Letter - 1 of 5  - to Eddie Storace Australian Taxation office prosecutor

Open letter to Mr. Eddie Storace & ATO management
This is an educational document

~ Political 'taxing' extortion ~
Eternal Salvation & mankind's 'belief'

Dear Eddie, I refer to your summons notice addressed to Mrs. C. Barnes - complaint No: 1490710 which reports a failure to submit an income return 1996 to 2010.

I am Clemencia's spiritual advisor seeking to assist the Court and all to a peaceful resolution as I prepare Clemencia's defence submission not only on her behalf but at her request.

Your 'office' as well as you yourself believe that for her to 'defy' ruling decrees in your books of rules/laws, laws which you hold as 'sacred,' maintains that her belief is an illegal activity needing 'correction.'

The facts of the matter are whether or not said rules/decrees/laws apply to her IN THE FIRST INSTANCE. According to HER belief and MY advice they do NOT and, - - - since you and your masters are aware that she is using her God-given right as well as her right as granted within your Constitution, as you have a 'gripe,' then it is you who should present your 'case' to the Federal High Court rather than a 'lowly' magistrates court.

What is the 'outcome to be'? If she is 'judged' in error by a magistrate who uses his own choice of rules available to him and who condemns her activities as requiring punitive 'correction,' then both he and all involved in her persecution and result thereof will suffer the same fate within the one Law of God say I namely, as you do unto others will be done unto you.  Your ‘belief’ is based on your assumption concerning the infallibility of your rules. Mrs. Barnes’ reality is that our Creator is the ultimate Judge and I am His 'adjudicator.'

Your office and yourself as prosecutor and persecutor have the BELIEF in your RIGHT to impose demands upon her 'actions,' actions which in your opinion, she has failed to do and therefore your intent is to have her punished in some way so as to bring her into line with the POLICY of your BELIEF.

The twin but opposing ideological BELIEFS in contention are:

1 - YOUR belief in the RIGHT to use force much like a 'warrior' with threat, coercion and enforcement to bring the other 'into line' with the State ideology of control, interference, subjugation, punishment and war via the utilization of the rules of man.

2 - HER 'peaceful' belief lies in the RIGHT to go her way in absolute pacifism in obedience to God's Command and therefore to NOT support nor fund the opposing contra ideology above of forceful compliance.

What needs to be seen by you is that for and on behalf of the ATO Deputy Taxation commissioner, you have taken it upon yourself to take up the 'cudgel' against Mrs. Barnes. This is already PROVEN to both God and myself because your name appears on the 'complaint' form summonsing her to appear in Court on 12th August 2014.

I need to 'openly' advise you that this particular 'case' is being infinitely scrutinised by God and His 'forces' because of ITS importance in:

a) Elevating the consciousness of all 'errant offenders.'
b) The Salvation of the soul of Clemencia Barnes as well as any global 'reader' participating in the on line case.
c) The Salvation or otherwise of all involved in taking up 'arms' against Clemencia a chosen daughter of God to be His 'lamb' as the scapegoat victim to expose the ongoing illegal iniquity of the taxation extortion.

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Eddie, you fail to see that to deliver a summons requiring or in fact demanding that Clemencia Barnes present herself to 'give cause' at a court of Caesar is in fact already a 'threat' of: "Do what I say or else suffer the consequence" and, - - -

You also appear to fail to see that, for you to on the very same day state to me (on her behalf) that you will 'halt' the procedure temporarily or longer using an adjournment, is in FACT 'enticement.'

How or why is it so? Because it implies that she will be 'safe' from continuing to be persecuted by YOU on behalf of the ATO if she simply 'bows' to your requirement DEMAND and fills out some 'income returns' forms.

She did advise me of your phone call to her today wherein it was suggested by you that she ask for an adjournment. She has agreed with me to not apply for 'such' and we await the hearing date 12th August at which time the magistrate will be given her full defence submission prepared by me if you do not withdraw the 'complaint.'

Brother, Clemencia our divine sister and daughter of God has been placed under a tremendous amount of pressure by ATO 'advances' for over 15 years and as a result, she is and has been 'stressed' to the limit both mentally and emotionally. She has also had ATO officials enter her 'bank' and STEAL funds directly from her account without her consent nor knowledge.

