Letter - 2 of 5 - to Eddie Storace Australian Taxation office prosecutor

From: Terence
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2014 3:52 PM
To: Eddie Storace
Subject: Constitution & Clemencia Case


Open letter to Mr. Eddie Storace & Australian Taxation management
~ Comprehension of the Constitutional Freedom of religion texts ~
Mankind's 'belief'

Dear Eddie, further to my letter to you on 28th June, complaint No: 1490710 which reports a failure to submit an income return 1996 to 2010. At the Court 'hearing' on 12th August last week Clemencia and I were surprised to hear that magistrate Simon Brown had 'set' the next hearing for 12th January 2015, being some five months away! I always believe that 'somewhere' our God is behind the scenes especially when the education of His children is at 'stake.'

During our phone discussion you again stated to me that: I had no proper comprehension of the textual meaning of the Constitutional 'Freedom of religion' Acts and later, this belief of yours around the issue of my apparent ignorance kept revolving in my mind until I suddenly realised that; - - - unless or until I could satisfy you, there would be no satisfying the ATO or anyone else.

I have thus elevated my pen again and enclose below my FULL 'comprehension' and revelation around said Immunity from persecution guaranteed to 'some' by the State, namely, those who do NOT 'disturb the peace of the land.' It is on line at: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/constitution.htm

Further to that, some 7-10 years ago a monetary debt collection agency 'Baycorp' was employed by the ATO to collect supposed 'dues' from Clemencia, and they wrote her a threatening and coercive letter of demand.

I responded to them with two responses for and on behalf of Clemencia namely Baycorp1.pdf & Baycorp2.pdf which I attach above for your perusal and give their on line links at the end of the below 'Constitutional' document.

What was the result of my replies to Baycorp? I did receive a letter from them stating that they had withdrawn all their demands and Clemencia has heard no more.

Why did they step back? No doubt they saw TRUTH and decided to back off.
Why do I now send this to you and a copy to the ATO team?

I do believe that 'somewhere' within your psyche and early 'life' training or parental programming in respect of Christ and God and Christian principles there will be a 'revival' and IF you are a responsible person to self and others, you will read and reread the below and the attached Baycorp documents and suddenly realise that I am a little 'wiser' than you give me credit to being.

 Eddie, ones 'religion' in the minds of many is the named religious order or 'club' or sect such as Islam or Christian etc. Having institutional text book contents professed by the 'flocks' as being their ideological belief. That is all 'rubbish' because the spiritual TRUTH of the matter is, that ones daily benign or malignant activity is not only ones code of conduct POLICY, but it is also PROOF of ones religious IDEOLOGY. (War or Peace - merciless or merciful - cruel or kind - unforgiving or forgiving)

Eddie, absolute pacifists cannot fund any 'nature' of war machine or the causing of suffering. Since your 'office' is factually waging a war of threat, coercion, intimidation and punishment against Clemencia for any non conformity to your demands, it would be 'madness' for her to fund its 'coffers.'

I trust that you will also SEE that Clemencia is in FACT legally entitled, due to her 'Christian' belief, to NOT fund the warring institution you serve. Once you do realise this fact then you will be able to convince the ATO management to write a letter of apology to her withdrawing the COMPLAINT and you can also advise the cddp staff of this decision so that they can also step back from the fatal 'trap' or snare they are about to step into.

It will also assist the magistrate by alerting him to a better way forwards in respect of the treatment of real offenders in their education rather than punishment which is what my 20 years 'service' to the global community and the police force has been all about.

Eddie, it is YOU 'son' now standing before God who is waiting to see 'which way' you go - UP or DOWN.

I wish you well - Terence

 Baycorp-1 is at http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/baycorp1.pdf
 Baycorp-2 is at http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/baycorp2.pdf


~ The Sovereign Authority of the Constitution of the land ~
God the absolute Sovereign Power

Educational document

Page - 1 - - Introduction
Page - 4 - - Loyalty & Honour
Page - 6 - - Clemencia's 'leap of faith'
Page - 7 - - Law & Order
Page - 8 - Criminality & the Constitution
Page - 10 - God the KING returns
Page - 11 - - The song of love

In Heaven, (Paradise) there are NO existing 'rules' nor the use of 'force of arms' existing because everyone therein lives within the peaceful, loving, kind and compassionate precepts of God's Command unto man: "Love one another," and so it is done.

It is thus that within God's singular Law, being the 'eye for an eye' or 'absolute justice of EQUAL RETURN for every activity,' everyone in the pure Light is receiving a peaceful, loving, kind and compassionate response and, - - - everyone is joyous and happily living in harmony with each other and there is absolute freedom.

In every realm outside of Heaven, the absolute Sovereign Power God the Father, 'empowers' certain mortals to rule others using force of arms. (Emperors, Dictators, Kings, Queens, politicians and Chiefs) This 'rule' imposed by God via the minds of the arrogant and ignorant extends to every realm of consciousness existing outside of the pure Light of Heaven.

The Sovereign Power God invoked the RULING Constitution of said lower lands with His 'inspiration' via the minds of earthly sovereign powers. These earthly personages being the vain, proud, greedy and arrogant all live in defiance of God's 'Love one another' Command and they use the 'forbidden to use' forceful power of God to interfere, control, subjugate, extort, coerce, impose retributive justice, punish and kill any opposition to their demands.

As all can now see, these earthly Rulers imposing their demands are also liars and cheats who steal using texts in books of 'edicts.' Their conscience and beliefs are of a merciless, dispassionate, cruel and unforgiving way and are an uncompromising religious ideological doctrine in opposition to the peaceful, merciful and forgiving ways of the absolute pacifists such as myself and 'Clemencia' as spoken of herein.

It follows that within every 'land' or realm outside of Heaven there are two 'opposing' BELIEFS in existence. One of War and punishment and the other of PEACE and education.

