~ Open Complaint Notice to newspapers, the Police service and the general public ~.

White collar conspiracy, anarchy and Treason.
Defiance of the Constitutional 'Crown' in the religious persecution of lady Clemencia.

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~ The Complaint ~

Dear Editorial Chief of Staff,

I want to bring to your notice that a criminal CONSPIRACY to commit Treason against the Sovereign Crown Authority of the Constitution of Australia was carried out and accomplished in the Launceston magistrates Court on January 12th 2015, complaint number 1490710, where the case was heard and judged.

As a result, the Freedom of Religion Acts clause of the Sovereign Constitution guaranteeing protection and immunity from persecution to the peaceful, was made 'null and void' by a newly invoked  ILLEGAL PRECEDENT.

This precedent was set in STONE so to speak by the 'powers' of the magistrate and this was accomplished by 'someone' placing a Constitutional matter 'case' before a 'lowly' Court of petty sessions at Launceston in Tasmania with the approval of the magistrate.

A punitive judgement and 'fine' was imposed ILLEGALLY by magistrate Brown upon Mrs. Clemencia Barnes. Magistrate Brown himself was in collusion with the taxation prosecutor Eddie Storace and the commonwealth prosecutor Katherine Drake.

Since the judgement of this case resulted in the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitutions of Australia and Tasmania becoming 'invalid' and therefore of no 'power,' it has instead set in 'motion' a despicable facility whereby peaceful persons who have not disturbed the peace no longer have any immunity against interference, persecution, extortion of money, imposition of punishment, jailing or dispossession of their property as was previously granted unto them by the Sovereign Crown Constitutional Authority.

Further to the above, the 'worst' outcome is that there is no longer any RIGHT to live by ones conscience, belief, or religious ideology of peace without being persecuted.

Furthermore, the now new 'freedoms to intrude' granted by this treasonable precedent will give armed persons the right to use intimidation of threat and coercion to FORCE some or possibly multitudes of people into changing their belief through their fear of the consequences of persecution and they will 'bow' to the dictates of their oppressors and will then fund their iniquities, (Causing of harm to others) and thus will have been coerced into forgoing their prior total obedience to God's Command.

The PROOF that the magistrate conspired with the prosecutor and others is obvious because every person involved in the hearing was ADVISED in writing of the illegality of the hearing well in advance. All were advised that this case was a Constitutional matter which could not be legally heard by any other than a High Court Judge. Further, the defendant 'victim' who was perfectly within her Constitutional rights was also denied 'counsellor' support and her eight page defence submission was casually set aside by the magistrate as being of NO consequence.

This absolutely appalling state of affairs must now be made public because the magistrate, in defiance of the Sovereign Crown authority, has set the most dangerous precedent known to man. The precedent set is one whereby persons having the religious belief or ideology of their right to impose, steal, dictate or to DO whatever they wish to, and backed by force of arms, has now been made LEGAL by precedent.

Subsequent to this unlawful gathering and treasonable judgement my office has sent out over one thousand emails of 'complaint' to the governor-general, police, magistrates, lawyers, church groups and others with not ONE reply to date. Sad is it not? Who I ask will defend the 'Sovereign Crown' honourably?

I now ask the editorial 'chiefs of staff' of both the Examiner and the Mercury newspapers today (June 25th 2015) to make my complaint public. I also formerly place this complaint on the 'table' of both the Tasmania and Victoria Police commissioners asking that they HONOUR their role of 'protectors of the people' by immediately arresting the treasonable magistrate and all complicit for the purpose of their education, and to 'strike' off the proceedings judgement from court records and reinstate the validity of the Sovereign Crown Freedom of Religion Acts.

The 'arrest' must be done immediately because it is the proven INTENT of the persecuting prosecutor Ed Storace and his 'team' in collusion with the magistrate to now use the precedent they 'set' in motion in January to now CRUCIFY their victim (Clemencia) in open court on 11th August 2015 because she has refused to pay the fine and refused to comply with the other directives believing them to be illegal.