It is 'easy' for you to say that it has naught to do with this 'charge' against her, but let me make IT perfectly CLEAR from the outset: EVERY person who has been and/or continues to BE involved in her persecution has been and still continues to operate ILLEGALLY within the superior rules/laws of their own institution irrespective of any 'precedents' you bring to the table and, - - - all the above persons including yourself are also in contravention of God's COMMAND unto man.

Since I am the 'spokesman' for and plenipotentiary of our God, I can state quite categorically here and now before God who inspires this 'pen' that all are ON the road to perdition and they should ensure that they quickly AMEND their ways.

I need to be completely 'frank' Eddie because, as God sees it, every institution of 'government' on earth is a CRIMINAL organisation because they all believe in their supposed ‘right’ to use God's 'forbidden to use' FORCEFUL dark energy ILLEGALLY to extort money from His children.

It is my task for God to try and get the 'bosses' of these criminal GANGS to see the error of their ways because they BELIEVE that they are operating 'for the good of the people,' when clearly they are NOT.

Eddie, it is what we do TO each other that brings a 'measure for measure' or EQUAL response RETURN of pain for pain or pleasure for pleasure from God's ENERGY at the time and in the place IT so decides.

Please try and comprehend that: A monetary take backed by a rule is still a TAKE.
Please try and comprehend that: A monetary take backed by guns is still a TAKE.
Please try and comprehend that: A monetary take backed by a precedent is still a TAKE.

I add that: ONLY 'your' complete submission to God and His Command will bring a 'repeal' of your already accrued sentence of spiritual death. By your own admission have been handling many 'gangsters' and no doubt you have accrued huge 'debts to God' within His superior 'eye for an eye' LAW due to punitive interaction with them.

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What you don't see Eddie is that since you are operating outside of the constraints of the Constitutional Authority, it is you who is the 'gangster' the one who is 'leaning on' a loving peaceful person and factually stating: "If you don't 'settle' with the demands of my boss I will break your 'resolve' and make you suffer."

The only difference to your activity is that you are a 'white collar criminal' and you don't break legs, you simply use other means to STEAL from others. You also have the belief that the freedom of religion clause of the Constitution has in some way become void or rendered invalid. If you are promoting this 'advice' to anyone then you are not only going against the Constitutional rules but, you are deluded soul who is misguiding many including yourself.

Eddie, what I would like you to see is the perspective as seen by God and myself. The reality is, that you have taken a 'job' requiring you to 'wage war' upon another person for a 'fee,' a wage of 30 pieces of silver. In fact it is a 'mercenary wage' because in order for you to now fulfill your 'obligations' to your employer, you are required to defy God and His command unto man as you take up a 'cudgel' against a spiritual sister.

You see NOT that she has in FACT caused NO 'harm' but you intend to cause her harm and in fact, for some 16 years now her persecution has been ongoing and you are now the one to attempt to finalise her punishment for non-conformity to your employer. You are in fact a BLACK KNIGHT who has taken up 'arms' against a Lady of the LIGHT. I ask: "Why would an apparently 'sane' man attack a lady so 'openly' for the world to see and not even feel a 'twinge' of conscience?


Eddie, is it because it is as you told me, being that you do not believe in the existence of any 'God' nor do you believe in the 'Law of God'? My pen can and does state for the world to READ that; Eddie Storace is in fact a proven 'swine' and a coward and a TRAITOR to his 'calling' and his institution because, he JUSTIFIES denying a daughter of God her RIGHTS to live peacefully and honourably and NOT fund proven 'warring' persons such as himself.

I ask, why would a SANE person like Clemencia fund the interference, subjugation and extortionist punitive activities being waged by yourself and your employers against OTHERS in the community? She cannot and neither can I.

Eddie, you did tell me that 'originally,' you were a barrister working to assist people against their persecutors but that you changed 'sides.' I see that you are now a persecuting prosecutor. Regrettably you see NO 'difference' in 'either position' and it appears to simply be like a game of 'chess.' Woe indeed and a 'slur' upon your family name and your own soul brother.

Why do I include all these negative words? Because the ONLY thing foremost in your mind is your need to 'win,' which means you also choose to ignore the primary 'rules of engagement' of the institution you SERVE for the express purpose as said, of winning and CAUSING HARM to a very charming lass. This is total madness and insanity. Can you not now even see a little of what I say?

