~ Open letter (3) to the Governor of Tasmania, Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AM ~

Dear Madam, I find it quite 'extraordinary' that when I write a letter of COMPLAINT to your office twice asking for a reply that I get no response? My complaint about a 'breach of trust' which is of considerable magnitude against members of the judiciary of Tasmania and yet, appears to go so 'unchallenged' that there is no 'sound' of a bell 'tinkling' in the mind of anyone in your office?

I ask: "Is there a reason for this discourteousness"? I ask: "Do my 'claims' appear to be so unreasonable that they warrant no further discussion"?

I need to remind you 'Madam' that your position of office is in FACT the highest in the land due to the FACT that its 'Sovereign Powers' backed by the military MIGHT of 'someone' is indeed a 'force' to be reckoned with. Your position is also a position of the greatest TRUST, a trust of such magnitude that the office staff must surely be asleep if they do not respond to my 'charges' of TREASON?

Madam, your office is empowered to PROTECT the PEACEFUL of Tasmania but I find its 'role' lacking to a very great depth. I am also very concerned for the plight of a humble civil civilian named 'Clemencia,' who is being persecuted ILLEGALLY even while you, knowing of her case, have the 'powers' to bring that criminal activity to a HALT with a single telephone call and yet, you choose to do nothing?

My question of you is 'how or why' do you remain mute Madam? Is it to prove to this island nation that in FACT it is un-governed by any foreign Queenly power and that your position as Governor is but a 'hoax' and a complete waste of public funds in upholding IT?

Madam, I wield an extremely powerful PEN because the ONE inspiring IT is our all-powerful Sovereign God THE CREATOR, and it is He who is now to bring every 'sham' underhanded action or inaction UNDONE in a most terrifying manner because He sees and knows all being done to HIS daughter Clemencia.

Madam, He now advises you to 'please' quickly bring the Australian Taxation Office persecution to an END for Him, for if you so 'fail to so do' then it is you and your officials who are to be brought to 'account' for complicity to TREASON say I because I AM the ONE who is able to advise you and all EXACTLY 'how' you will 'fall from grace.'

I have spent over 25 years doing my very best both day and night 'texting' my sacred texts to elevate the consciousness of everyone but, - - - if 'they' the recipients BELIEVE in the superiority of their 'position of office' as being their 'protection,' then there is nothing more I can do for THEM.

If this matter was not of any importance in reference to your Salvation and 'peace of mind' ahead, I would NOT be writing this to you in the middle of the night.

I do 'care' for you and your staff to a very great degree because you are all my spiritual sisters and brothers. Please READ my response prepared yesterday for Clemencia as her defence papers. On 11th August this week she was 'charged' by magistrate Marron to appear before him on 1st October to 'give cause' as to why she must not be CRUCIFIED BY HIM for failing to obey Court 'orders' inspired by the prior magistrate Brown on 12th January 2015.

This would be a travesty of Justice since the matter before the magistrate is one of Freedom of Religion as set out in the Constitution which you madam are ‘charged’ with upholding. If however you choose to do nothing and do not contact me, (Clemencia's legal and spiritual counsel) then THE WORLD will know that vanity and insanity has 'overtaken' everyone and desperate times are indeed 'at hand' even in this far distant land of the 'Queen's' dominions. Magistrates in courts of petty sessions publicly state:

"You are entitled to live according to your belief (godly and peaceful) - - - BUT - - - I have sworn an oath to administer acts under the subordinate legislation - - - - and - - - within these rules find you 'guilty' as charged."

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I AM very concerned for your personal 'fate' Madam, for if you cannot respond quickly to assist a fellow 'sister' in need of a helping hand as guaranteed by THE constitutional powers you have, then I truly FEAR for what you will also be forced to suffer and endure at the hands of even greater DARK forces MEN as is revealed unto mankind by my PEN in my 'The National Security Alert.' In assisting Clemencia, you are also elevating the consciousness of errant criminals and thus giving them a helping hand also.

Madam, if the governors role is to safeguard the Constitution for and on behalf of THE QUEEN then, - - - if constitutional impropriety is reported, (Treason) it is the governor's duty to inform THE QUEEN and for the governor to do something about correcting the impropriety especially as it is treasonable criminal activity on the part of high government officials and the judiciary. This extraordinary breach of PROTOCOL should not be tolerated by those paid to uphold the sovereignty of the Constitution.

Madam, what you and all officials need to now see is that there is NO legal governance by the Queen nor any other 'sovereign' because no person has the Right to control or govern or punish any of God's children. That is God's prerogative ONLY.

