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~ Clarification of the Soul’s Path to Freedom ~

As written by Clemencia

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I wish to ‘clarify,’ in the most straight forward way possible the concepts of the Soul’s Path to freedom and how this is possible by learning to express Light energy only in our every interaction with others.

To explain what is meant by expressing Light energy only and why it is the central tenet of this message it is imperative to help all to understand the following:

  • why it is almost impossible to control negative thoughts that lead to the opposite expression – that of negative interaction * with others which is the consequence of our use of the Dark energy
  • what our use of this dark energy gives rise to in our lives
  • how the Dark energy we use places us into/under the punitive aspect of the One Law "As you do will be done to you," in that we do reap that which we sow and we will ‘suffer’ all that we arrogantly imposed upon others.
  • how the Light energy we use is in keeping with the Command of God; "Be loving, peaceful, forgiving and merciful to all," and so doing we equally reap what we sow and we receive a happy and beneficent return.

Note; ‘negative interaction’ * – the use of the dark forceful energy that is controlling, deceptive, harsh, disruptive, vindictive, merciless, unforgiving, punitive and destructive. (The use of which is contra to God’s Command)

The aim is to elucidate the basic principles upon which this "loving and peaceful" system of belief, whether we call it an understanding of ‘the truth’ or ‘the way,’ is premised. My findings are based on my understanding gleaned from the inspired writings found at:


From the outset it is singularly important for me to say that this is not a religion. In saying that what I mean is that this is not a system requiring sanctified buildings wherein followers meet to worship or practice rituals or where they are required to belong to a particular group, race, colour or creed.

Equally there are no ‘anointed’ leaders appointed to act as mediators between the individual and God because God needs no mediator between Him and each individual soul other than Terence, God’s Messenger of the day, inspired by God, who has set down this fresh new insight and truth in the web site given above.

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The understanding contained in the writing centers on the code of conduct required of us by God and explains that we are directly responsible to God for all our actions because there is no intermediary with power to exonerate the individual from their responsibility for living in defiance of God’s code of conduct.

In summary there is no ritual associated with this path, no system of worship, no tithing and no ruling class. There is only obedience to God’s Command.

I understand how difficult it may be for the millions of people who gain great comfort from the beliefs associated with the rites and rituals of worship at the alter of their churches, mosques, shrines or temples, but it seems to me that we have arrived at a time in history where we are required to understand that our daily actions in our interaction with others speak louder to God than all our words, prayers or whatever rituals or forms of worship we may perform.

Since the rituals of worship are man, not God, ordained, they involve the ‘intercessory’ process, a process whereby rites are employed to plead our cause before God usually as a way of exonerating our breach of God’s requirements.

Since these rituals have existed for millennium but have done little to bring about the peace and the ability to forgive, required by God, it seems logical to accept that man-made religions have failed.

The current religious practices of intercession, via hierarchical structures of endless forms and, empowered to perform rites supposedly invented to mitigate individual or community wrongdoing, it is reasonable to say that current practices are not so far removed in intent from the sacrificial acts of worship performed by many ancient civilizations.

During previous centuries the priesthood of many religions declared that to pacify the Gods human sacrifice was required. Today we can see the error of such thinking but at the same time we are blind to the error of our modern day equivalent - intercession through prayer, worship and rituals which have no more capacity to abate or lessen our daily use of negativity towards others than did the practice of human sacrifice.

No worship, prayer, sacrifice or confession remits the consequence of the negative energy we choose to use in our daily actions with others and the revelation under discussion in this article reveals why this is so.

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The nature of God’s one Law

What is revealed concerns the nature of God’s one Law, a law that shows how our actions and the way we think and feel are inextricably linked. In the Testament of Truth it is explained that there is one universal Law, that this Law is unalterable stating that:-

"As we sow so shall we reap" – Meaning that we or our servants do unto others will be done unto us on an ‘equal’ basis. It also implies that;

"The positive or negative energy we use in our interaction either within ourselves via thoughts, and with others via words or actions is the energy that we will ultimately feel through the words or actions of others."

To understand the nature of this Law in action we need to know what is meant by energy and how, the way we use energy determines the happiness and joy or the sorrow and despair we feel in our lives.

Energy operates in our lives continually from light to dark, positive to negative, benign or malignant, and it is the energy we use that becomes the mechanism triggering the operation of the universal law in the moment of our action. In other words if in our action towards another we cause pain we will ultimately have to feel that pain, if we cause joy we will feel that joy.

What this means is that in every circumstance on the negative side of the energy equation is that the pain, sorrow or despair we feel is the direct consequence of us having used Gods’ Dark energy to judge others.

The use of judging energy (punitive and destructive) is the prerogative of God alone, and when we presume to utilize it (this dark energy) we are setting ourselves up to feel that judgment come back onto us at some time in the future because IT (Gods’ Dark energy) fulfills ITS own aspect of the one Law.

Equally when we use God’s positive energy (loving and creative) by being peaceful, kind, merciful, and forgiving in our interaction with others and, when we never retaliate in any way, we will feel happiness and contentment ahead as IT (God’s positive energy) fulfills ITS own aspect of the one Law.

In other words the only standard by which we are judged is the result of our interaction with others, caused by energy we chose to use in our verbal or physical actions. Use positive energy and positive energy enfolds us. Use negative energy and negative energy enfolds us.

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Where mankind’s systems of belief have erred greatly is in a conviction that God could be limited by any man-made belief systems whether those systems are religious or secular.

While these religious systems may originally have had some truth at their core originally, if we trace them back to the original, we soon find that history has distorted that which was originally God inspired. God has never been able to be limited to any religion. God simply ‘is’ and God is energy, the energy with which we are all created.

The central theme of this path to spiritual freedom is that it is solely dependant upon ‘which’ energy of God we use in our interaction with others and that, when we perform any ‘action’ it is God’s energy we are using and, that it God’s energy will be used by others in their interaction with us at a later time and place.

The Testament of Truth also reveals that God’s energy is both Light and Dark, benign and malignant, and that using God’s dark forceful energy puts us under the punitive aspect of God’s One Law "As you do will be done unto you."

A further consequence of using God’s Dark energy is not only that we suffer the pain of that use but that in its ‘use’ we defied God’s Command to "Go in peace and be merciful and forgiving," thereby placing ourselves under God’s retributive Law and that continually doing so does ultimately lead us into the danger of spiritual death.

We are only ‘safe’ or in the religious terms of man ‘saved’ if we conform to God’s command to "go in peace and be merciful and forgiving" because if we can follow this Command our souls are purged by God’s Light and we become free of ‘sin’ and are elevated spiritually. (Sin, the negative emotions within.)

