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~ Pirates of Brittany ~

The pirates of Europe and “Brittany” are more dangerous than the pirates of the China sea. So I can only you all “forewarn” that if you trade your currency “offshore,” you will mourn.

Many a ship did onto the ocean “float” and many a ship was a very fine “boat,” but what the “skippers” could not see was that human radar oft “offbeat” be.

The only reason “we” do currency “float” is when we believe we can steal a little “off’ the others boat. For only when as we currency trade do “certain” people get to a higher grade.

None do see the ones who sink because on the ocean “floor” there is no stink, no, the sharks do everything devour so there is naught left to purchase, no honey, salt, or flour.

If you are a banker then listen to me, only invest in people and their prosperity. Do not their money steal and then use it in any “offshore” currency deal. For this way you their trust abuse, and ahead, you and them do it all lose.

I do believe that only when bankers fully protect the “interest” of their clients being those to whom they lent funds, by “reinvesting” all monies accrued over and above the bankers costs back to the borrower in the form of lower loan rates, will any banker be truly True and Trusty too.

For at present, in an endeavor to “feed” hungry greedy depositors, bankers steal off the borrower who is a real client, and invest the funds stolen in an “open” fishing ground where sharks abound who are endlessly circling and feeding off the unprotected “small fry” who as yet are neither mature nor are they mentally “alert.”

It is the endless loss of “flesh & blood” in the daily feeding frenzy on the international and national money markets which drives all currencies down. Not necessarily down in “relation to” other currencies, but downgrade their economic purchasing power.

And thus all people become poorer as their currency buys less and less and less in respect of real goods. It is now the time for “A” bank to give TRUE protection of currency VALUE, as well as protecting customers deposits, for banks do not protect deposits against theft by government servant. (Tax department etc.)

Is there ONE true banker who will their clients bless by truly protecting the monetary value of the ONE “commodity” used to “trade” for goods, namely our money.?

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~ The ‘Caretaker’ Moratorium ~
The “falling” food bowl of the “End time.”

None can survive when the pressure is applied, and many a “good man” today kneels at his bedside thinking: “My farm gave me good “figures” in good times, now what ? The weather is bad, the tax take on consumables is too high and it's sad, and now the bankers will take all saying I’m bad.”

In the good time, the farmers and bankers and depositing investors all “got into bed” as with the common “interest” of making money they all “wed.” Now the “stock” is poorly, and the “produce” is low, but neither the depositor (the first party) nor the bank (the second party) on their “interest” demand go slow.

And what none of “any” party can see is the end result of what is to be. For the “way” that it has been up to today is that the farmer (the third party) for his losses has had to pay.

Neither the depositor “investor” nor the bank “lender” did lose, they via “default” notice did the situation defuse, and their “loss” of interest and principal they did reclaim as they closed up the “shop” and the borrower walked away “lame” with a bad name.

So now we have come to today, where greed and demand have had their day, and as said, none could see the end result other than me. For through greed the lending depositor too much “interest” took, and ‘twas they via the bankers who “upturned” the borrower and all the silver out of their pockets shook.

Thus we all now face the final calamity where all who took will lose all I see. UNLESS ....... the “wise men” of the banking system we can TRUST to quickly a Caretaker Moratorium mode upon all “bankrupts and retailers” thrust.

This means that any who now insolvent be, matters not the cause of their insolvency, be kept on the farm as caretaker for the “time” that poverty and darkness does with earth entwine. The moratorium is principally placed upon the interest rate charged.

Thus the farmers are advised that instead of being made insolvent, they can ask the banker who lent them funds to “enter” into a “Caretaker Moratorium agreement” which will mean that they acknowledge that the funds borrowed were “misspent” and thus will freely comply with the caretaker moratorium agreement and continue to try and keep their farms productive in every possible way for a very basic salary “pay” until the day the property does again fully earn its way.

The bank will thus become the “part time” owner “in absentia” and ensure that enough funds are “credited” monthly in a separate caretaker wage account.

In consideration of the “owner” agreeing to this “CM” agreement that will span a three year basic “time” frame, the bank and depositors who invested funds with the said bank will both agree to forfeit all interest payments for the duration of the contract “CM” agreement.

This is the only way I see that bankers and their depositors may one day regain the principle monies lent, as many will be becoming bankrupt with the onset of the insane “advent.”

Truly the time for a “Trusty & True” banker.

