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The Testament of Truth (pages 26 - 50)

Testament 26

The upper limit of the intensity of darkness that we can “outpour” will depend on the “size” or “volume” of this essence within us.  The different negative emotions within us have different volumes.  Our negative actions have the express purpose of causing pain and spreading deceit, and controlling others.

The “forces” are the Original Sin* which have to be experienced by the evolving spirit on its evolutionary growth path and are implanted deeply into our souls in varying combinations. 

At this “Time” they are of many different intensities, depths, combinations and varieties.  The flow of universal LOVE draws these forces up through, and eventually out of our souls on a continuing basis, until the soul is free of them all and finally purified (Christed soul).  Having only light within.

As sin forces are drawn through and up towards the surface in the soul, they grow in volume as the result of our sinning in the past and present.  They also grow in intensity and become more difficult to control as they surface to one day clear out of the soul.

The negative emotions being the sin, are activated by circumstances to varying degrees, resulting in a multiplicity of thought processes.  The soul gains vast reservoirs of knowledge from the situations experienced, both the positive and the negative ones.

Any particular emotional sin force needs to be felt and experienced in order to teach the soul, for as such, the soul is gaining an understanding of the dark, however, it does NOT have to be expressed

If expressed and thus sinning, the soul is supping on this evil flow and drinks of* this darkness.  Little by little more negative energy is drawn in and this is what enlarges the sin, giving it power over us. 

After many incarnations the force is lifted clear* and withdrawn out of the soul, its energy essence “flashing out” of the soul and sent back to its dark source, by the Grace of God’s love.

As soon as this dark stain with its gross vibration has been “drawn out” by the Light and cleared, the soul’s vibration is more refined and clear and that particular negative emotional feeling is never again felt as it does no longer exist in the soul.  The soul is now a little more Christ-like.

As the force clears out of the soul, wisdom in the form of understanding flows into the spirit soul by the grace of God.  The soul now shines brighter and is spiritually stronger.

We have also at this moment attained absolution from the sin, meaning, we have been freed from it.  We are responsible for our deeds perpetrated prior to a force clearing and will still continue to be “Reaping what we Sowed,” Karmic Justice.

Testament 27

After the sin force has been drawn out of our soul we are no longer capable of sowing any more evil through that emotion as it does not exist in us, and then we are more able to face our past debts to humanity and thus “Reap” without retaliating.  When we sow only good, we also reap just rewards.

We may have incarnated into this level and returned to spirit realms many times.  This usually continues until all base negative emotions have been experienced by us and drawn out, only then can we remain once and forever in the highest level of consciousness known as the ultimate heaven.

The power or pull of negative emotions can be difficult to control, hence the saying “Chained by Satan.” The powerful pull of negative feelings is within our capacity to control if we can control the accompanying thoughts.  We should thus endeavour to overcome the accompanying thoughts and stop ourselves sinning.  (Negative expression).

However, if we have sinned for ages and allowed the “force” to grow to an enormous power within, as some already have, and others will, we become powerless to halt the flow of dark and devious thoughts that lead us to express negative actions.

We heed no truth and thus will suffer the spiritual consequences of our actions when we pass over into spirit realms, as well as the earthly consequences of our actions.

We are all gifted as mental transceivers on a thought level, most of us being unaware of this when we are trapped in the flesh (earthly body).  Our spiritual essence containing the mental body (mind) and emotional body (feelings) does not suffer this drawback when in spirit (discarnate), and also has the full facility of its spirit mind with all the knowledge the spirit has acquired through its evolvement.

Spirits “in spirit” may not perceive that they are “reached” mentally from lower levels by other spirits, but know they can reach us telepathically and use us to their own ends.

The influence of ancestral spirits over the minds of earthlings is responsible for many continuing retributive vendettas.  From “beyond the grave” are earthlings manipulated mentally and used as “pawns.”

When in the flesh the being is only using the knowledge of the “mind” of that particular incarnation with its limitations, with the spirit mind “out of reach” so to speak.  All the knowledge gained in any incarnation is flowing back into and stored within the spirit mind.

There are many worlds or realms or levels of consciousness, both in the realms of the light and the realms of darkness.  We are drawn to a particular realm or level as we pass over out of the flesh.  Our destination depends on the vibration of the soul as it leaves the body. 

Testament 28

The mixture of light and dark energy at any moment of our eternal life determines the vibrational frequency of the spirit soul at that time.

The many different levels of consciousness are also all vibrating at different frequencies, and thus, in the manner that a magnet attracts, are we drawn swiftly to our next destination on a frequency vibrational basis.

Thus as you see, it is through our own actions that we judge ourselves to the extent that the bed we make, we surely lie in.  If our vibration is heavy due to strong negative emotions, we are drawn to a low level corresponding to that vibration on a “like for like” basis where all souls at that level are suffering the same temporary disease of the soul, eg., Hatred, Jealousy, fear, etc.

A spirit with a more refined soul would be drawn up to a beautiful level corresponding to their vibration.  There are many levels that are experienced by all souls during their evolutionary development, until, ultimate heaven is reached, as ONE with God the source, the finest essence, the light.

As we are telepathic instruments we are subject to thoughts emanating from the light* and the dark.* When we do not have any negative sin force “near the surface” or triggered active* our vibration is calm, and we are happy and good, receiving guidance from above.

