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This web site reveals the hidden nature of the invisible 'essence' of Darkness that controls all men, and uses them to be its forceful 'arm' in their interaction with others. Only when you understand this 'aspect' of the Source will you be able to set yourselves free from it and its influence over you.

The Truth that needs be reinstated by me is that the forceful CONTROL exerted by man over others either personally or through governing systems is carried out by using the Dark energy of the Source, God, and its use is forbidden by God and, - - - 

Its use brings about a painful 'control' over others, and is what then returns upon man within the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of God via the mind and 'arm' of the vain, the arrogant, and those that are openly defiant of their Creator through their ignorance of His power.

The return of suffering returns upon the user of this dark forceful energy and those supporting or condoning or funding its imposition upon others when and 'as' so ordained by God the Sovereign Power.

It is now the time for all to see that the pure doctrine of Christianity of 'peace unto all,' is also at the core of every religion and at the core of the soul of man and, - - - it must be adhered to by the individual to attain Salvation, that fact is pure Truth.

The Truth at the 'core' of every religion should be the same:

The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.'
This is only attained in 'bowing' to God in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

As the Truth is at the core of every spiritual message, it follows that mankind needs no religions, they only need THE TRUTH.

Jesus the prophet * did 'hear' the voice of the Creator God who gave him the message of 'Peace,' and Jesus then told many of this PEARL he had found, and Jesus faithfully bequeathed his fresh found wisdom unto mankind.

Thus he GAVE the Pearl of great price being the Salvation Wisdom of God to humanity, and the 'Call' from the Creator God of "Peace unto all" became the ideology of Christianity, being that any person that 'heard' the call of "Peace unto all" by God, - - - as 'foretold' by Jesus 'prophetically' as being the way to Paradise now had a choice;*

Being that if they 'bowed' to God and then submitted to God's 'wish' and thus conformed to the call of "Peace unto all" from God - - - as spoken by Jesus his faithful servant and messenger, - - - they would attain Salvation and be granted entry into God's Paradise.

Note: choice; * - Each individual also has the choice to continue on in their present 'aggressive, antagonistic, merciless, punitive & warring' ideological ways, and suffer the consequence that is documented as being one of eternal torment in the wastelands of HELL for their defiance of their Creator God.

Note: Jesus the prophet * - Muhammad the prophet and Buddha the prophet and others in other lands did in a different 'time' also 'hear' the voice of the Creator God who gave them the message of 'Peace,' and they also told many of this PEARL.

True doctrine is a straight path, and whoever sets themselves upon its course perfects her-his essential self through the solely peaceful and benevolent path, and their spirit soul returns to the prosperous abode and the source of all perfection. (Heaven - Paradise)

Only the true that adhere to its 'essence' can ascend to the highest level being Heaven, by going through the perfection of the inner self.  The path of human perfection leading it to God is embedded in sound belief, and peaceful, merciful, compassionate and forgiving conduct. (daily deeds - actions)

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This message is to prepare you for the soon coming total collapse of every 'System' of man on earth as CHAOS reigns for a time, when darkness and terror and non-reasoning insanity becomes the 'Order' of the day.   Mankind now faces the last 'Battle of the mind' being, - - - thoughts kind v/s those unkind. 

For it is the now intensifying intrusion of unforgiving and vengeful thoughts that will 'turn' every mind into becoming the 'Devil's playpen,' that results in unreasoning insanity with its destructive intent and deeds.

If you wish to know 'why' or how, then read my revelations about the 'coming of the sword' that is wielded telepathically by demonic forces operating through the mind of 'sinful' man and, it is they to now 'overthrow' every modern day 'suit and tie' Warlord.  For it is the 'actions' of these political men that did and yet do force God's children away from the true path of Peace.

The entire 'Christian' community has been programmed to believe that THE 'saviour' is the MAN Jesus, and it is I God's 'pen' to now dispel that myth forever and ever and ever because, THE 'saviour' is the content of THE MESSAGE from God.

