IN the case of Complaint No: 34483/15 ~

~ Open letter to Cdr R J Bonde ~
Tasmania Police Internal investigations ref; Our Ref: C11516-016.

From: Internal Investigations (DPEM)
Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2015 3:02 PM

Response by Terence:

Dear Commander Bond, I thank you for your response to my complaint of illegal criminal activity on line at: and your email response in which you stated:

Please be advised - - - The officers’ actions in attending your property for the purpose of serving a summons have been determined to be lawful and proper and their actions are therefore exonerated.

Sir, my Complaint was mainly in respect of the intimidation and ongoing religious persecution which has gone on unabated and which I believe has continued with the INTENT of forcing me to change my religious ideology. I quote my stated complaint below and it is quite apparent to me that this 'visitation' by two armed men was solely for the purpose of:

1 - The intimidation of a peaceful person who had not disturbed the peace nor contravened THE Law of THE Constitution.

2 - The ongoing religious persecution of a peaceful citizen for the sole purpose of forcing them to change their religious ideology of absolute pacifism to that of the persecutors, being the contra ideology of control, subjugation, monetary extortion, punishment and the causing of harm.

3 - For the purpose of having the opportunity of 'looking around' my property for reasons known only to them.

Further to the above, IF it is PROVEN that the ‘substance’ of the Summons does NOT apply to myself for reasons which I will delineate as best I can below, then it follows that the summons itself is an unlawful demand placed at my door by your officers. It also follows that the complaints (1 & 2) quoted above are VALID and truthful and needing correction by the Police service.

Sir, please understand that my complaints were voiced out of my concerns for the material (physical) and spiritual (mental & emotional) welfare of the officers, not for my myself. Your investigation was indeed ‘brief’ and the reply ‘cursory.’ It appears to me that if your officers rely on your findings they will remain ignorant of the facts and remain deceived and therefore remain in DANGER through ignorance.

If or when the judiciary, magistrates and police of Tasmania concede to my TRUTHFUL expose of the real meaning of s 109, 116 and 46 of the Australian and Tasmania Constitutions, as evidenced by them therefore leaving me to go my way peacefully ‘without let or hindrance,’ then and only then via my web site I can state to THE WORLD that:

“There exists in Tasmania true freedom of religious ideology to all whom are peaceful through never disturbing the peace and never involving themselves in immoral activities.”

My difficulties or disagreements with the police service, judiciary and local magistrates is due to having a difference of opinion, a difference of conscience and belief, a difference of ideological doctrine. (Religion)

Since I am an absolute pacifist I cannot by 'fine or licence fee tax or levy' fund any person or institution having the contra ideological doctrine (Religion) of control, punishment, the causing of harm or retribution. (War)

page 2

To me that ideology is unconscionable, and thus I do not 'vote' for any 'man' to head my 'house' as I obey and trust in God only, and to satisfy my conscience, I can only fund benign community effort or the provision of benign services.

Since I am a spiritual advisor and mental health expert I only believe in the education of and thus benign rehabilitation of the 'mentally disturbed' or mercenary forces of man who go forth causing harm and disturbing the peace. I cannot condone or fund the 'fine and punishment' philosophy of any government officials.

I am entitled to live my absolute pacifist 'belief' and I am also guaranteed immunity from persecution by the Freedom of Religion Acts of your institution. The ONLY 'proviso' ITS 'Sovereign' requires of me is that I live to a moral code and do not disturb the peace. It is the institution you 'swear' to serve faithfully and 'honestly' for a wage.

Regrettably the Police Service officials and magistrates choose to deny me my constitutional Civil Rights using illegal means to thwart the course of Justice. I simply seek to assist everyone through education so that they stop using God's dark forceful and punitive energy in their interaction with me or others for their own 'good.'

Before I go further into the subject I need to say that I have been and in fact continue to be persecuted for my belief in having the religious ideology of absolute pacifism and my wife and myself and others are still being subjected to intimidation and punishment imposed by state officials.

Further, this has now been ongoing for over 15 years with many instances of jail time as well as monetary extortion attempts by magistrates and threats and coercion by police, it follows that the Police service officers BELIEVE that they are entitled to cause me and others HARM during the course of their duty as well as disturbing our peace.

Police officers do NOT see that in so doing, it is they who are factually in contravention of the Constitution Acts 109 & 116 & 46, and denying their own Oath as they interfere in my life and are happy to cause Clemencia my 'client,' my wife and myself ongoing strife, intimidation and harm as they use subordinate State rules/law in contravention of the superior Constitutional acts/law given below on page 4 and 5.

Police misconduct in reference to the Police Service Act 2003:


PART 3 - Police Officer Oath

I, (name), swear that I will faithfully execute the office of police officer in Tasmania, and that to the best of my power, without favour or affection, malice or ill-will, will cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against persons and properties in Tasmania, and that to the best of my ability, skill and knowledge will discharge all the duties of a police officer according to law. So help me God.

83. Police powers

A police officer has the powers, privileges and duties of a constable at common law or under any other Act or Law.

