~ Clemencia Barnes found 'guilty as charged' in her 'case' ~ Complaint no: 1490710 ~
The 'end' of the Story.

This is an educational document for all mankind


The judgement of magistrate Brown in a Launceston Court on January 12th 2015 concerning this case was the culmination of some 16 years of 'attacks' by the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) in their monetary demands as 'fines' for Clemencia's refusal to fill in tax returns. The full story with its letters to collection agencies and others is on line at:


Clemencia has 'tested' the 'Freedom of Religion' clause of the Australian and Tasmanian constitutions using my powers of reason solely for the purpose of the elevation of the consciousness of mankind.

The 'case' went 'against her' * and this judgement clearly indicates that the text words within the constitutional Freedom of Religion clauses guaranteeing the ideological rights of the peaceful individual are a deceptive ‘hoax’ because all prosecutors, magistrates, and judges either ignore it or deny IT.

Note: 'against her' * - She was issued with a fine but she advised the Magistrate that she is not going to pay it and to date, July 1 2016 has not paid it and has been left 'alone' so to speak.

Naturally we can if we are strong enough mentally, simply live by our conscience and therefore never pay any taxes or levies nor fines and abide within and OBEY God's Command given to man and so live, we simply suffer any imposed emotional trauma or theft of ones property or other consequence without retaliating if such is imposed by 'wild' armed men.

Since Clemencia and I ignore the demands or punishment factors imposed by the vain, arrogant and ignorant officials this means that WE ARE LIVING by our conscience, faith and religious ideology because NO person can stop us from doing this. We do 'naturally' believe in supporting and funding the provision and use of benign community services.

I need to add here that although she has been found guilty, the 'end of the story' outcome is yet to be seen because no doubt our God will have something to say on the matter and that will only be 'shown' ahead and it will be placed on the 'Religion' page link given above in a month or so.

Other than that, for the reader and those interested in constitutional law or in absolute justice, it would behove you and be of interest to you to read the 5 letters in (green) link ITEMS to the ATO head prosecutor on the above link or at the end of this document.

I trust that every reader finds 'solace' and wisdom within this article and the means to establish their own decisions as to their own loyalty to God and His word and to also find the inner strength and courage of their divine sister Clemencia. Read on:

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~ The Case judgement ~

A heavy 'fine' was imposed and a demand command was given that, within a certain time, she must obey his decree to furnish the ATO with 14 years of tax returns or, be further punished.

The magistrate had used two precedents to deny our spiritual sister (Clemencia) her Constitutional right to live by her conscience, faith and religious ideological belief of absolute pacifism and NOT be terrorised or punished.

Since Clemencia was living by her absolute pacifism ways she believed that she did not have to pay taxes nor to fill out tax returns from 1997 to date 2014 because, - - -

She (Clemencia) having read my on line Testament to humanity in 1996 realised, that every taxpayer funding the system of DARKNESS became complicit to all being done unto others injuriously in their name and on their behalf.

Further, within the immutable Law of return” of God’s “As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you” Law, these taxpayers accrued a painful spiritual due to be met in this or the after-life.

Both the magistrate and the prosecutor need to ask THEMSELVES whether or not the operational mandate regarding the code of conduct granted unto them within the Constitution of their organisation or, the later political decrees evoked grant them the authority to threaten and make demands upon others, more particularly since their demands are backed by force of arms in a coercive attempt to force a person to deny their conscience as well as the command of their God.

This coercion could force them through FEAR to change their ideological belief from one of only supporting PEACEFUL benign community services to that of being forced to begin funding the WAR effort.

As you can all see, the code of conduct policy ordained by the superior authority of the Constitution of Australia and Tasmania actually FORBIDS such coercion by the lower magistrates court or any court, and guarantees the freedom to live by ones religious ideology. See the constitutional pages at the end of this document.

This nature of 'religious ideological belief' case can ONLY be 'heard' legally by the High Court, and for it to be presented as it was to a lowly magistrates court and 'heard and judged' was is of itself a vindictive criminal illegal and coercive activity carried out by the prosecutor and through the collusion of the very arrogant magistrate exceeding his powers.

(Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.)

All magistrates totally ignore the Constitution and the submissions of the people in this respect.

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God's Law and ITS fulfillment - the 'karmic' fate of suffering.

It needs to be clearly understood at the outset of this 'judgement' that the material monetary demands and further threats imposed are not the 'judgement of God' but are the deception of the DARK and ITS 'enticement' via ignorant mortals to extort funds and to entrap Clemencia into 'coughing up' money in order to force her to change her allegiance from Peace to War by beginning to support, condone and fund INIQUITY. (The war machine and killing of others done in the taxpayers name)

Only God's ENERGY, the LIGHT or the DARK are THE LAW. Not 'text' dictates in books.

As you use the benign Light energy in PEACE, a loving expression, you remain within ITS kind and creative "Law of return.'
As you use the malignant Dark energy in WAR, a hateful expression, you remain within ITS cruel and destructive "Law of return.'

