Open letter (5) to Commander Bretton Smith of the Tasmania Police service, Launceston
cc: The Governor of Tasmania

~ Open 'Letter of Complaint' ~

Dear Cdr. Bretton, this is a formal complaint to the Tasmania Police service in respect of the ILLEGAL TRESPASS onto my property at Pyengana on 22nd August by two of your police officers namely, Kent Ritchie and Chris Richardson. It is quite apparent to me that this 'visitation' by two armed men was for the purpose of:

1 - The intimidation of a peaceful person who had not disturbed the peace nor contravened THE Law of THE Constitution.

2 - The ongoing religious persecution of a peaceful citizen for the sole purpose of forcing them to change their religious ideology of absolute pacifism to that of the persecutors, being the contra ideology of control, subjugation, monetary extortion, punishment and the causing of harm.

3 - For the purpose of having the opportunity of 'looking around' my property for reasons known only to them.

Kent Ritchie stated to me that he was simply delivering a summons, but it is a FACT that I 'usually' receive a summons in the mailbox as I live over 30 kms out of town in the 'bush.'

I have named the intrusion as an illegal trespass because a summons to a court of petty sessions for a matter of ones 'belief, conscience, faith or religious ideology' can only be LEGALLY 'heard or judged' by the High Court, and to sideline this procedure or 'protocol' in using a subordinate court is an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY albeit you do not yet realise it.

I do not write this complaint seeking punitive correction but simply state: It is surely THE TIME for your 'office' and staff to have REALISED that my philosophy and religious ideology precludes me from funding any organisation perceived by me as having a conflicting ideology, - - - that of interfering, subjugating, intimidation, punishment, causing of harm or killing? Being an ideology in contravention of God's Command.

Furthermore, surely by now your 'office' has had the opportunity of learning that ITS mandate to interfere or interact forcefully with the community and do what it 'does' stems for THE CONSTITUTION of your own organisation?

Surely by now you should have been made aware that persons such as myself are granted immunity from persecution by THE constitutional authority of your institution as long as 'we' are peaceful and do not disturb the peace?

Surely by now you should have been made aware that NO State rules/laws invoked by political decree can overrule the Freedom of Religion Acts or any Acts of the CONSTITUTION? It may seen 'unbelievable' but it is FACT. It is a criminal - illegal - treasonable activity to try and 'overthrow or overrule' the constitutional authority in using ANY subordinate rule/decree or laws.

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Also regrettable is that your 'office' is happy to side with the judiciary and interfere in the lives of citizens in contravention of your own mandate to UPHOLD THE PEACE as you ignore your own 'oath' of allegiance and sworn duty as your officers go forth and disturb the peace of my household simply because you CHOOSE to use 'secondary' State rules/laws as you IGNORE the protocol guidelines of THE Constitution.

Sir, I am 'beyond' COERCION, and it matters not to me 'what' your armed men do to me however, - - - all I write to your 'office' is to try and UPLIFT your men OUT of their ignorance and criminal ways because they are but 'boys with guns' needing my educative CORRECTION for their own good.

Furthermore, the JP Mrs. T. Kerrison herself needs to LEARN that her duty to me is to 'check' whether or not I AM living:

(a) - Constitutionally
(b) - As per God's Command

Because, if NOT, - - - she can 'lay' a complaint authorising my 'detention' in being summonsed to 'give cause' but, - - - if I am living a contra ideology to that of 'State,' the Justice of the Peace MUST address the summons to the CORRECT authority having the legality to 'hear' or 'address' the matter in accordance with THE CONSTITUTION. Petty sessions magistrates are NOT equipped to deal with such matters and when they do, - - - they are guilty of illegal, criminal and treasonable activities. As are your armed forces men for aiding this activity.

Anyhow, the words 'Justice of the peace' is a misnomer because the signature of the said 'justice' person is what authorises the DISTURBING OF THE PEACE of a person, even one who has not disturbed the peace. It is all very underhand but as it has been in 'vogue' for so long now that everyone simply accepts it as being normal. It is NOT.

Sir, it is a treasonable ACTIVITY to ignore the civil rights of THE peaceful and regrettably, since your 'men' are apparently able to 'get away with it' due to equally criminally minded magistrates 'handling' constitutional matters illegally through their own arrogance, - - - you all ASSUME that you are 'safe' from THE LAW but you are NOT say I.

My 'whole' TASK over many years has been to try and UPLIFT the Police services back to their TRUE role of upholding the peace but as I now see IT, - - - that will only take place 'later' when circumstances beyond your control bring your men to ACCOUNT for their misdeeds for ONLY then will you all believe me in reference to the superior overriding GOD'S LAW factor.

"As you do unto others will be done unto you" - Absolute Justice.

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Due to my statement to humanity that I am HE the returned 'Spirit of truth' messenger of God, I do receive 'unsigned' letters in my mailbox which few could handle calmly especially when the threat and condemnation say: "We'll soon hang you from a tree you - - - idiot" and my aging wife and I also have to contend with stones thrown on the roof of our house after midnight or knocking on our windows with loud voices saying: "Come out and fight you - - - - stupid old bastard."

