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The National Currency Crisis

As written by Terence

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page 31 The National Income page 32 Property - Days of old
page 33 RULE of currency usage page 34 To you the ‘Reader’

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~ The ‘Value' of ‘paper’ money ~
The God inspired ‘currency’ of the people

I am very much aware that paper money or any ‘currency’ is only valued at the amount of other goods for which it can be exchanged at that moment of time and, - - - I am also very much aware that goods or any ‘product’ is only valued against the amount of currency (or other produce) for which it can be exchanged at that moment of time.

Man earns money by their energy 'sweat' in an EXCHANGE for currency. This currency was their 'stored energy' from their labour, and it (the currency) was simply the 'medium' or 'commodity' used to facilitate the process of someone paying them for their time or their produce, for it would be hard for them and for you if one only had 'goat meat' as their ‘reward’ instead of IT. (Currency)

If everyone could 'borrow’ IT and not repay IT then no person would have to go to work for IT and you would not find anyone to provide you with a 'service' - - - for 'why' would they build you a home to earn their daily 'bread' if they could also simply get IT from a free money tree?

Currency (sea-shells, eggs or paper money) is simply a 'facility' (an all purpose commodity) inspired by God to make it easier for man to 'trade' or exchange his energy expressed. (The fruits of his labours) For if I offered to purchase you house in exchange for 50 elephants you would not agree, especially if you had to repay some other 'financially' and thus needing currency.

So there is nothing 'wrong' with using the commodity named currency to 'barter' or exchange. However, what has been wrong with its 'use' is that every 'handler' has sought to gain FREE CURRENCY FOR NO SWEAT (gain something from the sweat of another's brow) as it passed through their hands or, - - - some simply borrow it, spent it, and make no effort to ‘sweat’ and toil in order to be able to repay it, FREE CURRENCY FOR NO SWEAT. (Gain something for nothing) 

We need to try and see that the currency ‘facility’ is simply a ‘product’ commodity that only has a stable value when people respect it and do not mistreat it. If you do not water your grain it will become worthless. If you do not water your livestock they will die and you will become ‘penniless.’ If you do not water the ‘intrinsic’ value of currency using the wisdom of God then it becomes worth less and ultimately worthless and unusable as a ‘medium’ of exchange.

A Bank should be a 'safe house' where the bank staff look after your deposits. Your stored energy being the fruits of your labours, being energy converted from raising cattle, growing grain etc., or other currency earned through your other services to the community.

Due to the dark greed emotion within man, the bankers and the depositors have 'colluded' and agreed to lend out the deposits (energy stored) for an annual additional sum of money, and that EXCESS 'interest' is the error of man that results in the ongoing enslavement of the borrower, as the 'lenders' (bank and ‘investor’ depositors) gain something for nothing from the toil and sweat of their own children and other children of God.

Every ‘depositor’ with a bank expects or demands an annual ‘income’ (interest) from borrowers because, they have been taught to so do and they and their teachers are all ‘greedy’ for ‘free gain’ and all hold God’s “Give with love” call in disdain.

If you do not repay the depositors currency commodity (stored energy) borrowed then you have stolen the sweat and tears (energy toil) of other depositors, this means that you have stolen their cattle and grain that they produced and exchanged for the ‘commodity’ named currency. (Money)

In the ‘case’ where the money lent is not depositors funds, but is simply the manufactured ‘currency’ product, it is still to be deemed as stored energy, as it will become as you 'sweat' to repay it.

For if you did not have to work and earn it in order to repay it, then it would become worthless as a medium of exchange by the fact that, - - - ‘fools’ would believe that as it cost the ‘lender’ naught that they could use this ‘fact’ as their means to default in repaying it, and when people FAIL to meet their obligations the currency becomes devalued little by little. FREE CURRENCY FOR NO SWEAT. (Gain something for nothing from the community treasure and deplete its intrinsic value) 

In the new world ‘order’ no person will lend their money to others with any ‘proviso’ of an annual % interest charge. They will lend it for free.

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In the ‘new world order,’ if a person cannot find someone to lend them currency directly, then the bank or other currency custodian will need to be able to obtain some direct from those that ‘mint it’ from God’s free giving money tree.

For “Yes,” it is obtained comparatively free from the ‘bark’ of a tree printed by the manufacturer and custodian but, - - - they now TODAY need to see that for them to charge an annual % LEVY is also wrong, as they then are making something for nothing, and thus they are stealing from everybody that uses God’s given facility. This ‘extortion’ by the custodians of ‘the people’s purse’ also adds to the downfall of the buying power of currency.

In the new age to be, every community endeavour will be operated solely on a ‘cost only’ basis, be it the supply of power, water, communications etc, and there will be no institutional ‘authority’ enabling its operative to put sticky fingers into every ‘factor’ of the community ‘pie.’

Naturally in reference to the currency manufacture, the manufacturing costs and storage and disbursement of said funds must be initially met by the custodial bank.

In the new age to be no institution of man will be so unwise as to steal a ‘cut’ from the GOD GIVEN currency facility, for they will have learnt the folly of greed.

In order to maintain the use of a ‘free’ commodity that we call ‘money,’ we have to back it up with our own energy. For when IT is loaned to you, you are in fact receiving the invisible stored energy of your sisters and brothers, for they had to earn it with their own sweat. When you toil and are paid in currency it is a payment of your own stored energy.

The manufacturer and the custodial banker are simply God’s ordained administrators, and if they are abusing their trust then leave them to God and me, for if they see not my ‘reasoning’ and they continue to steal so openly ‘jointly’ with their depositors and institutional taxation extortionists, then all ultimately will have to ‘face’ their God, and to HIM they will pay their dues as EVERYTHING they stole they will LOSE.

All we do be it to create or destroy is the use of God’s energy. Currency enables man to more easily exchange eggs for meat or clothes or ‘labour’ of others. All is God’s energy used by someone.

Currency borrowed has to be repaid because if it was not, then it would become worthless and of no use to anybody.

