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~ The 'ONE True Faith,' belief, ideology ~

By Terence, the Spirit of Truth

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The man of HONOUR Item - 13 A Treatise on Truth & the evolution of evil men

Let it be clearly understood, that there are only TWO ideological beliefs that exist that are 'classified' as 'religions,' for the true meaning of the word 'religion' is the IDEAL or ideological code of conduct POLICY to which the 'follower' is 'faithful' and loyal, and their 'fidelity' to the one or the other is shown to God and man by their interaction 'ACTIVITY' with other children of God.

IF you are a seeker of Salvation and wish to find your way to the Promised Land, paradise, heaven, then you need to read, comprehend, and follow the ONE True faith revealed herein by my sacred pen, as you turn your 'back' on any named religion of man and 'choose' to simply follow the TRUE LIGHT that reveals the TRUE spiritual WAY via me.

There are many 'named' religions of MEN that are misleading humanity and turning man against man, for there are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs/policies/faiths/doctrines. These are the ideological 'policies' available to be followed:

The ONE is the TRUE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in:

Tender loving CARE - extended unto ALL
 Peace, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)
These absolute pacifists are PROTECTED BY GOD for their 'fidelity' to His Holy Word of 'love & peace unto all.'

Thus the salvation aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains faithful to God's Command and loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times even when being persecuted, injured, dispossessed or killed. (The 'devilish' Reaper in action via the ignorant)

The other is the FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for:

Cruel merciless PERSECUTION - control over ALL
War, subjugation, deception, disrespect, vengeance, extortion, torture, killing & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)
These 'faithless' pay 'Caesar' a tax for His PROTECTION and lose God's protection, for God's 'eye for an eye' Law is then imposed by GOD.

"As you sow so shall ye reap - God's absolute Justice"

Thus the supporter or 'follower' is either an aggressor who terrorises and injures others when they feel 'justified' to so do or, they pay others (servants) to use force to protect them and do the above in their name and on their behalf. (Represented by 'Caesar' or today's punitive government agencies)

People of ALL races and named 'creeds' or 'religions' need to know that the 'key' to Salvation is 'simply' to obey and remain in absolute conformity at all times and in all situations to or with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

You have been spiritually 'baptised' when the above IDEAL 'policy' has been given unto you and you have made a personal choice to be faithful and loyal to its code of conduct policy at all times and in all situations, especially when faced by aggression.

It follows that the pilgrimage is not one whereby you visit the 'Ganges' to wash away sins, or to 'Mecca' or any other supposedly 'holy' site, for that is nonsense, as no 'visitation' to any earthly place reduces your inner capacity to defy God and fight when fearful or angry.  The true pilgrim seeks the spiritual realm of heaven, and prepares her or his mind using my wisdom so that the daily journey is one whereby they remain steadfast unto the Holy Word above and never wields a sword nor raises their voice with critical or angry words.

The true follower knows that God has but ONE Law:

"As you or your servants do unto others will be done to you by others, be it benign or malignant."

The true also know that any 'harm' or 'disadvantage' befalling them is simply a spiritual due that they accrued in this or in a past time when in a spiritual realm pre-birth, and thus they never retaliate, and they 'turn the other cheek' as such and remain steadfast unto the holy word of PEACE.

This simple Truth of Salvation became lost as it was replaced by the multitudes of 'rites, rituals, decrees,' and other measures of control that were established within all scriptural 'teachings' of mankind by vain men seeking power and control and wealth untold, and the simple 'secret' wisdom being the 'ideal' code of conduct policy to be adhered to at all times and in all situations was 'shrouded' in black and misplaced - - - to now be reinstated by me.

Our God is omnipresent, and that means that the invisible spiritual ENERGY ESSENCE of the Source is present and ready to be used and IS used by us each and every time we 'act,' be it verbally or physically and, - - -  dependent upon our INTENT we 'link in' to one or the other aspects of the twin energies and, - - - dependent upon our emotional state which can 'flick' from positive to negative in a blink of an eye, we can change our 'allegiance' in a flash from the Light to the Dark energy etc.

The LIGHT energy of God - Creative, benign, kind, soft, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, respectful, good, reliable, honest.
The DARK energy of God - Destructive, malignant, cruel, hard, dispassionate, merciless, unforgiving, disrespectful, deceptive, dishonest.

Both have the same immutable 'Law of return' - 'As you do is done unto you' by the energy used in your interaction.

Thus in every ACTION you are placing yourself within one or the other 'side' of ITS Law.

IT is absolute Justice and absolutely JUST.

If you are suffering then let all know that you imposed the same upon another before, be it in this life or a pre-birth time.
If you are imposing 'martial law' upon others then you WILL suffer the same ahead.

If you are filling others with dread then you know what lies in 'store' for you ahead.
No official position nor 'mandate' nor badge of 'office' nor 'Law' of man nullifies God's Law.


Only 'do' unto others what you would have be done unto YOU.


I AM merciless with the unmerciful
I AM kind to the loving & merciful

I AM what I AM - I AM ALL


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~ Separation from evil and its ways ~
God's principle requirement for Salvation

Where is the loyalty to God's Primary Ruling Command when we become 'intolerant' of 'sinners' expressing 'evil' intent towards us?

What is evil? It is the forceful destructive dark energy that when used by one against the other it causes 'pain, agony, torture of the mind, flesh and emotions, loss and deprivation' and much, much more 'injury' and, this dark energy grows as a 'cancer' within the soul of the user, and draws their soul away from the Light of God.

The coming 'cyclone' of madness and suffering is caused by 'indifference' to God's Command, and through mankind relying on the strength of 'arms' for their protection by government agencies, (Caesar) rather than being loyal and faithful to God in not funding weapon bearing 'infidels' to keep them safe, for by this 'act' of faithlessness condoned by 'Church' leaders every 'citizen' became bound to 'evil' for their complicity to the imposition of control, slavery, extortion, terror, punishment and killing etc., imposed upon others and themselves by their paid servants.

Once 'man' infused his soul with evil (negative emotions) through his defiance of God, then through the 'consciousness' of the 'evil' dark energy 'growing' in his soul, he then 'saw' the evil in others, and was 'justified' in vengeful retribution for their wrong doings because, that is the true nature of evil, being to 'balance' ITS scales of justice within God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

The 'power' of dark energy (evil) in man forces man to set aside the words 'compassion, mercy & forgiveness' because, the powerful 'pull' of the dark is very strong. (The power of God's DARK) Man sees not that this dark energy is indestructible as IT is a part of God's energy. You can only 'separate' yourself from IT when you stop using IT in your interaction with others, for then the grace of the outpouring Light energy of God can purge your soul.

You only find 'Unity' with the Light of God when freed within of 'Sin,' being the dark energy you arrogantly draw in when faced by adversity as you fight to remain free of pain, seeing not that in your 'suffering,' you are simply 'reaping' what you or your servants 'sowed' in prior interaction with others.

True faith has naught to do with 'preachers' nor ones capacity to plough a field from daybreak to dusk, straight or crooked.  Being ones 'Works.'  True faith is the capacity to ensure that ones ACTIONS or 'interaction' with others is always in conformity to:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Woe and more woe unto those men, sincere though they may be, who cast a 'shadow' between God and His children. These are any person who takes on a role of 'authority' under the presumption that they are intermediaries and representatives of God that limit, restrict, or impose their interpretation of God or His message of Salvation upon the people.

Let it be clearly understood that in order to be in compliance with God's RULING Command one must only support, condone and fund peaceful, benign, creative and loving activities of individuals or community effort.

The funding or supporting of any 'regulatory' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'controlling' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'taxing' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'coercive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'punitive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'protectionist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'extortionist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'terrorist' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'invasive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any 'warring' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'defensive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.
The funding or supporting of any 'inquisitive' authority is FORBIDDEN by God.

The funding or supporting of any institution that 'legislates' the use of force via its 'rules, acts, laws, decrees' is FORBIDDEN by God.

Try and understand that when 'we' demand 'protection' form others such as the armed forces of any institution, what we are in fact doing is paying money to said 'warriors' to go forth in our name and defy God's Command and defend us and injure or kill others so that 'we' do not have to suffer our 'fate.'