The absolutely Just Justice of God's ENERGY in motion when IT so decides to bring 'balance.'
"As you sow so shall ye reap ~ for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"
The Law of 'return' (karma) - what goes round comes around either instantly or EVENTUALLY

The 'karmic' fate of suffering imposed by God during the court process was the emotional liquid TERROR, fear and anxiety felt by the ATO 'victim' (Clemencia) during the 'hearing and judgement' as well as any later 'sleepless nights' as she 'wonders' what will be if she holds 'fast' to her faith and ideological beliefs and rebuffs the orders of the court to "fill out the tax returns and pay up the fines imposed or suffer the further consequence."

The REAL question now is: "Will she or will she not 'pay up' before the 'due' date when in so doing she denies her conscience, faith and belief or, will she hold fast to IT and defy the arrogant prosecutor and his accomplice the magistrate"?

If Clemencia does pay the fines imposed she has 'forgone' her God and joined the 'godless' devilish force of darkness. I hope she is strong enough mentally and emotionally to defy the demands and remain true and loyal to God and His/Her Command to: "Go your way in peace and love one another" and therefore she does not support, condone nor fund the 'opposition.'

I have in fact advised her to pay no fines and to never appear in any court 'house' of the opposite ideological institution because that institution has become a movement to the dark aspect. If she is taken to court forcefully she will certainly not fight such a demand.

Clemencia knows that if she is 'carted off' forcefully against her will and incarcerated or dispossessed from her land that this is simply God's Judgement to set her free spiritually from a past complicity to the causing of harm to others herself or via her servants (state officials) when she was a taxpayer.

She also knows that she must not retaliate, but neither must she assist her persecutors nor give in through paying any money to satisfy their demands. If her oppressors need to take from her then it is up to them to STEAL rather than her personally handing over anything. If she were to give in to their demands and pay them then she would be complicit to their nefarious ways and become spiritually trapped once more.

The prosecutor and the magistrate are already 'proven' GUILTY to treason and anarchy for exceeding the mandate granted to them. All that now remains to be seen is whether or not the Tasmania Police service will become complicit by taking the matter further by enforcing the decrees or 'orders' of the magistrate.

The Tasmania 'peace' personnel should in FACT be arresting all those who defied the constitutional mandate and ensuring that they are subjected to a speedy enlightenment program so that they do not make the same mistake again. If the Tasmania police 'pick up' the cudgel against Clemencia then they are disloyal to their 'sworn' duty to protect THE PEACEFUL and need to be dismissed by being given a dishonourable discharge.

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~ "Who is Clemencia"? ~

She is a 'tiny' meek, mild, gentle 70 year old lass who is also cheerful, bright, bubbly and very energetic. She lives alone with her six chickens in the 'back blocks' of Launceston in Tasmania.

What does she do other than tending her chickens and her vegetable patch? She does her best to assist anyone who is 'troubled' mentally or emotionally and she spent years writing her 'Treatise of Truth' to link the psychiatric world errors of judgement to the spiritual reality of the causes of irrationality and insanity. She is an extremely caring and intelligent lady who as it happens is also my personal secretary.

Clemencia's personal 'Mental health carer's manual' web site is at:

page 4

Why 'on earth' did the ATO decide to persecute and crucify her to be their 'example'? Only God knows but fortunately, she asked me for spiritual guidance on the matter hence my deep interest in the case.

I became her legal and spiritual defence counsel but the prosecutor 'Eddie' and magistrate 'Brown' refused to let me 'speak' and participate on her behalf because they were determined to 'have their way,' and now we can all read about 'white collar' collusion and ILLEGAL CRIMINAL CONDUCT.

I can but also 'trust and hope' that you the 'reader' give these texts more than the cursory glance given by the magistrate because the FINAL destination of your own soul depends upon your comprehension of my words.

As for magistrate Brown, if he continues to deny Clemencia 'her' RIGHTS, then he can take my word for it that he and his eternal destiny is in the hellish realms below. I am the 'ultimate' judge of man not he, for only I have the 'immunity' backing of God as His thoughts become mine during any 'judgement' of man by me.

This means that God's judgement via me is not subjected to the Return aspect of God's punitive Law, whereas the punitive imposition or causing of terror invoked by the court magistrate, officials or enforcers upon the 'accused' does become a spiritual due to be suffered by all involved at a later date.

For a magistrate to ignore their own ruling constitutional mandate is not only a 'dereliction of duty' but a criminal offense and is setting erroneous precedents that mislead and invoke future decisions that are UNLAWFUL.

Do you believe that a magistrate actually and legally owns your body, mind and soul? I say "NO."
Do you believe that a magistrate can legally hold a 'tenet' overruling your God given conscience? I say "NO."
Do you believe that a magistrate has a god-given 'licence' to force you to join his system of belief 'legally'? I say "NO."

I believe that magistrates are simply 'tools' of darkness backed by weaponry and that they are being used by darkness to cause harm, terrorise, impose injury, being mental and emotional trauma or loss of property.