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~ The Currency Commodity ~

Currency was a “commodity” that was made by man to assist man to trade his goods. But due to greed, a “thought” did “seed” in the mind of man and it did say: “You are the one to it control, thus you deserve to make free currency out of its use by others who on earth stroll.”

For the reality is that it costs almost “nil” to millions or billions print, but so far, trillions and trillions have been made as profits by the ones who control the mint.

For the “Bankers” who need to have currency to “offer” the people are told by the “Supplier” that as “they” and “their” crew own the people & the “church steeple,” that for the usage of this commodity they must pay a percentage “Royalty” every day in perpetuity.

And as I it see, the money should start at the source free, as said before, its “starting price” must be a “once off” cost to the Banks who will loan it out to thee or me. But even as we “stand” here today, none are even able to “give” their bad habits away.

So as none of the “heavies” who control the “Mint” can “halt” their thievery, we can now but “await” the coming of the LORD who as was prophesied would wield a very heavy “Sword,” and once for our own iniquitous past we did pay, and all the “heavies & controllers” have been “blooded” and washed away, then and only then will you be able to fully heed this God’s sacred pen.

For it is wielded by our God up high who says: “Please now try and see your own insanity. Please now try and see past your own vanity. Please now prepare the way to the future where I will have the “say” in all you do your way. IT will be a “loving way” once My reapers have washed your planet clean. So for “now,” try and a little of My deep wisdom glean.”

Mercy” My pen

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~ Bankers 'trusty & true' ~

Read all and seed your minds with truth.
Read all and see the reality of my "proof."

Being that a "New Currency" we must now make and in its use we must the "old" way "off shake" in that as this currency we "exchange" or "loan" we will advise all "partakers" of it that they truly it own, and that if they would deposit it for safe keeping, then for this service they will a fee pay.

They will also be advised that if they are "happy" to loan it out, then they too must understand what "God & money" is all about and not expect to make any profit off the borrower. The bank will a small fee charge to cover the "flower vase" costs of maintaining their home "barge" and this fee will be met by their 'partaking' a 'godly' amount of the currency they minted.

Once this reality you do see then I would "ask" that the "Trusty" bank of the country do begin to not only the new currency print, but assist me to my "collection" mint so that they too may give to "believers" my coins true.

Let us now on reality dine, and no longer with the greed of the devil entwine
Let love and respect and trust be the new way, that is God's say I impart today.

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~ 'Sun' currency protection ~

The 'Sun' will be protected from 'inflation' or 'depreciation' due to the 'greed' in man being gone. Thus as man has their spiritual freedom won, they will 'reflect' on how to 'protect' their new found currency commodity.

They will protect it by treating it with respect. There will be no 'cheaters' seeking to print 'forgeries' in order to 'gain' something for naught. That 'sport' will be a thing of the past.

The Sun currency will not be used as a gambling 'tool,' due to there being no 'exchange' where 'one' Sun is 'traded' against another Sun currency.

Every person 'holding' the Sun currency will be 'free' to travel anywhere on earth and use their currency to purchase goods in any 'land' using it. Naturally the 'buying' power of it will be 'more or less' depending on the 'amount' asked by those in other lands for their 'commodities.'

As for the average daily 'wage' of 100 Suns, this may also be more or less. For many as me would happily work for free to aid others in the country, and if we were 'given' a 'lesser' or 'greater' sum for our 'aid,' then we would happily spend another day sitting and talking in the 'shade' of a tree before departing the 'country.'

In the 'present' day there is no such thing as a 'nest egg.' For any 'pennies' placed under the kitchen 'hearth' for a 'rainy' day lose their 'purchasing power' daily.

But as the 'Sun' begins to 'shine' and man does entwine with reality, their new Sun currency will remain stable. Thus any 'eggs' placed under the kitchen table for 30 years or so will still have the same purchasing power or more. This way you can 'ensure' that the 'pennies' placed aside will provide your retirement needs.

Today, there are many 'factors' that affect the purchasing 'power' of currency. It becomes worth 'less' when prices go up. When prices go up, people demand more wages because they cannot afford to buy the goods. It is a never-ending upward spiral of 'costs' that lower the value of currency due to GREED and its subsequent 'causal' need.

Once there is 'mental' stability and rationality, man will not be so 'concerned' with the 'exchangeable' worth of one currency against another. He will be more concerned with its capacity to sustain him in relation to what he earns.

Certainly there may be other 'places' where the 'Sun' currency is not used. Places where 'seashells' or 'eggs' are traded against other commodities, and the 'Sun' is not used. If you travel there, then before you depart, 'simply' exchange your 'Suns' for new 'shoes' or 'fish hooks.' This way you can 'trade' this commodity.