None seeing that in the first instance, we are only going to suffer if that is our 'karmic' due within the Law of God. A Law which cannot be 'voided' nullified or avoided. Any expression of punitive 'darkness' though 'fear' of having to meet our accrued 'dues' simply delays them and adds to the total of the burden of suffering to be met later. The 'deception' of the Dark is its capacity to justify 'protection' solely for the purpose of trapping us with more suffering that NONE now will avoid. 

The State or other 'protectors' need to understand that when they go forth controlling, interfering, punishing, injuring or killing in the name of their nation, king or 'the people' who fund them, that their wage is a dishonourable and 'mercenary one, for they also are turning their back on their Creator and in their defiance of Him accrue a very painful karmic due.

Most people today understand the karmic 'what goes round comes round,' but few indeed understand the words 'coercion & complicity' in reference to punitive 'karma' in the fulfillment of the Dark aspect of the Law of ENERGY, in that what is done for and on behalf of the taxpayer and in their name for voting for heads of State or paying taxes is, that all the control, interference, extortion, punishment, injury and killing of other children of God has a 'karmic' comeback to them through their complicity to actions that are in contravention of God's Command and are the use of His DARK energy.

So, the 'games people play' is not only with themselves through ignorance, false teachings, deception and coercion, but regrettably, with the lives of others due to their continued promotion of false teachings that mislead and misguide and hold others in bondage to the distorted ways of the 'coercive' and intrusive Dark ENERGY.

Woe and more woe unto those men, sincere though they may be, who tell others that I 'Terence' am not 'he' the awaited one.  For they cast their own 'spell' of 'importance' upon the simple minded that 'flock' to them, and all I can say to anyone that may 'believe' that I am a deceiver is, that if that is their personal belief then so be it, but if 'asked' by any other as to that 'possibility,' they should say: "Read all about it on his personal web site and then come to your own personally informed conclusion." For any person 'denouncing' me are by their own 'voice' denouncing the one who sent me, and HE will cast them into the 'pit' for an eternity for their ignorance, arrogance and feelings of 'ego' that make them feel as though they are 'God.'

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~ The 'break away' ~

Every person on this land earth and every person living in any level of consciousness outside of heaven needs to now 'break away' from fellowshipping with, supporting, condoning, or funding or working for any other person or institution that uses force or coercion or deception or armed men to interfere, control, tax, enslave, regulate, invade, seize, punish or destroy.

For only thus do you stop accruing painful spiritual dues within God's Law and, only thus will you be able to halt the ingress into your soul of dark energy that draws it further away from the Light, and only thus will you have the opportunity to be saved by God's grace.  Only support benign community effort and service provision.

The people of ALL races need to know that they need to TRUST the 'power' and truthfulness of the primary ruling Command of God, and to NOW remain faithful to IT at all times and in all situations, because when a person becomes an aggressor be it in self-defence or attack, they draw in Dark 'sinful' energy that stains their soul and drags IT further away from the Light.

Thus does mankind suffer the consequence of arrogance, pride, vanity and ignorance and, unbeknown to man, whenever they are 'operating' using the dark forceful and destructive energy of God they stain their own soul with IT and become as IT.  Better for man to remain within the 'principles' of THE TRUE FAITH Command so that they only receive a benign return within God's Law and 'brighten' their inner Light.

All today are unfaithful to God and themselves, for all support, condone and fund 'protection' and 'iniquity,' and all have by 'priests or clerics' or chiefs, emperors, kings, queens or princes been taught to believe that they can 'justifiably' fight their perceived enemy, be it literally or in the 'court' of Caesar, and not suffer the consequence of their unfaithfulness. This is the fatal ERROR of belief of ALL humanity.

I ask you: "Why do you pay the wages of 'dictators,' political men and their enforcers who interfere in your life and business, control every aspect of your living ways, force you to 'pay up' every taxation demand, send your sons to die in far distant lands to protect their assets, use them to interfere in the lives of others and who seize your assets, punish and banish you, and cause you great trauma for any non-conformity to their dictates"?

It is I to advise all of the 'how & why & when' the 'crucifixion' of every known named religion of MAN is to be and, - - - the destruction of every 'kingdom' of man is to now be, for all have kept God's children in bondage to slavery AND to the forbidden to use forcful energy and, ALL mankind are presently sliding downwards into the Abyss.

This IS the LAST CALL to the few that can now become faithful and true to the Command of God the absolute Monarch and Ruler that issues forth by my 'penned' decree. ALL 'clerics, bishops, priests, ayatollah's, popes' etc., are 'pretenders' to the throne of God the Monarch, and ALL are to die in their 'sin' for having deceived God's children.

These 'ministers' of institutionalised religions of man said and yet say that they come to you in the name of God, Allah, Muhammad, Buddha, the Father or Jesus or other mortal men that thought they were special 'carriers of truth' but they were not, and neither are these preachers.

For in FACT they are all LIARS that promote the False ideology of the Serpent for whom they speak, for none of them advised you to NOT support, condone or fund the 'operations' and operatives of the contra FALSE religion having the doctrine of darkness and death, but instead, they manipulated the 'scriptures' and told you to fight for freedom and to pay taxes, and to thus be complicit to all the slavery, extortion, and interference in the lives of others and, to become complicit to the punishment and persecution and killing done on behalf of and in the name of 'the people,' king, flag, nation and God.

Yes these self appointed and self anointed vain and arrogant 'preachers' linked hands with and 'fornicated'* with the likes of 'Caesar,' being strong men, kings, chiefs, emperors, presidents and their governments that wage war on others, and mercilessly extort money from the people of the land using forceful coercion, punishment and deception.

Note: 'fornicated'* - In this context the spiritual leaders of every land were unfaithful to their 'marriage' pact with God as they 'entwined' with the weapon bearing 'power brokers' who coerced them into failing to preach the truth of the matter to the people of the land, and these faithless preachers sided and yet walk hand in hand with the 'enemy' through their own greed, arrogance, fears or ignorance, for they were told that if they did not, then they would be killed.

This precedent was set so long ago that present day 'ministers' or administrators of every 'religion of man' now assume that everyone must bow down to their rules and the never-ending demands of the material 'Crown' of State rather than the true Monarch, God.  Thus is mankind now enslaved to forceful men that not only interfere in every aspect of living, but they impoverish everyone as they steal hard earned money by endless taxes, royalties, fee by licence, customs duty, land taxes & rates tax.

Only the true spiritual leader sees this iniquity, for no king, man or government owns any land by 'right of conquer' or 'force of arms' as all land is owned by God, and no person is by the Light of God required to pay ANY 'tax' or fee or levy or rates unless they have so agreed to by virtue of having signed any such 'agreement' without being coerced or, unless they agree to the provision of services to their property, and in this case, the 'terms' of said 'provision' by any service provider must be agreed to by the individual and not 'forced' upon them.

It is I to now state that if you are funding any institution that imposes 'restrictions, fines or levies' or codes of conduct having punitive attachments for non-conformity upon others or yourself, then you are a 'faithless' person that is paying the wages of 'servants' that are causing others to suffer by interfering in their lives, causing them frustration, deprivation, mental and emotional trauma, monetary impoverishment, punishment and harm and, - - - you will be forced to suffer the same fate before you can arrive at heaven's gate.

Any 'fearless' and true spiritual 'guide' would tell the people to be 'brave' and not support any person or institution that used or uses force to invade, conquer, enslave, dictate, extort, coerce, control, punish, destroy or kill. For in so doing one is being faithful to the dominion of the Dark destroyer and faithless to the dominion of the Light of Creation.

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~ The nature of the Serpent ~

The nature of the energy of the Serpent is absolute deception, temptation & destruction, and it justifies the use of FORCE to gain, attain, control, subjugate, steal, seize, impose, invade, conquer, extort, punish, kill and destroy. "Why is this so"? Because the 'word' Serpent is simply the 'description' given to the DARK energy of the Source that is 'opposite' in nature to the Light energy of the Source, and it is absolutely merciless, vindictive, cruel, unforgiving and destructive and, - - -

This energy 'tempts' man telepathically to use it. It can only tempt man through their inner 'sin,' being the dark 'emotional' energy within the soul of man that is in fact a 'part' of ITS energy that arrogant man drew into their souls as they 'supped' on it over the ages of eternal time whilst in spiritual realms and whilst in the flesh of this world. (emotions of fear, greed, pride, vanity, anger, jealousy, hatred etc.)