When a sin force is either near the surface or triggered* through circumstances, we become aggressive and our vision is clouded, and we become more in tune with the dark and may succumb to the disruptive evil thoughts.  Our feelings are also compounded by feelings from below, on a like for like* basis.

Unfortunately, as our negative feelings become aroused, their vibration is felt by beings in dark realms called Hell who at that very instant communicate forcefully with us telepathically, and manipulate our thought processes in an attempt to make us sin.  The act of sinning satiates not only our feelings at this time but also theirs.  This is the little known or understood area of spirit possession.*

By this spirit possession as it is known, not only are our thoughts being manipulated, but our feelings are being compounded by theirs as the negative energy essence flows through both parties and intensifies the feelings being felt.

Thus we can find it impossible to resist what we feel we must do, and we do it for a short time span, having possibly lost all control of our thoughts and reason and sanity.

We become robots, controlled and manipulated by others from unseen levels, but, still responsible spiritually for the deeds we perpetrated.

Testament 29

The mere fact that we have negative emotions within us allows mental contact to our minds from beings on other levels with similar emotions within.

At this end time when God’s cleansing love is flooding through the entire universe, the negative emotions of all spirits on all levels of consciousness are being drawn out at an escalated rate, and as such, a far greater percentage of people on the planet and in spirit will become intensely negative prior to sin forces clearing.

This will result in a far greater level of insanity and spirit possession, with most people at some stage becoming influenced to a great degree and being thus mentally forced to carry out the evil intent of those from lower levels of consciousness.

Total Spirit possession takes place instantly when thoughts activated by rising negative feelings are allowed to flow in unchecked.  The increase of negative thought reasoning inflames the emotions and permits ever increasing mental stimulation and subjugation by the possessing spirit.

As the negative feelings in both parties become compounded, the process becomes unstoppable until the feeling* has been satiated in both parties, after which the “attaching” spirit may detach.

In some cases attached spirits may stay “locked in” for many years until the attracting sin force* has been lifted from the soul, or until the attaching spirit has been redirected by the light.*

The heralding of the new Age of Aquarius is accompanied by a gradual quickening vibration which will increase over seven years to a hundredfold, drawing out our negative emotions at a faster rate. 

The growth of rising negative emotions will allow the biggest onslaught against the human race on a mental level that we have ever seen, this truly is Armageddon of the mind.

The attack on the thought level will also be when we are asleep, and many will suffer horrendous nightmares.  The tide* so to speak has commenced to run in. 

It will escalate at an alarming rate and peak, and the planet will become a madhouse of “possessed” men, women and children, cycling in and out of “insanity.”

The swift-flowing cleansing energy (Holy Spirit) will flow at its accelerated pace, and all souls will be in the process of acting out their rising feelings.  As sin forces clear, souls will become more purified. 

So people will be “cycling” in and out of negative modes as their “sin” is cleansed out of them, one sin after the other.

Testament 30

Remember, the soul needs to feel the negative sin (emotion) to gain spiritual understanding of it, and the soul is ONLY sinning when we express and cause pain which is the SOWING of evil, which, under divine law, we must REAP at some time in full.

All souls still in the flesh on this planet at the end of the cleansing process will have been totally purified of all sin.  The meek shall inherit the earth and as there are no negative emotions left in their souls.

There will be no avenue for telepathic access from below.  It is thus that Satan is sealed for the biblical one thousand years, for it is the vibration of the “sin” emotions that permits the access of negative thought to intrude into our consciousness.

Any pure soul who enters this level of consciousness from the light (heaven) to help humanity, of which there are many, always take on the sin of this world* again for God, so that their conscious mind can understand and experience the same emotional/mental “trauma” that the others are experiencing.

This is so that they can “relate to” their struggling brothers and sisters.  This sin is always cleared out of helpers souls before they depart this world back to heaven.

These stalwart helpers are also subject to the same law of “reap as you sow” whilst on this level.  Remember that we are all personally responsible for our actions towards others as you now are “reaping,” and are now to reap more quickly for past sinning and will suffer at the hands of others. 

During the duration of the next thousand years, no souls will incarnate up from levels of darkness and this material world will only be “seeded” with souls from heaven, all pure, and thus truth and love will prevail.

In this way the unity of faith being LOVE, is established, and the planet will be rejuvenated positively.  These souls will not be required to take on the sin of this world as there will be no need of experiencing it after the cleansing is done.



Testament 31

To limit the growth of a sin force in the soul and thus have an “easier,” less painful path, we need to counteract its influence and not give in to it, so do not let it control you.

It is not only controlling us when we EXPRESS it, but also when we stand ALOOF through fear or selfishness etc.  for at this time the force is also active and drawing on, and drawing-in negative energy.

Those who mentally control their thought processes now, will be the enlightened ones who will be under less stress, and thus be able to assist those in desperate need of consolation and understanding, as they go through their time of mental turmoil and suffering resulting from the physical abuse to their bodies.

This being the result of the unbelievably destructive mentality of the evil spirits who will be manipulating so many in the flesh and using them to abuse others.

Negative subconscious programming of the mind from happenings in childhood days through your own fears or others negative projections onto you, may be gradually eased and lessened by love essencing direct from God to your individual soul.

This takes place each time when you heed the message given, in calling out through the simple prayer given on p.  33, and also you will be helped when listening to the ARK and STAR audios upon which is a divinely inspired message spoken by my voice.

The invisible power of the darkness is its “spell-binding” continuity of thoughts that can keep our minds going round and around in endless circles of worrying, or things to be done, or unforgiving thoughts of past happenings, or happenings to come, all resulting in deepening stress, confusion, mental exhaustion, and energetic “hype.”

