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~ Open letter to Mrs. Marlene Crawford, magistrates office Launceston ~
'Criminal breaches of constitutional Protocol' - Complaint No: 1590494

Dear Madam, I write this to you in concern for magistrate Marron in respect of a coming 'case' which I assume will be 'heard' and judged by him. Most magistrates are absolute 'sticklers' for sticking to PROTOCOL and in upholding their 'oath' to administer state rules/laws etc. My concerns are that all of them are completely UNAWARE that the secondary statutes they UPHOLD so judiciously are in fact ' subject to' a higher authority namely, THE Australian and Tasmanian CONSTITUTIONS.

I believe that magistrate Marron may 'follow' the lead (footsteps) of magistrate Brown and therefore place himself in a very nasty 'snare' through ignorance of the FACTS of which I speak.

Every court of petty sessions magistrate assumes that it is 'in order' or 'legal' to 'hear and judge' whatever has been placed on their 'table' by the court registrar or 'complainant.' This is error.

I do KNOW that some cases such as that of Clemencia Barnes have been placed on the magistrate's 'plate' ILLEGALLY, and if any punitive judgement is imposed, then everyone involved has exceeded their LEGAL mandate because all constitutional matters in such cases as the one in 'question' only concern the Freedom of Religion Act. This Act can  only be legally 'judged' by a High Court judge.

It follows, that if magistrate Marron (or other) imposes punishment through ignoring the FACT that the case is one of conscience, belief and religious ideology, it proves that he is a treasonable anarchist exceeding his LIMITED powers and ahead at some stage, he will be brought to account.

Please pass this letter on to all magistrates so that they can come to a personally informed decision as to the superiority of the Tasmanian constitutional authority and ITS protocols.

All magistrates have forgotten or have not been told or taught that their PRIMARY duty is to 'check' every case tabled to see IF it is a constitutional matter before proceeding.

Madam, it is the greatest impropriety to ignore the civil rights of a peaceful person and to ignore the Constitution and thus take advantage of a peaceful civilian and cause them HARM. In doing this the magistrate or other persecuting prosecutors have forgone their right to use their own inner LIGHT and charm and this defiance of God and the sovereign earthly powers leads the arrogant directly to Hell.

Further to this, magistrates who criminally defy their own constitutional powers then drag IN the public upholders of the peace Police service and use them to go forth to arrest, detain, evict and imprison the INNOCENT whom they have 'sworn' to PROTECT.

It is absolutely 'outrageous' that judicial persons can openly and unconscionably terrorise people in an attempt to force them to change their religious ideological belief in God's "PEACE," to that of funding terrorism and war using threat, coercion and punishment.

I say unto all mankind - "Please reflect on your ACTIONS."


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~ The 'double jeopardy' of dishonest petty sessions court magistrates ~

It is my task to show magistrates, police and all involved in the punitive treatment of peaceful citizens (such as Clemencia and myself) of  the 'terrible' consequence for them in taking it upon themselves to defy or deny the RIGHTS of the peaceful who are dragged before them ILLEGALLY when all magistrates should know that Constitutional matters can ONLY be judged by High Court judges in matters of conscience, faith, belief and religious ideology.

How or why do the magistrates place themselves in double jeopardy? Magistrates in courts of petty sessions publicly state the following to defendants brought to stand before them:

"You are entitled to live according to your belief (godly and peaceful) - - - BUT - - - I (the magistrate) have sworn an oath to administer acts under the subordinate legislation - - - - and - - - within these rules I find you 'guilty' as charged." (This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL)

It follows that by using subordinate state rules magistrates indiscriminately find 'reason' to steal money in fines, dispossess people of their property or deprive them of their liberty and cause them mental and emotional harm because they interfere criminally in the life of a peaceful person.  A person who is carrying out their business LEGALLY within THE Law of THE Constitution Tier set (2) on page nine below as well as them being within the Command of God as given in Tier set (3) on page ten below.

