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Testament of Truth

The Sacred teachings of the Light through Terence


This the most sacred word of God is bequeathed to you and your children by the true light that shineth eternally begins on page three (3) below. The original message was given in 'verse' and completed during the year 1990 AD, being the content of pages three below to page eighty-six. The verse section is in PDF format on the index of this Testament document.

Subsequent to that, a 'second revelation' was received during the year 1994 AD. This second revelation begins on page two hundred and forty seven. (247) The testament of truth being a part of book one (1) on the web site was elevated onto the www in 1997, after which I have been adding more articles. Since 1997 was the first 'year' of making the fresh word of God available to the global public I have named that year 1997 as being 'Year one (1) True Light.'

I have been receiving information and writing the entire content of this web site for many years and it is still incoming as at today's date 1st February 2017 AD.

This being “The Testament of Truth” is brought to you through the soul of the fisher of men whilst temporarily inhabiting the fleshly body of a simple man of earth whose sole authority is that of being God’s messenger of truth and light.

The message is the ray of hope that shines down from heaven to pierce the heart and mind of any who seek eternal salvation.

Now is the time of the separation of souls for an eternity, as the spectrum of Light calls its own home, being those who heed the call to love, peace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness, and the Darkness draws to itself those who deny love and continue to deceive, control, abuse, punish and destroy.

This The Testament of Truth is the 'Correction of the Salvation truth,' in that simple man over ages of time has manipulated the 'Old' and 'New Testament' scriptures unto his own spiritual destruction. 

Your Creator would have it that you, as an individual, have this last chance to see the reality of truth and love and peace, so that you have the opportunity to change your ways before your final Judgment.

It is by the Grace of God, that I the messenger have been able to overcome the sin of this world taken upon myself at birth and thus be able to act as God’s pen, and write God’s holy living word, the written word, the untrammelled, unfettered truth, direct from God to you.

It is my wish that you seek not the messenger, but seek only the meaning of the word of God contained herein, for it is in the understanding of God’s Law that sets you free, for only with its full understanding are you able to comply to God's Command of: "Go your way in peace."

Knowing that whatever may occur to your flesh is irrelevant, your spiritual salvation as promised by God and I, is assured in “non-retaliation” when verbally, emotionally or physically abused.

From out of the turmoil, pain and ashes soon to engulf the world, will arise the true church of God, being the unity of faith, true love that shines out from the hearts of all mankind.

Blessed are those who see the truth, know the truth, abide in the truth, they are mine, and they shall follow me home to eternal paradise.

Peace shall reign on earth.

Note - Words with an asterisk * are fully interpreted in the Glossary of word meanings section pages 265 - 275.  There is a hyperlink to this glossary at the top of every 25 page section except this one where it is at the bottom. 

To aid your reading comprehension and facilitate accessing the glossary it is suggested that prior to reading this document you print off the glossary pages so that they can be looked at more easily as you read the main script. 

This 278 pages Testament was written prior to 1997 - 001 TL (True Light).

Testament 2

The forbidden fruit is not the "apple on the tree" and neither is it the "charms" of women that sometimes are denied thee.  No, the forbidden fruit is the invisible dark energy flow that flows ceaselessly, and when "of" it you sup your Sin within grows as it is "watered" energetically.

Our God says that to remain free, we must abide in the Word and only peaceful be.  If on darkness we partake then our way becomes aggressive and a mess of our life we make.

And if we "feed" on the forbidden fruit we die spiritually.  But before we die, we for an eternity do cry, for when bound by darkness and its karmic lode we all demand "an eye for an eye."

As we thus defy and deny the Commandment to "Forgive and only love," we under the "As you sow you will reap" Law do suffer in perpetuity.

And any who are so foolish and so bound have bound themselves on the "suffering wheel" that goes round and round.  For what they cannot see is that what we do comes back, and we never can get free until we put down the sword and heed the Holy "Only love" Word.

So let us all from today now heed this fresh "say" that my sacred pen does bring from our God of light.  For all now will feel the vengeful wrath of the retributive God of the dark night.

Blessed shall all be who heed now me.  Only they shall of their past dark "fruit" be set free, and given a fresh chance to in heaven dance.

Testament 3

The “Old” and the “New” Testaments are now obsolete, for “man” did words distort and them thus mistreat. All spiritual teachings have become distorted, and their original truth and direction thus thwarted.

All these books must be destroyed.  For through their misunderstanding was much evil deployed.  All who read them have been led astray, only read this Testament of Truth today.

The “old” books became “contaminated food” as man over “meaning” did brood, and all were vain, thus did the serpent power gain as man, with his “complicated” understanding, misunderstood the power of the “under handing,” the “shadow” under God’s hand that denies access to the promised land to all who did “distort” the original words prophets did “report.”

So I again now “come” to thee with “fresh food” to set thee free

I deliver this fresh doctrine clear and bright, to shine forth as the morning light, and will declare it afar off.  I have penetrated to all lower parts of the earth and beheld all who sleep, and enlightened all who hope in the lord their God of love. 

I pour out doctrine as prophecy and wisdom, and will not cease to instruct your off-spring even to the Holy Age. See ye that I have not laboured for myself only, but for all of you who seek truth and deliverance.

Behold, I stand at the gate and knock.  If any shall hear my voice, and will open to me the door, I will come in to them, and will share with them this wisdom from our God on high.

Son of Irene & David

Testament 4 


THIS Testament is a message from God to the world. 
It is the fulfillment of prophecy and is the naked truth.

It is the message which unfolds the beginning of the End.  The swift escalation of the sword and famine that was prophesied would take place as mankind reaps more quickly for past sinning Sown, after which, Peace will flow in and the meek will inherit the earth.

This document is the Correction of the Truth, and reveals the mystery of God and Christ's return, the true nature of Sin and the spiritual reality of Justice and Judgment, the reality of the message that Jesus came to earth to give mankind, and, the truth as to why he was crucified. 

