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~ Taxation & Bankers~

As written by Terence 

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Item - 1 The 'case' of the 'Quill' family - 9 pages - Direction for all business owners
Item - 2 - Letter to the monetary fines enforcement agency - 30 pages
Item - 3 - Letter to the Australian Taxation Office - 15 pages
Item - 4 - Letter to the Commonwealth Bank - 2 pages
Item - 5 - Letter on Taxation & Evil - 8 pages
Item - 6 -
The conscience vote for God - 10 pages


The political 'forces' on earth have 'evolved' to the point whereby they now control every 'facet' of man's living ways, and they also 'regulate' the monetary 'system' in such an 'erroneous' manner that their 'plundering' via taxation and other means causes this valuable 'commodity' of exchange to lose its 'face' value annually.

Thus the community in general is impoverished and forced to 'slave' for longer hours in order to make up shortfalls in monetary 'value.' Not only this, but the family 'unit' is 'broken' as both 'parties are forced to toil and the children suffer.

The community only benefits by having enough money to spend, but not by earning an increasingly 'higher' wage that forces cost of products upwards, thus again needing a higher wage. They need to receive enough by having less of their income stolen from their 'purse' through taxation. God says: 

"Remove the tax, and all have more time to relax and spend and give away to the community effort."


To Toppage 1

~ Michael Carmody ~
Australian Taxation Commissioner

Michael, you are the absolute authority of the ‘ultimate’ thief, and one day this ‘realisation’ will bring you much grief. This is why I write this to thee, hoping that one day ‘my way’ you will see.

Being, that it is not ‘right’ to steal, being, that it is not right to ‘seal’ another man’s ‘fate’ just because they do not put food on your plate. You cannot your actions truly justify, you can only ‘berate’ as you so try by saying that the defaulters are wrong and that under mans law you are ‘empowered’ to be strong.

Thus in every conceivable way you devise new ways to ‘steal’ our pay, and you devise new ways to punish those who would ‘deny’ you and thus your thievery oppose.

And this thievery you ‘blindly’ justify by saying that ‘offenders’ do their own society deny, and this denial as you it see is the ‘pits’ and is not ‘democracy’ if ‘we’ don’t all join in and fill the ‘societal’ sin bin. But what it is that you don’t see is that your way undemocratic and despotic be.

For your ‘opposition’ is not free to choose ‘how much’ to pay ‘your system’ that does them abuse. No, they just have to ‘take’ the commands you issue and be ‘subjected’ to your ever expanding “Rake.”

And God son says: You Michael are to ME untrue, for it is ‘false’ economy what you do. For I said the people must ‘freely give’ so that others happier live. I did not say that off any must others take. No, ‘those’ who do I will break. So please now heed Terence the man who MY truth exudes and only IT is MY Plan.

So Michael, for ‘pieces of eight’ you work for man, and for heaven will be late unless you your ‘ear’ to me lend, and then your ‘heart’ to it append. When you have been ‘brought up’ on the wrong side of the ‘fence’ it takes a real man to change and make recompense.

The forceful way of man has not changed since the days when tyrannical overlords would steal their taxes from the peasants. It's just that these days we and our children have an ingrained 'acceptance' of the theft and an acceptance of the penalties that apply if you default.

Visit my web site and it read, and your mind seed with God’s truth, and then change your way by asking for donations and not demanding that people must pay for that is the forceful extortionist way, and all that fund your 'system' become complicit to its extortion and they will suffer the same consequence as you are to.

The “New” golden age will have a different “System,” its employees will be ‘used’ to fairly distribute the donations of the community, they will not be ‘empowered’ to abuse with impunity.

Every society requires a pecuniary contribution from community members for the supply of the basic essential community welfare services such as Water supply. Waste disposal. Sewerage treatment. Health & Education facilities. Roads maintenance.. This does not include contribution to any punitive or war effort. Those that cannot afford to contribute or that simply do not are not to be 'ostracised' or punished.

 The word government actually implies a ‘regulating' and controlling and dictatorial institution of man using force of arms to extort any amount of money “its” policy makers believe they are entitled to forcefully take from others so as to fund their own ideological beliefs, wages, policies, protection services and enforcement services.

 They also believe that they have the divine right to impose a system of taxation that supersedes the request of God that people give freely a portion of their earned income to fund essential services and to assist the less fortunate, and to pay their own way if they wish to use services provided by others in the community e.g. tradesmen, shops, hairdressers etc. 

 God forbids the funding of any invasive, controlling, war-like policy as this contravenes the primary command of God to go in peace and love one another.

 The system of government in every nation has grown into a giant racket of ‘extortion’ wherein officials have empowered themselves via decrees couched in the disguise of ‘the law’ which facilitates their endless theft of money from people even before they have earned a penny!

 So, in every aspect of life one is forced by legislation into paying an up-front levy, tax or fee when making any purchase of goods prior to carrying out any activity, and every department uses the privilege of their position to turn their ‘sector’ into a private business that demands a ‘secondary’ fee for its services. This has caused the price of goods to rise annually and results in the value (buying power) of money to fall annually. (inflation)

 For example, a house or any other object has the same intrinsic value, but costs more and more annually because the value of the currency becomes less and less.  This devaluation is solely due to the need for every seller of goods or manufacturer, or worker, requiring more and more money annually to keep up with the never-ending extortion and subsequent ‘lack’ or loss of money. 

 The shortfall in funds and the subsequent need for more money is solely the result of this enforced extortion.  A huge percentage of the community workers themselves now rely on this physical tax take from the people, and God is now to break the dark pattern, and the good and Godly way of free giving and no taxation will be established on earth.

 At this time people will first earn an income before they give spare funds to community endeavors as they and God wish to do, and also they will only fund groups, organizations or other community endeavors that they wish to.  There will be no more funding of any punitive action and accountability or war efforts.  People will be free to carry out every activity without paying 'someone' any fee.

To Toppage 2

~ Tax and the ‘system’ ~

Any TAX deemed as ‘payable’ is simply a ‘certain’ amount of money or goods or slave labour time that a ‘person’ or a group of people have said that others must pay to them or, - - - if they 'fail' to pay or default in any way they will be ostracized or punished in some way.