What is the result of the treasonable 'sidelining' of the High Court by magistrates in denying their victim the RIGHT to live by their peaceful disposition as granted by the Constitution? It is twofold:

1 - The first jeopardy magistrates have placed themselves in is through their defiance of THE Command of the earthly Sovereign Power who upholds the statutes of THE Constitutional Law. This means that any person operating as a State official who exceeds their mandate is one who will at some stage be 'found-out' and then be subjected to the punitive laws of THE Constitutional Authority and:

2 - The second jeopardy they have placed themselves in is through their defiance of THE Command of THE Creator because they caused punitive harm or loss which is an activity in contravention of said Command to man. When this occurs said magistrates then subject themselves to the absolute justice of the punitive aspect of God's Law of equal Return and ahead it is they who will suffer all they imposed.  

Furthermore, the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 states: "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion." This IMPLIES that the government is NOT to legislate in respect of RELIGION full stop.

This also means that no subordinate or other 'laws' can be used LEGITIMATELY by any magistrate or judge to find a person 'guilty as charged' in reference to the above para 2 where it states: (BUT - - - I (the magistrate) have sworn an oath to administer acts under the subordinate legislation - - - - and - - - within these rules I find you 'guilty' as charged.)

Magistrates so doing are themselves guilty of imposing their own religious belief which makes them guilty of prohibiting the free exercise of any religion.  This leads to them being in contravention of the LAW of THE Constitution of their own organisation. This constitutes Treason.

The constitutional AUTHORITY guarantees that the peaceful of moral standing cannot be legally imposed upon by ANY rules/laws of the institution of government because the use of any such rules/laws would be an infringement of the Freedom of Religion Act.   It would also be an illegal intrusion into the absolute pacifist ideological belief of the other as well as being the imposition of the contra 'ideals' (religion) of the doctrinal policy of the government.  This is the ideology of 'Control, interference, punishment, causing of harm and war.'

The only 'time' a magistrate or judge can use the 'laws of the land' (State) in a matter of religion is when the defendant has disturbed the peace or is carrying out immoral activities.

~ The honest High Court judge ~

If everyone involved in the ideological 'dispute' had followed the correct PROTOCOL, that is they placed the case before the appropriate authority who know how to deal with matters of faith and who are 'licensed' to so do, the High Court judge would simply have asked the prosecutor or complainant the following: "Has the defendant disturbed the peace of the land or have they not"? If the answer had been "No," then the honest judge would have said: "There is no case to answer and the defendant is free to go."

In this instance the judge would have satisfied the 'freedom of conscience, belief and ideological liberty' clause of the Acts of the Constitution, acts which guarantee protection of the meek and mild and peaceful which means the judge himself remains within the 'peace and love and mercy' Command of God as required by the Freedom of Religion Acts as well as required by God's Command in Tier set (3).

It is now the time for Police, judiciary and all involved with THE PEOPLE of the land to understand that it is an illegal activity to disturb the peace of ANYONE who is carrying out their daily business PEACEFULLY. It is THE time for everyone to understand that it is AN ILLEGAL ACTIVITY to force your views or demands upon anyone else for any reason.

Note: If the answer to the question asked by the honourable judge in para one had been: "Yes, the defendant has disturbed the peace of the land," then a judge who was obedient to the Command of God would have said: "In that case the defendant is obviously of 'unsound mind' and in need of assistance, and I therefore recommend that they be placed in an educative correction program such as the 'Feeling easier Seminar' so that they learn to control their thoughts and emotions."


Seekers of Salvation must now reconcile with God's Command unto man by forgoing or bowing to the dictates of 'Caesar.' (State) God's WORD is the TRUE SHEPHERD not Caesar's. (Mortal man)


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~ The RULE of LAW ~

By virtue of the powers vested in me I state; there is only ONE 'rule of law' that I teach and preach unto man. This is the SOLO or singular 'Law of EQUAL Return' of God: "As you do unto others is done unto you."

I add, if you pay others operating as your 'servants' to do things to others on your behalf, then you are complicit to their actions, be it kind or cruel, benign or malignant, caring or destructive. IT IS AN IMMUTABLE LAW.

It is simply the 'law of energy in motion,' and IT applies to every activity because this invisible inner energy essence is what 'motivates' or enables the movement of the spirit soul in man whether man knows it or not or believes it or not. The biological flesh of man cannot 'move' if there is no spirit soul within it. When the 'biology' of flesh becomes uninhabitable the spirit soul person simply moves out and finds itself 'alive' in another level of consciousness. Our inner energy (God's) lives forever and is indestructible.

