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~ The Forestry ~

As written by Terence 

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~ Forestry today ~

Forestry today is a means for ‘extracting’ pay from nature on the ground by man with mind unsound. For man does “massively” take more than his need with a giant rake, so he needs now “improvise” for his take is unwise.

 For the hills it does denude and this ‘denuding’ is very rude, for it despoils the very ground upon which many live ‘around,’ and the ‘air’ is filled with ‘dust’ as ‘fire’ upon the ground is thrust and the earth is torn away exposing the earth to the sun’s power each day.

Thus the undergrowth dries up as water is daily sucked up and the “little” creatures habitat is destroyed by the “rat a tat tat” of giant machines that move around making the ground tremble with their sound, so these ‘men’ not woodsmen be, just “rapers” taking $$$ endlessly.

 For they are “goaded on” by others with minds undone, who in the guise of “forestry” can also “ahead” not clearly see, for in the guise of “We Crown land protect,” upon their own “purses” only they reflect as royalties they take, and they too needs now put on the brake.

For the “take” has become too large, thus now the “loggers” have to come in with a “barge,” for not only must they for their “time” pay, but half their “take” via royalties they must give away, and on top of this they must pay Tax that is stripped off them like ‘flax,’ so it is the “system” too that to our lands and hills is untrue.

 And the takers poison the ground so our water ‘table’ is unsound, and these men who it pollute strut around with mouths resolute, saying: “Our take is done for you, to pay the wages of many not few, who sit around each day awaiting for free pay.”

So I say lets now “Stop” by closing up the “shop,” for “true” forestry men would truly protect their “playpen” and “quietly” remove old trees, selecting them on “hallowed” knees, and wishing the forest well as they walked in its quiet “spell.”

So it is the “loggers” who now needs be true, inspired by me and you, who needs the “System” tell: “Your demands for tax and royalties can go to hell, and we’ll “lumber down” so that our resources do not frown, and also we’ll less mess make as our “outgoings” put on the brake."

So the forest will now remain untouched by men vain, we’ll find another way “in” as the “greed” take becomes more “slim.” So lets try from today to less timber strip and carry away, lets just take what we need, not just fulfil “others” greed.

 I seek to “show the way” to get mans “Systems” out of the “Role” of conducting businesses in every conceivable industry in the seemingly virtuous guise of “helpers,” when in fact they are but “controllers on the take,” protecting their own “personal” interest at the expense of the community.

I would like to see “Foresters” employed direct by the industry, and thus the only thing they would needs reflect upon is their own deeds, rather than being employed as “policemen” reflecting upon the others misdeeds.

 It is the time for every ‘System’ to now “bow out” of community endeavors, for soon, the “weight” of their “High Command” will be greater than the private sector, and thus we are already staring in the face of planetary economic collapse as there are too many feeding off the worker.

 I seek the way to a better forest management policy planetarily. My “project” is to leave behind some clear direction to the next generation who survive the coming mental/emotional “holocaust.”

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~ Forest Resources ~

The “System” uses its position of Trust to criminally money extort, even though its daily wages have been paid for by the Taxation rort.

Thus as you see, the society “System” is just a gigantic “business house” whose wages are paid for by you and me, thus their “gain” is our loss, and now “their” gain is gathering moss, for the funds they stole were misappropriated, thus too in poverty is their “ahead bed.”

 For they have by “Enactment” and “Royalties” the people abused, and as said, their “take” they misused, and as they now “fall down” the people who rely on them will deeply frown as they say: “We paid our taxes to you, for you said you would be true and give us a place to sleep if poverty became our keep.” And the savings they made “us” pay they “used” and gave it all away, as to other “fools” they did it loan and now all will weep and moan.

So what is this “System” of today that not only “collects” its wage by enforced taxation, but demands and extorts secondtake in the guise of: “Royalties we must make, for e’en though there is no King here today, by ‘Succession’ the land has been deeded our way, thus in reality the land we own, e’en though we ‘say’ it is for you the people and the loggers who with their unbearable loads groan.”

So the reality that I do see is that the “present” nature of forestry is but another “power house” for officials of the governing system, who we need to delouse out of the forests.

The forest is a natural resource, as are the fish and minerals that on this planet ‘course,’ and we do not need any men in the guise of a “System” to steal it off the people on earths playpen, for these “thieves” are but “Mafioso” who “stand in the way” between the forest and the logging woodsmen, and they demand free pay.

 Being “taken” in the guise of royalties to the forests maintain, but their wage has already been met, and the added costs of royalties and licences for this and that are what annually increases the costs of consumer goods that our sanity does “swat.”

