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Open letter to Mrs Maree McCabe - Dementia.org Australia

Dear Madam,

Reference Clemencia Barnes my wife

As you, I am an extremely busy person whose sole interest is that of HEALING. The healing I do is that of the spirit soul of man as I expose the error of mans way and the consequence thereof, so that those who offend their God can make amends and thus halt their own 'karmic' suffering as they begin to realise that when they cause harm or disturb the peace of others, they place themselves within the RETURN aspect of the Law of God's energy.

This energy has but ONE Law: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction at the time and in the place so ordained by said intelligent energy - As you so so shall ye reap - what you do comes back to you."

Use God's creative 'love' Light energy through being sympathetic and kind and caring and respectful and compassionate, then ahead, you receive a similar return from said benign energy VIA the hands of others and you are HAPPY.

Use God's destructive 'savage' Dark energy through being unsympathetic, cruel merciless dispassionate, unkind, controlling and forceful, then ahead, you receive a similar return from this malignant energy VIA the  hands of others and you SUFFER.

You will by now have received my emails to 'Kim Curley' of your Launceston branch, I do however write this because I believe that the callous, unsympathetic and disrespectful 'mistreatment' of my wife using the 'Duty of Care' beliefs of medico's and Alzheimer consultant took place for the sole reason that:

Through said criminal MISCONDUCT my 'pen' would be able to expose the 'doctrinal' error of the medical fraternity so that the psychiatric 'industry' could be awoken out of its 'reverie' wherein said professionals BELIEVE in their RIGHT to play 'God' and ignore the Civil and constitutional Rights of citizens.

Psychiatrists and other medico's need to understand that when a person enters a medical facility VOLUNTARILY for a 'check up,' (As did my wife) they are FREE to depart at any time, and IF they are detained against their 'will' for ANY reason (As was my wife) it is an ILLEGAL activity.

My wife did not enter the facility for the purpose of 'checking' the state of her mind due to her Alzheimer's, it was due to her intensifying emotions of fear and anxiety. In fact it was not her intent to enter any facility but she was 'enticed' to so do by her son, for reasons later exposed by my pen and on line at the 'Luke' Link below.

Why is it that those suffering from 'Dementia' are being FORCED against their will to carry out 'tests' or imbibe medications that they neither ask for, nor wish for?

It is quite CLEAR that any person can 'live' with an 'illness' and stay at their home and NOT be forced to OBEY the 'orders' of medical persons if they so wish. Naturally, if an irrational person goes forth and causes harm or disturbs the PEACE, then they can BE 'legally' constrained and assisted medically until they return to SANITY.

My wife WISHES to stay at her home with me and NOT have her life interfered with by supposed 'caring' medico's who are using YOUR facility and that of the Justice department (Guardians) to FORCE my wife to OBEY their demands.

WHY? Because there are two reasons, one being that Clemencia's insanely 'jealous of me' son Andre Joore 'wishes' to have her 'classified' as mentally incompetent so that he can take total control over her life and destroy our marriage, - - - and secondly, - - -

Using the words 'Duty of Care,' psychiatrists, doctors and the Alzheimer 'expert' in Launceston, and said medical professionals are IMPOSING their strictures as said, using your office ILLEGALLY to place 'allegations' at the door of the 'guardian board' and thus also ILLEGALLY using the 'powers' of the Justice department to FORCE compliance of their directives and drugs upon my very tired and 'weary' seventy year old wife.

All persons COMPLICIT to the interference in our lives and the three weeks illegal detainment of my wife and the causing of extreme mental and emotional trauma to my beloved wife are also GUILTY of 'disturbing the peace' in contravention of the Constitution, and said CRIMINALS all need to now be brought to 'Justice' and EDUCATED by my 'pen' so that they LEARN how to control their MINDS (thoughts) and become 'wiser' before our GOD strikes them all DOWN in the manner exposed by my pen.

Please now obtain for me the information I have asked for from your Launceston branch namely:

1 - The names of all persons who sent reports to 'Kim' justifying her actions to be passed to me.

2 - Copies of their written 'reports or statements to be passed to me so that 'we' can determine exactly 'why' guardianship action was implemented. Said 'evidence' information will be passed ON to the Justice Minister for his 'attention.'

There is a copy of this email as Letter 24 on Clemencia's web site:

Since you are the head of a very large organisation it would behove you to advise your staff and 'patients' to obtain a DVD of my web site and 'listen' to my Feeling easy seminar program as IT will assist them to fortify their minds against the telepathic psychic attack now taking place causing more irrational behaviour, domestic violence, destruction and insanity. There is an abbreviated version on YouTube:

YouTube - Feeling Easy 'audio' Seminar  (1. 41 mins):


This seminar is designed to assist people to control their thoughts so as to be able to stay rational and sane when faced by adversity.

Sincerely - Judge Terence


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