It is the duty of Police and petty sessions court Magistrates and all judiciary (JP's) and others to KNOW that they cannot LEGALLY use ANY commonwealth or state rules/laws against any person who is NOT disturbing the peace because THAT is the superior LEGAL ruling of THE CONSTITUTION on matters of Religious ideology.

page 3

The police officers in 'question' and many others (including magistrates) are NOT operating (without favour or affection, malice or ill-will.) This is because they all CHOOSE to ignore the Constitutional sovereign authority and use State rules/laws MALICIOUSLY. Police officers and magistrates must be taught that the constitutional ACTS and Laws RESTRICT and impose limitations upon their (powers, privileges and duties

Certainly police officers like all people on earth can live by their BELIEF as granted by God as well as by the Constitutional authority of their own institution, but the moment they cause harm, intimidate or disturb the peace of THE PEACEFUL, they are themselves in defiance of the Freedom of Religion limitations. When in defiance of the Constitution it makes Police ‘guilty’ of carrying out or engaging in an immoral activity.

42. Code of conduct

(1) A police officer must behave honestly and with integrity in the course of his or her duties in the Police Service.

(7) A police officer, in connection with his or her duties in the Police Service, must not –

b) omit to provide any matter knowing that without that matter the information is misleading.

(11) A police officer must not, at any time, conduct himself or herself or act in a manner that is likely –

(a) to be prejudicial to the Police Service; or

(b) to bring discredit on the Police Service.

The Police Service of Tasmania and all Magistrates have been advised of and therefore know of my absolute pacifist ideological BELIEFS because for over 15 years they have been receiving letters from me. All 60 plus are on line. @:

It follows, that in ignoring my 'pleas' concerning the fact that I am guaranteed immunity and protection within their own institutional Freedom of Religion acts, it follows that within the Police 'Code of conduct' policy (42) that they are WITHOUT honesty and integrity by knowingly omitting to use the appropriate rules/law when dealing with my case. The deception of this POLICY is both prejudicial to the Police Service but more seriously for bringing discredit to the Police Service by 'knowingly' ignoring their own Laws and displaying pure treasonable arrogance.

Magistrates who are not 'licensed' to deal with High Court (constitutional) matters (those sitting in subordinate courts and judging a constitutional matter illegally) should not have such matters placed on their 'plate' by JP's who themselves are backed by Police force officers. Magistrates all imply or openly state:

"You are entitled to live according to your belief (godly and peaceful) - - - BUT - - - I (the magistrate) have sworn an oath to administer acts under the subordinate legislation - - - - and - - - within these rules I find you 'guilty' as charged." (This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and Treasonable Policy)

The above is extracted from my recent letter to all magistrates at ref:

I shall herein give you and other readers the benefit of a FULLER and true INVESTIGATION of THE FACTS.

page 4

I was served a summons because:

1 - There had been an ILLEGAL suspension of a vehicle registration by the MPES department. This vehicle was being driven by myself at the time.

2 - There had been an ILLEGAL judgement imposed by a magistrate who was not qualified to so do since he was operating outside of THE LAW of his own institution in disqualifying me from driving.

3 - It follows that the summons authorised by a JP was of itself an ILLEGAL demand for the above reasons but, due to said JP (Justice of the peace) being backed by the Police, all involved end up being drawn into a criminal and treasonable complicity.

What makes an ACTIVITY by the Police or anyone ILLEGAL? It is the contravention of a RULE or LAW imposed or decreed by a RULING Authority or Sovereign power.

What makes the use of a State rule/law an ILLEGAL activity? It is when the State rule/law used is subject to or in contravention of or in competition with a CONSTITUTIONAL ACT/Rule or LAW. Refer:

Section 109 of the Constitution of Australia declares that:

The valid federal laws (Constitution Acts) override ("prevail") inconsistent State laws. Section 109 of the Constitution of Australia provides that:

When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

Section 109, together with section 5 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (which is not part of the Australian Constitution) have been considered to be the foundation for the existence of the judicial review power in Australia. The section provides:

5. This Act, (109) and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth, notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State...

"Invalid" does not mean that a State law is invalid in the positivist sense that the State Parliament lacks power to pass it. The State law, though enacted with full validity, merely ceases to operate.

Hence, in order for s. 109 to come into operation at all, there must be a valid State law and a valid Commonwealth law. When s. 109 takes effect, the State law yields to the Commonwealth law, but remains a valid law of the Parliament which enacted it. The practical significance of this will become apparent if, at some later date, the overriding Commonwealth law ceases to operate.

It follows that when I live in accordance to my religious ideology and within the precepts of that ACT, I cannot be persecuted or punished LEGALLY by persons who use State rules/laws to so do. For them to so do is anarchy and Treason against THE SOVEREIGN POWER.

page 5

No State rule or law can compete with or 'void or avoid' the constitutional ruling. Any ACTIVITY by the Police or judiciary that is USURPING the Acts of the Constitution are illegal criminal activities.

The Tasmania Police and all Magistrates are turning a 'blind' eye to their LIMITED mandate in ignoring the CIVIL RIGHTS of citizens. In so doing, the Police officers are no longer honouring their role or 'oath' to protect the people and uphold the peace. They are going forth disturbing the peace as they work for and on behalf of politicians and the judiciary as their armed forces enforcers. (Heavies)

This activity is criminal, illegal and TREASON.

Why are the Tasmania and other Police services involved in the criminal activity? Because it has simply 'crept in' over time and become a 'commonplace' activity to believe that they can legally IGNORE the RIGHTS of the people and IGNORE the Sovereignty of the Constitution.

The problem with that FALSE belief is that all now feel 'safe' in defying their LIMITED powers and their mandate because they are THE armed FORCE having limitless power. Sadly, they all now BELIEVE in their superior position because the majority of citizens have all been 'cowed' into SUBMISSION.