The currency system is now to go into relapse and collapse due to GREED as everyone ‘took’ from the honey pot and God (The reaper) is now to withdraw the facility as madness sweeps the earth, and once that time has passed sane men can begin again.

Many people live their life without having the need to borrow money, for they simply go to work for others and are paid money that they use and save. I now say that ‘as’ money is soon to become valueless and as it cannot be ‘eaten’ or used for any other purpose than lighting fires with, it is best to exchange it now for other commodities that will help you to survive. Be it a shovel, seeds, buckets, stored grain etc.

The tax and the free income % (Usury) by money lenders is what has caused the value of the currency commodity to drop. E.g., a house purchased 30 years ago for $25,000 may now cost $500,000 - - - but the house has the same intrinsic value, it simply means that the buying power of the $ has dropped to 1/20th of its original capacity.

There are other reasons that contribute to the devaluation of currency such as the Goods and services tax or Sales tax, for this supposed tax on the sale of goods is in fact a 'levy' of money that is imposed by the 'controller of money' for the use of the currency.

Thus it is yet another manifestation of the 'Mark' of the Beast, for only a beastly person would devalue currency by imposing a 10% or 20% levy on an exchange, and this extortionist 'take' reduces the purchasing power of the currency, for if your 'note' has a face value of $100 it should be able to purchase goods to the value of $100, whereas the monetary levy has reduced its 'approximate' purchasing power by 10 or 20 percent.

In the New world order the currency will not be supplied by men working as earthly 'operatives' for the invisible greedy Dark Sovereign Power, for the monetary system will be managed honestly by those of the Light who supply 'Sun' currency issued through them by the Light Sovereign Power for free. (Reference page 6, currency manufacture)

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How do we protect our currency ‘inheritance’ that is the inspired ‘trading’ gift from God?
How do you protect IT and ITS value in order for IT to serve you kindly over the years and not FAIL you?

You respect it and value it as being equally important as any other produce of man that is needed and of benefit to the community.

You do not overvalue your labour rate ‘time’ by expecting or demanding that you receive more than an equitable ‘going rate’ monetary compensation, for in so doing you have devalued your own ‘medium of exchange’ by the virtue of the fact that more of IT is needed to pay for your time. This means that for you to pay for other's labours that you will also have to ‘find’ or earn more currency.

You do not pay anyone any ‘cut’ (tax levy) from your labours or transactions because this amount is ‘theft by extortion’ and itself depletes the currency value, for in order to make up this ‘loss’ you have to charge more for your product and others have to pay more for your product and again, the value of the currency has been depleted.

When you sell any ‘commodity’ you do two things. Firstly you ensure that your product is of the highest standard of manufacture, for then it will last longer and the buyer will not have to again spend their currency due to needing to replace a faulty product and, - - - you offer your product for sale at the lowest possible price above your cost. For this in fact raises the buying power of the currency and protects its value and its ‘name’ as a ‘little’ of it buys a lot.

You will ‘labour’ for LOVE not for GREED.

Greed is the dark (sinful) emotion in man that is the ‘factor’ behind the ‘destruction’ of currency value, and it also results in people expecting to gain something for nothing, and it is also the reason why many seek to be ‘fed’ for no exchange of energy as they lie on a bed living off the toils of others.

Currency will ONLY become a ‘safe’ commodity once God has separated the wheat from the chaff. Please now do the best you can to help others by your free giving or ‘low’ cost energy exchange by not overcharging for your product. By placing the value of currency equal to or above the value of the product you sell you keep the face value of currency UP, and this protects you in ‘lean’ times.

The greed in man has led him to teach his offspring the wrong way, being to borrow and fail to repay as the ‘loan’ was wasted on frivolity. Better to lend against implements or items of necessity so that by the personal toil of man he can learn to support himself using the equipment funded by lenders.

Only when the new world ‘order’ is here will a home costing 10,000 dollars today never cost a ‘penny’ more because, the wisely used currency of the day would not have depleted its value (buying power) annually. Only then are we protecting the sanity of our offspring. The more you can freely give (by making less profit) the less it will cost others and yourself to live, and the more return all will get on the currency of the day. 

The God given currency that cost ‘little’ to invent or manufacture is of more worth than gold or any other item, for it and only IT is an international medium of energy exchange that can facilitate every transaction of man quickly and easily. Yes we do need paper money, eggs or seashells depending upon our ‘land’ or living standards or ‘wishes.’

But yes, once man is sane and responsible and never again seeks to ‘take’ or steal a free ride then currency will become a ‘worthy’ standard that is always of a dependable and steady value. Be it paper currency or the electronic way in which there is no ‘cost’ along the way.

All the men ‘chosen’ to lead man’s great community endeavors due to their education stature and ‘intelligence’ factor have succumbed to GREED. Be they ‘specialists, bankers, doctors’ etc., and all are ‘guilty’ in the eyes of God for ‘depleting’ the value of the people’s currency as they placed their ‘worth’ in multiples of millions above the values of the labour of others.

Every ‘controlling’ institution is run by men that have succumbed to GREED as they ‘stole’ endless sums of currency by royalty, fee, taxes, and sales of community property to fund their own wishes and whims, and all are ‘guilty’ in the eyes of God for ‘depleting’ the value of the people’s currency.

Every member of the public that demanded a ‘profit’ from others for their ‘investments’ or by ‘gambling’ on the buying and selling of ‘shares’ succumbed to false teaching and greed, and all are ‘guilty’ in the eyes of God for ‘depleting’ the value of the people’s currency.

All now must LOSE their ‘false’ gain and ‘repay’ God in order to satisfy the absolute ‘Just and immutable’ Law of God.

We must now begin again individually as we become aware that God sees all our ‘endeavors’ and at what price we ‘offer’ our goods or ‘labour’ in exchange. So let us all now offer better ‘quality’ goods or services for less currency, and jointly uplift our UNIQUE trading commodity – Currency.

