complying with' State 'rules' are conforming with contra God ideology, and are thus 'disorderly' in God's eyes, and their conduct is unbecoming, and the conduct of their 'servants,' being the officers of the State serving the 'book of rules' of their 'religion' is Anti-God. (Merciless & unforgiving & punitive).

All following this 'anti-god' religion suffer, for they are controlled & regulated. They 'appear' to be free as long as they have the money to pay the 'royalty' fee demands imposed.

None seeing that by this 'support,' they do in fact accrue a greater suffering due, that will be imposed at a later date via the 'systematic' extortionist 'increments' and higher costs of living and greater punishment, all imposed by the same invisible Dark 'Source' that binds all its followers invisibly.

Do not 'conform' to its 'public order' Policy, conform to God by doing your 'own' thing peacefully and respecting all others. For we must conform to being peaceful, for our God Orders the Public citizen to so be and, - - - any not 'conforming' to God's Command are 'infidels' (non-believers) to be condemned to hell by God.

In the eyes of the 'fundamentalists,' any that they 'perceive' as not conforming to their 'rules' will be made to suffer as they carry the 'gun,' and they punish non-conformists to their belief (their rules), because they only see 'public order' as people controlled by them as 'per' the 'rules of engagement' established within their 'bible.'

They as all have been unable to 'reason' or see that their 'bible' contains an ideology that defies God. Let the 'wise' now see that there is no 'freedom' of choice reference 'religion,' for all are presently forced to conform to 'State' ideology, an ideology that believes in regulation, extortion and punishment. Being the present ideology of every 'government' on earth today.

People only 'disturb the peace' of others and thus 'disturb the peace' of the land, for one of two reasons. Either they are mentally and emotionally disturbed and thus abuse others, or they are paid a wage to intrude and control and punish and thus abuse others. Both 'parties' need my good counsel to assist them to become 'humane' human beings.

Note: Fundamentalist Bible** - This 'teaching' is inspired from the Devil's fold and its 'way' is preached unto all Nations by the serving 'officers' of its earthly organisation, and all 'born' onto or into this Realm have been taught that it is 'right' to comply with its 'ruling' instructions.

Being the new rules that are 'added to' it month by month as the Devil's demands grow daily, due to man's 'lack' and defiance to God's Command. None of its 'followers' or serving officers seeing that complete 'bondage' with zero freedom of movement and 'death' lies at the end of the road.

Note: Man has the God given right to follow his own chosen ideology, (belief of living code of conduct) be it peaceful & orderly or abusive & disorderly, forgiving or unforgiving, good or bad, of the Light or of the Dark, however - - - there is a 'proviso' being, - - -

- - If you are of the abusive, bad, dark, unforgiving & interfering ideology, then your soul 'joins' the Dark in the afterlife, a place of eternal strife and restriction. If you are of the peaceful, good & forgiving ideology, then your soul 'joins' the Light in the afterlife, a place of joy & happiness & freedom.

Man says with his 'mouth' and 'pen' that you are free to choose your religious belief and follow its 'star,' but man is a 'liar,' and man uses a gun to enforce compliance with the Dark ideology, for only this way can 'he' man control other men.

Note: For the judiciary of any Institution to openly 'back' the persecution of peaceful people, simply because they have a different code of conduct due to their religious difference in ideology is wrong. For it gives a false message to the police who are led into darkness as they 'think' that such persecution is right, it is not.

Religion or State Institutions cannot simply enact rule after rule and force the conformity to these rules by people, nor force compliance of others of differing beliefs. If they so do, then it should show you that they are the Devil's 'men' in defiance of God's sacred pen. Follow them and you die spiritually.

page 7

~ The 'cloak' ~

There is a white 'cloak' within the soul of every kind person, and there is a black one too if the person is untrue. So I ask of you to now be a civil civilian, so that our God can see that you only 'wear' the cloak of purity at all times.

For if you 'hang' this 'divinity' on a 'hook' behind your front door each day as you go out to earn false pay, then for sure you are 'hooked' on a dark line. One that will drag you away from the Land Divine. Yes it does this 'do' a little each day to those that earn a 'callous' pay, or those who by iniquity do others bind as they unkindly go their way.

Do you leave your cloak of 'love & kindness' at home? Do you put on a 'black' cloak under your 'uniform' when you go to work? Do you 'shirk' your duty of civility as you enforce 'edicts' of some members of the community?

Can you not see that all 'imposition' is iniquity? Can you not see that all 'control' is pure bastardry? Can you not see that civil means Godly? Do 'godly' people reprimand just because an 'unholy' book was written by the vain and insane so that they could gain control over all?

Take a good look now at the real colour of your 'cloak,' for if it shows any 'sign' of being stained with the 'grief & sorrow' of other children of God, then you are in GREAT danger says this simple man.

For God is a parent, and if this you cannot see then truly foolish you be. For God abhors that you in any way are less than 'loving & kind' as you with HIS other children do 'play.'

All those seen by God to now have 'cloaks' black, will like 'dunce's' be placed in a 'corner' facing a wall, - - - sightless, - - - and they will eternally PALL.

Do you leave your 'house' each day with the intent to force people to comply with your Institutional ideology? Or do you leave your house with the intent to educate the needy, and give all 'succour' and share your love and wisdom as you walk and talk?

My 'beacon' of Light has 'shone' for each of you. It is now up to you to show your Creator if you can be brave and true in all you do. Blessed are those that 'trustingly' follow through.

Note: The dark invisible 'mastermind' (The Devil) is so 'cunning,' that via man's 'Constitutions' it 'led' all to believe that they were 'on the road to heaven,' as they 'gathered' together and sang and prayed to their God, and supposedly 'followed' their religious beliefs but, - - -

All were unknowingly conforming to the dictates of the ANTI-GOD 'creature,' as they kneeled at HIS 'footstool,' and aided HIM in HIS control & punishment of others. All have been 'marked' by this BEAST, and all are 'presently' on the WIDE road to HELL.

A 'mandate' to regulate & control & extort & seize & punish, is a mandate from Hell.
Save yourself by ensuring that no 'evil' is done by you, even to those perceived as untrue.

Note: The good and bad have for so long 'walked' hand in hand 'entwined,' that today none seem to know where each begins or ends. For the free 'givingness' that God Commands, has been 'taken' by some to mean 'take by force' in order to assist the 'greater' community.

Good 'men' will freely give to support the needy and their community efforts. Bad men freely take by force of arms to aid themselves and their 'agenda' first, and then give some to the 'greater' community.

Any person that forces the 'take' by using punishment as coercion, is an offensive offender in God's eyes, as are those unwise that participate in the prosecution and detainment of 'recalcitrants.'

Note: The forceful 'debenture,' - - - The 'adventurers' place their 'bet' on a forceful debenture as they seek 'riches' and power & control of other men on lands o'er which they stroll.

None seeing that God sees all, and that there are always 'others' more 'adventurous' and more powerful that have a greater capacity to shower a similar 'return' upon those that 'took' before. Place your 'bet' on peace and never take. Be a giver and an 'asker,' never a demander.