It is my pen to reveal this ERROR and THE painful consequences now to BE irrespective of whether or not anyone believes me. I am simply trying to awaken all to the impending CATASTROPHE and suffering.

I reiterate; to use state rules/laws in an attempt to coerce a person into changing their religious ideological belief is treason *

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 it states:

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Note: To coerce a person into changing their religious ideological belief is treason * - It is an attempt to force a person to live by a contra ideology being imposed upon them and is in contravention of the Act. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46 (1) of this Act.

page 6

It must now be clearly understood by every civil servant from politician to 'prime ministers' and judiciary that they ALL receive their operational mandate from the Constitution and IT restricts and limits their ACTIVITIES especially in respect of the given acts above namely s 109 - 116 - 46.

Not ONE State rule or law can be used LEGALLY to persecute or prosecute a person living within the constraints of 46 (1) above.

All matters before the Launceston court (Clemencia Barnes - Oct 1st, 2015) and (myself Launceston court - October 7th 2015) need to be halted immediately for the following reasons:

1 - For the Police to conform with the Command of God.
2 - For the Police to honour their 'sworn' Oath to 'PROTECT the people.'
3 - For the Police to halt their support of illegal and treasonable court persecution by ignorant magistrates.
4 -  For the Police to protect the SOVEREIGN Constitutional authority and the integrity of the police and judiciary.

The Police Service must now stand apart from being used as the political and judicial ENFORCEMENT ARM, the arm that is extorting endless sums of money from citizens through licence fee levies and fines which is backed by the police 'armed forces.' It is in FACT extortion.

In supporting the imposition of punishment, the Police 'army' is going forth CAUSING HARM and disturbing the peace rather than ONLY being PROTECTORS of the people and upholding PEACE.

The rules or dictates used by police prosecutors are not 'the law' as stated because THE ONLY LAW (unbreakable) is the LAW of GOD imposed by God: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - as you do is done unto you - as you sow so shall ye reap on an equal basis."

However, since 'common' man condones and fiscally supports the monetary extortion, control and punishment imposed by politicians, police and judiciary upon OTHERS in the community, man accrues a return due to God for his complicity. Understand that a painful 'return' (God's law in action) comes to man via political decree in the form of ever increasing and greater 'levies, control and punishment.' (State rules/laws)

All the above added PUNISHMENT within God's Law is presently being IMPOSED upon man by the Police Services who are the ENFORCEMENT 'Army.'

It is now the time for all mankind to see that all are 'partners' for supporting or funding political war-mongers and all are revolving in never-ending DARKNESS IN ACTION. All sliding down into hellish oblivion, and on the 'way' all simply accrue further dues of suffering within THE immutable LAW OF GOD.

The Police Services must now extricate itself from its 'join' to the political and judicial 'arms' and stand ALONE in ONLY upholding the PEACE and ONLY hauling in persons who disturb the peace and have them EDUCATED as per my 'Feeling easier Seminar.'

page 7

~ Civil Rights and Entitlements ~

Man has Civil Rights and Entitlements as a living person.
Man has Civil Rights and Entitlements as a policeman.
Man has Civil Rights and Entitlements within State rules/laws.
Man has Civil Rights and Entitlements within the Command of God.
Man has Civil Rights and Entitlements within the Constitution of every land on earth, being:

The right and entitlement to live in peace and not be persecuted.
The right and entitlement to 'police' and to interfere and cause harm and pay the price.
The right and entitlement to 'police' and educate offenders and receive a benign return.

The right and entitlement to obey the Command of their God and not be disadvantaged.
The right and entitlement to disregard all sovereign authority and powers and legality and limits or restrictions of actions and be an anarchist in denying others their legal and constitutional rights by simply ignoring them as the judiciary, police, magistrates and yourself presently do.

Man needs to understand that THERE IS A CONSEQUENCE WITHIN THE LAW for violating the decree of the Sovereign Authority.

Sir, for over 15 years your officers and other police prosecutors and magistrates have been ILLEGALLY 'throwing the book' at Clemencia and myself (State rules) as the means to punish us and thus force us to fund their organisation against our 'will,' being our conscience, belief and religious ideology of absolute pacifism. (As commanded and demanded by God)

This criminal, illegal and treasonable activity is a VIOLATION of the Constitutional Authority, and it has caused me loss of liberty on many occasions and is yet causing both Clemencia and my wife 'terror' and ongoing mental and emotional stress and trauma.

All the 'while' all complicit to the CAUSING OF HARM refusing to acknowledge the LIMITS of the Acts/rules or LAW of the higher constitutional authority which is what grants them a mandate to serve honourably and judiciously. All this time Clemencia and I have been and yet are living LEGALLY within THE LAWS of your own institution and God's command.

How can you so 'simply' white-wash your hands of my complaint?

I add another complaint for you to handle: The complaint being that magistrates Brown and Marron and others prior are all involved in the crime and treasonable activity of 'thwarting' the Acts/Law of the Constitution in illegally 'hearing' matters which can only be legally judged in or by the High Court. (Matters of the Constitution) This illegal criminal activity is condoned, supported and backed by the 'force of arms' of your serving police personnel.

page 8

I did state above that I have already written some 60 letters on this matter showing everyone concerned the relevant constitutional ACTS entitling me to be as I am, but all your 'mob' does is to simply ignore my 'pleas' of 'innocence' to THEIR OWN PERIL. I am not confronting them out of disobedience, but simply for and on behalf of our God to show you and all of your own ERROR and coming TERROR.

