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~ The GOD Factor ~
mans court of punitive justice

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It needs to be understood by mortal man that the 'God factor' exists in this land, being the 'return' aspect of His "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law in operation at the time and in the place that HE so decides. It is even 'active' when a person is simply in a conversation with another on a street.

In this document I do not speak much of the 'loving' and kindly 'eye for an eye' return aspect but of the PUNITIVE return aspect imposed by God for any negative, deceptive, injurious, spurious or punitive activity of man.

If a man (A) is walking on a street and asks another man (B) for directions, then if (A) had deceived others in their past, it follows that (B) if in a bad mood and feeling negative, could be inspired by THE DARK to tell a lie and deceive (A) and he will give a false direction to (A). At this moment (A) receives his 'comeuppance' return within God's Law and (B) takes ON the spiritual debt and ahead one day will also be deceived. 

So this 'eye for an eye' punitive return does not only occur within a court room when a person (magistrate) judges another for God, albeit the magistrate knows it not. * The magistrate may believe that he is God's instrument but is ONLY using his 'rules,' thus for the theft of an 'egg' a person could be transported from the United Kingdom to Tasmania. That is not 'justice,' for God's Justice would be the 'return' payment of a single egg. So transportation for 'life' is the 'God' imposition for a similar activity of the individual pre-birth in another realm etc.

Note: albeit the magistrate knows it not. * - Example: If you are 'fined' $200 for failing to wear a seat belt, that 'fine' punishment has naught to do with failing to wear a seat belt, but is to do with your supporting by 'vote' and the funding of a dark system which fines others in your name and on your behalf and, - - - as the magistrate extorts this money from you 'legitimately' in his mind, he accrues a similar return 'due to God' within God's Law and will have the 'same' extorted from him in later years or in the after life and also suffer the result of having impoverished the other.

Regrettably, if you pay this fine, then you are also complicit to funding a punitive system in contravention of God's: "Peace & love & mercy & forgive" Command and you ahead, will again suffer some loss for funding a punitive system which causes harm and financial loss to others. This applies to the Police and all complicit to the 'case.'

Man needs to see that ANY punitive measure is simply the works of the Dark (devilish) aspect of THE SOURCE in operation through the mind of a 'sinner.' A person who is 'happy' to be ITS retributive 'arm' because they feel justified in so doing or they take a wage to so do. (30 pieces of silver) Be they the man in the street or the ignorant police prosecutor or the 'judge' working for a wage forcing them to defy God.

The main 'thrust' of this document is to do with the court of man which is a place where armed men 'back up' the punitive justice meted out by a magistrate. It is my TASK for our God of Light to expose the REALITY of what takes place in any court of man, a place where some are 'empowered' by THE DARK to be 'IT' in action and to cause harm, loss, mental and emotional suffering etc.

All this being a contravention of God's Command unto man and placing all complicit into the RETURN aspect of God's immutable Law. Indeed, it returns upon the 'head' of the police, magistrate and all others complicit, being the taxpayers who fund the PUNISHMENT as well as the 'ignorant' person who pays the fine imposed by the magistrate.

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If you are foolish enough to pay a fine then you are funding iniquity, thus you are helping the DARK in ITS interaction with others in helping IT to cause harm to others in the community. Thus you must never pay any fine but take any alternative imposed by the enforcers and never retaliate.

All society is now revolving deeper and deeper in THE DARK jurisdiction of God. The result is: Greater the fine and punishment imposed by God using His earthly 'demonic' forces - - - administrators of 'punitive justice' and YOU, if you are condoning, supporting or funding punitive measures.

What is the ONLY way out of this terrible predicament of escalating PUNISHMENT and travail? You must never disturb the peace and never cause harm to others and never be involved in any punishment. This applies to all civilians, police and magistrates. Everyone in Fact. No person of any 'station' in life stands above or beyond the 'reach' of God's "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you" LAW.