The signature of their 'pen' enables the kidnap of peaceful people from their homes and to transport them and hold them hostage in the court precincts and in prisons. I believe that every one of these activities is a criminal, treasonable and ILLEGAL activity in contravention of the operational mandate of their own institution and most certainly in contravention of God's Command.

I ask: "Why do you fund them and their armed forces back-up"?

I ask you: "Why would I or why should I support or fund an organisation whose officials do their very best to force a 'lady of the light' to deny her conscience and forgo her 'In God I trust' belief and cause her immeasurable mental and emotional suffering for years"? I could never support or fund any person or organisations who cause harm to anyone.

I am personally only interested in educating persons such as Mr. Eddie Storace and Mr. Brown (magistrate) so as to assist them back into respect for the peaceful ideals of others and back to their sanity. If you the reader continue to defy God and continue to support 'madness' then SO BE IT but, - - - do not expect Clemencia or me to support IT.

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~ What is the 'empowerment factor'? ~

The empowerment factor enabling the public to be 'victimised,' hauled into court, controlled, subjugated, terrorised, having their purses emptied (theft of money) and/or being jailed or banished from society or dispossessed of their properly is threefold:

1 - The armed forces of the 'system' named THE POLICE who openly bear arms in public. (Guns)

2 - The indoctrination of THE PEOPLE who now believe in the 'Right' of others to overrule their ideology and to do unto them  'whatever they wish to do.'

3 - The Police service personnel now believe that their DUTY is to political edicts of control and subjugation and enabling extortion, rather than simply upholding their sworn loyalty which is to uphold THE PEACE of the land.

The Police 'factor' is what 'maintains' the whole system of DARKNESS by enabling monetary extortion and the spiritual aspect of causing harm in the area of mental and emotional trauma suffered by their VICTIMS during their interaction. This subjugating and punitive 'warfare' is brazenly carried out in broad daylight. It is in FACT 'daylight robbery' and the criminal imposition of suffering.

The factors 1-2-3 above can only be halted if and when the Police 'adjutant' REALISES that their 'Oath of allegiance' to THE PEOPLE is naught but yet another 'hoax' and they decide to make amends to their God, the people and to themselves.

If the police 'army' wish to continue receiving a wage from the purses of THE PEOPLE they need to quickly amend their ways. Police personnel can also only begin to be CIVIL and 'safe' within God's Law when they can use their conscience and not be 'bound' by the DARK 'rules of engagement' enshrined in rule books of 'justification' and they DISARM and become benign operatives.

Police personnel will only begin to SEEK changes to their 'role' when they begin to BELIEVE in the existence of an invisible Sovereign Monarch (God) and comprehend the NATURE of the ENERGY ESSENCE of said God (The Source) and ITS superior LAW OF RETURN. (Benign creative or malignant destructive all-knowing energy in motion)

Until 'that' day all I say is that, ANY person continuing to support by vote to condone or fund THE police force or THE political force or THE army are daily accruing a very 'heavy' and painful due of loss and suffering and this applies to those above named officials.

God's LAW is inviolate and IMMUTABLE

Extremists are persons willing to be extreme and unconscionable to the point of killing others in defiance of God and His Command be they named 'terrorists' or are simply ignorant of arrogant 'fellows' mandated by political decree such as the police officials. All are of the same 'dark' ilk.

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Police MUST now themselves OBEY the Constitution and ONLY haul IN persons of 'interest,' being persons who do disturb the peace of others or who are engaged in immoral activities. These are to be educated and 'enlightened' as per the dictates within my 'Offender document Seminar.'

The police must no longer be the 'muscle' for extortionists such as Eddie Storace and magistrate Brown who CAUSE terror and impose demands and coercive threats and punishment upon THE PEACEFUL.

TOTAL obedience to THE Command of God is the only way to avoid an eternal visit to HELL therefore, the education of the 'offensive' such as those named above, as well as many others, is essential.

The police are presently the 'backbone' of THE DARK ENERGY of the Source and supporting ITS 'War' against the people as IT (The Dark) uses the ignorant and arrogant to 'balance its books.' (Scales of Justice) None realise that: "All they do punitively unto others will be done punitively unto them by others."

As this 'time of advent' of the 'Return unto man' spiritual LAW emanating from THE SOURCE is unseen and unknown by man, it is not within their 'view' or range of understanding however, for those of you with common-sense, you should be able to comprehend the nature of the ABSOLUTE JUSTICE of ENERGY RETURN by understanding that anyone causing harm to God's children will be forced to suffer EXACTLY the same harm they imposed.

Understand that all you DO lovingly or vengefully to another child of GOD becomes your spiritual DUE.

I sincerely hope that the Police 'Chiefs of Staff' can now begin to be TRUE to their 'calling' by upholding the PEACE and not remaining the ones to assist the white-collar thieves who STEAL by criminal intent from THE peaceful.

The 'colours' displayed by the Police are BLUE, being the colour of PEACE, but sadly I now see that it has become contaminated by 'darkness,' and the 'majesty' of the 'peace corps' is now stained with the BLOOD RED of War, a war which they daily wage against their own community.