If I had a choice to 'retire' I would simply go back to the northern beaches and sit under a coconut tree and enjoy the view or go to the reef and do some fishing. I AM HERE FOR YOU to assist you to see a better way to be.

It is the time for all global Police to READ and comprehend the TEXT content of THE CONSTITUTION which is the instrument authorising or LIMITING Police interaction Policy.

All my arrests, detention, fines are the result of the FAILURE on the part of the police and judiciary to ACCEPT that I am living LEGALLY within my CIVIL RIGHTS according to God's command and guaranteed to me by the constitutional authority which your 'mob' USURPS constantly.

I will give even more input below since this document is to go 'global' to others but it is entirely up to you and your investigations and advisors to confirm my BELIEF or to DENY it and impose YOURS. The consequences will BE upon your own 'heads.'

You and your magistrates need to understand that the CRITERIA required for a truly peaceful and CIVIL society is PEACE.

It is a criminal, illegal and treasonable ACTIVITY to interfere into the life of a peaceful person for ANY reason.

It is a criminal, illegal and treasonable ACTIVITY to try and 'void, avoid or deny or defy' the Freedom of Religion Act of the Constitution so as to obtain a 'conviction' using a petty sessions court Magistrate who is not 'licensed' nor educated enough to deal with constitutional matters.

It is a criminal, illegal and treasonable ACTIVITY to issue a summons for a peaceful person to appear at a court of petty sessions to 'answer to' State rules/laws, especially when everyone involved has been advised and warned of the ILLEGALITY of so doing.

In using a magistrate who is using state rules/laws to 'sideline' the Freedom of religion aspect is the gravest of ERRORS and the punitive judgement imposed does NOT legalise the matter nor does it exonerate the prosecution or police officers for their complicity.


page 9


I Terence AM the plenipotentiary of God, my 'pen' is God's. I AM the Judge of the Supreme High Court of God, and any punitive 'judgement' placed upon any person by God through this my pen is FINAL with NO 'reprieve.'


IT, my pen now states that each and every spirit soul, be they existing in realms of spirit outside of the pure light of heaven or within the biological flesh of this world, who by God, on the day of their judgement, are 'found' to be living in a contra manner as that dictated unto them within the precepts of God's Command delivered unto man by this pen, is one found 'guilty' of anarchy and treason and thus a 'worthless' soul to be consigned for eternity into the Abyss. The Command being:


"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy as you 'turn the other cheek' if abused, and you do not retaliate when faced by adversity as you remain peaceful, and you obey this edict unto death even if persecuted or killed."


Only through obedience to THIS Command will a person be saved (Salvation) after they have paid all spiritual dues unto God's destructive ENERGY which they or their servants used against others. (As you did sow so shall ye reap)


It is the TIME for every police person, politician, magistrate or civilian to understand that ANY activity in contravention of the precepts of God's Command (Set 3) below is an ILLEGAL activity leading man into deeper darkness, subjugation and suffering.


The ONLY LEGAL activity is that of absolute pacifism in living in absolute accordance with the principles of God's Command. The punitive 'wrathful' Dark aspect of THE SOURCE God is absolutely merciless in ITS distribution of THE LAW of Return, and IT is now to bring every 'society' undone as swiftly as the falling of an 'axe' and, - - - all mentally unprepared will 'die in their sin' (drown in their negative emotions) and fall into the Abyss.

Man is blind and sees NOT the REASON for the ever increasing extortion of money by fee levies or fines imposed nor the increasing control over their freedom. This all has NO ENDING. It is all imposed by God telepathically via political 'heads' who are inspired (thoughts) by the punitive aspect of God's LAW being imposed upon man because all the controlling activities of man are in TOTAL contravention of God's Command of:

 "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and FORGIVE your enemy."

What the Police are doing is IMPOSING this 'darkness in action' of increasing control, pain and suffering and monetary loss upon all on behalf of the punitive aspect of God. In so doing, the Police service officers are ignoring their own sworn 'duty' to PROTECT man and to UPHOLD THE PEACE and in so doing, it is they who take ON the burden of spiritual debt, and within the immutable Law of Return of God they are 'later' forced to suffer all they imposed.


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~ The 'holiness' of text in books ~

Police officers now believe that State rules/laws are HOLIER than their own conscience - this is ERROR.
Police officers now believe that State rules/laws are HOLIER than their own constitutional authority - this is ERROR.
Police officers now believe that State rules/laws are HOLIER than the Command of the Creator - this is ERROR.

Please awaken from your 'error of belief,' the belief you only 'hold' because of your 'license' to use FORCE or a Gun. Be advised, invincibility against the imposition of God's Law is NOT an 'option' available to man nor to the rules/laws or decrees of mortal men.

Since I AM the judge of the Court of God the supreme authority, I will explain 'how' God rules errant man using the three Tiers of Command and LAW He administers and upholds judiciously.

There are two 'natures' of mans ideological 'belief,' or RELIGION, that as mine of absolute pacifism in 'accordance' with God's Command (Peace) and the opposite one, being that of 'defence, subjugation, imposition of terror, absolute control, punishment, causing of harm and killing.' (War)

Using Tier (1) of the Commands and Laws below, man is controlled by god and force of arms using State 'statutes' and man is only permitted 'freedom of the road' by GOD upon payment of a 'levy' or a 'taxing' licence fee payment and any non-conformity is met by ongoing punishment.