“It,” the Serpent, traps us mentally into believing that “we” will not find inner peace until we resolve the problem by thinking about it, and attempting to find a solution.

This is deceit, as there is no resolution to the problems considered, nor any ending to the areas of “searching” when our minds are linked through our negative emotions to the “Whisperings of the Serpent.”

The Serpent slowly controls us through our thoughts that are the inspiration of our expressed deeds, that become more irrational and then fatal to ourselves and/or others.

Thus, we only attain peace through the suppression of, or cessation of the confusing or negative thought flow.  This is only accomplished by “breaking” its “spell” over our minds, which takes place momentarily each time we do this meditation prayer, thus allowing us a little mental respite.

Testament 32

We are also linked mentally (telepathically) to other spirits on other levels of consciousness at all times through the vibration of our negative emotions.  It is their minds too that are the link for the deceiver to reach us.

They are aware that they reach “us” mentally, but do not realise that they also are being “manipulated” in the same manner from other levels of spirit, and thus, they too need to be telepathically inspired by us to also do the Star meditation, so as to free themselves from negative thought intrusion into their minds.

This also “waters” their inner spiritual Rose with love, and they must be told telepathically (thoughts) to desist from contacting us.

Many of these beings are our ancestors who are attempting to guide us here with their misguided ancestral beliefs, not realising, that their “control” over us is contrary to God’s wish that all have freedom of choice, and freedom of expression.

Trust now in God, let the light of God break the spell of the Serpent’s thoughts three times a day, giving us a little respite, and thus, we are able to remain sane until the time that our Creative God of light and love has “removed” out from our souls the negative emotions, (the sin), one by one.

For it is then and only then, that the “doorway” to this darkness is closed, and then, as there is no avenue for negative thoughts to reach our minds, clear rationality and peace within at last are found.

Trust in God let it so be
trust in God thus you will be set free.

Testament 33

The Morning Star meditation prayer.


Children, children, you must pray, pray to Jesus every day.
Ask for love and strength for you, keep calm, and please be true.
Children, in this coming time, I’ll need your love and you'll need mine.
Be strong and calm and quiet too, remember always that Jesus loves you.

Children, trust me day by day, so that your hearts will never stray.
When all around you starts to fall, feel my love and you'll walk tall.
Children, children, quiet now, trust in me I'll show you how.
Say these words three times a day, and to Jesus, please do pray:

I see the Star of Bethlehem high up above
brilliant and beautiful and filled with God’s love
I see a white light shining down from this star
cleansing through my body with its power from afar
wonderful Jesus please now be with me
fill me with light and set my soul free


Jesus, I see your shining Star, Jesus be with me, Jesus please help me and save me

People of any race or creed may use either of the above prayers or say:

Creator of the Heavens - Mother of love (or Father of love)
I see your Star shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so I may heed your call of peace from above

If any one of these meditation prayers is said three times a day, then slowly but surely the ARK of the mind is built, giving us an inner mental cleansing and strengthening that lessens the invisible power of negative thought.

I repeat, do it from today, before your mind is out of control, and become stronger within.  With this inner strengthening we will find ourselves calmer in the face of adversity, and more able to remain in control of our actions as our dark sin surfaces within, as it is drawn up and out by God’s Grace.

This meditation is the key to the “well-spring” of inner love, the eternal flame of light and love within each soul, enabling it to flow more easily, allowing healing of the spirit soul to occur, thus over time “easing” the whole being on all levels.

Remember Christ’s truth: “Go in peace,” it is the only way.


Testament 34

 the perfect Justice of God’s Law as now revealed

1 - We reap what we sow at the time and place ordained by God that we are so to do.

2 - Whosoever is abused and suffereth any pain, mental, emotional, physical, loss or more, let all mankind know that this soul did it to others before.


And as for one day when you stand a'fore the Lord, that’s mankind’s belief, not the true word.  For ‘tis we who judge ourselves see, and our judgment is our destiny

The destination to which we go.  ‘Tis our soul’s vibration that follows the flow, the flow of energy deep within.  Light like the heavens or heavy darkness from sin.

If we stay calm and others not abuse and don’t allow those “others” below to us misuse, our souls stay clear and we above go.  ‘Tis when we lash out that negativity does in us grow, and this negativity does stain our souls, and the souls vibration grosser grows.

And, when from the flesh the soul passes out, it’s drawn to the level it’s all about.  Yea verily, 1001 levels there be, from the darkest depths to the heavens I see, and ‘tis this new understanding I must mankind give so that forever they can on the highest level live.


I Terence be the one sent by God to thee to God’s truth pass on, about how you your journey won.  So the correction of the salvation truth is my proof.  Seek the star that shines for you from afar. 

The ARK is very strong, you will be sheltered from doing wrong if you heed this my call, for now the final rise or fall.

A tremendous effort is needed right now on the part of caring people to prepare for what is about to escalate into the most unbelievable crisis that humanity has ever faced.

The only help available will be from these caring souls in the community who band together daily to assist those in their immediate area who will have suffered each day and night when most evil deeds are perpetrated.

Testament 35

Remember, our enemy is an invisible one from within, we must from this very moment be aware of our thoughts at all times, they can be neutral or positive.  Any negative thought flow must be identified and something done straight away to halt the negative flow, be aware!