And gives the full explanation of How, Why, and When, the inhabitants of planet earth will be “attacked” telepathically on a mental level from within, and be mentally subjugated by evil souls on a lower level of consciousness (hell).

And how we will be used by them, to brutalise and destroy each other for a period of time in which insanity will prevail on earth.

It contains the WISDOM from GOD which will mentally fortify believers so that they remain sane in the process, and survive spiritually.

When you hear my call
harden not your hearts

Those who heed not this message through me
will be bound by darkness and never be free

This Testament of Truth contains some of the thousands of epistles received telepathically between 1987 & 1997 by the Spirit of Truth, whose sinless “clarity of essence” vibrates at the infinite frequency of the God-head, thus enabling pure truth to link-in to his conscious mind from the Source.

Thus I have corrected the untrue teachings sown by our forefathers who had wrested the scriptures for material gain through their sin, and perpetuated by our elders today unto their own destruction, and yours, if you see not the message contained herein and its bitter implications.

"With thanks to angelic men
who daily wielded my sacred pen"

Testament 5

Hear the Word of the LORD ~ O ye Nations
All who hear His Word shall be gathered up,
and He will keep them as the shepherd does his flock.

Suave rosa, suave rosa, floreat per hank domum.

The Heavenly Sea from up above empower me here with God’s love.  So for sure, for sure, for sure, I’ll overcome the negative poor,* for my truth will shine for ‘tis truth God’s love divine.

Show the way, is what I’ll do and pull many a soul through, for they will see what they will see, become unbound and then set free.  So friends I ask of you, show you are true, show you are true.

Blessedness in the night.  Blessedness of other’s plight.  Blessedness for being you.
Blessedness, I love you true.

Darling parents of all mankind, help me open their eyes so they aren’t blind.  Oh sweet mercy follow me too, and compassion, walk alongside too, both please flow like never before, open your arms and let LOVE outpour.

I believe I am YOU
I believe you are TRUE
I believe and I will DO

The Prince of Peace has returned to earth bringing God’s True Word, and his love will remain now on earth forever and a day.  His message to you is: “Hold fast unto my Wisdom and My Word, he or she who shall persevere unto the end shall be saved.  I love you, I bless you.”

The contents of this document are divinely inspired by the Creator of all humanity God, and are sent through the ministry of God’s angels, and are dedicated to all humanity.  I submit them as prophecy and as the correction of the truth on earth.  

I submit them in my name Terence the Christ and,  I submit them as a Testament of my belief in Him Jesus the man within whose 'flesh' my spirit soul once strode on earth and, I submit them as a Testament to HIS TRUE WORD.

I pray for all mankind:

“Darling children of all mankind, who’ve walked in the darkness and so blind.  I now bless you for our Mother above, who through me now fortifies you all with Her love.  Her blessings flow as never before, and Her angels walk by you that’s for sure.  So lift up your hearts with fortitude and cheer, eternal paradise is now very near.”

‘Mercy,’ the pen of God

Testament 6

 ‘Tis out of Africa will come the truth.  The son of the Sun will be the proof.  From the land of the mountain, the mountain of God, will the truth emerge to those of the sod. 

From the heartbeat of Africa will the truth flow.  From the slopes of Kilimanjaro with peaks of snow.  From the mountain of God for all to see is the source of all wisdom to be.

From the plains of Africa the eagle soars, shimmering feathers of light will open all doors.  Around the planet will the eagle soar, his call will penetrate even into the abyss for sure.

Feathers of light and wisdom and love. 
Truth sent from God in the heaven above. 
Shafts of gold and silvery light,
will silently work in His children at night.

Strengthening their minds for the test in store, again to God’s word will many now draw near.  From its piercing eye way up high I see the message "please try, please try."

The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

So my children who are starving keep calm in the fast.  You shall be the first to reach heaven above through your calmness, and live forever with love. 

Those hateful and greedy, who think they’re the first, may for an eternity for inner peace thirst.  So ‘tis for them that this message is spread for they are the ones who filled the planet with dread.

Abide by God’s word and forever run free. 
Cause pain to others and pain awaits thee,
yea verily, the karmic yoke
can only by non-retaliation be broke

Trust in God
let it so be
Trust in God
you will be set free.

Testament 7

As it was written - so shall it be. 
Mankind must reap before being set free. 

Sword and famine across the land,
caused by hatred at the satanic hand.

“Then, eternal peace from shore to shore,
with God’s truth in the land forevermore.”

Now begins the fulfillment of past prophecy in relation to the time of tribulation.  Resulting in humanity now reaping fully what it sowed in the past when individuals failed to heed the call to love one another, and abused each other.

Peace will flow in after the cleansing is done.

JESUS SAID: “AS I AM, so shall ye be, verily, all who follow me”

Christed souls in heaven abound, all true blue with minds sound.  Christed means God’s love flowing free, at last, at last, free of binding negativity. 

So each of you will Christed be when you allow pure love to flow free, then at last forevermore, you too will grace that distant shore.

Be concerned not who I be, heed the content and become free.  Time will tell if I am true, I am trying to be a friend to you.  For I see what I do see, so I’ll do what must be, be done to show the way.  FOLLOW JESUS is what I say,

His truth will forever last,
then in heaven you will bask. 
The WORD OF GOD I do say,
IS THE WAY, the ONLY way.

Only through a pure soul of divinity
can the truth shine through from eternity. 
Love all who come your way,
they are your sisters and brothers forever and a day.

Sin - Justice - Judgment, is contained herein, and a deeper understanding of the power of sin.

Testament 8

Now is the beginning, the beginning of the end, when very few will have a loving friend, before the new beginning of the loving age to be, the time our loving God has set so many free.

This, the final struggle for each and every soul is a needed proving time for earthlings who do stroll.  Walking in the darkness, making many quail as they mete out pain and many for sure will fail.