Summary: As none of the 'leaders' of the world's 'established' religions could neither see nor 'expose' the Devil's control over all that on earth stroll as is 'shown' by me, then reason should prevail, and mankind should be able to see that it is our God that inspires me.

Defy me and my "Only love" call and, - - - you fail God and, - - - you FALL.

page 8

~ So says Caesar ~

I - - - am equal to God - so says Caesar
I - - - own all on the land and seas - so says Caesar
I - - - legitimise my punitive Court - so says Caesar
I - - - hold every other God in contempt - so says Caesar

My 'authority' reigns supreme - so says Caesar
My 'forces' are empowered to punish - so says Caesar
My taxation 'arm' is empowered to extort - so says Caesar
My 'legislated' commandments are sacred - so says Caesar

You are all my 'serfs' - so says Caesar
You need me to look after you - so says Caesar
You are bound over to my decrees - so says Caesar
You must fight and kill and die for me - so says Caesar
You will not go to hell if you follow me - so says Caesar

I - - - AM the Law - so sayeth Caesar
I - - - and my 'workers' are above the Law - so sayeth Caesar

The small print that none see says:

"I shall consume all 'consumables' in my efforts to wreak my vengeance upon all that follow me and my dark ways. Yes, I shall even consume your sons and daughters and your very souls in my 'efforts' to maintain control of every person that in my lands do toil for me, and - - -

the more you toil for me the more will I punish thee for your stupidity and arrogance in 'believing' that you are as 'great' as I AM and, - - -

those that work for me that are ignorant enough to 'think' that they are equal to me and above MY 'eye for an eye' Law will soon see the extent of their arrogance and stupidity"

So says the 'devilish' Dark Sovereign Power.

None seeing that Caesar of old and all the 'arrogant' controllers of today are 'bewitched' and spell-bound by the authority and power and thoughts emanating from the Dark Sovereign Power.

For it is HE that speaks to all through the 'black bible' book of rules that is the cornerstone of HIS earthly fundamentalist religion of death.

Caesar was an arrogant man who 'fell' from grace, and he has joined the satanic race below and his daily suffering does grow. All 'men' of today who follow his way will also soon for their folly in great suffering pay.

The 'word' Caesar has been replaced today by the 'State' with its governing legislated books of rules. All in 'power' in governing positions and the populace now 'bow' to these satanic commandments that all hold God in contempt.

For it is within these unholy books that 'statements' are written that 'permit' anti-God activities that all defy the Commandment of God to: "Walk in peace, only be loving, and forgive thine enemy."

Man's 'Court' that is 'Caesar's' is illegitimate because it defies God's Commandment. Thus it 'follows' that it is in fact the Devil's 'playground,' where the Dark fulfils its 'plan' to deceive and control and coerce and destroy the souls of mortals that 'haunt' its precincts.

These 'combatants' who instil fear and trepidation upon those 'sad' mortals daily treated to 'State Inquisition' will soon feel 'misgivings.' For those that unforgivingly abuse others via the Court of man have all defiled their souls, and this 'act' was the Devil's plan to entrap the arrogant and vain that hold God's Light in disdain.

God says: "You are free to go your way as long as you do not disturb the peace of MY land."

Caesar (or the system of man) says: "You are not free to go your way until you have placed some 'pennies' in my hand." (Extortion by man posing as a 'legitimate' sovereignty)

Caesar knows no God, and even if he 'does' hear of 'such' a being, he believes that as he 'Caesar' has an 'armed force,' that he Caesar is invincible and thus 'mightier' than God.

So let all now try and see that any 'force' used to extort, regulate, control, transport, seize, evict, steal, punish, kill, or to maintain or gain the upper hand is illegal in God's eyes, and very unwise.

For it places the 'user' of dark power directly within the jurisdiction of the punitive aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' Law. All punishment imposed is illegal, and the use of 'lethal' force or any force is illegitimate. Any 'mandate' of men authorising the use of force shows their personal contempt of God.

Any society that supports the dark religion with its dark 'court' is playing the Devil's death game and ahead they will suffer great pain. For all 'imposers & abusers' are soon to be 'on the run' from other dark forces seeking to 'extract' their 'pound of flesh' in redress.

Every community on earth must now 'examine' the authority imposed upon them by their 'Service provider' departments, and quickly 'depower' them and raise up truly 'peaceful' and helpful community Welfare Service departments. No more regulation and control or 'directives' imposed upon any community.

Now is the ultimate choice for mankind, - - - walk in peace as commanded by God or, - - - continue to use force and show God your disgrace, as you or your employees use force to extort taxes, control others freedom, and kill or maim in open warfare.

page 9

~ The 'one-eyed' Monster ~

Man with his 'inspired' intelligence created 'robots' that mechanically carried out menial tasks. Man later 'feared' that one day a 'super' intelligent robot would become 'clever' enough to enslave ITS 'creator' man, and then use man to 'slave' for IT.

Man saw not that there was and yet is a 'one' eyed Monster that exists in a far distant 'space,' and man saw not that ITS 'energy' also existed within the souls of man with the 'sin' of greed or hate within.

And this 'distant' Monster that had the super intelligence and capacity to 'enslave' was 'awakened' from ITS sleep when man used ITS dark energy to control you or me. Being the negative energy used by man in the regulation, coercion, control, manipulation, taxation extortion, & punishment of others.

And man was 'tempted' by the 'monster' far away when with ITS dark power he began to play. For IT then inspired man telepathically with a 'singular' thought that said: "RULE, you have the 'right' to rule others who are weaker and stupid like a fool."

And arrogant 'strong' man of 'old' took up his mace as was foretold and did 'batter' others into submission to satiate his emotions of power and control and greed and lust.

As man 'evolved' and became 'modern,' his mind then said: "Write your first Rule, the rule that commands the 'lesser' to kneel at your 'footstool' in servitude to you."

This man of 'Pride' saw not the 'growth' of the 'monster's' dark energy within his own soul, this due to his defiance of the God of Light. Neither did he see or read the 'fine' print that 'underlay' the primary rule written by him that did say:

"As you begin to rule using MY rules, you become enslaved to ME, and black and bleak and sorrowful becomes your destiny and the destiny of any other 'ignorant' that 'bows' to your 'rule' or rules for they in supporting your rule also defy the Light of God. For no man can 'freely' rule another child of God."

So now mankind will 'awaken' as I the Light of God do show all that they are controlled 'robotically' by the one-eyed Monster that only I can see. And ITS 'legacy' is the 'books of rules' that span this earth in every land 'governmentally' in a callous manner that is merciless and underhand.

The only way out of the 'fix' is to break free individually, and when 'enough' of you can clearly see that their 'leader' must only be the wisdom of God via me, the 'authority' of the Monster being the 'rule' books must be incinerated publicly.