 Let all “foresters” say: “We from today will not money pay to any man, for God’s timber given for free we will use to fill our own needs only, and not take for others any tree. If they funds from God’s forests seek, then let their “axe” via their own hand speak, for our labour has been done, and we now will relax as the other “taxes” themselves under the sun."

 So any who would a true forester be, needs now “work” for themselves or another's “company.” Not for any “System” that just controls and takes “free” pay, for soon all now will rely on their own efforts each day.

 Let no man stand at the forest “edge” and demand that royalties be paid for any timber swept off the forest floor, for already there is a “ferryman” who stands at heaven’s gate, and any who pay not their spiritual dues will be late, and that applies to all “freeloaders,” for the spiritual ‘due’ is “Be true, for thieves cannot get through.”

Let the “Union” ** of good foresters gather around, and let them and only them decide how to “till” their forests ground, and this “Good News” they’ll send out far and wide so that “Educated” men will be the “Foresters of good practice.”

No longer having any controlling body of “Systems men” full of arrogance and pride who “think” they own the lands upon which God’s children would stride.

 There are “those” who are not foresters, but who do not “like” the way that forests are presently managed, and who seek to enforce change by regulation or confrontation.

Let them now try and see that they personally would not like “their way” changed forcibly, thus they now needs but try and let their “wishes” be known to the “Forest fraternity,” and but hope that reason prevails.

 ** A “non emotive” group of foresters who “collate” information pertaining to their area of operation to be made “freely” available on the Internet “exchange” for education, good practice and the upliftment of their industry. e.g; reference area 148 01’ E, 41 14’ S, Pyengana, NE Tasmania.

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~ Logging & Reforestation ~
Public Land Use - Public Land Commission, Hobart.

 With reference to your “Areas of protection” that of the public you “ask,”
I now set my pen and mind to task.

 It is a fact that ‘need or greed’ have depleted the earth’s natural timber resources. It is also a fact that the “need” to supply societies demands for timber is not a “sound” reason to carry out a “bare earth” policy of logging.

There are vast tracts and areas to use that in no way mans “ways or eyes” abuse. So let us at this moment say that no logging is to be done any day that does any “Ridge” inspan that will affect the little creeks that man does “dam” or in any way use, for logging as such does the “eco“ abuse.

 So any “Settlement” being one house or many, needs be “protected” against those seeking gain for a monetary penny. So any rain that does fall needs fall on trees tall, that is any rain leading into a stream for the water needs be fresh like iced cream.

 Other than this, areas can be “set aside” for those loggers who in forests would stride. Areas “set aside” by you and me, those “designated” by a “conscious” society.

 For many areas “outside” the rivers of which I speak may also be areas that “greenies” would seek to have “left” in their natural state, and their “wishes” are valid, so let us not them berate.

 It’s time to now “sit around” and as “friends” talk, with minds sound, so all who “woodsmen” would be, can find a patch to “fish for their tree.” None by governments bound, none controlled by minds unsound, all just being true and selectively taking trees or replanting acreages, and thus being true.

 Let any land owner be free to cut down any tree, but let none “foul” the water flowing through. This applies to miners too. Let there be no foul “outfall” from any factory or sewerage system.

 All who fall “foul” of this “sane” command shall themselves fall foul of another's demand, “Foul another's water and you’ll fouled be,” this is God’s message to all humanity.

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The New
~ Forestry Practice Code ~

All present “standing” forests that are designated National Parks should remain so, free from any form of logging.

All “clear felling” logging of “natural” native forests must halt immediately.

Clear felling “farming” of existing planted ‘pines’ or other should be carried out in small “staged” sections so as to have a minimal impact on the ‘eco’ and ‘visual’ of the area logged.

 Natural native timber resources should be “selectively” logged with only 20% of the timber being logged during any five year span, rotational logging of the area is needed of the wood taken in any area, thus giving the younger trees time to mature whilst maintaining the forest ecologically, visually, and sanely harboring the resource.

 Reforestation of “unused” farm or grazing lands needs be done using both native and ‘pine’ woods. Some areas being sown as a single species and others with mixed.

 All present “standing” forests that stand on areas that have streams leading to habitation, be they a single “hut” or a whole village must not be logged with the use of heavy machinery.

 A one kilometre buffer zone is needed adjacent to any home or stream leading to that home for any logging carried out by heavy machinery.

A one hundred metre buffer zone is needed adjacent to any habitation or stream in the event of bullock or elephant being used to drag out logs.

The “practice” of using poisonous chemicals for “weed or pest” control in order to establish “pine” or other plantation species is to cease.

 Steep sloping hilly areas that are not easily ‘ploughed or slashed’ are to be left to natural timber growth and not ‘farmed’ by bare earth clearing policies for replanting.