It is due to this FACT that the 'Freedom of Religion' clause was placed within the Constitution by God's inspiration to enable the truly peaceful to NOT be subjected to ANY later rules or edicts and therefore are NOT to be interfered with or controlled or persecuted for living in OBEDIENCE to God's COMMAND.

The earthly sovereign powers were inspired by God via their Constitutional document to FORBID their officials from:

Interfering in the lives of the peaceful who never disturb the peace of the land and are of moral disposition and, - - - the earthly sovereign powers also promised citizens via their Constitution document to protect the peaceful and, - - - granted them immunity from persecution or punishment because they are living peacefully by their conscience, faith, belief and religious ideological code of conduct of absolute pacifism.

Why is this so? Because the peaceful are those who do NOT use force of arms (the sword) by deed or word in their interaction with others, neither do they fund the wages of 'warmongers' to go forth in their name and on their behalf to protect them and cause harm to others in the process.

This factually means that God stipulated unto His 'infidel' earthly servants that absolute pacifists were by Him set free to ignore in totality ANY 'order, decree, rule or law of man' EDICT. So sayeth our God via my pen.

page 2

Absolute PACIFISTS are NOT of the same ILK or BELIEF or 'fellowship' as the all others, being the masses of the population being controlled and subjected to all the 'later' political dictated rules of the secondary subordinate 'acts' permitted by the Sovereign Constitutional authority.

Rules are imposed forcefully upon the all others people because they are funding said imposition upon others in their community and, - - - failure reference 'compliance' leads to punishment.

The earthly sovereign powers are also inspired by God to RULE these all others * with a very stern FIST. These are the masses who are yet ALL disobedient to Him as they daily defy His "Love & peace & mercy & forgiveness" Command. He, God, using HIS 'rules,' keeps all these recalcitrant offenders 'bound' with greater suffering, loss, extortion, impoverishment and punishment within His ONE Law.

Note: all others * - Being those of every race or creed who support and fund the use of force of arms for protection or invasion or retributive Justice or by the causing of harm or punishment. These are all who condone and support God's earthly rulers who keep man in bondage to HIM THE DARK Sovereign Power.

The following paragraphs appear within the CONSTITUTIONS of 'lands' ruled by the British, for the readers interest:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116


"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and


Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.


Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, - - - on account of his religion or religious belief.

Persons such as Clemencia and myself are 'testing' the today 'powers' of the Freedom of Religion clauses above from Tasmania on line texts:

Since we are absolute pacifists it is obvious that the 'Systems enforcers' are 'out of order' since they continue to try and coerce us into being obedient to their contra ways by funding their punitive system of BELIEF.

In fact as they are so persistent in causing harm using the back-up of the rulings via the magistrates, it is obvious that these persons are ALL anarchists who are defiant of their own given mandated authority. All are guilty of TREASON, but they BELIEVE that because they 'wield' THE POWER, that they are above or equal to the Sovereign Power, God. Woe indeed for these arrogant people who do NOT see their error or fail to see that their God sees ALL and is ALMIGHTY.

The greatest 'danger' for these individuals remains unseen to them but is now exposed by me. That danger consists of the fact that; - - - every forceful or punitive ACTIVITY they carry out which causes harm or mental or emotional trauma to another or disadvantages them in any way results in them drawing some Dark energy INTO their own soul.

It is this invisible insidious DARK energy that grows within their soul and stains their spirit. (Sin) Its cold, heavy and course vibration is what draws them down and away from THE LIGHT and into the darkness when they depart this realm.

Users of God's malignant, negative DARK energy become more 'dark' within and they become more cruel and merciless over eternal TIME.
Users of God's benign, positive LIGHT energy become more 'bright' within and they become more loving and compassionate over eternal TIME.

The armed forces of man are like 'babies,' for they need to be fed and housed and clothed for free endlessly, and they need to be 'armed' with weaponry. The ships and planes and tanks machinery used for their transport costs millions. There is the ever ongoing expense to the taxpayer. As you can see, an 'army' is a waste of money force needing everything to be supplied by their supporters because they do NOTHING to support themselves but, - - - all they do unto others as they control, interfere, subjugate, detonate, destroy and cause untold misery DOES come back upon the heads of everyone funding this iniquity.

page 3

State officials, generally the prosecutors and magistrates and their legal 'advisors' have become so used to THE POWER they hold over others that they have forgotten the MANDATE granted unto them by the INVISIBLE Sovereign overlord and so they abuse their positions. None seeing nor realising the most terrible consequences for these treasonable ACTIVITIES.

Police 'informants, prosecutors and magistrates' are UNETHICAL when they IGNORE the Constitutional Powers of this land by utilising 'later' legislation to overrule the RIGHTS of THE peaceful.

Indeed it is the rights of the peaceful which state officials are  PAID to uphold. Woe indeed the sorrow to now be imposed forcefully upon those in positions of authority by VERY DARK FORCES operating clandestinely from invisible realms below. None realise that their overpowering thoughts intrude and appear in the minds of EVERYONE who is ignorant of their existence and of their telepathic capacity.

I can state quite categorically that all the fines, punishment and restrictions imposed upon Clemencia as well as jail time imposed upon myself over the years has been ILLEGAL activity by magistrates and enforcers who are IGNORANT of their OWN Constitutional Authority. Thus they are all Treasonable in the eyes of their own institution as well as being treasonable in the eyes of God.

It needs to be clearly understood by the global 'constabulary' and the political 'head's and magistrates that it is ONLY they who are BOUND by the Constitutional 'Freedom of Religion' ACTS of their organisation. It is thus that it is they who must relinquish all CONTROL over the absolute pacifists who on earth do stroll as God's Ambassadors, being people solely here to try and uplift THE consciousness of mankind.