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~ New Currency Role ~
To assist all to trade

The new currency as said is the ‘SUN,’ and after “printing” some “notes” will be issued freely to everyone o’er land and sea, whatever “age” they be. It will be a small “denomination” but it will assist all to trade again with any close or far relation. For with no funds to trade, we will all be “stuck” with a bucket or spade after the coming “collapse” when the “dark one” has a planetary mess made.

Over and “above” this gift from God free, our trusty bankers will “release” other funds to you and me. These will be in the form of a loan with no annual % 'costs' so none in “weariness” groan.

The bankers “trust” will of course decide on the loaned “amount,” and in those “ahead” days, none will want “excess” funds to just hoard and “count.” No, greed will have been swept away and all will their borrowings repay.

So as for the “initial” free payment that to each will be,
well we’ll just have to “sit” and await what our God inspires thee or me.

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Universal currency

With the new “incoming” monetary system given by me, we will needs no “Federal Reserve” that says “Our demands observe.” We will only need banks trusty and true who will themselves arrange “Printing money” and make it freely available to me and you with no “interest” strings attached that would make any borrower groan.

The new International Sun “paper” or coin currency will be minted after the reaper has run and every soul is freed of their inner sin, and thus we all shall true and trusty be and none will seek to fraudulently attain funds freely.

The one side of this currency will be an internationally “same” Sun design, and the reverse will have a “changing” design as is symbolic of that particular country.

It will be the duty of the Bank 'Board' to ensure that the monetary and banking policy of the Bank is directed to the greatest advantage of the people of the land and that the service provided by the Bank  is executed in such a manner as, in the opinion of God will best contribute to:

"Maintaining the supply of a monetary commodity namely currency to be made available to, and loaned to the public at no annual added rate. Keeping in mind that any "bank" is a community welfare department existing solely for the benefit of the people of the planetary community."

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paper & coin currency

When the reaping is done and each soul is a “happy one,” then the “Central” SUN Bank * in each country will make available to you the new SUN currency true.

Note: the “Central” Bank * - In places where there is no 'Central Bank' facility, people will use Sun currency from any country or they may continue to use 'Seashells - eggs - or other commodities' to trade with if they so wish.

The paper notes will initially be four in number:

Suns 100 - Red surround with a gold sun at centre - 140 x 65 mm.
Suns 50 - Blue surround with a gold sun at centre - 135 x 65 mm.
Suns 20 - Green surround with a gold sun at centre - 130 x 65 mm.
Suns 10 - Yellow surround with a gold sun at centre - 125 x 65 mm.

The front “face” will be the same across the world.
The “reverse” design will be different in each country.

Coins will be in the following denominations:

Suns 1000 - 500 - 100 - 50 - 10 - 5 - 2 - 1 - .10 (ten cents)


There will be 3 limited edition sets of commemoration coins made available for collectors. These sets will be numbered 1 - 2 - 3.

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seven coin monetary set

This first set of Commemoration coins being dated ‘001’
Commemorating the first year of God’s full message available to earthlings
“free on air”
on the Internet, 1997. AD — 001 TL. (True Light)

Coin No Sun Value dia mm mineral content front face reverse side
1 1000 32 Gold Sun Elephant
2 500 25 Gold Eagle Lily of the valley
3 100 40.6 Silver 6 point Star 3 vine rose
4 50 32 Silver Fish net 3 monkeys**
5 10 24* Bronze Dove Spear/club
6 1 22* Bronze Serpent Lamb
7 .10 cents 20* Copper Wheat sheaf Volcano

* final size to be determined.
** see no evil - hear no evil - speak no evil

The Left images below are the front face - the Right side images below are the rear face


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~ Bankers Circular ~
Reference the coming International Currency crisis.

Let us now see that none get free currency. All for their wages work, but as for the Central bank employees, they will now sheath their "dirk" and not off the community any wages take and not off any deposits any money "make." No, what I do see is that God will supply the wages of the "suppliers" of the currency.

Yes, as the Central Bank does money mint, it will pay the wages of all bank workers from the "Sun" currency it does mint. Thus instead of bankers "taking" off the community for its pay packet, it will give out a continuous supply each pay day.

No more will any "Country" need to funds "borrow" and heavy interest pay that enslaves the populace forever and a day. NO, all loans are now "absolved & dissolved" by me for enough "National" % interest has been paid, and of all "debts" incurred via "greed insanity" do I now set all Nations free.