Money (currency) does not derive ITS value from being ‘backed’ by gold or the promises of others, IT derives ITS value from the honesty of those that accept IT and use IT as their medium of exchange. Few are truly honest today, for their dishonesty is so ‘dark’ that they see it not or they see their ‘fraudulent’ actions as ‘normal.’ Treat currency with the same respect you treat your ‘flocks’ and IT will not let you down.

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~ Currency Crisis ~

A Currency crisis is caused when the value of the money goes swiftly down, thus the price of commodities rise, and all on poverty sup. There has been no way to protect the national ‘dollar,’ for it is daily held to ransom by the ‘other’ fella, being the ones who gamble with it each day as they exert their power play in the monetary “Exchange” game.

Also, in order to obtain your funds to “play with” for speculation and for monetary gain, the banking fraternity “offered” the people a percentage “return” on their “investment,” forgetting their role of “Bankers TRUST,” and that the banks were designed for the “Safe” keeping of money, not for speculation.

This “offer” of free annual earnings to depositors was promoted as “wise” by Religion and State. The “first party” having being deceived by the “Deceiver,” who gave a seemingly “valid” reason to be contrary to God’s true call of “Give, and lend freely to assist the other to easier live.”

The State, being the “second party,” uses all depositors funds as a means of tax “extortion,” whereby any transaction is regulated and “dutiable,” as well as taxing any profits earned from moneys borrowed, as well as taxing the banking world on its profits that are also accrued from “charges,” commission and loan interest rates.

Any “true” National enterprise should be a non taxable, non profit organisation that “returns” excess income to its users by charging less in the future.

It the System also enforces savings in the guise of “Superannuation” so that it can have the “use” of these funds, and then as all “speculators” do, it “plays” and “earns” with this money, and can end up losing it.

It is this never ending “consume” by the power brokers, taxation department and speculators that is the cause of the annual devaluation of all currencies, and is the primary cause of all goods becoming daily more expensive.

This results in hardship following for the “poorer” in society who do not even have any “savings” invested, but they are the ones who “pay” for all losses accrued by the rising prices on consumer goods.

The % rise in basic wages, land, housing, costs of bread, cooking oil, and rice reflects the % drop in the value of the national currency. The “added” taxes and increased cost of petrol, tobacco and wine reflect the additional % “take” by the systems men to prop up their negatively “geared” way.

Not only are depositors exposed to currency devaluation due to the above, but they are being exposed to being unable to withdraw their own funds deposited if they need it, as these funds are not all 'in the bank' but have been loaned out by the bank to others to 'earn' the depositor and the banker added income.

Bankers today operate on a fractional reserve banking policy. The 'reserve' here is the amount of funds available to be 'cashed' at the bank that are held by the bank in trust for an on behalf of the depositor.

Bankers 'saw' deposits as 'dead' unused money, so they decided to lend it out at a 'price' above its 'worth' so that it earned themselves (and you) some FREE income by the 'sweat' of the brow of others and, - - - it is thus that only a 'fraction' of deposits are available in any bank.

The result of this GREED (earning money for nothing) by both they (the bankers) and the 'ignorant' of the facts depositors, is that all are in a very dangerous position today, for the only 'fraction' of actual currency available in the bank vault on any day may be as low as 3% of depositors funds, with the other 97% out on loan here, there, and everywhere.

That is the position today, and on this “policy” we’ll all needs reflect. For when people decide that they ALL want to now exchange 'inedible' paper money for other edible or useable products, they will 'rush' to their bank and find its vaults EMPTY and the bank will 'fail' and ALL their deposits will be LOST.

There is only one way to the currency protect, and that is to 'allay' your personal 'free income' greed way and keep your currency under your bed. I shall a little more on “it” speak once I have written a few more lines from my pen meek.

A bank loan is generally made by the bank using money that they 'borrow' from the Federal Reserve bank, and at present they pay a % interest charge for the 'lend' of these funds that is passed on to the end user. The new way to be will be found on this document under the "Rule of usage" page.

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~ Seashells, eggs, or "paper" money ~

God by "thought" inspired man to "invent" a means whereby the community could have a standard national "neutral" commodity to facilitate trade. Thus it is God who makes this commodity available by "giving it" and it is now God to set the "Rule" of usage.*

What it is that you must see is the difference between Seashells, Eggs, and "paper" money. Shells, eggs or pigs or corn are “currency” for they are “wealth” that we can exchange for other goods or paper currency.

Paper currency is a neutral “commodity” that can be used to exchange any other commodity either locally or internationally more easily as it is recognised by all as a tradable commodity that is "instantly" disposed of if needed. Whereas all other commodities "await" a purchaser.

The local “buying power” value of currency is “set by” and depends upon the “minds” of those of the local community. The international community who accept it in payment/exchange for their goods may have a different point of view.

In the "old" days man was inspired in many different ways to find a "standard" medium of exchange. Be it pig's tusks, seashells or other "currencies" that were accepted as a stable, known, exchangeable commodity. But the world has "grown" so to speak.

People nationally and internationally are “choosy” as to the nature “of” and type “of” currency that they wish to use in order to buy or sell or exchange. You cannot force people to use pig tusks or shells or "corn" money as it may be of no use to them. For it may be too heavy to carry, a “paper” note can “carry” 100 pigs in value. You cannot carry 100 pigs in your pocket.

So paper currency is just a “medium” whereby we can exchange goods more easily so that you don’t have to cut a live pig in half to “exchange” it when you only want to buy an ice cream, and the ice cream vendor may not want your pig or eggs or corn in exchange.

We must also concede to the fact that our "shell" or paper “money” may not be accepted internationally or even “locally” in villages or towns away from our area as it is of an “unknown” value with limited use outside the "place" of manufacture. The "buyer" and seller mutually set the intrinsic value of their goods, be it the paper currency or other commodity. Supply v/s demand.

Note-1: "Rule" of usage.* - Currency (money) must be 'lent' solely for the purpose of assisting others. It must not be 'lent' for the purpose of the lender earning a 'free' income from the borrower. There must be no annual % 'interest levy' attached to any loan. Currency will only become a stable 'set' to infinity value item once you begin to respect it, yourself, and others.