Why is this so? Because absolute pacifists do OBEY God at all times and in all situations. Thus all the edicts and 'rules' imposed by God via arrogant man within the legislation of man do NOT APPLY to pacifists. It is thus that those such as me simply IGNORE the demands of 'armed men' which by MY conscience are seen to be in conflict with MY BELIEF.

The constabulary needs to do ITS 'job' of controlling SWINE and leave the peaceful to show ALL the ONLY way to the land divine.

The constabulary needs to see that when they control 'swine' for the purpose of punishing them, they are being defiant to God's Command because they are upholding the punitive dictates of politicians. It is the time now for EDUCATION because only through education do our serving 'peace' officers remain within the precepts of God's Command. Only this makes them 'safe' from accruing a MARK OF THE BEAST as ONE to by HIM be 'punitively corrected' within THE LAW of God. 

It is a 'sad' fact that every 'Overlord' offers armed protection as their coercive 'excuse' for enforcing the payment of taxes. There have always been power hungry men that were 'loud voiced' and belligerent, and they all used and still use force of arms to go forth and invade, seize, and attain lands for the sole purpose of 'aggrandisement and power and wealth.'

Once in 'control,' these men then subjugate the people into 'taxing' slavery, and to be able to so do, they need to be funded by people, and that means 'YOU.' Man must now learn to halt his 'adoration' of Kings, Queens, and other 'forceful' personages, for all are backed by weapons and paid mercenaries who do whatever they are told to. Political men and their armed forces know NOT of the power of their Creator to 'destroy' those continuing to be 'bad' seeds.

The REALITY is, - - - you can be doing all the 'good works' of feeding and housing the needy and counselling those suffering as God asks you to do, - - - BUT - - - if a part of your earned income is paid as taxes to an organisational body (government.org or other terrorist.org) which uses armed forces to cause harm, dispossess people from their land or by smashing their homes, injuring or killing them, then IT IS YOU that ahead to suffer the same loss, agony or dread because that is within God's LAW of EQUAL RETURN for your COMPLICITY in the suffering of others.

It is now the time to 'repel' all political 'taxing' advances by simply NOT 'bowing' to their rule, rules or rulings. All each of us is required to do is simply to get on with your life as God Commands, - - - this means Peacefully by you only supporting the benign community service provision and via community effort, directly. Do NOT fund any 'enforcement' or punishment or war effort.

If you are 'fearful' of repercussions and 'join' the warlords, then you become an eternal 'possession' of the State of Darkness. (Hell)
Try and be strong and never give in to threat or coercion even if you are to be crucified or beheaded.

page 4

~ Loyalty & Honour - Respect & Obedience to God ~
What is the 'end' finding of my pen?

I have written much over the last fifteen years to awaken the minds of those empowered by systems of men but so far to no avail.  In the current system all can observe both the criminality and corruption that exists from police officers at the bottom of the ladder to the highest magistrate. All  are dispassionate, merciless, cruel and uncompromising. This is due not only to their arrogance and vanity but more importantly, because of their inner SIN which blinds them to REALITY.

Not one of the 'important' people to whom I have written over fifteen years is capable of the courtesy of a reply to my outreach. Not one is of those written to is living or operating within the bounds of THE authority which is granted to them by the Sovereign Authority of their own institution namely THE CONSTITUTION.

This must surely result in all of them having, over time, become anarchists.  As a consequence treason flourishes within the system and it is this which results in all being living SWINE because they have become controlled by the very Devil himself. 

There is not one person who is loyal to the calling of his/her office and as a consequence all are taking a FALSE wage. Not ONE deserves the badge of honour attached to their office because all are dishonourable liars who use threat, coercion and intimidation, backed by endless new edicts/rules of political decree enacted to impose more and more punitive fines and other punishment upon the people.

All make use of 'political decrees' which are known to be subordinate to the mandate granted unto them in respect of THE PEACEFUL who are NOT a 'party' to their invasive, punitive, controlling and destructive ways. All defy their God who via my pen states that HE is to consign every last one of THEM into the eternal FIRE unless there is ONE found by me, one whom my TRUTH can see.

So what can I say to you the simple PEOPLE of the land who need to understand that they must turn their backs to the threats and demands of taxing agencies? These agencies have been backed by endless politically 'enacted' Rules which support them in seeking to steal your money when in truth, a huge amount of their 'take' is used so that those in power can wage WAR upon others.  That is the truth and to this reality I say this to you:

Even though the supposed earthly sovereign authority (The Queen or Commonwealth) promises PROTECTION and immunity from persecution, you need to understand that there is a Sovereign to be feared much more than any government. That Sovereign is God and it is He who requires you to obey His Command which means that you are required to never disturb the peace of ANYONE. (Personally or via other armed forces)

I can state truthfully that any texts in the Constitution or other statutes 'demanding' that you 'vote' or serve an earthly ruler are nothing but LIES since it is GOD who is the Sovereign Ruler and HE alone will Judge you.

So, there is no use in you utilizing the 'political' rules in any court of man as a 'defence' because every judge or magistrate is now programmed to believe that their BELIEF in the Judiciary process of absolute control over your belief overrules your absolute belief IN GOD. Your belief being that you OBEY God's Command and remain steadfast in being peaceful and never funding punitive organisations.

Sadly because their 'religious belief' in their system is backed by force of arms and, since all of them are in cahoots with the head of their extortionist regime, there is nothing the people can do except to remain peaceful and forgiving of any 'jail' punishment imposed forcefully.