Soon, for reasons known only by me but exposed to humanity on my web site, the people of all nations will 'rise up' through fear and anger at their oppressors because few indeed understand that non-retaliation when confronted is required by God and that very few are absolute pacifists such as Clemencia and myself.

Due to their fear they will know that any armed men arriving at their door be they police in uniforms or I.S.I.L waving black flag or any other flag are a deadly 'danger' to them and they will not hesitate to shoot or kill anyone seeking to detain them or harm their family members.

My 'pen' warns ALL 'gun-toting' people to DISARM and become 'the godly' displaying their inner charm of peace not the sword so that a TRUE 'peace corps' can be deployed and not 'feared' by the people for police are presently 'killers' to anyone failing to obey their 'orders.'

The truly loyal to God and honourable pacifist persons will assist in the education, enlightenment and upliftment of offenders rather than punishing them.

Terrible indeed is the suffering and devastation that is now to become the NORM globally.

I need to make it very CLEAR both here and at the end of this 'paper' that if the armed force police service officers of Tasmania or any others take up the 'cudgel' to enforce the demands of the prosecutor or magistrate 'Brown' or, any other make any 'move' against Clemencia to enforce said demands then, - - -

It is proof to THE PEOPLE that those individuals are complicit to illegal criminal activity and to anarchy and to treason against the Sovereign Authority of the State Constitution, a Constitution which guarantees 'Freedom of religious practice' and further, - - - it is proof to God THE Sovereign Power of their 'infidelity' and He (God) THE invisible spiritual energetic Power now states:

"Any person on earth who takes up the 'cudgel' against My daughter Clemencia for any reason by 'reason' of their ACTIONS will find their soul and eternally living 'being' created by Me consigned to the abyss of eternal damnation and hellfire."

So sayeth our God via my mind and His sacred 'pen.'

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"Who" I ask are you? Are you a person walking blindly in ignorance professing by mouth or 'rituals' to be a 'good' and loyal person to God or Allah or Buddha or your 'calling' or, are you by deed (activity) causing harm 'officially or unofficially,' by aiding white-collar thieves or, - - -

Are you ONE of the TRULY TRUE who adore their CREATOR and by daily deeds (activities) ABIDE IN (conform with) His Command of 'peace and love and mercy and compassion and forgiveness' and are THUS redeeming your own soul and therefore factually being ON the road to Salvation?

God's ENERGY IS REAL - the LIGHT creates - the DARK destroys.

If you deploy the dark energy understand that said dark energy forever seeks to destroy you for your arrogance until such time as all your debts to IT have been met and then, and only when IT is satisfied in having balanced IT'S 'Scales of Justice' does IT leave you alone.

In this 'case' of the ATO prosecutor v/s Clemencia, it showed me very clearly that there is NO democracy and NO freedom of religious belief (expression) allowable to man within the Constitution of the government institution or other 'rules of engagement' within their other 'rules, decrees' edicts or laws' in their recorded 'text' statutes because:

1 - The 'sin' in man being their negative emotions of greed, avarice, vanity, ego, self-importance and feelings of 'absolute power' have 'edged God out' as Clemencia puts it.

It is thus that through the souls of men such as magistrate Brown and prosecutor Eddie Storace that pure liquid arrogance 'shines through' their minds in a way not dissimilar to the minds of I.S.I.L leaders and all 'terrorists' who are all backed by FORCE OF ARMS as they choose to deny ones legal rights.

These are men who know NO God because they take a mercenary wage to deny their conscience and simply follow 'text' orders or punitive 'rules of engagement' in books or through their own thoughts which inspire them and drive them into savagery and later into HELL.

None of these individuals can 'permit' ANYONE to live by their peaceful ideology and neither can they 'allow' the Constitutional mandate of their own institution to sway their 'bondage to the dark.'

2 - The 'Sin' in man of FEAR or reprisal and ignorance in the greater populace is now so great that they cannot deny or defy the armed forces because of fear of reprisal, loss, deprivation and great suffering.

Neither have they been able to see 'how' they have become subjugated and enslaved and controlled by the ENDLESS political rules named 'the law' by MEN. It is my pen (God's) to enlighten everyone.

None can now see nor comprehend that the REAL invisible and invincible "LAW of equal Return" of God exists, and that everyone is presently TRAPPED and revolving within ITS Dark and punitive aspect because everyone is supporting ITS activities and all are defiant of God's "Love one another" Command. Only when revolving within the 'Light, love and peace' aspect do we receive an  equal return of LOVE, PEACE AND HAPPINESS.

All are either causing terror and injury personally or through complicity to the actions of their servants. Politicians, magistrates, police and armed forces enforcers and other officials. I revert back now to the case at hand of the ATO v/s Clemencia:

page 8

This 'Lady of the Light' Clemencia was found 'Guilty' of failing to fill out tax returns and thus failing to fund the war-mongering institution named 'the government' even though she was LEGALLY within her RIGHTS to live by her conscience, belief and absolute pacifist religious ideology.