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~ Currency manufacture ~

Paper currency is a "latter day" invented neutral "medium" for facilitating the exchange of other commodities, and in fact is thus a "commodity" in its own right that is accepted as an exchange item on any other commodity. But it is not a commodity that you can "acquire" by manufacturing it. It is also not a commodity that you can purchase in the "first" instance from its manufactured "source."

It can only be "borrowed" from the source as a means to "fund" and facilitate your daily needs and then repaid. The only currency that does not have to be repaid to the source is that "earned" from the "sweat of your brow" that is accrued in time and is "over and above" or "apart from" any initial borrowing from the source.

You must now not seek to obtain this "legal tender" of exchange medium or multiply it by lending it. You must only acquire it by borrowing it and then repaying it, or by selling your goods for it, or by working for others who then pay you for your labours with it, or if it is "gifted" to you by deed of a soul true.

A Bank is not a “shop” to which we can sell our goods, even if our “goods” appear to be like paper currency just because in a particular village they can be exchanged for honey. Hence to make the initial "transition" to using "currency" rather than just trading our goods, we have had to borrow it from a bank in the "first" instance or work "for" it for others who already have it.

The Bank "of" God is God's Agent who is responsible for the stability and availability of this commodity. The business of a bank is monetary. Be it lending, exchange, transfer, and safety deposit etc. The "monetary" side of the bank is to make "currency" available to facilitate the exchange of other commodities.

Manufacturers of currency are only in the "creation of money" for the market place.  The currency manufacturer can thus not sell this "currency commodity," for there is no purpose in exchanging one (x) for one (x), and also as they are "naming their price" on the "note," they would gain its "face value" for free. The money on the money tree is "free," but not to the manufacturer or thee.

The manufacturer of currency is only that, a "printer" who mints a commodity called currency or "money" for the community to use as a means of exchanging their goods. The manufacturer does not own the manufactured goods (currency). They are the property of the source, God.

This monetary product is released into the community through "lending" institutions that loan it out. They are Institutions of service to the community called Banks. It is their responsibility to be responsible and not "give away" money to those who cannot it repay.

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~ Currency commodity value ~

Currency is a "freely" available commodity that is not subjected to the usual "vagaries" of weather or manufacturing "disabilities" such as other commodities are. It is always in demand and thus there is an unlimited market place for its "dispersal."

Its purchasing power "value" can alter because others "reflect" that it is of "lesser" value than their currency as they "buy or sell" it. If there were no dabbling currency gamblers then it would be more stable. Its "value" also drops due to other factors given on the next page.

As for the initial manner in which we currency obtain from its "manufacturing" source, we must divorce ourselves from the past way where "forever" we had to pay an annual % interest charge. It must be "released" into the community "sector" for free. (See "Rule of currency usage" doc in relation to 'bankers wage' income source)

In order to maintain its value it must also be released as a loan to be repaid within a certain time frame. For if we did not have to "labour" to it repay, its value would be nil within a day.

This annual repayment is against the principal money lent and does not "grow" as there is no annual % interest charged to you.

This statement implies that God "advises" that you should not borrow a sum that exceeds your "attested" annual income (to be) at the "moment" of borrowing, as the loan must be repaid within a ten-year time frame. It does not imply that you cannot take out other loans as your annual income increases. This you may do.

Business ventures can be considered in another category, and I shall leave that to the inspired minds of the "keepers" of the banking "key" who will decide on their "commitment" to God and the community once all have attained "sin free" immunity and can clearer see.

If we could "obtain" unlimited amounts of currency for free then it would have no "economic" value and it would become as "sand" by the sea, available to all but not exchangeable as all could of it partake. So in order to "stabilize" a value on this commodity its "worth" must be standardised by you and me against "something" that is daily needed by you and me.

Thus we must base its value against the daily cost of bread (wheat or corn or rice) that is the "staff of life." If we "allow" others to "contaminate" its value by "default" through greed it will devalue and become worth less that its "bread" bed.

Let no "System" or "man" impose upon any other person any percentage "cut" from the transactions of others, be they personal or business transactions that they are not personally involved in, and thus cannot "expect" an honest wage "earn" from it.

Only this way will we be able to save money for our "old age," as it will maintain its same buying power value over the years. Thus there will be no more "tears" because people had to "invest" and enslave others because they needed to have their investments grow to keep up with "inflation," which in reality is just the "weakening" in the buying capacity of the currency.

So "printed" currency is only of worth when it is stable. For no man would sell a horse and cart if for the "paper" currency he received on "that" day, it would not be enough to buy a load of "hay" the next day.

He might if he is "you" and takes a gamble by asking an untrue "figure" of money for his horse and cart and this would only exacerbate the "falling" value of the currency of the day.

The "less" money we need to buy or "pay" for any item, the greater is the spending power of our currency I do espy. Let us be wise and help its "value" to now rise.

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~ Currency commodity abuse ~

Man has "abused" this good "commodity" invention as HE the Devil via the greed of men employed by the State did steal a daily "percentage" tax through a perpetual interest rate charged for the use of this freely given commodity as HE by his "thought" inspired man to steal off the community. As well as inspiring "others" to charge an annual interest rate fee for loans that enslave all.

Any "economy" being impoverished by greed cannot continue to supply the need of the working people. Greed does only "satisfy" the need and ways of the "dark" system and its "men" who daily take their need by "force of arms" from the "open" purses of the people.

Soon the "System" will crumble as the people "stumble" due to the overbearing weight of the "lode" that is demanded off them in their daily work load. Soon none will be able to pay the cost of the goods of the day and also, those that have goods will not be giving it away for "pay" that becomes worth-less by each minute of the day.

The "rate of exchange" of the local currency against local commodities has always been a rising "variable" due to many factors. Increased cost of production, availability, supply v/s demand and the base tax demand that is placed upon each item by the State and their "extorted" transactions "royalty tax."

The first taxation "burden" that is the cause of impoverishment and the annual lowering of the buying power of currency against the "item" is incurred prior to the item being "grown or manufactured" due the taxation already imposed on the "costs" of production. i.e. Taxes extorted off the wages of the labourer and essential "ingredients" of the product, equipment etc.