The RULE of God's Law stands inviolate and is 'way up' above the 'laws of man' because man's laws are simply 'text' of decrees imposed upon people using force of arms backup. Man needs to now learn that ANY contravention of God's Command is an illegal activity having a 'comeback' to all complicit because NO mandate of man or badge of office can nullify, void or avoid the RETURN aspect of God's Law.

It needs to BE understood that any form of punishment is RETRIBUTION as well as being an unforgiving, merciless and dispassionate Act which is TOTAL contravention of God's 'peace, love, mercy and FORGIVE' Command.

When you use God's Dark punitive ENERGY to punish, you unknowingly place YOURSELF within the DARK'S DOMAIN and ITS 'Law' of EQUAL RETURN. Its Law cannot be 'violated' because IT is 'above' your means to control ITS energetic return. It is a "Law unto Itself."

If you are so arrogant or foolish to 'step over the border' into ITS forbidden 'territory,' YOU pay the PRICE.
YOU are only SAFE when you ONLY use God's Light benign ENERGY - Comprende !

The dark energy essence of God is deceptive, and IT has been TEMPTING man to use ITS forceful power for aeons of time and uncountable souls have by IT been dragged into ITS underworld. It is your individual choice as to 'which way' you will now go.

God is the Light and the Dark - God is ALL




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Further to the above in reference to the constitutional authority, I would like to REMIND every ‘judge’ meting out punishment that there are THREE tiers of ‘laws’ which RULE man and there is reference to this below and on Clemencia’s defence submission:

As well as on the The Law of God document at 
Reference Item 1 - The Legality or otherwise of the decrees/rules/laws of man.

It is also very specific in the biblical references to the 'coin' of Caesar in that one must "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's," but in reference to your Judicial ACTIVITIES the reference: "Render unto God that which is God's" is EXTREMELY relevant and needs to BE understood.
Why is it relevant? Because any activity or mandate granted by the Constitution legitimising the decrees/rules/laws of State are VOIDED and thus ILLEGAL if they contravene the Command of God in 'Tier' set (3). At the same time any contravention of God's Command by man places man into the 'Law of merciless retribution' within the punitive aspect of God's immutable LAW OF EQUAL RETURN:

suffering for suffering imposed
What you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you.
This applies to the judiciary and all involved because it is TREASON to 'break' or contravene God's Command.

You the individual of any 'rank' or status can cause HARM or you can give PLEASURE but, for SURE ahead you will get a RETURN in EQUAL measure. In God's Command there is NO leniency nor in God's LAW, and in respect of the causing of harm to any of God's daughters, all whom so do will find themselves in a very dark place indeed where there are NO females.

You may well be a 'serving' officer of the State in total unawareness as to what you are doing 'punitively' as it is your sworn duty to man, but I need to advise you that the 'energies' of God be they the light or the dark have infinite intelligence and they can respond instantly or they can 'wait' a 100 years or more before you get your 'comeback.' Why is it so?

Because if you are daily doing small good deeds to others the Light will let them 'mount' so that one day far ahead IT can maximise your JOY when IT uplifts you to ITS highest realm.

Conversely, in causing harm to others, the Dark seeks to maximise your sorrow and suffering and IT lets your impositions go unnoticed by you until far ahead, IT drags your soul down into ITS depths of utter depravity and agony and terror.

It is ALL simply the Law of super intelligent ENERGY IN MOTION.
(What you put out comes back to you - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction)

Why all officials so 'blind' to the factual reality that they are being UNKIND to others for a 'wage' is 'unreal' to me but, all I can do is my best for them. Children of God, from this moment ON you must LIVE THE Command of God literally or, you will suffer and 'die' in agony for eternity. Can you this UNDERSTAND?

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It needs to now be seen and understood by mortal man that within TIER set (3) given on the last page below that THE LAW OF RETURN of God for any benign kindly or malignant punitive ACTIVITY of man is 'subject to' said LAW and, - - - it follows that there is NO legality or justification for punitive measures that nullifies or voids or avoids the application of THE SOVEREIGN LAW of God.