We do not 'complain' because we rely on our sanity and God to protect us or let us be harmed if that is His choice, but we would never retaliate and would always offer our counsel and a cup of tea to the vain and ignorant who offend us. I ask: "How would you or your officers 'handle' being in such a situation"? With a gun?

Commander, we are all 'born' into a world governed by the decrees/laws/rules of our forbears. I CHOOSE to live by my own set of rules as given unto me by my own conscience as I OBEY the Command of God. NO mortal man can change my 'faith' or belief in absolute pacifism, and your department officers need to now respect my PEACEFUL WAYS and STOP disturbing my Peace.

I cannot and do not support or condone or fund any Upholders of Peace who bear arms, especially in public. In this day of heightened negative emotions of fear or aggression the Peace services must NOT bear arms when 'called' because if they do, - - - there will be little or NO 'chance' of a peaceful resolution to any 'hostage' or other confrontation.

The people of the land now DO understand that the Police will 'come' with blazing guns and for SURE this will end up with a diminishing Police corps through them being KILLED OFF due to the reasons ONLY known by me and exposed on my web site.

I am the one who fully comprehends the reasons 'why' the mind of man gives-in to devious dark thoughts and causes harm. I state that it is the time for the peace corps to have a group of unarmed 'counsellors' at hand who as me do NOT fear 'death' and who can go IN and be NO threat to anyone having a disturbed MIND. As it is, the heavily armed police DO 'go in' to many situations with a mentally disturbed disposition through their own fears.

It is the time for everyone including the Police services personnel to understand that the invocation of rules or 'laws' in text books invoked by a politicians do NOT make the resultant actions 'permitted' by said rules/laws LEGAL. NO contravention of God's Command is LEGAL. Any such contravention using God's dark energetic force to cause harm is ahead 'met' with the Wrath of God as He fulfills His Law of merciless retribution as all will soon now SEE.

Politicians 'authorising' or invoking rules enabling their requirements to be enforced by the police must not be 'permitted' to intrude into the daily operations of the UPHOLDERS OF THE PEACE.

The police chiefs must stand apart from political dictatorship or judicial interference because they are paid by THE PEOPLE to protect THE PEOPLE from being persecuted or having their peace disturbed. Truly insanity abounds and is intensifying, but I will continue to do my DUTY to God as I do my level best to enlighten everyone for THEIR OWN GOOD.

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Bretton, if you BELIEVE that your mandate to 'arrest' and detain has unlimited LEGAL powers then you need to ask yourself:

(1) "Why does the Freedom of Religion Act EXIST"? 
(2) "Do the Acts of the Constitution overrule the secondary State laws we use against Terence as he so believes"?

(3) "If we the police have been advised that Terence's 'comprehension' of the constitutional texts is error, then why do we not advise him of 'who' has advised us so"?
(4) "Does our mandate to arrest, detain, transport, cause harm, maim or kill or incarcerate come from the Constitutional authority or not"?

(5) "Does the Constitution limit or restrict our interaction activities with the public or not"?
(6) "Does the Freedom of religion Act given below give 'some' members of the community such as Terence or Clemencia the right to not be detained by 'us' or 'anyone' unless they have disturbed the peace"?

(7) "In the 'case' of Eddie Storace of the ATO v/s Clemencia, why does Eddie openly telephone Terence and state: "You are not comprehending the meaning of the Act correctly and you are thus misleading Clemencia"! The Act states:

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) - State Constitutions apply to all states

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

I ask you Bretton, do you believe that I am in error of the meaning of the above or not? Is it not as clear to you as it is to me that YOUR OWN INSTITUTION guarantees that I have a constitutional RIGHT to live by my own conscience and ideological belief as long as I do not disturb the peace?

I already KNOW that even without the 'above' that I have the God-given RIGHT to live by my own conscience because to me God's Word is my 'shepherd.' The ONLY reason I keep referring to the wording of your institution's Constitution is because IF YOUR ACTIONS (or those of any magistrate) are found by the Sovereign Powers upholding THE Constitution to be in 'excess' of your mandate and thus criminal, illegal and TREASON, then it is your officers to be brought to account at some stage. I am trying to ASSIST YOU ALL TO SEE THIS apparently invisible factor.

Unbeknown to you but known by me, the REAL invisible sovereign authority (God) already knows of everyone exceeding their mandate and all I am trying to do is to get you to see IT also, so that you can 'correct' your activities and halt accruing even more very painful spiritual dues that you already will be forced to suffer ahead. It is the time to assist me and everyone to begin being respectful and civil to others as we ONLY haul-in those who factually disturb the peace and EDUCATE THEM.

My spirit soul is 'clear' of any Dark emotional ENERGY so I am 'safe' in the knowledge that my spirit will and can be uplifted back into THE LIGHT from whence it came. I am here for you Sir, so please now help me to help your men become benign crusaders rather than the forceful intruders they presently are.

Finally, irrespective of the beliefs of ANY 'armed forces' men or their cohorts of judiciary;

1 - I Terence have the CIVIL RIGHT to OBEY the Command of God.
2 -
I Terence have the CIVIL RIGHT to have God as my 'head of house.'
3 -
I Terence have the CIVIL RIGHT to live by my own conscience, faith and belief as along as I do not disturb the peace.

Sincerely - Terence

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