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~ Automobiles ~
God's Law and you
"As you do will be done unto you"

As written by Terence

page 1 - The driving school syllabus
page 2 - The mental state of the driver
page 3 - Driver control
page 4 - The insurance aspect
page 5 - The liability aspect
page 6 - The drivers certificate of competency
page 7 - God's Law & the consequence of Action

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~ The Driving School 'syllabus' ~

This document is not a a driving 'syllabus' as such but it is a teaching aid that may be used within a driving syllabus so as to inform and educate all that read it, for it contains information on the most important aspect of driving, being the mental and emotional 'spiritual' state of the driver as well as the spiritual 'cause and effect' nature of God's Law, that for a very long time has not been 'considered' by people as being relevant to their daily activity, and of which is being 'in' or 'out of control' of a motor vehicle.

Learning to operate the vehicle and to comprehend the rules of the road and the traffic signs is only the basic need of the learner. The most important aspect of using the vehicle is the manner in which one 'assesses' ones mental alertness and capacity to keep focused on the 'task' at hand.

The second being the safe management of the moving object one is operating, and is also the 'comprehension' of all probable 'possibilities' that may or will arise at some stage during the 'life long' journey on the highway or dirt track, and this aspect needs to be integrated as a part of the basic driving syllabus.

It takes about seven years of driving to experience the many factors that program the mind so that the responses are fully automatic. Thus if some of these 'probabilities' are categorised and learnt and experienced on a gravel 'football' pitch, the learner will more easily understand the 'hidden' dangers of driving.

The motor vehicle needs to be seen for what it is, a powerful projectile that is 'flying' through the air similarly to a speeding bullet, the only difference being, that it has a far greater capacity to cause harm to other road users and and its own occupants.

The beginner needs to always be aware of the 'point' when they should begin to slow the vehicle down. For even in a 60 km zone it may be highly dangerous to travel at more than 20 km speed due to the 'possibility' that a person could emerge from behind a parked vehicle into their line of travel.

When the 'mind' loses 'control' of the situation that presents itself, you have a problem.
When the vehicle loses its 'grip' of the road surface, you have a problem.
When you decelerate too late, you have a problem.
If your mind is 'elsewhere,' you have a problem.

You need to experience many situations and thus learn what to do. It would assist beginners to have the opportunity to use un-roadworthy vehicles in a safe environment and under supervision, so as to experience the difficulties that arise if:

Tyres are bald - wheel alignment incorrect - shock absorbers are old or missing - steering is too loose - brakes are inefficient - how cornering and braking is affected, 'over steer' and 'under steer' problems etc., as well as being exposed to stopping distances on a variety of road surfaces.

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~ The 'mental state' of the driver ~

The most important 'aspect' of ones daily activity is our mental state of being, for if our minds are 'under siege' from negative thoughts then one cannot concentrate on the present moment in a positive way, and this becomes a very dangerous 'factor' when we take control of a motor vehicle.

Irresponsible mental 'condition' is compounded by the use of drugs or alcohol, and on this page I refer to persons that are not 'drugged nor intoxicated,' but may simply be under the influence of irrational, unreasonable, irritable, depressing, confusing, or angry thoughts, for it is this influence that is the primary cause of distraction from safe driving that leads one into causing harm to others and ultimately oneself.

Every person has different combinations and 'capacity' of negative energy within their soul, known as negative emotions. It is these emotions that have the power to distort your mental capacity and to 'trigger' mental responses that can affect your skills as well as lead you to be an aggressive, inconsiderate, or dangerous driver.

The only time there is a real 'accident' is where mechanical failure took place. Every other 'causal' factor was the result of 'someone' erring in respect of what they were doing, for if the front wheel falls off it means that the person that fitted it failed to tighten the bolts correctly. If you vehicle fails to negotiate a bend in the road then you were driving too fast for the present road conditions.

People are too 'quick' to blame the road surface as 'inadequate,' when in reality, one should simply be thankful that there is a road to drive on and adjust our mind to that reality and drive slower.