The Dark energy essence is a 'mist' that arises in the mind of man as does the genie arise out of the magic lamp 'offering' to do anything its 'master' wishes. How does it accomplish this? By telepathically inviting man to invoke the 'forbidden to use' forceful energy of God. Thus is man tempted, and as man defies God and uses forceful energy to take or control or destroy and cause others 'loss or pain or disadvantage' in the process, he the ignorant 'fool' is very 'happy and pleased' and feels satiated and powerful, seeing not that there is a  'price' to be paid.

What is the price? It is simply the fulfillment of God's immutable Law: "As you do unto others is done unto you by others on an equal and thus 'eye for an eye' basis," and the vain or greedy or arrogant or ignorant one sees not that they placed themselves into the punitive aspect of the ONE Law of God, and as IT balances ITS 'scales of justice' using some other person's DARK 'genius,' they are forced to suffer the same injury and agony in this or the after-life.

The Serpent also used unholy 'church' men to 'sow' discontent amongst those of other tribes and creeds and to wage war upon multitudes, and IT the Serpent 'falsified' the TRUTH in their minds so that they then condoned and 'justified' the use of the 'forbidden to use' dark, forceful and destructive energy from the Tree of Evil, and all their 'followers' being seekers of peace, love, freedom and Salvation were bound to darkness and more suffering, and are still deceived, - - - until they read this epistle of light.

Woe and more woe is now to unfold in this and every realm outside of Heaven, for such is the destiny of all who forget the true God; so perishes the hope of the godless, for the destiny of the godless is WOE, and they lose all hope as they suffer for they understand not 'why.' Foolish are those that seek the 'protection' of armed forces, politicians and the court of man. All are doomed to suffer the consequence, for they see not that all 'injury, deprivation, loss' etc., caused unto others in their name by their 'servants' becomes a spiritual due that they ahead must suffer within God's Law.

All will now be faced by an alien demonic 'race' operating telepathically through the minds of the 'possessed' on earth that are vain, arrogant and insane who will be seen more and more, and 'they the invisible ones' operating through their minds cannot be 'pacified' nor 'reasoned' with, for their minds are in the absolute control of the Serpent (Dark essence) that knows everything that you arrogantly or ignorantly did unto others using ITS forceful energy, and IT will most certainly now do the same to you using ITS invisible punitive and destructive army.

Yes, the last 'battle' for the soul of man has begun, it is a battle within the MIND of man, being thoughts that are either benign, kind, merciful and forgiving v/s thoughts that are malignant, cruel, vengeful, merciless and destructive.  Those of you that cannot control your dark emotions will find 'justification' to interfere, injure, destroy property and maim or kill and your spiritual destiny is to be bleak agony indeed.

Those of you that follow the 'orders' of other men or the unconscionable text 'rules' within books of men have no 'choice' to heed your inner conscience 'voice' and are also doomed, for you will be merciless as you persecute others for and on behalf of said rules or orders and you will condemn your own soul to ongoing suffering as you place your own 'self' into the punitive aspect of God's immutable Law.

Any person that has become a person needing 'correction' in the dark underworld needs to understand that there is NO 'hope' in that place, for everyone wields a powerful mace, and any that enter therein without my 'grace' and wisdom will NEVER be released, so it is best for everyone to understand what I say, so that IF they seek 'freedom,' they will have the 'means' to strengthen their minds so that they can suffer their dues and NOT retaliate.

Any person that continues to be an aggressive person using coercion or forceful means to intimidate, control, extort money, steal, injure, punish or kill is a person that for sure will by the weight of their own inner 'sin,' (dark emotional energy) be dragged down into the Abyss for a time and more time that in all probability will continue on for eternity.

Any person assuming the role of spiritual 'guide' or leader that fails to tell all armed men that they will go to Hell if they do not lay down their arms are deceivers, being infidels that are totally 'hypnotised' by the 'charms' of the Serpent and are deserving of their coming fate. Deception of God's children is pure iniquity.

God warned man a long time ago that they must not rely on the 'sword' or the strength of mans 'arm' for protection, and that they must ONLY rely on His "Go your way in peace" WORD.  For all 'activity' has an equal and opposite reaction within the Law of God and that 'return' is either benign or malignant dependent upon 'which' energy of God was used in the first instance.

Use force to control, subjugate, injure, destroy or dispossess and you will receive an equal 'malignant' return and suffer the same.
Use love to educate, freely give, uplift and assist and you will receive an equal return 'Tribute' and enjoy the same 'benefits.'

There is no 'official' position nor 'mandate' of man that voids or nullifies the application of God's LAW.  God is GOD not man.

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~ The Messiah 'Judgement' Decree ~
Pretenders to God's Throne

There are many people that are pretenders to God's throne, and they are exceedingly unwise and their 'cries' will soon fill the skies. For their arrogance is broad and wide as over this planet they stride with voices loud and demanding as they say: "Follow me for I know the way" or, "Elect me for I will protect you."

They are those that 'preach' to multitudes saying: "We are teachers of spiritual truth and salvation," but they are not, for they know not the true way that was lost long before their earthly day and, all they actually do is to keep you all in bondage to the teachings of their forefathers that in essence were and yet are untrue, and these are the 'clerics, bishops, priests, ayatollah's, popes, avatars, clergymen' and many others that all pompously 'elevate' and impose their 'beliefs' upon God's flocks.

They also are those that forcefully 'manage' Empires and earthly Kingdoms, and their political 'warriors' invoke 'proclamations' day after day that 'entrap, enslave, tax, interfere, control and regulate,' and their enforcers strut around with minds 'resolute' as they wield their unholy books of rules and 'berate, punish, torture or kill,' and I say that these too are in for a mighty 'spill' on a soon coming day because, they too lead God's flocks astray and all walk the wrong way.

So I say that all are 'doomed' to a very long and painful time in the dark realms below as the fulfillment of God's Law they get to know, and the forces of darkness will upon them leave their punitive 'mark,' and many will 'die in their sin' because of their vanity, pride, ignorance and coming insanity.

Is there any 'hope' for even one of these 'worldly' important personages? Maybe, so for all of them I write this my personal Decree:

"The Decree"

I categorically state that not one of you will 'attain' heaven's 'gate' when of the flesh you are set free, for not one is deserving to see that heavenly place because, you are all a disgrace to God and me for you all deceive and control and weave Satan's 'spell' upon many for a false 'penny.'

Those of you that 'religiously' preach do so from contaminated teachings. Those of you that offer 'protection' are controlling, coercive, forceful and punitive, and you also by example teach those under your 'spell' that the earthly 'Empire' you 'manage' and its 'flag' is more sacred than God's Word of "Peace," thus you hear not the 'ringing' of God's final bell.

Is there any 'hope' for even one of you that a long time ahead you might become 'freed' from agony and dread? Yes, but only on the following 'conditions' given by me the spirit soul from eternity.

1 - From the moment this document and Decree you have 'read,' you boldly tell all those under your 'command' to turn now to the Light of God, being the fresh message given by God on my web sites, and you set them free from your influential interpretation of God's Salvation message.

2 - You advise everyone you knew, know or meet that they must no longer fund any punitive systems of man and, that they are to lay down their weapons and 'bow' in subservience to God's primary truthful and ruling Command as given in this document.

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

3 - You 'retire' into a 'retreat' so that you can read and absorb everything written by me so that you can reprogram your 'twisted' understanding of the truth, and you lay aside every 'bible' or other supposed holy book because, if you keep referring to them, then you will be eternally bound in Satan's den.

4 - You fortify your mind in the manner prescribed by me in the Star prayer document and prepare to meet any aggressor with your hands either in your pockets or tied to your feet, for IF you retaliate in ANY way then for this folly as said, you will eternally pay.

5 - You will spend the remaining days of your earthly life with God's fresh wisdom and truth as your 'wife,' and do your very best to show HIM that you have turned over a new 'leaf,' as you share and care and let compassion and mercy and forgiveness be your 'ware.'

6 - When you depart the flesh and find yourself 'elsewhere,' then you will see what you will see and IF you remember me and this Decree and keep IT in your heart then maybe, far ahead, when all your dues have been 'met,' then God will set you free to be elevated to a better space.


This Decree also applies to those of you that bear 'arms' and kill, or intimidate or berate or control or punish or incarcerate.