Be advised that there is soon to be a “swoon” amongst the human race as “darkness” shows its face and due to its control through greed and fear, currency as such will vaporise and totally disappear.

This is to you all advise about the new ‘SUN’ currency that will arise out of the ashes of the old, and thus I seek souls bold who are “interested” enough to prepare so that ahead, we all can share a common ground once true financial sanity is found. For greed has soon had its day, and I look to souls true who will help me do what I needs do to help the planetary community and that includes you.

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~ The National Income ~
& the human debt.

It is the “need” of the national “income” that makes “the people” fret through “labour & impoverishment,” so on God’s “call” must all now place their bet. For the “income of the nation” is but to “serve” the “forces of darkness” and soon all will this observe.

In the guise of “We will you serve and protect,” the System and its “men” do billions and billions of funds collected forcibly via tax & licence “extortion” and the people suffer from this ungodly “abortion.”

As each nation’s “forces of control” expand, it places an ever increasing demand via tax for “Trade” to grow, for it is all “movement of goods” that does a “good” extortion show, and the System must more and more extort to its own expanding “pay packet” support.

Thus when exports decline the system's “abusers” turn into swine and raise the taxes more to their “ways” shore up, and these “added” taxes cause employers to on poverty sup, and they close up shop for they see their own fast emptying “cup.”

The national income soon will be only the donations of you and me. For we will need no “force” to us protect, and no “system” to us direct, No, all people will earn their own wage as they heed this pen wielded by God’s sage.

Thus there will be a positive “deflation” and thus currency will expand its purchasing power and we will be able to afford to give away funds to our friends and relations.

The “cost” of goods will drop and none will need to “others” prop up. All will find it easier to live and thus have more to give as well as “working” for less pay and for less hours each day.

Maybe we’ll even be able to a “job” share, and weekly “rotate” so we can better fare, and have every second week off work and none will be out of work. This way in our “free time” we can other things do that will inspire our minds and we’ll be happier too.

As “asked,” read all God’s message through me, that is God’s ask of thee, and then prepare your mind for the satanic snare that will seek to you entrap as it does your “knuckles” rap. Then set yourselves free by heeding God’s “No Tax” call via me.

Let all “armed” forces disband from today. Let all “System” personnel seek “other” means to fund their weekly pay. Let them directly for industries work, not “hide” behind “The Authority” and thus real work shirk.

Pay your “Education” costs direct.
Pay your “Medical” expenses direct.

All will become cheaper, on this reflect. All “birth” is painful for sure, so prepare for what is coming your way, and for all our “sins” we must pay before God sets us free, and thus all “takers” soon “broke & impoverished” will be.

National “Systems” are only interested in how much money they have to spend. They are not aware that their take impoverishes the national community by lowering currency value and your capacity to survive. Your “expectations” of the system also adds to the community burden in their “justification” to take more off you, and all become poor.

Man against man will soon fight, for as yet none can see my LIGHT, and none can see that only I can set them free. You are all “stuck in your way,” being that others must fund your way. Not seeing that you are all yet bound by the “Force” way way “below” ground.

Yes, it binds the takers of taxes who are untrue, and via fear it binds the populace too, who are “threatened” that if they do not taxes or licences pay, then their houses & goods & and chattels will be taken away.

“Wake up” believers in God
heed me now as on earth you plod
or you will remain enslaved for eternity
this I see - this I see

Children, what you don’t yet realise is that with PAIN you WILL soon pay for all suffering caused TO the enemy by YOUR armed forces who are daily paid by your taxes and who are thus your servants doing your bidding.

Soon all “oldies” and others will see the power of the “retribution” now to be carried out by the force known only by me. IT will its dues now demand and “extract” with a very heavy reprimand.

Thus my ask of every department is to “alert” all young and old that humanity did for too long “flirt with the devil” and thus all now needs prepare to share rather than take more to “supposedly” make it easier for the old or poor.

Please read my message to humanity so that young or old can “provision up” and “till” their back yards and then fill it with vegetables and chooks before we all starve. All “honey pot” funds need to be “donations” only, only this way do we not financially impoverish the young, needy, or lonely.

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~ Property investments - Days of old ~

Since days of old man has been controlled by the 'richer' who themselves were controlled by their inner emotions of greed. This 'coupled' with the controlled 'release' of land by the Warlords that had seized every 'possession' also enabled man to fill his or her money $ 'cup' at the expense of others, being the 'poor' that were kept in bondage as 'tenants' in one form or another.