Those on earth in ignorance of the power of those below, and how their thoughts invisibly in our minds do sow, will be swung around like puppets on strings, their minds filled with hate and fear and other things.

So dear friends who hear this call, prepare your minds so you don’t fall.  Just remember, to attain the heavens above, you must learn to give with all your love.

Now’s the time to gather around and listen to God’s triumphant blast sound.  Sounding out from the heavens above, outpouring Her Mighty love.  Peace, love and truth forevermore, will She on mighty men outpour daily.  Daily must they go their way doing Her deeds every day.

“Follow Me”

The cry calls out, or you’ll miss this triumphant shout.  Flowing from this mighty pen is the cry of a hundred million men.  Men who are angels free now at last from their strivings aeons past, seeking to uplift you in their arms so forever you’ll see God’s charms.

“Forever, forever”

Is their cry, I hear coming down out the sky,
“Never, ever, will you die, if you remember the truth* and why.

the truth* - Being that we need to show God that we 'deserve' to be permitted access into HIS Paradise, by showing God by our deed that we are 'Peaceful, merciful, compassionate, respectful, caring, loving, kind, and forgiving, and that we DO 'turn the other cheek' when abused.  That is the 'sign' to God that we heard HER 'call' from the Land Divine. 

and why.* - Because when we abide in the "Peace unto all & only love" Commandment, our 'sin' is drawn out of our soul and it becomes 'sinless' and, - - - if we 'defy' the Command and fight or control or punish or abuse, we draw more darkness in and we never 'win' our spiritual freedom.

Testament 9

~ The insane season ~

Now is the Time of the insane “Season,” and you ALL must understand the “Reason,” that in the past, you did “abuse” and “take,” and God’s WILL must you now “break.”

For Father must 'do unto you what you did when untrue.' This IS the LAW of God’s “Hand” that will be seen in every “Land” that IS outside Heaven.  All eat not of God’s Leaven, the Wisdom I did bring so that you could in Heaven sing.

So now “Prepare” to in the “face” of darkness “stare,” If you IT deny, you will eternally cry.  Take your “Punishment” as you go, calmly, then, only then, will it “slow.”

IF you continually retaliate, forever will darkness you berate.  Try to my message understand, that God has a very heavy hand, that is, upon all who deny the call to LOVE, Mother’s eternal cry.

We only “believe” what we are taught, and this belief can with danger be fraught, for Religion & Truth are far apart, THUS the Messiah gives a fresh start.  Bringing pure truth to all whom on earth stroll, so that it can “draw out,” a response from the soul of any seeking aspirant under the sun.

Matters not their Creed, OR what they “have” done, and thus, at this “End time,” God’s love does again on earth entwine through the mind of a simple man, “God’s pen,” that does earth now span with God’s message for all to see, that is, any who’d forever be free.

So any who on its “living water” sup,
will for sure fall not to the satanic pup.

Many have been taught “Jesus did you save.” This is untruth emanating from the “knave.” Jesus came to “Set you free” through heeding God’s WORD he spoke freely.

And, the Spirit of Truth does again on earth walk to teach all how darkness does us stalk daily.  Through each and every mind, thus, we are unkind and also totally blind in that God’s call we cannot heed and we continue to mercilessly make many bleed.  Totally denying our God of love who says, “Please TRY,” from up above.

So this dove now bequeaths to you The Testament of Truth, his Legacy true.  Read it if you “have the time.” Let your mind and soul with pure truth dine.  It is God’s WORD that IS the way, I God’s MESSENGER say today.

Testament 10

~ The futility of praising men ~

“Christians” praise Jesus the MAN,
forgetting his MESSAGE which is God’s plan
for ALL to daily HEED,
NOT make others
suffer and bleed.

Children, heed me today
YOU ALL walk the wrong way.

I am here but to “show” how it is we fall below through the power of the mind, being thoughts that us bind as they twist and weave they us deceive into believing we are doing good, and thus God’s WORD is misunderstood.

For this “thought” is “power play,” emanating from far away from that land that we call Hell that has a very hypnotic “Spell” over the mind of simple 'man.'

Who “believe” that they can “span,” sit astride any other “person” and control them, as they do “plod” on any level outside Heaven where so few sup on God’s Leaven, being the wisdom of LOVE that outpours forever above. 

“We” the children but “instruments” be, for the Source of all creativity, and the Source down below from whence all evil doth outflow, and, we “think” we understand the Word of God from the promised land.

But our minds did twist and weave seeking “control,” and did the deceiver believe that we are mightier than God, and that we and it can control all who plod.

And thus its call we obey until one day we feel dismay.  For its control has reached “such” power that within “us” its “force” does “glower,” and this force does us control totally as we do stroll, and, there is naught we can do, for we can neither hear nor heed the WORD TRUE, and thus are we unkind to self and others as we are blind.

I speak of the thoughts and feelings that flow through us, and, their governing influence on our expressed deeds, and also of the invisible mental influence from other unseen levels of consciousness which takes place twenty-four hours a day.

The New Golden Age is dawning; the quickening vibration will be felt by all mankind.  The separation of the wheat from the chaff has commenced, the time of our Judgment is at the time of our “last breath,” and those that “pass over” whilst revelling in sin, will forever and a day wonder, how stupid they’d been.

We are known only by our deeds towards our brethren, by what we do to and for them, ‘tis not enough that we do naught, those who cannot “give,” and help uplift our needy brethren are almost in the same category as those who abuse others mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Testament 11

 the Order of the Day.

Never has so much been required in so little time.  The beauty of the dawn will not awaken the many.  Strength of mind and strength of character is a must. 

The weak shall fall, the ignorant shall fall, the stupid shall fall, the vengeful shall fall, and all those who suffer the soul disease of greed, hatred, lust and power.

The beauty and the beast, for a little time the beauty shall surely sleep, there will be the darkness of pain, torture and turmoil.  This will be, this must be, attempts of allayment will be, and are futile. 