Clemencia has now been 'summonsed' and could be dispossessed of her property or 'worse' as the magistrate uses the new but illegal powers granted unto himself to carry out his prior coercive threat of up to 10 years jail and $85,000 fine.

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By this further act all complicit will have shown THE WORLD their incredible POWERS to subjugate, intimidate, harass, threaten, coerce and persecute persons of all or any religious ideology and regrettably, the Police Service officers will be used ILLEGALLY as their enforcers.

This INTENDED 'secondary' court action needs to be HALTED before another 'fateful' ACT of TREASON against THE CROWN is finalised on 11th August 2015 and all complicit are PROVEN 'Guilty' of using an illegally established precedent for the sole purpose of carrying out CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES to terrorise and steal from THE PEOPLE of the land.

Where are the men of honour?

Since there is NO other than myself seeking to defend the honour of the invisible Sovereign Crown Authority, God, it is now HE who, via this pen, sets out to expose the liquid arrogance, pride and vanity of 'white collar' criminals and via this pen He ASKS that all men TRUE and honourable to their 'wage' taken to uphold the peace of the land now do so as they arrest the treasonable ones and thus halt their persecution.

I have taken this 'Open Complaint' step to ensure that the Tasmania and Victoria Police force services officers have the opportunity of showing THE PEOPLE who pay their wages that they are not ASLEEP and that they are capable of UPHOLDING THE PEACE as they 'collar' the white collar criminals before their actions cause endless CIVIL UNREST in defiance of THE SOVEREIGN CROWN AUTHORITY. (God)

If I was an 'old style' military gentleman as was my father, I would have 'championed' Clemencia by throwing down a 'gauntlet' at the feet of Mr. Brown the magistrate and challenged him to a 'duel to the death' using pistols. Since I am however a principled man of Peace, I simply do my best to ensure that Mr. Brown my spiritual 'brother' does not CRUCIFY himself 'enticed' by Eddie Storace.

I can but state that if this despicable activity is not rectified, it will eventually lead to civil unrest and CIVIL WAR due the Police service themselves, ahead, being forced to interfere more and more into the lives of THE PEOPLE.

Clemencia is living in accordance with her RIGHTS within the Constitution of the land as well as in obedience to the Command of our God. She is only interested in the education of mentally disturbed persons who 'disturb the peace' and she is only able to fund, condone and support the provision of benign community services. She cannot fund any person or institution that goes forth interfering, extorting funds, causing harm, punishing those who disobey its dictates or the waging of war by its officials. Any person seeking to punish her for living as her conscience dictates is a criminal 'addicted' to the DARK vengeful and destructive WAYS of the Devil and is a lost soul needing educative correction.


The Freedom of religion Acts of the Constitution.

Acts which authorise and LIMIT the actions of public servants who work for the institution of government:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) - State Constitutions apply to all states

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

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~ The FACTS ~
Notices to the police Chiefs and officers

When an individual OR a magistrate IGNORES the RULE OF LAW as set out in the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution they have become anarchists and they have become 'Mafiosi' because their 'orders' or actions or punitive 'directions' are ILLEGAL, criminal and TREASON against the Sovereign Monarch.

All whom deny or continue to deny the Freedom of Religion clauses of the Constitution are to DIE say I the messenger of the Most High because they all continue to ILLEGALLY make others CRY.

Either way, anyone making others CRY for ANY reason are in defiance of God's Rule of Law and place themselves within God's 'eye for an eye' or "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of Return and suffer all they imposed. (In their minds legally or otherwise)

It needs to be clearly understood that NO Petty Court OR High Court judgement can LEGALLY overthrow the code of conduct POLICY required by the Act 46. (1). Neither can any opposing religious ideology be LEGALLY imposed upon a person who is exercising their legal RIGHTS in living in accordance with said "Policy."