As long as people were kept 'poor' and thus unable to buy homes, they were forced to pay high rental fees and 'tenants' were forced to 'shed a tear,' for as land 'acquisition' was 'limited' and controlled and 'released' by 'decree' of the king or political overlord, tenants were at the 'mercy' of the merciless vain, arrogant, and greedy landlords.

So for many years now the 'rich' have become richer as they 'stretched' their finances using the 'labour' of the poorer, and as time passed the household rents were increased more and more so that they reached an amount whereby the rent itself was enough to repay the principle loan of the home owned by the landlord.

This ongoing negative 'policy' appears to have enriched many people, for on 'paper' they own many homes or acres of land as they borrowed more and more and more in the assumption that the 'good old days of old' would last forever, and that 'one day' they would be very rich from the 'labours' of their tenants who had 'repaid' their loans for them.

Most of these 'latter day' landlords in fact did not fully own even a single 'Unit,' because all were 'hocked' to their mortgage brokers because, - - - all assumed that their 'investments' were on 'solid ground' and safe and secure because, - - - since days of old they were but, - - - "Safe no more" says this pen because, soon the 'tenants' will be so 'poor' that they will by their own emotions be forced to 'lock the door' and refuse to pay the 'rent' because all their dwindling income will on food have been spent and, - - -

When the 'landlords' fail to repay their 'bank' loans they will use 'force' to try and evict the tenant, being those they see as a 'lower' rank of people as they (the landlord) defy the "Mercy & peace & forgiveness" call from God's Church 'steeple,' and as the tenants refuse to leave and vacate the homes, the landlords will lose all and themselves become homeless and grieve.

Why will it so be? Because the finance 'lenders' will come directly to their 'door' and evict them for sure, for the 'principle' home of the landlord will be their 'prime target' as all will see.

What is my 'advice' to the blind and foolish and greedy? Sell your 'equity' in any 'second home' quickly to the tenant for as 'little' as you can, so that the tenant has the means to repay it and acquire 'something' in their own right, and you the 'past' land LORD can then 'pay up' all you owe on your principle residence and become 'debt free' quickly.

Any 'owning' a more than 'one home' policy are greedy and are the cause of others 'suffering' and are soon to become 'homeless.'

If you are one 'blessed' by God and thus have a fully paid up home and spare funds, then use them to help uplift your sister or brother or other friends or neighbours in the foreknowledge that if you do, then God will look after you, and if you don't then God sees you as untrue and 'deserving' of being cast into the desert with nothing.

Soon the homeless will realise that they can simply 'stake out' a God given acre of land from God's 'Crown Land' and not have to pay anybody and not have to ask anybody for permission, and in this way the land or 'property' values will also 'tumble' down, and as 'humpty dumpty' the 'nest eggs' of landlords will 'crack' as they fall down.

Let it be understood, there is always the need for 'rental' property as people do need temporary accommodation for many reasons, if however you do have any spare funds, then rather than using them as a 'means' whereby you can 'enrich' yourself using the 'labours' of others, you should help others to get established so that their 'labours' are for the upliftment of their own family 'first,' and thereafter they can also follow your 'lead' and assist others less fortunate.

Be wise, love and give and share and care, for the 'days of old' when property was a stable and safe 'commodity' will be the 'snare' to entrap the greedy and unwary that 'blindly' follow the 'fairy tale' in their mind, being thoughts that lead them on and on and on. For this 'fantasy' is soon to be a 'broken' dream as all awaken to the harsh stark reality of being homeless through their own mindlessness.

Be advised, the exchangeable value of all your land or property will soon by God be reduced to ZERO as the currency crises deepens suddenly, and you will only be able to give it away, for no person will have any 'funds' to for it pay. So if you have a 'debt' on your 'principle' place of abode and another one or two or more 'units,' you will become 'homeless' before your tenants that occupy the other units. - - - Why? - - -

Because it is you owing money to the bank not them, and if you 'try' to use 'legal' means to evict any tenant then you have 'failed' to conform to the 'Standard' of forgiveness, love, and mercy commanded by God via this pen.

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~ Currency - The "RULE" of usage ~

The "RULE" of usage: Currency (money) must be 'lent' solely for the purpose of assisting others. It must not be 'lent' for the purpose of the lender earning a 'free' income from the borrower.

The "RULE" of usage: A monetary loan must be given to a borrower with no establishment 'charges' nor any % 'interest levy' attached, so that the 'borrower' is not encumbered with anything other than the repayment of the 'face' value of the currency borrowed.