Every person must now educate themselves to the truth that they are personally responsible for the results of their daily actions, and this is especially important when  in 'control' of a dangerous missile. It has no 'brain' and it is bound by not only your mind, but also by the 'laws' of motion and gravity and its capacity to handle the situations that you place it in.

When you drive you need to observe your thoughts: "Am I thinking of and aware of - where I am going - what I am doing - the road and weather factors - correct lane - safe speed - possible problems etc., or am I 'daydreaming' and travelling too fast because my mind is elsewhere?"

Ask yourself:  "Am I aware of the Law of God, and 'how' it applies to me and all every moment of time in eternal time"?

Only as people comprehend the 'sincerity' and surety and 'Justness' of God's Law will they begin to 'temper' their ACTIONS in relation to their driving 'habits' and in their 'consideration' of other road users.

As I am a mental health worker I am aware that many people today are unable to control their thoughts. Being thoughts in their mind  which JUSTIFY that there is NO need to be concerned with others on the road, and these 'angry or unhappy' people simply carry on in an 'uncaring awareness' unable to use their God given conscience nor 'reason.'

There are reasons for this GLOBAL escalating problem delineated on my web site, and it is my 'job' to try and ASSIST people to learn how to control their minds and NOT endanger THEMSELVES because - - - IF they do cause harm to others, IRRESPECTIVE of any insurance policy payout, there IS an immutable 'Law of God' which is not nullified nor 'voided' through an insurance payout.

Thus IF one causes harm or mental-emotional suffering to another for ANY reason, then the SAME will BE imposed upon the one who was ignorant of said LAW. It is not the 'sufferer' to so retributively IMPOSE, for in so doing they would then accrue a further DUE to God and ahead be again 'injured.'

Read about the power of dark emotions and thoughts in the 'Suicide document' at the end of this paper.
It will give you an insight into the 'Minds under siege' process from incoming 'distracting' thoughts, and how to control them.

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~ Driver control ~

In every land there have been 'regulators' who have forbidden road users to drive vehicles that are 'driven' in a manner contrary to the 'regulated' way, and thus many a soul did for this 'folly' painfully pay. I refer now to where the driver sits, be it driving from the 'right' side or the 'left' side of the vehicle.

For when driving a 'RHD' automobile in a country that keeps to the 'left' side of the road such as in Australia or UK, the driver cannot easily nor with certainty know how far the vehicle is from the kerb when parking, or a cyclist they are overtaking.

In my opinion, if a driver 'sat' nearest the 'kerb' side of the automobile rather than positioned nearest oncoming traffic, then 'she or he' would be safer by far from the consequence of a 'head on' collision and, pedestrians or cyclists would also be far safer and, the driver would also be safer spiritually within the Law of God.

Automobile drivers are positioned in the centre of the road, and thus see not their correct 'distance' from the road edge or hedge. Neither do they 'see' the distance that they safely can pass a pedestrian or cyclist on the road, and when parking in town some 'frown' as they seek to 'pull in' between other parked vehicles.

The 'old' and present way of being 'seated' in the centre of the road when driving was due to the 'belief' that there would be less 'grief,' as it would be easier to see the distance between your own vehicle and an approaching one travelling in the opposite direction.

As most automobiles are 'driver only' when being driven, there would be far less injuries to drivers when colliding with oncoming traffic if the driver was seated away from road centre line, and there would also be less collisions even when carrying passengers, due to factors given below.

I give below the advantages of driving a 'Left Hand Drive' automobile in a country where automobiles are driven on the left side of the road such as in Australia, and 'vice versa' with driver seated in 'RHD' vehicles in the USA for example, where drivers keep to the 'right' side of the road.

Easier to maintain a safe distance from the 'near-side' verge.
Safer to 'enter' the vehicle from the street rather than from traffic side.
Safer for 'distance keeping' from pedestrians walking along the road.

Safer for 'distance keeping' from bicycles being ridden on the road.
Easier to park vehicle whilst reversing into roadside parking places.
Safer overtaking, for driver is seated nearest to the vehicle being overtaken.

Safety for the vehicle driver when passing oncoming traffic, this due to the fact that drivers will stay closer to their 'verge' side of the road.