In this revelation it is clear that the responsibility for whether you believe in God or not, whether you adhere to the universal principles of love, forgiveness, mercy, understanding, compassion and non retaliation or not, or whether you accept the universal law of "As you do to others so will be done to you" or not, is squarely upon your own shoulders. No one can walk this path for you.

There are no intermediaries, methods of intercession for and on behalf of you and finally, there are no methods whether through penances, indulgences, excuses or mitigating circumstances that can expunge the reality of God’s universal Law: "As you do to others will be done to you." Since God is Just, His Law of equal return must be justly fulfilled by Him:

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Once an action has been expressed in your ‘deed,’ the energy used to express that deed is the energy that will return to you as a ‘feeling.’ That is God’s Just Law on an impartial, unbiased and totally equitable basis. Do it to others and it will be done to you in direct proportion to the energy you used when you put it out on others – no more and no less!!

The upshot of this Law is that the ‘happiness and joy’ you are feeling today is the ‘happiness and joy’ you caused someone else to feel on a past day.

The upshot of this Law is that the ‘anguish, loss or pain’ you are feeling today is the ‘anguish, loss or pain’ you caused someone else to feel on a past day.

When people hear that information they often say "I have never done anything like this to anyone else in my life," and of course that may very well be true however, it is not only the pain suffered through a physical injury that we are dealing with.

What we are dealing with is any ‘pain’ but also the feeling your deed engendered in the other person because, it is that same feeling which you now feel,and that is the Law of equal return in action.

The action by the other that is causing your emotional or physical feeling may be completely different from any you have caused in your past, but the feeling causing your suffering is the response to your past action and is the same feeling you engendered in the other.

The other reality is that because we are spirit as well as physical beings we may have caused the pain we currently feel when residing in another level of consciousness, and this is not remembered by us when we are in the flesh of this realm.

Spirit is eternal and not all spirits reside on earth. Some spirits residing within humans on earth today may have been spirits on another realm many centuries ago.

The important thing to understand is that all of God’s children are spirit ‘beings’ whether in the flesh or not, and that all of God’s children must be respected and loved and must never be wounded by us in any way because whatever that spirit may be required to experience as a ‘dark/negative’ Karmic debt due to them, that matter is between the individual spirit and God and must not be imposed upon them by you.

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Be all that as it may, when we try to recall the ‘when or how’ or even ‘what’ of the past deed causing our current pain we are in danger of walking a path of negativity, because the cause of our current pain may only be known by the one we ‘injured’ and God.

Our role is simply to accept the fact that we are suffering because we caused suffering, and the most important thing to remember in the moment of our suffering is not to retaliate no matter how much we may feel ‘justified’ in doing so!

The problem with non retaliation is that we have now become so very accustomed to thinking we must retaliate that it is almost an automatic response, one that leads us into many knee jerk reactions as we make sure those offending us are put in their place because they deserve it!

That may very well be true but try to remember that your pain at their action is ‘deserved by you,’ and although you may want to lash out, your task is to remain peaceful and forgiving if you want to obey God’s Command, because if you do not you immediately place yourself under God’s Law by having foolishly decided to act as if you were God!

In these trying situations there is only one certainty about suffering, being that if we retaliate we will accrue another ‘due’ that we will once again have to suffer within the Law of God.

There is nothing surer than that the nature of the pain we feel in any moment, both in intensity and in duration, is the same pain we caused someone else to feel at some other time because, whether the feeling be positive or negative, we feel nothing we do not deserve to feel.

We can only ‘break’ the ongoing cycle of suffering by being merciful and forgiving through conformity to God’s command.

The other certainty is that the nature of the pain we feel in any moment, both in intensity and in duration, is the same pain we caused someone else to feel at some other time.

The other side of this reality is, that when we are overcome with joy at some thoughtful kindness bestowed on us through someone else’s action is, that it is also a Karmic process, but one that is on the positive side of the Karmic equation, (The fulfillment of God’s Law) because we have obeyed God’s command in being peaceful and causing another to feel ‘joy’ through an act of kindness.

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If we think on the implications of that statement for a moment the significance is staggering, for quite simply it means that any suffering I am experiencing is suffering I have set in motion by some prior action of mine, any joy I am experiencing I have set in motion by some prior action of mine!

The upshot of this is that not only am I responsible for my own suffering or joy and personally responsible for the freedom or control I feel in my life, but I have an opportunity to halt the ‘eternal wheel’ of suffering by halting my part in the turning of it in a ‘negative’ manner or ‘direction.’

This is true only if I can stop myself being negative towards others, and causing them to suffer, and if I can stop myself retaliating against whomsoever is the cause of my pain in the moment I am feeling my pain!!

When we really grasp that truth we begin to understand what is meant by the statement ‘you alone are the author of your pain and/or your joy as you alone are the author of halting the pain or the joy’!

The halting of the pain can only come about when we are able to accept that the material loss or physical suffering or emotional turmoil we are experiencing in any given moment is our due under God’s Law.

What we are suffering is due solely to our failure to obey God’s Command to be peaceful, loving, merciful and forgiving. The consequence of that failure is that we place ourselves under God’s one Law - "As you do will be done to you". Equally, when we obey that Command we are exclusively subject to the Light side of that Law and therefore joy and freedom abound.

We should try to remember that what we feel when we are suffering is not a random happening perpetrated by some capricious god, but a ‘just’ return from a Just God who has made it clear throughout the ages that judgment is God’s right, while man’s ‘right’ is the responsibility to forgive no matter what the situation!

It is only when we grasp this truth that we can accept that our feelings have everything to do with the situation the event or the person who may be the instigation of our suffering, in that they are being used by the Dark to set the past ‘record’ straight, from the time when we imposed ‘pain’ upon another.

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Unfortunately most of us walk ‘in the dark’ in this matter because through man’s imperfect laws, whether those laws are religious or secular, we have come to believe that when someone offends us we must punish that ‘offender’ because today that is the norm!

Through the false teachings of man-made belief systems we have come to take as a ‘given’ that when we are ‘wronged’ in some way it is not only our ‘right’ to force the other person into an admission of guilt and to punish them in some way, but even that it is our duty to judge their actions and then to criticize and punish them. This is error of belief as it defies God’s Command.

What I mean by man-made laws making us believe we are immune to God’s justice is seen in the way in which we blithely pay taxes to fund a war where young men, women and children are killed in our name.

If we think about this seriously we need to ask ourselves the question; "If our taxes are used to send young men (or women) to war, are we just as responsible, under God’s law, for the carnage that this causes as are the perpetrators of that war. A sobering thought but nevertheless it is a question that needs to be asked and answered; "Yes we are complicit and responsible in that circumstance."

The extent to which the current right to retaliate is now considered the ‘norm’ is also evidenced by, for example, the increasing personal litigation in our courts. That we are almost all prepared to ‘sue’ any who wrong us shows how far we have become blinded to God’s truth "Forgive, and Judge not for you will be so judged."