This RIGHT is clearly stipulated within the Constitution of the organisation 'served' by said magistrate, but similarly to other 'cases,' she Clemencia was denied her rights and the 'clown of a magistrate' (Mr. Brown) showed the whole world that he is an anarchist and a treasonable one for failing in his DUTY to his 'wage' by simply ignoring the facts that:

1 - Constitutional matters of faith can only be 'heard and judged' LEGALLY by the High Court of his organisation and thus magistrate Brown performed an illegal activity as did the commonwealth prosecutor by even entertaining a hearing of this case.

2 - It follows that the magistrate was in collusion with the prosecution and due to his 'judgement' it follows that the Tasmania police service become complicit to this ILLEGAL  activity through ANY involvement.

3 - The magistrate refused to permit Clemencia any legal counsel to speak on her behalf because he was prompted to deny this by the request of the Commonwealth public prosecutor, to which he agreed.

This clearly indicates the collusion and all I can say is that the 'hearing' was naught but a FARCE and what YOU the taxpayers need to see is that all the 'terror' felt by the court victim (Clemencia) becomes your due because you are responsible for all the activities of your SERVANTS which includes magistrates and any others imposing emotional or other HARM.

You are all 'Guilty' in the eyes of THE CREATOR for defiance of HIM.

The political decrees named 'the law' or the 'book of rules' should in fact be named: "The book of devilish justification." I do know that every last one of these 'books' of statutes used globally will soon be consigned to the fire in every land by extremely angry men who will 'finally' realise that they have been 'conned' into slavery and subjugation and monetary extortion by power hungry warmongering men of NO conscience backed by the GUN.

Why will said books be destroyed? Because that is the judgement of our God who will soon set TRUE believers in "Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness" free from bondage to the Dark energy and ITS earthly enforcers.

By now every reader should be able to see that greedy avaricious men are openly dragging 'innocents' off the streets using the backing of armed citizens - police - who are supposed to be paid to 'protect' the population. Said victims are openly terrorised, threatened and coerced into emptying their purses and forced to change their religious ideological belief.

This indeed is the 'foulest' of iniquities because the truly peaceful are entitled to obey their God and find their way to Paradise and furthermore what the taxpayer needs to comprehend is that all this iniquity is being sanctioned by them and done in their name and on their behalf and this means that each and every one of them (taxpayers) is factually ON the wide road to hell and ongoing suffering within the immutable Law of Return of God.

Ask yourself:

"Why would a TRUE believer in God condone, support and fund by taxes any person or institution run by unconscionable, cruel, vindictive and ungodly swine in their DARK, intimidating, destructive, cruel, injurious and inhumane ACTIVITIES"?

page 9

~ The only solution ~

Since I AM HE the eternal 'Judge' of God I am now to state herein categorically what each and every public or official person MUST do if they 'wish' to extricate themselves from their present abominable destination of HELL and eternal TORMENT.

1 - Bow in TOTAL obedience to God's Command and BE loving, kind, charitable, peaceful and merciful unto all.

2 - Forgive every perceived 'enemy' and if any person strikes you down you must 'turn the other cheek' and 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' if you are to be crucified. This means that you never retaliate when faced with adversity and you never use the court of man or other forceful powers to bring others to 'account.'

3 - You must never pay the wages of any person or organisation that bears 'arms' and who thereby defy God as they interfere, control, subjugate, threaten, coerce, detain, punish, disposes, steal, banish, injure or KILL.

This means that from TODAY you never again fill out any tax returns and never again pay any taxes.

If you are an employer you must NOT deduct any monies from the pay packets of your employees nor add any GST to your goods on sale for and on behalf of any other person or organisation.

4 - You must never pay any other person or organisation any operational licence 'fee' being their 'permit of permission' tax before you can operate. You simply get ON with your life and business with God as your 'council.'

5 - If you seek to 'build' something you must never ask 'permission' from any other but you may ask and pay for ADVICE.

6 - From this day forth (20th January 2015 - 0019 True light) you simply and ONLY pay for the services you need, want or desire to use or support but, - - -

These services you use or support must ONLY be benign and you therefore cannot pay for police 'protection' or protection by other 'armed forces' as you now rely solely on God to protect you.

Note: God only protects you when you have paid up all past dues to Him. Prior to that time it is He your 'enemy' and it is His dark forces who will persecute and harm you for your use of His dark energy you imposed upon others.

You may pay the wages of a 'pure peace corps' of unarmed loyal men or women who may haul in anyone who is disturbing the peace or who is carrying out immoral activities. (drug dealers etc,) These you must educate and counsel as per the 'Feeling Easier Seminar.' (Offender document Item - 1)

Naturally we all need 'public' roads and schools and hospitals and care facilities for the aged but these must, from now be funded directly by donations from the wise in every local community rather than by any government 'body' that would make use of public funds for anti-peace or anti-god activities.

Since Council 'rates' are a land TAX as well as being the means for the control of people and the interference in their affairs and their punishment for non-conformity to council rules, all payments to Council coffers must CEASE today. Your payments to Council are being used to intimidate, restrict, interfere, punish and control others in the community.