It follows that it is only THE LAW of God's Light or Dark energy in motion that is doing anything to anyone via the mind and hand of others whether it be IT kind or cruel, creative or destructive and, - - -

It follows that there is NO 'legality' for any official to defy God's Command since every politician, magistrate, judicial or enforcement officer defying God's Command in controlling, interfering, causing harm, waging war or killing is by God via the mind and hand of other 'rascals' to now be  brought to account PUNITIVELY, within God's immutable Law of EQUAL Return in the manner given by ME.

The only 'Right' we have is that of giving advice and clear direction through education. For only thus is one 'safe' within the context of God's Command and God's singular Law of equal Return in the use of His LIGHT benign creative or DARK malignant destructive energies.

Be advised, every politician and their officials in imposing strictures or punishment in one form or another are 'taking the law into their own hands.' All such have NO immunity from the LAW of EQUAL Return aspect of God's ENERGY. All are in the gravest DANGER say I the plenipotentiary of God.

Madam, if the Powers of the earthly sovereign have vaporised and its 'upholders' have become 'lame,' then The Authority is but a 'game' reduced to being a 'pack of cards' that have FALLEN.

I have done your 'job' for you in exposing and proving that criminal minds have seized POWER, and if you now FAIL to act to 'stay' their hands then it also PROVES your duplicity to TREASON.

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I further advise that 'I' am the TRUE earthly representative of THE invisible Sovereign Power, God. He the Father is the ONE now waiting to see what your eternal FATE is to be, for it is He now judging each and every 'one' of His children. If you cannot grant Clemencia 'clemency' as is your 'sworn' DUTY then be advised by me that you will also be dealt with MERCILESSLY.

You do not even have to contradict God's 'Peace & love, compassion & mercy & forgive' Command to be compassionate and nice, you only have to obey God in using your VOICE as you tell the taxation prosecutor and the magistrate to; "Lay off Clemencia" thereby showing the world that you did do your DUTY honourably as YOU upheld the Tasmanian Constitution when overzealous magistrates and enforcers were exceeding their limited powers.

I add, if you or your fellow counsellors are 'paralysed' by indecision, you need to know that you are permitting criminals to go DEEPER into darkness, (The dark lower lands) a place from which they will be unable to extricate themselves. My task is to ASSIST them to take a step back towards the Light and become 'safe.' Please just pick UP the telephone and help them and yourself.

Dear lady 'Kate,' there are multitudes who will be relying on me for their Salvation albeit as yet they do not know it. What they do not know is that a prerequisite to IT (Being saved by God's grace) is their capacity to express God's LIGHT unto everyone because in so doing, even to those who are 'offensive,' they receive a return from God's Light in using IT in their interaction. It is this which assists in the purification of their soul.

This is why I take every opportunity to BE God's Light in action even unto you, not for my benefit for I AM THE Light, but to show you what is best for YOU. I ask that 'tonight,' you please forget your ceremonial role and rituals as you stand in front of a mirror and say to yourself:

Is it true that I stand before my Creator both day and night eternally in His sight? Is it true that He observes every activity we do whether it be true or untrue, and that said expression unto others is what becomes our own spiritual due and, if I can assist Clemencia but simply choose to leave her in the clutches of wolves 'desolate,' does it not follow that ahead, I will receive the same FATE?

It is my task to advise everyone that they and their 'positions of power' are NOT invincible domains. Every person defiant of their God is now to suddenly find their PEACE shattered, and terrifying will be their emotions as they are confronted by crazed insane MINDS. If the people of the land become aware that the sovereign authority is actually 'enabling' others to persecute them using the PEACE force (police) as their 'back-up,' then civil unrest will definitely follow.

I am 'warning' everyone on earth that God's DARK forces are to now emerge from their 'space' and telepathically seize all power and control of this material domain for a time, to mete out God's retributive Justice.

Believe IT or not, IT IS TO SO BE - please awaken from your REVERIE.
Please express ONLY love and CARE and respect for all God's children.

Sincerely - Terence

Note: For high ranking government taxation officials and judiciary personnel to ignore the 'limited' mandate granted to them within the Constitution of their own institution to the point, where they BELIEVE in the JUSTIFICATION in terrorising a 70 year old lass for 15 years illegally, is proof that INSANITY exists. Since Clemencia is being persecuted by 'servants of the taxpayer,' why would she fund their wages in the foreknowledge that they are also terrorising and causing harm to others? That would also be insanity in action.

Added note to assist readers:  I can see what is coming to every land on earth, - - - INSANITY - - - (mentally disturbed persons) and we are ON an isolated island principally needing SANE minds, but also to survive, we need food and water and electricity and diesel/petrol FUEL. We can grow food and we have two others in abundance, but we need to teach people to PROTECT their minds so as to maintain control of their THOUGHTS and emotions, and we need to store TONS of fuel underground while IT is still available because mainland supplies cannot be relied on. Without diesel, everything comes to a HALT.

Clemencia's defence document for her coming court case on 1st October 2015 is on line : clemency4.doc

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