Let the river run, those of God must remain silent.  Let them strengthen themselves with the inner strength of faith tested to the limit, but remember the goal, life, eternal life with Christ.

Seek ye to the depths of your souls, prepare ye for this time, submit to no one, lest ye forsake your souls to the Devil.  Remember, his ways are cunning and deceit, his values are naught, but God’s children, remember, you are not alone, you have a shepherd, and the day will surely come when you are gathered up.

But those of the other world of darkness, and those in-between must see you and know you for what you are, for they too are being tried and tested and given every last chance for remorse and a new undertaking.  being the commitment to God’s ways of Hope, Love, Charity, Compassion, Forgiveness and Truth.

So dear brethren of ours, deliver yourselves up from all evil ways.  The time of your judgment is at the time of your death.  Forwards and upwards or lost in the dark, this must be, for the time has come to clear the air so to speak. 

Testament 12

Understanding and forgiveness must be projected by those of the light to those still in the dark or in confusion, this will implant a seed, a remembering seed, those in the borderland might be saved by this seed. 

Those in the darkness will dwell on this seed, and in the depths of the darkness that seed will grow into remorse, and thus when they rise again in the flesh, they will or may reach out for the light.  So brethren so dear to our hearts, in love, hope and truth, we leave you for now, be of good cheer, you shall never be forsaken.

Exactitude of the spirit, deeper awareness into the depths of eternity, submitting oneself to ever increasing beauty and truth.  Forever is the keyword, non limiting the vastness of experience that lies ahead, ever increasing ever expanding. 

Fulfillment of time, authoritarian dispensation, accumulation of profit, spiritual awareness and growth, fermentation and breeding, deliverance and destruction, diseases of the mind, beauty and incest.

Compassion towards others is the infinite requirement.

Avoidance of this compassion is caused by the invidious invasion of the soul by dark forces bent on corruption, deception of the mind.  Foresight and forethought will maintain a fortress of stability where promptness of action after identification is our deliverer.

Deviousness and cunning bent on our destruction must be identified to stop the flow of insidious poison.  This is the biblical mist that puts the soul to death as it infiltrates our mental fortress whilst we sleep, unaware. 

Cleanse the soul.  Daily seek this refuge and fortification, do not be lulled by the untruth of non-caring awareness, abide in constant forethought. 

My mind is like a song, humming and spinning, weaving and thrusting, turmoil and grief, destruction and death, premonition and priestliness, forsooth we hear, forsake your God, Jesus is near, draw near to your God.  Forgiveness sublime, torture and tears, purpose of thought, purpose of mind.

Deliverance, deliverance, deliverance, these must be the words, thoughts, dreams, essenceing through the turmoil of the mind.  Daily prayer, daily supplication, daily drawing together, closer and closer. 

Bequeath to your mind the gift of your soul.

Salvation, deeper and deeper this knowledge must run, through the turmoil through the grief must run the silver thread, spinning and weaving, joining and drawing closer and closer, the knowing that death must us part, but only for the brief moment whilst the river runs. 

Souls embalmed in eternal salvation, stand fast, and remember the ways of our LORD, in all things stand fast, death before dishonour.

Testament 13

Truth in time shall be told, forward, onward, fearlessly through grief and turmoil, threading the way, fortuitous in soul, fortuitous in deed.  Remember the truth, truth in word, and truth in deed, blessed are those who see the truth, know the truth, and are guided by the truth. 

Deception and fear are constant companions lurking on every side, but crystal clear as the morning dew must be the vision ahead, gleaming in the distant dawn, never lose sight of it, follow the Morning star, keep it in your mind, let it lift your heart above the dust. 

Forsake all known in misconception.  The way of the Christ like a lamb to the slaughter, this is the only way; let not your souls be deceived by your minds that there is any other.  Strength children, courage, foresight, wisdom, and the deep knowing of the truth of ultimate salvation, Love, Compassion, Understanding, Forgiveness. 

As we strive against the thoughts within us, we will find the blocking and unlocking, glimpses of despair and doubt, fear and misfortune.  Clearly we must see clarity and purpose, deal ourselves the blow, the blow of inner death to all that blocks the way.

Further and further along the path, seeking and searching.  Travelling through the turmoil, freshening like the morning dew, strengthening like the morning breeze, flooding like the rising tide with purpose, insight and new courage. 

Desperate the curse against us, purposeful in its march and toll, forward ever forward we go sounding the bell of triumph.  Sweetness is the sound of glory, sweetness is the sound of truth, sweetness is the sound of knowledge, leading us to everlasting peace.  Adrift in the ocean or lost in the dark is not for us.  Blessings of purest gold.

Doubt not the meaning of what you hear, truth not fear must be yours, let the life force within expand, in depth and beauty let it glow with light for all to see. 

Naked must you stand for all to see, naked in truth, naked in belief.  The dawn shall be cold, yes with chill as well, not to the bone but to the very marrow within. 

Duty for all sons and daughters of God, faces to the sun with calmness to the fore.  Through the turmoil Terence, you must lead the way.  Through the storm you will run, lighting up the path of light and of truth for all to see. 

Be with us as one, we shall be your brief, brothers in love, sisters in beauty and truth.  Strengthen your souls ‘till sweat stands on the brow in awareness and control of inner hate, hate of what you see, obscenity to the fore, against revenge as never before for what lies in store. 

Though your muscles tremble, though your thoughts may shake, you must be firm in peace for all, and not of any partake.

Testament 14

Clearly must you Christians see, the truth and where it lies, in everlasting peace ahead your brethren must not be despised.  See them as sorrow, see them as fear, see them as greed and hate, but do not relate. 

Let your soul within recede and call your mind to task.  Belief and sorrow, tragedy and trust, friends and foes, all alike must you love, knowing of their pain within.  Reach out and touch, bequeath to them the blessings of the sun, Pure liquid love.

