Open letter (3) to Commander Bretton Smith of the Tasmania Police service, Launceston

In the 'case' of the Australian Taxation Office v/s Clemencia Barnes.

Dear Commander 'Bretton,' I wish to advise you that Clemencia has decided to 'front up' next week at the Court for a number of reasons, not the least to try and overcome her very fearful emotions, but this will also remove the requirement around your officers needing to decide on a possible arrest resulting from her ignoring the summons. I would add however that since the summons had no name nor JP number on it I felt it to be an illegal demand.

I have written the below for Clemencia with her input to hand to the magistrate when he asks her if she has anything to say before sentencing. I send IT to you because I believe that its content will be of interest to you and will assist you in some way ahead.

Sincerely - Terence

This letter becomes : Update - 44 - 6 August 2015: Police Commander Bretton Smith of Launceston letter 3

~ Open letter to Magistrate Marron ~

Your honour,  before you pass any punitive judgement against me for failing to comply with the court order directive as imposed by Magistrate Brown on 12th January in respect of section 8H of the Taxation administrative act, 1953, I ask that you please first read this my submission.

I make this request because I believe it is ignorance, error and a dereliction of duty for a Justice of the Peace to summons a person to appear at a court of petty sessions when the matter is clearly a constitutional matter which can ONLY be legally 'heard and judged' by the High Court. I also believe that it is ignorance, error and a dereliction of duty for a Court clerk to place the Constitutional matter on the plate of a Court of petty sessions Magistrate.

I state the above because it is now common practise to so do. This now means that the peaceful are disadvantaged by the imposition of fine and punishment simply because magistrates 'handle' whatever is placed before them to be heard without consideration of the superior Constitutional Law.  All this goes on irrespective as to whether it is Legal or Treason.

I also advise you that at the prior hearing I found myself being gripped by considerable fear due to the fact that I was being denied the right to have my spiritual advisor/counsel  speak on my behalf.  This caused me not only to feel powerless but meant I was quite unable to speak on my own behalf.  In short  I was silenced by the magistrate.

The result was a sense of overwhelming emotions more specifically because I saw my eight page defence papers  being  'flicked' through with a casual distain rather than it being carefully read because within said paper was the proof that I was within my Constitutional rights as follows:

My right to live by my pacifist ideological belief, a Right which magistrate Brown simply ignored as irrelevant in his court of petty sessions due to the reality that his function not being valid because my matter before this court is was 'constitutional' one.

My right to live, receive immunity and protection from persecution by the Sovereign  Constitutional authority in respect of the 'Freedom of Religion Acts' of the Constitution. These Acts clearly overrule any and ALL later day Taxation Acts,  Acts deemed as invalid and void due to being overruled by my personal God given beliefs as well as by the Sovereignty of the Constitution.

In short, I have not been heard by the judiciary because:

1 - They presume to judge me using State rules despite the complainant prosecutor and the magistrate having been informed that:

a) The matter was one of religious ideology and is therefore a matter which could only be legally heard and judged by the High Court and;

b) I am an absolute pacifist, a conscientious objector who has and will always continue to obey God in His Command to never cause harm to any of His children. This means that I cannot and will not fund the causing of harm through warring or punitive actions carried out on my behalf which I would be doing IF I paid taxes.

2 - In 1996 a book named 'The Testament of Truth' was placed into my hands and on reading it my conscience was 'pricked' as I realised that payment of taxes was contributing to me facilitating the great harm being done to young soldiers who were asked to maim and kill in my name.

As a consequence of this I informed the Department of Taxation in 1997 that I would no longer fill out tax returns nor pay taxes since I now believed that to so do would be a total denial of my belief in absolute pacifism which meant that I was in contravention of God's Command unto man.

3 - The proof of my belief and religious ideology was/is that in the same year I arranged a meeting between the author of the book and a priest, a barrister and a doctor so that the author could be questioned by them. At the end of this 45 minute 'video' discussion I openly stated to all present that I firmly believed in its message to humanity as being from God. The program is available as both audio and video at:

Audio in MP3: Item 14 thereon

14 - The last hour interview - 44.20 minutes playing time -  40.1 MB
Terence is interviewed by an Australian barrister, an Islamic doctor and a Spanish priest and the interview is hosted by Clemencia.

The Video is viewable at:

Your honour, I am in your hands but understand that I am living in accordance with the Command of God as well as within 'The Freedom  of Religion Clause of the Tasmanian Constitution. In your court this means that Constitutionally, this matter is not for a magistrate to hear or pass sentence upon because this is a matter for the High Court as set out in the Australian Constitution.

I do believe that I, Clemencia and others holding my pacifist ideology:

1 - Have the CIVIL RIGHT to OBEY the Command of God.
2 - Have the CIVIL RIGHT to have God as their 'head of house.'
3 - Have the CIVIL RIGHT to live by my own conscience, faith and belief as along as I do not disturb the peace.
4 - Have the CIVIL RIGHT to rely on God for their protection rather than the protection of 'armed men.' (Caesar or State)
5 - Have the CIVIL RIGHT to only support and fund benign community effort and the provision of benign community services.

This court has been convened to pass punitive judgement on a matter beyond its jurisdiction hence my determination to advise the presiding magistrate of this fact.

This illegal gathering is the continuation of a criminal conspiracy instigated by Ed Storace who, with the collusion of ATO officials, the commonwealth prosecutor, court clerk and Magistrate Brown to set a precedent whereby the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution can be voided or avoided by a lower court which permits monetary extortion to fill their coffers.

Your honour, since I believe in the Sovereign authority of God the Father, I also believe that I must at all times conform to or with His Command given to man, that command being one of 'Peace and love and mercy and forgiveness.'  This means that I cannot fund the terrorising of others nor allow myself to fund others to go forth and cause harm or kill others on my behalf.

Since I also believe in God's Sovereign and immutable Law of equal return: "As you sow so shall ye reap," I also believe that IT applies to all men of any official or other standing.

I now add the below words written on my behalf by my spiritual advisor who was to give it you today as he had advised me that he was going to appear on my behalf.

Sincerely - Clemencia Barnes.

Note: I attach a copy of the unnamed Summons also having no JP number on it.