 The elevating of regulations that invoke the extortion of tax monies from the people has been done in such a ‘sly’ manner that all now believe that endless taxation is for the good of all and, that those who do not pay are presumed ‘shameful’ in some way.

 It is neither shameful nor wrong to defy the taxing demands of extortionists that pose as wise and mandated men, neither is it for the good of any to condone the forced tax take from others, for the use of tax monies to control, regulate, abuse, punish, or destroy any other person is naught than very bad policy that contravenes the Command of God.

 The taxation ‘Decrees’ are raised up by someone who has ‘bowed’ his head in an ‘oathing’ ceremony, thus giving his allegiance to a ‘greater’ Crown, and once elevated into his position of impropriety he does ‘frown’ at any that do not respect his ‘taxing’ judgements.

 None of this earthly race can see the reality, being that any or every TAX is an enslavement imposition, because it forces people into ‘slaving’ in slavery in order to fulfill the ‘taxing’ taxation demands, which they do through fear of reprisal or through false beliefs around the issue.

The slave masters (politicians) have themselves now become so enslaved by their own legislated decrees that they too are forced to bankrupt people because their rules now govern their activities. No one is able to exercise their own conscience to go against 'rulings' that are seen as wrong and anti-God's command of "Peace unto all," for the 'Robot' (The book of rules) is now out of control and it rules everyone with a cruel, stern and dictatorial fist.

 No legislator or chieftain or ‘warrior’ understands God nor God’s Command nor God’s absolutely Just "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law. No ‘civilian’ understands God nor God’s Command nor God’s absolutely Just Law.

 For if they did, they would not expect others to pay them anything simply on ‘demand,’ neither would they even consider ‘taxing’ others and using force of arms to coerce them into emptying their pockets each time they did anything because, - - -

 They would realise that in so doing, that they were not conforming to God’s “Go in peace” command and, that in forcing people to pay taxes and punishing those that failed to so do, that they were placing themselves into the dark side of God’s superior and absolute Law and were unseeingly accruing a ‘taxing’ and suffering spiritual debt.

 For all the loss or suffering endured by people resulting from the tax impositions would also return as a due to be met by the legislators, their enforcers, and the community that fund them, condone them, and support their activities.

 If people or communities wish to ‘develope,’ then that opportunity is available to them. For they can contribute freely towards the provision of services they seek, they need, and they wish to contribute to. Those who do not wish to contribute anything due to ignorance or other reasons are free to NOT contribute, and what you can or should do is to educate them as to the need of giving if they have the funds to give.

 The moment a ‘powerful’ majority or a ‘warlike’ minority use power play to coerce or steal by taxation, it is seen by God as extortion and they place themselves within the forceful and punitive aspect of God’s “As you sow so shall ye reap on an eye for an eye and thus equal basis,” and all complicit suffer the consequence being, - - -

 That all are deprived more and more as ‘someone’ is always raising taxes, because they are inspired to by the DARK and punitive aspect of God who is ‘delivering’ His justice through the minds of the arrogant and ignorant.

 Taxes are sought by Kings (warlords) as a means to feed them and their armed forces, and anything left is disbursed in many a wasteful way, and I say that you should refuse to pay and simply get on with your life as you only fund positive community services directly. Thus God will smile upon you. God says:

"Man did the System "destroy" as "greed" became his "employ," and the system he did abuse as his "virginity" he did lose, as he gave-in to the arrogance of his sin, and this I do see, your God that BE.

So I now must it break, the system man did make, as he from MY children "took," as he waved his "unholy" book, and day by day sent MY children death's way. Impoverishing the poor daily, for sure.

So as said, I will all take from the greedy who did a mess make, and all who can this "See" needs to now heed ME, and turn away from "man." Heed now MY plan that says:

"Give to the poor, and any who knock on the door, be they the humble or the 'rich,' the greedy or those lying in the ditch. I shall test each of you to see who is truly true.

Any that you deny are mine, and you shall cry. Any whom do you "chase," I shall destroy with a "mace." Yes, you shall see ME walking the earth arrogantly.

For I AM your God, and 'tis I to destroy all on earth's sod who heed the call from Satan's den, who heed not My sacred pen, as they daily "take and abuse." Their freedom they shall now lose

So I say again, prepare food and medicine and love to 'share,' for soon the "ugly clown" will bring the system totally down, and I would have it that you see the way to go to find ME, by heeding only My sacred pen wielded by Terence, the one by ME chosen.

To Toppage 3

~ The System's men ~

I said not "Elevate men."
I said "Elevate the WORD via My pen."
I said not "Soldiers employ, to go out and others destroy."
I said not "Employ police who to so many are not very nice."
I said,
"I will you protect."

So upon this you'll now needs reflect. For you your money pay to the system, saying, "Protect us today." Thus, your money pays for blood, and your souls turn into mud as you by "mandate" elevate men to a position where they then deny My "pen."

And all the time it is you "employing" the system's men untrue, who daily from you more steal, as daily they make a bigger and better 'deal' with the Devil way way below, who upon their minds does his thoughts bestow, that to you say:

You must us employ or we will you destroy.
You must pay us more Tax, you cannot 'til you "die," relax.

So the system's "men" grow more in number, as their systems do them more encumber with "things" to sort out and do, things to entrap more me and you.

And all these "Solicitous" men, from Politicians to Judges work for Satan's den. This none of you yet can see, for you all yet blinded be.

And truly the time has come for the system to fall undone, and any who truly "believe" ME their God, will also grieve as they do pay the price for many a past day, when their "taxes" they paid, were used wrongly and many were "waylaid."

So all of you will now suffer a little as satanic forces drool their spittle, and ugliness does its face show. All will the Devil personally get to know, for society did the Devil "release from his den, as they palms did "grease," hoping to the enemy avoid.

Heed now the call to Love, or fall into the Void.

To Toppage 4

~ The Servants and the Slaves ~

We the people are the slaves of darkness, and the "governing" employees are the "Servants" of darkness. Try and see it clearly. For truly, if for example you were to employ a "political chauffeur," you would expect them to "take" you in the right direction would you not, the direction in which you would like to go. ?