I add: The Freedom of religion clause of the Constitution ONLY provides immunity from interference, persecution and prosecution to the truly peaceful absolute pacifists who do NOT fund warfare nor the war 'machine.' This is because the support of or funding of interference, intimidation, the causing of harm or punishment or 'warfare' results in the causing of pain and destruction and is of itself an IMMORAL and uncivil ACTIVITY in contravention of the precepts in Act 46. (1).

It needs to BE clearly understood by everyone that ONLY when you live in conformity with the code of conduct POLICY of the Freedom of Religion Acts that you are ALSO a true believer who is obedient to the Command of THE Sovereign Overlord (God) and His Command of:

 "Go your way in peace and love one another."

It follows that a person who is NOT living within the 'moral' or peaceful constraints of 46. (1) have NO immunity and NO protection from God and they will BE persecuted by the unconscionable merciless forces of DARKNESS until all their dues of suffering to IT have been met. The Freedom of Religion Acts given above apply equally to all God's children GLOBALLY whether they know it or not.

Since the magistrate is IMPOSING his ideological belief forcefully upon Clemencia and trying to force her to 'fund' his institution by fine or other, he is in contravention of Section 116 above since he is trying to force her to CHANGE her philosophical ideology (religion) and support his doctrine of punishment. This illegal activity on his part proves that he is a SERVANT OF THE DARKNESS. (Devil)

I am the only person who is 'interested' in exposing criminality in the form of anarchy, treason and conspiracy taking place openly and illegally within the 'system' of 'Justice' in Tasmania and I have spent literally 'years' writing to many persons because everyone appears to be asleep to what is taking place through the criminal activity of many official persons.

The fact of the matter is that this criminal activity ONLY continues to exist because THE POLICE service officers are themselves asleep to the FACT that they are the 'fall' guys because those in positions of 'power' rely on their 'armed' enforcement capabilities to 'back up' the dictates passed to them. Be it a verbal 'order' or a 'text' message or a 'listed' written document.

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Police officers do not 'question' whether or not the 'orders' they receive are legitimate or otherwise, for they as well as all others in 'the system' are all 'happy' to simply pass ON information they receive WITHOUT QUESTION in the assumption that it is legally backed.

The Police whose true ROLE is to UPHOLD the peace of the land simply then go forth to disturb the peace of 'someone' who may in fact NOT have disturbed the peace in any way.

Magistrates are elevated into the ultimate position of power because their thoughts are transcribed by the 'signature' of their pen and as they are perceived as 'all-powerful' and wise elders, everyone simply relies on them to make the final or fateful decision as to 'what' MUST BE DONE unto anyone standing before them.

The 'signature' of the pen of the magistrate states: "This one is to be punitively corrected as per the decree of my pen."

Again it is THE POLICE whose role is to uphold the peace who are again required to detain or arrest or hold hostage or jail a person who in FACT has NOT disturbed the peace but has simply said "NO" to the demands of others who themselves are disturbing their peace ILLEGALLY.

The FACTS of the 'day' are that everyone has either 'forgotten' or is ignorant of THE FACT that their AUTHORITY to bear arms or patrol or control or interfere or impose demands upon other civilians is a LIMITED mandate granted unto them by the Constitution of the governing institution they are paid a wage to uphold HONOURABLY.

Due to the FACT that emotions of greed, vanity, pride, and liquid arrogance flow through the 'hearts' or souls of sinners, I now speak of politicians for they too have forgotten from 'whence' stems their 'powers' and they simply legislate, legislate and legislate more and more, believing that they have a RIGHT to interfere, control, subjugate, berate and TAX everyone endlessly with IMPUNITY because their actions are backed by THE POLICE who they (politicians) now believe are their personal 'armed forces.'

The Police need to go back to their honourable role of upholding the peace and only hauling IN those who disturb the peace.

The FACTS are that only this way are police officers 'safe' within the LAW of Return of both God and man. The Police 'heads' need to see that NO mandate nor uniform nor 'badge' nor text in a book nor 'order' from 'above' legitimises any action that causes HARM to another.