A further taxation demand is also added to the "end" product as a sales tax and income tax. Thus the taxation rort is in fact "responsible" for goods costing 4 to 5 times more than they should. It is this openly "hidden" cost to the consumer that makes the currency value "drop" and this "thieving" practice must now stop.

The price of "basic" goods does not go "up," but they appear to as the value of today's currency lessens due to many factors explained and thus you need more money to purchase the same goods on a later date.

Also, participating in a business venture with your own invested funds is one thing, but using your money solely for the "trading" of shares means that you are gambling with the "lives & fortunes" of others to make a free "profit."

This causes others to make a loss as you unknowingly fill your own soul with it the dark dross from your greed induced "theft." More to the point, the value of the nation's currency is also affected by your daily "power play."

It appears to me that the "Tax take" is naught more than 'larceny' on a very 'grand' scale. For we need to look past what we are 'taught' for our ancestors have placed a huge RELIGIOUS burden upon us and our children. I pose this information with its two pertinent QUESTIONS.


1 - If religion is a dictated ideological belief imposed upon its followers and supporters as being ones required/enforced * interaction with others.

Note: required/enforced * - required in order to be saved, and enforced by God's Law (As you sow so shall ye reap.)
Then QUESTION - 1: Why do religious 'Elders' demand an annual 'tax' of 10% of one's income as being a 'part' of the ceremonial duty?
2 - If religion is a dictated ideological belief imposed upon its followers and supporters as being one's required/enforced * interaction with others, then it follows that any State government is also a religion - for it has a taxing, invasive, controlling, punitive and warring ideological belief imposed upon its followers and supporters, as being one's required/enforced * interaction with others and itself.
Then QUESTION - 2: Why do the political 'Elders' of this religion demand and enforce an annual 'tax' of 80 % of one's income?
You might like to evaluate this TRUTH by realising that not only are people taxed directly from their income by 25 to 50% or more in some lands, and this is what has devalued the buying power of their income by an equal % drop, but more to the point, every 'other' penny they are left with cannot be used at its face value because everything they purchase with IT has also been taxed to the hilt and thus  costs much more, and every nature of transaction using the currency of the land enables another 'tax' take.
So in fact every State religion on earth is simply an organisation operated by an INIQUITOUS den of thieves who Decree via legislation that "we" must bow to their dictates. (that they say are their 'law')  They also say and believe that only they have the right to protect us and impose their way of 'living' upon us, and thus they believe that they also have the right to steal whatever they wish to in perpetuity, and "we" will be punished most severely by their 'rules' for any non-conformity.
When will the community awaken to the fact that the reason for the escalation of costs and impoverishment is directly due to the ongoing extortion with ITS lowering of the currency value.
As I see it, every king or chief or politician that has raised or yet raises his 'hand' to impose any tax was and yet is an absolute swine or 'pig,' and it is up to you and me to say "Enough is enough, and from TODAY I will give feely of my earned income to assist those of my choice, but I will pay nothing to the thieves that raise their hand or voice at me for they are the real "whores" of society, and they defy and deny their God unto their own doom, and I do not wish to be complicit to their skulduggery for I do not wish to harm my fellow man by condoning or funding or aiding thieves and thus being complicit in God's eyes to ongoing iniquity."

God is to now withdraw all currency "for a time" and thus mankind will be left "bereft" and poor because all men did via greed abuse this privilege as they all did steal via tax or usury or "investment" or stock exchange gambling etc, thus impoverishing others through their greed.

As the monetary value of currency does collapse then all goes into "old age" relapse where people will only exchange goods for goods until the day of the new SUN currency explained in this document given thee. For this currency will not become "weak & deranged." Read on:

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~ Commerce & ‘control’ ~

The “big boys” do the currency control as they “command” a % take of all commerce that past their “door” does stroll, thus the financial movement of you and me is regulated and restricted and “robbed” daily. “Import, Export, anything sold or bought.”

Soon the “change,” when the control of commercial activity will cease, thus no “Customs” or other Government officials will their “hands” grease, and suddenly we will “find” that “excess” trade does unwind planetarily. Each person “free” to come and go, no other demanding a “cut” or wanting to anything “know.”

Yes, it will be a “booming” time when we are free to trade freely over the globe. Each seeking their own “custom” and their own customers. Industry will boom as their products are not restricted by regulation or recommendation, all goods will be subject to the customers “freedom of choice,” to buy or to reject, and there will be no trade barriers to protect.

For too long has the consumer been subjected to having to pay three times or more the manufactured price because of “Mafiosic heresy,” being the demanded manipulation, control and monetary percentage take of all goods that “move” from one point to another.

Truly, in the guise of a “virtuous” society, the systems “men” have been the cause of all impoverishment and bother, and as they are now by the “New” society cast aside, we all will stand taller and will happier abide.

I say, pay no “Royalty” today, just sell your goods to the consumer as you say:
"These goods are made by me, they are what you see,
I ask no extra charge to ‘send away,’ for no Mafiosi tax official is in my pay.”

Thus the price of all goods drop, we do not now needs the System “up prop,” let it “silently” collapse as the whole planet goes into relapse, and all controllers and manipulators will be “spiritually” washed away. When all is done, you’ll all walk the Godly way.

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~ Monetary ‘speculation’ ~

Banks and “money houses” speculate so that your profits on deposits they can make, thus ahead all do cry if “speculators” on the Exchange decide your currency must “die.” Yes, as they it sell, its value drops all the way down to “hell.”

So why do we an annual interest demand ? It is because banks an “elevated” position would command, and also of all profits that anyone makes the tax man his share takes, and, due to the monetary “acceleration” that is needed to meet the “interest” monetary elevation, all does cost more, and annually we all become more poor, hence the need to “shore up” our monetary “store.”

So all the people employed “financially” to service the greed of thee and thee are the ones who do your backs break as their “wages” out of the System they must take to survive, and thus the annual devaluation of money they “drive,” and as it does “down value” go, the cost of all produce does “up” go.