Understand  that as a consequence of their total control of the population, they will ignore your pleas to have the 'right' under the Constitution to your freedom of religion, they will simply impose their punishment by utilizing their ILLEGAL secondary texts book of 'rules' rather than upon the Constitution which clearly states that "Freedom of Religion" is guaranteed

page 5

I can say to you and you, being those of you seeking to go your way in Peace for your belief in the concept that you must never harm another, and therefore must always turn the other cheek as commanded by God is that: You must never grease the palms of armed extortionists and the warmongers causing harm to others just because they pose as 'legitimate.' SO, - - -

NEVER pay any fine. Remember, paying a fine is simply the ACT of paying a 'ransom' to an extortionist operation even when that operation is the government. If you pay the fine it means that you are funding the 'system's operation of extorting money from others and thereby causing them harm. If you did pay a fine, then this complicity results in more suffering being placed upon your head by God because, within His Law you RECEIVE what you or your servants IMPOSE upon others.

If others arrest and detain you and jail you, try to remember that such a detainment is the imposition of God's One Law of, "As you Do will by God be done unto you - or - As you sow so shall you reap -  in action. All that is required of you is that you simply suffer it at the hands of the living swine knowing that God's Justice is Absolute. Those imposing suffering will ahead also be FORCED to suffer the same because that is within God's absolute "eye for an eye" Law.

There is a criminal conspiracy between state officials that consists of them defying their own Constitution as they simply 'go ahead' and extort money and cause 'terror' and mental and emotional trauma through threat, intimidation and coercion. In FACT I have found no magistrate who believes in the Right of the individual to live according to their own 'conscience.'

Why is this so? Because magistrates take a wage to uphold rules and they cannot use their own conscience, they try and force you to live and support their punitive ideology. It follows that in doing their Duty to the Devil, they have NO 'God' in their heart because, in truth, the decrees of politicians (rules) have become the 'god' whom they worship in return for receiving a wage.

IF you would BE 'safe and saved' then you MUST adhere to the Wisdom within the 'One true faith' Testament of Truth and OBEY the 'Love one another' Command of God at all times and in all situations.

Never support or condone or fund the causing of harm to others because THE REALITY is, that our God loves all His children EXCEPT the ones who defy Him and cause HARM. These He treats with merciless cruelty and for such as these, an eternal destiny of suffering becomes their future. Please now 'bow' to His Command and NEVER cause harm.

It is important to understand that OUTSIDE the pure Light of Heaven the RULER is God the Father. All living outside of heaven believe in their RIGHT to rule the 'weak' by using force of arms. They invoke decrees named 'the laws of the land' and force everyone to OBEY or suffer the consequence.

As these 'rules' are imposed upon everyone it follows that everyone is a 'slave' bonded to said rules. The rules are in fact the 'overlord' Master. The fact that some of these rules are agreed to by majority vote does not mean that any democracy or liberty exists. Why? Because every 'rule' starts as an IDEA which enters the minds of those empowered to elevate new rules, and said ideas ALL arise from the MIND of our God who IS THE ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY and, - - - as one is being controlled by rules it follows that none are FREE.

As God has but ONE Law, (As you do is done unto you - be it loving and creative or controlling and destructive) it follows that everyone existing outside the pure Light is using rules (laws) to interfere, control, subjugate, punish, extort money, invade or kill OTHERS, and thus ALL are revolving within the PUNITIVE aspect of God's Law and God keeps adding MORE and MORE rules permitting MORE and MORE INTERFERENCE, CONTROL, SUBJUGATION and PUNISHMENT upon everyone for supporting and funding THAT Dark ideology.

I can but TRUST that there is 'someone' who has insight, honesty and integrity, someone who is concerned with the plight and welfare of God's little children, those who are loving and kind and who will help me to EDUCATE those empowered 'fools' to see their error before they all dissolve into liquid TERROR.

page 6

~ Clemencia's 'leap of faith' ~

This article is to share with the reader the story how a lady named 'Clemencia' found the 'story' of  my Testament of Truth and how her act of faith in trying to live all that this Testament contained changed her life - - -

Why she needed to change her 'life' and in what way is answered herein and it will assist the reader on their spiritual quest to eternal freedom.

Clemencia, like all readers reading this document, was indoctrinated with the false belief that individuals were required to vote for whatever political 'head of house' was nominated. This belief led to her accepting that she was prepared to live under political dictates, being the terms and conditions imposed by political decree since this belief was taught to everyone.

In reality this was the way governments seduced people into accepting all the enforced  dictates, statutes, and endless laws since they had all forgotten that God, not man, was the true guide and master.  

Clemencia as everyone was also led to believe that it was her duty to fund this imposition of control, interference, regulation and punishment upon herself and upon  others in the community by said 'leader' or his system of government.

Some 20 years ago whilst visiting a shop in Launceston she was given a book named The Testament of Truth. This was was my message to humanity from the Source, God, a message which I received telepathically and then recorded faithfully by my pen for everyone to read.

Having read this Testament Clemencia realised the error of having man rather than God as 'head' of house and consequently she decided to host a 45 minute interview between a Catholic priest, a barrister, a Muslim lady and myself to see what others got out of my writings and how they felt concerning the content.

She was very concerned about the aspect of 'Rendering unto Caesar that which is' as was written in the existing biblical texts because she could see that Caesar's demands, controls and warlike ways were in complete contravention of God's Command of "Love one another."

My advice to her was to remove herself from the protection promised to man by the government system for which she was required to accept all that they said and did. This went against all she believed from what was written in the Testament of Truth. Having accepted that Truth meant that she was clear that she could not be part of the government system since she would rely solely on God.

The reason she took this stance was due to the fact that protection by 'State' meant that to protect her, the State enforcers were required to cause harm to others, even to kill them on her behalf and in her name. Had she continued to follow the dictates of the government she would, like all, be complicit to all the harm they caused in her name because she would be condoning, supporting and funding all their actions.

1 -  I advised Clemencia that; her spiritual 'road' or journey was also affected by the actions of her SERVANTS because they caused harm to others on her behalf and consequently their actions were also a contravention of God's Command, therefore all injury imposed by them in her name accrued a 'complicity' DUE of suffering upon her own head resulting in:

Returning a painful imposition to her ahead.