THE Police are paid a wage by THE PEOPLE to PROTECT THE PEOPLE, not to 'wage war' upon the people and sit on 'cliff tops' by the beach ready to pounce on fishermen to see if they have a permit to fish. Nor are they paid a wage by THE PEOPLE to tally their 'catch' when they return from a fishing trip.

The Police are presently 'lackeys' for the endless monetary extortion now obviously impoverishing everyone to the point that soon, very soon, everyone will have been 'robbed' of everything they own and all will be homeless.

The Police must now revert back to an honourable role of education and enlightenment so as to uplift the minds of anyone caught by them due to having disturbed the peace or found engaged in immoral actions such as drug dealing or child molestation or family violence etc.

My concerns now are that THE POLICE will be called upon to ENFORCE the imposition of punishment by arresting, transporting or detaining or 'other' the ATO victim (Clemencia) and thus they become COMPLICIT to not only an illegal, criminal, treasonable conspiracy, but to themselves being defiant of the Constitutional rights of a peaceful citizen and they will be causing harm to her and, they will be disturbing her PEACE rather than arresting the real criminals and upholding THE LAW of the land and protecting the 'innocent.'

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Upholding the peace of the land ~
Open letter (2) to police officer Kent Ritchie

Dear Kent, you have just attained the 'age' where you need to begin to 'question' the truth and reality around the issue of 'to whom' your DUTY lies and 'who' pays your daily wage for that 'Duty' and to answer the question as to what your duty actually is.

You are either a peace-keeper or you are an interferer into the lives of others. You cannot be both and remain honourable.

Your present belief is that you are serving the government judiciously and honourably and that the government pays your wage. The FACTS are that you (the police service) are the armed heavies who are used by extortionists as well as being an enforcer of all their endless dictates. These dictates are those which are impoverishing everyone as well as interfering in their lives and causing emotional trauma, harm and impoverishment.

You forget that it is the public 'purse' of THE PEOPLE that funds your wage. The MPES 'fines enforcement service' is one of the agencies using the PEACE FORCE (police muscle) to collect whatever the 'debt' monies are passed onto their 'service' and that is something you are doing unquestionably.

Kent, the MPES 'fines enforcement' service is simply a government 'monetary collection 'agency,' and agency that is making use of the 'armed power' of THE community PEACE FORCE which is there for the protection of THE PEOPLE. You are facilitating the MPES as you do ITS 'bidding.' Being the bidding of politicians that you 'follow' unquestionably, and in so doing, you are in ERROR say I.

Most of your present 'duties' now are the enforcement of monetary penalties resulting from the 'taxing' impositions upon people of 'fees' required by politicians before anyone can do anything or, for the enforcement of judgements imposed by magistrates. This is also ERROR.

You are NOT upholding the PEACE. You are an armed person going forth in the name of 'peace' but in fact, you are disturbing the peace of persons who for 'whatever' reason, do not or cannot conform to the dictates of other mortals and you then pursue them and cause them HARM.

Please read the below:

 Police Officer Oath

I, (name), swear that I will faithfully execute the office of police officer in Tasmania, and that to the best of my power, without favour or affection, malice or ill-will, will cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against persons and properties in Tasmania, and that to the best of my ability, skill and knowledge will discharge all the duties of a police officer according to law. So help me God.

In the present 'case' against me instigated by an 'order' issued by 'someone,' they are expecting you to become a debt 'collector' of monies purported to be owed by me or my wife. You are also expected to disturb 'our' peace and in one 'form' or another cause us 'harm or loss or hardship' etc. I hope you can see this because you truly need to simply now UPHOLD THE PEACE and not be 'licensed' by rules to deny your honourable role.