The magnitude of the task ahead is immense.  Fortunes of war, fortunes of men shall all be used.  Fortifications and ramifications, blessings bestowed, gifts and denials, brevity, shortfalls, insight and delusions, the dreams of many shattered, misfortune and gun-smoke as never seen before. 

The planet a seething writhing mass of insanity.

Desperate men and desperate deeds, through this turmoil will run the silver thread of truth and sanity, silently woven by those of God, infinitely patient, infinitely still, infinitely courageous.

Burgeoning beliefs, sweat on brow, tingling nerves of steel, forget me not, denial and deliverance, overbearing, powerful, disastrous deception, freedom and release, the distraught and the fearful.  Yes the river shall run.

Emotions, emotions, emotions, so high and so vibrant, taut as violin strings, swayed and strung, plucked and pricked, twisted and turned, bleeding and frothing, distant and dark.  They are the players sending their thoughts up from the dark.

Turmoil and grief, laughter and jeers, joking and cunning, deadly intent, round and round like puppets on strings reel the poor players.  Ever God’s silent men, the solid and the sinful, like drawing like,* up from the depths come the souls of the past.

Nearer and nearer gather these storms, bent on destruction, torture and tears.  Seek ye the shelter, the shelter within, the shelter of silence, not the shelter of sin, nothing but courage lest your heart hate, this would be sinful, dreaded and belated.  Lose not the thread that joins you to God, sanity and peace shall be your lot.

Gently, gently flows the tide, the ebbing swung back and forth, in truth and love and trust, we now must fear the worst, future seeds of doubt now spread.

Amidst the awakening dawn the creeping crawling creatures emitting every mourn. Drearily it seems their creaking bones awake, upsurge awaken, upsurge awaken, feeling their new power from within.

Testament 15

The New Age heralds the quickening vibration, raising consciousness, raising men, all shall be elevated up from the dust, slowly at first but quicker than last.  Lust for your blood as they come from the past.

Now is the time Terence son, as we your dear brethren silently speak, onwards my son must every man run, onwards and upwards to the face of the sun.  Spread your wings now as never before, let your love flow and seed as it goes, swifter and swifter your courage must grow, and rise with the vibration our Lord did sow.

Leave all the doubters, forsakers, aloof, help all the needy the wholesome and poor, and any friends who come to your door.  Quickly and calmly your feet will now tread as stronger and stronger you rise from your bed.  Bend with the trees as the wind your wings spread and fly like an arrow from whence we you sped.

Seemingly fruitless some of your tasks seem, but do not tarry, let it seem like a dream.  Consciously trusting and lovingly hope, till death does us part is the cry and the hope.  Living the life of peace evermore, twisting and turning with fate to the fore.  We love you, dream awhile.

Down and down the river runs down into the depths, deepening chapters from the past, rising from their rest.  Slowly, silently from the past runs this awful tide, brushing all aside. 

Never let your soul at rest while this river runs, all the time aware be, never time to rest.  Quickly and quietly as it flows flighty must you be, go evermore into the past, visibly unseen, go your way son, into the mists of time. 

Bear the cross of mighty men, cleave it to and fro, cut a swath of truth so deep that even the blind can see.  Sadly, as you walk your path, greatly burdened in your heart, flow with it, do not stem it, great is its power like never before.

Great the hordes of angels, waiting to be released.  Swiftly they flow from above wielding their swords of truth and love.  They pick and shove as they go, lifting up and dashing low. 

Deftly runs their mighty wand as it weaves from to and fro, the greatest wizard of all time stands behind this mighty host, making sure that none is lost, all up must go, even a tiny step.

Oh sweet wanderer from the past, hold your breath, let forever last, last until the final race, last until the final pace, onwards and forwards you must race.  Through the turmoil, through the grief, the lusting the thief, the dread and the turmoil, seek it, find it, as you speed along.

Never cease your triumphant song, sing it loud and sing it clear, so far and wide that all may hear.  “The Prince of Peace” that song must say, “Is here for evermore so pray, pray for peace that evermore will last, and last forever and a day.” Blessings flow.

Testament 16

Gently, so gently rise up from your bed and lift up and raise your tired old head.  Go your way now night and day and let all you meet know of these days, going hither, going there, leave none unbidden though they fear. 

Seek the frightened, call them near.  Desperately now the river runs, daily filling up and catching ground.

Beauty in the night must sleep, gently in the day must weep.  Clearly now lad you must see where your duty lies, high and free, free to move around a lot, covering a lot of ground, silently your heart must fear, even though you know we’re near.

Coursing gently through your veins reigns that truth that must be ever told.  As the story begins to unfold, unfold in dreams of wise old men.  Carry on forward son for evermore.  Tarry not with heavy heart lest your sanity depart, go forth midst the daily stream and waken all the ones that dream.

Life for some is not for long and drearily now begins that song, song of vengeance, song of hate, how our brothers must relate to the inner turmoil debate.  Sisters too will feel the pinch as life tightens up the winch.

Going out by day and night you must every candle light.  Speedily your heart will grow as years roll by and its love grows, grows and grows for all to see, justifying the cause you be.  God bless.

Gone are the ways of the good old days, when evil could be held in the hand.  To take up the cross for the right of the land is the aim of the man of the sand.  As the seed is sown deep in the heart by truth, the ways of lying and evil forsooth.

The quickening pace of the fast moving race means nothing will stand for long still, so take your hand to your heart and give it a start or travail and terror will win.  Bless the ways of our Lord who upholds the sword and let justice and truth in to win.

Prepare the land for the peace near at hand, for many a soul needs be fed, and a fire by the hearth brings forth the warmth, and we needs be in it to win.  When the heat of the meat gets too hard to beat, retreat is the name of the game.

When feelings flow high then you reach for the sky, and bring forces of light within.  Thoughts of darkness put out with the sword and the light with a fierceness as never before.  If you fail you will quail with the strength of the darkness within.