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~ My Religious ideological Belief ~

It is my fervent religious ideological belief that:

God is my head of house and my Lord and Master, not man nor institution of man.
God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law is the law of this and every land.
I must obey God's "Go your way in peace" Command and never fund punitive, forceful or terrorist activities.

It is my fervent religious ideological belief that:

The cause of all suffering results from man departing from the reliance of God's holy words: "Rely not on the strength of arms to defend or protect you, for if you so do then you or others will raise up a sword, axe or gun in 'protection' or 'aggression' against others, and this activity is in contravention of My 'Peace' Command, and in so doing all lose the divine protection granted by Me, and as you or those in your employ go forth forcefully causing others pain, loss, banishment, emotional travail or other they invoke the punitive aspect of My ONE Law and all then suffer the consequence."

It is my fervent religious ideological belief that:

Any person such as myself that does not require the protection of police, armies, or other 'strong men' must never fund any person or institution that has within its 'mandate' any rules permitting its workers to go forth backed by arms to enslave, control, regulate, extort, steal, seize, invade, impose sanction, punish, interfere, kill or destroy. It would be immoral and unconscionable for me to fund 'protection' as God would see my actions as 'unfaithful,' and God only promises His divine protection to the faithful.

It is my fervent religious ideological belief that:

No person nor institution has the 'legal' right to invoke rules that gives its operatives 'license' to coerce others and force them to support and fund any code of conduct policy that is in contravention of:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

It is my fervent religious ideological belief that:

I must never disturb the peace of the land nor interfere in the lives of others.
I have the God given right to live by my own peaceful code of conduct.
In my opinion a 'majority' vote must never be used to force 'some' to bow to the decisions of the majority.

It is my fervent religious ideological belief that:

I do not have to live in the 'manner' that others live or dictate.
I am not a slave to any man or institution.
I would be a slave to a man or institution if I let them force me to submit to their ways.

It is my fervent religious ideological belief that:

I have the democratic right to live by my own conscience as long as I do not disturb the peace of God's land.
The use of force for any reason is forbidden by God.
If any armed or unarmed men abuse me I must never retaliate.

It is my fervent religious ideological belief that:

Crime and punishment is only perpetrated by men with minds unsound.
Those that offend God need 'correction' using compassion, care and education.
Code of conduct policies for 'guidance' living ways must not be enforced by punishment.

It is my fervent religious ideological belief that:

I must only support, condone or fund benign community effort.
I must only pay for the provision of services that I personally need or use or wish to.
I must rely on God's Word of peace and never use armed forces for my protection.

 It is my fervent religious ideological belief that:

The 'dictated' rules of men are but political 'edicts,' and are not the law of the land.
Education, compassion and forgiveness is the way, not punishment and War.
I must never allow myself to be 'bullied' or coerced into changing my ideology of love, peace, and mercy.

It is my fervent religious ideological belief that:

If I support, condone or fund any 'warlike' controlling, subjugating, terrorising, interfering, taxing, punitive or destructive person, ideology, or institution of man, then the 'intelligence' of God's massive and invisible Dark energy will 'hound' me and seek to balance ITS Scales of Justice by ensuring that I suffer all the deprivation, loss, terror or injury imposed upon others by my 'servants' and, - - -

I believe that the same Dark intelligence would do ITS utmost to deceive me and to coerce me into continuing to give support to the warring institution, so that IT the Dark could justifiably destroy my spirit soul, for having proven its infidelity to the "Go your way in peace & love one another" Command of the Creator, God the supreme leader of mankind.

It is I Terence the Spirit of Truth to reinstate the 'rule' of "Peace" via my pen guided by His power, and I return with a terrifying message from Him the most high that says: "All that now continue to control, regulate, tax, punish or destroy my children will for an eternity FRY."

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~ The spiritual reality ~

It needs to be clearly understood by the 'reader' of this judgement that living the practice of ones belief is ones RELIGION. The proof of ones religion is our daily interaction with others for all to see, be it peaceful, benign, merciful & forgiving or intrusive, malignant , unforgiving & punitive.

The LIGHT of God rules my mind and is my conscience, and my conscience is the basis of my religious ideological belief. It needs be understood that any person or official imposing their belief backed by force of arms, control, coercion, punishment etc., is a person either with their conscience backed by the DARK Devil or, they have set aside their conscience for their 'wage' (30 pieces of silver) and, their daily interaction with others (Religious ideology) is 'governed' by rules/laws/acts in a book of TEXT.

Let it be clearly understood that you cannot exercise your conscience when your 'boss' is the dictatorial TEXT in a book because the TEXT is unconscionable and is what forces man serving IT the text to defy God and become merciless, unforgiving, cruel and destructive.

Let it be clearly understood that when kings, chiefs, 'mandarins' or politicians invoke 'statutes' having punitive 'decrees' attached which send forth their/your 'servants' the army or armed police to arrest and imprison people, thereby setting these 'unfortunates' upon the trail of TORTURE & TEARS, that the Just outcome is as follows, - - -

Demonic forces in dark spiritual wastelands below do know, and they then gather around and sharpen their 'spears' in readiness for THE DAY when the forces men or you come their way in the after life, and they for sure will make you endure the 'Justice' of TORTURE & TEARS as you 'pay up' your spiritual dues.

Man may 'judge' man ONLY within the precepts of the 'Offender document' in that 'we' must only judge another as being in error and thus in need of educational correction and enlightenment. The moment 'we' impose punishment then we are 'playing' God and we suffer within God's immutable LAW: "As you do unto others will by others be done unto you."

Everyone is free to believe in their ideology and to live by it, be it the religion of Peace or that of War. Those that believe in Peace must not pay taxes to any institution of the opposite religion that has the ideological belief in control, extortion, interference, protection, punishment, or killing.

Any person living by the 'warring' ideology place their own soul into the punitive aspect of God's "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you," and this means that the more you or your servants interfere, control, tax or punish etc., the more of the same is imposed upon YOU by God operating through His earthly forces of retribution, being the ignorant, vain and arrogant.

The arrogant and ignorant mortal men that interfere, control or punish are used by the Dark Sovereign Power (God) to mete out 'Karmic retribution' against others, be it mental, emotional or material, and the interference, control or punishment is the fulfillment of the punitive aspect of God's divine Law in ACTION via the arrogant and ignorant and, - - -

As this 'agony' or loss was imposed by mortal men/women it follows that ahead, they will also suffer the same in this world or the next and, - - - it also follows that also complicit will suffer the same and, - - -

It is truly the time for those that do disturb the peace of the land to be treated with respect and to be educated rather than being punished, and this is to be accomplished by their attendance to a 'Feeling Easier' seminar program as give in Item 1 of the 'Offender document.'

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~ The Kingdom of Heaven ~

The 'Kingdom of Heaven' also known as 'The Kingdom of God' is a real place that exists at the pinnacle of the purest and most 'refined' level of 'vibration' of the LIGHT spiritual energy essence of God, and it 'sits' adjacent to the pinnacle of the DARK energy essence of God, and within this realm of pure light energy are countless spirit beings that have lived there forever and ever or, from the time that their personal spiritual 'test' was completed.

There is no 'one' son of God as 'reported' by men of the 'cloth,' for within the highest realm are as said, countless sons & daughters of God (women & men - female & male) spirit beings who have crystal clear souls (free of dark energy) within. Thus all these most beautiful people are 'Christ' souls in that they are free of dark sinful energy and thus beyond the 'temptation' to sup on forceful energy.

It follows that they have only Light energy within and its nature justifies the free GIVING of everything, and it is the totality of kindness, respect, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and creativity. It is not an 'airy fairy' place, it is a place that is crystal clear and more 'real' than this, and as the people therein are 'free of inner sin' they are more beautiful to behold than can be imagined, for it is only dark energy that distorts the creation of God, hence demons are depicted as 'beasts' with ugly faces, and that too is factual.

In this 'kingdom' of God there is no need to 'take by force' or steal or control or berate for everyone gives freely of their 'all,' and there is no 'denial' of anything and no restriction or inhibition or prohibition. The 'sky' is the limit of which there is NO limit, and as ones consciousness expands over time and eternal time as more 'light' energy is drawn in, the individual finds that there is no limit on God's 'inspiration,' and the result of this is far beyond the wildest 'dreams' of the mortal mind to comprehend.