And, you must more wages demand to meet the added “cost” of all if you would keep your stomach full and your feet warm in the frost. So try and see where “greed” did you take, as it now collapses its system and does a planetary currency mess make.

You the people must now say to your bankers today: “Place my funds in a Safe deposit box, I need not that it multiply like a field of flowery “phlox,” so please do not tamper with my deposit or lend it out from today. I shall personally lend it out to a friend true, you are only employed as “Safe” keepers, there is naught else to do unless I request a money transfer via you or, if I use you as my lending agent true to lend it to a person of my choice.”

Only this way will the money stabilise as we all become more wise, and the “players” of the money gambling game will needs “find” a new way of stalking their “game.” Yes, if they wish to eat they will have to plant their own meat, not demand commission off me and you and then abuse the funds allocated too.

Save your own retirement funds from today, give it not to any Systems men who with it want to the Share Market play. Only this way does any “economy” become under the “control” of the people who on that land stroll.

For too long did bankers and tax men your funds use and take, we the people must on our own greed put on the brake, and then and only then will we see the annual cost increases of consumer goods halt, and they then will become cheaper.

Then we will not need a wage increase annually to keep up, we will be happier each day as things “to buy” become cheaper, thus we will have more money to spend, and more leisure time our end.

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~ The Interloper ~

The Interloper is the “dark one” (Devil) who does “intercede.” This is the result of greed, for no “man” can stand-by and not stick his fingers in the passing “pie.” No, his mind tells him that he can “partake” and steal a slice of the passing “cake,” thus it is his mind that does the human race bind.

And these “thoughts” come from below, from that satanic land where all devious thoughts grow, and they are sent “up” into the mind of man, thus does the satanic “Interloper” his control over man's way bestow.

And as “we” for “him” a little of the cake take, of our own souls a mess we make, and we then become a little “darker” inside, and the Interloper’s feelings within us abide.

And little by little we more take of the goods passing by I see, for by “custom” and more greed we bound be, and we many a “new” way devise, so we can more of the cake “prise” off its true owner who is impoverished more each day, as the Interloper demands his “free pay.”

And all this is done in the guise of a society “wise,” as the controllers arrogantly demand and reprimand the simple manufacturer of goods, saying:

“You must comply to our regulations and restrictions and licence fees before you can even open your door, and if we give you an “occupancy” note, then we also expect to rob you of much much more, and we will tax all you make, and even more off you take if you’d sell your goods to another's “shore.”

So children, heed now me, the invisible spirit from eternity, I say you needs be a little courageous and strong, and thus heed only God’s Command, God’s song, say to the Interloper and his earthly “men”:

“We now pay you naught, for we heed God’s sacred pen.”

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~ The bloodsuckers ~

There are “those” who work not “laboriously” for their pay, they “gamble” the hard earned dollars of others as on the “Markets” they prey. Yes, they are the “ones” who are untrue, for they lose the funds earned by you and you.

Yes, the community funds ‘disappear’ when the “freeloading” takers draw near, for as the manipulators cause the “drop” in value of a “share,” the “stock” is “wasted” and laid bare as its content vaporises into thin air.

And once the funds do “vaporise” and disappear, other investors to the “table” draw near, and they then play the “roulette” game, not seeing that they are lame, for they see not the “hidden” agenda, that one day will be their “funds to hell” sender.

For as said, none do the “losers” see, they all go and commit suicide, or suffer depression or insanity. We only “see” that again the Stocks value do a little rise, thus we become unwise and are again “tempted” to put our money “in” the bottomless spending bin.

If the stock value again starts to rise because other “investors” become unwise, then any “profit” that all do make is “creamed off” by the tax boys take. So “in every which way” there is loss, that accelerates and gathers funds quicker than a rolling stone loses its moss.

And as said, for the “losers” to their losses try and ‘regain,’ the cost of goods has to go up to make up for all that went down the drain, and any governmental “Systems” losses have to be paid by the simple folk, you, for the power boys just put up the tax on consumables, being cigarettes, petrol, whisky and sales tax too.

So if you would leave your funds “openly” to be “sucked” by a leech, then for sure the “dark one” did your sanity breech through your own greed, and for sure you needs read all I seed. For bloodsuckers can only gamble and play with your funds if you seek unearned pay, thus you are a bloodsucker too, and to God and your own soul untrue.

And you cannot your investment on the Stock Exchange protect, upon this reflect. So if this “nature” of investment is entered by you, you are “open” to be plundered by others less than true.

So why not “place your bets” on our God above who says:

“Bank your funds in a “Safe” place, or lend them yourself to another you’d help with love."

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~ Government Trade ‘Protection’ ~

Governments impose “sanctions” against consumer goods., these restrictions are three fold. Firstly, the full import “embargo” which halts imports and “permits” the home grown produce a total market monopoly with its accompanying “elevated” cost to the consumer, and a “false” value on the commodity.

Secondly, the import of most goods are subjected to customs tariffs that are an import duty “penalty,” which only benefits the coffers of the Treasury department, but also raises the cost of the product to the “end user.” Thus again the currency “value” of the consumer dollar is lowered as its “spending power” is diminished.

Thirdly, are the full international sanctions imposed by “our” politicians against “their” politicians and leaders, which again end up impoverishing their people and our “souls,” for any sanction is an “Act of War,” being deplorable in God’s eyes for sure.

All tariff restrictions and trade embargoes and full sanctions are the work of the Devil, the dark overlord. For all these favour someone, at the expense of the “other” and the local community.

When governments take a seemingly virtuous “protectionist” attitude and impose tariffs and trade restrictions, it is also speculation and again devaluation of currency occurs.

Totally unrestricted international trade is the only way to go with no “royalty” duties imposed upon the movement of any commodities, this way, the price of consumer goods drops dramatically, and the consumer benefits and the currency value stabilises.

Again, in the guise of “All dutiable income is for the benefit of the Nation,” the power boys cause hardship and control the value of your money that loses its purchasing capacity because they through greed “steal” a percentage of the “goodies” passing by. You do not benefit, neither do they, for all lose whom do “steal from, manipulate and control” others.