One has to conform with the MESSAGE from THE FATHER, God, who sent Jesus and myself, and all must OBEY IT during the time of tribulations. Any person continuing to believe that the crucifixion of the man Jesus in some way voids or nullifies the implementation of God's Law will 'die in their sin.' To be 'saved,' you must at all times and in all situations: -

"Go your way in peace & love one another and mercifully and compassionately forgive those who persecute you as YOU extend peace & goodwill unto all mankind and, you must turn the other cheek when abused and 'go' as a lamb to the slaughter in NON-retaliation" as you NOW PAY YOUR DUES OWED TO THE DARK ENERGY OF GOD as said, for paying others to do your evil deeds on your behalf (systems armed forces) or for doing the same yourself. (controlling or injuring others)

I reiterate, the 'Grace of God' is the Salvation MESSAGE above extended by God unto sinful mankind that is to be OBEYED at all times and in all situations.

ONLY adore God, do not adore His messengers by word or through rituals.

Total obedience to God's today message via my 'pen' (His ~ Hers) is THE requirement if you NOW wish to be set free from your inner SIN and eternal persecution in the underworld as you NOW 'bow' in submission to God's eternal "Love one another and extend peace and goodwill unto all mankind" Command. It is thus that you SAVE YOURSELF. The support of and funding of 'warmongers' is a contravention of God's 'message unto mankind' via Jesus and via myself.

You cannot serve two masters. You must NOW choose between continuing to support and fund warmongers (government institutions) or, only supporting and funding benign community effort as commanded by THE CREATOR/DESTROYER. Yes, God DESTROYS all warmongers and their supporters for their defiance of Him. He is God, not them.

People purporting to be Christians or Muslims or of other named religions all appear to have a justification for fighting evil, immorality and corruption, but they see NOT that as this they do, it is they who are the EVIL Dark energy of God in action and they are NOT true to God nor their own souls. They are simply very deluded and arrogant souls following 'corrupted' teachings. Mercy, love, peace, compassion, forgiveness and EDUCATION is the TRUE way forward. (Dark destructive energy is the forbidden to eat 'fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good & evil.' Its 'use' being God's prerogative only)

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The road to Salvation ~ The pilgrim's progress

The message from the 'voice' behind my mind and pen is for all of God's children residing in the thousands of realms of consciousness existing outside of the pure Light of Heaven. This is the FINAL 'call' unto all before those who continue to be defiant of God through their vanity, pride, arrogance, ignorance or delusional insanity will be cast into the 'pit' of oblivion through their own choice in the manner revealed by God through me. 

When there are many 'coming in my name,' (every preacher) how do you the individual recognise the TRUE messenger of God, (Messiah) and, "Why did he (I) need to return"? For many reasons, not the least to advise YOU that if YOU fail to extend "Peace and goodwill unto all mankind" as commanded by the Light of God, then the Dark energy of THE SOURCE (God) will eternally 'bind' YOU in ITS low 'abysmal' realm.

It is the continued use of this dark inner energy essence that holds all who use IT in bondage to IT. This means that the eternal on-going suffering that accompanies ITS use will become eternal for those who continue to defy God's Command as reiterated by me. ITS use keeps YOU on the 'track' of merciless retributive retaliation, vengeance and Justice. Rather than the 'track' of the Light being mercy, compassion, love and forgiveness and non-retaliation.  

Every person can sing a song of love, and every person can be and is inspired mentally by the Light of God because every idea or benign creative  invention is the telepathic inspiration of the Source of Light into someone's mind, so what IS my difference? ONLY that my eternal quest has always been to FREE other children of God from EVIL, that evil being their use of God's Dark forceful, controlling, punitive and destructive energy in their interaction with others.

So I AM but a simple man as are you and our sisters true, and I seek not to 'invent' pins or needles or fish hooks or anything else because I am simply 'centred' on exposing spiritual TRUTH so that each of you can elevate your unique consciousness and save yourselves by using the WISDOM of God's Holy Word which is transmitted by God via my mind.

The only 'miracle' I perform using my 'pure' soul is to bring forth uncontaminated truth and fresh revelations from the Source, information which clarifies the requirement by God of you if you would return to the Paradise in which you were once created. That paradise is a place where you can live in perfect harmony and ecstasy after having been freed within of 'Sin' being the Dark emotional energy you arrogantly drew IN when you defied God aeons of time ago.