This way all will know that they were being led 'astray' and led into the dark below 'via' the satanic Rules that the Dark Sovereign Power did upon them bestow due to their defiance of God's Command to "Only walk in peace and be forgiving."

The 'monster' of the day and night is the 'book of rules' that the one-eyed Monster did write via the minds of the vain and greedy men. All now exposed by this sacred pen.

page 10

It is the 'rules' that authorised 'employees' to defy their God and steal and punish and destroy others and, - - - thus 'abuse' their own souls at the same time and, - - - fill their own souls with satanic grime and, - - - incur a similar painful return 'due' under God's one Law.

Those of you that can 'see' must now break free and walk your way in PEACE and do not 'grease' the hands or 'purses' of the controllers & regulators & extortionists that 'uphold' the satanic Verses. (Rule books - legislation of man)

Follow me the Word of God and become free, for within the 'monsters' book is the 'Order' and 'authority' to defy the God that created thee, and all that defy HE are destroyed by HE for their vanity.

Any 'rule' that justifies man to 'openly' defy his Creator and steal, extort, abuse, regulate, fine, punish, or kill, must be seen by the 'awake' as food for Satan's 'fill,' and if you are so stupid or arrogant to continue to support HIS 'meal' of death, then for sure you will fall and 'feel' HIS 'foul' breath as HE consumes you for being untrue.

The Monster has a 'monstrously' voracious capacity that seeks to 'draw' all darkness into itself, and its GIANT energy 'powers' seek to seize control of all 'other' dark energy through ITS emotion of GREED.

Thus if you have any 'sin' (dark energy) within, it seeks to drag you into its eternal 'vice' below. To do this it 'deceives' you into being it in action in your interaction, so that you 'steal' or 'take in' more of its energy into your soul. Thus it commands you to join its 'way' by supporting it.

What the entire community needs to see clearly is, that they are all enslaved to rules and, - - - that the policing forces and judiciary are not employed by the people nor 'answerable' to the people, nor do they serve the people.

The 'sad' unseen fact of the matter is that their employer and HIS 'dictates' as to their patrolling & punitive 'way' are the RULES that the police and judiciary hold 'sacred' and, - - - these enforcers serve the dictates of the RULES and, - - - the people of the land merely fund their material needs via taxation extortion.

And whether the rules are 'good' or 'bad,' or happy or sad, NONE of the enforcement 'edicts' are changeable by the community or the judiciary. It is thus that all are controlled by the invisible Monster via HIS telepathic instruction & dictates.

Few can see that these punitive rules are merciless, unforgiving, and thus wrong, for all are 'accustomed' to heeding the 'Devil's' retributionary song. Thus also none see that by their 'condoning,' they are accruing a similar suffering return due under God's one Law that is 'Just & True.'

The 'monster' via the rules says: "To my rules and edicts you must 'Capitulate' or I will you berate and punish or kill." I say to all men: "Capitulate to God's Command to only be loving & merciful & forgiving, or for Heaven you will be late."

You are all slaves and bound until MY wisdom has 'found' your mind and you become able to see clearly, then you set yourself free as said, by following ME the invisible God of Light that sends these holy words of wisdom to thee.

page 11

~ The monetary 'fine' ~

The word 'fine' or 'fined' is the incorrect terminology used by the court and man and the media, for it indicates that a person was guilty and criminally convicted for non compliance to rules of man or a tax demand of man and, - - - that the demanded 'sum' was paid as an 'acceptance' of guilt.

It may not have been paid, thus the 'person' was not 'fined,' for you are not 'fined' until you have paid the money. Neither is one a 'criminal' merely because a 'rule' has judged you as such for non conformity to IT the rule.

The reality is that the $1000 imposition is a demand by the magistrate for a certain sum of money required by his 'organisation' and, - - - the 'hidden' coercive stipulation is, that unless this amount is paid within a certain time, that the 'convicted' one will not be allowed to maintain their freedom.

For 'failure' to meet the 'extortionist' demand results either in the 'system' then jailing the person out of 'vindictiveness,' or they then send in a 'heavy' to steal goods from the 'convict's' home.

God says:
"You are free to go your way if you go in peace as commanded by ME."

'Caesar' (The State government) says:
"You are not free to go your way until you have paid me something."

God says:

"I own all the land & forests & rivers & flora & fauna & fish in the sea,
and you may partake freely of them as long as you 'heed' ME."

'Caesar' (The State) says:

"I 'for' the nation own all the land and sea controlled by me, and I also own all the forests and rivers and flora and fauna and fish in the sea, and you can partake of nothing until you have paid a 'royalty tax' to me. Fail in this and my 'forces' will persecute you and punish you for ME and, - - -

As you are all my 'slaves' you will be forced by my 'rules' to pay a tax on every transaction you do, so none of you will ever 'relax' for you are all stupid and ignorant and you deserve no surcease as you foolishly kneel at my feet and 'bow' to the 'dictates' of my rules through your ignorance and fear and, - - -

As you have empowered me to be your father and guide, rather than abiding in the Command of your God, you are all deserving of the suffering imposed upon you by my forces who depend on my 'greed' to fund their armaments and to feed their bellies and, - - -

I will 'wine & dine' even to the 'end' when you are all starving and your homes are on fire, and I will continue to 'steal' your money and your children to fight for me as my 'life' is more important than all of thee, for 'I' Caesar am your God as any 'wise' can see, but the stupid as you, see not that my 'system' is more important to me than you, who have become its servants and my slaves."

It is a fact that the judicial $ fine imposed is a sort of reparation that became a due in the 'eyes' of a rule book, because 'someone' refused to comply with the dictates of another.*

Note: another.* - Being the 'devilish' Dark Sovereign Power, operating through the minds of the greedy & vain, who for themselves and IT raise up rules that daily become more extortionist and insane.

Please 'note,' I have not been 'fined' merely because an ignorant man so says, I have simply been 'warned' by him that unless I pay his 'rule book' demanded due, that he will then to God and his own soul become untrue and do something terrible to it to.

For he will then by his own 'rules' be forced to either have me 'abducted' and held hostage in a cell for a time and a time, or he will by his own rules be forced to send a 'thief' to my home and steal goods to a greater or equal value of his demanded due, for only this way does he 'satisfy' the rules he holds sacred.

What a fool, for only fools believe that they are above God's Law: "As you do is done unto you." No 'mandate' by man 'voids' God's supreme and immutable Law. Why does 'man' make up rules that force him to defy God?

I am prepared to 'suffer' in a cell or be 'crucified,' but I will not 'sit' beside Satan, and that would become my 'due' if I 'bowed' down to the dictates of you and you through your judiciary. Yes, and all that is done unto me or others by your judiciary becomes your 'ahead' suffering due to God too.

Wake up 'people,' you have been 'conned' for so long, that all 'wrong' is seen as 'right,' and you all now 'fear' the extortionists 'pay up or suffer' song and, - - - the peoples 'judiciary' using rules and 'poor' judgement turn a man into a 'criminal' in the eyes of rules, and thus in the eyes of the community.