Seek out the worst of your present fears, things out of control? Panic? Stop ! Think, identify, and trust.  Whosoever your God be, of whatever name, be it God, Allah, Buddha, Mungu, Shiva, or any other of any belief system, call on JESUS.

He will set your soul free by fortifying your mind, I see, this says Father God whose Word Jesus spoke as he trod.  So believe now what I say, our Father speaks through me today.  If you rebuke me, you Father deny, and for sure will spiritually die.

Your - task is to do your bit selflessly with faith, hope, compassion and forgiveness in your heart.

Your - effort is needed to not become a part of what you see around you.

Your - effort is needed to remember Christ’s words:
“I forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

Your - greatest effort is needed within yourself to overcome negative thoughts rising up in your mind and controlling your actions.

Remember - if you fail in the above, your thoughts will to varying degrees be controlled by invisible dark forces, and your deeds will become questionable and beyond your control.
Remember - all souls are being tested and elevated in varying degrees.

Remember - the sin, negative feelings, in all beings are being brought forward to be cleared in those in the flesh and in spirit.
Remember - no confrontation, walk away from aggression.

Remember - do not arm yourself, this attracts aggression and also lowers your faith threshold.
Remember - God is by your side do only what He would do and feel His presence with you.

Remember - to attain heaven, you must pass over whilst not sinning.
Remember - retribution from our past sinning will come from many hands.
Remember - Christ Jesus our hope.

Testament 36

To lessen the power of negative thought intrusion, and to avoid becoming possessed, do the “Star” meditation and build the ARK of the mind.

At night if fearful, keep the lights on and play some music, sing and dance together, you may also play the relaxation “Star” or “Ark” tapes as you go to sleep.

You may so far think that you are a lucky one who as yet is not being influenced by negative thought, believe me, no one is free of this invidious cunning intrusion until they are cleansed of all inner sin.

Soon the pull* from lower levels will be so strong that their drag* will be irresistible unless you prepare your mind daily, don’t allow any negative thoughts to run free in your mind, otherwise, soon, you will be running from the law, earthly and spiritual.

1 - Identify thought. 
2 - Act immediately. 
3 - Prepare the ARK of the Mind.

We must see clearly and realise, negative feelings we must not despise.  In this sin that within us lies is the power for our spirits to rise, learning from the understanding therein that we get from flirting with sin. 

When that sin has torn us apart, hallelujah it does our soul depart. Accept it as a part of life, you cannot remove it with a butchers knife.  So keep it under tight control, otherwise, your thoughts will get soiled, twisted and turned by fiends low who want you to join them down below. 

This my good friends you must see for full awareness that needs be.  Be understood once and for all if you would join us with our lord.  Seek deep and draw my truth near, only this way will you to God veer.

During this cleansing and separation of souls process, those that die* or “pass over”* into spirit with negative emotions “sin” still within their souls, will be taken to “light” realms if they go in peace as Christ did, and further purification will take place in spiritual realms.

Those who pass over actively retaliating will be drawn swiftly down to cold dark realms to learn remorse, and their time there will be as an eternity.

Testament 37

There are billions of souls on this planet of ours, and the day must come when each one departs, so buckle up lads and hear me out, when you go it must be in calm, not ravaged by sin and doubt.  Hear me well for it’s the truth, and it’s so very important to get it right from the start.

Those that pass over whilst reveling in sin will forever and a day wonder why so stupid they’d been, for it’s simple see, between you and me, if you stay calm when the devil’s about, your soul goes to heaven without a shadow of doubt.

So don’t ever fear those guys tearing around, for if they take your life, ‘twas fate you bound, so get the message “right” from the start, and forever and ever you’ll be glad you were smart.  Of course you’re free to go the way you must, but please keep your cool and in our Lord above trust.

Seek ye the shelter, the shelter within, shelter of silence not shelter of sin, nothing but courage lest your soul hate, this would be sinful, dreaded and belate.  Lose not the silver thread that joins you to God.  Sanity and peace shall be your lot. 

Sharing, caring people are who we need to find, of every race and religion who on each street abound.  They must band together and meet sometimes each week, for these the meek and humble, will be the ones the foe to meet.

Nightly, nightly, the river will flow, the river of terror and pain.  Every morning must the humble ones go, collect all the injured and take them home.  This must be done in every village, to help the needy and weak to overcome their pain and fears and daily get back on their feet. 

Hospitals too few and policemen too, and feelings must be allowed to run, so on every second street my lads find chemists herbalists and nuns.  Many, many willing hands is what we’ll need, loving caring people who’ll help those in need. 

So now’s the time to plan ahead and speed up your pace because you see, in this great war, we must old Satan face.  Gather around and make your plans, tell your friends what's to come.

All the good kind caring folk must get together to help those on the run, and if you can keep busy see, and tend for the sick and the dying, then our dear Father up above will bless you for trying.

So keep your minds clear and bright and your hearts singing and light.  Keep your promise to our Lord above and forever shall She outpour love.. 

Think of Christ up in the sky, look Him steadily in the eye, draw Him right down close to thee and let His huge heart enfold thee.  Ask Him to clear from your head all the feelings there of fear and dread.  If you practice this from now on, you shall slowly become stronger within.

Testament 38

For you see if you let sin in, Satan’s men shall surely win, for within your mind they will spin thoughts of terrible incredible fantasy.  So remember with me daily pray, pray for help throughout the night for that’s the time when terror comes, and the time whenst thee must fight.