I, but a very simple mortal man who is the true messenger of God, returns now to establish peace on earth by showing all mankind that NO person is living the ONE True Faith revealed on this web site (Book 2 of 9) and, - - -

although every religion on earth has the intent to follow the 'peace & love' Light of God within its teachings 'somewhere' and, the words Islamic or Christian or Buddhist or Hindu or 'Catholicism' are used daily, - - - the FACTUAL 'livingness' of daily being and walking the TRUE 'peaceful, merciful, compassionate, loving and forgiving' ACTIVITY as REQUIRED by GOD of man are NOT. It follows that adherents to 'religion' have LOST the ONE and only WAY as prescribed by God.

How so? Because THE Religion * of the DARK 'devilish' ORDER of absolute domination, interference, subjugation, extortion, fine, punishment and killing has cunningly invaded EVERY 'belief' of man VIA the dictates of vain and arrogant mortal men of War who are always backed by their armed forces.

Note: Religion * - the ideological doctrine adhered to, be IT 'War or Peace' ~ mercy & forgiveness or the opposite of; merciless persecution, subjugation and punishment.

In the guise of 'Secular' institutions this very Dark Religion has seized CONTROL of every land mass on earth and is in FACT the dark ideological contents written in the books of 'acts, laws, rules, statutes' of government institutions.

All government officials are ruled by their own 'legislated' ideas & ideals which became the enacted 'text' RULES of engagement, rules which then force everyone in the land to bow to these RULING dictates or be punished, disadvantaged, evicted or destroyed. (Crucified by 'orders' issued by Dictators who hold God and His Word in contempt)

Yes, through using and 'playing with' God's forbidden to use Dark destructive energy essence man is now totally BOUND by IT, (destructive energy) and the use of IT now appears 'normal.' Only those who have the 'nous' to comprehend what I say and CHANGE from being wolves to being lambs will be set FREE by the LIGHT of God, She.

No 'one' is above any other, and everyone now needs to comprehend the existence of the twin energies of God being:

Creative & benign ~ Destructive & malicious

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Let it here be known and UNDERSTOOD that: Defiance of God's 'love & peace, compassion, mercy and forgive' Command is an ACT of High Treason against the SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY, God because, it means that whilst operating in defiance of said Command you did in FACT invoke the use of God's (forbidden to use) Dark energy and you 'waged war on,' or punished, or interfered with, or injured, or dispossessed, or disadvantaged, or deceived, or misled one or more of God's OTHER children.


Let it here be known that: This is the ‘Last Call’ for you all, for all are sinners who do not deserve to be saved and I can but say that my wisdom is God’s Grace extended to you and sent to save and thus deliver you from EVIL if you so wish it.

Each individual needs to now understand that they stand before God every moment of time and, - - - He sees and knows everything you 'think' or intend to do or factually do and, - - - each must now choose 'whom' they will follow, - - - they either continue to defy God as they condone, fund and 'bow' in subservience to Government institutions whose activities are controlling, punitive and destructive or, - - - they have God as their 'head of house' and serve Him 'judiciously' as they bow to His eternal Command and go their way in peace and extend love, mercy and compassion and they forgive their perceived enemy.

I need to be very CLEAR in this the first page of my 3000 + page Testament that to become 'Saved' and thus be elevated UP into the Light of God, ones interaction with others MUST at all times and in all situations BE; kind, respectful, caring, merciful, compassionate and forgiving. To be able to do this you must remind yourself that the other standing before you is an infinitely precious creation of God to be loved and adored and, - - -

Even though in your past you may have perceived others as an 'enemy' or an 'offender,' you now understand that they are that way simply because they have become 'trapped' by the dark energy essence of the Source, God. Your duty to God is to help them to set themselves FREE from the Dark and as you so do, you also set yourself FREE from IT.

The interpretation of past scriptural words contain amongst others, two very 'grave' errors which were and yet are promoted by men of the 'cloth.' Reference:

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life"

Error - 1 -The above Him refers to Him GOD, - - - not 'him' Jesus the man
Error - 2 -
He God has countless daughters & sons, being you and you and you.