The 'Sword of Damocles' hangs heavily from a single 'strand' above the head of every person of any standing who has or does defy the Command of God (Tier set 3) in their interaction with others and who thus imposes punishment or is complicit to the imposing of punishment because all punishment is in contravention of God's Command unto mortal man. 

In order to comply with or to THE Command of God and thus receive a beneficent RETURN within God's Law, man must ONLY 'judge' an offender as 'one' needing educative correction as per the 'Feeling Easier Seminar' on my web site. (Offender document)

God is now to 'call in' all dues to HIM within His 'eye for an eye' Law of Retribution. This means that every magistrate or judge is now TO BE JUDGED within the context of the punitive aspect of God's Law of equal return. This applies to all mental and emotional trauma they imposed and suffered by their victim as well as any loss of 'liberty' or 'coin' of the realm seized or for property sold. All this 'burden' of debt must be suffered in this world or the next by those who imposed IT before they can become spiritually free.

Any person found by my 'pen' as continuing to cause harm, be it in their mind 'legal' or illegal to so do is now to not only consign their own soul to the abyss and fires of hell, but they will first when on that 'road' continue to suffer all they imposed and continue to impose.

So be it, God's Justice is absolute justice (EQUAL Return basis - 'eye for an eye' so to speak)

The imposition of any punitive measures by a magistrate or a judge upon anyone is the merciless and unforgiving waging of war in contravention of THE Command of God. (Tier set 3) below.

Man 'originally' and up to this day uses 'force of arms' to gain power and legitimacy. Man also uses 'rituals' by 'vote' or 'regal invocation' to gain or attain the supposed LEGALITY to RULE others and to impose punitive decrees/rules/laws. This has been and yet is utter nonsense and iniquity because God gave NO mortal any such RIGHTS. It was and still is simply the liquid vanity and arrogance within 'sinners' that enables the DARK deceiver to entrap them and all their followers or supporters. Woe indeed.

Man needs to now see that God THE ENERGY essence reigns supreme as IT always has the 'last say' being: "As you did do will be done unto you."

The REAL TRUTH of the matter of LEGALITY is, that man uses force of arms (the 'arm' or gun, sword, bow or axe) to legitimise his Command, being his decrees, rules, acts or laws.

It follows that every command or demand by man that others must conform with or perform or be punished, is an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY in contravention of God's Command, and places all complicit to upholding or funding the punitive aspect directly into the punitive 'eye for an eye' aspect of God's immutable Law.

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There is to be NO 'ending' or alleviation of sorrow or suffering for man (individually) until they BOW in total subservience to GOD and 'suffer' their return dues of suffering in NON-retaliation. I can assure YOU the reader of THIS document that the more vain, arrogant and disbelieving you are of my texts the greater the agony and travail is TO BE your destiny in the after-life.

If YOU the individual of any 'status' cannot show RESPECT to your Creator and to all His children then you are 'worthless' in His eyes and He MOST DEFINITELY will consign your spirit soul UNDERGROUND in THE DARK of His abyss forever.

Please try and comprehend that the more dark energy essence of HIS you use in your punitive interaction, - - - the more of IT you infuse into your own SOUL and IT and ITS 'coarse' vibration is what drags your soul down and into ITS 'foul' lair.

The Dark negative emotions with you are the 'Sin' force (dark energy essence) you unknowingly drew in over countless ages of eternal time pre-birth and entry into this realm and you presently continue to so do through arrogance and ignorance of the FACTS of spiritual life.

I am an 'old' 77year old and soon I depart for HEAVEN and I suggest that YOU make use of my teachings and quickly assist me to spread THE TRUTH so that together, we can uplift many. All people living outside of the PURE LIGHT are presently ON THE WIDE ROAD TO HELL albeit they see it not. This includes YOU the reader, please awaken.

There must be no more punishment imposed nor the causing of harm, be it mental, emotional or physical. There must only be the education of persons who disturb the peace of the land.

No 'legal advisor' or other has the RIGHT to teach others that they have the RIGHT to impose rules or 'laws' upon others enabling punishment, eviction or banishment from society. The PUBLIC PEACE force (police) must now only haul in those who disturb the peace for their educational correction.