The terror you will feel will make you kneel and bow to the forces of sin, and the might of the night will carry you down to be devoured by dark forces within. 

So knights brave of light, put up a good fight and lift your souls on high, where once and forever they will dwell up high in the sky.

Testament 17

This I write to all of the light, enclosing a few short poems.  Daily read out what I write and strengthen up your souls.  Know that the terror that is to come is without and is also deadly from within.

The God of light the God of love is testing every soul.  Dark forces kept within will now come rushing out.  Feelings high, feelings low, feelings now deadly grow, dragging down mighty men with one sweep of an inky pen. 

Doomed are those who have no say, not the power of might, but the power of right.  To all my friends of light I say:

“Seek within and know thyself, fill the cupboard, fill the shelf, fill the mind with powerful thought, eke out all the dread as naught.  Sow this daily seed with love and increase our Lord’s blessings from above. 

Test your feelings day by day, make sure you hold them all at bay.  Giving-in to dark power play lets your thoughts be held at sway, swayed by men so far away, rusting evil making way.  Cut them off and throw them out with the power of the light.

If your thoughts let you down,
remember sons and daughters, there’s NO crown.
The power of life and death is yours.” (spiritual).

Bequeath to your mind the gift of your soul.

The time has come upon this land for every man to make a stand.  Deepening shadows are at hand, turmoil grief and troublesome bands, hordes of pirates, brigands tall, spreading terror, taking all.

Now’s the time.  Stand firm within; do not allow your head to spin.  Arrows falling thick and fast reaching up from out the past, dark and crazy are the minds, cunning deviousness unwinds. 

Treachery will reach its peak, consuming all the slow and weak.  Only meek and mild shall stand, waiting for the Promised Land. 

God’s good angels standing fast, holding out until the last.  Let your blood run cold within but never, never ever give in.  Onwards, onwards Christians go, follow not the mighty flow, flowing thick, and flowing fast from dark ages, will you grasp.

Let them come and let them go, let their deadly evil sow.  Not for you this scum and ruin, deadly like a cloud of gloom.  Sickly, treacly, sticking looms, dragging down many to their doom.  Travel fast and travel light, camp beneath the stars at night.

Daily move, ne’er slacken pace, to keep afoot the deadly race.
Crowds a’coming from afar, never leave your door ajar.
Silently you spin along, singing the mighty truthful song
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Testament 18

I need a band of mighty men who wield not sword but only pen.  They must find that duty lies with our God in heavenly skies.  To stand tall* against those who despise all the faithful meek and wise. Greatly must their courage be for them to trust and follow me.

Note: stand tall* -  Be merciful, compassionate and forgiving as one gives them wisdom and assistance.

Blessings flow from those above, blessings from the snow-white dove.  Deeply search their hearts.  Forwards forever shall be their march onto heavens up above, if they can find both truth and love, love for all their brethren dear, who need reach out with a tear.

Silently we go our way, never fearing as we pray.  Guidance evermore above abounds for us if we can love.  Many hands for us will search, seeking compassion out of reach.

Foreknowledge is our surprise against dark forces every side.

Earnestly I call to you, heavenly guidance through me through.  Thousands need your powerful pen to save them from the lions den.  Rack your brains for every name of those of light you know about, we can sit then and talk about truth, love, and the power of light.

The truths to be told now, it’s the new pace, it’s the only way now in this race.  The trouble and turmoil that lies just ahead is so deadly to all but the best, believe in it darlings, let God do the rest.

Farther and farther the river now runs.  Deepening shadows out of the past make a man’s blood run cold at the start.  If only you knew how long it would last, forceful and hateful right up to the end, turmoil and cancer, too much to defend.

Quietly and quickly must your poor minds think, if you are to survive the pale and the pink.  Slowly and deeply changing hues of red, all must stop and stand and think.

Beautiful the day, so still the night, frightening the distant sounds, ever nearer, turmoil and grief, justice and tears, gnashing of teeth, laughter so brief, gallantly go your way sowing your seed of truth.

This forever will not last, slowly this rushing tide from out the past will diminish in the dark as it comes hurtling past.  Reaching back into the dead goes this mighty foe, pulsating ever quicker goes this nightly flow, back ever back until it reaches peak, rushing into the night never getting weak.

Suddenly, silently, the mighty flow will stop, like a shorn-off wheat field cut-off as a crop.  When the shudder is over and the earth has reeled, then the peace will flow in and never be concealed.

Slowly the ashes burning in the dust will cool off, and to rise again, green, green will the meadows be, lithe and bright with gold and green.  Peace at last will reign, all the terror gone and no one will feel pain.

Testament 19

Yes it’s time to look ahead, no not everyone will be dead, now’s the time to put away secret funds for rainy days.  Sell up all that you have got, put the money in a pot, time will come when you do see where to spend it to stay free.

I say to those who hesitate, if you do you’ll be too late.  Come on lads it’s time to take strong firm steps, there’s lots at stake.  Rally around this neighbour of ours, he’s that strong friend of ours, let him know that he will be part of both you and me, come into that light of mine, from whence doth all truth shine.

Glory be to all of you that have the strength to carry through
daily nightly say your prayers, just as new lovers do

To those men of the light who find themselves in dizzy plight, seek ye the shelter of the heart, do not make another start.  Friends will come, friends will go, neither run fast nor slow.  Searching, searching go daily forth with silent laughter and mirth.

Your hearts you must fill, with daily wisdom from the hill.  Hill of glory, hill of light, we will fill your darkest night, daily bear your cross up high, even to the darkest sky.  Lord of truth, Lord of love, will lift all of you up above.

Never, never bend your will, to the seekers beneath the hill.  Though they daily rant and rave, go forth hither, many save.  Save them from the fear they face, instil them with truth and peace.  Give them all your deep succour, even let them have your hour, hour of love, hour of peace, when you commune with God.