What would you do ? -- If the chauffeur said to you::

"I demand your vote when I apply for service, otherwise I shall fine you in a court to appease my pride and vanity.
I demand a new Rolls Royce to drive in, you can walk.
I demand a fat expense account to enable me to dine and wine each day.

I demand a fat expense account so that I can live far away from your home and travel to work each day by air.
I demand that you pay extra monies so that I can employ men to protect me as I travel around, as I am so important to you.
I demand that you increase my salary to my desire.

I demand that you pay extra monies to me because I wish to build a mansion to operate from.
I demand more money because I feel the need to support the "war like" expression of the armed forces in our neighbouring countries.

And by the way, as there is not enough money to do all this,...... I demand that you accept the closure of your local hospital.

I also demand that your "undeserving" unemployed sister and brother you entrusted to me to look after must pay more for their daily consumables, be it food, cigarettes, fuel, or any other.

This is because I intend to put the monies I extract from you to other purposes, ie: I will build another munitions factory so I can sell millions of anti personnel mines.. I do not concern myself that they will blow off the legs of thousands of people in neighbouring countries.

I also wish to buy more warplanes, and need money for war games to test the readiness of our soldiers. This is because I don't really believe in the Peace Treaty I signed with our allies next door, and I must be prepared for war. ! And by the way, IF you desist, and do not come up with the extra funds I demand, I will "Sell you up" and make you homeless for a start, then I will jail you as well.

If you don't go and fight to protect me in times of need, I may also have you shot for insurrection. !! If by any chance you suffer from exposure to dangerous chemicals in the war zone, then "tough," you are paid well to fight are you not."

Beloved ones, can you not see what is happening to you and me. Whether you a "Slave or servant" be, all by the darkness being bound, all becoming a little more "unsound."

For truly, not only are the "Servants" actually "Serving" their invisible "Dark Overlord," but the "Slaves" are also enslaved by that very force of darkness that blinds them, so that they continue to "employ" it.

There is only one way to "break away" from the invisible monster, stop paying its wages. Then its servants will have to "go home" and change their own modus operandi to a one of true community service.

And for that service, you will feed them what you will.
Not what they demand, inspired by IT.
It is time to support your local community now.

Stop paying "blood protection money" to the warlords who are all Anti Christ and of no true conscience, be it through their ignorance or arrogance, for in continued support of them, you too are a part of the dark vengeance machine.

To Toppage 5

~ Governments "Hell bent" ~

"Governments" are all "Hell bent," because their "forces" are from hell sent. This each must try and see and rectify their "modus operandi," because if you "Show force," from God your soul you divorce. In such a "Subtle" way, that you "See not" the dark power play.

That, does you "use," as you "IT" diffuse. Oh yes, for a seemingly "virtuous" reason, day and night for many a season, slowly "clagging" your soul within, thus "enlarging" your inner sin.

And all the time you "think" you are "wise," hearing not the others and their "cries," those "below" in the dark hellish land below, until their fate you share, as you become "their" ware. A "thing" to misuse, a "thing" to abuse, endlessly, forevermore, for there is NO "Surcease" on that shore.

All Governments "deploy" darkness, for "it" has them in ITS employ. So "any" who make "any" comply to any "ACT," are by Satan for sure "backed."

I hope my brothers this you do see. I hope you and my sisters set selves free from this bondage with "NO Love," and heed God's call now from above that the new way is a "Public Welfare Department." One in which "Servers" are a public "Servant."

The new role being of Information only, and advice to any lost or lonely. So "until" the day the "System" changes its way, make sure "it" does not you "deploy" to demand of any, or them destroy.

You individually can change "your" mode, your modus operandi, and ease your "load" that upon your soul you do place when you show God your lack of inner grace.

So prepare now for the "time" all soil their hands with grime, because they cannot see that I am who I AM, and fail to heed ME.

Be you the slaving servant, or the serving slave, you individually your pathway pave. Heed now my fresh "leaven," only thus will you get to heaven

Through fear are the slaves bound. Through arrogance are the servants "found," penetrated telepathically in the mind by the Serpent's thoughts unkind.

Thus ALL below go. Inexorably, as in each the darkness does grow, as each does "protect" their interests negatively. On this reflect.

To Toppage 6

~ TAX - "Legally Mandated" Mafioso ~

The sins of our fathers are "visited upon us," meaning, that oft we their children follow their ways, and thus if the ways are wrong, we pay the price materially, but more importantly, spiritually. So you needs decide on "my ways" and "your way" to be.

This is not only in respect of what I would do, but what you will personally do, as you think of the Tax "rip off" and the manner in which the funds "en forcibly taken" are used for.

In every country there is a group of "Mafia like" men, they are very "power hungry," and they control an army, a police force, and a "Tax collection agency." Thus, in the guise of "It's required for society," they are in a powerful "Seemingly virtuous" position to Demand by force, a "cut" of every transaction that takes place, or before it takes place.

Unfortunately for these men, they have "found" employment in an "Organisation" that itself has its invisible "negative spiritual demands" of which they become a part of, without in any way being able to see the self inflicted results of their actions.

Spiritual karmic debts accrue as they "enforce" the ever increasing demands of "IT" the "System" upon the children of God, who are "required to feed" the ever expanding needs of the System.

That there exists an insidious "growth," does not mean that you have to give-in to its demands of you to perpetrate ungodly deeds, or pay it a $ to assist its negative thrust, being funds it will "waste" as they engorge their pockets, and "pay" armies and others to 'control' and even kill through greed and fear and arrogance.

We are "ignorantly" supporting dark manipulative, destructive regimes that "pose" as "a virtuous societal requirement." These ungodly regimes "dole out" the minimum required to keep the populace "quiet" as they not only insidiously "Suck" their blood like a vampire, but blinds its own "workers" to its "bestial" ways.

It is through the "arrogance and ignorance and blindness" of its "employees," that the System has "allowed" the serpent to gain access and exercise its "control" through our "apparent need" of this manipulative System that is ungodly, by the very acts it performs against its subjects and others. Its ignorant armed "Servile minions" are deemed "expendable," as are you. It exerts its control through "fear and ignorance."