"Why" I ask do you go to a 'Court' of man when 'summonsed' to answer a 'charge' for the purpose of being fined or given other punishment? Why 'aid' these people making said demand and 'report' to their Court when in so doing, - - - you are aiding them in disobeying God?

All police, prosecutors and magistrates are defiant of God and do NOT have the 'right' to control you nor punish you. They ONLY have the God-given right to have you educated if you have disturbed the peace so as to assist in your rehabilitation.

A 'fine' is a RANSOM. (Pay the ransom and remain at liberty or, - - - go to jail) A Ransom is simply monetary EXTORTION. Never pay any 'fine' because if you so do, you are funding CRIMINAL activity carried out by the vain, arrogant and ignorant. I only go to Court when summonsed so as to 'face' my persecutors and TRY and get them to see the error of their ways as I do my best to EDUCATE them. I never pay fines imposed.

Never go to the house of any other person for the purpose of being 'judged' by them as 'guilty' of disobeying their 'rules' or 'ways' and to be punished. This also applies to any 'Court' house for IT is a place of 'ill' repute. Stay at home and let your persecutors come to you. Only agree to go to a reputable 'house' of EDUCATION and REHABILITATION operated by SANE and kind & compassionate & merciful people havening an 'interest' is assisting you.

As said, never freely participate in any ACTIVITY which is for the purpose of control, subjugation, intimidation, coercion, extortion or punishment.

If you are 'summonsed' to 'appear' and 'show cause' as to 'why' you are 'not guilty' as 'charged,' then simply put the 'summons' into the FIRE and ignore ITS demands and go your way in PEACE as God commands. If God wants you 'arrested' or jailed then HE will send IGNORANT 'infidels' (non-believers) to your door to do His bidding. What they do unto you will by Him be done unto them at a later date in this life or the next realm.

It is the TIME for all humanity to SEE that the earthly punitive 'Judiciary' is an ILLEGAL activity in God's eyes. All who condone, support and fund IT are ON the wide road to Hell, for ITS 'principles and practices' are in contravention of God's Command unto man.

God's punitive 'arm' of meting out divine retribution with His 'eye for an eye' Law of equal Return overrides the rules of man or 'court' of man. God's DARK forces are very intrusive and all powerful and they operate as quick as a flash here or there or anywhere through the MIND of any who have 'sin' within, being the telepathic access point. All 'bashings' or other negative interaction of man are the intrusive inspiration of THE DARK operating through the mind of the ignorant via the 'Sin' (dark emotions) in man. (Telepathic subjugation of the mind of man by demonic forces)

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~ Dictatorship ~

There is no democracy on earth and all government institutions operate as dictatorships controlling the people using rules or edicts backed by force of arms. (Weapons) All government institutions are terrorist organisations imposing their dictates and everyone bows to said dictates through fear of reprisal for non-conformity. There is NO 'freedom of religion' or conscience or belief unless one is prepared to go their way 'alone' and suffer the consequence.

The only 'belief' permitted by state rules is the extortionist and punitive and warring ideology dictated by the political or other 'heads.' All rules force people to be unconscionable and to defy God's 'love & peace' command through funding state officials who go forth in the name of the taxpayers and cause harm to OTHERS.

The SIN in man: fear, pride, vanity, greed etc., are the problem because through these emotions man is led astray in so many ways. As man 'sins' man draws In more dark energy of God and ultimately falls into the eternal FIRE where the dark energy man drew IN is consumed as IT is the 'fuel' for the fire. Ones Light core having ones consciousness is indestructible but IT cannot escape the agony to which IT is being exposed to. (Indeed the soul and its consciousness lives on forever)

Now begins the END DAYS Tribulations and the 'blame game' will intensify. Irrational acts will increase and man will find many reasons to blame others and take retributive action in defiance of God's Command to; 'forgive thine enemy and extend mercy.' Chaos and more suffering will ensue.

A prime example is the recent 'downing' of MH-17 in Ukraine, with the 'blame' placed on Russia and 'Putin' because it appears that the missile weapon used was built in and supplied by Russian forces to the 'insurgents.'