And by this 'deed,' they have in fact shown God that they and the community are the proven 'guilty' criminals in God's eyes due to their direct contravention of God's Command. For God says: "Forgive and, - - - make no 'rule' that gives you a 'justification' to force others to live in compliance to your dictates."

To the enlightened as me, what I see is that every 'town' on earth is controlled by thugs who believe falsely that their demands and 'courts' are a legitimate normalcy.

I sincerely feel 'sorry' that the population is so 'blind' that they 'accept' being used and ruled by dark forces so unkind. It is very sad and also a fact very bad. For the 'manipulators & controllers & punishers' are bad, and their fate to be, - - - 'oh' so sad and, - - - this they cannot even conceive.

For the 'criminal' conviction by man, being the 'branding' of another soul as being a criminal for no 'offence' to God is the mark of a true criminal. This is the error of magistrates who berate the 'poor' and peaceful, as they 'fill' the coffers of their employer the 'State', - - - verily all magistrates and judges will for heaven be late, - - - the 'first' shall be last, and the 'poorly' last will be first.

An enlightened judge will 'suddenly' see that a mandate from a 'system' of man giving him the 'authority' to punish, is not a mandate from God, thus it is an illegal mandate and, - - - ahead it is God and God's 'forces'* to berate the judge who so ignorantly did 'smudge' his own soul.

Any person be they 'judge or commoner' that defies the "Walk in peace and only love" call of the Creative Light Sovereign Power of God and abuses another as they 'punish,' place themselves within the jurisdiction of the Destructive Dark Sovereign Power of God, and have made IT their enemy until they have 'satiated' ITS 'eye for an eye' due.

Note: God's 'forces'* - to understand 'who' these forces are, and 'why & how' they operate, you will needs read 'The Visions of the last prophet' as well as other documents within this Testament of Truth site. For it is by 'this' revelation that man will soon see his 'terrible' coming plight and, - - - he will see that there is no way he can 'avoid' his own 'penalty' as God's 'an eye for an eye' Law swings into completion for some.*

Note: completion for some.* - being those that comply with God and do not retaliate, and they rise to the land above. The others will fight on in the underworld, and there the 'suffering' return due goes on for an eternity or two, for 'below' there is never 'completion' of your suffering dues, for you are eternally untrue.

page 12

~ Legitimacy of government ~

There is nothing 'legitimate' about the 'practices & policies' of any government on earth. All use 'terror tactics' to control the population they are supposed to serve, as well as 'terrorising' any other 'race' they wish to disturb and, - - -

Their punitive coercive ways are not legitimate in the eyes of God, for the use of force to enforce conformity to 'enslaving' taxation, and 'warring' or 'punitive' policies is Treason against the State of Heaven, and a defiant breach of God's Code of Conduct Command.

Thus the 'legitimacy' of any institution calling itself 'The government' is purely and simply the use of 'force of arms' by people who are ignorant of God's one Law and God's Commandment, and they only do what they do either for financial reward, or they have been falsely taught, and thus 'like' to wield a sword.

As for 'national' legitimacy, if a Nation is a place with controlled borders, where people are 'locked' in or out unless they agree to pay to come or go or, - - - agree to 'purchase' a passport indicating their 'servitude' to the national controlling force, as they agree to abide by 'taxing' rules as they 'kneel' at the Devil's footstool, their 'nationhood' or 'nationality' is not for me.

I shall stay free from all that 'trash' and quietly 'await' for God to smash every border 'patrol' so that the meek can freely come and go, and freely o'er the planet stroll and any 'truth' sow.

Every government on earth today is an imposing and forceful and interfering* organisation posing as a legitimate father figure, but in reality, every person 'born' within the boundaries 'seized & controlled' by 'force of arms' by this 'group' are enslaved, and forced into compliance with ITS rules by ITS rules.

Set yourself free, and one day you will see that every 'border' is opened by me, and you will be free from 'extortion & punishment' control by the ignorant, who soon will be swept away from this earthly place.

If you are 'one' of the ignorant controllers working as an 'enforcer,' then you needs quickly enlighten your mind and become loving and kind, for soon the very 'devil' will every 'dark' worker for IT eternally bind.

It is gross error for any organisation to raise up a department that calls itself 'Law enforcement' that gives itself a mandate to interfere in the lives of God's children unless they 'pay up' demanded revenues named 'dues.'

They are not dues; they are an imposition backed by force. The officer 'workers' also 'live' in a deluded false belief that they have jurisdiction over other members of the public. They 'do' if these wish to live 'under' their control, but they most certainly do not have any legitimate jurisdiction over those as me who can clearly see their iniquity and who do not condone its way.

Any judge that upholds a punitive ruling made against a peaceful member of the community, who states and shows clearly that he is not a member of the 'judge's' Club, shows God and the community that he the 'judge' is void of wisdom and sanity.

Let us take the 'case' where a man is brought before a judge because he has failed to pay for some cattle that he purchased on a long past and 'due' day, and for 'some' reason he now finds a reason to default in some way.

An unwise judge 'punishes' a person that failed to pay for the purchase, and thus the judge places himself and the community that funds him within the jurisdiction of God's 'greater' Court at a later date, and is sentenced to a similar 'due' within the same 'an eye for an eye' Law.

page 13

A judge should be a counsellor true, a guide, and a leader in the community, being one that judges according to God's merciful & forgiving Code of Conduct demanded by God of HIS children.

A wise judge tells a person to pay for their 'purchase.' For non payment is theft, being an offence unto God and punishable by God under God's 'an eye for an eye' Law.

Thus the judge is the one to 'decide' who needs be set free, who needs be counselled and set free, and who needs be 'restrained' and given educative rehabilitation for the time ascertained by God via this pen in the "Police mandate."

My belief is such that punishment in any form is contra my God's Code of Conduct, thus I walk apart from and cannot support any organisation having a contra 'punitive' ideology. It is my sovereign God given right to so do, and any seeking to punish me as 'coercion' to comply with their policies are to themselves untrue.

For so long has man 'used' punishment as coercion that it now appears as a 'positive' step, and man sees not that its 'implementation' is what has increased his spiritual 'load' and suffering debt upon his own being.

Note: Interfering* - the intrusiveness of policing forces causes FEAR as the 'intruding' force intrudes. This force 'controls, inhibits, restricts & punishes,' all dark negative acts that are contra God's command. Any dark intrusive act places the intruding force personnel into or 'within' the negative aspect of God's one law: "As you do is done unto you."

Note: Legislators - Legislators are negatively 'geared' through their dark emotions of greed and vindictiveness and vanity. Thus their legislation is 'focussed' on 'edicts' that raise money for their coffers via taxation and fine and, - - - both these 'punishments' imposed upon the public are 'justified' in their minds due to their 'nature' and, - - -

Legislators do not ask you if you wish to pay them more to'fix' their problems in order to assist you, they just 'impose' a heavier tax or fine, and if you try to avoid it, then you are subjected to its punitive RULE and are punished by their legislation.