The consequence of forgetting that truth is that when we do bring another to ‘justice,’ we are using negative energy under God’s Law, and consequently we will have to feel the negative Karmic return for that and no ‘Legal system’ of man can alter that truth.

The other side is that the more we use the negative dark energy to judge and condemn others the easier it becomes to use it, and it is in this way that as a species we have become anesthetized to the truth about forgiveness and what that really means.

Many of us say we ‘forgive’ others but in reality we are usually only ‘parroting’ the word forgiveness while remaining ignorant that in fact and deed we deny God’s requirement to do so in numerous ways including that of speaking critically of others to punitive full blown retaliation.

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Taking someone to court, suing someone, or funding a war are actions that have nothing to do with forgiveness and everything to do with retaliation and punishment, and these are the prerogative of God only.

Sadly this lack of forgiveness is no longer obvious to us because we hide our unforgiving actions under the cover of man-made laws that tell us we have an innate "right" to sue and bring to ‘justice’ those who offend or wrong us, and we do this through the false belief that we are simply making the offender accountable for their actions by ‘correcting’ their behaviour.

I have had many discussions with friends over this issue of forgiveness and the themes usually centre on their belief in the ‘educative’ nature of punishment that is, if wrongdoers are not punished how are they going to learn that they have done wrong. The other emphasis is on the ‘lawlessness’ that would occur if they (we) did not ‘charge’ and punish people in our society.

No one seems interested in the factual reality that all the punishment carried out throughout all our jails has done nothing to affect conformity to man-made laws, because punishment by man can never lead to a positive outcome for any concerned in the judgment.

When we judge in any form, no matter how minor that judgment is, we are using negative punitive energy which is negative, and the use of that energy ensures that more and more negative energy will be imposed upon us by God and it will become a part of our daily living.

The moment we use negative energy we place ourselves under or ‘within’ the dark and ‘punitive’ side of God’s Law, a Law which is very clear; "Do it to others and it will be done to and felt by you."

This Law applies whether we are an individual, a community a state or a nation taking the negative action, and this Law of God is ‘absolute’ and inviolable and does not take into consideration the man-made laws of mans ‘justice,’ so it doesn’t matter whether you are a judge, jurist or the arresting police officer, king, priest or pauper, all are subject to God’s Law even if religious or secular Law ‘supposedly’ excuses those who are given ‘legitimization’ to judge, condemn and even to kill!

The fact is that when we feel we are justified in making judgments of others we chose to use that which we are forbidden to use, God’s Dark energy, and it does not matter if we believe that such judgments are legitimate, for that energy is not ours to use under any circumstance. Only God has the ‘right’ to use it because only God is GOD, and only God does not suffer any consequence, and only God is the righteous judge.

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Further, the moment we put the judging mantle on our shoulders we are creating the cloak in which our future suffering has been woven by the ‘stitches’ of our own presumptive judgments.

On the other hand when we choose not to use any negative energy, when we accept whatever pain we feel without retaliating, when we hold our peace and shut our mouth even when it is obvious that others are hurting and even abusing us, then we can reflect on the reality that we are only feeling what God knows we need to feel due to our past negative interaction with someone else.

When we can do all this we become a person who halts future pain from accruing because we then are obedient to God’s Command, and obedience to this Command means we forgive no matter ‘who’ does ‘anything’ to us!

One of the things that makes life for us so difficult at this point in history is that we are no longer certain about what constitutes positive or negative action or what, if any, difference there is between when one is ‘judging’ and when one is simply ‘telling it is it is!’

Most of us have experienced major shifts in values whereby things previously held as wrong or right are no longer considered to be so in our society.

Many of us have also experienced huge shifts in the interpretation of what constitutes a right or wrong act according to the spiritual law so that most of us accept, without question, the interpretation of the secular decrees of men via our legal system.

I believe few of us ever think to question how these man-made rules, regulations and decrees reflect on or transgress the one immutable spiritual Command of God that states "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving to those you think are wrongfully living."

If we take a brief journey into the tangle constituting the interpretations of what man-made secular laws and religious ‘spiritual’ laws entail, we will readily comprehend how very off the mark we have moved when we compare these ‘laws’ with God’s One Law:-

"As you sow so shall ye reap, be it positive or negative on an equal and thus ‘eye for an eye’ basis at the time and in the place so ordained by God."

As soon as we grapple with this difference we walk into a mire of contradictions and inconsistencies that create absolute confusion. A summary of the inconsistencies between these laws may give some clarification.

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What Constitutes Right or Wrong Action in God’s Sight when compared with what constitutes right or wrong action in the eyes of our secular law?

After spending years studying various religions, initially from a personal view and later from studies at university, I was struck by the consistency with which most civilizations accepted that God existed in some form.

Over time and with years of searching, enquiring and reading, the other consistency I found between various cultures and religions was their understanding of the multiplicity of forms attributed to God, and of the glaring contradictory theological stances taken by differing sects although all believe they promulgating ‘truth’ in God’s name.

Even believers of the religion who accepted the same principles pertaining to that religion violently disagreed with the interpretation of those principles! My insights into mankind’s interpretations of God were also derived from the study of world religions and of Myth and their meaning, myths that are in evidence in a multiplicity of cultures.

In the recent past I have, as mentioned, been deeply impacted by an understanding derived from a study of the content located on the Testament of Truth web site. Prior to reading this information my interest was focused on the almost universal theme, from incredibly diverse cultures, of the desire by mankind to understand the mysteries of life and how that desire seemed inevitably to incorporate an explanation about the existence of a god or the gods.

My interest in myth and their meaning focused on how stories and fables were concerned with universal themes of; birth, death and re-birth; the sacred and profane; and with the universality of concepts such as the sacred child; the resurrected hero; the saviour often sacrificed for the good of the many; the all forgiving mother; the father who establishes the rules and judges those who break them; the fool who blunders from one tragedy to another; and of the eternal conflict between the forces of good and evil.

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All these human motifs are laid bare in mankind’s mythology however; by far the most common thread in all this diversity is an arrival at the "Theo-centric" or the God Centred.

There are multi faceted interpretations on the nature of ‘whom or what’ that god is, but no matter how our ancestors interpreted this god, each civilization conceived of a supreme being who must be obeyed and placated if life for humans was to remain peaceful. These early myths make an inescapable link between

Unacceptable human behaviour (as determined by the God/gods) and,

The human suffering resulting from disobedience of the requirements of the god/gods.

Once ancient civilizations arrived at a firm belief in the existence of a God they had no trouble in identifying God as both benefactor and judge – the giver of great gifts and the bringer of great disasters, the abundance of one or the other being linked as reward or punishment for mans’ actions.