Safer overtaking due to less forward vision past automobile in front, thus the overtaking automobile will have to be 'positioned' further back, and there will be 'less' opportunity to 'sneak' past an automobile in front on 'winding' roads.

A 'longer' stretch of visible road will be required, and also a greater distance between vehicles maintained prior to overtaking, thus less 'chance taking' will occur.

Recommendations: Deregulate, and thus permit automobile owners to choose the 'driving' side of the vehicle of their personal choice.

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~ The 'insurance' aspect ~
in God's eyes

It is a common 'folly' to presume that, if one is insured in respect of injury to others and, that one is travelling within the 'code of conduct' speed guidelines, that in the event of a collision, the insurance payout by the insurer for injury and pain suffered by a third party is the 'end' of the matter. It is NOT, and it is my duty to mankind to reinstate the consequences that arise within the law of God in respect of our daily deeds that 'impact' upon God's other children.

Certainly your insurer is liable to 'pay out' a compensation claim within the 'bounds' of the Policy Cover, but if the collision was caused by you, then all the pain and suffering arising from your arrogance, ignorance, inability, or other becomes a spiritual due to be met by you at a later stage in eternal 'time'.' Thus all must now see that it is the time to slow down, be more respectful, and prepare for the time ones 'dues' are met in the manner exposed by me in my main web pages.

In many countries it has become a 'decree' issued from the enforcers of the land that everybody must be insured, and it has become a 'belief' that if one is exposed to grief at the hands of another they have the 'divine right' to fight for 'justice' in the court of man and expect compensation from the 'guilty' one.

Let it be clearly understood that, any true believer in the Command of the Creator must never make any demands, and if they are 'injured' or suffer loss at the hands of others they must 'forgive' them and not expect any compensation. They may ask for assistance but never demand it, and if the other is uninsured then NO 'claim' is to be made. If the other is insured then naturally a payment can be expected but never 'contested' in a court of man.

There is a fuller paper on insurance on my other web pages, and what I need to say here is, that rather than a person being 'forced' to take out 'cover' to protect others, it is now the time for every person to take out their own personal accident indemnity. Once this 'manner' is established, then irrespective of 'whom' is at fault, the insurer can simply pay out their own insured without having to contest 'guilt' or innocence in a court, and the cost of 'cover' will drop to one fifth of its present day cost as 'legal' representation and 'force' will no longer be the way.

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~ The 'liability' aspect ~
in God's eyes

Irrespective of who you 'think' you are or, irrespective of whether you believe me or not, there is a greater power that exists invisibly, and IT is more powerful than any man, institution, or belief.

I can only advise you that every person has a liability to others as well as to themselves, and if they place themself within the dark and punitive aspect of the Source, then they become 'liable' for the unavoidable and painful consequences.

Man punishes people erroneously in the belief that 'control' can only be established with force. The wearing of seat belts for example must only be a code of conduct advisory notification, having detailed 'reasons' why and, giving the probable results of not wearing one. There must be no punitive attachments for non compliance for this 'fine levy extortion' or jail etc., leads the enforcers into becoming 'liable' to suffer the same consequence of 'loss' within God's Law.

If a person wishes to travel unsafely then that is between them and their God, and any suffering they endure is their 'choice' and none of your business. Any suffering imposed upon others through their ignorance or arrogance becomes their due, and believe it or not, any suffering imposed by their foolishness upon another was the fulfillment of God's Law returning upon the 'head' of the injured one for some past negative interaction, be it in this life or prior to their spirit incarnating.

Yes this biological 'realm' is simply a place where our spirit incarnates for a time and a time, and prior to entering the biological 'spacesuit' created by the union of man and woman, the spirit soul of the 'new born' had existed for an eternity or so, and enters with its unique consciousness that does blossom as their fleshly body does 'grow.'

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~ The drivers certificate of competency ~
in God's eyes

In the eyes of God, it is not a 'privilege' for a person to be able to drive a vehicle along a public highway, it is a 'Right.' It is only the 'arrogance' of some men that assume that they have the 'Right' to decide 'whom' is to be by them 'permitted' to travel from here to there on a public road.