Mankind does not need 'robed' or other MEN to lead them astray any longer.  THE TRUTH now walks this earth 'HIDDEN' and invisible in the flesh of mortal man and states: Turn directly to GOD - Trust ONLY in God's Word I bring and OBEY His : 'Love, peace, mercy, compassion and forgive' COMMAND, and turn the other cheek when confronted as God's WRATH now descends upon all for condoning, supporting and funding iniquity.

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I add; dear 'readers' - the 'role' of the Messiah is to simply BE the messenger of God's Holy Word unto errant mankind so, any who feel or 'think' that I am promoting myself as 'God' are in error - I am simply a mortal man and any WISDOM I accrue whilst here in the flesh is simply through reading what our GOD via my PEN is seeding to everyone. Please look deeper - ARMAGEDDON of the mind is intensifying, being - - -

Minds more 'UNDER SIEGE' by dark thoughts emanating from demonic realms TELEPATHICALLY as 'they' (dark forces) seek to turn YOU against others in some way because they seek to use you to be their instrument of retribution and to thus destroy your soul. Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness is THE ONLY TRUE WAY.

Do NOT 'arm' yourself or you will injure, maim and kill God's other children and in so doing, you cast your own soul into the PIT. Be brave and stand unarmed before your God and suffer all your 'dues' in non-retaliation at the hands of the merciless and by so doing become free.

Let it here be known that: The Light and love and all the creative benign ENERGY of God is expressed forth from HIS POWER (God the Father) and if YOU do not permit IT (light & love) to flow to and upon ALL others in YOUR INTERACTION with them, then it is HE to deny IT to flow via others to YOU, and you indeed will DIE in your Sin because it was YOUR CHOICE to deny God's call to: "Only allow light and love to flow via you to others."

Foolish indeed are those who deny others their 'loving kindness, respect and good-will' because ahead they will more than 'mourn' as they bleed and get to know that absolute desolation, deprivation, agony, frustration and damnation exists as IT is all imposed upon them by others in a way more grievous than can be imagined.

Let it here be known that all mankind forgot God, and 'relied on' and 'trusted in' religion and the 'paternity' of nationalism using the strength of man's 'Sword,' rather than 'trusting in,' and 'leaning on,' the Holy Word of God that said:

"Peace unto all mankind,"

And each soul must now pay the 'blood price' for their defiance of God as they abused others, and man now faces:

"The Wrath of God."

Being emotional dark energy released by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power, as IT imposes its 'cyclone' of hatred upon man through their 'Sin' within, and through the minds of the arrogant and ignorant who will become mentally intruded upon, and thus 'possessed by' and 'empowered by' its thoughts of unforgiving retribution.

Every country today is Ruled by 'vociferous' anti-god power hungry wolves that have 'cloaked' themselves in 'sheepskin,' but in fact they are neither benign nor kind, for they Rule with a cruel and forceful hand via Statutes that they raise up and uphold using 'force of arms' that give them 'sweeping powers' of control over God's children.  Foolish vain men.

All play 'God' and the REAL God says: "All are now to die."

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It is quite obvious that the 'presidency' and his 'agenda' of 'asserting' nationhood, and his agenda of 'economic policies,' and the 'official' departments have become more important than God's children.  This is pure folly, and it is the time for all to know that any man or woman that uses any 'rule' as a justification to 'control, arrest, seize, impose sanctions, tax, invade, kidnap, terrorise, abuse, fine, steal, enslave, punish, or kill' is 'playing' at being God the avenging Dark Sovereign Power.

This Almighty power of God, is now to enforce ITS own 'eye for an eye' Law, and IT will ensure that every 'citizen' of every realm that used ITS 'raw' power in any way that caused 'anguish' or mental, emotional or physical suffering will now pay the 'blood price' in full.   Since time immemorial man has been 'enticed' by the darkness to defy God's Command to:

"Only walk in peace and be respectful to all as all are MY children."

"If you defy this Command and trespass out of bounds into the dark shadow land and sup on the fruit of evil by causing others pain, then by MY darkness you will be enslaved and bound, and it is you to suffer in perpetuity in the dark underworld."