As said, we need the provision of BENIGN local community services, so you can only remain in God's Light in funding those aspects directly. It is now up to those seeking to work in a BENIGN Council of local elders to themselves 'burn the rule books' and begin again in a godly manner that contains NO punitive factor attached to any information. Only the giving of ADVICE will be tolerated by God.

page 10

~ Are my above words a threat to society or the system of government? ~

My above words are NO 'threat to' nor will they 'bring down' any government because escalating INSANITY and 'grave' unseen global confrontation, conflict and other events is what will soon bring everything to a HALT.

My words are to PREPARE all so that together, everyone can BEGIN to bring IN the coming NEW AGE of PEACE, an age which is to BE after the destruction and separation of souls is completed. It is time for some of 'us' to begin to implement the  'better' and TRUE way of living and moving forward as our God commands.

The 'vote' for a man to rule via the 'system' is what keeps mankind in BONDAGE to the Dark powers and ITS system of absolute control and subjugation. When you ONLY have God as your head of house you simply get ON with your life as God Commands which means you move peacefully, courteously, kindly, charitably, mercifully and compassionately and you never interfere in the lives of others other than to give advice if asked and by providing help in a caring way if you so wish to.

Man has been defiant of the instruction from THE LIGHT source of God for aeons of time and THE DARK source of God is now to inflict the imposition of the negative and punitive aspect to a greater degree than ever before seen and this will be done via the mind and hands of the vain, arrogant and ignorant and this is why: - - -

The PURE EVIL DARK ENERGY is to be seen here and there and everywhere as liquid INSANITY and 'devilry' will erupt from demonic forces in hell via the the mind of everyone who denies my 'pen' and ITS Wisdom.

My final advice to you the reader is that you need to seed your minds with my wisdom so that you comprehend the power and majesty of THE DARK as IT is the ONE aspect of THE SOURCE our God.

IT not only is now to 'balance its books' but as IT IS PURE DECEPTION, at the same time, IT tries to keep you on ITS 'string' and IT does this by JUSTIFYING in your mind the need for YOU to keep using ITS forceful destructive power so that IT can keep YOU in ongoing SUFFERING within ITS 'Law of equal return.'

The present reality is that YOU are ONLY free to go about your daily business by paying endless taxes to ITS earthly 'men.' When you halt this extortion, then IT (The Dark) will 'call-in' all your outstanding dues to IT that you have accrued for supporting IT.

True believers must now simply turn their backs to ITS 'servants' by simply NOT paying any fines or taxes or levies or stamp duties or even any public street parking meter levies.

If you receive a 'fine' notice place IT into the fire. If you receive a notice demanding that you make a court appearance simply ignore it.

NO 'man' is empowered by THE LIGHT of God to RULE or punish anyone.

The result of a persons defiance to extortion or other non-conformity to man-made demands of armed men is that if God so 'wills,' then you will be emotionally stressed and possibly have goods stolen or find yourself incarcerated. This simply means that you are paying your outstanding DUES TO GOD for what you or your servants did unto others before.  When emotional stress is high quietly suffer IT in non-retaliation because in so doing you will become FREE spiritually as God elevates you once 'miserable' non-believing soul funding iniquity through ignorance.

page 11

All 'terrorists' ARE the dark punitive force of God in action via the minds of the 'lost' therefore if you join their 'party' then you become as they are, one of the eternally damned.

Understand that whether it is the ATO prosecutor (persecutor) or the punitive magistrate Mr. Brown, or the I.S.I.L killers of men beheading their victims or, whether it is the border patrol 'guards' restricting the freedom of movement of people roaming the earth, it is all one and the same 'destructive dark force' in ACTION via the ignorant.

None of the prosecutors or magistrates are aware of the fact that they are terrorising their victims and that they are therefore the 'dark's' men in action. They assume that their 'position' of office, badge of authority, wage taken or mandate of others mortals excuses their activities or legalises them. That is truly error of BELIEF and is the religious doctrine of the DARK leading to the eventual death of the soul.

Man now needs to comprehend that the invisible superpower, God, having both the benign and destructive elements of energy is in control of the Court of man and consequently, the courts are the 'playpen' of THE devilish Dark Sovereign Power (God) so foolish indeed are you if you answer His 'call' to appear - - -

I only go there to offer my counsel to the 'lost' magistrate in an attempt to get him to see his error but to date, the arrogance of the magistrates and the control over their minds by HE (God) the invisible one is so great that any missives placed before them on a plate of LIGHT are dismissed and not even read.

The Dark force (known as evil) has been and yet is ACTIVE daily via the mind, hands and decrees of all chiefs, kings, queens, emperors, dictators and political legislators and their officials. You must not confront them with the same 'repulsive' force of God they ignorantly use and therefore become more bound by IT themselves.

Simply prepare to suffer your fate as they berate or crucify you. Never fund their 'war chest' coffers because this would mean that you have joined their 'religious ideology' of extortion, control, interference, punishment, causing injury or killing.

Just OBEY your God and go your way in PEACE as does Clemencia and myself and a few others.