If you do not like the manner in which your home 'gardener' tends your cabbage patch, you can give him the 'sack' and, - - - at the same moment you are no longer paying any money. But if you 'sack' the Prime Minister or his 'minions,' you are still 'bound' by the 'taxing' RULES that HE wrote when in power.

Thus you see how all are bound by insanity, for every 'bad' Policy with its 'taxing' monetary demands continues on and on as an 'Autocratic Dictator' that commands your compliance forever, or you DIE under its 'laws.'

Would you 'like' to have your 'dreams' fulfilled at the expense of others? Why do you fund 'dreamers' and 'permit' them to tax and punish you and your children forever? Why not just heed God and fund true workers without letting them make up the rules that control you?

This way when you have 'earned' some funds, then you can pay the wages of others and, - - - if they are giving you an unsatisfactory service, then you can and are entitled to 'sack' them without having to continue on paying for their 'false' dreams of the past.

For the 'present' way is that, - - - as they make up their own rules on your behalf, they do have the right* to punish you and tax your endeavours day or night, as they rudely intrude into your every 'way' of living.

Note: the right* - As they are your 'servants' by virtue of your 'voting' them into power, and as you do fund their wages, and as you do condone their actions, you have empowered them to do with you as they 'wish' to, even to abuse you.

If you would make 'change,' then you must 'sack' them by no longer voting them into power, no longer paying any 'taxes,' and no longer condoning their punitive ways. Heed God and go your way in peace, and 'fund' your community welfare or other departments directly after you have earned some income. Do not pay anyone any 'up front' licence fees.

The word 'nationalism' or 'good for the nation' is a farce. What is misunderstood is that the welfare and happiness of every community individual is what 'counts,' for under the guise of 'nationhood,' politicians steal and control and manipulate the multitudes as they say: "These boundaries belong to our nation, and we control everything thereon on your behalf." - - All lies say I, for all 'lands' and all thereon belong to God, and are to be freely 'accessible' to any person that on earth does plod.

page 14

~ The King's freeway ~

Yes the King owns the road and permits the people of the land the 'free' use of HIS highway however, when I say 'King" I mean God our heavenly King, not some 'mean' man or institution or 'governing' body that has 'stolen' the right of 'use' from the people.

It is men who have raised up statutes and rules that have 'permitted' them to demand a permit from 'us' the people, and not only have they thus raised themselves above God, but they have defied God's commandment: "Do not steal," from above.

So the policing 'forces' now see not the extent of their iniquity, for not only do the 'rules' enforce 'permission to use' the roads, but every 'avenue' where vain men can tax the user or their vehicle, or its components or fuel, or even the initial costs and maintenance spares have also been taxed to the hilt.

The 'rules' enable the police to be 'highwaymen' that control the roads forcibly, and they also seal their own fate as they for the 'rules' extort, punish, and abuse God's precious creation as they go on their way to their destination.

Yes, man has also 'stolen' God's freeways of the air and seas, and have brought many to their knees as they say: "We need the funds, and we put them to good use for your own good, and if this by you is misunderstood, then we will put you down and you will frown."

So all I can say today is that I hope the 'lads' can see their error when they are soon faced by 'terror,' for it is only then that they will understand the message from this God's pen. For it does say:

"Let no man or State 'body' use 'trickery' to side-step ME, for I see all and it is I to now make all errants pall. Any person that interferes with or 'halts' the free movement of any other person that is 'travelling' by land, sea, or air will now be 'snared' and sent down to the underworld by ME their Creator they cannot see."

Any 'citizen' that has 'sold' their right of free movement to 'some' State 'body' are foolish or ignorant, and they need to now 'reclaim' their God given right so that they can walk upright and not be 'jailed' just because of the false beliefs of 'heavies' on the land.

"Go your way peacefully and carefully" says our God true, and "Remember that what to other freeway users you do, comes back to you too, so heed the 'freeway' Code of Conduct, for if you do not, then you place your own soul in Jeopardy as it is responsible to itself and ME and, - - -

you are not required to be 'taxed' or 'licensed' by any man, you only need to 'qualify' your capabilities by 'passing' a 'land or sea or air' test given by elders that can this reality see."

For too long have all 'kneeled' at the 'wish & whim' and 'feet' of the book of rules that has controlled so many as it extorted their last penny and, - - - it also 'permitted' its 'workers' to defy their God and savagely drag away any that they 'saw' had not 'paid their way' to the demigod rules.

page 15

~ The Law of the Land ~

The Law of the Land is God's hand, and it is Justice and 'Just' and man never did ITS implications understand. For man was and yet is 'blind' and thus he is unkind, for he 'believes' that his 'justice' is the law of the land in every land.

God has much to give for sure, and God gives a return for every deed of 'man' and more. For as man does love seed, then a multiplicity of 'goodness' he does breed.

But as man seeds pain & suffering, and does his 'rules' or 'laws' upon others impose, he man sullies his own 'rose' and, - - - his God imposes a 'Just' and similar return due upon the one who was untrue and, - - - this suffering and enslavement by the dark overlord does also 'breed', and truly 'sadder' multiplies the 'suffering' deeds.

Let man now see that God is GOD. Bigger and stronger than any 'zillion' arrogant men of the 'sod' and, - - - in God's good time our God does impose love for love, or pain for pain, and the 'vain' HE does dispose.

Let man see that God is not blind.
Let man see that God sees every deed, be it kind or unkind.
Let man see that on a soon coming day every 'sinner' for iniquity will

Let man now dispose of his 'lawless' belief, whereby he thinks that he can punish and not suffer grief. Let man see that it is God to bind or unbind, and soon God's Wrath is now to 'unwind' and be seen here, there, and everywhere.

Heed only me and let God see your deed one of Peace be, for if you impose the 'laws' of man, then your soul under God's Law will the Dark one inspan. (The Dark overlord metes out divine retribution against those that used its Dark power against other children of God.)

page 16

~ The Lamb & the Lion ~
Australia's 'human rights' Act of 2004

The 'Act' being the decree of the 'Bill of Rights' document is but a 'lamb' already 'shorn' of its power by the book of Rules enacted over 'years' of time and, - - - IT the Rule book of 'other' earlier 'acts' is the LION that stands 'proudly' as IT 'roars' out in disdain as IT is 'aided' by the vain that hold all 'lambs' in disdain.

The 2004 'Act' states that IT guarantees the freedom of belief and conscience and religious 'practice' of the individual as a 'Right' but, - - - those very 'guarantees' covering the words 'religion & conscience & belief' were already so 'stated' and guaranteed within the Constitution of the land:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act
th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,"

In Tasmania where I live it states:

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

The above principle 'act' within the Constitution stands above and precludes any subsequent 'contra' legislation.

Note: If you have a religious 'belief,' then that belief is your ideology, being your philosophy, doctrine, opinion, and tenets, being your 'creed, faith, and dogma.'