Gently now go your way son, go forth gently ‘neath the sun, daily streamers we shall send, to ensure your hearts don’t bend.  Silently quickly seek more friends to assist against daily tournaments.  Tournaments of death and fire, through which all must pass now.  Blessings now from up above sent by snow white turtle dove.


Now it’s late and o’er the spate of things in time to come, I greet you lads with a shake of the hand, we shall be a very small band singing “Hi Ho” as along we go. 

We’ll be a hundred men or so.  Only a hundred though we be our ARK shall be made for thousands to see, thousands shall the Lord send our way, asking for guidance of what I do and say.

I say to you lads, don’t tarry long, as our dear Lord’s already sending them along, daily now in twos and threes they’re flowing here to find some peace.

Everyone knows the time of day, don’t turn a hair when I say: now’s the time to gather around the old campfire and make a stand from without, and also from the hell that is within.  You, you and you I’ve been writing to, better move fast or we’ll be too few.

Testament 20

Hundreds and thousands shall come our way, sick and hungry children, the poor and needy too.  When we make a stand there is no looking back, our dear lord will make sure of that. 

In the name of our God who is standing by I say to you, He’s looking in your eye, give it some thought or at least give it a try because if you don’t, He knows, and you’ll surely die.

He’s waiting here with loving arms for all those who see His charms.  Guidance, guidance will daily flow as our messages grow and grow.  Keep them coming thick and fast or our dear lads will weaken before we start.

I know what it’s like to be sitting sleek and trim, it’s a real test to get up and get slim, but I know for sure that it’s the only way, to open up your arms to all that come to you.

Give them a nickel and a farthing too, then get on your knee and mend their broken shoe.  Getting up at night to check that all’s a’right, that’s going to be a common sight. 

As you get to know him and let him in your door, you’ll wonder what on earth you did before, your old heart will start to sing with joy and you’ll know heaven as never before.

You see sisters true and brothers blue, it’s really just like walking through a door, I’ve done it once or twice and know for sure, you’ll have to take my word or hit the floor.  Frankly I say to you, you just don’t have a choice. 

So softly now then go and search out your hearts.  Do I seem like a lion trying to tear you apart? The Lord of the heavens IS standing by your side, hoping and wondering when you’ll make up your mind. 

He keeps his fingers crossed as he stands about, just making sure you give up the gadabout.  Gadabout of mind and also shame when you don’t even recognise his name.

He’s doing his best to help you pass a test, take off your blinkers and maybe pass the rest.  Lots of love to you, angels standing by, we angels can’t move till you get up and try. 

This ARK we will build is not timber for sure, with today’s coming mentality it would not get off the floor.  They’d see it from afar and come by truck and car, gather up the timbers, and put them on the fire.

The days of the fishes and water now long gone, are replaced by signs of air and Sun.  The ARK we build today that is for girls and men, is an ARK OF THE MIND that they can shelter in. 

They also need many places of food and shelter and rest, for this without, they could never pass the test.  Up front and to the fore, those that show the door must need have so much love as never before. 

But the heart of our Lord God is open wide and more, and I know for sure, that limitless is His law of suppliance, and I know His thoughts and love as well, for all of us who gather around to tell.   

Testament 21

To tell a mighty story of life and truth so near, and the funny bit lads is the folks are glad to hear, for deep down in the hearts of those being sent to me, they know now that forever they will be free.  Free to roam the heavens with love and joy and fate, never more the pain, aggression, fright and hate. 

Hopefully now soon you’ll get the message loud and clear, and get your socks and shoes on before the end of the year.  This flow of truth sent from heaven knows no ends or bounds, and for now I’ll stop it coming for my head’s going round and round.

Just another line they write before they go, there are also angels around you, waiting for you to flow, once you make a move and put the switch ON in the mind, they will lift you up with a swoosh and a smile. 

Blessings from above on the wings of a dove.


Greetings flow from us that must make you daily believe and trust.  Go forth daily against all mirth, and strive to do our good Lord’s work.  As before the great rain there were many vain who ridiculed with great mirth. 

So to you now son we bequeath a gun from which the devil himself shall shout and run, having a muzzle of gold and shining white, emitting truth and a powerful light, for you see my lad it’s a prerequisite that every man must trust before the fight.

There are many of shame who will have no name, and it’s of them we speak who are greedy and weak.  Mighty men are FEW who will put their trust in you, so that’s why we don’t harass you overly overdue.

There are many of the mind who are not kind, and many of the others who are not true, so soldier boy in armour shining bright, against those immense armies will you fight.

We salute you as we ever do when we see that you are faithful too, faithful right up to the end, e’en when others think you’re round the bend.  We watch you send our mighty song into the midst of gathering throng, and now we wait and watch and see, and we again salute you for what you be.

The winds of change are strengthening still, preparing to quench the truth of God’s great hill, that beautiful hill of which we speak, is the greatest ever with snow capped peaks.

Resplendent and residing there are great souls tried and true, as your pen is running out we’ll say g’night to you, and on the daily morrow we will keep in touch, for great becomes your burden and we love you very much.

Testament 22

So soldier blue who is so true, we continue again our saga to you.  Across the plains and out of the woods, debris will soon come floating through.  Debris of women, men, and children too, and for your band it’s work to do.  We’ll appear too little and few, but believe us when we say “never.”

The time will come when you shake your head, looking across the morning dew saying, my God can this be true.  Bodies piled up thick and thin, the mist rising up from their skin.  The daily prayers that they will say will herald the brand new waking day.  Your little band of mighty men will rise up fast and say again:

"Together lads we’ll go forth now into cities standing afar, we’ll drive down every street and corner and lean and look out of the window, we’ll search and search and search we will, finding all the broken-hearted and little children till, we’ll load them up onto the trucks and then wander on back down the road, follow the winding tracks we made until we find our sweet ever glade."

So stretch your minds and come along, there’s a lot to do a'fore we sing this song.  There’s mountains of work lying ahead and still you folks are lying in bed.  Verily, verily I say unto you, wake up and follow our Lord God true.