2 -  I advised Clemencia that; she needed to only fund, condone and support benign community effort and advisory and educative programs.

3 -  I advised Clemencia that; all operational licence 'fees' imposed by Council or State were simply a Ransom tax and payment of these meant that one was supporting the control over, and interference in, the lives of others as well as endorsing the monetary penalties extortion imposed upon other people.

4 -  I advised Clemencia that; she was to only live by her own conscience which meant that she must obey God's Command to the best of her own ability and conscience.

5 -  I advised Clemencia that; in looking to God for guidance she was not 'bound' in any way to the governing Constitution nor to any rules or conduct codes raised up by other mortal men. God and God alone was to be her only guide.

6 -  I advised Clemencia that; the officials of government were 'bound' to honour the 'Freedom of religion' acts of the Constitution. I also advised her that since most officials were 'anarchists,' arrogant and unreasonable, that they would probably ignore their duty in regard to their mandate of authority and, as a consequence, they would persecute her treasonably but that she was to simply rebuff their advances kindly as 'we' tried to educate them as to their own error.

7 -  I advised Clemencia that; she must simply maintain a peaceful stance at all times and try and do her best to not give in to threat or coercion. This she has been doing even though she is often filled with terror at their ongoing threats and coercive 'advances.'

8 -  I advised Clemencia that; to remain FAITHFUL and loyal to God's Command she must be constantly aware how the 'system' was waging war as such upon all community members as well as on the incoming 'boat people' who were simply the homeless seeking refuge in home 'territory' and that she must always welcome everyone to share her land.

9 -  I advised Clemencia that; irrespective of what people state by mouth in reference to their religion and its ways, that in fact every voter and taxpayer is seen by God to be a FAITHLESS infidel and NON-believer who is trespassing outside of God's LIGHT and that all were GUILTY in His eyes of Treason for one reason or another and that all were as yet ON the wide road to Hell.

10 - I advised Clemencia that; for any person on this earth to become 'safe or saved' they would have to follow her 'lead' and make the same 'leap of faith' as they showed their God that their ACTIVITY DEEDS were equal to those now taken by her as her new 'Vows' to God were that she would ONLY obey Him (God) and remain peaceful, loving, merciful, compassionate, caring, kind and forgiving to all even unto her death.

11 -  I advised Clemencia that; her spiritual destination was solely or entirely dependent upon her PERSONAL relationship to the energy of God she used in her interaction with others. Her choice and indeed the choice of all is to decide whether to be: “The Benign Light or “The Malignant Dark” in action. I told her that the use of ANY of the Dark (sin) during her interaction with others resulted in IT:

A - Staining and growing in her soul. B - Returning to her a painful imposition ahead.

12 -  I advised Clemencia that; living in peace and only supporting benign community effort led to happiness and to the land of paradise and plenty. I told her that the 'problem' with funding warring tribes was that as their actions led to desolation, suffering and destruction, it paved the way for that same return upon her own head later if she funded 'Caesar.' (Government)

13 -  I advised Clemencia that; it was not possible to serve two Masters and be FAITHFUL to both when their ideologies were in opposition. Thus it was imperative for her to turn her back to warmongering politicians since their 'advocacy' was interference, control, punishment and war. She was now to ONLY now face her God and bow to His "Love one another and always forgive" Command and go her way in PEACE.

14 -  I advised Clemencia that; the reason our God had sent her soul to earth was to assist God and me in the elevation of the consciousness of mankind because, - - - people of all races and creeds who presently believe that they are 'safe or saved' are NOT. They are all walking in the dark and into grave and terrifying danger.

I stated that each and every one of them would be required to follow her 'leap of faith' lead and thereby not only stop demanding 'retributive justice' against those that persecute or abuse them, but that they all had to stop funding iniquity and OBEY the Command of their God at all times and in all situations as HIS punitive forces mete out HIS 'divine RETRIBUTIVE justice' upon all those deserving of that within HIS immutable LAW.

Only those who 'turn the other cheek in non-retaliation' when abused would be set free by God.

Clemencia needed very little 'convincing' that my words were TRUTH however, - - - she like many is a fearful lass and as a consequence her new journey into the 'unknown' was to be and yet is a tremendous 'leap of faith' since she was required to place her trust that my Testament content is TRUE and that her God will see her loyalty and set her soul FREE of inner SIN (Dark emotional energy) so that her Salvation and return to the LIGHT would be assured.

Clemencia's 'leap of faith' activities commenced prior to the year 2000 AD. As of today, that being 28th August 2014, she is still being harassed and persecuted by the Australian Taxation Office as well as the local Tasmania police services because they simply refuse to believe in her right to Freedom of her Religion (ideology of peace) as granted unto her under LAW of the Australian Constitution and God.

I did and yet do guide her through her trials with the taxation officials who yet are still utilising the Court of man to try and coerce her into continuing to fund their ideological system instead of leaving her free to follow God's Command to live in peace and never harm another.

I have written many letters to the various  prosecution personnel and all these are on line at my "Freedom of religion" document:

Clemencia has again been 'called' to show cause as to 'why' she has failed to obey the Taxation authority demands and her case continues on at the Launceston Court on 12th Jan. 2015.

Note: - 1 - There is an audio mp3 track named 'The Last Hour' as well as a video recording of the 45 minute interview available.

Note: - 2 - Clemencia  has written a 'Treatise of Truth' document which is a link between the 'beliefs' of psychiatrists and the spiritual reality having causal mental health processes affecting the psyche of man.

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~ Law & Order ~

The use of RULES to impose punishment by man in order to maintain 'law and order' is ERROR because the punishment FACTOR is the imposition of suffering or monetary EXTORTION, a system therefore backed by force of arms.

True orderliness (peace) is ONLY attained through education as man is taught how to control his thoughts and emotions so that he remains within the precepts of God's 'Love one another' Command.