Are you even aware of the 'cunning' manner in which you 'approached' her and me? Pretending that all was well, - - - but it is not because hidden in the recesses of your mind were and yet are powerful forces of THE DARK, forces that are using you Bro, but they cannot hide from me for their 'faces' I do see. They are using your 'apparent' position of absolute power to destroy YOU. Regrettably, you do not even believe in the after-life so you cannot imagine the existence of demonic forces.

If you could see even a 'glimmer' of what is visible to me then you would literally cut off your fingers and cut out your tongue, so that never again would you be a threat to any other or yourself. What you DO to others always does come BACK to you Sir.

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I can but add that any ongoing persecution or demands made upon Clemencia clearly shows God, man and myself that the ATO officials believe that they are 'as' God in their own right. I state that they are treasonable anarchists for operating outside of the guidelines of their own institutional constitution and in contempt of God's command unto man.

You have one saving 'grace' Eddie, being your inner Light (God's love) which I can see and you also do have a 'brilliant' intellect. Please now use IT and save your soul while you DO have the opportunity of setting the record straight and honourably setting a positive and decent precedent.

A precedent whereby THE PEACEFUL as guaranteed by your Constitution can live by their own conscience and NOT have money extorted from their pockets or be coerced into funding the ideology of control and WAR.

Eddie, nothing less than an unequivocal "Yes" to the below points is required of you and by you on behalf of the Taxation office, by God:

1 - I do believe that Mrs. Clemencia Barnes is entirely within 'our' Constitutional 'Freedom of Religion' Rights to NOT fund our 'punitive' organisation.

2 - I do believe that irrespective of the beliefs of the ATO that Mrs. Clemencia Barnes is entitled to live as an absolute pacifist as her conscience so dictates and to live her 'God-given' belief by never bringing any others to 'loss or grief' nor to 'bow' to the dictates of anyone making any demands of her which are not in accordance with God's requirements of her. This is the truth of her belief.

3 - I do believe that it was gross error and an injustice for me (E. Storace) to deliver a summons to her door requiring her to 'give cause' in a Tasmania Court as to why she should not be further persecuted or punished or directed by a magistrate on the account of the Australian Taxation Office.

4 - I apologise to you Clemencia for my 'action' against you and withdraw my complaint from the Court and I will advise the ATO to repay you the funds taken 'forcefully' from your bank account with the CBA of Launceston and I will recommend that they pay you equitable compensation in respect of all the mental and emotional trauma you have suffered over the years due to their illegal persecution of you.

I hope that you can do this for God and your own soul Eddie, as you begin to help God and me in elevating the consciousness of all and thus uplift humanity and at the same time regaining your HONOUR.

Eddie, you know that for sixteen years now Clemencia has struggled to 'rebuff' the 'advances of what by her is perceived as being EVIL operating through the minds and souls of others who similarly with your beliefs are people of NO 'scruples' who believe in their right to force her into denying her conscience and her God's Command of "Love one another."

"For Christ's sake give her a break man" and BE a real MAN.


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Eddie, it is because there are those as you ‘happy’ to simply IGNORE the Constitutional Authority that I have written a letter to the Governor-general advising him that anarchy and treason exists, and I can but hope that he now does his ‘job’ and brings all treasonable anarchists back into alignment. I will attach my letter to him for your interest as well as for the interest of your co-workers.

Indeed Sir, the activities of your taxation officials and yourself are the acts of TRAITORS deserving of the most severe PUNISHMENT by the CROWN which is the ruling authority. I leave that 'aspect' to God to implement via His Law when He so decides but on this 'earthly' level I can only proceed via the earthly authority empowered to defend the Constitution, - - -

I am not seeking your 'punishment' for treasonable activity, but simply to have you educated because you need to halt the ACTIVITY of CAUSING HARM, (Mental & emotional trauma and material loss) because the 'tiger on your tail' and the weight of the 'Sword of Damocles' hanging over your head is already more than anyone would wish to 'bear.'

"What goes round comes around," it is just a 'matter of time' Bro. (Absolute Justice in action) 

Soon, everyone will lose all and weep. They will weep for what they had but knew it NOT. The 'love' is the TREASURE, not the wealth of stolen goods or money or feelings of POWER.

Bro, even as you take up the cudgel for the criminal INTENT of causing our sister Clemencia HARM, I do my best to enlighten you so that ahead, she can see you as a 'white' knight, a man of 'charm.'

Amend your ways brother before our God's WRATH you see.