I want everyone to know THE REALITY OF "What's going on" and "What's coming to earth" and the "How and why" and especially "What each must do to protect their MINDS and therefore their SOULS.

Taxpayers need to understand that they are paying the wages of other people (state enforcers) to STEAL and use God's DARK energy one their behalf. The resultant complicity to all the interference, control, subjugation, injury and destruction caused in the name of the taxpayer is what keeps EVERYONE working for THE DARK and suffering the consequence within THE LAW of Dark energy. Why is it so? Because from BIRTH everyone is taught to FIGHT rather than being taught to ONLY be loving and using God's LIGHT.

The 'faith of the faithless' is the religious ideology of control, interference, subjugation, punishment and war.

I remind everyone that the implementation of the benign or malignant energy of God is in action at all times and that ITS Light flows forth from the benign emotions in man in their loving and charitable actions and fulfills ITS 'Law of return' upon someone deserving of that.

The Dark punitive energy of God intrudes forcefully through the minds and 'Sin' of the vain, the arrogant and the ignorant to mercilessly impose ITS penalty of punitive judgement upon all who so imposed upon others in their past.  ('SIN' is the negative emotions in man - God's dark energy)

This Dark forceful power operates through the hands and 'pen' of prosecutors and magistrates and enforcers. It operates through the hands of 'wife bashers.' It operates through the 'voice' of the critical, the judgemental, the angry, the jealous, the fearful and the hateful.

page 12

Indeed every 'sufferer' of any punitive activity is simply receiving their DUES owed to IT (The dark) being God THE Father for having used His 'forbidden to use' forceful energy and having imposed the same upon others in this life time or in their past pre-life time when they were in the realm of 'spirit' where they will return to or, having been imposed upon others by their servants. (State officials)

Woe indeed for taxpayers.

Since God's Dark energy is total deception, its earthly forces (users thereof) are cruel, merciless, unforgiving, liars, deceivers, thieves and murderers who do NOT even follow their own 'text books' of RULES because they are backed by the POWER of armed forces and consequently they believe in their invincibility and RIGHT to RULE and overrule and punish and subjugate and enslave YOU.

The forceful power they use is THE POWER OF GOD and IT is ABSOLUTE JUSTICE wielded by 'infidels' (non-believers in God's command) who 'happily' impose God's 'will' upon others. However, they do not see that ahead, the SAME Justice is to BE imposed upon their OWN heads and also upon YOURS if you FUND their 'ways.'

The whole 'globe' is now to 'fall' into disarray' as God's Wrath explodes and anyone failing to now BOW to God as Clemencia and I do, will continue to fight on and on and on forever in the underworld of eternal suffering. STOP funding or supporting the imposition of PUNISHMENT and 'turn the other cheek' if abused.

All imposition of mental or emotional trauma or physical suffering or loss are sanctioned and imposed by our God through the mind and hands of IGNORANT SINNERS and this means that all 'warriors', be they legally mandated by politicians or those such as the I.S.I.L clan chief or other community members are ALL 'sanctioned' by the punitive aspect of God or Allah or any other named deity. (Source)

None of these 'extremist' persons REALISE that their DARK inner emotions (Sin) are the DARK energy essence of THE SOURCE, God the Father and this is the forbidden to use 'fruit' of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Only HE is entitled to use IT for only HE is above the 'Law of Return' for the use of His energies.

If you have any of the Dark 'essence' in your soul (Sin) then you are GUILTY of stealing IT through supping on IT (using IT in your interaction with others) and you will 'die in your sin' so to speak because ITS domain IS IN THE UNDERWORLD and ITS weight, vibration and POWER is what drags your soul DOWN and away from the Light of Paradise as your spirit exits the biological flesh.

There is a way OUT of your predicament but ONLY if you NOW 'listen to the words from my pen' and HALT your use of dark energy.

 If you fight or forcefully 'oppose' your oppressor you are in FACT opposing God, for it is HIS force of darkness simply seeking to 'balance its books' and set you FREE.

You ONLY become free when IT is 'satisfied.' All the times when you FAILED to 'turn the other cheek' and you cause your oppressors HARM you are simply accruing more karmic debts to THE DARK ENERGY of God and you are also drawing IN more dark energy into your soul and your spiritual destiny ends up becoming deeper into the dark realms.

Since God FORBIDS the use of His dark energy essence, that being His forceful destructive POWER, the use thereof FOR ANY REASON is a criminal and illegal activity punishable by spiritual death in the underworld.

I cannot make it any clearer than THAT.

The END of this 'story' is not yet completed because the Court 'orders' signed by magistrate Brown have as yet not been delivered to Clemencia yet (22nd January 2015) and the result of her coming 'non-compliance' is yet to be seen. I will place that 'consequence' up on the web pages as Update 27 in the months ahead at: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/religion.htm

This is the "last call" from our God to you all.

page 13

Added notes to assist the reader

The 'Sin' in man (God's dark emotional energy) gives man the impression that it is chivalrous to defend self and others and to protect people from being abused through their imposition of injury and suffering and causing of harm to the 'opposition.'