The 'laws of man' (Edicts enshrined as rules in text books) resulting in punishment are in FACT the imposition of punishment upon errant non-believers as God via the System imposes His 'eye for an eye' Law of merciless retribution through the hands and minds of the MERCILESS and ignorant enforcers who themselves are terrorists defying their God. (Prosecutors, magistrates and enforcers)

None can void or avoid the same imposition of suffering upon their own heads as that which each individual has imposed upon others heads. This is simply within the Law of God applied by God in this world or the next.

All taxpayers funding this iniquity are themselves complicit to terrorism imposed upon other members of their community and all I can state is:

"Please from now ON go your way in PEACE and stop funding the persecution of others."

Last but not least, all the Emperors, Dictators, Kings and Queens who via their own officials are in fact busily administering the punitive aspect of God's LAW as they control, subjugate and punish the unwise, - - - what of them? Are they 'above' the punitive 'Return' aspect of the 'eye for an eye' LAW of God? NO.

Their pride and vanity and arrogance (Sin) blinds them to THE FACT that it is their God keeping them on the 'wide road to hell' because they believe that they are 'as god,' (Above God's Law) and He the REAL God is in FACT their ENEMY.

Indeed, all they impose 'for' God upon the all others of any 'lost' race becomes their OWN spiritual dues ahead. Each of them with NO exception will fall into terror and travail and darkness for a time and a time. Woe indeed as all will soon see. If they or you cannot NOW amend your ways and OBEY the 'Love one another' Command of God, then for SURE it is HE to DESTROY your arrogant seed.

Note: The words 'Love one another' include others such as be; 'charitable, compassionate, merciful, kind, caring and forgiving.'

God the Father has ALL the POWER and all the GLORY for He is the ONE to mete out ABSOLUTE JUSTICE in fulfilling His ONE Law of:

"For every ACTION of man there is an equal and opposite reaction"

Our God is the duality of all known and unknown benign creative (POSITIVE) and malignant destructive (negative) ENERGY. Once created we live FOREVER 'somewhere' in spiritual realms either UP in the Light or DOWN in the DARK spaces, realms, worlds of consciousness.

It is VERY CLEAR to me in reference to the 'Freedom of Religion' clause of any Constitution that: IF it is proven that my belief, conscience and religious ideological code of conduct POLICY is different from that espoused by the SYSTEM of government which mandated to function in accordance with ITS Constitution, - - - then I AM FREE to go my way in PEACE and receive protection and immunity from persecution by the officials who uphold the Sovereign Authority of their Constitution.

It follows that it is not for me to prove my CONTRA belief or ideology to receive said immunity. It is for the 'establishment' to prove that my 'belief' is the SAME as theirs if they wish to persecute or prosecute and punish me.

The officials of Institutions of government espouse interference, punishment and WAR.
They espouse REVENGE in the words "Justice served."
They espouse "Attack and destroy" couched in the words "Security and protection."

I espouse PEACE and education, mercy, compassion and forgiveness as Commanded by God.

Let me make it very CLEAR, - - - Your physical SECURITY is entirely dependent upon the workings of your OWN mind. Remain in control of IT so that you NEVER disobey God. You only become 'insecure' and impoverished, disturbed and injured when you place yourself within the punitive aspect of God's LAW by causing others HARM.

If you leave your 'security' to other people (state officials) then you will SUFFER loss and dread and ongoing turmoil because these officials BELIEVE in causing OTHERS harm on your behalf and in your name if you are funding their ways, and this means that YOU deserve to suffer the same consequence as they imposed upon others. That is the ABSOLUTE JUSTICE of God's Law.

Let me make it VERY CLEAR, - - - anyone who is an administrator of God's retributive JUSTICE is 'on the wide road to hell' along with all those who support, condone or FUND these punitive accountability forces whether they are the 'armed or unarmed.'

This Decree by God via me extends to all 'religious' zealots being those persons who go forth in the name of 'a' religious organisation and cause harm as they terrorise others and smash their property and banish them to the 'desert' or kill them.

There are NO exclusions. Our God is now to 'banish' all warmongers to the dark Abyss for their continued defiance of HIM.

Note: Arming warrior troops for any reason leads to warfare, suffering, destruction or loss and is an act of terrorism. All use of 'force of arms' is military terrorism in action and all such people are defiant of God and on the wide road to the Abyss and eternal torment.

Any thought you entertain that keeps your mind revolving in the need to 'arm' yourself for the purpose or self-defence, safety or vengeful retribution or, any punitive activity perceived by yourself as 'legal' or otherwise, is the seductive CHARM of the DEVIL enticing you to be ITS retributive 'arm.'

Try and comprehend that ALL you DO unto others ensures that ahead, you will suffer the very SAME within God's LAW. All armed men need to be arrested, - - - hauled in - - -  and counselled as they attend a 'Feeling Easier' Seminar and learn of God's immutable Law.

All punitive measures or war is the Dark Sovereign Power (Dark energy essence of God) meting out ITS 'Scales of Justice' as IT balances ITS 'books.' Suffer ITS impositions upon yourself in NON-retaliation and become FREE from your past.

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~ Criminality and the Constitution ~
police and judicial interference and democracy

The 'guilt' of a person having committed a criminal offence or otherwise depends upon a number of factors.

Firstly, a person going about their business peacefully who has NOT disturbed the peace is entitled to NOT give a reply to ANY question asked of them by anyone, even when asked of them by police officers serving the Australian community or other. Why is this so?

1 - Because our God grants man the freedom to NOT be interfered with or controlled by others unless they have disturbed the peace of the land or are carrying out an immoral activity. In the event that they have disturbed the peace then anyone in the community is entitled to restrain them and have them corrected by educative counselling to return them to reason and sanity.