Eddie, you tell me that you can no longer communicate with me in reference to Clemencia because in your opinion I am not 'qualified' to give her responsible counsel. I need to say to you that unbeknown to you, every activity of man's daily interaction with another has a SPIRITUAL consequence. I AM THE ONE who is qualified above all others as to THAT aspect.

People today including yourself believe that 'business is business' and that all done in the name of 'business' or a 'wage' or a 'mandate' to some institution of man can void or avoid the karmic return consequence of THE LAW OF GOD with His 'eye for an eye' absolutely just and equitable 'response.' I AM THE ONE to state that that belief is gross error leading all 'offenders' to eternal terror.

I was 'approached' by Mrs. Barnes some 20 years ago after she had read my Testament of Truth book to humanity and she invited me to be interviewed and videoed by a panel and I suggest that you view IT. It is called 'The last hour' and within IT you will see and hear her say: "I believe what Terence does say."

Why do I tell you and your 'Masters' this? Because it is proof to you and them that she has amended her ways* as commanded by God via His (my) holy book and thus cannot any longer 'subject herself' to your authority in bowing to your demands. Equally she can no longer be complicit to/with the intimidation of or enslavement of or punishment of or extortion of funds from OTHERS in the community as is being done by ATO officials and enforced by YOU.

Note: amended her ways* - Proof of her now absolute pacifist ideology, belief, conscience, religion wherein she cannot now fund nor support a contra punitive IDEOLOGY.

It is her divine RIGHT to NOT have anything to do with your 'office' and if you cannot accept THAT fact then it is simply the 'way' it IS.

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Mrs. Barnes relies 'heavily' on ME to advise her of THE CORRECT responses she needs to give to YOU and anyone seeking to either control her, dominate her, subjugate her, enslave her, cause her mental or emotional harm, punish her, or to STEAL money or goods from her. This I do and I can but trust and hope that you look a little deeper at my 'words' written for her and you and THE court magistrates BENEFIT.

What you need to see as do all the ATO officials is that they all condone raising a 'mace' against anyone defiant of their decrees. Lady Clemencia is being used by God to educate them to THE FACT that all seeking Salvation and a 'reprieve' from 'suffering' must now obey God's DECREE 'Command unto man' or die in their 'sin.'

The below 'God states' appears on page two of my web site below the main Index of contents. Any failing to obey will definitely now consign their own soul to the Abyss for their arrogance and continued defiance of God.

God states:

I DEMAND - absolute honesty
I DEMAND - absolute respect of ME
I DEMAND – absolute loyalty to ME
I DEMAND – absolute commitment to MY children
I DEMAND - total commitment to the message herein

Those who for any reason cannot so do and are turned away from ME by their own 'conscience'  choose to so do and, by their own 'volition' have the right to so do and, the consequence of their 'infidelity' to ME their invisible God they cannot see will take its natural 'course' and divorce them of their sanity for eternity.

"Who is" and "what is" My Judge? My Judge is Terence, and he is the one who 'Judges' the conduct demanded by Me for any seeking to be released from bondage to suffering so that they can rise up into the Promised Land, Heaven.

His task is now completed as he has laid My truth at the feet of the world and every seeker can examine IT and be their own 'judge' since they should be able to see if their conduct and interaction with others is or is not in accordance with MY "Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness" Command.

If your conduct is not as commanded by Me your God, then it is your own choice to continue to defy Me your God and suffer the eternal consequence or, you have a brief moment in time to stop being ignorant swine as you halt your aggressive, punitive and destructive interaction with others as you turn and face Me and lay down your mace. 

Eddie, everyone 'hides' behind the named 'department,' but all must now become aware of their personal responsibility and this is why I asked you 'Who' gave you the instruction to persecute. As it was the deputy tax commissioner, then both he and you are presently in the 'firing line' of God's retributive forces as are those who did the same things in the past.

Eddie, the very first paragraph of my 3000 page message to humanity states  - - -

As the whole world now accelerates towards its final state of mass confrontation, destruction and absolute truth, it is I the returned 'Prince of peace' who sends out God's final message for all to read, 'see & hear' before they personally become embroiled in the never ending fight for what they falsely believe is their RIGHT.

Why do I so state? Because mankind can 'forever' fight for their perceived RIGHT seeing NOT that 'as' they so do, they draw IN TO THEIR SOULS more and more DARK energy which drags their soul further DOWN and AWAY from the Light and forever they continue to suffer as they fight until their soul falls into the FIRE.