Our "Servants," being those "imposed" by "Self elevated" election upon the people, impoverish their "Subjects," firstly by heavy taxation, and then burdening them further through mismanagement of funds and constrictive regulations that hinder work "expression."

The "armed" forces are more important than the people, for it is they who are needed to protect the "elect," as well as to ensure that the material needs of nations are made "available" by force of arms if necessary.

Thus they are well catered for, and their "hardware" wants are always met before the "desperate needs" of the populace are even considered. You the people will starve, before SAS wages are unpaid, and ammunition and war "implement" factories closed down.

The funds of the people are also wasted at the whims of politicians, who "interfere" constantly in local businesses as well as in the affairs of other countries, causing great tribulation and hardship to other communities.

To Toppage 7

~ Regulators ~

Immigration - Customs - Mines - Forestry - Fisheries too, all have their manipulative ways showing through. They have a "Self given" mandate to control any who into 'their' patch do stroll.

They are 'elected' to advise each and all how to for the community walk tall, not to your property destroy, because you heeded not their "ploy." All these departments will soon fall into disarray and their "men" will pall, because they have accrued many a spiritual 'debt' as their actions made so many "fret."

Your roles too will now change to "Service" and "Information" only. It will be strange, for God's children will o'er the planet freely soon walk with no Customs or Immigration to their movements stalk.

"No more "Regulation" of man by man, that is MY new plan." That is said by GOD through this pen on this sod. So all now please prepare to your love and respect share with those who did you abuse. Help them their sanity to not lose, as all will soon suffer, as darkness does "gloat" over man. All now in the same boat.

Brothers I appeal now to you to ahead change your ways and be true.

Wake up Australia!,

Can you be the first to search your conscience. Do you really agree with the "piratical" practices of the Customs and Fisheries departments who "burn" the vessels of fishermen from other countries who are but "intruding" into fishing grounds they have used for centuries ?

Do you really understand that our navy is used to impose sanctions upon the poor starving suffering women and children of the Iraq nation? Sanctions are an "Act of War" in God's eyes.

In the old days it was called a "Siege," with the spiritual implications of starving your enemy to death. In truth, you support genocide !!

You the people are not aware of your own spiritual debts accruing from the actions of your political leaders whom you continue to fund by taxation through ignorance and fear of reprisal.

None of us can remain "anonymous,"

The dark reaper will bring us all to account
and daily our debts do mount
you must individually decide
if you truly wish to go for that "heavenly ride"

You as an individual, by the very virtue of "giving" your money, have contributed to the "ways" of the dark "enforcer." You too usurp God's Command to "Only Love," in supporting acts of "Persecution, Judgement, Internment, Sanctions and War."

You are paying the wages of others who enslave you and all.! Thus you have already incurred spiritual debts. .

To Toppage 8

You do not need to fill in any Tax return. IF and when someone knocks on my door, then I will give no details of what I earned. I will but let them decide from my bank records on "their" computers what they may demand.

I will pay naught, just take the alternative, whatever it may be, be it "locked up" or "Sold up" forcibly, which "Someone" will only do if they are so inspired by the Devil.

GOD states that I "give" to society in the manner I decide. Every earthly "System" has usurped its "Light" mandate, and has now a "Dark" mandate.

I heed only the Mandate of the God of Light. Thus I "Give" to the community in MY way. You too can choose to "give" to the Salvo's or any other "helpers," or just help those sent to your door by God, or to the community coffers.

If I feel a need to "give" my "time" or my $ to the "Common wealth" of the people, then I so do.

Just because "everyone" else "pays up," it does not mean that you have to. You are free to choose how your funds are spent. You do not have to continue to pay "protection money," being "their" soldiers pocket money, and airborne/submarinic toys.

This is not Tax evasion, it is your decision to conduct your business in your God given choice to so do. Let no man state with whom and how you are to trade with any other.

IF any should demand to know what you earn, you do not have to reply. You can say nothing. It is they who will soon learn that "their" Dark invisible spiritual Master will be bringing them all to "account" for their intrusive devious acts.

Truly, the wrath of the Source will soon now be visited upon all enforcers, whatever their seemingly virtuous guise was and is.

You may decide to stand "outside" the present system of Tax and take what comes.
Remember, you decide to walk in ma
n's way fully/partly, or God's way f
ully/ partly.

To Toppage 9

What does God think on the Tax matter. God says:

"You do not have to pay any sales tax or Income tax, or even fill out any forms. It is better to post Tax forms back marked simply "Return to sender," than to fill in a Tax form with lies on it. You either fill it in truthfully or not at all. You do not have to tell anyone what you earn.

If any come to your house by "mail," you may send it back. If they come personally, you may decline to speak to them. IF they carry you off, then you go quietly.

And IF they say "Pay $ .... or we send you to jail," then you of course have the choice of what to do. You may choose to do naught, and await MY decision in their minds."

That is what God does say to you and all.

Think !: An item you manufactured that cost you $ 600 for raw materials, that you wish to "Sell" for $ 1000. If being made to pay 22.5% Sales. Tax, it is now going to cost someone $ 1225. So,

Your initial profit is $400 less income tax of say 40% = $160, so the balance to you is $240

Tax department takes an initial $225 + $160 = $385

So from your annual endeavours, the System has made a huge % "take.".... Not only this, but the "fella" who sold you the $ 600 material cost, also pays tax on IT, (his manufacturing profit). And whatever you "purchase" with your $ 240 has also been taxed to the "hilt."!!

Thus the "System" has taken from every angle in every way, even on the "print" line to send this your way. It is called "Slavery." The "bound" leading the "blind." The tax take does in fact reduce the purchasing power of the Currency by 70% or more.

Over time, the minds of the employed servants of the people have sought to enter the governing body into every area of human endeavour using the funds of the people to so do. This has led to the ever increasing dollar requirement in the form of taxes to fund wages.

The System also demands that we comply to its "Regulations, License fees, and Code standards" that are "thought up" to cover every possible avenue of human expression and endeavour, in order to ensure that we "have to use" the system, and pay a $ to even "Sneeze."