2 - The overriding Freedom of Religion clause of the Constitution also grants immunity from persecution and protection from punishment to anyone who has NOT disturbed the peace of the land and who is NOT involved in an immoral activity. (Causing harm or mental or emotional trauma, trafficking drugs that cause harm, deceiving others, inciting civil unrest, and the list goes on.)

Regrettably the police services officers, prosecutors, magistrates and other enforcers have ALL slipped into error as they use 'later' political decrees to sideline their authority mandate granted unto them by THE CONSTITUTION of their organisation. What is the result of this?

They (police services officers, prosecutors, magistrates and other enforcers) BELIEVE that everyone must OBEY their 'inquisitive' demands of inquisition, threat and coercion or suffer a punitive consequence even if they have NOT disturbed the peace. This is criminal activity and it is also TREASON and anarchy and is also an immoral activity causing harm and civil unrest. Albeit they see it NOT.

They also now BELIEVE that the BELIEF OF OTHERS is irrelevant simply because they carry weapons and thus they have over time become 'brazen' and arrogantly override the beliefs of others BECAUSE their 'Lords' being the magistrates back up their complaints and demands and impose punitive sentences.

None of these 'official' persons are aware that they are in FACT causing HARM to THE PEOPLE they are paid a wage to protect. Indeed a state of insanity exists because those politicians empowered by the 'vote' of THE PEOPLE and backed by guns have the 'satanic' BELIEF that if one votes them IN to a position of power, that they automatically OWN ones body, mind and SOUL. This is a proven fact because their ongoing edicts IMPLY and are in FACT stating:

"You elevated us to RULE you and, - - - you pay 'us' a wage to PROTECT you and, - - - it is thus that we believe and demand that you OBEY our every decree and if you do not, then we your 'servants' will punish you."

Due to the above it is quite CLEAR to me that there is NO democracy and NO liberty in Australia or anywhere, an autocratic dictatorship RULES everyone backed by force of arms.

I speak now on DEMOCRACY, being the RIGHT of the individual to CHOOSE their head of house and have them as being their 'custodian, guide and protector.'

I am a very clear minded man who has absolutely NO 'trust' in any other mortal as being my 'guide' because, - - - every person putting themselves UP as one to be 'selected' is a liar a thief and an ignorant or arrogant rascal who is defiant of THE CREATOR and bringing their voters to GRIEF due to their interfering, controlling, punitive and warring ways.

It is thus that the clear minded absolute pacifists such as myself have a democratic RIGHT as well as a God-given RIGHT to have their GOD as their 'head of house' and to live according to God's Command. We obey the 'peace & love & mercy & forgive' directive and never punish offensive persons. We ONLY assist them with education and care.

It is thus that 'we' pacifists cannot support, condone nor fund by tax or fee the opposing IDEOLOGY as indeed is our RIGHT.

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A very nasty 'state' of DICTATORSHIP exists in Tasmania where I live and 'globally' as magistrates and their enforcers use the punishment 'factor' as the means to extort money and cause impoverishment and trauma. This activity is ILLEGAL.

Is there a consequence for this nefarious activity which is UNSEEN by them? Indeed there is, and all are in deadly danger both spiritually and physically as exposed by my pen. How or why is this so? Because unseen by them is the FACT factor that ABSOLUTE JUSTICE exists within the Law of God and all they do unto their victims will ahead be done unto them in the manner revealed by my pen.

I need to ADD that all 'secondary' decrees or edicts raised UP by politicians and enshrined as 'laws' in books of rules are themselves subject to the overriding authority of THE CONSTITUTION. This needs to BE seen and understood by all those engaged in prosecution - judgement - enforcement.

Why so? Because the bearing of arms and use of force or STATION OF OFFICE does NOT revoke or limit or void or avoid the implementation of God's SUPERIOR LAW.

The sooner this is understood by magistrates, politicians and serving police officers the better for THEM.

Who is to bring all the above spoken of criminal elements to Justice and 'how' is it to be done? It is all exposed within this Testament to humanity.

What I can say to everyone in 'power' is that to revolve in the Light of God and receive a benign return, you must only promote benign community effort using education. Those continuing to cause harm, loss or suffering for ANY REASON will most definitely regret it forever and ever and ever. Now is the separation of souls TIME.

If you are a peaceful person going about your business you do NOT have to 'prove who you are' by giving out your name or in displaying any ID (identity) to prove your innocence to anyone. You may simply state to your 'inquisitor': "I have naught to say to you other than please visit the Testament of Truth web site and enlighten your soul before it is too late."

If you are a police officer you are OUT OF ORDER if you demand that a peaceful person 'identify' themselves or accompany you to be remanded or answer any question. Your mandate or badge or uniform does NOT give you the LEGAL RIGHT to so demand.

If you are 'such' a person making demands or reprimanding others for any non-conformity or punishing them, then for SURE you have great suffering to endure and I can but suggest that you begin to be more respectful to others and thus kinder unto yourself.

Absolute pacifists such as myself do NOT pay 'protection money' to ANYONE, irrespective of their beliefs or demands or coercive threats they express around the issue.

Absolute pacifists KNOW that God is their protector and destroyer. Thus it follows that if God sends 'someone' to my door to injure or kill me or dispossess me, then that ACTIVITY is between the vain and arrogant INTRUDER, God and myself, and I will offer the intruder a cup of tea however, - - -

IF they decide to injure or kill me then I DO KNOW that the 'Absolute Justice of God' is taking place through the mind and hand of an ignorant person and I will simply stand still and let IT SO BE. Why? Because it is simply God balancing His 'Scales of Justice' and setting me FREE from my past ways as long as I do NOT retaliate.

I will however never pay anyone a monetary demand placed upon my plate as a FINE, for that is simply a monetary extortion attempt. The threat of jail as the alternate option is the coercion to fund the coffers of gangsters posing as legitimate officials. If you are jailed then that is God's justice imposed forcefully and go 'quietly.'