Within your biological body is your spirit soul, and it lives on after your flesh has dropped to the ground, and dependent upon the inner 'energy' vibration of your soul is the resultant 'attraction' to one or another of thousands of realms in spirit, from the highest down to the lowest.

The Kingdom of Heaven has the benign aspect of God as Monarch, and the ONE Rule is 'Love one another and go your way in peace' and this is what everyone does, and there is no 'spirit' person as 'king or queen or leader,' for everyone is a shining star with their own unique and wonderful song to sing, and there is no 'restriction' upon anyone for all are free to do what they wish or are inspired to by the Light. Certainly there are some 'spirit souls' that are much older and wiser than others for some as I were created an eternity ago, and God is forever creating spirit people and thus young souls are born ad infinitum to begin their eternal journey and existence.

The realm of heaven is not 'tiny' as is our known or unknown universe, for IT goes on forever and ever and you can never reach the end of travelling here or there or anywhere, and at every place you visit you will be welcomed, adored and loved. Heaven is a place as earth with mountains and seas and flowers and trees and rivers and everglades, and your eyes are not 'dim' for they see all with crystal clarity and your emotional state is one of permanent liquid joy and happiness and ecstasy, for it is Paradise and, God's face fills the sky and smiles down on His creation.

Try and understand that His heavenly Kingdom has NO darkness within it, and He protects its 'borders' with all His invincible Might and NO million trillion men are strong enough to invade its shores, for He is Almighty God and He will not permit one 'speck' of darkness to be a 'blot' on His forever moving 'canvas.'

Try and understand that there are thousands upon thousands of 'realms' or worlds or levels of consciousness outside the pure light of heaven, and this world and its universe is but one, and they are ALL 'Kingdoms of God,' but every realm outside of Heaven contains arrogant or ignorant or vain or proud or hateful or fearful people that defied His Truthful & Primary ruling Command and drew dark energy into their souls. (Sin - negative emotions)

These 'troubled souls' are ALL ruled by the stern and foreboding and punitive aspect of God the Father who uses malignant, forceful and controlling earthly men inspired from the Dark to be His instruments of subjugation & retribution, and these arrogant men that walk the wide road to Hell force everyone to be impoverished or to 'suffer' in one way or another. Neither they nor you realising that it is simply your 'due' within the Dark aspect of God's ONE Law for continuing to defy the Truthful Primary ruling Command of the Creator as you support and fund WAR and the ongoing impositions upon others.

There is NO 'paradise' awaiting the warrior 'clans' that go forth interfering, controlling, punishing or killing in the name of God, flag, honour, nation or valour.  For they are the deceived that believed the false teachings of their forefathers and men of the 'cloth,' and all fall into the 'pit' of agony for a time and a time and they fight on, and suffer on and on and on and, their suffering grows and grows as more darkness is drawn in, and greater the burden of their inner sin. 

The 'belief' promoted by men of 'power' and men of the 'cloth' that 'valorous' warriors attain the 'glory' and ecstasy of Heaven is the deception of Satan who sought and yet seeks out the ignorant to be his 'tools' of destruction. This he does so that he can then 'justifiably' destroy them for their arrogance and defiance of God.

The reason why there is so much 'emotion' and tears felt by all attending war memorial ceremonies is due to the fact that attendees are 'feeling' the ongoing anguish being felt by the fallen warriors that are suffering on and on, and they can only be released when you show them the ONE and ONLY way forward by your new 'Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness' example that they can see.

There is a simple reality that is just like the 'snakes & ladders' board game, for it matters not how far 'up' the slopes of the mountain you have climbed, for if you get 'bitten' by the Serpent and become unwise,* then you fall down the 'tubes' and can end up at 'square' ONE. Yes, once a person has defied their Creator and been 'cast out' of the Light of the 'Garden of Eden' it can be an eternal journey of 'hardship' to find your way home again. So please now follow ME as only I know the TRUE reality and way.

Note: and become unwise, - the 'bite' of the Serpent is ITS justification to use ITS critical, aggressive, forceful and punitive condemnation of the other, and you then forget the Command of God and your benign conscience, respect and 'reason' and, you become cloaked by its dark energy and you 'strike' out in anger and cause the other pain during your 'moments' of insanity.

It is the 'bite' of the Serpent operating through the minds of the vain leaders of men that convinces them to send their warrior forces over land and sea to 'sting' ITS enemies for and on ITS behalf. For the Serpent is simply the retributive 'arm' of the dark aspect of the Source that is 'balancing' ITS 'Scales of Justice.'

Defenders of the Faith are not aggressive, nor do they use force to uphold or promote any particular named religion such as Islam or Christianity or any other, for they know that 'faithfulness' has got nothing to do with 'Churches or Mosques' or other places of 'worship,' as it is solely the adherence to and acknowledgement of God's TRUTHFUL Primary Ruling Command:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

They uphold their belief by being absolute pacifists that go about their daily business peacefully, and they show others the true way by example, and by educating them.  Those that use force to defend or confront or terrorise or kill are the 'lost' race that show God by their actions that they have not yet understood the reason for love, peace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. *

Note:  the reason for love, peace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness. - When you fight to defend or fight to become free you are using dark forceful & destructive  energy that 'stains' and contaminates your soul, thus you cannot attain true freedom, for the more you abuse or injure or criticise or fight and deny God's Love, the further your soul is drawn away from the light of heaven, and when it departs the flesh of this world it falls deeper into the dark.

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~ Why do we not need 'religions'? ~

Because, they are organisations holding 'firm' beliefs in their RIGHT to RULE and impose their 'decrees' upon all and, - - - they hold 'firm' beliefs in their RIGHT to punish or kill (governments) or, 'Church officials' also believe in their RIGHT to impose strictures and to 'excommunicate' and also in killing, as they do back men of arms and, - - - they 'walk in' and teach falsity because they are ignorant of THE TRUTH now revealed by my pen.

Few realise that sexual activity is not a 'sin' and neither is 'celibacy from sex' a 'heavenly' requirement.  THE 'celibate' requirement required to attain THE Light of Heaven is that you remain 'celibate' from using God's DARK energy essence, for IF you use IT then you contaminate your own soul with IT and preclude yourself from rising UP.

Religions teach that God is 'elsewhere' and that their 'priests' stand between God and you. That is also error, for your soul is made up of God's energy, being a unique aspect of IT and, - - - IT (God's energy) is here and now ever present INVISIBLY and is what 'activates you' as you draw upon IT in your interaction with others. 

When you depart the 'flesh' your spirit soul and consciousness is drawn to to a 'realm' or level of consciousness with an EQUAL energy vibration. (One of thousands which exist from the pure Light above to the pure Dark below)

Irrespective of your religious affinity or belief, you can ONLY enter heaven when your soul is FREE from any 'sin' within. (Negative emotions) God's outpouring Light is now intensifying to purge your soul and can ONLY so DO if YOU halt your use of Dark energy.

How does one know that IT is being used? If your actions are other than that commanded of God you are in 'danger,' thus please try and ensure that your actions towards others are ALWAYS peaceful, loving, kind, respectful, considerate, compassionate, merciful and forgiving. If any thought enters your mind which tries to 'seduce' you into being critical, vindictive, unkind, injurious or destructive etc., then THAT thought must be 'quashed' as you deny IT and look to the light of the Star prayer to assist you.

In order to be able to so do you will be required to follow my 'lead' and use the Star prayer in book 1 of 9 -

Fail in this and you FAIL to become free within and you will FALL.

The Dark energy of God controls the human race and keeps it revolving within ITS (God's) punitive 'eye for an eye' Law as IT telepathically uses 'sinful' people to control other people and to punish them for any non-conformity.

This dominating control via imposition of threat and coercion and punishment is obvious in a 'family' environment when a person dominates and controls the other but, - - - it is also taking place in every aspect of government decree, coercion and punishment as well as in every other 'religion' which also imposes its 'strictures' with punishment factors and 'banishment' for non-conformity.

The ONLY way OUT of this slide into oblivion and suffering is to HALT any 'expression' of demand or control or threat or punishment of another person and to HALT your funding or support of any 'forceful' person - group - government - religion - - - for ALL exert CONTROL and domination and interference in the lives of others.

"Go your way in peace & love one another"


"Live it or die" - WHY?