This is reflected in the innumerable rituals of countless civilizations and in rites that predominantly reflect a desire to appease the gods, a desire that pre-supposes mans responsibility for having offended the "God" in the first place.

Sadly this knowledge became lost when the concept of some form of ‘sacrifice’ to appease the gods was introduced because it ushered in a belief that man could lessen the retribution required by the gods when man disobeyed the laws of the gods, thereby ‘voiding’ or avoiding the fulfillment of God’s Law.

Naturally each civilization’s interpretation of the law of the gods varied considerably as did the way each civilization linked human error and suffering to divine retribution however, where civilizations believed there was a link between the gods’ requirement, human disobedience and suffering, most invented rituals to appease the gods once a breach of the laws of man had occurred.

How that link between the gods’ requirement, human disobedience and suffering is understood and dealt with is documented in texts of ancient religions. From the Epic of Gilgamesh, the story of Marduk, hero of the creation myth of the Sumerians to the Babylonian pantheon, the Egyptian stories of gods, goddesses and Pharaohs, the Greeks, Romans, Taoists, Shinto’s, Pantheists, Hebrews, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists interpretation.

All show that our ancestors initially understood the interconnection between man and God and that they knew the significance of god inspired codes of behaviour and how they were to be followed by humans.

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The common feature of myth is that they show us a humanity that was connected to a God; that human actions were perceived as having a consequence in the eyes of that God, and that humans suffered when they perceived they may have transgressed against the laws of that god.

This relationship was understood in terms of human actions and consequences, consequences having a direct bearing on their relationship with the divine. However, by introducing rites of indulgence believed to exonerate human wrong-doing, ‘priestly and secular’ leaders set themselves above Gods sole right to make judgment if their commands, rules, laws or decrees were transgressed.

By the time we reach the period of history where innumerable argument over theological beliefs or doctrinal truth were being strenuously debated, the arguments centered not on God and God’s demands of us, but on the Church’s demands of us regarding man made rules, decrees, theologies and regulations.

While dogma was enshrined and breach thereof punishable by eternal damnation; while rituals were established and rules granted penance and absolution; while indulgences were granted whereby some were given immunity from God’s Law and others were not; the issue of what it was God demanded of mankind was blanketed in ponderous theological debate with but little understanding of the true nature of God or God’s requirements of us to simply; "Go your way in peace and love one another, and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving of those others yet sinfully living"!

Through the introduction of ‘dogmas’ and the performance of the rituals associated with them, religious leaders usurped God’s power. Instead of leaving judgment of the people to God, they took that role upon themselves and unknowingly placed their own souls in grave spiritual danger.

Of greater harm to their flock however was that by ‘sanctifying’ a religious leader’s right to hold the power to grant forgiveness, millions of God’s children were ‘deceptively’ led astray.

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Instead of bowing to God directly and obeying God’s Command to forgive, individuals now believed that ‘forgiveness’ was something that ‘anointed’ priests did if and when the people performed the theological dogma backed rituals to receive ‘absolution.’

The introduction of these false beliefs altered the relationship between man and his god from one where each individual was directly responsible to that god, to one where individuals became subservient to an elite group of ‘intermediaries’ who alone were seen as having the power to influence God ‘on behalf of’ the people.

What this actually did was to introduce into the spiritual life of the people a powerful elite who ruled them by falsely playing ‘god,’ a point in history that paved the way for divorcing people from their responsibility to have a direct relationship with God.

In today’s society we see the ultimate consequences of helping people to falsely believe that under God’s law they are not directly responsible for their actions.

When indulgences granted individuals concessions of, or insurance against, negative behaviour towards others, (in fact using the Dark energy that belongs only to God), humanity set itself above the Law of God, and instead bowed to the false gods of theological ‘rules’ and man-made rituals.

This paved the way for future religious and secular leaders to in effect take on God’s sole role of judgment about what was right or wrong, and of punishing or forgiving according to these man-made laws, whether theological or secular.

When the elite introduced ways to ameliorate the consequence of breaching their rules, decrees, laws, or rituals, there was a false belief established, one that promulgated the fairy tale about how human suffering could be circumvented even if humans breached God’s Law.

This belief became so widely accepted as a "god" given right to excuse human breach of God’s One Command that now most of God’s children think that transgressions of God’s Command to "Be forgiving, compassionate and merciful" can be exonerated through a ritual!

If only this were so but it is not, for if it was we would not be faced with the problem that to date, all the ‘forgiveness’ of ‘error’ or ‘sin’ as it is more often referred to has done little to ease human suffering over the centuries.

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Rather it seems to me that human suffering has increased exponentially. This being the current circumstance, the question then is one of understanding why it is that so many of us are suffering.

When all the major religions in the world emphasize teachings concerned with the ‘consequences of suffering’ when man steps outside God’s "Peace, love, mercy and forgiveness" Command," why do religions also teach that God’s Law can be ‘avoided’ through absolution, rites or belonging to the ‘right’ religion, when all these things are in fact a way of ‘nullifying’ God’s Command?

Note: One cannot ‘ breach’ nor ‘break’ nor ‘nullify’ nor avoid the fulfillment of the ONE "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God because it is inviolable. This Law is simply an ‘exact’ return flow of benign or malignant energy that flows back to the person that used it in their interaction with others.

The question is what happens to our requirement to obey God’s Command to "Be forgiving" when a ritual, a prayer or even a man dying on a cross ‘supposedly’ does the forgiving for us?

Throughout history God’s message is clear – we have to do the forgiving, but because we have been led to believe that others will do it for us very few of us now know that nothing will absolve us from disobedience to God’s Command.

Obviously there is a dissonance between dogmatic assertions and lived reality because many people adhering to various religious practices do not live lives of constant peace, and since this is so it seems to me that in all probability mankind’s interpretation of God’s ways have been distorted, and whether this is through ignorance or arrogance matters little, we are still all being led astray.

What we have to see is that the logical consequence of failing to obey the Command to "Be forgiving, loving and peaceful" is that this automatically places us under the punitive aspect of God’s Law which results in us suffering the consequences of any negative action on our part.

Further, the moment mankind assumed the right to wear the mantle of judgment and to be the author of systems of punishment as well as dispensers of retribution; that was the moment we commenced walking in the ‘painful’ shadow under God’s hand.

This shadow falls deep and wide, and we drop into it because we keep ourselves ignorant of God’s "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, and because we continue to insist on our right to utilize God’s dark, forceful, punitive and destructive energy by presuming to act ‘as if’ we are gods in judging others and then condemning and punishing them.

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What I feel is most important to grasp now is the true nature of the relationship between God and man, and within that framework, to understand that:-

  • The major factor influencing our relationship with God has to do with our defiance of God by using His Dark negative energy to criticise, judge, condemn and punish others, and nothing whatsoever to do with what religious or secular laws we follow.