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~ God the KING returns ~

The earthly sovereign rulers know NO 'God' because He is invisible to them and for ages everyone in 'power' has assumed their own Right to 'god-ship' in the false belief that since they hold all power via the use of weaponry and mercenary forces, it is they who are 'god' and as such, they are to be adored, feted and supported in every way.

These vain mortals seized control of earthly lands using force of arms and once established, they advised everyone within their control that for a monetary 'fee,' they would be protected by the forces of the earthly monarchy.

It is I the plenipotentiary of the REAL God to now awaken everyone as I 'return' the REAL God and the REAL KING upon His earthly throne and expose HIS 'hidden' REALITY by EDUCATING everyone to the FACT that He exists and that He is the invisible authority reigning supreme irrespective of what the daydreamers 'think' or believe.

I also expose how He is the ONLY 'protector' for ONLY He grants the true aspects of the reality of that protection or misery, and it is the choice of the individual since IT is entirely dependent upon YOU, the individual, if you deserve one or the other, - - - PEACE or PERSECUTION and I expose how this takes place.

When man offers protection then man is forced to trespass 'out of bounds' of the LIGHT and INTO the DARK realms of God's destructive ENERGY and uses IT (Dark destructive energy) in their interaction with others. Man believes that due to his elevated status he is free to so do 'legally.' Nothing could be further from the truth.

Officials of any 'nature' or institution have to use FORCE and consequently cause HARM to others in order to protect their 'citizens.' This punitive and injurious ACTIVITY automatically places everyone into the punitive aspect of God's Law of equal Return. (As you do is done unto you)

It follows that everyone has in fact LOST God's protection and will therefore be subjected to the same injury, trauma, deprivation and suffering as was imposed by their servants upon the other as God balances His 'Scales of Justice.'

Man also believes that he is above the return aspect of God's energetic Law of RETURN and this is due to his arrogance and vanity but, I now state that they are NOT. I can state quite categorically that such a belief brings eternal GRIEF upon all so deceived. None are above God's Law, and this also applies to you if you fund the control or punishment or interference in the lives of others.

God's creative benign or destructive malignant ENERGY is a 'Law' unto ITSELF, and there is NO avoiding the RETURN aspect of EITHER.

Be a kindly and loving person using Light energy and the return unto you is LOVE and joy from THE LIGHT.
Be a cruel destructive person using Dark energy and the return unto you is HATRED and suffering from THE DARK.

God is absolute immutable JUSTICE ~ THE Law of ENERGY in motion.

Use Light and share and care and love one another and you are left in PEACE.
Use Dark to control, interfere, punish or destroy and you are persecuted endlessly.

The waging of war by ANYONE is a terrorist activity and is in complete contravention of God's Command.

All the 'lawmakers,' being those who impose their edicts or rules forcefully on others together with their prosecutors, magistrates and enforcers ARE persecutors and inquisitors meting OUT Retributive Justice for THE REAL GOD and, - - - they ALL place themselves into the DARK punitive aspect of THE LAW OF RETURN of THE REAL GOD and He will and does mete out HIS 'eye for an eye' RETURN unto THEM mercilessly in this world or the next.

The Dark energy of God backs all destructive warmongers - the Light energy of God backs all peacemakers and progress.

Peace & love & mercy & compassion and forgive thine enemy is the ONLY way to OBEY God.

Judge not lest ye be so judged.

God and ONLY God is KING

So say I for the KING of the SKY.

Note: Any 'private' person or institutional official of ANY standing who takes the PERSONAL step of either bringing another person to punitive account or demanding a tax levy fee payment to protect another is a person defiant of God's Command and HE our God KING will reprimand said person MERCILESSLY and, - - -

He our God KING via the minds of His dark punitive forces of His underworld will keep said person believing in their RIGHT to cause harm or destruction so as to be able to CRUSH their SOUL agonisingly in the underworld FOREVER due to their lack of LOVINGNESS and DISOBEDIENCE to their KING and CREATOR.

Further to this FACT, - - - any MAN causing any HARM to any of God's daughters, being 'our' mothers, sisters and daughters show their God of their utter DISDAIN of man's most precious and delightful treasure who are ALSO God's most PRECIOUS creation. I can but add that these arrogant, callous and VAIN mortals will find that the place God has prepared for THEM in HIS lower lands is most terrible indeed having NO loving caress and thus NO female gender.

Further to this FACT, - - - they will find that in that foul place there are only other men who are also foul creatures named BEASTS who will TORTURE the untrue on and on and ON with NO surcease forever and their cries will remain unheard by the merciful because as said, in that place there are ONLY beasts.

God did say: If you defy ME then you will die in your sin and so shall IT BE.

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~ The song of love ~

There is a song of love emanating from the 'air' above, it is to be heard here and there and everywhere. It is a song which is sung only once every eternity, and only those who follow ITS 'lead' will return to the 'star' above which leads the way back to the heaven of pure Light and eternal happiness from whence so many 'fell' from grace so long ago.

It is a song of pure Truth sent from above, verily from our God of love to uplift you and you by telling you 'how' to be TRUE. I can but hope that when you of this truthful song 'hear' that you will tell others so that they also to ITS message can quickly draw near.

It is the Wisdom in the Testament of Truth that sits above the clouds in the 'ether' above. It is a message from the heart of the dove sent by God to you and you and you.

Just remember to never cause harm for the justification to so do is the Devil's satanic 'charm' as it tempts and seduces you to be untrue to God's Command to "Only love." Please do not support or fund any warmongers. Remain peaceful when faced by adversity. Turn the other cheek if persecuted and imposed upon. Never retaliate. Never demand retributive justice for that is also vengeful retaliation.

Only those who can now be 'forgiving' and who do 'love one another' will find their way back to the land of eternal love.


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