Letter - 4 of 5 - to Eddie Storace Australian Taxation office prosecutor

~ Violence begets violence ~
The 'key to your Salvation

Dear Eddie, I again raise up my pen to ensure I do my level best to enlighten your 'disbelief' or rather 'belief' in the RIGHT of 'some' to impose their demands upon all in the community in order to fulfill THEIR requirement for funding THEIR war effort.

In respect of my phone call to you today (12th Nov 2014) wherein I stated that I was very concerned for the 'fate' of your soul, it is obvious to me that you still hold the 'fanatical' belief that the peaceful such as Clemencia must be coerced and forced to 'participate' in invading other lands, dropping bombs and causing great injury, loss of life, devastation and terrifying ongoing trauma to all and sundry living there.

Clemencia simply states: "Not in my name will another human being be bombed because of my fear of the Tax departments persecution."

The 'reason' given by you for continuing to persecute Clemencia is: "It is the law," and you cannot even consider that it (the law) as you put it is simply a 'dictate' by a politician. Not only this, but you cannot see that you are choosing to use the wrong rules of your gov.org to intimidate her. Furthermore, what all of you fail to understand is that every activity or 'outcome' of man is subject to God's Law, the Law of Absolute Justice: "As you do is done unto you."

Eddie, you keep insisting that my 'English' comprehension is such that I (Terence) do not understand the words around the 'freedom of religion' texts of the Constitution with the result being, (in your mind) that I am misleading Clemencia.

Eddie, the REASON I continue to quote 116 of the Constitution below to YOU and your 'officers' and legal advisors is that, you take a wage to uphold that Constitution and it is NOT me needing to comprehend IT but more so for YOU.  IT is your 'guiding light' and within ITS texts are your granted mandate to use forceful power or otherwise. I give the wording here:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) It applies to every State

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom - 46. (1)
 Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

Let me make it perfectly CLEAR Eddie, Clemencia is NOT using the 116 clause of the above Constitution as her defence because her defence is and rests solely 'upon or within' her conscience and her ideological religious BELIEF in absolute pacifism.

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Please read and reread the below six paragraphs a few times until ITS comprehension by you resonates within your mind. In truth, your personal salvation depends upon it,  the 'it' being your comprehension of my texts.

The content words of 116 and the Tasmania Act 1934 above are directed to and directions to you and other officials of State rather than only to the public. The content directions of 116 and Act 1934 are what have been enacted to LIMIT THE POWERS granted unto State enforcers by GOD as well as by those who invoked said 'acts' in the first instance.

The right to use God's forceful power as granted unto State officials by THE Constitution ONLY applies to those who do NOT have a peaceful ideology but have the punitive and warring ideology of retribution and who therefore believe in their right to DISTURB THE PEACE.

In reality the 'laws, rules and punitive decrees' enacted by the State are designed and authorised to punish all those who support your ideology by vote or tax but who also surreptitiously try and avoid the 'protection money' they OWE to 'Caesar' for protecting them.

The 'proviso'  granting YOU the POWER to persecute, prosecute or punish or NOT rests in the clause Part V 46.1 - General provisions :

< subject to public order and morality >

This means that ANYONE of ANY belief or ideology who is of immoral activity or who disturbs the public peace can be prosecuted by State officials within the constraints of 116 of their Constitution.

Section 116 does NOT 'limit or restrict' the conscience or living ways of the peaceful who have an opposing ideology to yours. Section 116 simply RESTRICTS and limits YOUR use of forceful powers because God via 116 protects the peaceful of moral standing from HIS enforcers. (You)

Eddie, if it had been the intent of God or those who raised UP the Constitution of your institution to give State officials UNLIMITED POWERS then there would have been NO need for the provisions given in 116 and 46.1. These provisions were granted so as to PROTECT the peaceful of moral standing and to 'permit' them to live in peace as they obey their God and do NOT fund the warring warrior tribes.

It is my task for God to elevate the consciousness of all humanity and this includes you, a person presently believing that Section 116 and 46.1 as being a 'nullity' to be overruled so that the peaceful can be coerced into changing their belief as they are intimidated into funding the warrior 'mobs.'