There are “too many” people employed as “rip off” merchants. Rather, open all doors and send these people home to themselves become gainfully employed, either in the disbursement of funds donated by the public to fund community needs, or in “other” work they may wish to do.

Every person employed as a “collector” of revenue off the community is a “leech” on society, be they the parking meter attendant, the “collectors” secretary, the court clerk, magistrates, tax department worker, customs and other “licensing” officials. Billions of wasted “taken” dollars that account for the annual 10 - 100% devaluation of national currencies.

It is the time now to “remove” the Treasurer’s treasure, and give it back to the community, this we do by “empowering” ourselves in not paying Import/Export duties, and trading freely with anyone we wish. Thus the “treasure” stays with the people who will become responsible for their own financial state.

The “Law reform” of the day is when all tariff and royalty “duty” impositions have been swept away. The “mandated” permission to steal off the community in the “log books” of their “controllers trade” must be abolished by the ACT of throwing them away.

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~ The Money ‘tree’ ~

Money does grow on a money tree, this “idea” has just come to me, for if man can money make, why does he it off others take? Surely he can work for his pay, thus enabling money to come his way.

For today, not only does the “systems” men the money make, but also it “thieves” off the community in every which way as its “take.” For it was easier to “mint it,” and then its “movement” control and steal, rather than the sweat of “labour” feel.

So there will be no shortage of money around once of the darkness we are unbound. For the new “Bank” that we can trust will spearhead the new forwards thrust. They shall the keepers be of all money minted by me. *

Note: me. * - Those heeding this pen that raise up the 'Sun' currency Bank.

And this money they can lend at no interest to business or “friend.” And thus there will be no shortage in the economy for funds to “operate.” And it will be a time of trust with no “forgers” trying their thrust to a free dollar make, for as said, from “providence” none will seek to take.

And none will their funds gamble or waste, for their minds will be clear and full of “haste,” to do and get on with life, for they will not be bound by turmoil and inner strife. And there will be no “negative” Treasury that demands a “cut” for every loan that be, and neither will it any “tax.” Truly, it will be a time of “joy” and relax.

So let us a little “plan” for this day when all work less hours for “more” pay, not more being the earned amount, but more value because our money we’ll not need to count, for goods so cheap will be that our “purse” will be in the “surplus” daily.

Financial institutions must halt their 'Credit card' loan system, for it simply leads the frivolous and ignorant and those unable to control their emotions into bad living ways, and the greedy financial institutions simply cast them onto the 'homeless' pit.

Lending institutions need to 'examine' every loan application to ensure they are doing their duty to God's finances left in their care. Better to use a Credit card as a 'facility' card only, wherein you use it only when you have a 'plus' amount available. Save it then spend it.

So this little “story” I tell is truly the ringing of the final bell, for any who my Testament read will their souls with light and love seed, and as they follow me then the “New World Order” spoken of by me, they will see. The others will be “swept away” below, and light and love they’ll not know.

So please, all read, and your souls now “lightly” seed.

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~ Tax & the Community ~

- The more the community is taxed -

The poorer they become.
The more they demand wage increases.
The more wages given leads to rising prices of all goods and services.
Rising prices means more taxation $$ available and taken, ( never ending).

The poorer they become.
The less they can afford to buy.
The less they purchase, the less demand for manufactured goods.
Less demand on manufacturers leads to closures and unemployment.

More unemployment leads to more demands for welfare payments.
More demands off the System leads to more System’s workers needed.
More “systems” workers required leads to more “dead money” taxes needed.
The more the Tax, the lower becomes the buying power of the $.

The lower the $ “power” value, the more people have to charge for services.
The lower the buying power of the $, the more all pay for goods.

IF no taxes were taken, then hey presto !!! the purchasing power of the dollar would be five times more, for the cost of goods and services would drop and become available at 20% of today's price. There would be no unemployment, and there would be a time of “Plenty” to give away to pay the ‘wages’ of the fewer persons designated to distributing the “community wealth” that would accrue due to the generosity of the people.

No government of “today” is able to give away its annual “honey pot” take of billions stolen by force, as it is bound to keep its stranglehold over the people in order to fund its vast army of workers and keep its own 'army' and pay packet alive.

So the “top heaviness” will now collapse every system on earth, and severe pain will be felt by all as all lose all. This is how God would have it be as all are “takers” and could not see the way that God says IS NOW TO BE.

Take naught, but give freely

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~ Dead money ~

People who invest funds solely to earn money via “interest” charged are the ones who money destroy. It is this “interest” that via greed we take that in the end does our society break.

IF the borrower did not need to pay any % interest on his loan, then his loan repayments would be much less, and his ‘term’ would be shortened by many a day. Thus he would have “excess” money to spend. Thus he would become a manufacturers friend, in that he could “if he a farmer be” buy more implements, and if he was a “home loan borrower” he would be in a position to purchase a “grass cutter” and more I espy.

So the interest rate is what does money destroy, as well as the society that this “way” does deploy. So now its up to the greedy you and you, to your society you now needs be true and be prepared to give a loan for free so that we elevate our society.

Woe unto you and me for the times soon upon us that I do foresee:

Being that all will seek to investments withdraw.
Being that all will seek to their deposits withdraw.
Being that all will “find” that they did all lose,
and then all will seek to ‘someone’ abuse.

Yes, and also, all the retired oldies and all the young on the dole and all the 'out of work' will have naught in their “mouths” but their own tongue, and as their hunger and fear and anger does grow, then the insanity of my prophecy all will know.

Use your Light, not your negative Might

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~ $ - Investments - $ ~

All who have funds “invested” will now it lose for they do the “sanity of God” abuse. For all expect “something for nothing” off the sweat of another's brow, and this “gamble” will now them “overthrow.”

For truly, it was a gamble that so many took, as God’s “call” of Only give, never take” they mistook and did it deny as they heeded the “other” cry, that said: “Feather your own nest, gather for yourself bread, care not that the other does sweat, invest your money, for it is a safe bet.”