As man was and yet is arrogant, and 'abuses' others justifiably in his eyes, he 'invited' a similar dark return due upon himself under God's One Law that is 'Just & Wise.'  For Man saw not that the ONE immutable Law of God has two aspects within the:

"As you do is done unto you."

Having a 'positive' Tribute return from the LIGHT for good given to others, and a 'negative' vengeful Retribution return from the DARK for any darkness imposed upon others.

For countless centuries man has been 'trespassing' into the dark 'forbidden' shadow land, as he vain man raised up 'Ruling Class' Systems that controlled and enslaved others, and "warred" against others for many a reason.  Thus all contravened the Code of Conduct given and Commanded by the Sovereign Power of the Source, God.

Every 'System' of man is Ruled by legislated Edicts that are dictatorial and Autocratic "Books of rules" that govern and enslave God's children through fear and coercion, and threat of fine or punishment for any non-compliance to its extortionist control and its 'anti-God' unloving and merciless ideology.

These rules are used to extort funds legitimately illegitimately, for the rules made man into 'criminals' for any non-conformity.  There is no Democracy or freedom in any land on earth as yet, for it matters not 'who' is elected as head of State, for all are still ruled by the satanic and controlling Books of rules.

The 'Rules' of man are not the 'law,' it is God's Word 'As you sow so shall ye reap' that is THE LAW, and God is totally JUST.

Those of you whom were and yet are unjust are you all, for you all either 'Vote for' or support, or fund by taxation the anti-terrorist war, and you also condone the ongoing ungodly negative political way of 'arrogance, control, regulation' and 'fine & punishment & killing' of your fellow man.

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The Dark Sovereign Super Power unknown by man but revealed now by me that upholds the punitive aspect of God's Law, is now to 'smash' and reduce to 'rubble' every warring and punitive System of man and religion that poses as 'good,' but in fact imposes its punitive & extortionist rules of control over man.  All defy God's Code of Conduct.

The Dark Sovereign 'invader' is the Retributive 'arm' of God that imposes its 'Just' return due upon the wicked who were or are yet 'sinning,' being you all for your continued defiance of God's Code of Conduct that says: "Only walk in peace and be merciful, compassionate, respectful and forgiving to those yet 'in sin' living."

The power of God's dark invisible army is more forbidding and 'awesome' than is imaginable by any man, and It is more powerful than any army of men, for It and Its invisible spirit men know all your deeds, and It works from within your own mind or the minds of your perceived enemies, as It turns man against man.

It knows not your 'language' of 'pleas for mercy,' for its 'men' are merciless, and they only take telepathic 'orders' from IT the Dark Sovereign Source that inspires their minds and yours too if you permit it to.  When you become 'aggressive' and you 'ruthlessly' abuse another in any way, then you become as a 'skittle' standing at the 'end' of an alley and,  - - -

It is the retributive 'arm' of God (dark energy) that 'bowls' the retributive 'ball of fire' via the minds and 'hands' of the vain, arrogant, and ignorant * to ruthlessly knock you down, as IT the Dark Sovereign Power fulfils ITS 'aspect' of the single "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW of God.

Note: ignorant * - Those that know not God's Law and thus see not that as they abuse others 'legitimately,' it is they then that place their own souls into the 'bowling' alley, and they then become as a skittle to be treated to the very same abuse on a later day in this or the after life.

No modern army or fortification or weapons will protect anyone or any country from the 'Wrath of God,' that each individual has allowed to descend upon themselves through their own personal negative expressions, believing them as 'The right way.'

None can or will avoid their personal karmic fate, being their 'due' under God's One law for themselves or their 'servants' being untrue.  Don't continue to be a 'clown' for God is the greatest force and God sees all and God's Law reigns supreme.

What none see is that all 'anti-terrorist' or legislated punitive measures are terrorism couched in a 'justifiable' disguise, through which pain and terror and destruction 'rains down' upon God's children from the skies, and through the legislated rules of society.

The 'Justice' of God is also absolute, so as any 'man' suffers and 'falls', let all men know that this 'one' caused the same pain and suffering to others before, either in this life or at another time and place before entering the 'flesh' of this Realm.