Eddie, you ARE exceeding your powers and it is proven that you and all your magistrate 'friends' and colleagues are OF THE BELIEF that their powers are LIMITLESS and having NO redress or 'comeback.' This is clearly a false assumption. You 'Sir' are exceeding your mandate through pure arrogance and vindictiveness and my pen classifies you and your advisors and supporters as being terrorists. It is an ABUSE OF POWER Eddie. Please now awaken from your reverie of 'grandeur.'

You also believe that you are 'invincible' to the point where you are prepared to go 'all the way' to the Court without yourself fully comprehending the truth of the matter. I have no doubt that the magistrate will also exceed his mandate through his arrogance and ignorance.

You are truly 'lost' brother if you continue to believe that because you are backed by force of arms that you can simply do "Whatever thou wilt" be it truly legal or otherwise, you need to realise that that way is the way of terrorists and THE BEAST and there is a 'comeback' to you, for you are certainly NOT 'God.'

Foolish indeed are ANY state officials or their enforcers (you) who USURP the POWERS granted unto THEM by their own Constitution.
It is you and your superiors and your legal advisors who do not comprehend the above Constitutional texts Eddie.

You are imposing your belief upon Clemencia and denying her hers and what I see and believe is that YOU are determined to defy God and force her to 'conform' or suffer. In fact you are enticing her to believe in the RIGHT of State politicians to not only rule everyone, but to FORCE them to deny their conscience and defy their Creator. This is liquid madness brother and whether you believe IT or not your spirit soul is in grave mortal and spiritual danger.

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The community members who are NOT to be subjected to your AUTHORISED persecution are those who:

Do NOT vote for man to be their head of house.
Do NOT fund punitive or injurious or warring activity.
Do NOT rely on police or other armed forces for their protection.
Do NOT rely on the Court of man to intercede on their behalf on any disputes with others.

Do NOT cause harm to others for any reason.
Do NOT retaliate in the face of danger or adverse situations.
Do NOT disturb the peace of the land because they OBEY the Command of God.

Peaceful community members of moral standing and who do not disturb the peace are NOT to be interfered with by any punitive enforcement establishment, for IF they are, those so doing are operating treasonably outside of their Constitutional mandate and powers and they are also defiant of God.

Eddie, politicians monthly consider their 'ideas' and then publish said ideas into a 'text' in books of Rules which are then enforced and backed by THE GUN. I have spent 25 years 'texting' SCRIPT and have placed IT into my Holy Books on line in my Testament to humanity. I do not need to uphold my texts (God's Word) by force of arms because I KNOW that whichever ENERGY of God man draws ON in their interaction with others has the result of instilling 'some' of whatever energy they used within their SOUL.

This means that when using the Light and being loving and charitable, ones inner Light brightens and our reward within the ENERGY we used is that ITS charity and love returns to us VIA some other on a later day of ITS choosing, either in this life or the next realm.

This means that when using the Dark and being hateful and unkind, ones inner negative emotions darken and our reward within the ENERGY we used is that ITS cruelty and hate returns to us VIA some other on a later day of ITS choosing in this life or the next realm.

Try and understand that the MOMENT any person 'entertains' a THOUGHT to cause harm or loss to another, - - - the recipient of THE THOUGHT is in great danger. This is a simple reality because the IDEA or 'thought' to steal or take or injure or destroy etc., is the 'temptation' of the DARK devilish and destructive ENERGY essence of THE SOURCE. (God's energy, being the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and it is this which temps and tests man)

Indeed, this energy tests the strength of character of the RECIPIENT of the thought because, IF they are found to BE morally 'weak' it makes them 'give in' to the temptation to interfere, control, coerce, subjugate, tax, extort, steal, disadvantage, injure or destroy their VICTIM. This is EXACTLY what you are doing brother. Sadly you believe your actions as legitimate because 'someone' had a thought, stated it and then enshrined their ideas in TEXTS books. In truth, there is nothing 'legal about someone having a 'thought' and turning it into a 'law' to bind the people!