Fight the sin that enters in, so that thee may not self sin, for if sin thee must, then your soul to Satan thee entrust.  Remember children, to stay free, you must your soul to me entrust.  Therefore please as never before, set your minds for what's in store.

Total war, is what they wage, against all souls on this planetary page, a page in time, when humans stand upon this material earthly land. 

So all men upon this earth, understand please or become serfs, forever lost in realms so low, dragged there down by Satan’s bow.  A bow of twisted tortured hate to which no sane creature could relate, but in this coming war with us, in ignorance* we’ll fall with little fuss.

Please, please believe in what I say then you’ll survive for another day.  Powerful thoughts up from the dark strike your mind to find their mark.  Once they’ve struck you with their mark they find it easy to embark and chain your tortured twisted mind, until your soul is undermined. 

So all true blue souls on earth, prepare your minds for all your worth.  Lord Jesus Christ is living when all of us face the lions den.

Those that break the law at night are those that sure are in dismal plight, twisted and turned by those below they have no chance in what they do or where they go so they needs be caught, and counselled see, then each day must they be set free, no matter what the deeds they do, prison guards too few too few.

We cannot lock up the world each night, we must just believe that all’s a’right, so just reserve the prisons for those that kill the meek and poor.  They must stay in six months, no more.  Being time for a little remorse for sure.  In this time you will see their violent feelings will be set free. 

Desperate though our plight may be, all men must be allowed to run free.  Free to feel and express see all that’s bottled up see.

Certainly, pain and turmoil there will be but that’s a fact we must accept that’s to be.  Speedily must we all understand this and mobilise all helping hands to be to help those helpless with comfort in need, so, get to it lads, with our Lord’s love please.  Remember, the universal law is: “We reap as we sow,” so all will pay for what they do as they go.

The truth being, that Jesus came to show us the way, the why, being that it is the only way.  Reach out and give with all your compassion and understanding to all, and if persecuted unto death, then go in peace as a lamb to the slaughter, do NOT retaliate.  His message to you now is:


Testament 39

The servants of God are far and wide and even Satan is used within God’s stride, for Satan’s a tool to test our souls, and when we fail, he’s used to us over bowl.

So get the message and get it right, for Satan’s now unleashed to put all right, for all those souls who did evil sow, will now feel the power of Satan in them grow, and these mighty forces of dark within, will bend men’s minds and make them further sin, and within this sin that God doth despise, the souls will fall and all will hear their cries.

So listen well and listen hard, the time has come when we’ll be charred, charred like coal as we burn at night for all must pay Karmic debts before they’re a’right.

As our sin clears from ages past, our souls will become clearer and the light we will grasp, and the curled up leaves of our dried up souls will turn and grow afresh as sin leaves our bowls.

So, sons and daughters, now we will reap during the day, and even when we sleep, for the satanic power of souls below, inspired by GOD, will this truth sow.  That icy darkness, far, far from the light, a twilight zone filled with terror all night.

Hatred and vengeance and cunning see,
that devours your soul as it entwines thee.

Tools of torture may you spear as satanic forces draw to you near, but you are only reaping what you sowed, so go calmly don’t let fresh chaff be sowed.  So vengeance at last must be laid at rest.  If you cannot, then you prolong your test.  If you can’t take your punishment as along you go then you’ll sin again, and down you’ll go.

‘Tis but the simple truth revealed to me by our Lord God, who shines through me.  So bend your minds to do his will for if thee cannot then you’re in for a spill.  Our loving God high in the sky says:

“Now’s the time to do or forever die”

For souls live for an eternity, that I know, and those that fail fall for 1,000 years into the snow.  Oh, sweet children from out the past can you not sit quietly and see God’s will at last, or, will you forever on this earthly plane roam, back and forth from many a twilight zone.

There are no secrets in the universe, only on earth can we be perverse, for ‘tis but here that we believe no one can tell what they don’t perceive.

Oh, what fools we all here be, like little goldfish swimming open for the universe to see, and now dear friends, truth must be told so I beseech you all to be bold.  Bold in courage, bold in face, for in truth though evil, we’ve not yet lost the race.

For the mighty love of God above will cleanse all souls with all His love and in this testing time as we burn see, like gold refinement, it needs be, our minds must just for this time be totally in control of inner rising negativity.

Even when these feelings rise and rise, deafen our ears and cloud our eyes, we must remain calm with hands by side, for only this way will we the storm outride. The chance at last in eternity to pay past debts to all souls see.  Only then, as inner forces draw clear, at last, at last, to God we draw near.

Beautiful Jesus high up above,
fill me please daily with your boundless love,
and as I daily in your face gaze,
cleanse my thoughts and pervading evil erase.

Calmer now, and stronger, with wisdom galore, we can see the light of that far distant shore.  Reach out please darlings far far in the night and help all your brethren in the coming plight, and the power of His love now flowing through me, sends you HIS blessings for all to see.

For HE would gather YOU up in His arms, where forever and ever you’ll abide in heavenly balm.

Testament 40

~ Jesus & Muhammad ~


God/Allah sent Jesus to earth to say :

“For your “doing” you will pay, and in order to pay, you must not retaliate in any way.  Die as a lamb going to the slaughter.  In being “crucified” for your past, you will become my heavenly son or daughter.”


Allah/God sent Muhammad to earth to say :

“To the merciful am I merciful, to the destroyer am I destructive, and all deceivers become lost in my dark weave.  True believers know that I do not deceive the ones who are peaceful and make no other grieve.”