It is thus that all adherents to this controlling and punitive 'way' are by God kept in defiance of His Command and they remain ON the wide road to hell for their insubordination.

Man states: "In God we trust," but that is a 'lie' because man relies on force of arms and the GUN for his PROTECTION, whereas the truly PEACEFUL such as myself cannot and do not rely on 'Caesar' (State) and thus we cannot fund that 'system' because our God is our 'leader' and we rely on His protection.

Thus since our ideology is contra that of every 'voter and taxpayer,' we do not pay any licence 'fee' levy before carrying out a business venture and neither do we pay anyone anything before we go fishing for a feed or other. We are only obliged to pay for the benign services we need, want or desire to use.

The PROOF of our chosen FIDELITY to God is that we do not involve ourselves with any immoral activities and we never disturb the peace nor cause harm nor fund others to cause harm on our behalf nor to protect us. Our chosen absolute pacifist IDEOLOGY is a Civil Right granted by God and man's Constitution to anyone seeking SALVATION.

Since I was 'born' into this DARK level I was as 'you' deceived by society and long ago I did fund the 'causing of harm' to others in paying taxes as my 'servants' were operating in my name etc. Hence my past 'loss of God's protection' and suffering at the hands of ignorant state officials.

I am however now free and able to assist you and all to FROM NOW ON WALK TALL and stop causing harm as you now become a truly peaceful Police service who never again disturb the peace of others through upholding political decrees or judicial enforcement and you ONLY haul IN those who DISTURB THE PEACE for their education and rehabilitation. In this way your officers are obedient to God's Command and their 'sworn' duty to UPHOLD THE PEACE.

Community members and the Police must now at all times only be: Non intrusive - Non violent - Non punitive - Non destructive.

All must be obedient to God at all times and in all situations.

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~ The three 'tiers' of COMMAND & LAW governing common man ~


As eternal time did pass,  man 'forgot' his God and thus FELL into abysmal ways and little by little lost his 'mind' and his 'conscience' as along the road to Hell he slowly progressed due to a 'blinding' SPELL woven by the DARK energy of THE Source which he man could neither see nor 'foretell.'


I give below the three 'tiers' of COMMAND and thereafter the three 'tiers' of LAW which control man punitively either knowingly or unknowingly. I begin with the 'lowest' set of ruling commands of man set (1) and progress to the ULTIMATE Command of THE invisible Sovereign Ruler of all.


I refer now to set (1) the basic STATE COMMAND 'Rules' of the INSTITUTION.

The COMMAND is the 'word' of chiefs or kings or politicians who state that their commands must be adhered to. Failure to so do places 'you' within the punitive aspect of their ideological beliefs. The greatest of these beliefs is their belief in their absolute RIGHT to be 'as if they were' God. This leaves those in power the supposed 'right' to govern your activities according to their policies, policies which they enforce using FORCE OF ARMS. (This is an activity forbidden by God)

I refer now to set (1) THE basic STATE 'Laws' of the INSTITUTION.
Note: these 'laws' have ZERO% legal validity against set (3) below.)

It is the governing institution naming itself 'the government' by decree of mortal MAN bearing weapons, to defend their perceived RIGHT to RULE other mortals. Their decrees become the 'thousands' of State 'rules, acts or decrees' named 'the laws.'

These laws are invoked endlessly and annually by politicians because it is their desire try their best to 'cover all bases' in reference to controlling everything. Such control covers everything from extorting money, meting out punishment or interfering in every aspect of people's lives. The success of this desire for control is due to the fact that they 'kill off' any internal opposition to their 'enshrined religious ideological beliefs' through forceful punitive suppression. (The Police Army)

What people do not see is that these laws are LIMITED in that they cannot LEGALLY 'compete with' or 'conflict with' or 'overrule' the LAW of the CONSTITUTION. If there is any 'difference of opinion' as that relates to the distinction between the State law and the Law of the Constitution, is that the Constitutional AUTHORITY REIGNS SUPREME above State laws.

IT the 'text words' of the Constitution, is the sacred WORD of THE  earthly Sovereign Power. The Constitution as such is thus the supreme ruler of Tasmania and Australia for Queen Elizabeth as set out below in (2)

(Note: Why do these above 'laws' have ZERO% legal validity against set (3) below? Because they are in total contravention of God's Command unto man)

page 12

I refer now to Tier set (2) the COMMAND 'Rules' of the CONSTITUTION.

The COMMAND of the Constitution is the mandate to operate and therefore 'govern' as granted unto man by the earthly Sovereign Power (King or Queen, mandarin, Emperor or Dictator) and IT limits or restricts the activities of officials who are mandated or 'licensed' to 'exist' or establish or administer or operate within the bounds of said ACTS. These Acts stand ABOVE the 'common' rules, laws and decrees of the State Institutions.

This means that any person operating as a State official (set - 1) above who exceeds their mandate will at some stage be 'found-out' and will therefore be subjected to the punitive laws of THE constitutional authority.

I refer now to set (2) the LAW of the CONSTITUTION.
(Note: these 'laws' have 50% legal validity against set (3) below.)

It is the VALID Law standing ABOVE any State rules, decrees or 'laws.'