But it is a proven fact that the above Constitutional 'words' are mere 'huff & puff' because the 'lions' that uphold the 'black' rule book in Tasmania 'laugh' at the Constitution, and their 'snarl & growl' is backed by the local judge and magistrates that 'scorn' its words. Proof of this is given at this letter's end in the 'Slave' citizen document reference.

So why should any 'believe' that this new Human Rights Act 2004 as having any more 'authority' than the 'weak' Constitution? And, - - - what none see is that the 'establishment' headed by the 'smiling' power boy 'Howard' is also of the contrary belief that its 'many' police & judiciary also have the 'divine right' to impose the 'rules' upon any of any other 'belief' as they state: - -

"IT" - - - their 'unholy' < Rule book > - - - "Is the LAW"

So which ACT or 'decree' within these contrary 'enactments is 'The Law' in the eyes of man?

Are we 'governed' by a lamb being the democratic freedom to walk 'unmolested' in Peace and live according to our 'conscience' and religious belief in God's Command to "Walk in peace and be merciful and forgiving"? - - - being the principle ACT within the Constitution AND this new 'Bill of human Rights'? Or, - - -

Are we 'governed' by a lion, being the 'despotic' and Autocratic inhuman dictatorial rules that 'permit' no freedom of expression because, - - - the 'upholders' of the rules state that the dark extortionist & punitive & merciless & warring ideology that they 'uphold' must be adhered to by all others.

It is 'obvious' to me that as the LION has the 'teeth' being 'force of arms' as its 'ammunition,' that it will have IT'S 'way' until all its 'officers' have by God been swept away into the 'gloom' of HELL and, - - -

I am the Messiah and I seek to set all men 'free,' - - - even those of the dictatorial 'Lion' fraternity that are all 'blind' and cannot see that their 'unholy bible' being the rules that they uphold and 'adore' do 'rule' their own very 'unhappy' destiny.

You the reader must now ask yourself: "Who or what is the law"? This new 'Act' or, the other rules that control all? Who has the 'strength' to implement or 'enforce' the new ACT that is no different from the 'old' ACT of the Constitution?

Why do the 'policers' choose to uphold the 'dark' controlling one rather than the 'freedom' one? Anyhow, who do the 'enactors' of any 'decree' or 'Act' think they are - - - God? - - - To thus have the free 'reign' over other children of God?

For God did already say that we are free to be, as long as we walk in harmony. So why do you or I need or 'follow' a 'decree' of man that says that all are 'democratically' free - - - when in REALITY - - - all are yet 'constrained' and bound by others conditioning and contradictory Edicts of 'Caesar'?

Its all NON-SENSE, for in REAL 'terms' the 'gun toting' Sheriffs just do whatever their 'unholy' books of rules empower them to, even if the rules defy God and deny the freedom of conscience and liberty ACT.

page 17

In REAL terms there is no democracy and no 'rights,' for the 'Rule book' religion has its own 'unique' ideology contained within its 'text' scriptures, being the 'belief' as one of enforcement and merciless persecution, extortion, invasion of privacy, suppression, aggression, and war and, - - -

ITS 'rules' that are mere 'words' that have no perceived or known 'consciousness' or morals demand of ITS 'officers' that they prosecute and punish any person that 'seeks' to walk 'apart' from ITS control or ITS 'bastard' ideology.

It the County & State & Federal 'Books of Rules & Statutes' is truly a 'robotic' instrument that controls the entire human race, and all 'bow' to ITS decrees & dictates that ensure that all are 'forced' to defy and deny their God of love, as all enslaved by its ways 'condone and fund' its upkeep.

I refer now to the 'toothless' words contained in this 'new' Bill of Rights:

14 Freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief

(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right includes—

(a) the freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his or her choice; and

(b) the freedom to demonstrate his or her religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching, either individually or as part of a community and whether in public or private.

(2) No-one may be coerced in a way that would limit his or her freedom to have or adopt a religion or belief in worship, observance, practice or teaching.

And as I see it, and as I have already been 'jailed' for 2 months and held 'hostage' in bondage by 'non-believers' in Tasmania, I can categorically state that those 'empowered' by GUNS to enforce their contra & dark 'ideology' permit NO 'freedom of thought, conscience, religion, or belief for, - - -

They give those as me observing and practicing my contra peaceful and loving belief naught but grief, and they even today try and 'coerce' me into paying their extortionist demands under 'threat' of further imprisonment on 4 August for non-compliance to their ideological demands. And as for the 'new' Bill of Rights words:

16 Freedom of expression

(1) Everyone has the right to hold opinions without interference.

It is apparent to me that these words are again a mere 'smokescreen' designed to 'hoodwink' readers into 'thinking' - - - 'What a lovely land that place must be that is surrounded by white beaches and the sea.' - - - None seeing that this 'land' is controlled as all others places by the invisible 'serpent' that operates invisibly through the 'sin' of man. As for the 'new' Bill of Rights words:

22 Rights in criminal proceedings

(1) Everyone charged with a criminal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law.

There is 'factual' evidence that every person 'arrested' is treated 'as' a criminal deserving of 'rough' justice until they have proven themselves innocent. As for the 'new' Bill of Rights words:

26 Freedom from forced work

(1) No-one may be held in slavery or servitude.
(2) No-one may be made to perform
forced or compulsory labour.

It is well known by prison inmates of the 'Hobart' prison 'farm' that they are held in 'slavery' and forced to perform compulsory labour through 'intellectual' coercion at 'slave' rates of $ 5 per day or be kept in 'solitary' confinement in their cell for the duration of their 'conviction.' As for the 'new' Bill of Rights words:

27 Rights of minorities

Anyone who belongs to an ethnic, religious or linguistic minority must not be denied the right, with other members of the minority, to enjoy his or her culture, to declare and practise his or her religion, or to use his or her language.

It is well known by the Tasmanian police & judiciary that I am a 'minority' of (ONE) in my personal belief, but they do not 'permit' me to practice my 'religion' without interference, and they 'try' and coerce me into defying the Commandment of my God as they 'heed' their demigod the 'rule' book.

Thus the whole '4,666' words and 'hundreds' of man-hours required to 'raise up' this Bill of rights 'Act' was a 'wasted' action. For as said, there is NAUGHT to stand against the actions of insane and vain 'men' that carry guns today.

It is but I to say to THEM that each and every ONE of them that defy this pen will be 'doomed' for a time and a time and sent BELOW to be 'dined' upon by veritable demonic swine in that hellish land below.

These System's 'heavies' name themselves as 'protectors of others,' and for this 'role' they demand unswerving 'loyalty' and ongoing financial support, but they then are not only unable to 'deliver' freedom or to 'permit' freedom, but they 'advocate' coercion to ensure the ongoing 'taxation' extortion by 'force of arms' from the 'enslaved' community. All are 'slaves' to rules.