Testament 41

The ‘pen’ of Terence speaks

To all those now who on earth plod who would reach out and hear the Word of God, this then now to them is what I say, and that they hear it, I do pray.

Sell all they have except their bed.  If they cannot then they are surely dead, for what they keep they will fight to hold and the result of this is a story old.

So I go on and further say, reach out to all that come your way.  Hungry and needy must be fed, a pillow found and a mattress for their bed, and clothing too and a medicine box must be near where they keep their socks.

Buildings must be requisitioned see where all these happenings are to be and all the local helping hands must be counselled on Satan’s coming bands, bands of brigands standing tall, filled with hate and taking all.

So much preparation we needs see, to hide the food that’s in storage to be.  Pumpkins and rice and cabbage and bread, these we’ll need to feed those on their bed, and, mountains of meat tinned for sure, must be hidden under many a floor.

Money will all soon go up in smoke as every second soul becomes a satanic bloke, so all must be sold we here see and provision made for shortages to be, for time as time, we have little left, soon so soon, many grieving and bereft, and in this time all must be bought see, to feed and clothe and shelter all in deep misery.

And, any souls who think of themselves will fall to Satan and fill his icy shelves.  A penny in the pocket and you’ll not go, for a camel in a needles eye you cannot sew.  So, do your best and understand, for our Lord God above sees all in thee.

Compassion and forgiveness must be to the fore in dealing with all who come to the door.  The hateful and evil are suffering too, and they are the ones who’ll need to rely on you, for as their inner hatred does clear, they too will become angels dear, and we all must aspire to the dove if we would reach heaven and our Lord’s love.

Testament 42

~ The hidden power of inner Sin ~

A force of sin that within us lies gets drawn through a veil and then clouds our eyes.  This veil of power within us deep is the Pandora’s Box that in Satan doth sleep.

Negative forces reside in there by the score, unleashed one by one as we evolve for sure, and as these forces within our souls rise, their energy builds through their evil disguise, for unknown to us as we quietly sin, we draw in more energy that builds therein, and the power of the force just grows and grows and in our minds more evil sows and sows.

So thus the power of Satan builds,
afflicting the world with all his ills
and only when the force is lifted clear
by God’s love, are we free and clear.

So understand as along you go, do no evil, for it does but you overthrow.  Keep a tight rein upon your mouth and mind, and this way friends, to selves we be kind.  So every soul must empty their Pandora’s Box before forever joining Jesus and his heavenly flocks.

So by reaping now what you have sown, you’ll empty the box and go forever home.  So the difficult times that lie at hand are because we have unleashed Satan’s band, and our loving God in heaven see, will increase His cleansing love to release us quickly.

So do your best to understand that you now have your soul in your hand.  If you cannot contain the feelings within thee as they rise to clear, you’ll sin more and fall see, and whatever you’ve sowed along the road you’ll now reap, whatever the load.  So just accept what happens to thee. 

Remember Jesus’ words: "Turn the other cheek and be free."

‘Tis a mighty test that we now face but ‘tis our eternal chance to leave this planetary race, for the heavens above abound forevermore, with billions of souls who are now guiding you to their door.

Fornication of the mind is to self very unkind, for if you keep knocking others therein, then you yourself are letting in sin.  For sin itself is energy see, of limitless expanse is this energy, and for all eternity can you draw in this negativity.

For sure for sure your soul doth learn but for eternity it’ll wait its turn, that turn it seeks where forevermore it will fly at last to that distant shore.

That shore where sin cannot enter in.  That shore so light, sin could not therein swim, for there are heavens and heavens for all to see but the FINAL heaven incredulous be.

Testament 43

So friends, the time as once before has come along to help the poor.  The poor as thee still full of sin, a chance at last to help thee win.  So do your best to understand the heinous power of Satan’s band.

For they will try their hardest see to ensure that you cannot get free, and they will fill your minds with doubts for they themselves are most cunning louts.

For aeons have they toiled on earth see and their minds filled with intelligence be, but, if you can remember Jesus see, then ‘tis easier to remain calm and free, for he came and told us see, how to remain clear of inner negativity.

Keep shut that mouth that doth you bind. 
Keep hands to side that would you bind. 
Turn around and run to keep selves free
for there must now no confrontation be.

For harder and harder doth it soon now get, and soon all souls will inwardly fret as tighter and tighter our nerves are reeled, as our senses are tested and emotions are steeled.

We must not falter, just look ahead even though many suffer and fall down dead, for every soul its journey must run, for you are responsible for self as well as others on the run.

Blessed be the ones who can stay free, free from compounding inner negativity, for in this power that we must be, is the power that takes us to heaven forever free.

Every soul shall now bow to the Lord, even those that now fall overboard, and every soul that cannot see the smile on His face will once and forever know they’ve lost the race.

Truly blessed all souls shall be that help their divine brethren to stay free, free of the pain rising up within that will try and drag them deeper into sin. 

Testament 44

~ Danger of false mental programming ~

We only “believe” what we are taught,
and this belief can with danger be fraught,
for Religion & Truth are far apart,
THUS the Messiah gives a fresh start.

Bringing PURE TRUTH to all who on earth stroll so that IT can “draw out” a response from the soul of ANY seeking aspirant under the sun, matters NOT their Creed, OR, what they “have” done.

And thus at this “End time” God’s love does again on earth entwine through the mind of a simple man, “God’s pen,” that does earth now span with God’s message for all to see, that is, any who’d forever be free.