Man does not see that the JUSTIFICATION of this 'justice' or their rebuffing or vengeance or punitive retribution also stems from the DARK emotional energy.

Man also fails to see that IT the DARK is only 'terrorising or attacking' in meting out retributive violence to those who had used ITS energy against others at a prior time.

Understand that IT is absolutely justified in meting out ITS 'Law of return' balancing of energy. (Absolute justice IS God's Law of equal return in action via anyone IT the dark energy can use and which includes the weak minded, arrogant, the immoral and unconscionable or mercenaries paid a wage to defy God)

The fact is that there is NEVER any 'battle' of THE GOOD v/s THE EVIL, for all combatants are FORCES OF EVIL IN ACTION irrespective of their personal 'belief' around the issue of their legitimate justification or mandate to persecute, intimidate, punish or destroy others.

Man also fails to see that as he uses this Dark invisible energy that some of IT grows within his soul and this (sin) is what drags his soul down into the underworld where IT continues to grow within like a cancer because man can no longer stop his use of IT. (Powerful negative dark energy)

All whom wield the punitive SWORD are infidels (non-believers) who either do not believe in the existence of God or, who have been deceived or, who have forgotten God's Holy Word of : "Peace, not the sword, love one another and be merciful, compassionate, respectful and charitable and forgive those who persecute and terrorise you."

These 'sorry' arrogant or deluded souls are by God now to be cast into the PIT of oblivion. Those of you who now continue to by 'tax or tithe' are people who fund others who use the sword to terrify or cause harm to other children of God. These persons will also be 'so' terrified and abused.

All Kings, Queens, Chief, Mandarins, Emperors, politicians, magistrates and their armed enforcers who use legislation to 'overrule' God's holy Command ARE living swine to now be exposed by ME and deposed eternally by THE REAL Sovereign Authority, God.

Why are they all swine? Because they deny the Command of God through their vanity and arrogant 'sin,' because they believe in their right to defy God and use God's destructive energy against others who fail to bow to their decrees.

Note: God's forceful destructive energy - Is the forbidden by God to use "Fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil."

All who have read this epistle who cannot halt their support of INIQUITY today will most certainly be lost for all eternity in the hellish reams of agony below.

page 14

Never criticise or mock anyone or punish or abuse them through your 'belief' that they are worth 'less' than you or evil or contemptible in one way or if in your mind they are in need of punitive correction.

Why? Because the energy flowing through them and which causes your mind to 'condemn' them is in fact the DARK energy of the Source (God) and IT finds your criticism as a condemnation of IT and IT IS PERFECT in every way, even though IT is seen by you as in error or evil or whatever.

As you 'insult' the DARK energy essence of THE CREATOR it is HE to become your enemy because as you 'judged' His DARK energy so shall you be judged and you cannot 'win' against HIM. Treat all others with compassion and mercy and respect.

The only way to assist their 'being' is through kindness and education as you teach them to try and halt their use of God's DARK energy essence. (All are sinners using God's Dark forceful energy)

Try and understand that when you criticise or mock or condemn or judge another, it is you using God's 'forbidden to use' DARK energy and IT can and does destroy your soul.

Try and understand that it is INSOLENCE for ANYONE to defy God and it is INEXCUSABLE to use His forceful destructive power against any of His children irrespective of their irrational or violent or destructive ways. Love them and educate them or 'die in your sin.'

Not far away is THE day when there are NO borders on any land and NO 'guards' of inquisitor immigration or customs officials and NO passports and NO kings nor emperors and NO politicians nor popes nor priests nor clerics nor any 'named' religion such as Islam, Christianity or Buddhism.

There will only be God's 'enlightened' children roaming FREE o'er land or sea PEACEFULLY, as they conform with the instruction within the doctrine of the ONE True Faith organisation, The Testament of Truth and the Command of God: "Go your way in peace and love one another."

Those who now continue to interfere, control, subjugate, punish or fight will have 'swept' each other from the face of the earth and into the eternal DARK NIGHT to continue ON in their vengeful way until they BURN in the eternal FIRE.


I repeat, I need to make it very CLEAR both here and at the end of this 'paper' that if the armed force police service officers of Tasmania or any others take up the 'cudgel' to enforce the demands of the prosecutor or magistrate 'Brown' or, any other make any 'move' against Clemencia to enforce said demands then, - - -

It is proof to THE PEOPLE that those individuals are complicit to illegal criminal activity and to anarchy and to treason against the Sovereign Authority of the State Constitution, a Constitution which guarantees 'Freedom of religious practice' and further, - - - it is proof to God THE Sovereign Power of their 'infidelity' and He (God) THE invisible spiritual energetic Power now states:

"Any person on earth who takes up the 'cudgel' against My daughter Clemencia for any reason by 'reason' of their ACTIONS will find their soul and eternally living 'being' created by Me consigned to the abyss of eternal damnation and hellfire."

So sayeth our God via my mind and His sacred 'pen.'

Terence - God's Plenipotentiary

page 15

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

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