Very few individuals want to hear or accept this reality because we have arrived at a point in history where most seekers after things spiritual or ‘the truth’ desire only to look at the positive, the ‘light’ and all that is good, believing that this is the way towards enlightenment.

While this may be so at the same time, these people remain ignorant to the fact that they use dark energy, either personally, in their belief that they are justified in putting people who offend them "in their place" or, via the State systems by supporting things done to individuals within that system that are dark and very negative .

I wish to help people see that our soul is created in the image of God and therefore at our core is pure Light energy, an energy that is a natural part of every soul ever created. It is this energy within us that naturally yearns for and dreams of living lives filled with all that is positive, with love, with joy and peace and with beauty.

What we need to try to come to terms with is ‘why’ we do not live lives filled only with that beauty of the Light that is within our soul, and to do that we need to come to terms with the truth that at the time of each souls’ creation there are also specs of ‘Dark’ which are the seeds of the emotions within our soul of fear, anger, hatred, greed, vanity, pride and arrogance. This dark energy makes it easy for us to become negative.

The question is why, given the truth of our positive loving light nature, why do we live such difficult and often painful lives? Why is it that despite more and more inspirations coming from many good people encouraging others to live a life of love and peace by being positive, why do we find that corresponding outcomes of this ‘hope’ are far less apparent than the pain and suffering we see?

Page 17

The sad truth is that despite many efforts whether through workshops, self help books or theories about the power of the positive, whether through positive thinking or affirmations, very few people consistently live out the positive outcome of that positive thinking, namely a life of only love, joy and peace.

More than this however is the fact that people who predominantly live lives in harmony with others find their capacity for harmony and forgiveness under strenuous, testing circumstances, as impossible as everybody else.

It is not easy to turn the other cheek and literally walk away from attack or abuse with only forgiveness, love and understanding in our hearts for the abuser and yet, that is what is required of us if we are to fulfil the Command of ‘go in peace and be loving and forgiving’.

We have regretfully forgotten this simple truth under the plethora of rules and regulations empowering us to stand up for ourselves, assert our rights, make sure offenders are punished and wrongdoers know in detail the error of their ways.

Sadly, these very rights, enshrined in secular law and worshipped by religions, allow us to walk in only one way, the way of darkness, that of merciless and unforgiving retribution and our insistence on ‘accountability,’ a way leading to more and more blindness.

It is little wonder then that we find so many people whose lives are lived with the negative emotions of anger, envy, fear, grief and sorrow, feelings often accompanied by a profound inner sense of ‘lack’.

This lack is not necessarily focused only on the material although that also exists, but more significantly on the lack of purpose, the lack of meaning, the lack of love and joy and above all the lack of true peace in their souls.

As I understand it there are many caring, well-meaning individuals teaching God’s children to walk the wrong way, into and in the dark. This is done by people who are unable to see that what they teach is deception -

  • deception concerning the nature of God
  • deception concerning our relationship to God and
  • deception concerning the requirement to accept the reality of the Law of God

Page 18

Perhaps the greatest of all deceptions was/is the teaching that Jesus came to ‘do it all’ for those who believe in him, when in fact, all that Jesus did was to show mankind how to be true to the Command to ‘only love,’ by showing us that this Command requires all to forgive, understand, and turn the other cheek even if others crucify you.

When we continue to deny that God is all, pure light to pure dark and also refuse to accept that the dark side of God is a reality, we remain blinded to our own utilization of that dark energy to make imperfect judgments, something we all do frequently!

Since only God is the true judge and since real judgment is the prerogative of God alone, it is little wonder that our lives are filled with a sense of sorrow at our inability to feel complete because we are usurping God’s Command each time we judge someone, and each time we do this we place a greater burden of darkness over the light in our souls.

It is not hard to see that the more we do this the easier it becomes to continue doing it but more significantly, the more of the dark we use in our actions with others the dimmer the light within us becomes because that light keeps being more ‘shrouded’ by the dark energy we take in.

By continuing on this path not only do we have to feel an equal return ‘feeling’ for all our negative actions but, we also feel as if Light within us is being dimmed and, because we are created with Light energy, the dimming of that Light creates a great sense of loss often making our lives feel like a meaningless existence.

Of course it must be understood that the Light within our souls never disappears because we were created with the Light that is indestructible, further, the light within our souls is increased by our positive loving and forgiving actions, but the light does become shrouded with darkness through our negative actions.

The current emphasis on a belief that we have the power to use thoughts to ‘create’ our reality is an example of a denial of what I term God reality, that is, the reality that God is all – Light and Dark.

The fatal flaw in this theory is not that our thoughts do not influence our reality, they do, (in fact they play a major role in the way we feel and behave), but because that belief presumes we have the power to ‘think’ the dark side of our natures out of existence.

Page 19

This never works because we simply cannot think the dark negative aspects of our selves away. Undoubtedly, with much practice in the art of positive thinking, we may become more positive but that begs the question of what happens to us when we are confronted with a threat to the self, with a disappointment in love, a betrayal of friendship or an unjust accusation.

How many of us are capable at the time when we are suffering at the hands of someone or some event, of remaining positive by utilizing positive thoughts to create ‘another’ reality?

When faced with someone attacking you verbally, emotionally, spiritually or physically, are you capable of remaining ‘positive’ and understanding and forgiving of the person inflicting that pain in the same moment? Ask yourself the question – "if in the moment of feeling pain I understood that what I was feeling was God ordained; could I stay loving and forgiving?

Perhaps a more important question to ponder is this; if you knew that the pain felt by you no matter who was inflicting that pain, was God’s reality, God’s timing of the fulfillment of his Law; "As you do so will be done to you," in short, the pain you felt was deemed by God to be deserved; - could you accept that suffering without ‘retaliation’ because under God’s Command that is required.

Under God’s Law what you are feeling as sorrow or pain is, unequivocally, a feeling you have caused another to feel at some time, and whether that pain is in the form of an emotional or a physical attack it is God’s immutable Law in action in your life being dealt out to you via the perpetrator confronting you.

In my experience it is during those times of being threatened that we all seem to retaliate almost automatically, and no amount of ‘positive’ thinking seems to alleviate the negative thoughts or the feelings that accompany them. There is another reality in this giving out or feeling pain process, one that seems to be universal and it is this - we never feel the pain that we cause others.

Again ask yourself whether that would change if you knew and accepted that any suffering felt by any of us is always only God’s Just Law in action? From my own experience I can only say that it becomes a powerful insight if I can examine my suffering from within this context.

Page 20

Can you imagine what a humbling experience that would be and what a world we would inhabit if everyone took whatever suffering they were experiencing at the hands of whomever as their due given out in fulfillment of God’s Law?

This would surely be a way of living in peace, because we would obey the command to be forgiving and merciful and not retaliate, thereby making sure we do not again place ourselves under or ‘within’ the punitive aspect of God’s Law.