Farming pine or other fast growing timber needs be done on “flattish” areas where initial weed control can be done mechanically. The “sowing” of grasses in adjacent permanent fire break strip areas will give fauna a continuing food source.

 All “chain saws” will now be “silenced” by the manufacturer who will fit the necessary exhaust system that will “protect” the silence of the forests and our ears.

 Any “freehold” land owner is free to “log or reforest” their land without “let or hindrance” from any other.

 Any “woodsman,” be they the “forester” or the local saw miller, or the local boat builder or “trader,” is free to “enter” the Public State Forests and partake freely of the God given timber produce.

 May the “woodsmen” be but true to the Light and Wisdom given, and adhere to this “New” Forestry Code in respect for their fellow man, society as a whole, as well as their as yet “unborn” offspring who will one day be walking on this earthly land.

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~ Water Rights ~

Water evaporates off the sea, and waters the land and the forests as well as giving drinking water to you and me, and the subsequent "rain" that falls from "heaven" is free for you and me.

Every woman or man has the right to use the water that "falls" day or night on to their land. They also have the right to "draw" water from any stream passing by that enables them to survive on their "acre" that God given be.

No person has the right to take more than "this" share if it leaves others downstream with their "cupboard" bare.

Soon as greed is washed away there will be none who take more than their share to irrigate thousands of acres of crops and thus leave others with streams dry or "bare."

Let those with eyes to "see" sell now their irrigation properties that cause "poverty" and "algae" to grow. Let those with eyes to see now let the rivers again flow freely.

There is a "force" that calls itself "The Crown who owns all on or above or below the ground." It speaks through the mind of arrogant man and goes on to say "You can do whatever 'we' permit you to as long as to 'us' the Crown 'jewels' you contribute some of your funds per "license" before you play."

Soon all will see that the "Crown" becomes insane and will say "I even own every drop of rain and every 'ear' of grain." Then you will know the fullness of the insanity that did grow in the mind of man who worked for the "dark clown" being the Devil in the disguise of "Systems" wise.

Yes, the devilish force did for ages now many a soul divorce from their "light" as it seduced them into believing that it was their "Right" to enforce a take off God's children in the guise of virtuosity.

It is God now to all these "men" break and off them every penny and every drop of water take that they stole when they were unwise.

It is now up to all of you to see the "horrendous" plight that already be the "way" of this place earth where all are bound by regulations and controlled by thieves of no mirth.

If you have the courage to follow me then you will become free. IF your fear is too great then you will give in to their increasing negative spate and for heavens gate be late.

All must now walk "tall" and say "NO" to this Mafiosi squad and say to all Councillors and System's men: "No more will we pay you from today, for we listen to our God today and we will look after our own selves and fill our own cupboard shelves, and if there is any "spare" then with you will we some share. We pay no more tax, for God says we can now "relax."

Sisters and brothers, I have told you what to DO. If they drag you off to court for non-payment then so be it. Non-retaliation is asked of you by our God. You need no "solicitor" to fight for you on this sod. Take "whatever" punishment comes your way but NO fine must you pay. If "they" your goods confiscate then so be it. God will them "later" berate."

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~ Quarantine ~
Flora & Fauna

Let it here be known that our God did seed this planet with all flora & fauna known and unknown.

It is known that the "movement" of flora and fauna between "lands" has and can cause "havoc" to reign due to its "imposition" within the "inhabitants" of its "new" abode.

Let it here be known that all "misery" sown or resulting from any "imposition" is by hand of or decree of God imposed by the ignorant or arrogant whom on earth plod.

Let us now see that "quarantine" is a necessary "way" of limiting the spread of "disease/dis-ease" in its many forms.

Let it here be known that any compulsory quarantine or punishment for default is a negative act that will be now halted as man by Light is backed.

Let every planetary "community" make use of their advisory facilities to "alert" any with importation or exportation intent of any "inherent" dangers to flora and fauna or humans so that the people can make a personally informed decision as to their "move."

Let it here be known that any who deliberately cause havoc to others are in "default" in God's eyes and thus to themselves "unwise."

Let us "exploit" the natural resources of the planet in a "considered" way so that none "suffer" and we can all "play."

If we are to "visit" another's "place" then let us maintain our "grace" and ask if we can import/export items by informing ourselves of the "way" in that distant land as we now understand that if we "their" lands deplete because we import noxious weeds on our "feet" then we ultimately pay the price spiritually for not being nice.

Let no "man" tell any other that they cannot import or export any "item," for all are equal sister and brother and all now must be but helpful and caring towards each other.

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~ Water Resources ~

Let it here be known that no "person" or System of man does any water right own. All the rain and all the sea "belong" to God's children and water must be "permitted" to flow free.

