Letter - 3 of 5 - to Eddie Storace Australian Taxation office prosecutor

The true to God Loyalist

Dear Eddie, I have again raised up my pen to ADD some extra pages to my 'constitutional' document that is now 14 pages in total.

Refer: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/constitution.htm

The following pages 10, 11, 12 are added as a further attempt to get you to SEE a reality, namely for all to become aware of the choices mankind has at every stage of their eternal existence.

I am aware that over time all mankind has erred and this is due to their inner SIN. (negative emotional energy) It is this inner sin which has caused mankind to have lost the 'plot' or 'way.' This is the reason why I am here on earth and why I constantly try to elevate the consciousness of everyone BEFORE THE LAST DAY when they will meet their final destiny. For on the last day it is too late to change ones way.

Like you I too am aware that the world is full of ARMED MEN who always find the justification to defy God and be swine as they dine on the blood and suffering of others so callously. Regrettably these men fail to see the absolute justice of God's energy with ITS 'return unto user' aspect.

If I was unaware of this divine force I would be sitting under a palm tree on the African coast where I was born, rather than struggling day and night to awaken the reverie of so many 'sinners' who cause so much anguish to their sisters and brothers here and there and over the sea so disrespectfully and cruelly.

I believe that it is now the time to 'rest' my pen so please read the below and try and get the 'system's' taxing force to see that Clemencia and any other pacifist is LEGALLY required to be left in peace. - Sincerely - Terence

~ The TRUE to God Loyalist ~

Soon the whole world descends into the insanity of TOTAL WAR and TOTAL CHAOS as demonic forces, deep in dark realms, OPEN the doorway to the mind of mankind. All will now see the result of greed, pride, arrogance, ignorance and vanity.

The consequence of mankind losing control of their minds to 'possessive' thoughts of dark spirit forces is that man has himself 'opened the gates to hell.' This result of this will be hell on earth as be seen in all its depraved ways for a time and a time. This is what I need to say to you and you and you:

Those absolute pacifists who are honourable, loyal and true to their God need to now be made aware of the requirement of them by their God so that they can assist in the 'correction' of this abysmal state. I place that requirement herein openly so that everyone can come to a personally informed decision as to ITS validity or otherwise for them.

ALL MUST NOW COMPREHEND that we must not 'honour' or 'uphold' any nation or flag or earthly king, we must ONLY adore and love and uphold the Command of THE REAL KING our God and Sovereign Ruler.

All will now see the folly of defending their 'nation' or flag or earthly powers because all that is defended was in reality INVADED, SEIZED and STOLEN illegitimately from others in the first place by using force of arms. Indeed, every earthly 'sovereign' is a pretender to God's throne and they are ONLY interested in protecting their own interests. (Wealth, material assets and positions of power.)

Mankind needs to SEE that when politicians raise up a DECREE and enshrine IT as 'law' in a book of rules, a law having a punitive factor backed by force of arms for any non-conformity, that this RULING is not legal, it is ILLEGAL. Man assumes it to be legal as a consequence of being taught that politicians have a right to rule them simply because they have a majority VOTE which they claim gives them their position of power and control, one backed by armed forces. This is gross ERROR of BELIEF.

LET ME MAKE IT VERY CLEAR, any dictatorial DIRECTIVE having ANY controlling or punitive factor IS A BREACH of the Command of God unto man and it is thus an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. God Commands man to: "Love one another, go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Furthermore, a magistrate using said rules from a book of statutes and imposing a fine, restriction, or other punishment does NOT make his decision legal. It is not, it is ILLEGAL. It is ALSO a flagrant disobedient ACT in contravention of God's Command.

ONE THING IS FOR SURE, man is entitled to disobey God, but man is NOT entitled to VOID, avoid or nullify the RETURN of suffering upon his own 'head' within the immutable Law of God. Neither can man avoid IT because IT (the energy of God used) is a Law unto ITSELF and cannot be influenced by man.

It is now imperative for ALL enforcers to see that all they DO punitively to another becomes a DUE of suffering in this world or the next. No mandate or badge of office overrules God's immutable Law of RETURN which is absolute justice. As you do is done unto you. Be it kindness for kindness expressed or injury for injury imposed.

Irrespective of the BELIEFS to the contrary, any person who is a voter or supporter or funding the above ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES is a person classified by my pen (God's) as a LOST SHEEP. Being a person walking IN THE DARK due to their ignorance, arrogance or fear and IS ON THE WIDE ROAD TO HELL and to the eternal FIRE.

page 11

It is the TIME for every voter or taxpayer to comprehend that politicians, magistrates, police and other enforcers are their SERVANTS. It follows that all the loss or suffering imposed upon or endured by other civilians or persons over the seas for these ILLEGAL activities of their servants ALSO becomes a spiritual due to be suffered by them ahead. Every 'belly' is soon filled with DREAD as society crumbles and 'shock horror,' the 'elite' and all will meet their FATE at home or on their own street.

Those loyal to God must now only fund benign community effort and thus no longer be involved in the CAUSING OF HARM. Those keepers of the peace named 'Police' are ONLY loyal to their wage and the community if they also OBEY God and CAUSE NO HARM.

The 'peace corps' (police) are ONLY to be used to haul in persons who factually disturb the peace or are engaged in immoral activities. (stealing, drug dealing etc.) These persons are to be counselled and educated as they attend a 'Feeling Easier' seminar and be set free.