If we ‘hear’ of this understanding of God and then still go on ignoring the judging side of God, it is tantamount to adults remaining children who at an early age believe that wishful thinking makes it so!

In this instance the wishful thinking is centered on our desire to only see God as a benevolent father and warm-hearted mother, both of whom will make all the bad things disappear if we only think good thoughts! We need to fully ‘grasp’ the full reality of God’s law and its absolute justice.

If we accept that our positive thoughts can create physical reality, we still need to understand that although we now try using positive thoughts to only be positive towards others to remain within God’s Command, there will still be some spiritual ‘dues’ to be met by us, and this ‘negativity’ cannot be ‘thought’ away as it will become a painful reality at some stage ahead.

We must account for those times when our ‘thoughts’ were inspired from the dark and we took negative retributive action towards others, these dark thoughts lead to us cogitate relentlessly over all the most negative scenarios that can be thought of just because someone hurt or upset us.

The question in those times becomes - why did we not simply ‘think’ those negative thoughts away? The answer to that question is - because we were controlled by them, because we were unable to halt them, because we did not even try to stem them.

Again in my experience I do find that no matter how hard I tried to stop these thoughts, no matter how much I want to halt the flow of negative scenarios arising in my mind, there was little I could do to keep them at bay until I attempted to adhere to the information I read in the Testament of Truth.

At the times of these increasingly negative thoughts I find that the intensity of the feelings created by the thoughts leave me falling deeper and deeper into emotions of either red hot anger or dark abject despair.

Page 21

Of the many people I see in my work many can identify with this process, and I am now talking about sane, sensible, normal, usually rational human beings who find themselves ‘out of control’ that is, quite unable to stop themselves from becoming ‘less than nice’ in fact becoming really, quite ugly!

These thoughts are our thoughts and we are in charge of controlling them or letting them ramble on but, we need to know that our ‘thoughts’ can also be inspired from the Dark side of the Source that knows it is our time to suffer emotionally, being a pain we have caused another in the past.

If these thoughts spiral out of control, that is, I cannot halt them, it is now an indication to me that I am feeling a return negative Karma for breaching the Command to remain forgiving in the past.

What I also find is that it is during this time of feeling my negative emotions ‘strumming’ within, I realise that it is ‘simply’ the negative return for my past actions wherein I caused another to feel the same emotions, and that my capacity to be positive is sorely tested.

There are a number reasons for this and I will expand on them, but for now it is more important to grasp that it is not the positive, loving, forgiving, compassionate or joyous path that we need to come to terms with, because a desire to live in the positive energy emanating from God and echoing from within our own souls is a natural aspiration our own light energy within which we are happy.

The more difficult thing to understand and come to terms with is to accept that negative energy is not a natural part of our souls but it is an energy that ‘grows’ into debilitating negative emotions within our soul every time we use ‘dark energy’ in our interaction with others.

Ignorance of this truth keeps us doing wrong by thinking and, through our actions, being negative when we truly should not be and, on the whole, nor do we wish to be but mostly we are because the Dark is ‘satisfied’ and justified in its expression of negativity through us upon another.

Most of us born into families with a belief in a Source, Higher Being or God, were taught that our ‘soul’ was made only of Love, and therefore Light and, while religions have accepted the existence of the Dark, this negative energy has in many religious traditions, but predominantly so in the Judeo Christian tradition, been attributed to a fallen angel, Lucifer who was later demoted when Lucifer was named Satan. This teaching was and continues to be error.

This brings us to a point where we need to come to an understanding of what the true nature of God is, and how the knowledge of God as ‘all’ (Light & Dark) is an integral part of our ‘Salvationary’ journey to the Light.

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The true nature of ‘Lucifer’ – Dark or Light

In my experience, understanding the origin of the meaning of a word helps to clarify the idea behind what the writer is trying to tell us. For example;

If we know that in Roman astronomy, that the word ‘Lucifer’ was the name given to the morning star (the star we now know by another Roman name, Venus) and that the name Lucifer derives from the Latin term ‘lucem’= light and ‘ferre’ = bringer, which reads as ‘bringer, or bearer, of light,’ the information provides us with an ability to interpret the name "Lucifer" in a completely different light. (no pun intended!)

The irony for those who erroneously believe that "Lucifer" refers to Satan is that the same title ('morning star' or 'light-bearer') is used to refer to Jesus, in 2 Peter 1:19, where the Greek text has exactly the same term: 'phos-phoros' 'light-bearer.' This is also the term used for Jesus in Revelation 22:16 where Jesus states….

"I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star" which means that Jesus is referring to himself as both the Light bringer and the Light bearer, ergo ‘Lucifer’!

Many of you will be aware that the morning star appears in the heavens just before dawn, that it heralds the light rising and as it does it dispels the darkness of the night.

Incorporating these true meaning of words with the understanding of light and dark now gives us an insight that Light and Dark co-exist, are in reality integral parts one alongside the other, and have been recorded as being entwined from the beginning of time.

As the Light bearer Jesus enters the dark times of the Roman era and lays claim to making comprehensible that; even though there is ‘darkness’ all around, by ones ‘deed’ one needs to be the Light in action so that those yet bound by darkness will know it. (The positive nature of your deeds)

In simple terms, we do not clearly comprehend darkness until the light shines and exposes it, and that it is the ‘brilliance’ of light that highlights the reality of the dark. Jesus comes then as he who shines the light into this earthly realm to show up the darkness of what man is doing to man.

Page 23

As a messenger of God, (the meaning of the word Messiah), Jesus the man (not God) speaks consistently of the one antidote to darkness that being love, compassion, mercy, turning the other cheek and forgiveness even if that forgiveness is required as often as seventy times seven!

Jesus placed great significance on this need to ‘forgive’ even when others wrong you which, in the historical setting of his lifetime was an alien concept.

The ‘ruling’ and belief in of ‘lex talionis’ - the law of retaliation, whereby a punishment reflects the offence committed in kind and in degree was a major tenet of the Jewish religion, and this punitive ‘way’ is in direct defiance of and in contradiction of God’s "Go your way in peace" Command.

But what else is it that the light of Jesus comes to highlight - what did he try to teach which we have failed to hear?

There will be no argument among believers that the light of Jesus concerns itself with uncovering the dark teachings, beliefs and injustices apparent at the times in which he lived.

Also not likely to be argued against is His consistent message of forgiveness and love as the basis for living according to God’s requirement. For me however, the fact that so few people follow this way of being in fact, that is, daily in their lives, suggests that something has gone awry.

Between the teachings of Jesus, as one of God’s messengers, and the ultimate theological and doctrinal manifestations representing his teachings, there falls an impenetrable shadow.