So, any who on its “living water” sup,
will for sure fall not to the satanic pup.

Many have been taught “Jesus did you save,”
this is
untruth emanating from the “knave.”

Jesus came to “Set you free”
through you
heeding God’s WORD he spoke freely.

Understand please children what I say to you and thus to your souls be true.  ‘Tis you yourselves, that save you, with God’s wisdom flowing through.

You must make the effort at last to be true and God’s sweet loving angels will beside you guide you true. 

I bless you; bless you, darlings,
as you walk this last short road. 
I bless you, bless you, darlings,
I’m here to share the load.

Testament 45

Freezing cold are the winds below for it’s far from the light and cold as snow.  The icy darkness is black as hell, a miserable place we thought we’d you tell.

You’ve seen this son and know that it’s true but others must now wake up from their dreams too, for all sleeping beauties down on the earth, filled with pride and ego need this knowledge dearth, for wandering minds they have see, filled with dreams of more and more iniquity.

And this blinding spell needs broken be so that they can at last face cold reality.  The depths below are many see, a thousand and one levels or more we see, from shades of grey at the entry door to inky black when you reach the floor, and all the beings are miserable see, and self-centered in their negativity.

And, the further down you go the worse they get, filled with hatred and vengeance against you set, and your soul, not in the flesh, feels all more, so wake up fellows and know just what’s in store. 

For JUSTICE be a true reality, not like on your level where you buy freedom see.  For ‘tis you, that judge yourselves not we.  The vibration of your soul is what does it, see, for when you do your negative deeds on earth, the negative energy awakened flows quickly forth.

Our beloved God now warns thee, for the centre of your soul HIS Kingdom be, and the more you cloud this light with negativity, the harder and harder it gets to see reality.

So try hard please and see this truth, bend your minds friends and from all stand not aloof.  Our Lord and God above now sends all His love and the blessings of angels on the wings of His dove.  Blessings flow from us above who greet you all from the land of love. Speedily now must you see the truth of what’s needed, for to stay free.

‘Tis Armageddon believe in we, you must needs do all to stay free for the forces now gathering below will be increasing in power as they go, and the feelings you feel deep within will get more powerful and they’ll try to win, and all but all will be on the move, and this do not doubt, for we will it prove.

And, what you have you will try to hold, of this already you have been told, but it’s reality you must believe, for we dear brethren do not deceive.  But the simplest things that you need, keep for now, but don’t let your heart bleed, for when you go, ‘twill be on foot and what you take will on the back be put.

Yea, verily we say unto you, our LORD GOD will see who is who.  ‘Tis but a simple task we here ask of thee so now we’ll see who wants to make it see.  For your minds are already devious, made so from below, and already Satan’s men doubts and whisperings sow, so buckle up lads and knuckle down see, we above know what’s needed to stay free.

Testament 46

The WISDOM OF GOD and His love see, naught, but naught else will help thee, so trust in His judgment through us here and we you across troubled waters will now steer.

The days of leisurely comfort are now gone.  The weak and unbelievers already fall undone, so trust and trust and trust again, we speak not lightly and not in vain.

Hearken we beseech thee to this our call, do not let it’s implications make you pall, and this cry going forth now is for all that read it to understand somehow.  We bless you, fill your hearts with courage men.  Satan will work through many to drag you into his den, so please, stand firm in all we ask, ‘tis our Lord God’s wish that you bend to this task.

So set your minds as never before to accomplish what we ask and sweep all out the door, for only when it is done will you truly be ready, to follow Him, for all to see.

Son, the time is at hand when every soul will know the perfect law of the land, but not the law of your land see, but the Universal Law that BE.  For this law be that we shall REAP what we’ve SOWN, even if we weep.

So son, for all to see, we will know what others be, for as they feel and as they fall, all will know that they did it before.  So ‘tis this way see that universal justice be.

So ‘tis not man’s task to vengeful be, for the universe will do it see.  We must stand back and really see that more dark karma* we don’t sow because it comes back to we.  Understand please, what be, be.  All men must run free as before said to thee, free to feel and express see.

Blessings again we now send for we see the pain beginning your end.  Tell all son, to sow no more, for already enough pain is in store.  The reaping bins now overflow.  We talk of evil deeds over a million years or so, deeds sown son by many mighty men who played with fire and can’t remember when.

Tell them son, and tell them again, their souls will shrivel as they feel the pain, for all must be felt as along they go, to the last drop of blood the scales of justice* know.

Mental and emotional torture too, physical abuse of others too, every unremembered avenue see, they will reap, and then become free. Their souls already know what’s in store for even as they sleep their souls are prepared for sure. ‘Tis but the conscious mind that sleeps see for every man’s soul would forever be free.

Oh, sweet wanderer from out the past, do your best and give the message fast, for now doth suffering grow and grow and all must prepare for more bad Karma not to sow.*

Testament 47


The Word of God is the sound for sure
that from God’s mouth doth outpour. 
That infinite wisdom for all to see,
that we must aspire to for to become free.

The Word, God’s wisdom be, sent to earth for all to BE, and these messages come spinning down sent by angels to those earthly bound.

Angels, spirits of truth be, inspiring those of the flesh telepathically, and these words of wisdom be inspired by Jesus for all to see.

The “Mystery of the gospel” as revealed unto me was that it was mostly written for a time yet to be, and all of the wisdom contained therein was to help mankind to ward off inner sin.