I would also like to REMIND every magistrate ‘judge’ meting out punishment that the REASON why God said: “Judge not lest ye be ‘so’ judged,” is because ‘as’ you Judge others punitively, you place yourself within the punitive aspect of the ‘Law of EQUAL Return’ of God’s DARK energy.
This spiritual energy essence cannot be voided or avoided by any system of man or ‘legality’ process because IT is a Law unto ITSELF. This Law is the natural ‘return’ flow of energy: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” In the case of God’s LIGHT creative or DARK destructive spiritual energy, since IT has infinite intelligence it 'returns to the user' at the time and in the place it so wishes whether it be it immediately or 100 years or more ahead to ITS advantage.

My pen is now doing ITS very best to write 'something' that will show ALL 'judges or magistrates' that it is they who are operating illegally and that it is they who are NOT 'above ' THE Law of the land. (God's) Neither are the PEACE force when they become involved and cause harm.

Soon, a VERY swift 'wake up' is here when everyone suddenly REALISES the reality of that which I speak because presently, the 'system's' rule makers, judiciary and enforcers tell everyone 'civil' to: NEVER TAKE THE LAW INTO YOUR OWN HANDS’ because they believe that they CAN so do because they believe that they are above the law God's: As you do is done unto you, simply because they are in power and armed or, empowered by vote or rules or the invocation of powerful men.

This is the gravest of error of doctrinal belief, and is why I try so hard to awaken all because soon, very soon, those who imposed punishment will ALL be punished equally by a far greater force than they can ever imagine, being the force of INSANITY that will soon encompass the mind of 'common' man. (The DARK energy essence of THE SOURCE knows everyone who used ITS destructive energy in their interaction with others and IT is NOW to 'balance ITS books' in the manner revealed by me.)

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I am trying to get all 'enforcers' to SEE that their IMPOSITIONS and 'taxing' demands are in fact leading them into the Abyss. Clemencia and I are 'happy' to fund any benign community effort and to freely GIVE of our time or spare funds to those perceived by us as being 'needy.'

I am tying to get everyone to SEE that funding a controlling, dictatorial, punitive & destructive system which operates IN CONTRAVENTION OF God's Command is error leading to terror. All being DONE punitively in the name of the taxpayer/voter and on their behalf invokes COMPLICITY and accrues a spiritual debt to God within His:

 "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you" LAW - so we BELIEVE and we have a RIGHT to so BELIEVE.

Indeed, even within the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 it states:

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

For your interest, the above TAS 'act' does in FACT apply to every state in Australia. IF any judicial or enforcement 'office' believes in ITS right to forcefully impose ITS rules of engagement then IT is in breach of the COMMAND of THE Sovereign Authority:

< The Commonwealth shall NOT make any law for imposing any religious observance, and The Commonwealth shall NOT make any law for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - > Being Acts of the Constitution.

Please NOTE, we (Terence and Clemencia) only refer to the Constitution to assist your officials, for we do not believe that we are bound by IT as we are not 'contributors' to your 'system' in the first instance. We neither 'vote' nor fund the war machine and thus are NOT 'Party members.'

We DO OBEY GOD and we do NOT give in to the demands of ARMED MEN seeking to STEAL from our purses albeit they believe in the JUSTIFICATION that everyone must obey them or suffer. We are 'happy' to suffer IF God does IT so impose via their minds. In this 'case' we do not retaliate and we "forgive them for their trespasses against us."

This particular 'moment in time' is most certainly the 'CRUNCH' time for everyone on earth as everyone is confronted by their 'past' at the hands and minds of THE INSANE who are being used by THE DARK energy essence of The Source to 'balance ITS books.'

If you the individual cannot see that you are all defiant of God and His Command in funding the punitive ACTIVITIES of the merciless V for Vendetta retributive 'justice' regimes on earth, and you thus FAIL to amend your ways by following the 'lead' of Clemencia or myself, you are eternally DOOMED.

To be saved by God's purging Light 'grace,' you must from now on respect your fellow man and HALT the funding of warmongers and the causing of HARM as you OBEY the Command of God 100%.