There are no 'innocents' outside Heaven, and any whom heed not my 'leaven' will pass Dark Judgment upon themselves, and consign themselves into the Abyss.

Any 'man' believing in this 'pen' is soon to be set free by me, so that he can follow his own 'star' and not conform to the ideals or demands imposed by any other men, as he simply abides in God's Code of Conduct and shows respect unto all.

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This planet earth is now to be claimed by the LIGHT of God me after the Dark Sovereign Power has done HIS self-empowered duty to Himself.

Those of you who cannot change your 'ways' to the positive of forgiveness & mercy & compassion will now be destroyed, and your souls will be confined to the Abyss for eternity, having enslaved yourselves to the Dark Super Power by your ongoing support of IT and ITS negative controlling ways and, once you are in the Abyss your agony will mount and mount.

Those of you whom would be saved by my LIGHT must now follow me and not fight.  You must also stop funding any punitive system of man or war machine and lay down your weapons.

All 'believers' must show God your 'Love' and 'Share & care & compassion' towards the lost sheep, and if they seek to 'crucify' or abuse you, then 'turn the other cheek' and go 'as a lamb to the slaughter.'  For only this way will you become one of God's heavenly 'daughters or sons.'

True 'Defenders of the faith' of any race or creed will remain meek in the face of adversity as they trust in God, and they will not defend their flesh nor fight any perceived enemy, and they will extend peace and goodwill unto all mankind as they fortify their minds against the satanic onslaught in the manner as given by me.

None can 'appease' God using force; all that continue to fight will send their own souls into the hellish night. You cannot wash away blood with blood, only with the 'water' of forgiveness.

This message of 'Hope' is the 'last minute' reprieve offered to humankind, and any that wish to be saved from their present 'dark' hellish destiny must comply with its wisdom and decrees given.

Any that 'flaunt' their arrogance and disregard to this message from God their Heavenly King and Queen will become lost in the dark underworld for eternity, and their suffering and deprivation will be 'unbearable' but unavoidable.

There is a reason for the escalation of family violence and rising planetary aggression, war, terrorism, and unforgiving retribution taking place.  It is caused by the psyche of man being attacked and 'possessed' telepathically by a very Dark Alien Race of Spirit beings as the Wrath of God unfolds through the minds of these arrogant, vain and ignorant causing:

"Armageddon of the Mind."

The reason "why & how" they access the mind of man, and why they seek to destroy humanity by turning man against man, and by 'suicide' man against himself, and "how & what" to do to 'stem' the invisible invasion of thoughts into every mind is contained within this 'over 3000' pages Holy book.

Seek not the fleshly man for I am in a very deep disguise of a simple soul not very wise. Seek only the written Word of God that is given now to all on earth's sod by God via me.

Please do your very best to see the reality of what I say and also, do your very best from today to TELL ALL of the availability of this message of HOPE that is -

God's Final Message to humanity
by the 'Spirit of Truth'

page 9

Your spiritual strength is your 'capacity' to resist the 'dark' thoughts that tempt you to use 'darkness' in your verbal or physical interaction.   You are spiritually strong when you are able to resist the 'coercive' efforts of those still bound by darkness into supporting their extortionist or 'warring' or punitive ways.

If you are strong enough to never 'retaliate' in the face of adversity and, - - - never 'fund' or condone or support the punitive systems of man and, - - - be forgiving of those that abuse you or yours and, - - - you walk in peace with mercy and compassion in your heart as commanded by your Creator, then you have 'won' your spiritual freedom from bondage to the Dark overlord and Paradise awaits you.

All 'warriors' on a Crusade for 'justice' and enforcement are subjecting themselves to the Dark punitive side of God's ONE supreme law:

'As you sow - you reap' - 'As you do is done unto you' - On an 'eye for an eye' and thus 'equal' basis.

Thus all these 'personnel' do ahead weep as they suffer the same 'agony' that they imposed upon others and, - - - at the same time they draw in more dark 'energy' that despoils & sullies & contaminates their own inner spiritual rose and, - - -

The 'weight' and vibration of this darkness (sin) draws their spirit soul away from the Light of Heaven into the lower dark worlds (realms of consciousness) where forever they punish & suffer as they for 'righteousness & justice' FIGHT.