The "RULE" of usage: The lender being the 'Sun' bank takes a wage from God as the banker is working for God directly, and he pays himself a 'conscionable' wage from the 'money tree' of God, being the storehouse of the printed currency. If the borrower defaults in any way then he is answerable to God, not the banker nor any other man.

The "RULE" of usage: The lender may also be a private individual that by the grace of God has accumulated a 'store' of currency. In this event the lender must also only encumber the borrower with the face value of the currency loaned, and the lender also pays all 'costs' attached to the handling or other costs accrued until the loan is repaid, and this monetary cost is his 'free giving.'

When a private individual is asked for a loan, he may wish to assist the borrower by saying: "You are asking to borrow $9000, but I prefer to make no loan to you, but to help you I will give you $3000 that you do not have to repay. But if ahead you do have spare funds then please also help another on their way."

The "RULE" of usage: The 'wage from God' taken by the Sun bank workers is for the manufacture and storage of currency, and for the handling and disbursement of currency that is to be given as 'loans.' Other sections of the bank that handle safe deposits and other banking business transactions will be funded by their clients that will pay a nominal fee for services rendered, and bank employees in these departments will take their wages from these fees.

The "RULE" of usage: No persons or institution will 'regulate' the amount of God's Sun currency that is given or received for services rendered or as 'wages.' This amount is between the parties concerned.

If you are an individual that feels that you are not being paid enough money, then you may ask for a pay rise or you may decline to work for the wage being offered. You make no demands upon others.

As no person will 'regulate' the amount of God's currency, it follows that people can 'work' for little or no 'currency' remuneration if they so wish to.

Example: A workshop or an individual tradesman can take on an apprentice for one year for no monetary remuneration because, - - - they are passing on their accumulated wisdom for free to the apprentice, who is supported by their own family until they have 'learned' enough of the 'Trade' to be of use to the industry.

The coming currency crisis is when all funds have 'evaporated' from computer screens due to the vanity and insanity of man, and all 'paper' currency will have become worthless. This catastrophe simply means that God has withdrawn His trading facility, and He has recovered all 'debts' owed to Him by thieves who stole directly or indirectly from others.

Once sanity has returned to earth and man's inner light does again shine and evil has been put down below, then God will again set man free from his misery.

The 'energy' needed to establish the monetary system will initially come from those individuals in each community giving freely of their time and energy to form and uplift a banking system. 

As said before in this document, the Central Sun bank staff and other bank 'loans' sectors receive their wage from the printed currency reserves, and this goes back into the community as it is used to purchase community produce.

Let the new SUN Bank be the first 'industry' to lead mankind into the New Age as it shows the way. Being a true service to the community of God's children that is delivered at minimal cost to users, as its 'office bearers' uphold their banner of truth and honour and service unto all as they are assisted by all, and there will be no other 'shareholders' seeking to be annually paid a 'free' fee.

Currency will only become a stable 'set to infinity' value item once you begin to respect it, yourself, and others.

In the New World Order people will not be 'forced' to go to work due to having to earn money to survive. They will go to work willingly because they enjoy their work, and as the value of their monetary income will be 'safe' from thieves they will be able to spend more time on creating quality objects as well as having as much time 'off' so to speak doing other things of pleasure. All 'activities' will have become a pleasurable pastime.

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~ To you the ‘Reader’ ~

Let it be known that God’s full Truth has now on earth been sown, there may yet be a few “pages” more, but enough is “sown” to help you personally today for sure.

It is now the time to get “out” of debt, if you cannot, then you will fret, for as systems wind “down,” your Owings will “rise” and you will frown. Begin to immediately your “savings” withdraw, or you will lose it all for sure. Invest in commodities you will need in the coming time when all do bleed.

If you are a Baker, then store wheat and rye, before the prices go into the sky.
If you are a Builder, then put nails under your “bed,”
so you can keep building “shelters” for the homeless at the time of coming dread.
If you are a “Medico,” put lint and salve away
for the time we in deep pain and suffering for our past pay.

Soon, all “savings” will be lost as hard headed men reveal their hearts of “frost.” Do not on others “talk” rely, heed my message from the most High, for soon all Industry does close down, so all “consumers” will frown.

Yes, all stock will deplete, so use all your funds wisely, and tell all whom you meet that God’s “warning” sits on the Internet “street.”

I have done my “best” for you, it is now up to you to be true to our God above who says:

“Prepare to share and give and only Love.”