Thus the system ensures that in one way or the other it extracts wealth under the guise of "user" charges, or "abuser" charges if you default in any way.

It may "pay" to "go cash" all the way, and let "fate" be the hunter.

Any Sales Tax or Tax monies paid out over the next twelve months are wasted, and being "given" to a negative system that abuses God's children.

Within the next twelve months, "that" money could have been well spent by you in "preparation." Be it food and/or equipment in storage that will help the desperate needy in the "time" of which I speak that will be here very very soon. (rising insanity and economic collapse), or in helping to pass on this wisdom.

Even those today working for the tax office and all government departments of "The System," will rely on your compassionate heart. Do not fear them today or ever.

Even "the false shepherds," being ministerial men who pay "fealty" to the dark one, in blessing your children as they "go to war," in ignorance that they are denying God's call, will rely on God's flocks.

To Toppage 10

Be you of the lost flocks of God, or of the ministerial "lost," ask yourself why you should continue supporting through "Silence or deed" the dark "monster," that has but one goal, to use you, suck you dry, and destroy you in the process, materially as well as spiritually.

So beloved children who'd "Christ's followers BE"
"why" you'll be "persecuted," now you do see
alone shall you stand before your God individually
for even every "man made" religion destroyed shall be

All did darkness employ
as they many deceived, and thus souls destroy
and God's "Church" is but those who "Love"
and heed the call of "Non-retaliation" from above

So you stand today, with your future and fate in your own hand. May you be inspired by God direct in the decision you have to make now, as to how you will go. Put your trust in the hand of God.

IT is not between any but you and your MIND.
May it be but a mind full of LIGHT

The System, man did "deploy"
I your God will the System destroy
yes, that is MY plan
MY Word does now the earth span

~ Be Courageous ~

To Toppage 11

~ TAX ~

This is for everyone
who walks on earth under the sun,
and this is what God does say
about TAX today:

All must now look to ME.
All of the Tax "control," needs be free.
All must now only "pay"
from their heart today.

A certain annual amount
to the "elected" who will it "count,"
and they, inspired by ME,
will decide how it spent be.

They will nothing of you Demand.
That is MY Command.
They will but you annually ask,
"How much can we expect from your flask."

Thus can they "ahead" prepare
in foreknowledge of incoming "ware,"
and thus be able to decide
how to spend the funds soon to "abide"

IN the coffers of their "King,"
I your God above, who will "Sing"
as I see so many freely give,
to help the community happier live.

So as said, from TODAY
return all Tax demands for "pay,"
and just put your funds aside and wait,
and prepare for the coming spate.

And, "after" all is said and DONE,
and after each race is lost or won,
then you'll be inspired by ME
to do as said above and give freely

To a group of "inner grace."
They will pay none to wield a "mace."
They will "their" income use
in a manner of LOVE, not "abuse."

So children, I your God do say,
"RETURN any incoming Tax papers today.
" 'Return to sender' being the address."
This upon "believers" I do impress,

And, "if" a Tax employee does you harass,
tell him "Please be not a jackass
working for the Devil's hand.
All demands being of the underland."

But do not retaliate
if any you imprison or you berate.
Be strong and be calm,
prepare your minds, find MY charm."

God (Father & Mother)

To Toppage 12

~ Economic Policy ~

Is it ‘good’ economic ‘Policy’ to permit other people (your servants) to have open access to your wallet so that they can take whatever funds out of it they wish to? “NO.” Why? Because you will have no funds available for your own living agenda as your ‘purse’ will always be empty.

Why will it always be empty? Because your servants (politicians) will always find a ‘justifiable’ reason to need more of your money so that they can fulfill their own promises to ‘look after you’ and, - - -

They also only feel ‘happy and safe’ when their own Treasure store house is overflowing with your money presently available to them and, their principle requirement is to have the available funds to ‘arm’ their own armed forces that are principally there to protect what they see as ‘their’ national interests.

The more you earn the more they tax you and you can never relax, so "Why" do you as the individual ‘permit’ this ‘open bank account’ policy to exist?

Because you have been deceived into believing that they have the divine right to raise up taxes * at any moment, and to use their armed forces to crush you if you ‘whimper’ or try to get on with your life without funding their ‘hungry’ purse and, - - - you fear the consequence of defy the 'king's men' for their forces are proven to be merciless and brutal to any that oppose their weekly extortion racket.

Note: raise up taxes *  - Political armed forces digging deeper into your personal funds whenever they wish to.

A bad ‘Economy’ is the one wherein the ‘King’ or his State Treasury is ‘rich’ with overflowing funds and he has billions available to spend on his ‘projects,’ and the ‘poor’ are disenfranchised and the middle classes are kept slaving both day and night and wives and children also have to work to pay the bills and the added taxes.

A good ‘Economy’ is one where the PEOPLE are ‘rich’ and need for little and they have spare ‘ready cash’ because their purse is their own and it is not ‘open’ to ‘economic’ thieves and, - - -

In this Economic policy it is the PEOPLE that have the spending power and means whereby they have the capacity to give freely of their profit to fund and support needed community projects that they wish to. 

Not only this, but due to the FACT that they have spare funds they will elevate the standard of living as they seek to make purchases, and it follows that there will be no shortages of work place positions as factories will be needed to keep up the supply and, - - -

As the earned funds are not ‘decapitated’ by thieves stealing and thus halving its buying power, the cost of living will drop rather than continue on its upwards spiral that results in the ‘average’ family being unable to afford to live or buy a home.

The bad Policy of the day is whereby the politicians FORCE you to buy ‘protection’ from them and by this act you are forced to give them whatever they wish or demand and, - - -

The more you give freely to their demands the more you become complicit to their forceful and punitive and warring ways and the more your FATE becomes slavery, pain, suffering and loss.

To Toppage 13

Close UP your wallet and HALT funding the Treasury of the ‘king’ for his ‘sting’ is now seen to be what it is, and from this day forth keep your earnings where they belong (under your own bed) and do all you can to assist the needy in your community and by all means fund any community service that uplifts the day to day living of all.