When we try to see through that shadow we sometimes get a glimpse, a moment of truth amongst all the deceit, in this instance the truth in the statement that Jesus claimed openly that he came: "Not to break the Law but to fulfil IT!"

Within the context of the current writing, sourced from the revelation in the Testament of Truth, this means simply that Jesus came to fulfill the Law and did this by showing us that the Law is fulfilled when we bow our head in obedience to the Command to be forgiving, peaceful and merciful in the ‘moment’ when the Law of God is in action in our lives.

Page 24

The ‘moment’ I speak of is the time when we are suffering at the hands of others, because it is then that God’s Law is being fulfilled, and it then even while we are suffering, that we are tempted to retaliate but we must not.

For if we ‘fought’ back to defend ourselves, and at ‘that’ moment caused the other any ‘pain,’ we would then have to suffer ‘it’ also before the fullness of God’s Law is ‘fulfilled,’ thus releasing us fully from this ‘new’ spiritual ‘debt’ to God we accrued because we fought back.

The greatest example of Jesus showing obedience to God’s Command was by not ‘resisting’ arrest when he knew he was to be crucified, but instead walking peacefully to the cross, without retaliating.

By this act Jesus shows us how to suffer the current pain for a past breach of God’s Command (the reason we are placed under the punitive aspect of God’s Law in the first place) - while also showing us the way to do that which is to bow your head and forgive the other for whatever they do to you.

However the teachings of Jesus have been distorted, and the discrepancy between the plethora of doctrinal beliefs springing up as the true teachings of Jesus and the actual teachings concerning love and forgiveness are now so unrelated that there is no basis for comparison.

We have only to look at the unending sects that worship in his name in accordance with his ‘supposed’ teachings to see we have sadly missed just what it was Jesus taught.

To me the glaringly obvious thing we have failed to question is whether Jesus came as the Messiah, God’s messenger, or as later interpretations insisted, that he came as God!

The title ‘God’ was not impressed on him until many centuries after his death when men, caught in struggles over power and the right to control, sought to use the stories told by his followers, (stories not written down until some 100 or so years after his death,) to fortify their church’s position of authority over other church sects that had arisen after his death.

In order to gain more power, individuals used these stories and twisted their interpretation in such a way that they supported the new doctrine introduced by them to be the ‘truth’.

Page 25

The outcome of this has had catastrophic effects on the unity that love and forgiveness springs from a Messiah who focuses predominantly on the concept of forgiveness.

By introducing elaborate rituals and combining them with required practices for the common man to follow, an elite ruling class established itself as the only earthy conduit, the only line of communication between God and the people.

What the Council of Nicaea did in 325 was to formalize false statements about who Jesus was and what he taught. Instead of emphasizing that the main thrust of his message concerned the need for us to forgive, they established a Creed that turned Jesus the Messiah, the messenger from God, into Jesus as God!

Further, they claimed that since Jesus died for the sins of ‘believers’ (in this newly established Creed), that he won for those believers salvation - even if they continued to transgress God’s Command! This teaching is deceit.

With the Nicaean Creed, God was conveniently split, so that Jesus the man, turned into ‘God’ was seen as the Light while God as All, both Dark and the Light, was refuted in various theological treatise.

As separate entities, Jesus now turned into ‘God’ and his ‘supposed’ enemy Satan – Light and Dark were separated into two entities between whom only the consecrated priesthood could mediate on behalf of the people! (Or so they erroneously believed)

Under the rules of the new priestly hierarchy ‘God’ was now ‘interpreted’ as being all loving and forgiving, a shift that conveniently ignored Jesus’ constant emphasis on the need for man to forgive.

Throughout recorded history God had never been split in this way, since the gods were always seen as both the gracious giver of life - beneficent - and the taker of life – the unbending administrator of justice.

We just have to look at the Hebrew Torah to find this portrayal of God, but early church fathers twisted the truth that God is "all" because it served the purpose of legitimizing their power to intercede to God on man’s behalf. By introducing this doctrine the priesthood became the conduit through whom ‘forgiveness’ was dispensed! (So they so erroneously believed)

Page 26

If we believe in the existence of a God and that being is conceived of as Omnipotent then God is all. We cannot conveniently make God omnipotent and introduce a theological imperative stating that within God there is no part of Him being or having ‘negative energy’ and then, when negativity is observed as an obvious part of life, conveniently attribute that negativity to a fallen angel.

Whether that part of the biblical story is real or a mythological explanation for the contradiction between an all beneficent God and the very obvious dark judging side of God is not the issue. What that story does highlight is how far back in history those making the ‘rules’ went to establish legitimacy for their role as mediator between man and god.

By making it anathema to accept God as ‘all,’ as both light and dark, the judging side of the energy of God was split off and placed onto man thereby setting a precedent for religious leaders of all persuasions not only to be intercessors on behalf of the people, but the ones having ‘legitimate’ power to dispense the righteous judgment of God a right that was previously solely in God’s hands.

This is a clear example of man usurping God’s revealed truth for their own purposes. If we accept the message of Jesus namely that to forgive in all circumstances as extolled by Jesus as an essential requisite for mankind, then the fact that Jesus the ‘Messiah’ is turned (By priests) into ‘Jesus as God,’ who not only does the forgiving but has also ‘atoned’ for mans’ defiance of God’s Command, we can see for ourselves that there has been a ‘messing’ with God’s truth, the truth that stipulates: "As you sow so shall ye reap." !

Page 27

Making a doctrinal truth that is in blatant contradiction to what is a clear message about God’s directive - man is commanded to forgive and never judge nor punish - and then enshrining in doctrine a belief that man is no longer bound to God’s Command or under His Law by ‘legalizing’ forgiveness – is an example of the way God’s children have been deceived.

This deceit seduced God’s children into following man’s ‘interpretation’ of what God’s messengers have said. The end result has been a plethora of man-made doctrines, consisting of anything from abstaining from various foods to ritual slaughter of meat animals; from women being required to be totally ‘covered’ in public to numerous decrees pertaining to ritual cleanliness; and decrees too numerous to mention; doctrines that all cast a great shadow over God’s truth as told through his messenger - there is one command; "Love one another and be forgiving, merciful, compassionate and peaceful," and there is One Law, "As you do will be done unto you."

While it is only natural that we long to conceive of God as all loving, forgiving and merciful (and certainly the Light of God is all those things), we cannot conveniently decide that there are aspects of God we can incorporate into our belief while we ‘nullify’ other aspects because we deem them to be too ‘uncomfortable’ or inconvenient to fit into our theologies!

We cannot ignore the fact that if God is omnipotent that means that God is all further, if we are created in his image and we are obviously both light and dark ‘energy’ then we reflect the image in which we are created.

There is a negative energy or darkness present in the universe, and no wishing it were not so has changed the reality of that over eons. Darkness is still with us and we fear it no less now than our ancestors did in their time.

