~ Clemencia's final pre-judgement submission ~

Your Honour, I Clemencia make a final plea to you by writing this.

Your honour, I firmly believe that the Almighty commands us all to live in "Peace as we extend goodwill to all mankind." This belief of mine has been put into practice most of my days and holding this peace necessarily precludes me from even considering the support of any DOCTRINE having the opposite ideology that being the IDEOLOGY of threat, coercion, intimidation, the causing of harm, extortion, destruction and killing.

I cannot even support the 'punishment' of those who do disturb the peace of others. I can only support and condone their educative enlightenment so as to be worthy to our God and obedient to the precepts of His Command as believed by me.

I do hope and believe 'Sir' that you will grant me the freedom to:

1 - Believe in God and His Sovereign Authority over man and NOT be punished for this belief by your pen.
2 - Believe in God's Command unto mankind and NOT be punished for this belief by your pen.
3 - Remain obedient to God under all circumstances and NOT be punished for this belief by your pen.

4 - Follow my own conscience as long as I do not disturb the peace and NOT be punished for this belief by your pen.
5 - Live peacefully in obedience to the Constitution of your own organisation and NOT be punished for this belief by your pen.
6 - Live by my loving and pacifist ideology and NOT be punished for this belief by your pen causing me terror and loss.

I also believe Sir that it is a criminal ACT for the Australian Taxation office and prosecutor to try and use you and your court to deny me my Rights and thus inveigle you in their criminal actions.

The above state officials (ATO) believe in their right to threaten, coerce, intimidate and demand that everyone fund their 'offensive' system, a system that of itself is their ILLEGALLY ESTABLISHED ideological belief which of itself is their 'religion,' a religion which is then forcefully and ILLEGALLY IMPOSED upon everyone. This your Honour IS in contravention of the Constitution as referenced below;

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 clearly states:

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, -

This contravention is being done by the ATO backed by the police and judiciary as with impunity they illegally side-track the Constitution by illegally using the subordinate court of petty sessions to set many illegal precedents to matters which belong in the High Court so that the 'meek and mild' who do not disturb the peace are forced through fear and punishment to bow to their treasonable activities and to then participate in their ideology of WAR.

Your honour, my spiritual and legal advisor has advised me to inform you that our God has empowered 'Chiefs,' Emperors, King's and 'Queen's' to RULE His errant children * (See note at end) however, via the 'Freedom of Religion' acts that He (God) as absolute Sovereign inserted (or inspired) He was quite clear that:

"Persons living within the precepts of His (God's) Command: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and forgive others who sin against you and do not disturb the peace" are persons to be granted IMMUNITY from persecution by the earthly Sovereign Queen and, - - -

Any of her 'subject' officials, in this case yourself, who exceed their mandate through ignoring said Acts 116 & 46 (1) and cause harm to peaceful people through 'siding' with dissidents (ATO) who seek to force the innocent to defy their God and become supporters of war and killing, are by God seen to be dishonouring their family name and their position of authority, and they are taking a false wage, and are to be sent down eternally."

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I Clemencia hold true to my sacred promise to myself to remain obedient to God even if the result is my mortal death.

Your honour, as I see it, the rules you are presently upholding are doing their 'silent' best to get you to cause me (Your spiritual sister) harm, particularly when you cannot even use your own conscience when using said State rules because as you say: "I am paid a wage to uphold said rules irrespective of your belief."

This is why both Terence and myself have done our very best to alert you (and all others persecuting me) to the superior Constitutional Laws stipulating that: "The use of State rules in matters of faith, belief, and religious ideology is ILLEGAL." (Ref s 109 of the Constitution) THIS also pertains to the use of your subordinate court in matters of the Constitution.

I now refer to Australia's anti-terrorism act 2015 - What is a terrorist act?

A ‘terrorist act’ is an act or a threat to commit an act that - - - causes:

Death, serious harm or endangers a person - serious damage to property - a serious risk to the health or safety of the public, or seriously interferes with, disrupts or destroys critical infrastructure such as a telecommunications or electricity network.

The terrorist act offences mean that:

It is an offence to commit a terrorist act.
It is an offence to finance terrorism or a terrorist.
It is an offence to plan or prepare for a terrorist act.
It is an offence to
possess things connected with terrorist acts.
It is an offence to provide or receive training connected with terrorist acts.

I believe that I have a duty to both God and myself to come to a personally informed decision as to 'who' is causing terror to God's children and 'who' is causing them harm.  In this 'case' I believe that 'some' aspects of our own society are the ones causing harm and I want NO part of IT as is my Right. That being so I maintain my ‘Right” under the Constitution NOT to fund ANY person or 'system' that wages war upon anyone for any reason.

People always say: "Are you in receipt of State funding" as IF in so doing I MUST have a  duty to pay taxes. I believe that every CIVIL society has a duty to assist the elderly or disadvantaged because that is a benign 'offering' to which I can aspire. However when we look at the 'joint' funding system whereby a massive amount of harm is being done by some persons in the community, then your Honour I cannot fund THEIR ways.  

Few people see that all funds disbursed by 'governments' are monies earned by THE PEOPLE and these people have the right to decide 'how' their giving will be used. I cannot and will not be party to the funding of any system that sends young men and women to their death or to kill others for a war that some politician or a majority of voters decides is “in our interest.” I stand as do all before their God as an individual.

I owe 'Caesar' (State) naught simply because I neither use nor need his armed forces as a means of protection. Please try to understand that my protection can and will always be to walk in the way God insists we must ALL walk, in peace and NON-retaliation no matter what the circumstance.

Perhaps even you can see that the 'State' peace force (police) have joined sides with those persecuting me but I will always only fund a truly peaceful society since I continue to rely solely on God to protect me. This means that  I give freely of my time as I share and care for those who may benefit from my counselling, those who are needy and those who come to my door. Why would I as a sane person fund any institution proven to hold a contra warring ideology who would be causing harm to others on my account?

I am concerned for your spiritual 'fate' my brother 'Reg' and can only add that if you cause me any harm be assured I will forgive you however, I do know that God's Law is immutable and this means that: "As you sow so shall ye reap" is His Command.

I can but say that I simply TRUST that God's pure Light TRUE now shines forth through you.

Signed, Clemencia Barnes -

1st February 2016

NOTE: RULE His errant children * -

To learn of the deep complexity and hidden 'agenda' of the Rule of man by man as now revealed by God via his plenipotentiary go to:
'The hand of God' - http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/hand.htm