This means that any "dam" or electric "hydro" project must protect the "original" river flow by always permitting the "lowest" six monthly daily water flow average to flow downstream each day.

On no account must any "system" earn a monetary "count" from the sale of any river water. Be it for personal use, business use, or irrigation for agriculture.

Let it here be also known that any landowner who seeks to reside along a "river" or stream must ensure that his/her mind is not filled with "day dreams" to the point whereby they "extract" a volume of water that will restrict or inhibit the present day usage downstream.

Any person living adjacent to any such water stream who "wishes" to expand their usage for irrigating any large areas must first travel downstream to the "end user" to see if there is any surplus flow.

In the event that any living downstream find that due to any "reason" that there will be a "lack" of water supply ahead then they must "Pave & prepare their own bed."

And to this do, they may build a dam "upstream" in order to catch and conserve excess water that normally floods away on any rainy day.

But, in order to this do they must ensure that in no way are those who live "upstream" to be expected to pay for or contribute to the construction costs of this dam. Nor are they to be expected to contribute financially for any water usage once the dam is built.

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Any "venture" of the day must be made using ones own "funded spade." Implying that on no account must any "group" make any plan that they then expect or demand to be paid for by others.

It is only "correct" if the regional community end users are asked to "reflect" on any proposition and then asked for a freely given donation contribution.

This way your children coming later or those who do not contribute will yes have a good 'free' water supply, but that is the "ask" of the Most High, being that the responsible "elders" of the day in any community "sell" some assets and/or donate monies to fund the venture for the benefit of all.

Foolish are any who "sign" a debenture and then have to "pay up" in perpetuity and enslave their own children and others. "Cut the cloth to suit the coat" and just dig a "small channel" rather than dig a huge viaduct to float a boat if the funds available are "low."

When any "suffer" downstream due to living in a "crowded space" they will learn "why" others moved to a higher place. Let all waterside "dwellers" respect the clean waters that flow by and not "muddy the waters" for those lower down or "ahead" it is they to cry.

Do your best to now see that all whom "control & legislate" others for any justified reason or seemingly "for their own good" will themselves be controlled by ME the invisible God they cannot see.

It is now time to "give with love" and then your personal river of life will be full. That is a certainty. All must now see that "any" river has its maximum capacity and thus education in all aspects of self-sufficiency is the way to now be.

There are many "thieves" under earth's' sky who believe they have a "Sovereign" right to try and impose a levy on everything for none of them have heard God sing. For God says: "I give everything to you for free so why use it to steal off others just because my face you cannot see"?

I say that every "system" that raises its head in a monopolistic dictatorial manner paves its own "death" bed for very soon the public will see that they do not have to pay for anything other than the "raw" base cost and it is they the public to "sack" every minister who does their purse sting.

As written and “deeded” by my hand.

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~ Tasmanian Terror ~
State control of forest & fishery

The "economy" of any State is perceived by the System's politicians as the amount of money extracted by licence fee and taxes from the community and industry to be used by the various departments to enhance their business ventures.

Of course "some" of this money is allocated back to the community in a variety of projects, but in reality this control of national "assets" only causes the greater community to suffer in many ways.

The "System" first had to position itself as the "owner" of the primary produce "forests, land & fisheries" etc, and by legislation accomplished this "foul" deed and justified it as being "on behalf of" the people.

This pecuniary control over the people means that they the people have to pay a principal "up-front" fee or "excise" to access these "products," and they also then are taxed on their profits and also are penalised with ongoing "permit" fees.

So in the first instance the actual cost of the 'goods' be they timber or other, instead of being free to the community in the "first" instance which they should be, they have cost the community a "bunch" of royalty fees.

All this "iniquitous" imposition not only raises the cost of goods to the end consumer, but also de-values currency due to the never-ending price rises and subsequent wage hikes to compensate.

Every time "government" intrudes into the private sector business it does so to "gain" wealth, and at the same time steals its "wage" and material plant and equipment costs via taxation. What an "easy" ride for these few "untrue!"

The only difference between a private Corporation and any "govt." Corporation is that the latter uses a "judicial" system backed by "armed" enforcers to enforce its decrees.

It will use any "means" in its power to "justify" its position to keep you the public as its "slave" to monetarily fund its policies. Fail in this and IT by ITS regulations will persecute you and punish you.

It demands that you vote "for" it to come into power, and then says that "due" to your vote for it that you now "belong" to it and must comply to its edicts.

So the "biggest" Corporation in any land is the government, for it controls and mis-manages its business ventures because it matters not to it "how much" it costs, for all "dues" are met by me and you and this results in "us" all paying five times more than we should towards community endeavors.

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This is because the "corporate" office of government not only has to pay the minimal "welfare" and Service "provision" payout, but also has the upkeep of hundreds of different business departments and thousands of employees.