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Furthermore, in reference to your 'oath' to discharge all duties according to the law, - - - so help me God, you need to look at the limited powers aspect granted by THE CONSTITUTION to ALL government officials and the police. I refer to the Freedom of Religion clause which your officers have denied me as have many magistrates simply through ignorance. However, I am aware that 'ignorance is not bliss' and it is the time now to LEAVE ME IN PEACE or you will most certainly regret it because:

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.

To assist you I also refer you to a speech given by Justice Underwood at the below link and I quote a little from it where it refers to the requirement of each 'police' person to make their own decisions because we are all responsible for our own actions and cannot leave the 'ending' up to the magistrate as such:

Reference: http://www.supremecourt.tas.gov.au/publications/speeches/underwood/tasmanian_police_academy

To-day, seventeen men and women have just become police constables and joined the police profession. It is a noble profession that will make great demands on those who have just joined it, but it is a profession that will also provide great satisfaction to those who meet these demands willingly.  - - -

In those days the common law of the land regarded the office of police constable as a public office, and the holder of that office as a servant of the Crown. I want you to understand that this is not just a piece of dry, boring history. It is a piece of significant history for each of the graduates now standing on the parade ground. It is significant because in those days the law was that when a police constable exercised his powers – and in those days constables were always "his", - whether those powers were conferred by common law or by an Act of Parliament, he exercised them by virtue of his office.

This meant that each constable was personally responsible for the exercise of his powers. He could not say that he made an arrest because he was ordered to. He was an officer of the Crown, and his power of arrest could not be exercised on the responsibility of any person but himself. If he arrested on suspicion of felony, the suspicion must have been his suspicion, and must have been reasonable to him.

If he arrested in a case in which the arrest may only be made if the constable held a certain view about the case, he and not someone else must hold that view. I stress that the law was that a constable held an office of the Crown and he alone was responsible for its proper exercise. It was a significant responsibility for a constable to know that it was down to him alone to decide whether he would exercise the power of arrest and deprive a person of his or her liberty. A Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia once said that the authority of a police constable is akin to the authority of a master of a ship at sea to maintain order.

Brother, you know that I am not a man who disturbs the peace. I am a man who does his very best to assist even the worst criminals and even a murderer would be welcome at my door and be offered a cup of tea even at midnight if I felt that my GOOD counsel would help set his MIND straight.

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I hope that when you next pass me by on the road that we can give each other a friendly wave of the hand. Never let any dictated political 'rule' force YOU to deny or defy your CONSCIENCE or the Command of our invisible God.

You as many are soon to be exposed to the most incredibly INSANE times on earth and you will need to strengthen your mind with THE TRUTH as given by my pen or you will 'falter.' Feel free to call by anytime with others if you so wish to have a discussion.

Remember, a police PEACE officer must cause NO harm. In coming times an officer of the peace must be brave enough to NOT bear arms but be 'open handed' as me and fear no-one and be NO threat to anyone. Any person mandated or otherwise in the insane times to be will be shot on sight by 'someone' fearing for their life.

The gun carried in public by an armed person in a 'civil' society indicates that said person is a part of an imposing dictatorial force who is self authorised or authorised by others to impose, dictate, rule, subjugate, cause harm or kill. The bearing of 'arms' in public is an uncivil activity and means that the unarmed are ruled by a military dictatorship.

The be honourable you need to be dependable at all times and in all situations. What sort of 'dependable'? In that at NO time ever will you rely on using God's DARK destructive force to 'gain or attain or maintain.'

You keep a steady hand and mind and remain respectful and KIND to those others whose THOUGHTS  are in a 'devilish' bind. (Temporarily possessed by invisible dark forces)

To truly serve the community you must never FIGHT any opposition. You remain a peaceful man of LIGHT and you give your 'share and care' freely as does God's Light. You must NEVER be a 'threat' to anyone. No person must ever be 'afraid of you.'

In a 'hostage' situation you calmly go 'in' fearlessly and unarmed and smiling with open hands and talk calmly and quietly so that the 'hostage taker' becomes mentally 'unarmed' and de-possessed by incoming dark thoughts in the knowledge that he is not going to be 'gunned down' but is ONLY going to be educated by rational wise elders.