It seems as if everyone is blind to the truth that the END result of their ACTION has a RETURN or EQUAL VALUE upon their own head either instantly or 'ages' ahead. You state to me that the 'destiny' of your soul as "Just fine" when I said I was VERY concerned for IT. (You) Brother, you see NOT that the DARK punitive destructive energy can keep YOU on a 'string' for 1000 years before IT pulls you UP on high. Too late then bro as every 'swine' does eventually see.

Man is so 'used to' using rules in a book or simply their emotional aggression as their JUSTIFICATION to TAKE or ABUSE or DESTROY, that they now assume it as being LEGAL under certain circumstances, but it is NOT say I the messenger of the Most High.

Why not? Because the word 'legal' implies that there is NO punitive return 'comeback' upon the user of the energy by the enforcers. My task as said is to try and get you and all to see that 'absolute justice' EXISTS and that all infliction of loss or injury or emotional trauma upon others IS illegal in the eyes of God's ENERGY because that energy 'honours' ITSELF in that all imposed RETURNS later to THE USER of IT who in so doing caused trauma, loss or suffering. There is NO 'escape' clause. There is NO 'escape' from God's Truth.

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Eddie, according to your personal statement to me, it appears that you believe that neither Clemencia nor I, nor in fact anyone, can choose to participate in 'parts' of all the things or activities or sections of what the ATO funds.  I personally disagree for the following reasons:

The political heads of the government.org institutions throughout the world have all seized armed control of every aspect of material life and living ways of everything within the boarders they Control. This includes the land, the sea the air as well as the myriad ways of 'legitimized' controls as seen in the interference in every business or private venture.

Since this FACT is true, and this control is backed by those as you using force of arms and merciless persecution, what is left to those as Clemencia and me who disagree? It is the realm of the invisible God essence my friend which is our own conscience, thoughts, ideas, ideals and benign ACTIONS.

We know that our thoughts stem from the PURE LIGHT and that yours stem from the PURE DARK. We also know that the driving activating ENERGY behind every benign of destructive activity originates in the spoken of 'invisible world' of energy known by me as 'God the invisible superpower of all intelligence.'

You sir CANNOT control Clemencia's thoughts nor her conscience nor her mental activity which will always remain benign and kind and merciful in the face of your 'style' of persistent aggressive persecution. She will not falter from her belief in the reality of God.

"Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could" is the saying of old, so try to understand that all ideas, inventions and progress come essencing into the mind of man FROM the God consciousness.  No activity in this material world can take place unless it is activated invisibly by thoughts that are NOT material but are of spirit essence.

You believe that if I use any part of earth, controlled by those as you, then I must use or support ALL aspects that you control, and THIS is YOUR error of thinking and ERROR of BELIEF.

Brother, you are bringing your OWN soul to GRIEF in persecuting my sister divine (Clemencia) and she is also God's daughter and your sister. Why do you look into a book to find a reason to so do?

I am merciful but some of our other brothers are NOT and I do see some of them already plot to ahead swat you in a very nasty manner indeed for your merciless, persecutional ways and I KNOW that YOU cannot avoid or void what they PLAN. They are NOT of this world but they will use the minds of some in this world to DO THEIR BIDDING. (Via telepathy)

Eddie, our material actions in this realm, though inspired by invisible emotions and thoughts, (spirit within) do have a future consequence when our inner spirit soul departs and continues on in other realms of Spirit. (worlds)

For every ACTION there is an equal RETURN given by the KINDLY Light or, Imposed by the CRUEL Dark.

Our invisible soul with its positive or negative emotions and thoughts is comprised of the (invisible to us here) Inner Energy Essence of the SOURCE, and IT and our inner energy is everlasting and indestructible. Try and see it brother because your soul can UP or DOWN the 'ladder' of vibrational consciousness go. You feel 'secure' today, but your VISION is not as 'far-seeing' as mine and I do foresee what lies ahead for EVERYBODY who defies the "Love" of God.