It is the time for "Systems" to "butt-out" of every industry and just do what they are supposed to, being a "meek & humble" Service Provider of essential services and welfare to the public.

Let the "people" run their private enterprises without any government control or intrusion or protectionist legislation, otherwise we all end up working for the System as a "communist" State that owns all industry and we all fall down.

As for the Tasmanian forest industry, it is now in the deplorable "state" wherein both government intrusion, control and legislation has made it difficult for the "small" saw millers and loggers to survive, and also the "growth" of a large business enterprise has been "permitted" to flourish.

This "growth" on the part of private enterprise is in itself not "wrong," it is but regrettable that for "it" to survive the "tax" rort & royalty drive and repay bank loans, that it has to use bad practices in its daily affairs.

The use of poisons and chemicals that destroy habitat and fauna and fish stocks in an "exclusive" fashion is the sign of "arrogance" and ignorance on the part of company directors and individuals.

For these men see not the "time of day" wherein God did say that those whom flagrantly disregarded the "ideals" of others and caused others to suffer in any way would themselves be made to "pay."

For it is an "untrue" act to "stumble" over land and sea destroying all that we do or do not see for material gain.

None see the "greater" picture when in a "twinkling of an eye," 10,000 years will have gone by, and "where" on that day will your spirit be? Dancing in the heavenly light, or buried beneath a tree in a "dead" plight?

For as I it see, there are those now who will soon "kill" to either keep "alive" an "old growth" tree, as well as others who will "kill" to maintain their position of impropriety.

It is truly the time to wake up and on my spiritual truth sup. For if you do not, then rest assured the dark force will within your mind "hatch" a retributive "plot," and the end result of this all will see as they see vultures circling above many a tree.

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~ Friends of the 'Blue Tier' Tasmania ~

A 'dozen' or so 'friends of the forest' are hoping to 'stay' or delay the logging expected to take place on the 'morrow,' as 'Gunn's logging company' group is due to send in their loggers to the 'coupe.'

We all know that it is well nigh 'impossible' to 'stem' the tide of deforestation, but it is now the time for the greater community to 'speak' out against any 'clear-felling' deforestation taking place on any 'Tier' range, for it is imperative to halt such in any 'watershed' area.

Those that continue to 'log' in such areas are being not only totally inconsiderate to the water 'catchment' areas of others, but they also accrue a similar karmic due upon their own soul and as such, do find their own soul 'destitute' ahead when it 'walks' in another land, being 'subjugated' by greater forces even more 'underhand' and inconsiderate than they were.

As for the 'passive' resistance taking place at the Blue Tier coupe gate, I do not personally condone such action. For I perceive any such 'confrontation' as contra God's command to "Go your way in peace."

Thus any 'restrictive' action that 'hinders' the free 'way' of others is error, and this error brings about a 'karmic' return 'due' upon those that imposed the 'barrier' to the free movement of others, - - - even though it appeared 'justifiable' to so do.

The 'world' is 'full' of people that are 'felling' or 'mining' in such a manner as to affect the lives or livelihoods of others in a negative way, be it minimal or great. This 'imposition' must be seen for what it is, an imposition placed by God * upon those that in their past were 'unjust' to others.

The 'interferers' that greedily take and impose and thus abuse others see not that their 'participation' brings them to their knees one day. Those being imposed upon must not 'fight' for their perceived right. For the 'supposed' passive delay tactics or the 'halting' of the free movement of loggers is 'warfare.'

They must simply speak out to those they see as 'abusers' and try and educate them. They may also show their disapproval by 'recommending' that the community no longer give any support fiscally to those that are 'intruding' in such a manner as to be 'damaging' to the environment.

However as said, there must be no 'forceful' opposition, be it 'couched' in the terms 'peaceful resistance' or otherwise. For the 'opposition' most likely feels totally justified in their actions, and they see no 'error' other than the ones 'hindering' what they see as progress and legitimate work practice.

Thus it is God and only God to 'judge' the actions of mortals. So by all means 'speak out' and educate, but do not 'berate' or hinder or you will be 'late' and, - - - the 'Pearly Gate' will be closed before you reach it.

Try and remember that all impositions are God sent, thus if you are being abused, or your livelihood is destroyed because your water is 'fouled' or dries up, then it is simply a fact that you deserve 'such' for, - - - it means that you or your 'servants' have 'destroyed' others or their livelihoods in the past. Be it in this life or another.

As I see it, no 'man' deserves to eat or drink or live in peace, for their 'souls' have all 'sinned' against God, and it is thus that 'earth' is now to 'fall' into total misery and 'enslavement' to dark forces as all 'entwine' with their God sent 'judgement.'