I can but 'suggest' to all 'readers' of this 1,750 or so word document that they seek deep my message of TRUTH from the God of LIGHT, and do their best to now stand 'upright' and show their God their 'true' colours.

page 18

Federal Police Commissioner Keltie
Who 'rules' ? - is the question

Dear 'Mick,' when 'criticism' of your actions is the 'order' of the day by political forces that 'hold' sway over your 'pay packet,' then is shows the difficulties that could arise for those as 'you' that are beginning to become wise.

For if you can begin to see that 'counter' terrorist invasive tactics do bring a 'counter' attack back, then you also begin to see the ONLY way to WIN. For even though many men believe that God is a 'mystery' and that God's Word of "peace unto all" is but lost 'history,' it does have a 'ring' of truth in its wisdom.

For God knows that it is only when one has been abused that one is incited from within by unforgiving thoughts that say: "That person or group has caused me pain and suffering and they hold me and my 'family' in disrespect and disdain, therefore I will them attack for that is my only 'just & honourable' course of action in paying them back."

So now you see why we are attacked and, - - - why those as 'Bush' also attack, - - - every 'attacking' party is totally justified - in their mind as to their iniquitous action and, - - - unfortunately, the return 'attack' and suffering imposed is 'justice' and fulfilling the 'dark' aspect of God's ONE Law that says:

"As you did do is by MY dark force done unto you"

For 'ultimately,' the inspiration to 'give out' a return attack is the invisible dark essence that telepathically gives an 'idea' inspired in the mind of 'someone' that legalises in their mind their contra 'terrorist' actions that return pain upon someone. *

This 'tit for tat' invasive suffering has been going on for eternity. All 'attack,' be it a pre-emptive strike or terrorism or counter-terrorism is all 'terror' imposed upon someone else as 'payback.'

So in truth, Howard the Coward by his 'fearful' political acts of supporting terrorist attacks against others has already caused a 'comeback' pain due upon every person that supported the invasion, and prior and ongoing sanctions as well. For the sanctions have destroyed business & livelihoods & lives.

Yes, even you as you were asleep, you did accrue a debt of darkness (pain & suffering) as the 'Yanks & others' made other children of God weep. For in being a taxpayer, you are responsible for the actions of your servants the 'armed forces' that are operating on your behalf as a 'hired gun.'

Maybe you can 'begin' to see the horrendous 'situation' now facing the whole planetary community. For it is the ignorance of the ONE Law of God "As you do is done unto you" and the Command of God to 'Forgive thine enemy,' - - - that perpetuates suffering and, - - -

Due to the arrogant 'political 'infidels' (non-believers in God) - - - in every land, the people have all become enslaved to ongoing 'punishment' at the hands of 'mercenaries' bearing arms from within the country as 'policing forces' or from without by invasion from others.

It is the time for the 'police' to now reassign their role to one of true community service. One wherein they are not used by politically 'raised up' rules that engender discontent within the community by their monetary 'extortion,' and simply become of service to the community by upholding the peace in a manner given by me.

For only this way will you protect your own souls, and protect your own 'pay packet.' For soon the political arrogance will be smashed by the insane as will every other 'policing' force that has become VAIN. Let us now begin to walk hand in hand as God planned and become respectful to those perceived as offenders as we 'enlighten' ourselves with the truth from this God's pen.

Please acquaint yourself with my 'Offender document' and other important information, and then please also advise all other Commissioners to do the same. For I can say with 'certainty' that all whom continue to play the 'fight & persecute & prosecute & punish' game will be 'violently' destroyed by other infidels whose MINDS are invaded by the DARK ONE with NO NAME.

Note: someone. * Even though there are many killed and maimed that are 'women & children' or civilians, who are 'supposedly' innocent, the truth is that there are no 'innocents' living outside heaven. All are 'spirits' that have accrued a 'pain' debt in their past time either here or there before incarnating. (Being born into this biological flesh) This debt was accrued through their 'active' or inactive support of the imposition of suffering of others.

Who 'rules' your conscience and daily actions Mick?

The forgiving & merciful LIGHT - or the unforgiving and merciless DARK

Just remember, if it is the 'punitive' demands of the Rule Book, then it is the DARK

page 19

~ The 'right' to Rule ~
Letter to ACA Ray Martin - Bret & Debbie Boatwright

Dear Ray, the people of the land begin to see that there is already a great 'insanity' that does sweep every land in a manner very underhand. For when a 'family' such as the Tasmanian 'Boatwrights' are taken to 'Court' for teaching their children their ABC from home, then all must know that pure darkness does roam the streets of Tasmania.

For God says that it is the duty of 'families' to educate their offspring, and if 'we' the people have lost the 'right' to RULE our own lives and thus 'abrogated' it to the vain and insane, then - - - what a plight we are in and, - - -

Who are the 'force' of armed men that roam the streets in 'uniforms' that abduct civilians off the street and take them to stand trial? They are the 'religion of death' lads dressed as peacekeeping 'police' that in fact are but the 'heavies' of the black ideology that is the rules in their 'unholy' bible (Statute books).

Do you 'think' that we are any better off here than the 'ladies' controlled by the Taliban? - NO, For they too also demand that all abide by their 'decrees' that they too enforce with a gun and, - - -

Because all are 'conned' into the false belief that we live in a democracy, all fail to see that in REALITY we ALL live in an Autocratic State that 'dictates' the code of conduct that rules us all.

And to 'top' it all off, the Police State organisation does itself defy its OWN 'testimonial' mandate, for the PRIMARY act in the 'authorisation' of conduct 'manual' that is the 'Constitution' clearly states that every person is 'permitted' to follow their conscience, their belief, their religion. - - -

So why do they the policing force defy this 'RULE' and become a 'stool pigeon' for Satan? Refer to 'The lamb & the Lion' paper that contains this:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act
th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,"

In Tasmania where I live it states:

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

The above principle 'act' within the Constitution stands above and precludes any subsequent 'contra' legislation.

Note: If you have a religious 'belief,' then that belief is your ideology, being your philosophy, doctrine, opinion, and tenets, being your 'creed, faith, and dogma.'

It is found on line here on page 16. Maybe you would be good enough to pass this info on to Bret & Debbie so that they can place its 'content' upon the magistrates 'plate' for his perusal.

I will not 'hold my breath' as to whether he will consider it as important, for when I tried to use it in my case 'defence,' magistrate 'Wilson' and other later magistrates simple 'laughed' it off as 'Of no relevance to the matters in hand.'

Thus I was 'sentenced' to 2 months imprisonment for 'simply' going about my peaceful business and conforming to my 'beliefs' and conscience. But as said, we ARE 'ruled' and 'governed' by rules that make the State 'enforcers' into 'savage and merciless persecutors who themselves become 'outside' their own rules as they feel 'justified' in abducting peaceful people off the street and holding them hostage in 'cells' for and on behalf of RULES.

As man 'slept' he 'permitted' other vain men to raise up 'rules' that they say are for the good of all. Now all will 'pall' when they see the depth of the iniquity that now controls the entire planetary community.