The more we control others the more we are controlled by others. The more we fund systems of man (governments) or any other 'religion' which controls others and 'us,' the more ALL are controlled by THE DARK SOVEREIGN POWER. (God) All become 'bound' by HE within His immutable Law and worse still, as we control others using His dark energy IT grows within our soul and draws man down into the depths, ITS ''lair.'

God FORBADE man to use His dominating, forceful, controlling, subjugating, interfering, punitive and absolutely destructive ENERGY.
(The 'fruit' of the Tree of knowledge of Good & Evil.)

STOP allowing others to control you by their decrees, fees, licences, taxes, permits, fines etc., and take the 'punishment' ALTERNATIVE, which is 'jail' or theft of your property etc., and THUS your outstanding 'suffering' dues to God are paid. Do NOT pay 'fines' or you are STILL supporting THE Dark Power and accruing more dues to God as these 'funds' are used to support punitive organisations.

Just suffer in silence and become FREE

"There is NO other alternative" says the Dark Sovereign Power (God) via ME.

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~ The thin white line ~

The thin white line of perfection is like a white line along the centre of a tarmac road. The only difference being that if you 'cross' over IT into the 'opposing' and dangerous energy 'flow' then you surely HAVE 'eaten dirt' as you swerved away from adhering to God's Holy Word, and the dark energy you used and drew INTO your soul you cannot 'ever' remove because IT (Dark energy) does FOREVER contaminate your spirit soul.

Yes, God's Dark energy IS what it IS, and only SHE the Light of God can remove IT through her outpouring 'grace' which 'brightens' the sky of Heaven each eternity, and IT (Her light energy) and only IT can purge you IF you stop drawing more dark energy IN.

I reiterate; it can ONLY be removed by the power of God's outpouring LIGHT and ONLY if in the PRESENT and the future you never again argue, criticise, injure, steal or fight with others, for if any of these things you do, then you again draw more dark energy IN, which as said, remains within for ITS power of 'attraction' is unlimited and far stronger than any 'glue.'

So remember, - - - IF it is Salvation that you seek then always remain humble and meek and within the constraints and 'precepts' of God's Holy Command of: "Peace, not the Sword" and never retaliate in the face of adversity.

Do this for yourself and for me and God's 'face' of LOVE you will see.

Although every religion on earth has the 'peace & love' Light of God within its teachings 'somewhere,' and the words Islam or Christian or Buddhist or Hindu or 'Catholicism' are used daily, - - - the FACTUAL 'livingness' of being or doing the TRUE 'peaceful, merciful, compassionate, loving and forgiving' ACTIVITY as REQUIRED by GOD of man are NOT. It follows that adherents to 'religion' have LOST the ONE and only WAY as prescribed by God.

How so? Because THE Religion * of the DARK 'devilish' ORDER of absolute domination, interference, subjugation, extortion, fine, punishment and killing has cunningly invaded EVERY 'belief' of man VIA the dictates of vain and arrogant mortal men of War backed by their armed forces.

Note: Religion * - the ideological doctrine adhered to, be IT 'War or Peace' ~ mercy & forgiveness or the opposite of; merciless persecution, subjugation and punishment.

Yes, in the guise of 'Secular' institutions this very Dark Religion has seized CONTROL of every land mass on earth and is in FACT the government institutions. For they and their officials are ruled by their own RULES of engagement which force everyone in the land to bow to the RULING dictates or be punished, disadvantaged, evicted or destroyed. (Crucified)

Yes, through using and 'playing with' God's forbidden to use Dark destructive energy essence man is now totally BOUND by IT, and the use of IT now appears 'normal.' Only those who have the 'nous' to comprehend what I say and CHANGE from being wolves to being lambs will be set FREE by the LIGHT of God, She.

No 'one' is above any other, and everyone now needs to comprehend the existence of the twin energies of God:

Creative & destructive ~ Benign & malicious

Ask yourself, "Why would God have a LAW: 'As you sow so shall ye reap' IF it was not so"?
In every level of consciousness, be it material or spiritual ~ For every 'action' there is an equal and opposite reaction.

There is NO democracy nor freedom on earth today as all are bound over to the 'Imperial Lion,' being the Dark Sovereign overlord, God THE FATHER, who keeps man bound as 'serfs' and ON the wide road to Hell for their continued defiance of His Holy Command.

The ONLY way to become FREE is to STOP funding the extortion and iniquity and, - - -
Go your personal way 'peacefully' in compliance with HIS Command.

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~ The secret of the cross of 'crucifixion' ~

The 'struggle' for inner peace and freedom is the one within the mind and emotions, and the wise and brave do not turn into a dark 'knave' when faced by adversity. For they lean on God's Holy Word and 'suffer' rather than raising a sword, for they are true believers and in their 'crucifixion' they pay their accrued spiritual dues in not retaliating, and as they 'turn the other cheek' and 'go as a lamb to the slaughter,' they are thus set free from their own past iniquity as God 'balances' His 'Scales of Justice,' and they are then spiritually 'saved' by God's Grace.

Seekers of Salvation need to understand that one cannot serve two Masters, for the heavenly Monarch God has one 'policy,' and every earthly 'Sovereign' has a different one.  Our Sovereign Monarch God Commands the use of love and creative energy and its ideal;

The 'ideal' being the belief in:
 Peace, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)
the aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times.

The other is the FALSE religion.

For every earthly 'State' or Sovereign Monarchy controls their 'subjects using force, and thus the 'ideal' is the belief in the justification for:

 War, cruelty, control, deception, disrespect, vengeance, torture, killing & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)
Thus the 'follower' is thus an aggressor that terrorises and injures others when they feel 'justified' to so do.

If your allegiance is NOW to BE with God then you cannot be 'seen' by man or God to be 'requiring' the protection of armed men, thus you cannot vote for an earthly head' of house for God is THE head of house, and neither can you support, condone nor fund any person or institution that uses a 'part' of the money or 'taxes' to pay the wages of armed enforcers.  For these men go forth daily with the INTENT and DEED of interfering in the lives of others, controlling their business and leisure activities, stealing their earnings and seizing their property, punishing them for any defiance of political dictates, and causing them mental, emotional and physical injury etc.

Within every known and named 'sect' of man made 'religions' are people 'wishing' to serve God and believing that they are so doing and thus 'saved,' but in reality, as all by deed in one way or another 'bow' to the dictates of earthly monarchs they are all in grave error.

I say to everyone seeking Salvation that it is now time to adhere strictly to the TRUE religion of LOVE by giving God ones allegiance and forsaking all 'others,' for all other 'monarchs' or institutional 'governments' or religious 'orders' are 'headed' by men that are 'pretenders' to God's throne, and all lead mankind astray as they USE the 'forbidden to use' Dark forceful and destructive energy of God in their control and other 'strictures' imposed upon the people of every land.

The 'voting' for a person to 'head' any controlling, aggressive, punitive or forceful institution is by God deemed as a 'violation' of ones allegiance to God, and it proves to God that one has given ones allegiance over to said institution.

The 'funding' of any controlling, aggressive, punitive or forceful person, group or institution is also by God deemed as a 'violation' of ones allegiance to God, and it proves to God that you are a 'faithless' and unworthy 'seed' and deserving to be swept into the Abyss for condoning and funding terrorist activities, and you will be forced to suffer and endure great deprivation and agony. Being the 'ongoing' return 'due' accrued by you within the Law of God, and your ONLY 'hope' is to make amends to God TODAY as you reinstate your allegiance with God as you turn over a new leaf and become meek, humble, respectful and peaceful in your interaction with others, and you ONLY condone, support and fund benign community effort.

Now begins the separation of souls, the good seed from the bad seed, and soon this earth will be swept clean of all spirit souls that continue to defy God, and the meek and peaceful will remain, having been guided by this pen, and thereafter any spirit incarnating will only enter from pure Light and this place will be a peaceful and loving place as is the Kingdom of Heaven.  Where will your present journey end, in the Light or the Dark? Your eternal destiny now lies within the power of your mind.

Let us now link hands and quickly spread this 'gospel of truth' unto the ends of the earth so that many walking into darkness can be saved.

This is what I say today to every seeker of Salvation and others.

"Bear 'arms' and you will die in your sin - Bury your weapons, do no harm, and live."
"Love one another & go your way in peace"

Terence - the Plenipotentiary of God

Page 12

~ The 'legislative' Decree ~
Politicians, Emperors, Chiefs and other officials

Let it be clearly understood that our God is the ONE to 'Decree' what will now BE, via me.