People need to realise that many major and many 'minor' countries such as Australia manufacture and supply or deploy 'horrific' weapons globally. The weapons certainly cause great harm every week, especially those millions of anti-personnel explosive devices littering many places. Explosives deployed by by both the 'East' & the 'West' including Australia and all 'allies' to the USA. Why do we not hear 'complaints'? Because the hundreds of children and adults continuing to be maimed weekly every year are mainly the poor and of non-western origin.

More to the point, we need to consider the facts being, that the weapons deployed are one thing, but what of the MINDS of the persons pulling the trigger or releasing the 'bombs' or the minds of those giving the 'orders' to go forth and KILL?

Why do these people DO these unconscionable punitive and RETRIBUTIVE things? From 'whence' come the thoughts into their minds JUSTIFYING the meting out of untold suffering and destruction to others? These thoughts flow UP into the mind of arrogant and ignorant man from the Source of Darkness, GOD. It is divine Justice being meted out.

Man fails to see or comprehend that all punitive & destructive ACTIVITY is 'classified' by God and authorised by His punitive forces in the underworld who telepathically intrude into the psyche of man to mete out and fulfill the punitive aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' LAW of 'return' unto the user of God's positive or negative, benign or malignant, creative or destructive energy. There are NO 'innocent' people on earth or in any realm outside of the pure Light of Heaven.

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All who suffer or die are those who at some 'time' in their past either did the same to others or funded or supported said atrocities to be carried out on their behalf. This 'past time' extends back possibly hundreds of years to a pre-birth time and place. Children born here are the souls of beings who have existed for eternity and have lived in many realms of consciousness pre-birth here.

Mankind is entirely responsible for all suffering they are exposed to, as are their relatives who grieve. It is all simply their karmic fate resulting from past activity. God is absolute justice. God commands man to extend forgiveness unto the merciless for they are His 'instruments' and if YOU attack or blame them and bring them to account, then YOU are ALSO His instruments of divine retribution. Thus the suffering goes on and on and ON forever.

God Commands PEACE. If you seek V for Vendetta in endless retribution then that is your CHOICE. There is NO end to suffering for those who continue to defy their GOD. God's 'eye for an eye' LAW is IMMUTABLE. Be IT 'love for love' OR 'hatred for hatred.'

Go your way now in peace and 'shut up your face' with ITS endless complaints as YOU stop blaming others. Every punitive government or private activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.

Every terrorist activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.
Every wife bashing activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.
Every 'king hit punch' activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.

Every 'glass in the face' activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.
Every extortionist activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.
Every threat or 'coercion' activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.

Every taxation activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.
Every invasion of lands activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.
Every devious activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.

Every dictatorial activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.
Every unconscionable activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.
Every 'complaint' activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.

Every warring activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.
Every prosecuting activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.
Every punitive magistrate activity is the inspiration of THE DARK energy of God THE SOURCE.

It is ALL the Dark energy essence of THE Source, God in action via the ignorant 'non-believers' in peace and love. All receive an equal return upon their own heads at the time and in the place so ordained by THE DARK ENERGY they used.

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~ The Right to have and use your own BELIEF ~

Rulers of man are Dictators because they dictate their 'ideological' code of conduct and force YOU to live by these 'beliefs' imposed by force of arms. Ones BELIEF is the most important issue in the eternal life of a child of God. What does ones belief do, or how does it relate to ones ACTIVITY?

1 - It separates the wolves from the lambs.
2 - It separates the warmongers from the absolute pacifists.
3 - It separates those who disobey God's Command from those who obey God.

4 - It separates those who kill for their belief from those who 'die' for their belief in non-retaliation.
5 - It separates those who are cruel and merciless from those who are kind and merciful.
6 - It separates those whose souls are full of Dark malignant energy to those full of the benign Light energy of God.