Good economics begins at the Source - - - your home - - - being the careful management of resources to avoid unnecessary expenditure or waste.

Servants of the PEOPLE must not be permitted to be ‘openly permitted' by legislation to enter your home and steal from your purse or render you homeless, for those that so do are ‘gluttonous, wasteful, unkind and merciless thieves’ that need to be enlightened by you today.

When the 'king' and his men run out of funds because you are not happy in continuing to fund his warring and punitive ways then he will send his men to your door to steal your goods for sure. "Why"? You may ask, it is simply your spiritual due for having funded his men in the past as they stole from others and thus it has become your spiritual due to lose 'something.'

What do you need to do to protect yourself and them? You say to them:

"I can freely give you a cup of tea and a slice of bread and honey but no more, and I need to tell you that if you threaten me or abuse me or steal my goods or evict me from my property, then within the divine 'As you sow so shall ye reap' law of our Creator you burden your own souls with the same 'suffering' that becomes your own fate in this or the after life.

I will not 'repel' you with force or arms for I have heard the truth of God's pen and I remain meek, humble, and peaceful. Thus I say what I say and trust that you understand the way of God and thus you go your way in peace or, you ask me if I have any work for you so that you can earn a worthy due."

 Any economic policy that relies on force and coercion and punishment to 'tax' and levy money from people is a FALSE economy based on 'aggression and fear,' being the Dictatorial 'aggressive' rules subjugating the 'fearful' people for and on behalf of the king or politician and the DEVIL.

All this slavery and extortion arose way in the past due to vain and arrogant 'warlords' seeking to be treated as 'gods' and forcing others to slave for them and feed them and protect their interests, and to so do, they used your funds to 'conscript' your sons to go forth and seize other's lands to add to their own 'interests' and to protect these interests forcefully in direct contravention of God's "Go your way each day in peace" Command.

For when others go forth on your behalf using your 'economic power' to fund their 'arms' and other weapons of destruction, then all the suffering they impose returns to 'decimate' your own home and family. You must not 'pay' to be protected by men of war for as said before, your protection is from God when you conform to HIS "Go your way each day in peace" command.

Protect your currency by ensuring that IT is only used by YOU personally to fund peaceful community endeavors that YOU need to or wish to fund by your free giving. It was earned by your personal 'sweat' and it is not for you to give it up so 'easily' to the many thieves that 'come' in the 'guise' of the wise, for they are 'shirkers' who now need to learn 'something' revealed by God being, - - - that they are non-believers for they use force to take.

To Toppage 14

~ The Bank and the Tax man ~

The Tax man I do see, can "Serve" a garnishee notice upon thee. Thus "embellishing" his "plate," thus for heaven being late.

"For any "fool" who does from another "Steal," legally or not, does his own fate seal." This is what your God does say through His pen today.

And what about the "Bank" and its "Policy" that says:
"Your funds are safe if you give them to me."?

But the reality is, they will give the funds away if the "robber" shows power play, and does use some "threat" of "Legality." In reality, immoral impropriety, that any should wish to another's funds "Seize" is for sure a sickening "disease," and the people on earth now need to know which way the power boys go, seeking, every which way, to "legalise" the theft of another's daily pay. All in the guise of:

"We are the ones "wise," we know what is best for you. You just shut up, pay up, and thus be true to our incessant demand, that is in fact an "irrevocable" command, and for sure we will solicitors "employ" who will for sure any "dissident" destroy."

And I say, being God's "pen," that any solicitor "Soliciting," is a "consignee" to Satan's den. All on the bandwagon of "take." All empowered by the "Legal" Rake. Not seeing that they are just a "toy" to our God who does not them employ.

And all "Takers" soon now "on the run," "Pitiful they will seem," say I God's son. "So "people," wherever you are, have pity on these losers." says our God of Light from afar:

"Who soon will be judged by ME, and I cast all "losers" way out into the sea. The sea of darkness way way below, where one day the truth of being "loving" they will seek to know."

So until that day, you my beloveds please show them the "way," by offering them your last crust of bread when it is they the "poor," and filled with dread. Do this please for me ,and your light I will see."

To Toppage 15

G. Samuel - TAX

The Subject is TAX, and on "IT" my mind does "relax," as I do hear you speak, and the word "Consumption" flows from your beak.

The "Tax man" does presume that "he" can consume an inordinate amount of funds each day, as well as "demanding" that the consumer pay. It matters not "which way" you Tax "take," either way it will the Country "Break." It is actually the "Open rear door," through which the funds daily "outpour," that needs to be "Shut," before all goes "pfutt."

And a "part" of this "back" door are the monies "wasted" for sure, on the vast army who it "collect," and who on "Policy" reflect. It is a truly "weighty" Sword, the System, the bearer of the "word" that does have a heavy "Demand" to pay the forces it does "Command."

Be they of the "Armed Force, the souls who themselves from God "Divorce," OR, be it the "toys" they need to us "protect," or the "collectors," on this now please reflect.

The System has an enormous "consume" and very "factual" is its "Resume" into which any can "look" and see why all are forsook. So IF we really seek Tax "reform," we needs to change our "uniform" and become a Nation "Wise," not one walking in a disguise.

For truly satanic we be, equally destructive and confrontationary as any other arrogant "bod," be it USA or IRAQ on this sod. All do the "peoples" funds misuse, all soon will their sanity lose, and only I know WHY each is soon to spiritually cry. So soon you'll needs read my document of "BLOOD" before you fall deep into the mud.

To Toppage 16

~ The Robbers Fold ~

Should we change the name to "Stank."? I am talking of the Commonwealth Bank, who let some robbers "walk in" and actually "gave away" someone's "Cash bin."

Yes, it happened last week to Clemencia, a soul meek, who had decided to not her "Tax" pay, for she gives enough away, and the Tax "boys" knocked on the door of the bank and said:

"We implore that you her "Cash box" reveal
and we demand that you break open the Seal."

And the bankers shook with fear when the power boys drew near and said "Take what you need then go away with all speed. We'll say nothing for sure, hoping the lass notices not that she's now "poor."

And to "this" day the bank has had nothing to say. But at the Tax office there was a "Lark" who "Spoke up" and told "Clemmy" of the shark.