"Culpability and accountability" are escalating as every person is funding and supporting the unforgiving punitive and warring ideology of governments, thus they are more culpable through this defiance of their Creator and, all become accountable to God and place themselves within the 'controlled' and punitive aspect of God's divine law and, - - -

Through their arrogance they place themselves into the position whereby they 'permit' their own souls to be tempted by the Serpent to do 'wrong' as they tax, manipulate, deceive and abuse others, and in this 'way' they become a 'bad' seed and 'one' that does not deserve to exist.

It has been, and is, and always will BE the intent of God to destroy every 'bad' seed that He created. What mankind needs to see is that a bad seed is a spirit soul either incarnate or discarnate that defied or defies God's command: "Go your way in peace and only love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" and, - - -

Due to their defiance and arrogance they have supped on His 'forbidden to use' Dark, forceful, controlling and destructive energy that once used then contaminates their soul. (The SIN - negative emotions)

This Sin being the emotions of fear, hatred, criticism, jealousy, pride, vanity, greed, anger etc., is what justifies their continuing merciless and vindictive control and punishment of others, and this unforgiving and unloving activity towards others is an absolute contravention of God's Command and, all 'users' or 'purveyors' of His Dark energy are an 'abomination' in His sight.

As said, you all are 'with Sin within,' and thus in deadly danger spiritually as the 'weight' and vibration of this Sin energy is what drags your spirit soul downwards away from the Light and, the more of IT you use in your interaction with others the more your soul becomes contaminated and 'weighed down' and, - - -

You all will 'die' in your Sin unless you now 'awaken' and seed your minds with my wisdom (God sent) and 'bow' in subservience to His Command and lay down your 'sword' (Verbal or physical or material) and go your way in Peace and never again cause others to suffer through your 'taxing, coercive, controlling, regulating, critical, vexatious or punitive' ways.

page 10

God is the administrator of accountability and Justice not you.
God is the absolute authority, not the 'State government' nor you.

Only those that now conform to God's Command will be purged of their inner Sin by God's grace. Time is now 'short.'

There are many 'named' religions of MEN, but there are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs/policies/doctrines:

The ONE is the TRUE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in Peace, kindness, truthfulness, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)

The other is the FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for War, cruelty, deception, disrespect, vengeance, control & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)

YES, there is a 'consequence' for each and every 'activity' or interaction with others, and whatever we DO unto others will by others be done unto us on an EQUAL and 'Just' basis at the time and in the place so ordained by Allah or God, or any other 'name' given to the Superpower, in this world or in the after life.

My spirit SOUL has returned to earth to show all their present coming DESTINY, being their 'due' for being so CALLOUS & UNTRUE to a sister or brother of father or mother, all for a mercenary 'wage' - - - 30 pieces of silver.

Yes, you are presently all SWINE destined to the land of fire and eternal grime IF you legislate extortion or if you by force of arms support or uphold IT.

UPHOLD the peace with an honourable educative WORD but not with a punitive SWORD.

All who defy God are very bad for making others sad. Men taking a 'wage' become 'crazed' by their mandate, rules or badge of office, and they cannot use their God given conscience.

I really cannot see many 'officials' passing their LAST test of 'FIDELITY TO GOD' and His Command. I can but say: "Please stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself - In the eyes of God am I a 'good or a bad' person."

I am HERE to also 'warn' mankind of the dark invisible race of spirit forces who are not only totally 'crazed,' but their insanity has NO 'bounds' nor 'boundaries,' and it is THEY to now seize telepathic control of every VAIN or arrogant MIND of man and use them to torture and subjugate and destroy others of the same 'vain' and arrogant ilk.

MY 'warning' is no 'threat' nor is it 'coercion,' it is simply ABSOLUTE TRUTH placed at your feet to ignore or ADORE.

Let me advise you; if your conduct is 'such' that YOU 'treat' other bad or offensive people with less than LOVE, care, kindness and respect, then IN the eyes of God you are an offensive bad person needing His 'correction,' and your actions are NOT within the precepts of His Command, and for sure He will reprimand you with a very heavy hand.

"Love one another" IS THE COMMAND.

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