But now the “dark one” too does angrily frown, for many via high interest did God’s children drown by a burden of debt that made some commit suicide, and others did steal due to their debt.

The dark one now is to call in his debts. Yes, all you took for free off the labours of another sister or brother. Yes, all you took because your “cut” was too high. Yes, all you took that impoverished others and made them cry.

I say that all did excessively take. I say that the God of vengeance will all now break. I say that all soon will be homeless on the street. Yea verily, and in poverty their fate they will meet.

It is they now to seek alms at any friendly door. It is they now who are to be rejected and more, for the “cost” of their “interest %” was too high, and many a soul o’er the sea was impoverished, enslaved, and did die.

For what you lend “here” is invested overseas, and its interest demand brings multitudes to their knees. So God now would have it that you now fret. That is God’s LAW in action, an eternal safe bet. Safe, because it is justice and sets you of your iniquitous past free. Safe, if you now heed me. Safe, only if you now prepare to all lose or all share.

And if you do not retaliate as you are “ejected” from your “gate,” then one day you’ll be freed after angry men do you berate. So prepare now to walk tall. If you “fail,” then you will fall, not for a millennium or two, but an eternity of eternities. My word is true.

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~ TAX & the ‘credibility’ gap ~

All governments are run by “men” who have vast resources pouring in to their “playpen,” and we all know that men like to do many different things with the funds “donated” by me and you. Yes, their “dreams” get higher and higher, and many ways they “sire” to this money spend, and they are “guided” by others who the word “advisor” to their name append.

After a while the funds are not enough, then the politicians get “tough,” and the people begin to baulk as the politicians of new taxes begin to talk. But it is the people who always back down, for the system holds the “Crown,” the position of power as they and their “gunmen” stand over the people who daily more frown.

So more and more do politicians take, with their never ending expanding rake, and the people suffer more and more and the whole community becomes poor. So now the System will break, for it is God to “our way” forsake, for God says:

“I will do unto you what you did when you were untrue.”

For we all were a part of the System and its “take,” for we of the “take” did partake, for via our demands for more and more it was “we” who impoverished our neighbour next door.

So when the new way does begin, it will be one of giving, not one of sin. Let none demand in any way that others must contribute from their pay. This is what God says now to you, for it is for you to give, it is not for you to demand that the other be true.

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~ General “thievery” circular ~

In the “old” days we gave the community a percentage of our earned wage. That was as asked by God our heavenly sage. But “today” we have become “governed” by thieves who deceive themselves and will ahead grieve.

For they no longer “take” from the money we did make, but now via GST or ST or VAT they steal money that is ours, money that was already taxed before it again goes “out” of our door onto the round and around purchasing wheel.

This “thievery” is 20th century buggery that destroys every community on earth, and the “fools” who “handle” this take are tight lipped and of no mirth. No, they cannot smile unless they wish to us deeper 'beguile' as they say:

“Look, it is a better way for you to our wages pay,
for this way, even if you no money earn, we can still your pockets burn.”

“Wake up”

Soon all you “sleeping beauties” will be feasted on by the satanic pup who already dines on the minds of the poor, inspiring them to soon smash down every door. So now we see true insanity, where the “added tax” value take does impoverish every nation as the buying power of our funds it does break.

Not only this do I see but our “thrice taxed” own money is again in every way depleted by the “thief” who none can see as “HE” inspires “men” to demand a “Licence fee” for this and that so again we pay before we can even catch the fish or sell an egg today.

Once the “thievery” does STOP, then deflation will NOT the country stop. All products will be cheaper and our $ will never lose its value I see. So what I save today will still have the same buying power or more to pay my way in 30 years time when I am too old to press the grapes for wine.

First we stop giving in to demands, and give to the needy as is God’s Command. All then can take less pay and the “week end” will become a weekly four day holiday.

This document is for the general education of the public as well as the “System's workers” who make themselves spiritually sick. It is certain that all must now change their way for already there are many many “painful” dues to pay.

For the Reaper inspired by God will now break the backs of all who “dined on” funds they did take. It matters not that they “believed” they were mandated to so do, it matters only that they heeded not MY WORD from our God true.

This not only applies to the “System’s” men, but also to those of you who by the very act of demanding free “this and that” via the “honey pot” of the system are also stealing off your sisters and brothers via a “powerful” negative force. Thus you too were partially responsible for its annual need to demand more. So it is also the public greed that causes impoverishment on every shore.

“Give with love,” not Take by force,” said I the dove.

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~ God the ‘Debt’ Collector ~

The real debt collector is the “Reaper,” God ( The Dark Sovereign Power - Devil) the 'ultimate' Reaper is one who “cuts down” every person who was a bad “son of a gun,” as well as any “lady” too, who was ever untrue, and the “cutting down” is the feeling of pain.

Only when you are thus crucified do you your freedom gain. Yes, God says:

“You for your past must pay, so quickly learn the new way to pray. For only then will your mind strong and reasonable be, so that in non retaliation you can be set free. For any who retaliate will be again sowing darkness, and the Devil will them eternally berate and they will sink into oblivion and become 'spark' less.”

God and the Devil are ONE.
One gives life, and the other brings you “defaulters” to account.
Abide now in the truth from ME, only this way will you the Light of heaven see.

All currency speculation is entered into by mental/emotional motivation, the emotions mainly prevailing at the time are FEAR & GREED, with their negative accompanying thoughts that drive one to buy or sell.

As all negative emotions are “of the dark,” all who use inspiration from this “Source” are being silently telepathically manipulated from “that” intrusive realm.

As I am “able” to see into that realm, I am aware that IT the dark shark will soon via the minds of man, cause all speculators to insanely drive all currency into the ground, a truly massive bite out of every pocket.

Please read my message from God and TRY and understand how we all went astray as we "used” the other person to fund our lazy ways.

IT the dark one will now “call in” all its financial dues that will cause all money investments and savings to vanish into thin air.

It is truly the time for believers in me to prepare.

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