Note: 1 -  valid law - The implication being that State law is valid UNLESS it is overruled by THE Constitutional Law such as the ‘Freedom of Religion’ Act. This is an Act that is only 'valid' to those who have not disturbed the peace of the land and who do have their God as head of house rather than mortal man. Those who have God as head of house do not 'vote' for any politician nor do they seek the armed forces protection of man. (Caesar) These people simply rely on God to protect them.

In the Annotated Constitution of Australia, Section 330 titled "Its Interpretation," John Quick and Robert Randolph Garran say:

"In the exercise of the duty of interpretation and adjudication not only in the High Court, but every court of competent jurisdiction has the right to declare that: A law of the Commonwealth or of a State is void by reason of transgressing the Constitution.

This is a duty cast upon the courts by the very nature of the judicial function. The federal Parliament and the State Parliaments are not sovereign bodies; they are legislatures with limited powers; - - - ."

In this case it follows that any STATE law which is being used in a Constitutional 'Freedom of religion' matter is a 'law' in  excess of those powers and is no law at all, it is simply a nullity, entitled to no obedience especially when a magistrate is trying to overthrow the 'validity' of the Sovereign Constitution.

What role do the courts play in Australian governance? Australia's system of courts is the third arm of Australian governance and is known as the Judiciary.

The role of the Judiciary is to:

  • apply the law as made by the Parliament
  • where necessary, interpret the laws made by Parliament and
  • Ensure that laws used comply with and do not contradict the Law of the Australian Constitution.

(Note: Why do these above 'laws' have 50% legal validity against set (3) below? Because the individual is granted a choice therein. This choice allows them to either be an ILLEGAL warmonger, thereby operating in contradiction to God's Command or, to be a LEGAL peaceful person in conformity with God's command.)

It is  now THE time for all mankind to learn that all commands invoked by man (set (1 or 2) above are subject to the below Command set (3) of God.

page 13

I refer now to Tier set (3) the COMMAND of GOD.

God's COMMAND is simply what it is as reiterated here: "Go your way in peace and love one another for all are sister and brother. Be merciful and compassionate and forgive others if they trespass against you and turn the other cheek if abused."

When man lives or acts or 'dances' in ACCORD with this Command man is using God's creative, benign and loving LIGHT energy essence. The more one uses God's positive Light energy the more IT grows within man's soul which makes the soul 'brighter' and man is happier as he receives an EQUAL positive, benign and loving RETURN within the SOLO Law:

"As you do unto others will be done unto you"

I refer now to set (3) the LAW of Return of God's energy used by man. 'God's Law.'
(Note: This SOLO 'law' has 100% legal validity because it is absolute immutable Justice)

Since my task for God is to correct the error of the ways of man, it is incumbent upon me to REMIND everyone wielding God's FORCEFUL POWER that IT, as all of God's energy is a LAW UNTO ITSELF.

This means that God's RETURN unto user action cannot be controlled by man at all, and IT, being either the LIGHT benign loving creative energy of God or, the DARK malignant hateful destructive energy of God it simply 'offers' itself to man for man to use as man so chooses. God forbids man to use the destructive forceful aspect because God knows THE RESULT of man's destructiveness. (Pain)

This LAW of ENERGY RETURN is THE REAL INVISIBLE SOVEREIGN LAW because it has but ONE 'rule,' that rule being:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - good for good, cruelty for cruelty.
mercy to the merciful - mercilessness to the merciless
joy for joy given - suffering for suffering imposed
What you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you.

Mankind (you) needs to comprehend that the energy of THE SOURCE is within them. It is what sustains your eternal existence because IT is indestructible. It is what gives you LIFE to live, move, and have your being. It is eternal and everywhere present. All knowing and IT sees all.

What mankind needs to now comprehend is that every 'decree' or rule or law of MAN is 'subject to' the spiritual law of return as set out above.

Man needs to try and comprehend that in supporting, upholding and funding State commands or punitive 'laws' in set (1) they are illegally operating in the DARK energy essence aspect of set (3) which is in direct defiance of God, and all defiant of He are ON the wide road to Hell.


page 14


~ My conclusion judgement ~


Commander Bond, using the rules, laws and decrees of the Sovereign Authority of the Constitution of the governing institution you serve, the following 'white collar crime' is exposed by my pen. I trust that your 'office' and that of the Governor of Tasmania now has enough 'ammo' to do what IT is paid to do being: - - - RECTIFY THE SITUATION.


Firstly, I remind your office of the Police 'Oath' words in respect of THE PEOPLE of Tasmania who in this case are Mrs. Clemencia Barnes and myself. The words being:


"I - - - (name of officer) - - - will cause the peace to be kept and prevent all offences against the people - - - - so help me God."


God's guidance via my pen is helping your office and your Police Service to SEE THE ERROR of 'your' way in 'our' cases and I can only 'suggest' what needs to be DONE by your office.


1 - In the case of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) against Clemencia it is obvious that the ATO prosecutor Eddie Storace and the commonwealth prosecutor Katherine Drake backed by ATO 'head' officials are doing their best to use a subordinate Launceston court of petty sessions to 'try' and Judge a Constitutional 'Freedom of Religion' matter. In so doing, they are illegally seeking to set a 'dastardly' precedent.


The illegal precedent they hope to set being, that the individual being 'attacked' lose their guaranteed immunity from persecution and constitutional protection.  If this disregard of the Constitutional Freedom of Religion Acts continues it will set a precedent which would enable all people to be forced into funding the 'war' effort, an effort which has the consequence of causing of harm, utter destruction of property and the killing of others, such activities being totally unconscionable to an absolute pacifist.