I am on earth to see if I can 'retrieve' even ONE from a truly terrifying FATE

Sincerely - Terence

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Note -1 - A few words to you from my lady 'Gillian' in respect of uplifting ones consciousness.

Dear Eddie, I believe that you are a man of conscience and wishing to do the right thing - I hope your conscience is sufficiently present to be able to want to understand the aspect spoken of above because, only when ones INTEREST is sufficiently aroused does one apply one's MIND to the task at hand of learning the chosen subject - this applies to anything one wishes to accomplish.

UNTIL WE UNDERSTAND the spiritual aspect from which all things flow - we cannot move forward in a positive manner to uplift ourselves or anybody else.

You need to equip yourself with the new understanding - that all are born from the "CREATOR that exists" - All Wisdom, power, knowledge - eternal and everywhere present - from that you LIVE, move, have your being - IT is totally Just - A Law unto itself - what you put out you get back - so it pays to be forgiving - go your way in peace and educate rather than berate or regulate.

The Energy of God (God) is present and is in charge AT ALL TIMES - Through ITS subjects (children) NOTHING done IS HIDDEN from IT.

STAND APART from like minded others who are unkind albeit justifiably in their mind - the notion of strength in numbers does not apply here - trust the God-given process - "I WILL TO DO THY WILL" - Once you understand this and 'why' the "peace not the sword" - you are clear to neutralise your refusal to "Let right action to flow through" - Apply your mind to this subject and knowledge with understanding, by reading all that has been revealed to assist you and all to a happier place - Gillian.

Note - 2 - Please read my article: ~ A Treatise on Truth & the evolution of evil men


~ Previous email of 23 June 2014 ~

Dear Eddie, so nice to have a 'sane' person on the end of the phone. I did phone Clemencia who will sleep better tonight and I will be with her on Wednesday to pass on your remarks ref 'compliance' which I will discuss with her and advise her. BE advised that she as I believe that GOD has a requirement and a 100% adherence pass mark. Our belief cannot be 'compromised' by threat or coercion.

Firstly, her personal web site contribution to mankind is: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/clem/index.htm

Please read the two attachments being my 'response to the magistrate's judgement fist, and then my 'ANSWER' being letter 2 - It is the answer that does in fact END my quest for the truth as to 'why' God does not 'appear' to 'permit' the peaceful like myself and 'Clem' to NOT be left in peace and to be continually harassed & persecuted even when obeying God's COMMAND.

Other than that, my on line 'testing the freedom religion' of 'conscience, ideology, belief' having her 'case' letters and my police ones is here on the below link, her 'section' is the lower spot on page 3. - AT http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/religion.htm

You will find various letters thereon written to various persons in her defence and maybe within them you will find the 'answer' as to WHY in her opinion/belief she does not have to obey the command of any other and bow to their demand that SHE fill out a 'return' of her income to THEM.

I am trying to get all 'enforcers' to SEE that their IMPOSITIONS and 'taxing' demands are in fact leading them into the Abyss.

Clem and I as many ARE 'happy' to fund any benign community effort and to freely GIVE of our time or spare funds to those perceived by us as being 'needy.'

I am tying to get everyone to SEE that funding a controlling, dictatorial, punitive & destructive system which operates IN CONTRAVENTION OF God's Command is error leading to terror.

All being DONE punitively in the name of the taxpayer/voter and on their behalf invokes COMPLICITY and accrues a spiritual debt to God within His:

 "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you" LAW - SO WE BELIEVE AND HAVE A RIGHT TO SO BELIEVE.

Indeed, even within the Constitution of Australia

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

For your interest, the above TAS 'act' does in FACT apply to every state in Australia. IF your 'office' believes in ITS right to impose ITS rules of engagement then IT is in breach of the <  imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and > of the Constitution.

Please NOTE, we only refer to the Constitution to assist your officials, for we do not believe that we are bound by IT as we are not 'contributors' to your 'system' in the first instance. Thus we DO OBEY GOD and we do NOT give in to the demands of ARMED MEN seeking to STEAL from our purses. Albeit they believe in the JUSTIFICATION that everyone must obey them or suffer. We are 'happy' to suffer IF God does IT so impose via their minds.

Eddie, maybe there is enough in this email and the other documents you will find on line to get you to agree with our defence. I will get in touch again in 10 days or so and see what your mind states.

Thank you for your time today

Sincerely - Terence

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