Note: imposition placed by God * - The Source God 'imposes' and 'punishes' man through * the vain, arrogant, and ignorant. Thus are all men 'bound over' to eternal suffering to forces 'greater' than they are. For all men today 'deserve' such treatment for their condoning and participation in the suffering imposed upon others.

Note: through * - The 'punitive' aspect of the Source works 'telepathically' through the minds of the greedy, the vain, the arrogant. These 'men' see not the 'dark' aspect of their actions, and they feel justified in walking 'roughshod' over all in their way. They also see not that they are 'subjects of' God and to be 'subjected to' God's One supreme law: 'As you do is done unto you.'

Thus any other force that is 'called' to intrude 'forcefully' into any confrontation, e.g. the Police in this instance, would also be 'errants' in God's eyes if they in any way either 'forced' others to move, or enforced any punitive 'rule' that resulted in any 'suffering' to an 'offender.' For all in God's eyes would have become offenders, irrespective of their 'role' or uniform.

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~ The 'invader' & the 'activist' ~

As I see it, there is a 'conflict' on my 'doorstep' for I live in this very valley, and the conflict of 'interests' needs a peaceful resolution. Hence this 'outreach' by me to all concerned, as well as the 'greater' world community.

People 'invoke' rules or 'laws' that permit them to intrude and 'legally' disturb the peace of the inhabitants of a 'valley' in another district. This 'invasion' or 'incursion' has many negative results to all 'participants.'

The 'legitimacy' to invade * is 'ill gotten,' and those that use it to take trees from the forest 'reserves' of other inhabitants of the land will themselves be 'barred' from Heaven for their 'defiance' of God's leaven. God says:

"Protect your own spiritual reserve by being respectful to others, and if you 'wish' to take trees from their 'native' habitat then 'by all means' you must not so do. You must first 'ask' and if there is a 'No,' then away you go."

Any 'invasion' of another's district, be it on the land or on the sea, for the purpose of extracting minerals or fish or flora and fauna has a direct 'comeback' upon those carrying out the 'attack.'

Man in positions of 'power' have for so long assumed their right to 'plunder & fight' that they see not their error, nor their own coming 'terror' and, - - - what they need to see is that their 'incursion,' albeit it 'legitimate' in their eyes, arouses the 'ire' of the locals who then become 'vocal' or 'activists' and, - - - they are then 'incited' by their own emotions and thought to 'confront' the intruders.

All this 'action' is negative and leads to pain & loss & despair. Please now desist from the present forest 'practice' wherein rules permit district invasion that leads to confrontation.

If there is 'timber' in a region that is 'distant' to your area, then leave the 'locals' themselves to log it in a reasonable manner as asked by God, or ask if you can 'enter' and jointly or singularly log some of it.

Do not 'assume' that your 'Company' has the 'right' to cross over the land and pillage & rape others 'surrounds.' For no 'mandate' or 'licence' given by any 'system' of man will grant you immunity from God's Justice.

Just remember that in whatever you do, you stand under and within God's 'spotlight' and God sees all you do. Be it true or untrue. Be it disrespectful of others or respectful.

It is disrespectful to 'invade' another's 'space,' and it is also disrespectful to retaliate against the errant 'distant' relation, that may be of your own 'kind' or they may be an overseas invader of another race.

However, what all 'participants' need to see is, that any person being 'invaded' and thus 'disturbed' by another, is a person that has become a person 'liable' to be invaded because they have either invaded others directly or, - - -

Because they have been funding a dark and punitive & warring 'System' of man whose 'personnel' have been engaged in the invasion of others lands. Thus the 'complicity' and spiritual comeback within the singular (One) Law of God:

"As you do or, as your servants do on your behalf, will be done unto you."

The 'lost 'race' of man has been invading and warring for a very long time. Let us now try and 'entwine' with God's command to not 'confront or invade or punish,' and be 'peaceful & respectful & merciful & forgiving,' and to personally cease funding punitive or warring systems of men.

Note: invade * - Because there has existed an 'assumption' on the part of governing 'bodies' that they have the 'rights & jurisdiction' over all the rivers & seas & fish & trees, they assume that they have the right to intrude, and they also 'state' that this intrusion is for your benefit. This falsity is now exposed by me. For no 'body' or 'rule' owns anything, and no 'body' or 'rule' has the 'legality' to impose upon or disturb others. Those that so do 'for and on behalf of' rules or themselves are 'offensive' offenders in God's eyes and VERY unwise.

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~ Police Policy ~
Rule by force of arms

When the local 'Blue Tier' constabulary side with the invaders and arrest some of the protestors and, - - - when they also give a police 'escort' service to the 'log' transport vehicle, it shows that they are a party to the 'invasion' and that they are by proven fact also a 'part' of the 'invading' force.

