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Dear visitor, there may be some people who wish to write to me for a variety or reasons and to facilitate this I have given my contact address below but I add, I am one and you are many, so please READ ALL ABOUT IT within the text our GOD has sent for you PERSONALLY. I believe this is the only way for you reprogram your mind so you can fully understand the processes which are to unfold for humanity.

If you are 'rich' with material plenty or 'poor' from lack and suffering, then please just go your way in Peace and study the content of this web site so that you can learn to stay peaceful, respectful, calm and non-retaliatory in the face of any adversity which may come your way. Following this way will ensure you will never become or be a 'threat' to anyone, especially those seeking to crucify you. (God's message is to 'turn the other cheek' and 'be as a lamb to the slaughter' if needs be)

Please also tell all the people you meet that the message from God sits high on the internet street. This way many will find their way to Salvation and spiritual freedom as they become personally informed as to what it is I have written for humanity. It is then their personal choice to treat it with derision or to conform to it with infinite precision.

There are many revelations within this Testament of Truth, one of many being the revelation that to attain inner peace and Salvation, your spirit soul has to be purged of inner 'Sin' by God's grace which is the outpouring Wisdom and LIGHT energy which is purging the Dark energy out of your soul.

The Sin is the dark energy of GOD within you, an energy that consists of the negative emotions of fear, anger, hatred, greed, jealousy, vanity, pride etc., and the forceful power and vibration of this energy is what controls your negative interaction with others, and is what keeps your soul from entering Heaven because in that 'realm' or 'space' there exists NO dark energy.

In order to be purged of IT (darkness) you have to become mentally strong enough to stop using that forceful darkness and drawing it INTO your soul, being something you do whenever you defy God and impose darkness in your punitive or retributive interaction with others. You will be incited to do this when others confront or abuse you or you are ordered to so do by others.

The Dark energy within you is the 'fruit' from the Tree of Evil that God forbade man to 'sup' on. Sadly everyone living outside of Heaven, whether in the flesh of this world or in spirit, defied God and they all now suffer the consequence.  Any who now fail to become free of 'Sin' in this 'end time' will by IT be dragged into the underworld to suffer on and on and ON.

I have taken many years to write what I consider 'enough' for you to help yourself and others. I am unable to help in any other capacity than that which I am now doing which is to give you all the fresh uncontaminated Wisdom of God.

I cannot 'heal' the flesh of man nor accomplish any other 'miracles.' My sole purpose has been the 'miraculous' connection to the mind of God to bring forth the PURE Salvation Truth. I write a few words here on;

'The Holy Land' and 'The Kingdom of Heaven'

How does one 'claim' the Holy Land? Is it accomplished by the most powerful Sword or, is it through conformity to 'Peace,' being the 'Command' of the Creator's Holy Word? Why do 'some' believe that the 'Promised Land' or the 'Holy Land' is an 'earthly' place where blood and guts are even today 'spilt' by vain, arrogant and ignorant man?

The real 'Holy Land' is the spiritual realm named 'The Kingdom of Heaven,' where only the pure of heart and spirit can enter and where they are honourable and full of grace, they are peaceful and they never ever wield any mace.

When you criticise, judge, condemn, punish, abuse, injure or 'fight,' you contaminate and crush your own holy inner Light.

Go your way in Peace at all times and in all situations.

One of the main reasons mankind is bound to slavery and sorrow is that everyone supports, condones and funds by tax their government agencies. By this deed they defy God because many of the 'works or actions' of state officials and other enforcers is control, interference, subjugation tax extortion, injury and killing of others.

Sadly every taxpayer is complicit to the nefarious activities done in their name and on their behalf and every taxpayer suffers a return 'due' within the precepts of God's "As you do unto others will be done unto you"  Law.

Only fund benign community effort directly. Stop paying all 'licences, fines & taxes' and simply pay for benign services you use or need or wish to support directly.  You must stop supporting or paying for 'armed protection.'

All that is written by me has been written to assist you to become free of the dark energy of God within you. Please read all about it because this will assist you to reprogram your subconscious mind thereby becoming stronger spiritually. My Light, God's Light outpours upon you all, whether you are kind or unkind.

It is imperative to get the basics of this message out into every village and town on earth as quickly as possible so that people can be warned of what is taking place within their own minds. Only then will they be able to assist themselves to turn direct to God and to remain in obedience to God's Command.

If you wish to assist humanity, God, myself and your own self through aiding others, then please donate some funds to this cause because I have many translations to be done into other languages so that others can read them. Herewith the banking details:

Name:  T. Malaher
Branch, BSB:  067-407
Account No:  10114903
Swift Code:  CTBAAU2S

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I wish you all well


Campi Lalapanzi
Centre of enlightenment
Anchor road
Tasmania 7216