~ Open letter to the Governor of Tasmania, Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AM ~

Dear Madam,

Reference: Criminal conspiracy and treason committed against the sovereign authority by the Tasmanian judiciary.

Since it is my privilege to serve our invisible God being THE Authority recognised by mortal sovereign powers such as the Queen you serve, I feel it is incumbent upon me to alert you to certain activities which have been taking place in Tasmania for over 15 years now. These are activities which to my mind are treasonable and criminal and all this is being carried out by members of the Tasmanian Judiciary at the instigation of and in collusion with various other officials.

I have visited your web site and noted the below activities which are stated to be a part of the duties to be upheld by yourself namely:

The Constitution is a hedge against constitutional impropriety. The Governor has a duty to ensure that the processes of the Executive Council are conducted lawfully, and to encourage the enduring values of right thinking people, processes such as mutual respect, tolerance, support and goodwill.

I do believe that there is a criminal conspiracy taking place in the Launceston courts of law for the sole purpose of 'sidelining' the Constitutional authority or, to put it plainly, to ensure that the Freedom of Religion texts of the Tasmanian Constitution are rendered NULL and VOID by magistrates setting legal precedents that ignore the constitution. What does this actually mean? It means:

1 - The peaceful who are of moral standing can now be 'legally' harassed, coerced and persecuted and be dispossessed of all their property and worse.

2 - That constitutional matters are no longer required to be appropriately 'heard and judged' by High Court judges, but can be 'handled' by petty court magistrates who are not the slightest bit interested in the RIGHTS of PEACEFUL citizens or their guaranteed protection by the Sovereign powers who supposedly uphold the Constitution.

In the particular case at hand, a lady of the light namely Clemencia Barnes has been harassed, intimidated threatened, coerced and persecuted by a 'group' of persons for over 15 years and they are determined to dominate and subjugate her by 'terrorising' her into forgoing her belief in God and HIS Command, and to thus force her to deny her conscience, faith and religious ideological belief in PEACE when she has clearly stated at each hearing that she cannot support of fund their contra doctrine, a doctrine which consists of a regime having an ever increasing punitive and warring nature.

I, as a man of God and spiritual counsellor to this lady advised her to remain obedient to her God and her conscience, and so far she has done so but, - - - her oppressors, which include the magistrate and court officials as said have her in their sights and so once again she is commanded to present herself in the Launceston court petty session on 11th August to be punitively judged.

I have done my level best and written some 40 plus letters in her defence over the years to many persons including Justice Peter Underwood, Police commissioners, Australia Governor-general, magistrates and many more but 'unbelievably,' neither Clemencia nor I have had even ONE reply.

Since I am aware that our God is the REAL Sovereign Power and authority, I have and yet again simply advised Clemencia to trust in God and remain obedient to His Command: "Love one another and go your way in peace, be merciful, compassionate and forgive thine enemy." To me and her this implies; do not cause harm and do not fund warmongers.

Madam, I need to be very 'blunt,' I see many 'official' men soon to more than weep because either you or they are asleep to the iniquities they are involved in at your instigation. I say this because your 'office' is what legalises their very dark, cruel and offensive activities.

Since I am now aged 77 years, I am of the 'old' school. The one where men were honourable and true and they abhorred those 'other' fools who treated their women dishonourably. In fact, my father was a military officer of the British 'Raj' stationed in East Africa and he taught me to 'smash down' instantly any man who abused women or children. Fortunately I do not follow in his footsteps since my mission on earth is that of 'peace maker.'

So due to early years programming, it was very difficult and yet is being a man of the 'cloth' and upholding God's sacred Holy Word of 'peace' PEACEFULLY, rather than aggressively as would my father have done but, - - -  I do feel very 'sorry' for any of my 'bastard' brothers who do abuse women using 'rules' or other means because they don't see that our invisible God (He the Father) is stern to the extreme, and He does NOT let anyone 'get away with it.'

Hence this note to you, since I am a 'spirit medium' with clear vision into spiritual realms of both the Light and the Dark, what I see below in dark lands are 'hordes' of 'incensed' and very angry men who await 'patiently' for the arrival of all earthly 'swine' to come their way and be attended to MERCILESSLY.

In view of this FACT there is no need for me to lose my 'cool' and get 'hot under the collar' when standing before a STUPID ignorant and arrogant magistrate who is berating, threatening and trying to coerce a lady of the light because, I do KNOW that ahead, one day, he will be on his knees suffering unspeakable horrors and his own belly will be full of dread.

I simply advise you and your 'office' of the facts, hoping that the judiciary and others waging war against our sister Clemencia can be 'saved' through your halting their 'licence to operate' and have them counselled by me or some other who can see the reality CLEARLY.

Regrettably also, they only 'get away with it' because the Police Service who are paid a wage to uphold the peace are being used to disturb the peace as they enforce the endless stealing of money imposed by magistrates. Magistrates who use political dictates ratified by your office as 'the law' when in fact, God's Law of Return is THE LAW of this and every land as now revealed by my hand.

Madam, it is the TIME for everyone to see that the Freedom of Religion clause of the Constitution is the GUARANTEE of God that anyone obedient to God and His 'peace & love & mercy & forgive' command who are thus relying on His (God's) protection, does NOT have to pay the wages of 'soldiers of war' via the 'taxing war chest' of the King, Emperor, Queen or Mandarin.

Neither do the absolute pacifists pay other 'fees or levies' that are used to pay the wages of politicians or others who do impose strictures resulting in interference, control, subjugation, enslavement or the causing of harm to others. Clemencia has clearly stated; 'not in my name nor on my behalf will anyone be harmed, punished or slaughtered.'

If any person does 'wish' for the protection of 'armed forces' MEN then 'Yes,' they must fund the coffers of State via ITS taxation office or 'licensing' department to pay the wages of said 'warriors' and other state officials.

There must now be a clear 'distinction or demarcation' so that 'taxes' are NOT forcibly collected from 'absolute pacifists' such as Clemencia and myself but are ONLY collected from those who do NOT rely on God and who are NOT absolute pacifists.

The TRUE to God need to ONLY support, condone, fund or make use of  activities of their choosing and being BENIGN COMMUNITY EFFORT.

So sayeth our God THE Sovereign Power.

Please advise the Queen that in this far distant land, her officials are 'out of order' and treasonably taking a false wage as they contravene the Acts of her Constitution.

I do not 'beg' or expect or demand any assistance from your 'office' but, I do write this to you as a courtesy 'call' so that your response can be placed by me upon on my web site for the world to see. If you truly represent the Queen then please show THE PEOPLE that your 'colours' are TRUE.

I enclose the appropriate Freedom of Religion Acts

Constitution Act 1934 (Tas)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions
Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

This letter becomes Update 41 dated 23 July 2015 at:


Please read my updates 39 & 40 to the Tasmania Police Commissioner at the link above.

Please read my National Security Alert: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/alliance.htm

 Madam, this matter is extremely serious and urgent

Sincerely - Terence

Added note: It is time now for the revelation that although the Source God 'permits' earthlings empowered by weapons such as government agencies headed by Emperors or Kings to rule, control, subjugate, tax, enslave and punish errant man, there is NO absolving of God's immutable Law of 'equal' or 'eye for an eye' Return, and I simply advise every official or King or head of State that no official position nor mandate nor 'majority vote' to rule voids, avoids or nullifies the imposition of God's Law, and all done unto others is done unto those doing it, be it in this life or in the next destination. (after-life).

Being loving & merciful & peaceful in obedience to God's command is the only way to avoid suffering.