And thus it is me now to all advise that to Bank at the "Commonwealth" is not very wise, because they too were in on the "theft" leaving a poor "widow" a little "bereft," that her bank not a "True" Bank be, but just a "Robbers" safe depository.

And this my friends is a story TRUE. It not only could, but will happen to you. For as the country now goes broke, the Tax boys will another "ACT" invoke.

With a "Stroke" of their satanic "pen," they'll demand all bankers to the cash boxes "open," and thus the bankers become a part of this act, all working for the Devil. This is a FACT. Unless they can counteract this pure greed and stand up saying:

"We sow a new seed, and our Bank will a true Safe depository be, not "open" to any robber whoever they might be. Not even the King's "horses" or devilish men are ever again to use "us" as their playpen. But if by "force" they would us so "use," we'll phone the depositor saying 'withdraw it quickly or it lose."

This way friends you the bank stand "in the clear" for your consciousness let the LIGHT near, and you are not a party to a devilish ACT, this truth is by God's pen backed.

"Which bank -- is the SAFE Bank" ?

To Toppage 17

~ Inequitable Tax ~

Inequitable Tax is any form of Taxation today, for it is a "demand' that others do pay an equal and thus "equitable" amount to the collectors who do it count.

And it seems that this demand is a "take" from sisters, brothers, mothers and daughters, who we "break," because our demand that they for "our" wants "pay" is enforced by the "overseers" we daily pay.

And these overseers also have a gigantic "need" that flourishes like a noxious weed. To the extent that it does them overpower and in their minds becomes a gigantic sunflower, bursting with voluminous seeds, as ever expanding ideas it breeds.

Ideas that give it a reason to us more tax, as it brow beats us its "Servants," like making flax.

And it and the people seek every way to either increase it or avoid to it pay. Because everyone is bound, every mind on earth has become "unsound."

Yes, truly the power of 'greed' has shown itself in every mans deed, be they the "pollies" or the simple "poor," everyone demands of the other for sure, and expecting the "System" to somehow "pay" for their expanding demands every day.

Be it for the aboriginal "lost," or for the "toothaches" whose demands are for 'frost,' the "relaxant" to soothe their "tooth," in the guise of "Pay for it, that is your proof that you are looking after me, and I the "beggar" demand that it so be."

Yes, we have all been on the "take." Our demands must now the system "break," for it cannot withstand the daily ever increasing "outgoing" demand, as well as keeping "ahead" of us, as we demand our daily "bread."

So children, what will it be, the result that I place before thee?

Pure liquid pain. Because you all are so very vain as you daily demand an "increase" that continues on with no surcease, and as you see, the system "Must" now break as its "programming" has been a gigantic "mistake," and it is only I who can the mistake now rectify.

Not with any "new revised" tax plan that through every mind today does you "inspan," twisting and weaving thinking "which way to go to get more." You do not know, because you see there is no "more" to give, unless you permit not the "other fella" to live, and every son of a gun who did by "force" from another "take," My force, will now break.

To Toppage 18

Yes children, you cannot see, the invisible "Power" that controls each of thee. The Power that does 'you' control, because you used "it" against others as you did stroll, heeding not the invisible "Light" that said: "Against using force, use all your Might."

But it was so easy to from others "take" as we "paid" the enforcer to wield his gigantic "Rake."

So now the "Tax man" as well as the "System" too will be "torn down" by the living souls true, who will now no longer "pay" for the system to continue on in its present way.

And it is I, God's simple "pen" reaching out now to those Godly "men" as well as the women true, who when they understand God's message, will know what to do.

In preparing to their hearts and love share, when the system and its "men" have to survive on lowly fare, which this soon will be the case as every son of a gun soon wields a heavy mace, because the system is soon to collapse, and for a year or more all is in "relapse."

So you businessmen need to "know" what to do and where to "go" in relation to your "demise," or "evolution" if you are wise, and now from the system "abort," and use your "profits" to fill another "retort."

That is the one of "ACOSS," (The Australian Council of Social Service) that is "if" they come "across" and "lower" their primary 'demand' for more taxes that is a "reprimanding" demand. That for sure is not the way that "gifts" are "freely given" to alleviate suffering any day.

So "ACOSS" needs to 'see,' that all "power play" of the Dark one be, and it is the "Dark one" that I do see is now to destroy the system "it" used to control thee, because as said, of your greed.

So plant now a "new" flower, maybe a rose seed, and if you "it" water with love, as is the Command expressed from "above," I God's messenger do "know" that you individually the "right way" do go.

So I have today said "enough" to the Chamber of Commerce, or I'll run out of "puff" before I am "asked" to speak to the people. Who I hope are all meek.

To Toppage 19

~ The 'Mandate' to TAX ~


It is not 'economic' to have greedy and 'mindless' people enforcing their supposedly  'economical' monetary requirements because they neither think 'straight' nor do they limit their expectations as to 'how much' people are able to PAY monetarily without being impoverished or going 'broke.'

For any 'nation' to 'go into the red zone' through overspending or 'borrowing' is a 'sign' that madness exists and enslavement exists. It is madness to pay the wages of persons who once 'in power' have the belief that they can 'legally' tax YOU endlessly in invoking decree upon decree to the point, that not only YOU go broke, but the value of the currency collapses, and they still have not met their 'promises' to YOU the PEOPLE because their minds are totally irrational.

In the coming NEW AGE to be, after the chaos, with those continuing to defy God having been 'swept away' into the Abyss, there will be NO 'taxing' by punitive enforcement because no 'person' will assume the Right to 'lead or rule' or demand monetary funding by others.

Everyone will learn to feed themselves or be paid a wage for the benign services they 'render' to the individual as required by the individual. No services will be imposed or enforced by 'gun-men.'

The 'exchange' paid for services rendered will be agreed upon solely by the parties involved and they will NOT be deliberated upon or controlled by anyone else.

There will be no more 'unions' making demands and holding 'businesses' to 'hostage.' If you the employee do not like working for the wage offered then you are 'free' to "Go your way in peace" as God commands. Every 'strike' force is an illegal activity leading all involved into darkness and suffering.