For if they were true servants of the local people that do pay their wage, they would have stood 'aside' or 'arrested' the incoming invaders, and 'suggested' that they reconsider their incursion into the district in the light of the wishes of the local inhabitants.

It is obvious to those as me that can clearly see, that all mankind is ruled by a 'ruling' class that uses force of arms and 'rules' to do whatever they wish to. All this in the 'guise' of democracy as they say "It is for our mutual benefit."

When will the planetary community see that their 'governor' is an imposition and not their friend? When will the community stop being 'complicit' to this 'skulduggery,' by halting their 'funding' of its army of 'men' and their 'arms' and their 'prisons' that are used against them?

When will the people see that the Police force is not a Peace Corps, but a 'mercenary' and overbearing 'force of arms'? This force is used by Autocratic Dictators that themselves 'invoke' the rules that enable them to steal money from the community 'pot of honey.'

For it is the 'State' government that is invading the community timber reserves for the express purpose of gaining wealth for itself. This wealth in the form of 'taxes' accrued from the 'profits' of the logging company are not for the benefit of the local residents.

They are for 'other' expenses and the funding of 'programs', which are 'over and above' community needs. One thing is for sure, part of these funds are used to pay the wages of the 'Police Army' personnel that 'fight' against the local inhabitants as they are used daily to enforce the extortion and, - - -

Part of this money stolen from the community is to pay the wages of the Judiciary and other 'forces' personnel that also extort money and impose punishment.

When will the 'honourable' members of the Police force see how they are being misused and, - - - when will they realise that God's Law applies to them too? And that they will pay their dues too for being to others untrue.

What the 'officers' of the policing force need to see is that they are being paid a 'mercenary' wage to kidnap community members for the purpose of 'blackmail.'

For any person that refuses to pay the demanded 'ransom fine fee' is punished by incarceration, and their families then also suffer and cannot earn an income.

Do these 'uniformed' mercenaries really believe that their 'mandate' by man exonerates them from their daily iniquities? Do they really 'think' that they are above the Law of their God?

So to you, you, and you untrue I say: "When will you begin to show Mercy & Compassion, instead of helping invaders to steal our pay? And when will you awaken to what I say is coming earth's way"?

For believe it or not I do seek to 'reveal' the Devil's 'plot,' and thus save as many of you 'police' as I can, as well as the souls of the miserable 'politicians' that raise up rude rules that misguide so many as they defy their God.

For too long have the 'elected' assumed their 'right' to fight and abuse others as they rampage over the lands that they hold by force of arms and 'pillage' all the resources, as well as all the 'profits' of the labours of man.

I say that the 'sooner' the Devil collects HIS 'pay' the better, for HE is the one using the vain and arrogant, and HE is the one soon to sweep them away. "Roll on" that soon coming day, when all 'mercenaries' of any 'ilk' are all out of my way.

Note: The people of the Pyengana valley and their saw mill owners are 'forbidden' to take logs from the forest by the very 'System' that is supposed to serve 'it' the local community. At the 'same' time those 'mandated' by this 'governing' body are 'free' to enter and consume all the timber they wish to and, - - - any objection is seen as 'activism' against the State Rules and is 'forcibly' countermanded as the Police ARMY * is called in to sweep away any opposition.

Soon comes the time when all people suddenly realise that the 'Kings and Queens' of 'old' were very unwise. For they all 'assumed' the role of 'Godship' as they by FORCE took control of all 'wealth' in the lands that they by FORCE did control.

It is our God to now 'smash' BY FORCE every extortionist & punitive System of man via the minds of the INSANE. If you cannot 'believe' that our Creator could be so 'untrue' as to be less than merciful & forgiving of those yet in 'sin' living, then so be it, but I do know that the LAW of God is immutable, and every 'sinner' receives a 'Just' and equitable 'serving' of JUSTICE and, - - -

As you all 'scream' for 'Justice' when abused, then you should not be 'unhappy' when it is served up on your plate by the vain and arrogant that soon will you 'shoot' or berate. Yes, the Dark aspect of the Source is the 'inquisitor' that from now on 'begins' to mete out Divine retribution through the minds and hands of the 'simple' ignorant. Whereas it was in the past done via the 'pen' of the 'arrogant' ignorant through their 'Court' sport.

Every 'mind' that is not fortified in the manner 'spoken' of by me will now be 'accessed' telepathically by the very Devil and HIS Demon 'Cohorts,' and be 'robotically' used to 'destroy' all that in their past did employ 'force' in their daily activities.