This attempt to thwart the course of justice whereby the Constitutional authority is voided, nullified and thus deleted and rendered powerless, is a criminal and treasonable activity. This nature of attempt has in fact been 'tried' in prior cases. In these cases punitive judgements have 'succeeded' but with great harm caused ILLEGALLY to the peaceful.


Furthermore, the criminals involved succeeded in their 'tempting' of a lower court magistrate to do their 'bidding' through his ignorance of what he was actually getting involved in and doing.


If the ATO officials and their prosecutors do not withdraw their 'case' on or before the 1st October hearing date, then the Police are failing in their SWORN DUTY to PROTECT the people against 'offences.'


It also follows that the Tasmania Governor has also failed in her 'sworn' DUTY to PROTECT the Sovereign Authority of the CONSTITUTION. The Governor has already received prior letters as well as a copy of this communiqué. It also proves that Tasmania is an un-governed and thus 'anarchist' State. Tasmania has become a place where 'white collar criminals' can do whatever they wish to backed by armed forces. (Police)


2 - In the case of the State of Tasmania v/s myself. If this case is not withdrawn before the 7th October hearing date it proves that the Police Service is CORRUPT and exceeding its mandate by IGNORING its LIMITED powers in respect of the Constitutional authority.


In respect of both of the above cases I do not seek punitive redress, but I do seek all persons involved to be 'collared' and educated as to their errors around the issues in order to try and save them from accruing more spiritual pain debt dues to God for their arrogance and continued denial of THE FACTS OF LIFE according to their own 'rule books.'


page 15


~ The conscience factor ~


It appears to be a reality that no politicians, magistrates or police can use their conscience because they are 'bound' to serve 'unconscious' rules in text books that preclude them from so doing. I have done my very best using your own 'book of rules' to PROVE the cases at hand.


I would however like to get you to understand that all controlling, subjugating or punitive rules or laws are imposed upon man by the unconscionable DARK destructive essence of the Source via vain, arrogant or ignorant 'sinful' mortals.


Indeed it follows that any person of any standing who uses said rules or laws against another and disturbs their peace or causes them harm is a person who is unknowingly walking deeper into darkness and ultimate suffering.


The dark energy essence is 100% inhumane, cruel, retributive and destructive. Its rules, laws and demands imposed via man can now be seen as exposed by my pen.


We must now 'forget' these subjugating strictures that force everyone to be the Dark in action, for each of us now has a single choice. The choice to continue to heed the Dark and enforce ITS strictures or, to heed the Light of God's 'VOICE' to love one another and live in harmony as we use our conscience.


Police need to change their role quickly so that they can be conscionable, because political dictates/rules/laws force the Police service officers to be un-conscionable.


I do believe that the only 'safe' way for Police personnel is for them to revert back to their 'sworn' and TRUE role of upholding the Peace, and to do this, they must 'break' their present allegiance to political and judicial activities and ONLY 'concern' themselves with protecting the Public as they uphold the peace by ONLY hauling IN anyone of any standing who is disturbing the peace or is engaged in immoral activities.


In this way they HALT being used as the tools of the DARK to IMPOSE the punitive or extortionist strictures of other mortals and they become a true PEACE CORPS of honourable citizens.


In respect of the word 'Service' meaning 'provision thereof' in the term "Police Service," I ask: "To whom do the Police give their service"? My answer is that presently, they provide a service to and for the requirements of politicians and their enforcement arm the judiciary. At present their service provision is NOT to THE PEOPLE who fund their wages.


page 16


I am 'happy' to sit and discuss with you the ONLY and BEST way to accomplish positive change but it needs to be done quickly because as all can now see, insanity is escalating globally as revealed by my pen many years ago. Understand that turmoil and disturbance will increase as will political demands for more money and heavier penalties. (Greater trauma then imposed upon the community using the police)


The Police Services must not remain a part of the armed enforcement 'agency' which it presently is.


I give the global Police Services an advisory notice in that soon, every 'border' post with its 'sovereignty' of ownership will fall due to an unstoppable movement of persons globally who will now increase into the millions. Sovereign borders were all 'taken' by force of arms and will all fall due to the Law of Return of God now to be imposed by others using force of arms. God own all lands, not man.


Presently, the mass movement is 'limited,' but already we see the Police services being used overseas 'politically' to control, restrict or deny freedom of movement. This is error, and Police must not interfere in the movement of persons unless they DO disturb the peace of the land.


The global trauma to now intensify is 'simply' the karmic 'Law of Return' of the DARK aspect of God's Law in action, and it will lead to mass  confrontation and 'extermination' in every land due to man failing to fortify their minds against the telepathic subjugation of their mind from DARK spirit realms as revealed on my 'National Security Alert.' (Linked at end of document)


Police must now be non-confrontationary ONLY uphold the peace as the 'hordes' soon to be see roaming here and there and everywhere (including Tasmania) are TOLD that they are free to so do unless they do disturb the peace.


Refugees must be told that they do not have a moral Right to expect or demand aid. Government officials do not have a moral Right in using taxpayers funds to either 'fight' other nations or to 'house or feed' the homeless, be they the 'persecuted' or otherwise.


The ONLY requirement by God of man is that citizen INDIVIDUALS do their best to house or feed or give comfort to ANY 'homeless' or impoverished who are in their area. Be they resident or passers-by.