Eddie, this material world is a place where the spirit realm and inner space spirit man does ENTWINE with BIOLOGY and MATERIALITY. Just because you cannot see into the spirit world as I can, it does NOT mean that God or God's ENERGY with ITS Ruling 'law' does not exist. It most certainly does EXIST my friend. Give IT a little 'thought' please.

Your present ACTIONS greatly displease our God and He is THE overriding factor and THE Sovereign Authority.

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Eddie, ignorant man makes up 'official rules' in books ASSUMING that he can now do 'anything' to others and NOT suffer a 'comeback,' but THAT is:

Error of belief
Error of precedent
Error of judgement
Error of DOCTRINE.

Brother, you and your 'club' have decided to persecute Clemencia so as to force or coerce her to deny her conscience and join your 'ideological' belief. The belief that as the benign community effort and the war effort 'taxes' are intertwined, that SHE has to fund the iniquity whether she likes IT or not. That 'bro' is clearly a sign of MADNESS in my eyes. You and 'your' club officers are so arrogant that they see not their delusional fantasy nor their INSANITY.

You Eddie as 'prosecutor' are NO different to a military commander. A military commander justifies killing his perceived enemy because politicians direct him to so do, whereas you also operate on behalf of politicians who 'injure or kill' the civilians who employ them in a clandestine 'white collar' manner.

Brother, you and your offices have caused Clemencia 'inestimable' GRIEF over many years and you have already accrued a 'painful' return DUE to THE DARK sovereign overlord. HE is 'rubbing His hands' in GLEE as He already knows that within His immutable Law of Return of 'Absolute Justice,' that He has enough 'ammunition' to CRUCIFY you.

Brother, I KNOW IT and I SEE ITS face (He the destroyer) as clearly as I see the FACE of THE LIGHT (She the creator).

Please now write to your divine sister Clemencia explaining your IGNORANCE of God and God's ENERGY and ask her forgiveness as you state that you personally set her free from ANY more demands.

DO IT TODAY or forever 'bro' in Hell hounded by demons YOU WILL PAY.
Do NOT leave it up to any 'magistrate' for it WILL by then BE TOO LATE FOR YOU.

Eddie, to my way of thinking and ideological belief a magistrate handing out a punitive 'sentence' upon Clemencia or others is simply a State 'lackey' and a very vain and arrogant and ignorant individual. A 'lost soul' simply 'rubber stamping' his stamp of approval of your demands using the same rules as you to so do and thus 'legitimising' your take or punitive imposition backed by force of arms. BOTH of you will end up in THE PRISON BELOW as do all enforcers.

Eddie, through coercion and intimidation you are trying to force Clemencia to do something that to her conscience is ABNORMAL. Do you 'wish' that she simply PRETEND that the intimidation of others or causing them harm or injury or killing them is NORMALCY?

Try and understand that all who use RULES as their 'direction' are persons taking a wage to NOT use their own God-given CONSCIENCE.

Brother, your governing institution employs people as you to CONTROL every 'inch' of the land, sea or air 'space,' but you need to comprehend that you have NO 'hope' of controlling the 'conscience' or peaceful 'mind-set' ideological belief of those as 'Clem' and me who are TRUE TO GOD. We are true even unto 'death' brother. Do your 'worst or best' but IT will BE to your own demise say I.

Clemencia is ‘happy’ to lose all rather than deny HER conscience and deny HER belief in God and deny God’s COMMAND: ‘Peace & love ONLY’

I BELIEVE that all her correspondence written by my hand and on line (some 35 letters) were God inspired so that global READERS and you can find your own way 'out' of the punitive & warring ANTI-GOD system IF YOU SO WISH TO.

Clemencia and I both KNOW that IF ahead, armed men force her from her land, then that is GOD’S JUDGEMENT.

I can state quite categorically that for YOU and others of your ilk that; in order to begin you arduous journey back to the Light and make amends to GOD you will need to hand IN your 'badge of office' and become as a 'celibate' priest in causing NO HARM ever again.


I AM the TRUTH the LIGHT the WAY