It is easy to understand our fear in accepting God as both benevolent creator and absolute judge because, if no one ‘has done it for us’ (the later interpretation of the reason for the crucifixion) then we are going to have to face the consequences of all our actions and do our own suffering.

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The true nature of God – God’s essence is both the Dark and the Light

With the fresh revelations in the Testament of Truth we are now given a fuller understanding of God, but that does require us to face some harsh reality about what this means in our daily lives. In writing this piece my aim is to explain briefly what is written therein, what it means in our lives and how we are to prepare ourselves for our eternity.

The difficulty then is accepting that the peril to our souls is our unwillingness to accept that if God exists then God is all, God is Light and God is Dark meaning, that the energy ‘essence’ of the Source encompasses both the positive benign emotions and also the negative malignant ones. (Both good and evil – creative and destructive)

The thought of this sends shivers up our spines because since time began we have looked to a Source outside of ourselves and wishing it to be our ‘protector’.

We have a desperate need for God to be compassionate and loving, but we remain blind to the truth that if God is omnipotent He would have to be untrue to His own ‘immutable’ Law if He forgave us any breach of His Command! That amounts to our wish to not suffer within His law being tantamount to the "magical thinking of childhood"!

Sadly we fail to see that God is only our benefactor and protector when we ‘bow’ to His "Peace, love and mercy" Command because, only when we do so are we within the benign aspect His Law and therefore protected. It may be hard to grasp but we are only of interest to the Dark side of God when we have used God’s Dark forceful and destructive energy to cause others pain.

God is only our benefactor when we live the Peace, Love, mercy and forgiveness Command because when we do we are assured a beneficent return, a return that is the fulfillment of God’s Law; "As you do so will be done to you."

In the moments we live the Peace, Love, mercy and forgiveness Command the return under God’s Law is of the positive side of that Law, meaning that we are left to live in peace and are loved by others.

I sincerely hope that the reader will try to grasp the fact that the loss of receiving loving energy in our lives from the beneficent side of God only comes about because we lose God’s ‘benign’ protection once we use His dark energy in defiance of the Command to be forgiving and loving.

When we defy God and make use of His Dark malevolent energy and our interaction with others is merciless, cruel, controlling, deceitful, punitive or warlike, then we have placed our own soul into the punitive aspect of His ONE "As you do so will be done to you" Law.

Once we place ourselves into the punitive aspect of that law we will, via the hands of others equally as arrogant or ignorant as we were, receive an equal ‘punitive’ and painful return of unhappiness. There is NO ‘forgiveness’ within God’s Law.

What we in fact needed and have now received is the revelation of His darkness and the fresh wisdom of how to assist ourselves to become free of it and its influence over us at;**

** http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk

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What does it mean if we accept that God is all - Light and Dark?

In trying to explain this concept the first thing I would say is that we have to understand that, due to the limitation of our intellect, concepts outside our logical understanding or ‘programming’ are mostly dismissed as ‘nonsense’.

Intellectually the statement ‘God is Light and Dark’ is a construct consisting of ‘light + dark = God.’ To most believing in a divine deity this is a contradiction because we have been conditioned to see a deity as only creative and positive however, if God is both then we should look at Light and Dark as being a continuous ‘whole’ containing two opposing and opposite energies.

Our belief system limits us to the idea that the spiritual essence of God is either Light (benign energy) or Dark. (malignant energy) When in reality the truth is that positive and negative energy are an energy vibration on a spectrum from absolute dark to absolute light.

Further if we associate light with positive and dark with negative because that is our experience, we miss the possibility that the Dark of God is an aspect of God as the ‘just judge’ who metes out divine retribution to fulfil the dark aspect of His ONE Law to those that defy His Command and offend Him.

If I state that; Dark in God is not negative but simply the act of absolute righteousness to ensure that justice against offenders who breach God’s Command – is carried out within the ONE "As you do will be done to you" immutable Law, - then what I mean is that God is only fulfilling the conditions of His immutable Law.

If we presume to put ourselves under the punitive aspect of that Law by negative actions, we must accept that we will be judged for that.

This Law states that whatever energy you use is the energy that you will feel, if you use positive energy then positive energy (love, joy, freedom) will be felt by you, if you use negative energy then negative energy (suffering, enslavement and retribution) will be felt by you.

Page 30

Within this framework it is not God who judges us because we have already judged ourselves by our negative actions. What God does do is fulfill the consequence of our actions under his Law by ‘forcing’ us to feel the resulting outcome of our prior negative action.

If we can grasp this understanding then we can put a halt to negative actions in the future, because we will know that to halt our own suffering that we must stop all negative interaction with others, and one way to do that is to try and halt our negative thoughts by stemming our negative emotions that lead us into ‘dark ways’ and consequently into the punitive aspect of God’s Law.

What God does with regard to our prior negative actions is to orchestrate the time, determined by Him, to inflict our suffering but, it is we who imposed that suffering on ourselves when we decided to be God’s judgment in action in the life of someone else, when we decided to assert our ‘rights’ by seeking retribution!

Since God as the Just Judge determines the time we are to feel the consequential fulfillment of our prior actions, the pain we feel at any time is the result of the pain we imposed on one of God’s other children in the past. When imposing this return suffering, God merely facilitates the fulfillment of the Law; "As you do so will be done to you." That is true justice.

I have found this to be the most difficult aspect of this message for people to come to terms with. People simply do not want to believe that God does not forgive our wrong doings and this is largely due to the fact that most people believe that God is the one who must be merciful and forgiving, rather than themselves.

People have difficulty in believing that God requires us to be merciful and forgiving and that this means we are to be non-judgmental, non-retaliatory and forgiving in all circumstances because this is the only way we can set ourselves free from more karmic suffering as we ‘walk’ in conformity to His "Go your way in peace and love one another" Command.

Unfortunately, when we take up the right to judge and condemn others, that is, when we appropriate God’s domain by presuming to judge others, that judgment becomes our downfall because it is in direct contradiction to God’s Command to be peaceful and forgiving. When we use negative energy that act becomes the creation of our future suffering.

In summary, God is merely being true to God’s Law when He determines the time for you to feel the pain that reflects the pain you caused some one else to feel.

In this sense God is absolutely just. In the sense that we have no right to use the dark it also makes sense that when we do, the dark energy we use will ultimately result in us creating our own misery as well as contaminating our soul. This is also God’s absolute justice.

Currently we all walk daily into the trap of believing that to judge others is not only our right but our ‘godly’ duty. If we see someone doing ‘wrong’ we feel we need to let them know about that wrong, not as an educational process to assist them, but as a judgmental process with all the penalties associated therewith!

It is not our right now, nor ever has been our right to punish others. These are the misleading beliefs of religious and secular institutions throughout the world.

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