I am very much AWARE that every person on the planet has their OWN beliefs around the issue of their 'Rights or Entitlements.' There are millions on earth who disagree with my words and who will CONTINUE to demand armed protection or will continue being 'living swine' causing harm and havoc as they impose their demands forcefully upon others, however, - - -

That is also their ENTITLEMENT, so all I can DO is to clearly STATE that: ANY contravention of God's Command means that YOU are at 'odds' with God. It follows that since you are NOT as mighty as God, that your 'cause' and beliefs are NAUGHT and our God will dispose of YOU as HE sees 'fit' at the time and in the place that HE so chooses.

It is now proven that there is NO 'Freedom of Religion' permitted in Australia due to the continued denial of state magistrates and police officials to allow the truly peaceful to live in harmony with their fellow man as Commanded by their God and NOT fund the government punishment of people or their 'war machine.'

Any person attempting to simply live peacefully is harassed, persecuted, intimidated, fined or jailed in an attempt to coerce them into supporting the DARK in ITS 'causing of harm' to others. (The Dark energy of the Source uses the ignorant to fulfill ITS aspect of the 'eye for an eye' Law.) 

Since Magistrates and others are LEGALLY bound to honour the limited authority granted unto them within the Constitution of their own organisation, it follows that as they are EXCEEDING their mandate, armed insurrection is the order of the day and anarchy and treason exists in high places.*

Note: anarchy and treason exists in high places.* - This unconstitutional error of way has crept in so surreptitiously that it has blinded everyone and none today are even aware of their error.

I add, regrettably, ignorance of THE LAW is no excuse as all will now see.

It is obvious also that politicians are using the police force (army) as their private 'armed gang' to extort money from the population in ever increasing amounts.

This excess of power has crept in so insidiously over time, and through endless decrees now enshrined as rules, that the police services are also not even aware of it, nor are they aware of the consequences of using their increasing powers of interference enabled by rules, resulting in more intimidation and coercion bringing complicity to corruption and the imposition of mental, emotional and material trauma and loss through the punishment factor.

page 12

You are NOT required by God to obey a demand by any enforcers to present yourself at their 'court house' for the purpose of being fined or punished. Try and see that any 'house' of punishment is a HOUSE OF ILL REPUTE. So why go there willingly?

Try to understand that any monetary extortion and punishment is an ILLEGAL  activity in God's eyes, it follows that all involved in 'court prosecution or judgement processes' are GUILTY of ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES.

You are only required by God to attend a 'meeting' place if you have been 'caught' due to having disturbed the peace of the land or are engaged in immoral activities. In this case your 'attendance' is ONLY required for the purpose of your enlightenment through educative correction as per the 'Feeling Easier' seminar directive.

 If you have spare funds to give away then NEVER pay a fine but give your spare money to the needy in the community.

Please now FORGET about kings or queens or flags or nations or 'race' and just REMEMBER that the ETERNAL happiness or suffering of your SOUL is at stake. Give IT a chance and use your MIND to ONLY OBEY GOD as you get ON with your life without 'bowing' to the dictates of OTHER PEOPLE.

In the new age to be, society will only raise up ADVISORY codes of conduct policy to assist everyone. There will be NO demands upon anyone to pay another a taxing FEE prior to receiving a 'permit' receipt permission to carry out their business ventures.

Please HALT all licence fee payments. You do not have to pay any annual driving licence fee or fishing boat permit fee of business operators fee etc. This is simply EXTORTION. If you need any ADVICE as to how to go about your business then ASK. If you need professional advice then pay for IT.

TRY AND SEE that you do not have to pay ANY monies demanded by ANY person or institution UNLESS you wish to make use of ALL the services they provide. ONLY fund benign community effort and as said before, our God ONLY requires us to freely GIVE with love to those less fortunate and to help the needy. Just do the best you can. 

Remember, no person is more important to YOU than YOURSELF.

Treat your soul with CARE and love as you obey God. Let every other swinish, thieving, interfering, controlling or destructive person do their own thing, but never give in to their coercive attempts to get you to defy God and join them or support them in their invasive, controlling or punitive activities.

Soon every 'leader' will become visibly INSANE because they will all DENY this message from God via my pen. Invisible dark demonic forces will make use of their minds to mete out their retributive demands. All war is a contravention of God's Command, it is thus an ILLEGAL criminal activity. Do NOT support or fund ANY warmongers, all are terrorists who find the JUSTIFICATION to invade, dispossess, destroy, maim and KILL God's children.

My mind and 'pen' tells me that 98% of people on earth today are 'channels' for the dark energy of God. This means that when faced by aggressors, they will themselves become aggressive and fight 'tooth and nail' to survive.

I can but advise you that if you are one of these 98% or, if you are in any way funding by tax or fee or levy the government and are therefore funding the war effort, (terrorist activity) then you are also working for the DARK retributive 'arm' of God's DARK SOVEREIGN POWER and 'woe' indeed is your eternal destiny.

Absolute pacifists as myself are here on earth today for the Light of God and we shine God's Light to show the ONLY way home to heaven. (Peace, love, mercy) Are you one of 'us' or are you one of the LOST RACE heading to your doom?

The ways of TODAY soon come to a close. Be the Light in action via your inner rose and do as God asks: "Love one another"

"Suave rosa, suave rosa, nihil praeter optimum"
(sweet rose, sweet rose, nothing but the best)

Any person causing harm will BE harmed and will fall into the VOID if they hear NOT my LAST CALL. Read all about it.


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