For the 'punitive' rule book was 'inspired' by the Devil through the minds of the vain and arrogant who 'sought' to control others and force them into funding and supporting their 'dark' ideological beliefs. (Merciless & unforgiving & extortionist & punitive - anti-Christ & anti-God)

I am today writing an article "Who owns the Police Army"? You will find a copy of this letter and 'it' on my web site later in the day below:


page 20

~ The Police Army ~

Who 'owns' the Police Army? For any 'group' of men that walk 'armed' and that use 'force' and that are 'mandated' to seize, take hostage, imprison, punish, or KILL are an Army.

There is a 'Salvation Army' that truly assists the community, and there is a 'Terrorist Army' that abuses the 'hand' that feeds it and, - - - this 'armed force' patrols the streets of every town on earth in the disguise of a 'peaceful' Police force.

Yes, the 'State' Police force in every land is a 'private mercenary army' that is 'raised up' and paid for by 'someone' - - - Who? - - - Is it the 'King or Chief or Mandarin or Emperor? - - - Is it the people in the village? - - - Is it the political force of bureaucrats? - - - NO.

The Police forces of the 'world' are presently 'invoked' by the instigation and inspiration of the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) that holds 'sway' over the minds of men that seek 'power play' and control of the populace for a variety of reasons, be they good or bad and, - - -

As the Police have the 'power' and authority and '007' status to kill if need be, then they are also an 'army' of Mercenaries that receive their pay from 'someone' that authorises their 'conduct' each day.

Is their conduct 'becoming'? - - - or - - - is it conduct unbecoming? - - - It can be a 'mixture' of good and bad but, - - - the sad fact is, that they are as 'controlled' as Robots because they follow the 'false' retributive 'star' and, - - -

Thus their actions are 'underhand' and subversive and punitive and anti-God. For they can 'turn' their 'hand' against any person that is perceived by them or their superior the RULES as an 'Enemy of the State or the State regulations.'

So in REALITY, this Army is not a 'people's' welfare organisation at all and, - - - this needs be seen and understood by them and the people who do pay their wages, - - - before all do fall.

Let the Police Army 'lads' and the people of the land now 'join' their hands together, and help each other with my 'insight' before all against each other do fight. God does speak and says:

The Decree:

"The LIGHT will now outpour and the DARK will 'retreat,' and I 'entreat' you to 'treat' yourself kindly by doing your very best to see that if you continue to be a 'vain' and arrogant punitive one, then you will join the 'throng' that justifiably do wrong and, - - -

They and you will destroy each other 'physically' and then destroy your own soul spiritually, as it is 'confined' in the Abyss by MY power that none do see.

Prior to 'that' individual time that is 'happening' as you this read, any that continue to make others bleed will be doing it at their own 'expense,' for MY 'scribe' does now 'Decree' as given by ME the God you cannot see, that every 'believer' must now halt their TAXATION 'funding' of iniquity and, - - -

Only 'pay' towards the upkeep of true 'peace' forces that will only 'arrest' and detain those that disturb the peace and, - - - these will be 'dealt' with as per the 'Feeling Easier Seminars' and released."

Let the people now only 'pay' a true 'wage' to a Peace Corps that does comply with the 'dictates' of God's 'sage.' For only this way are they true to God, themselves, and the population of the land.

Let the police now become a 'friendly' force of honourable men and women who do themselves walk only in peace and help those that continue to 'grease' their hands and souls with dark energy.

My 'pen' does 'hold' the Key to eternal paradise, and thus it can 'calmly' and silently say that any person that continues to defy ME will find themselves in a worse place than the 'imagined' purgatory.

I AM the 'author' and the 'Authority'

Note: The Police Army is not used to uphold 'peace,' nor is it used to uphold 'The law' of man, it is used to enforce an ideology, being the ideology of extortion & punishment. The words 'upholding the law' are but the 'smokescreen' behind which the Devil's fire is hidden. For in the name of 'the law,' men are 'enabled' to become 'beasts.'

page 21

~ Contempt of God ~

Knowingly or unknowingly is the issue of this page that issues forth from God's sage. For every 'man' and woman mild on earth today walks contemptuously the wrong way in defiance of their God of Light above.

This they and their forbears have done for centuries, for they have all been brought 'undone' by false teachings perpetrated and perpetuated by their forbears and the elders of the day.

For the true teaching of "Only love & be merciful & forgiving" has been 'overthrown' by statutes & rules of Religious 'clubs' as well as every State Institution of man. This due to the 'vain' that did plan to control God's children for wealth, and to satiate their need to feel powerful.

So this 'ignorant' contempt of God is 'one' thing, but a 'wanton' and blatant continuation of contempt once the TRUTH has been revealed in great length is another thing. For it is but the 'grace' of the Holy One that one does 'fling' away if one continues to 'play' an anti-god game.

I have today fully revealed the Truth and sealed it with God's love from above. Thus I am also by God told that any so 'bold' as to show their contempt of IT and their contempt of their GOD that sent it, will by their Creator be sent in disgrace to the 'lost' world below to be 'beaten' with God's eternal MACE.

For only those of 'pure' arrogance would show such contempt of their Creator, and as these 'idiots' are obviously so vain and insane that they are 'beyond' the reach of the truth, the truth that God did teach from their date of 'inception' or creation. Thus they are 'bastards' to be banished from God's face.

It is not that they were 'formed' differently from you and me, it was just that they chose to 'as' mighty as God be. This was their error, and their coming eternal terror is their 'Just' reward for all the iniquity they bestowed upon others along the way.

Since time immemorial our God did say that all are free to as they 'wished' be, but all were told of the 'fatal' tree, and that its 'law' was equal to that of the Light for sure. Being that all would reap what they did sow.

Thus this last 'drop' of truth I do unto all bestow. For I have toiled for an eternity and more to be here today, and show any that seek the way they needs go to find the 'peak' of the mountain of God.

It is not up to me to do 'aught' else for thee. I have done all asked by our God, and it is now your choice to heed or defy, your choice to live or die, your choice to fall or be lifted up high.

If you show 'contempt of me,
you show your contempt of
Mother God that sent me.

It is then HE the Father to you destroy.

Note: It is the time to now see that every 'belief' on earth is filled with falsity. That includes the 'books' or 'teachings' of every known religion, and every known Federal or State or local Council 'government' that is now 'seen' for what it is, a false controlling & punitive ideology that is a religion in disguise.

It is the 'ask' of our God above to now 'burn' and thus set aside every 'book' or document from today back to the past ages that contains falsity, being all past or present books of 'rules & statutes, and all past or present 'bibles' or other supposed spiritual teachings.

It is the 'ask' of our God above to now 'burn' and thus set aside every document that gives 'ownership' claim over another, be it a birth certificate, passport, or other ID papers.

Mankind must now become free of being 'owned' by a national government or nation. Mankind must be free to come and go freely, and just 'be' without having to prove identity. Let no 'man' demand or command that others comply with them or cry.

Let our children now only be 'guided' spiritually by the truth as contained in this Testament of Truth that is the sacred text of the:

"Religion of peace & love."

Item ends