Her guidance and blessings She will send to you, will go on forever if only you are true.  So make your move fast for good days won’t last, and it’s harder and harder when we needs fill the larder. 

The angels above send their love and hope and pray and watch every hour, to look and see from you and me, which of us will go higher and higher.

Now’s the time to gather around, and listen to God’s triumphant blast sound.  Sounding out from the heavens above, outpouring Her mighty love.  Peace, Love and truth forevermore will She on mighty women and men outpour, daily, daily must they go their way, doing Her deeds every day.

Follow ME the cry calls out, or you’ll miss this triumphant shout.  Flowing from this mighty pen is the cry of a hundred million men.  Men who are angels now at last, from their strivings eons past, seeking to uplift you too, gathering you up in their arms.

"Forever, forever," is their cry I hear coming down out the sky.  "Never ever will you die, if you remember the truth and why?" Hundreds and thousands and millions, hundreds and thousands and millions, ever and ever, ever and ever, this is the cry forevermore that I hear them outpour.

Silently now they bow their heads, knowing the deadly dread ahead, for these men of the king they see, the deadliest of ever foes before, forever, forever, forever, forever, as the sound is fading away I hear some of them start to cry, the sound now is humming low, forever, forever, forever, forever, but gently now receding low.

Testament 23

From ten million billion mouths - I hear the pleas, hear the shouts:



Moving forwards and faster too, not e’en time to put on shoes, desperate our plea to you, much to be done as you know, hundreds of millions, hundreds of millions, hundreds of billions, hundreds of billions.

There’s nothing more for me to say, I’ve never known such an incredible day, to hear the sound of ten billion men flowing vibrant through my tiny pen, their cries and pleas I shall hear forevermore and never forsake a knock on the door.

Brethren mine, children so sweet, I reach out to the humble, caring and meek, from this very hour I implore, unlock your hearts and open the door.

Open your arms forevermore, for God’s children the needy and the poor, for this too is the cry from up above, strumming vibrant on air from our turtle dove, forever, forever, forever forever, forever, forever, forever, forever.

For me the world will never be the same again, for I’m just a scribe with a tiny biro pen.  Can it be the truth that I’ve just heard, all those men singing out of love for our LORD, forever, forever, forever, forever, that rolling, calling, distant cry, will roll around my head until the day I die. 


Testament 24

And now I’m shivering and shaking with dread, my bones are trembling and I’m feeling the dead, the cry and thunderous roar they put out, has frozen my body from inside out. 

Forever, forever, forever, forever, this too is their thunderous reply they are returning to those in the sky.  I see the power of the devil in their eyes, as they open up and emit their cries.

Truly, the sounds coming from these beasts, has frozen me through my electric sheets.  My skin’s quite hot to the touch but my bones and marrow can’t take much.  I see screaming horrible writhing hordes, all scrambling across boarding boards.

Like ships of old that came together, these dark creatures are reaching up to heaven, where angels wait with glistening swords* to do battle with invisible hordes.

These angry violent arrogant men are lusting and vengeful for revenge.  "Forever, forever, forever, forever, forever" as well their satanic cry, but not as powerful as the call from the sky,


Calls our Lord Jesus from the sky,


glistening swords* - Means: pure words of truth being God's wisdom.
See glossary at rear.

Testament 25



The SIN: Are the seeds of darkness within the soul. Which are also referred to as the sin forces, for sin has a vibrating energy field of negative emotional feeling.  There are many different “sins” within the soul of an evolving spirit, e.g., Fear, Hatred, Anger, Greed, Jealousy, Vengeance, Criticism and many more.

This “energy essence” is drawn from the negative side of the universal energy source (destructive), and surrounds the light at the core of the soul, which is the divine spark of God, being the positive emotional feeling of love.  (Creative).


1 - The Act of 'eating' the fruit of the Tree of Evil, and this is forbidden by God as the 'fruit' is the dark forceful energy of God that contains within IT all the dark, deceptive, controlling, invasive, vengeful, jealous, vain, prideful, critical, punitive and destructive energy that contaminates the soul of the user and, - - -

It leads their soul away from the Light of Heaven as they use it to control and punish others and, - - - the user places themself into the Dark punitive aspect of God's superior "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, and they then suffer similarly on a later day as God fulfills His 'eye for an eye' Law.


2 - The Act of mentally or emotionally or physically inflicting pain onto another.
3 - The Act of taking by force or otherwise for gain.
4 - The emotional expression of any sin force by word or deed abusively at another.
5 - Allowing negative energy to flow up from the dark side through us to another child of God.
6 - The Dark (Satan or Devil) energy showing itself on earth (its face) in operating through people in the flesh or when in spirit.
7 - The negative side of God exerting its control on earth and IT is the Reaper in action through the ignorant.
8 - The act of supporting, condoning or funding any person, group or institution that uses force to impose, restrict, punish, regulate, invade, terrorise, kill. For this complicity invokes a negative response from God.
9 -
Anti-Christ, Anti-Love, deceptive, merciless, unforgiving, punitive and destructive.

We COMMIT a sin as the direct result of succumbing to the negative thoughts that enter our minds through the vibration of the sin force, and we use the dark energy of God directly or indirectly via our servants.  The sin force is the “doorway” through which our mind is telepathically impregnated with a 'justification' to do what IT the dark inspires us to. A person may also be 'sinning' due to having been deceived through the false teachings of others.

The negative thoughts activate the fleshly body and make it react negatively verbally or physically.  It is during this sinning that we are SOWING the darkness that we will later REAP, and as we use its energy its energy contaminates our soul.

The sin force IS a part of the Source, being the 'dark' negative retributive aspect called by some 'the Devil.' During the ACT of sinning we are expressing negative energy at an intensity corresponding to the intensity of the energy flowing through the sin force, and we 'earn' an equal 'payback' due under God's one Law:

 "As you do is done unto you."