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Open letter to Martin Crane - Registrar of motor vehicles - B 06 QP

Dear Martin,

Reference: Your letter of 'WARNING' to Gillian Hay dated March 17th 2017

I only respond to your letter because I am an 'educator' seeking to uplift the consciousness of mankind, especially that of all 'military' styled dictatorships posing as 'democracies' and who live in the delusional world (in their minds) that they have the RIGHT to wield limitless power over others whom they RULE with a merciless stern and cruel 'fist.'

Having read your epistle to my elderly 78 year old wife 'Gillian' I truly feel 'sad' for your 'institutional' belief that:

1 - Even though you know that she was not the driver of the vehicle you feel entitled to issue Gillian a coercive THREAT that she is an 'offender' who 'next time' will be liable for a fine of up to $ 3,140.00 for - - - 'permitting' an unregistered and uninsured motor vehicle to be driven on a public street.

2 - You believe in your right to assume ownership of the vehicle number plates.

3 - You believe that unless a person annually validates their driver's certificate of competency (Test pass) by paying your 'institution' some money every year (A tax) that a) - They are deemed to be driving unlawfully and b) Your officials even take the stance that the vehicle driver cannot insure their vehicles or others who may be involved in an accident.

Martin, politicians who raise UP State rules/laws/decrees and their magistrates and police enforcers all lost their 'way' many long years ago and probably prior to your 'birth.'

It is due to this 'factor' that all in 'positions of power' assume that they have unlimited Powers with the Right to coerce and threaten and punish with NO 'comeback' to themselves. It is my 'task' for God and them to lead them all back into 'God's FOLD' for if my 'pen' cannot, then they will BE lost in the underworld FOREVER.

Brother, you presently FAIL TO SEE that your Powers are LIMITED and RESTRICTED to the Acts of the Constitution of the institution you serve. The Constitution is the 'word' of THE Sovereign Power and NO State rules/laws override the Constitution.

The Constitution does NOT give you the authority to threaten or coerce or to issue 'warnings,' it DOES give you the authority to subject people TO State laws IF THEY DISTURB THE PEACE. Neither Mrs. Hay nor I ever disturb the peace.

The Constitution does PROMISE THE PEOPLE of the land that they can live by their OWN conscience, faith or belief or religious ideology AS LONG AS they do not disturb the peace nor carry out immoral practices.

I can clearly and honestly state that YOUR letter to my elderly wife did DISTURB HER PEACE and caused her emotional stress until I calmed her fears. Your warning and coercive threats were/are an IMMORAL ACTIVITY. You see NOT your own error and neither are you aware of THE POWER OF THE SOVEREIGN to IMPOSE His 'Law of equal return' upon those perceived by Him to be defiant of His Constitution and His Command unto man.

Please now try and UNDERSTAND, it is all 'well and good' to have a vehicle REGISTER so we know 'who' owns 'what' but, it cannot be deemed 'democratic' if an institutional 'body' states that ONLY it can hold said register and that everyone is 'bound' to ITS rules of engagement.

If I wish to 'drive' uninsured then THAT is my constitutional ENTITLEMENT. I ONLY drive non-insured because your institution forbids insurers to insure persons who are of a different belief to yours and thus do not believe their 'driving certificate of competency has to be revalidated annually by a 'tax' payment.

Your politicians are unaware that their State rules denying THE PEACEFUL the right to be insured is an illegal and criminal activity. Your politicians are unaware that their State rules denying THE INSURERS the right to insure 'all comers' is an illegal and criminal activity.

What you need to try and comprehend is that 'constitutionally,' persons such as Gillian or myself who are absolute pacifists cannot 'honestly' go against our conscience and fund any person or organisation that forcefully IMPOSES  'dictates' and uses threats and coercion and punishment to maintain ITS control over everyone.

Why can we not support you? Because if we so did, then we would be paying you a wage to interfere in the lives of others and to cause them HARM, financial loss, or mental or emotional trauma etc. I am 'happy' to contribute to road maintenance, but within the annual demand is a 'number plate TAX' of $10 to which I am entitled to NOT subscribe to.

You and your institutional 'heads' need to try and understand that neither they nor their institution OWN the 'King's Highway.' It is owned by THE Sovereign Authority (God) and He is the one to 'dictate' terms of usage as per His constitutional dictates, not YOU nor your State rules book.

Let us now get 'back' to Peugeot 405 (B 06 QP) that many years ago was registered with your institution by Gillian Hay. Martin, Gillian had a brain tumour removed over 7 years ago and suffered a 'stroke' so she became a NON driver and handed me the keys to her car and stated "Its all yours now Terence," and I have been openly driving IT Legally within my constitutional rights for many years.

Gillian has asked me to tell you to: "PLEASE SIMPLY DELETE all reference of my name G. Hay and vehicle from your records." It is all very simple Martin is it not. IF you require to hear the above from Gillian then just pick up the phone and speak with her directly.

I do not wish to have MY vehicle 'listed' in your 'registry' because I perceive IT (your registry) as being 'other' than that. For in FACT it is the means for you to restrict the free movement of others and I cannot be complicit to funding your ways that my conscience perceives as being invasive, controlling, threatening, taxing and punitive.

IF you wish to be 'difficult' and require the 'plates' then feel free to come and take them off MY vehicle and I will simply drive without them. (This also is my constitutional right) Since the plates were paid for, our God will simply see your actions as theft. I will then simply 'mark' my own vehicle with the 'number' < www.the-testament-of-truth.com > if I so wish to.

For many years now Martin the Police and prosecutors have been ILLEGALLY and treasonably placing constitutional matters of 'faith or conscience' before courts of Petty Sessions instead of the High Court. The result of this is that people who were/are operating LEGALLY within the jurisdiction of God's Command and the Constitutional acts of your institution have been persecuted, fined and jailed.

This is now to STOP brother and regrettably for all involved in that ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, they will ALL pay the 'blood price' as God's LAW of equal return is imposed forcefully upon THEM in the manner revealed by my pen.

Certainly it is very 'handy' having a vehicle ownership registry as stated above, but PLEASE stop using that as a REASON to STEAL money and to punish and cause HARM. Bro, I deal in 'spirit possession' and 'insanity,' and what you need to try and understand is that WITHIN THIS AND EVERY COMMUNITY there will be 'some' who will soon be going 'forth' to maim or KILL anyone who threatens their elderly mother or wife or daughter.

Believe you me, it is THE TIME to now be 'decent' and positive and RESPECTFUL to everyone. All are God's children, and 'who are you' to cause anyone trauma? As I see it, all 'powerbrokers' are to BE 'swept' from the face of this earth by others of the same ilk.

Mankind needs to now LEARN that the DANGER to everyone is not the 'individual' imposing strictures or causing suffering. It is the DARK energy of the Source that uses man telepathically to be ITS instrument. When YOU impose strictures you are being used (via rules) to cause suffering or loss etc., and YOU (the individual) are NOT 'above' the Law of equal return of the punitive controlling ENERGY you used.

Martin, since you are the 'signatory' to all controls and fines and punitive measures, you have already accrued many 'dues' to IT the Dark. Please now halt all correspondence containing coercive threats having your signature thereon.

Please read my National Security Alert: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.com/truth/web/alliance.htm

The constitutional acts limiting and restricting your State 'powers' are given on my 'Testing the Freedom of religion' Acts of the Constitution document at:


Sincerely - Terence

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