The 'authority' granted to man by THE Father (God) was misunderstood by man and every 'knee' must now bow to THE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY (God) the LIGHT who directs me.

Any decree of mortal man or woman who is 'dominating, ordering or legislating' any 'rules' which are NOT within the precepts of God's; 'Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate & forgiving' COMMAND, will now be abolished by me the 'voice' of God today who via me does say:

"I Decree that every 'rule' of man enacted is now abolished, for it is I (Mother) the LIGHT to pave the way forward which will BE as Commanded by ME, and thus never again on earth will any person raise up edicts which are dominating, controlling, subjugating, taxing or punishing any of MY children for ANY reason.

Father agrees but stipulates that; every person who in the past and until the day 'peace on earth' reigns, has or yet does impose legislation upon others, will 'pay' their FULL dues to HIM for their arrogance in assuming that they are as HE is, - - THE SUPREME AUTHORITY.

So BE it, I have spoken and My scribe will add to this."

Let it be understood by the reader that any political or official 'position' enabling any person or group to impose 'strictures' backed by force of arms will definitely lead all those complicit straight into the 'arms' of demonic forces now to be seen here, there, and everywhere.

IF you are a 'legislator' of rules or a person using force of arms to impose or, are inflicting punishment for non-conformity to rules, you ARE OPERATING ILLEGALLY within the 'eyes' of GOD THE FATHER. You the individual are ONLY 'permitted' to:

'Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate & forgiving'

All outstanding spiritual 'pain, loss, suffering' dues to God resulting from your past legislated impositions will BE ongoing until such time as ALL said legislation has BEEN ABOLISHED, and thus no longer being USED as the means to dominate, subjugate, tax, punish or control.

This also applies to those who have or will 'pass over' out of the flesh back into realms of spirit. There is NO surcease of God's immutable LAW, be IT in this or other realms of consciousness. All suffering imposed upon others continues to become a 'due' upon the 'heads' of those who legislated IT as well as those who impose the 'punishment' factor.

What is my 'advice' to every politician?

"Rescind your position of IMPROPRIETY, and turn to God and become a 'lamb' as you now do your best to 'quicken' the ABOLITION of all past legislation, so that all controlled and impoverished by said legislation as well as those upholding IT can be set FREE, and become 'safe' in God's eyes and more wise."

There will always be people wishing to remain IN 'power' and IN 'control' of others in being 'Lords of the Manor' or 'simple' terrorists, and they now will continue to 'stroll' over the face of this earth for a time causing pain, anguish, loss and much trauma to others because they are truly 'lost' and VERY vain. As their biological flesh becomes uninhabitable and their spirit soul departs into the lower realms they will continue on abusing others and being abused in return until ALL fall into the eternal FIRE.

I the simple messenger of God can ONLY put this Decree of God upon your 'plate,' and it is entirely up to you to 'eat' from IT or carry ON to Hell's GATE. I can 'assure' everyone that forever you will 'regret' your 'ways' IF you do enter the satanic place, for NO 'reason' is found therein and EVERYONE is absolutely vindictive and destructive and is also exposed to endless ONGOING agony, as all BERATE each other forever.

Terence, the Spirit of Truth

Page 13

~ The LION & the Illumination ~

The LION is now knocking on earth's door and all religious "bodies" are still asleep for sure, and it is I who has returned, verily the Prince of Peace to see WHO will their spiritual freedom earn in the manner spoken of by me the messenger of God, sent here again to "counsel" thee.

For you are all lost, and the very Devil does you all "stalk" from His land of "frost." Yes, it is very cold below for no light does there flow, and if you each personally can not now heed me or come to me see, then it is I to say: "You will fall below," and the REASON for this I now upon you bestow.

When in CONTROL of others you are 'God in action' and you are doing the Father's BIDDING (Imposing His 'Will' upon other sinners) but, - - -you are also at that moment defying His COMMAND and, - - - in doing His 'bidding,' - - - HIS Dark ENERGY is 'bidding' for your SOUL and accomplishing it.

How so? As you control others you are using His 'forbidden to use' dark forceful ENERGY and IT at that moment is contaminating your soul as IT flows through YOU.

Also, the WORD of GOD that Jesus did preach you do daily "breach." For you say or preach that:

"God will all believers forgive so they will in heaven live," and I say: "All must their dues pay, this is the LAW of God and the ONLY way."

So any who cannot now "die" as a lamb to the slaughter when confronted by the Reaper, will not become a heavenly son or daughter. No, for they will retaliate as they are confronted by the SWORD, thus showing God that the TRUE Holy Word they have not heard, and, as they in "non-forgiveness" retaliate, they will be filled with satanic hate and they then fall below as for IT the 'Devil' they did darkness Sow.

I STATE to all 'priests or clerics' what to my flocks under your control you must say. For any who now deny me the Light of Heaven will personally the very Devil's face get to see. I state IT here:

All persons who are personally engaged in the activity of religious 'stewardship' or spiritual 'advisor' must now themselves look directly to God and, - - - seed their minds with God's final message to humanity per my pen within The Testament of Truth and, - - - advise all their 'followers' to do the same as all 'Vicars' must now relinquish all 'controls' over God's children or 'suffer' the eternal consequence.

Look direct to God and 'bow' in ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE to His ~ Her Holy Command

If you seek PEACE now then IT begins with YOU and ONLY you. How so? If you use 'enforcers' or support their 'doctrinal dogma' in the USE of FORCE to attain peace, then you and they are using the 'forbidden to use' DARK DESTRUCTIVE ENERGY of God, the 'fruit' of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and IT (Sin, dark energy) grows within your soul and you accrue a DUE of suffering accompanied with NO PEACE.

So in order to attain PEACE you must lay down your weapons and 'permit' the punitive aspect of God's energy to 'balance itself' as YOU pay all outstanding spiritual dues to IT within ITS 'eye for an eye ~ as you did sow so shall ye reap' LAW and you then and ONLY then by IT operating through others will BE left in peace.

Terence, the Spirit of Truth

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~ The TRUE perspective ~

This perspective TRUE belongs to the 'core' of every persons conscience or 'religion' albeit they know it not and see IT not. For everyone on this planet 'belongs' to one or another of the 'ideological beliefs' which exist and are known as 'religions.'

It is I to now 'clarify' it further so that the TRUE perspective is understood because, if it is NOT, then man does 'brood' as he lays 'claim' to the true way but sees not the error of today.

A person professing to be a 'Christian' is a person true if they do have a 'clear' and rational mind* and thus are always peaceful, kind, loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those others yet sinfully living and, - - - YES, they ARE TRUE to the religion of 'Christianity' adhering to THE ONE TRUE FAITH and factually LIVING IT even when faced by adversity but, - -

A person professing to be a Christian who has a mind 'unsound' and irrational who does at times take 'offence' and raises their voice or hand or weapons to defend themselves or to fight against others who are defiant of God or, are in fact supporting or funding any person or system of government which is punitive or warlike is NOT a Christian, they are an 'infidel,' being an unfaithful deluded soul ON THE ROAD TO PERDITION.

A person professing to be a 'Buddhist' is a person true if they do have a 'clear' and rational mind* and thus are always peaceful, kind, loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those others yet sinfully living and, - - - YES, they ARE TRUE to the religion of 'Buddhism' adhering to THE ONE TRUE FAITH and factually LIVING IT even when faced by adversity but, - -

A person professing to be a Buddhist who has a mind 'unsound' and irrational who does at times take 'offence' and raises their voice or hand or weapons to defend themselves or to fight against others who are defiant of God or, are in fact supporting or funding any person or system of government which is punitive or warlike is NOT a Buddhist, they are an 'infidel,' being an unfaithful deluded soul ON THE ROAD TO PERDITION.

A person professing to be a 'Muslim is a person true if they do have a 'clear' and rational mind* and thus are always peaceful, kind, loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those others yet sinfully living and, - - - YES, they ARE TRUE to the religion of 'Islam' adhering to THE ONE TRUE FAITH and factually LIVING IT even when faced by adversity but, - -

A person professing to be a Muslim who has a mind 'unsound' and irrational who does at times take 'offence' and raises their voice or hand or weapons to defend themselves or to fight against others who are defiant of God or, are in fact supporting or funding any person or system of government which is punitive or warlike is NOT an Islamist, they are an 'infidel,' being an unfaithful deluded soul ON THE ROAD TO PERDITION.