I conclude saying that it is the 'judgement' of my pen (God's) that the entire judicial system of Tasmania is totally CORRUPT and everyone from the office of the Governor to the police are taking a false wage for they all defy or deny the protocols of their own constitutional authority and the END result of this will soon be seen as God's WRATH descends on this earth.


Man has apparently forgotten that it is a God-given Right and a Right given by the Constitution of man to live by their God-given conscience and ideology of absolute pacifism, and any judicial person, officer of state or magistrate or enforcer who denies that Right is a living swine who is most definitely ON the wide road to Hell and within the immutable Law of God they will suffer all they impose upon others.

God Commands 'Peace' - Christ’s Message Commands 'Peace' - The Constitution of the land commands and demands 'Peace'

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The three 'tiers' of COMMAND & LAW governing common man.


As eternal time did pass,  man 'forgot' his God and thus FELL into abysmal ways and little by little lost his 'mind' and his 'conscience' as along the road to Hell he slowly progressed due to a 'blinding' SPELL woven by the DARK energy of THE Source which he man could neither see nor 'foretell.'


I give below the three 'tiers' of COMMAND and thereafter the three 'tiers' of LAW which control man punitively either knowingly or unknowingly. I begin with the 'lowest' set of ruling commands of man set (1) and progress to the ULTIMATE Command of THE invisible Sovereign Ruler of all.


I refer now to set (1) the basic STATE COMMAND 'Rules' of the INSTITUTION.

The COMMAND is the 'word' of chiefs or kings or politicians who state that their commands must be adhered to. Failure to so do places 'you' within the punitive aspect of their ideological beliefs. The greatest of these beliefs is their belief in their absolute RIGHT to be 'as if they were' God. This leaves those in power the supposed 'right' to govern your activities according to their policies, policies which they enforce using FORCE OF ARMS. (This is an activity forbidden by God)

I refer now to set (1) THE basic STATE 'Laws' of the INSTITUTION.
Note: these 'laws' have ZERO% legal validity against set (3) below.)

It is the governing institution naming itself 'the government' by decree of mortal MAN bearing weapons, to defend their perceived RIGHT to RULE other mortals. Their decrees become the 'thousands' of State 'rules, acts or decrees' named 'the laws.'

These laws are invoked endlessly and annually by politicians because it is their desire try their best to 'cover all bases' in reference to controlling everything. Such control covers everything from extorting money, meting out punishment or interfering in every aspect of people's lives. The success of this desire for control is due to the fact that they 'kill off' any internal opposition to their 'enshrined religious ideological beliefs' through forceful punitive suppression. (The Police Army)

What people do not see is that these laws are LIMITED in that they cannot LEGALLY 'compete with' or 'conflict with' or 'overrule' the LAW of the CONSTITUTION. If there is any 'difference of opinion' as that relates to the distinction between the State law and the Law of the Constitution, is that the Constitutional AUTHORITY REIGNS SUPREME above State laws.

IT the 'text words' of the Constitution, is the sacred WORD of THE  earthly Sovereign Power. The Constitution as such is thus the supreme ruler of Tasmania and Australia for Queen Elizabeth as set out below in (2)

(Note: Why do these above 'laws' have ZERO% legal validity against set (3) below? Because they are in total contravention of God's Command unto man)

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I refer now to Tier set (2) the COMMAND 'Rules' of the CONSTITUTION.

The COMMAND of the Constitution is the mandate to operate and therefore 'govern' as granted unto man by the earthly Sovereign Power (King or Queen, mandarin, Emperor or Dictator) and IT limits or restricts the activities of officials who are mandated or 'licensed' to 'exist' or establish or administer or operate within the bounds of said ACTS. These Acts stand ABOVE the 'common' rules, laws and decrees of the State Institutions.

This means that any person operating as a State official (set - 1) above who exceeds their mandate will at some stage be 'found-out' and will therefore be subjected to the punitive laws of THE constitutional authority.

I refer now to set (2) the LAW of the CONSTITUTION.
(Note: these 'laws' have 50% legal validity against set (3) below.)

It is the VALID Law standing ABOVE any State rules, decrees or 'laws.'

Note: 1 -  valid law - The implication being that State law is valid UNLESS it is overruled by THE Constitutional Law such as the ‘Freedom of Religion’ Act. This is an Act that is only 'valid' to those who have not disturbed the peace of the land and who do have their God as head of house rather than mortal man. Those who have God as head of house do not 'vote' for any politician nor do they seek the armed forces protection of man. (Caesar) These people simply rely on God to protect them.