Refugees who do disturb the peace of any land will by God be kept within the punitive aspect of the Law of Return of God in a perpetuity of suffering until they LEARN to OBEY God's Command of: "Ask and you will receive," rather than stating "I DEMAND."


page 17


Commander Bond, I trust that my 'internal' investigation assists you and all of the present 'error of way' as that concerns the Tasmania Police Service so that a benign CORRECTION can take place immediately and that the ongoing illegal court actions and persecution of Clemencia Barnes and myself can be HALTED.


Regrettably, I am unable to 'change' THE LAW of EQUAL Return of God's ENERGY. All the trauma or loss or injury already imposed upon citizens by any Police officer in their line of duty will be suffered by them ahead. This is because no 'badge of office' nor mandate of man can exonerate them, - - - however - - - if Tasmania Police can quickly implement a 'Role' change so that the Police Service becomes BENIGN and no longer a 'threat' to anyone, then the Tasmania Police can lead the world into the NEW AGE to be.


This report of mine and all 60 letters go forth globally to 1000's of police services overseas.


I trust that this report will make it clear to your officers that in arresting a peaceful person who has not disturbed the peace is in fact a violation of the Constitution. If they do not they lead themselves into DANGER for their continued illegal interference into the lives of citizens, a fact which is a contravention of their own Constitutional Policy as well as a contravention of God's command. In reference to your finding:


The officers’ actions in attending your property for the purpose of serving a summons have been determined to be lawful and proper and their actions are therefore exonerated.


Please understand that as it now stands, the officers in 'question' have been misled and believe in their right to continue disturbing the peace of THE peaceful and to continue in their religious persecution. Please correct this error.


Truth be told, if I were the officer in 'question' I would not leave my personal 'fate' in the minds of others, (political dictates) but would use my own conscience as I did 50 years ago.


Even 'now' Police officers such as Kent Ritchie firmly BELIEVE that they can interfere and cause fear and trepidation to my wife who knows from past experiences that visits from the Police = TROUBLE. All the 'while' Kent does not 'feel' anything my wife feels nor what she is thinking for days after he has left.


The reason 'why' ONLY High Court judges such as myself are 'licensed' to TRY or 'hear' matters of conscience, faith or belief is because neither your investigation department nor any court of petty sessions Magistrate understand the implications of constitutional Law as to the interpretation of the ACTS of the Constitution which are the Authority LIMITING the Powers granted unto Police and all.


Finally, as you can now see there is an escalation of insanity and confrontation GROWING globally. Be advised that neither Clemencia or me can be a 'party' to the 'detention' of persons moving around the planet nor to any destructive activity (retribution) taking place because we are absolute pacifists who do believe in 'a' God and His Command unto man even though others do NOT.


I end my submission stating that anyone seeking to maintain their illegal activities and remain in the DARK so to speak are free to so do. I have done my best to awaken everyone but in THE END it is the choice of the individual.

God Commands 'Peace' - Christ’s Message Commands 'Peace' - The Constitution of the land commands and demands 'Peace.'

My pen is the silent VOICE from Heaven sent to set YOU free.


Sincerely - Terence


The case letters testing the validity of the 'Freedom of Religion Acts of the Australian Constitution' can be found at:


This letter becomes Update - 17 on Page 3 of the above: 
 Update - 17 - 8th September 2015 - Cdr R J Bond internal investigations response


Link to the National Security Alert:


Note - The Criminal Code Act 1995 states:


7.3  Mental impairment

             (1)  A person is not criminally responsible for an offence if, at the time of carrying out the conduct constituting the offence, the person was suffering from a mental impairment that had the effect that:

                     (a)  the person did not know the nature and quality of the conduct; or

                     (b)  the person did not know that the conduct was wrong (that is, the person could not reason with a moderate degree of sense and composure about whether the conduct, as perceived by reasonable people, was wrong); or

                     (c)  the person was unable to control the conduct.

I have included this Criminal Code Act because within the knowledge 'base' I have in reference to or with the intensification of what I term 'Minds Under Siege' known in the 'old days' as demonic spirit possession, when you read my National Security Alert you will begin to understand that all irrational or criminal acts are the result of an individual's MIND being 'open prised' or control thereof seized temporally or longer by invisible demonic forces.

When this activity takes place, such as was the 'case' of Martin Bryant, the 'possessed one' has NO recollection of what was done unto others via or through his material 'body' because his MIND is actually taken over for a 'time' by the controlling power of invisible dark spirit forces. It follows that the person was unable to control their conduct.

The full nature and expose of this 'factor' is revealed on my web site 'Suicide document' on book 4 of 9 - The escalating global insanity is to be for the reasons given on my web site and ANYONE of ANY standing who fails to fortify their mind will succumb to said dark forces at some stage and they will become LIQUID EVIL in action, and the result of that is their spiritual demise.

An easy example is the 'one punch' killing that takes place in a 'flash' when anger is aroused in a person. The energy vibration of the emotion of anger opens the doorway to the Dark and the damage is done telepathically from distant realms via their mind. The offender is likely to state: I did not mean to do it.

In a 'case' where a Police officer or two confront a man holding a knife, the emotion of fear aroused in a policeman opens the doorway to the Dark equally, and instead of remaining rational they 'fire' to kill.

The means to fortify ones mind is given at:

I am not a deluded soul as so many believe.