The mandate to "Tax" was "taken" by force by arrogant men who their souls did 'divorce' from the ways of the "Christian" God, as they plundered all as on earth they trod.

And we have become "used to" this way, even though it be a "denial" of "Give freely to those needy each day," being the only "equitable" way to help your neighbour along his troubled way.

Learn now about the "change" coming soon. It will be very strange. Upon pure truth now reflect, be concerned not with "Tax," only your soul now protect.

Please try and understand that when we have employees and we tax their wages for and on behalf of the taxation office, we are in fact making it a ‘condition of employment.' This 'condition' forces the 'desperate' worker needing employment into an uncivil, immoral ACTIVITY. Albeit neither they nor you presently know it.

It follows that the worker cannot exercise their own faith or belief because they are being forced to fund a punitive, warring institution in contravention of God’s Command and secondly, they are unable to obtain immunity within the Freedom of Religion Clause of the Constitution because it is an immoral act to wage war or cause harm to others which one is doing when funding a warrior tribe who wages war.

It follows that your employees tax subscription to the war effort ensures that they will suffer painful 'Karma' and ensures they remain defiant of God’s Command.

All employers and employees must have the right to not fund war 'coffers' if they wish to obey God and are pacifists as is their Constitutional Right to so be.

It also follows that a 'seller of goods' who adds GST to the price of goods and then pays that money to the taxation office have also become tax 'collectors' This aspect also keeps the individual in error and it also raises the costs of goods and thus de-values the currency.

There is no such thing as another person having the legal right to control you or demand that you conform to their demands or 'suffer the consequence.'

If you fund the coffers of any group or person by levy, stamp duty, fine or tax, and that person or any other uses a part of said income to terrorise or cause harm to others, you are criminally insane because you are funding people who interfere, extort money forcefully, dispossess, wage war or kill because they sit in punitive judgment of others causing great hardship through their own arrogance and ignorance. Do not become complicit to their deeds.

This is the way the individual places themselves into suffering and remains on the wide road to hell. The power of the dark invisible force is its capacity to use arrogant men to coerce you into continuing to fund the imposition of fiscal or other demands upon other people and self, and all this has a Karmic comeback within God's Law.

To 'tax' means 'to impose stress and strain and hard labour upon others. In the new world 'order' to be there will be no such abomination whereby 'some' impose their 'fiscal' demands upon others. If I am a simple fisherman earning my keep from catching fish then why would I be the slightest bit interested in 'funding' those sending 'rockets to the moon' or funding warmongers who would go forth in my name pillaging the earth and causing harm, injury, havoc or destruction?

Naturally we need to 'pay our way' and fund services rendered unto us that we did INDIVIDUALLY ask for, need, want or desire or contribute to by way of donations. If you wish to use a Peace Corps service (Police) to assist in upholding the peace and hauling IN offenders who factually disturb the peace and have them educated, then pay for the SERVICE directly.

Never vote for, support or fund people or organizations (Governments) who promise to protect you. Why? because they all use God's Dark destructive power to control and force, punish, invade, injure, kill and destroy people, lives and livelihoods.

All the above is a DENIAL of ones belief in God and if you continue to give your monetary support to any political 'governance' then you are truly as lost as they are.

Only fund benign community effort.

To Toppage 20

~ TAX Department employees ~

This "note" is to you and you, tax "workers" who want to be true to our loving God above, under "guidance" from God's sacred dove.

"Your "System" is one of impropriety in God's eyes," GOD says to thee, "and you'll needs amends make to ME individually and personally. You cannot behind the System hide, for MY forces even in the system abide, and all know what to DO, inspired by me, I say to you."

The System is one of "Regulate." The System does from all "Take," under the guise of a virtuous mandate enacted by silly men. All will be late.

For truly this IS the time, and darkness will on each individually DINE, who by FORCE from others took, as they the poor "pockets" shook.

This all began in school. Bully boys who o'er others did "drool" saying "Give me your pocket money and your orange and bread and honey. IF you don't, we'll blacken your eye, and for all "term" you will cry," and the humble and the meek were too afraid to speak. I spoke for them on that past day, and I speak to you today saying:

"It's time to now be wise, for the world will hear the bullies cries. As I the meek do teach to your laws breach. The ones you so foolishly "enact" so you can steal. That is a FACT, and when I all do "wisen up," on NO pay will you again "Sup." For God says: "You will all be forsook of funds until YOU pay for all you took."

So I speak again to any of you Tax employees who want to be true, and say retire today or make NO demand off any any day. IF this you cannot "hear" or you comply not through "fear," I am afraid you will make your bed in a land of forever pain and dread.

To Toppage 21

~ Dictators disguised as 'Democrats' ~

"Why" do we other people "pay" so that they can abuse us in any way, starting with demanding money as "Tax," and then saying:

"No you cannot relax, for we have become so many, that we actually need more than an extra penny, and we will you abuse as well with our "men," if you heed not the story we tell. The one being that we are in command, empowered by you. Thus our demand is a legal one we say, for our police and courts you pay. Thus it must be a legal mandate for us to you anytime "berate," if you even attempt to "try" and stop us making you cry."

So I now ask each of you sisters and brothers "Why do we do"? Meaning, why do we any employ those who our lives literally destroy ? Have we become so "used to" the Con that their "presence" is accepted by every one ?

It's not acceptable to me, for the true picture I do see, for if we continue to them pay, we are "helping" them go hell's way, for we are "conceding to" them being to "us" untrue!

Can you a "little" now see what it is I say to thee and thee? They are "hiding" behind the word "government," even though the System is "openly" one of mismanagement. There is ONLY now one way OUT. That is to give a mighty shout and say:

"I pay no more from today. I care not what others about it say. For God says I am free to choose whether to win or to lose. So I'll not pay arrogant men to continue to abuse others in defiance of God's pen.

I will only to the local community "elders" I elect give some funds, so the "poor" I protect. I will no longer the "pay packets" fill of the greedy who live on Capitol Hill.

Children, I hope you can now DO what your God through me asks you to. That is, to stay calm and kind, even if and when the bullies attempt to you bind."

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