In the Annotated Constitution of Australia, Section 330 titled "Its Interpretation," John Quick and Robert Randolph Garran say:

"In the exercise of the duty of interpretation and adjudication not only in the High Court, but every court of competent jurisdiction has the right to declare that: A law of the Commonwealth or of a State is void by reason of transgressing the Constitution.

This is a duty cast upon the courts by the very nature of the judicial function. The federal Parliament and the State Parliaments are not sovereign bodies; they are legislatures with limited powers; - - - ."

In this case it follows that any STATE law which is being used in a Constitutional 'Freedom of religion' matter is a 'law' in  excess of those powers and is no law at all, it is simply a nullity, entitled to no obedience especially when a magistrate is trying to overthrow the 'validity' of the Sovereign Constitution.

What role do the courts play in Australian governance? Australia's system of courts is the third arm of Australian governance and is known as the Judiciary.

The role of the Judiciary is to:

  • apply the law as made by the Parliament
  • where necessary, interpret the laws made by Parliament and
  • Ensure that laws used comply with and do not contradict the Law of the Australian Constitution.

(Note: Why do these above 'laws' have 50% legal validity against set (3) below? Because the individual is granted a choice therein. This choice allows them to either be an ILLEGAL warmonger, thereby operating in contradiction to God's Command or, to be a LEGAL peaceful person in conformity with God's command.)

It is  now THE time for all mankind to learn that all commands invoked by man (set (1 or 2) above are subject to the below Command set (3) of God.

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I refer now to Tier set (3) the COMMAND of GOD.

God's COMMAND is simply what it is as reiterated here: "Go your way in peace and love one another for all are sister and brother. Be merciful and compassionate and forgive others if they trespass against you and turn the other cheek if abused."

When man lives or acts or 'dances' in ACCORD with this Command man is using God's creative, benign and loving LIGHT energy essence. The more one uses God's positive Light energy the more IT grows within man's soul which makes the soul 'brighter' and man is happier as he receives an EQUAL positive, benign and loving RETURN within the SOLO Law:

"As you do unto others will be done unto you"

I refer now to set (3) the LAW of Return of God's energy used by man. 'God's Law.'
(Note: This SOLO 'law' has 100% legal validity because it is absolute immutable Justice)

Since my task for God is to correct the error of the ways of man, it is incumbent upon me to REMIND everyone wielding God's FORCEFUL POWER that IT, as all of God's energy is a LAW UNTO ITSELF.

This means that God's RETURN unto user action cannot be controlled by man at all, and IT, being either the LIGHT benign loving creative energy of God or, the DARK malignant hateful destructive energy of God it simply 'offers' itself to man for man to use as man so chooses. God forbids man to use the destructive forceful aspect because God knows THE RESULT of man's destructiveness. (Pain)

This LAW of ENERGY RETURN is THE REAL INVISIBLE SOVEREIGN LAW because it has but ONE 'rule,' that rule being:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - good for good, cruelty for cruelty.
mercy to the merciful - mercilessness to the merciless
joy for joy given - suffering for suffering imposed
What you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you.

Mankind (you) needs to comprehend that the energy of THE SOURCE is within them. It is what sustains your eternal existence because IT is indestructible. It is what gives you LIFE to live, move, and have your being. It is eternal and everywhere present. All knowing and IT sees all.

What mankind needs to now comprehend is that every 'decree' or rule or law of MAN is 'subject to' the spiritual law of return as set out above.

Man needs to try and comprehend that in supporting, upholding and funding State commands or punitive 'laws' in set (1) they are illegally operating in the DARK energy essence aspect of set (3) which is in direct defiance of God, and all defiant of He are ON the wide road to Hell.


Link - Letter to the Tasmanian Governor.

Link - Clemencia's submission to magistrate Marron for 1st October 2015


This 'letter' document becomes : Update - 48 - 25th August 2015: Marlene Crawford, magistrates Launceston.


In the case 'Testing the validity of the Freedom of Religion Act of the Australian Constitution.'