Note: Police ARMY * - "Who owns the Police Army" - Go to < slavery6.htm#page 20 >

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~ The justification to fight ~

Dear '' - I have been given a pamphlet stating the reasons not to 'log' Coupe NI 114A in the Tasmanian St. Mary's region. I also see that this 'reasoning' has led many people into linking 'hands' and taking 'legal action' against Forestry Tasmania in an attempt to stop the logging.

The reason I write this is multiple, however it is partly due to my 'concern' that many involved in the process of 'retribution' have become embroiled for all the wrong reasons, albeit their 'belief' that they are 'happy' to suffer the consequential 'grief' that follows when they have to attempt to 'meet' their fiscal commitments to the 'legal' teams, especially if they lose their case.

The principle 'wrong' reason is, that God commands us to go our way in 'Peace,' and to be merciful & forgiving to those we believe are 'sinning.' Not only this, but if we disturb the peace of others, then within the 'singular' Law of God it (the disturbance) will 'return' on an 'eye for an eye' basis, and our 'peace' will be disturbed.

So any retributive action via the Court of man though perceived as 'Just or official,' still places the persecutors (you) into the Dark side of God's Law, and any loss of income by Gunn's logging company, costs involved, aggravation, interference etc., will by God be placed upon your 'plate' to 'bear' even if you were to apparently 'win' the case and have the logging halted.

If you and your 'listed' supporters do not win the 'case,' then you will not only have to suffer the burden of the financial costs imposed, but any 'karmic' debts accrued spiritually as given in the above paragraph are also added to your 'spiritual 'debts' in your eternal 'book of life.'

For 'countless' centuries man has found a 'reason' to fight and defy their God. Hence the ongoing escalation of confrontation, pain, suffering, and loss. Man needs to see that when 'he or she' finds a reason to defy God and fight or confront, then this shows God that they are 'unworthy' of life, and their souls pass over into the dark worlds that exist below.

You are all so 'embroiled' in your 'local' affairs that none see the 'bigger picture.' Being that due to your 'funding' of 'punitive' governments, and your condoning of their invasive, intrusive, destructive ways, and other abominations carried out on your behalf even as you sleep, as they destroy the livelihoods of others over the sea, that none of you deserve to have water to drink, trees to give you wood or shade, nor even the 'right' to be 'heard.'

I am the 'bearer' of God's Holy Word, and I suggest that any of you that are still 'sane' with the capacity to 'think' a little clearly, immediately withdraw from any 'punitive' action against any other sister or brother. Even though they may appear vain, insane, unreasonable etc. leave them to God and my pen.

Read my 'forestry' document and then seed your minds with the other wisdom from my sacred pen before you 'enter' Satan's den. The 'end' times are here, and if you believe that the 'loss' of the habitat of 'Velvet worms' is more sacred than the eternal happiness or eternal suffering of your 'spirit soul' then you are insane.

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~ Summary ~

 All land presently known as “State Forest or Crown Land” is to revert back to the inhabitants of the country and to be known as “Public forest resource” or “Public vacant land.” Ownership by “virtue of control” by any governing body ceases planetarily today.

 This also means that any person wishing to freely acquire a “God given acre” is able to so do as “given” by my hand in the “Native Title & Land Rights” document.

 Let no man under any “guise” demand monies from any other, be they in the form of licences, tax, or royalty fees. This applies also to the fish in the sea, and the minerals that will now be mined “freely” on public forest resource and public vacant land outside Public National Parks that will also have free entry access.

 Let the “user” of timber, be they the wood burning home owner, or the timber miller or the chipboard manufacturer now be “of courage,” and stipulate to any that monies off them ask:

 “I now know that I do not have to support your demand, so if you wish to earn money from the fish in the sea, or from the sale of any tree, then take the fishing line or the axe into your own hand, for you too are as I, but a native of this fair land, and as such, you too are free to “personally” cut down a tree.”

 Salaries of all will be “earned” directly from their labours that will be an integral part of logging and reforestation ventures.

There will be no separate “body” waiting to “pounce” on any seeking to harvest timber, and nobody being funded by enforceable taxation who dictates to any other in the guise of “The mandated authority.”

In “whatever” department you be, it’s now the time to clearly see that you need to seek direct employment in the industry, not live as a “leech” on society.

Then your “unique” productivity is worth something I say to thee, and if you have any “special” advice to offer the community, then on the “Internet plate” you may it proffer so all can of it partake.

Please prepare now to defend your soul, not the system of dark control. It is a system untrue and spiritually impoverishes you.

I have ‘laid up’ my simple “Forestry Code” document for the world to see. In it is ‘given’ that there shall from now on be no controlling agency that wastes funds, there will be a ‘body’ of active participating foresters and timber users who will be able to maintain “good forestry practice” planetarily as they “ideas” share.

The “pen” of God.

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