In most cases, these 'arrogant' persons have found it 'easy' to seize control of the roads and as 'highwaymen' of old, they use the 'gun' backed by their own 'rules' as their means to extort money from road users.

It is now the time for change, and it will be very strange for a while when the 'freedom' to go about ones daily business is not 'regulated' by others or institutions.

If you have received a 'Pass' qualification from any organisation that teaches a person driving skills, then that in itself is the proof that you are a VALIDATED driver and 'qualified' to drive on public roads, and it (your pass mark) needs no annual 'tax' payment validation issued as a 'receipt' named 'Driver's Licence' by any other institution of man.

Let it now be seen that the validation needed by drivers and insurers is not the 'Driving Licence' permit issued by any 'State' Institution, for the public road is not 'owned' by any institution, and it is error for any institution or man to seize control of any public roads and use force of arms to extort monies from persons travelling along said roads.

It is solely the time for education and positive 'code of conduct' guidelines to be established in every aspect of life on earth. Those that continue to use 'infringement notices' of decrees to punish and bring others to their knees, will soon be 'banished' to the underworld.

It is the time to reinstate the truth and understanding of God and God's 'real time' and absolute Law, so that road users realise that when they 'enter' into their powerful 'missile,' that they literally take their own spiritual 'life' into their own hands and, - - - into their mental and emotional state.

For if they through arrogance or ignorance take a 'chance' and cause harm to anyone, that within the superior 'Law' of God they will pay the 'blood' price on an 'eye for an eye' basis.

Thus it is imperative for every 'youth' to learn to control their inner 'sin,' being the dark, negative emotions within that drive them to 'drink' and drive and, to inflict pain upon others if they are 'driven' to so do mentally, when they 'permit' dark thoughts to 'possess' their minds through anger, vanity, pride or ignorance.

Once a person has been 'validated' to drive safely on a public road by completing their certificate of competency standard by a driving school, let no person be so foolish as to 'forbid' them to so do for any reason. If they are seen to be 'dangerous or unsafe' then they are to be caught and counselled as per my 'Feeling Easier Seminar' and set free.

Those that 'clamp' others wheels will by God also be 'clamped.' Those that 'crush' the vehicles of road users and punish them in other ways will 'suffer' the same fate on a later day, as their treasured 'toys' are by God 'roughly' taken away.

We presently have a 'citizen' population 'consenting to be punished' through their fear and their ignorance. We presently have a police force  'consenting to punish' people that operates in arrogance and their ignorance of what they are doing unto themselves spiritually.

We now need a public 'Peace Corps' that only educates and counsels.

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~ God's Law & the consequence of Action ~

In the eyes of the Creator there is a consequence of 'action' that is imposed upon God's children as they carry out their daily affairs, and this interaction relates to their activity with other children of God.

There is a link below to my 'fuller' explanations to this, but for the basic purpose of this 'page,' I can state quite categorically that when a person enters a motor vehicle for the purpose of setting it into motion, (driving it) they need to remind themselves that they are spiritually responsible unto others as well as themselves and, - - -

They need to fully understand the implications of God's Law that is immutable, inviolate, and that it is superior to any 'rule or decree' that man names 'the law.' God's Law stipulates:

"There is an equal and opposite reaction to every action, be it positive or negative."
It is recorded in many ways, be it "As you sow so shall ye reap or, An eye for an eye or, What you do is done unto you" etc.,

What this means is, that if your vehicle 'impacts' with a person or their vehicle and causes them any 'pain or suffering or injury' and, if this was as the result of your arrogance, ignorance or your 'error,' - - -  then, - - - whatever they suffer, be it mentally, emotionally or physically will become your due, and one day that may be far ahead it is you to suffer the same 'agony' and loss. Be it in this world or the next realm when your spirit departs the flesh.

No insurance 'cover' note can nullify the spiritual consequence of your actions.

People "talk" of the forgiveness of God as they "foolishly" on earth do plod, not seeing that God does naught forgive ref: "Those that cause others to suffer." No, all must PAY for their arrogance or ignorance of a past day. This is the LAW that is immutable for sure;

"As you sow so shall ye reap."


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