The present 'gung ho' siege mentality situation where fearful fully armed DARK government forces go in with their guns blazing killing anyone is pure error, because all suffering they impose becomes their own spiritual due. That FACT is TRUE say I.

Man needs to understand that a 'mentally disturbed' person is being used or controlled mentally by the dark energy essence of THE SOURCE and indeed you can 'kill' or 'dispose of' the person BUT, - - - the dark energy flowing through them is at that very moment also flowing through YOU and since said DARK energy is indestructible and 'untouched' by your bullets, you also need to know that said Dark energy forgets NOTHING. Ahead in this life 'time' or in the hereafter IT (dark energy) will do unto you what you did unto others. IT is a 'law' unto ITSELF.

ONLY USE THE LIGHT in your personal interaction with others and then you ONLY receive Light coming back.

Kent, I am not your 'opposition' albeit RULES may make you 'think' so. Please just think of me as a loving grandparent who ONLY has your best interests at heart. All I do is for your BENEFIT and the benefit of all mankind.

I do not need to 'change' the system, it will soon collapse due to a multitude of reasons and I simply seek to prepare 'caring' souls so that they are ready and steady to DO God's Will.

page 8

Kent, for a very long time now persons 'in power' realised that to maintain their 'Emperor' status they needed an 'armed force' and they needed money (honey) to sustain IT (The dark armed force) and thus maintain their own 'position.'

Every ACTIVITY of man in 2015 requires a prior 'permit' FEE to be paid to THE Emperor, and failure to so pay requires YOU the 'supposed' PEACE 'army' to PUNISH the individual. It is the time for YOU to see and comprehend that THE PUNISHMENT is the COERCION to make all CONFORM. This 'nature' of activity is NOT a 'civil matter' it is  dictatorship of ABSOLUTE CONTROL, SUBJUGATION and ENSLAVEMENT.

The most basic 20cts parking meter 'licence fee' demanded by THE EMPEROR is the PRIMARY extortion because the roads belong to the public (Community) and must not or should not be used as the means to extort money.

The community PEACE force should not be used to enforce extortion.

I do not place money in a meter because I am an enlightened man and I do not give in to extortion. You have the right to use your own conscience because any rules are simply 'guidelines' and your wage taken is not to uphold RULES but to UPHOLD THE PEACE. So I believe and 'so help me GOD.'

Soon there will be NO politicians or priests standing between man and their God but there will be people wanting PEACE and needing offenders to be caught and counselled and educated as per my 'Feeling Easier' Seminar program.

Kent what you need to try and see is that even though you believe in the ‘sovereign right’ of the individual, you also believe that - - - ‘for the good of the individual’ - - - that they need to be ‘governed’ by ‘the philosophy of your ideological belief.’ (Your religion)

This is the false belief of every government on earth because all believe that, - - - for the benefit of the nation, the flag, the people, the rules, the king, orderliness etc., - - - that ‘some’ (the elect elected) must in one way or another exert ‘control’ over the masses and for this control to guide them forcefully into contributing to the benefit of the whole.

This very ‘premise’ of the use of ‘force & control’ excludes the individuality and free will of the very individual you seek to protect. This is the very reason for the decline in peace, sanity and rationality on globe earth because the ‘oligarchy’ of government exert forceful control in a dictatorial manner using ‘legislation.’ This very ‘premise’ is also in fact in contravention of God’s Command:

“Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving unto those yet sinfully living.”

For the ‘moment’ any person or ‘ruling’ Rule of an institution uses ‘force’ to ‘tax or regulate or punish’ any person for non-compliance, the persons invoking the control or punishment are ‘playing’ God, and unknown to them, they have placed their own soul into the Dark and punitive aspect of the superior Law of God.

I can only give you THE TRUTH, what you do with it is between you and your God.