But into this wisdom has crept deceit see, little by little and deceived many see, and the truth therein that God wishes us to see is to: stand not aloof from any, and give with love, see.

“Rise thou that sleepest,
arise from the dead and Christ shall enlighten thee.”

Now this mystery is laid at rest, look and see the light and pass the coming test.  Our Lord God above who guides this pen says: Not if but when you’re with me again.



The SEAL OF GOD is the Might of His Word,
wielded by truth and the wisdom of His
That everlasting sound that in heaven does roar,
and guides all souls forevermore.


Testament 48

More and more must you now unmask the tremendous difficulties we face in our task, for whatever move we decide to take, our enemy can see and puts in his rake.

Oh, blessed ones, his power is cunning and each of us will he have running for all but all must now fall, fall to the sickle that reaps all.

Oh, blessed ones, the wisdom of God is absolute and to this now heads nod, and see it’s justice for what it is please, this way you’ll avoid other sins that’ll you freeze.

Every move that you now make must include an inner brake.  This inner brake strong control be, only this way will you not more sin see.

Be aware of the power of speech.  Abuse of this and Satan will you reach, and you must pay for what you do, God’s laws are absolute for him too.

There is no leniency under His law, ‘tis absolute justice forevermore, and He for one would have you know how and why, and help you Satan overthrow.

Hands by side, keep mouth shut, pretend see that you are a helpless mutt.  Helpless you may be for all to see but only this way will you become free.

For silent and cunning is our adversary whose intelligence is infinite and non-remorsing see.  Once he’s gained an avenue, he’s planning ahead to overthrow you.

Oh sweet children from out the past,
please believe and let us him unmask,
for only we from here above
can see his moves and help with love.

Tenderly we guide you, can’t you see, or do you believe we’d hinder thee.  Trust and trust and trust again, this way dears your toil* is not in vain.  Please believe in all we say that heavenly guidance will be sent your way, for if you can believe in God above, then for sure you’ll find His love.

His love will guide you and fill your heart more and more, just give it a start, and His wisdom will fill your mind.  So sweet children, to selves be kind.

Blessed be those that wait for our Lord, he will guide them with His mighty sword.  Sword of truth, sword of love, wielded from the heavens above.

Heavenly hosts with limitless names astride stallions with fiery manes.  Breastplates of gold with shining hues that will ensure that all will pay their dues.  Golden white and true blue too, called by grace for they love you too. 

Testament 49

Blessed angels of the light will gather up many with their might.

Steady now men; hold on fast,
eternal freedom is here at last. 
Show your strength by keeping still,
don’t let anything
unwind your will.*

Silently we speak to you,
but in truth we’re very near too,
and we love you and guide you true,
ourselves being guided by our Lord God too.

These mighty hosts reach to the sun, they will ensure that every race is run and their shining armour of glistening white fills the heavens like the stars at night.

Valiant and true are these mighty men who guide your mind and even your pen, for their souls well tried and true would save ten million billion if they could through you.

Hear their pleas, hear their shouts:
Hold fast lads, don’t listen to thoughtless louts. 
Be true to GOD who resides in you,
and we for sure will help you through.

The twinkling stars high up above
have their leading star filled with love. 
Seek it out with all your heart. 
This Star lads will give you a fresh start.

The Star of David and Bethlehem too, 
symbol* of the King, and the heavens too,
is shining now bright as never before,
pouring out its love with energy galore

Look to JESUS and honour his name
then you’ll know his truth doesn't wane,
for only HE can save your soul
and keep you free so Satan doesn't you over bowl.

Oh, sweet children from out the past, now your souls will be cleansed at last.  Now the mighty grace* of God above, will once, and forever, purge you with love.

I need bands of mighty men who wield not sword but only pen.  These men must be true blue too, tall of stature and fearless too.  Full of courage, bold and old, grizzly natures who don’t mind being told, told the truth of what to do even if it means disbelief coming through.

Trustworthy men made of steel; minds so quick t’would make you reel.  Kindly souls well tried and true, yes friends, I mean like you and you.

Testament 50

We shall be guided see, guided by a mind that invincible be.  The WISE ONE up above who sends messages on the wings of His dove.

HE who walks besides of me, holds my hand, and counsels me, has limitless love for all see, and would lead us all for eternity.

“Quietly now” He says to me, “Woo them Terence, to follow thee,” for He knows the strength see, of our foe the dark one be.

Courage men, you’ll needs see, for to believe what I tell thee, for even I sometimes gasp at the thoughts that go flashing past, and I needs tell thee that I fear, fear to fail a one so dear.  So join me, get the message fast, then we’ll join hands in eternity at last.

Its real, its real, I know it lads, there is a heaven it’s not a fad, a beautiful place so crystal clear, and to my vision ‘tis very near.

“Come on, come on,” they say above, “Join us forever in the land of love, the test is hard but mighty short.” T’were them, they’d all else just abort.

“Follow ME” the cry calls out, across the heavens I hear this shout.  From the mouths of ten million billion men, I feel it quiver through my pen.

Glory, glory, be for all men who see, eternal life in paradise for all who stay free, choosing the path of right or wrong.  Oh, sweet children, you’ve got to be strong

Blessed be the ones that try
for our dear Father up in the sky. 
Many, many blessings does He send
for He would wish your minds don’t bend.

Truly blessed shall ye be,
those that try hard to stay free,
for, for all eternity
will you dance in majestic revelry.