As you can see, as I write this today (17 June 2013) everyone of every race and creed is an INFIDEL, be it knowingly or unknowingly because, from the time of their 'birth' they have been programmed by the false beliefs of their forefathers who themselves were misled.

If you are not 'strong enough' mentally and emotionally to HALT your support and funding of MEN who demand a 'fee' to licence your 'works' or who demand a 'tax' from your earnings to support their iniquity of control, subjugation and extortion, then you will NEVER become free from SLAVERY and greater will become your suffering and misery.

Please now lay down your 'arms' and say "NO" to extortionists making demands for your fiscal support and ONLY from now on fund, condone and support the benign provision of services to humanity. Education is the way forwards and upwards to THE LIGHT. Those who continue to 'extort' money backed by 'arms' or who punish and fight will fall far from the Light and Abysmal will BE their eternal plight.

OBEY your Creator and BOW to His ~ Her Command of peace & love & compassion & mercy  and forgive 'infidels' for their error.

Note: rational mind* - Having the words: "Cause no harm" to the fore and thus obeying God and remaining within the 'right & loving' benign return aspect of THE immutable and 'Just Justice' aspect of THE LAW of God. Those who "Cause harm" for any reason place themselves within the 'wrong & hateful" malignant return aspect of THE immutable and 'Just Justice' aspect of THE LAW of God and ahead suffer the same 'injury,' and they also draw 'Sin' (dark energy) into their soul.

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~ The inner energy 'Account' ~
'balancing the 'books'

The universal spiritual 'inner and outer' ENERGY mass is a 'LAW UNTO ITSELF' for SURE. It is similar to the 'Reserve Bank' of 'currency' that of its 'energy' GIVES freely out to any whom of IT would USE, as they upon others ITS power 'diffuse' through their interaction ACTIVITY, be IT 'benign or malignant.'


The 'law' of ENERGY stipulates that there must be and is an EQUAL return for the LOVE energy (benign) or the BURN energy (malignant) USED.

Yes, when you DARK forceful destructive energy USE and you others control, injure, dispossess, frighten, punish, condemn or BURN, - - - all the 'suffering or loss' and emotional anguish you imposed MUST upon your own 'head' and soul RETURN. (Absolute Justice)

Yes, when you LIGHT loving creative energy USE and you are GIVING of your kindness, love, compassion, merciful forgiveness and CARE to them uplift, - - - all so lovingly given MUST upon your own 'head' and soul RETURN. (Absolute Justice)

This FACT all must now LEARN and, - - - the 'Master Accountant' is the Sovereign Power GOD, who IS the ENERGY mass, and thus SHE ~ HE are the 'ones' to RETURN unto thee of their 'aspects' of the ENERGY used, at the time and in the place so ordained by THEIR consciousness, NOT YOURS.

So here we all 'stand' at TODAY so please 'listen' carefully to 'WHAT' I have to say:

"For an eternity you have been very controlling, unkind, disrespectful and 'rude' to every other 'dude,' (person) and being VAIN and arrogant you have caused a lot of PAIN knowingly or unknowingly.

This 'activity' has been 'permitted' by HE the Father for all the suffering imposed was the 'due' accrued by the OTHER for their own vanity and insanity as they were also RUDE. But NOW, - - - each and every ONE of you will BE imposed upon by HE operating clandestinely from far away, and ALL have accrued DUES to PAY.

Prepare to 'suffer or cry or die' in NON retaliation as 'great powers and forces' knock down your 'gate' and insanely 'pay back' your dues to YOU. If you do retaliate then you accrue a further due AND for Heaven will BE 'too late."

I ADD, - - - for those of you who lovingly did share your heart and 'care' - - - IT too will return and you will be 'protected' from the WRATH of HE for His Dark demonic forces below already KNOW 'who' you BE, and they will NOT 'harass or injure' THEE.

Try and UNDERSTAND that whatever you DO unto others reference 'kindness or punitively' you are doing IT unto YOURSELF because, the energy expressed 'positive or negative' comes BACK TO YOU 'lovingly or cruelly' at the time and in the place CHOSEN by the ENERGY, and IT is divine intelligence which is infinitely superior to yours.

The LIGHT does it utmost to UPLIFT you - IT is 'sanity & rational & reasonable'
The DARK does its UTMOST to put you DOWN - IT is 'insanity & irrational & unreasonable'

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~ Ones 'conscience' ~

Ones conscience is ones inner LIGHT energy 'core' of the soul which burns very bright. It is a 'part' of the Love core of God used to manifest your unique spirit soul. Its 'nature' is to GIVE & nurture and express TRUTH, and to uplift others lovingly, caringly, compassionately, mercifully and very respectfully, and IT contains NO 'Sin' within. (destructive dark energy)

Every benign or creative IDEA emanates from this 'Source of Light' within.

This positive energy essence is what keeps man 'sane' and happy and ABLE to BE the 'Light in action' at all times and in all situations with a steady and clear 'head' which is never 'confused' by conflicting thoughts. Thus the individual is rational, and at all times 'able' to remain within the precepts of God's 'peace & love & mercy & forgive' Command even when faced by adversity.

These 'absolute pacifists' are never a 'threat' to any other and always seek to assist the others who know not the true path of 'peace.'

The LAW of this Light energy is the same as the LAW of the Dark energy. As you use IT (The Light) and express 'kindness' upon others you receive an EQUAL bountiful return at some time when IT so decides.


Conversely ones unconscionable inner energy is the 'SIN' within, being ones negative emotions, being the Dark energy essence of God which man has drawn IN over aeons of time due to their defiance of His Command as they 'supped' on the fruit of the Tree of evil, (His forceful energy) and this energy has a very 'malicious' and destructive nature. 

These NEGATIVE emotions of anger, hatred, lust, jealousy, fear, greed etc., is what 'permits' us and forces us to to DENY our inner Light 'conscience' and BE 'unconscionable' and it is cunning, deceptive, misleading and untruthful and also merciless, disrespectful, cruel, and dominating and we become interfering, aggressive, vindictive, punitive, controlling and destructive and we 'disturb the peace of others on the land.'

Every malicious or destructive IDEA emanates from this 'Source of Dark' within.

As 'mortals' we must NOT 'forget' that irrespective of ones benign KIND or malignant UNKIND actions we ARE at all times and in ALL 'circumstance' subjects of God and subjected TO His immutable LAW:

"As you do unto others will by other be done unto you on an EQUAL and thus 'Just' eye for an eye basis"


It follows that the LAW of the Dark energy is the same as the LAW of this Light energy is. As you use IT (The dark and express 'cruelty' upon others you receive an EQUAL malignant return at some time when IT so decides. No mandate nor rule or 'badge of office' nullifies this LAW of 'return' as it IS energy used balancing ITSELF.

So as I hope you can all now see, the interfering & dominating RULES in books and the 'wage packet' or social 'office' position keeps mankind 'locked in' to the UNCONSCIONABLE 'Sin' aspect and 'locked in' to the punitive aspect of THE LAW to the detriment of EVERYONE. All are on the road to perdition and ongoing suffering.

Please try and understand - - - Evil people have God's light deep within and are simply also trapped by the DARK energy of the Source that they drew IN as they used IT in their interaction - - - It is NOT your task to maim or punish or destroy them but to educate and uplift them - - - If you cannot now 'love one another' as GOD Commands then HE is the ONE to destroy YOU.

The Light of heaven is liquid LOVE and an immeasurable PARADISE - - - If you the individual cannot amend your vindictive ways then 'too bad' - - - You will surely 'die in your sin,' but there is no 'death' because the spirit soul is always 'conscious' and indestructible, but your chosen destiny is the underworld of liquid HATRED and eternal AGONY.

There are NO more 'secrets' to Heaven's door for I have opened the 'locked gate' which was closed by THE Father to the UNFAITHFUL. I am here to Illuminate you all sent by MOTHER and, - - - for Her and Her alone does Father 'permit me' to re-enter this realm and speak pure truth, for I am His 'proof' as well as Hers.

So please now do NOT me 'deny' simply due to me being old and frail and 'simple,' for my spirit is hidden from your eyes and if you do deny me then it is YOU to eternally FRY and CRY.

  My 'pen' has for the last time spoken.

Terence, the Spirit of Truth

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