7 - It separates those who control, subjugate and cause harm to those who live in peace and harmony.
8 - MOST IMPORTANTLY - it separates those who will go to Hell from those who will go to Heaven.

The entitlement to live ones absolute pacifist BELIEF and be a responsible and peaceful citizen CAUSING NO HARM is PARAMOUNT.

Man needs to understand that there are people having NO negative emotions within their soul. (Sin) These live in Heaven and as their inner 'core' is pure Light and love, all they express upon/to others is love and kindness and the recipient feels 'joyful and happy.' It means that within the 'eye for an eye' or 'equal return' aspect of God's "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law, that the same return is always love and kindness and everyone feels joyful and happy.

The more dark (sinful) energy man draws into his soul through using this destructive energetic FORCE of GOD, the more of IT grows within their soul and the more vindictive, critical, judgemental and punitive the individual becomes. Ultimately, all they can do unto others is negative and their victim feels pain and sorrow and loss. Thus within the Law of God, the 'energetic return is equally negative and everyone ends up revolving in pain and suffering. All continuing to use negative energy ultimately fill their soul with IT and ITS weight is what drags them down into the PITS.

As most people in this realm have both 'Light & Dark' energy within, they can at times BE loving & kind & merciful, and at others times BE cruel & merciless & destructive. My task is to teach everyone to HALT the ingress of dark energy so that the outpouring Light can purge their soul and uplift them back into the pure Light.

Stop blaming others for your sorry plight because IT is what you deserved through your past similar impositions upon others. Be it in this realm or a pre-birth time and place. Our spirit soul once created (aeons ago) lives ON forever 'somewhere' dependent upon its INTERACTION with others.

NO human being has the RIGHT to take money or anything from another, and to do so forcefully backed by force of arms such as 'taxation' or licence 'fee' levy is pure arrogance leading the 'takers' and their supporters straight to Hell for their ignorance, vanity and greed.

To presume or justify the Right to seize money or goods from others or to punish them if they 'resist' by refusal to part with their hard earned income is liquid insanity and utter arrogance.

The Dark Sovereign Power (energy of God) seduces man by justifying in their minds the need to use IT and ITS forceful, destructive power to defend oneself or to control others. None seeing that as this they do, they draw IT (dark energy) into their souls and they fall further from the Light into more suffering. How so? Because as man does ITS 'works' (negative interaction) IT has man trapped within the punitive return aspect of ITS 'eye for an eye' Law of absolute Justice.

Obey God and only support and fund benign community effort.

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~ The ABC to set yourself FREE ~

If you allow yourself to be 'conned' into voting for and being ruled by politicians and their decrees and you obey them and fund them and their control over, subjugation of and punishment imposed upon OTHERS in the community. It follows that you are also complicit to great injury caused to or even killing of others in your name and on your behalf locally or over the seas and you are DOOMED.

It is clear to me that you are 'doomed' to suffer the same 'sorrow' and agony as is imposed by them upon others and any losses. That is the JUSTICE of God's Law. For in ones interaction ACTION one is using either the benign creative or the malignant destructive ENERGY OF GOD, and IT simply balances ITSELF when IT so decides. What you or your servants put out so you receive. Being the absolute Justice that everyone DEMANDS.

To become free spiritually of 'sin' within and ongoing suffering you must:

A - Have God and His Word (Command) as head of house and live according to its 'love & mercy & forgiveness' code of conduct precepts and no longer vote for man to be your 'head of house.'

B - Go your way in peace as you OBEY God's Command at all times and in all situations, even if persecuted or nailed to a cross and killed. Non-retaliation is the way to PAY your past dues to God as His 'reapers' have their 'dark' ways with YOU in this time of tribulations.

C - From now on you pay NO taxes nor operational licence 'fees,' nor collect gst from anyone. You simply pay for the benign services you need directly and you fund the coffers of benevolent societies giving aid to the poor or elderly directly.

You must no longer 'hire' the services of any armed or forces men to defend you or fight for you. Only fund an unarmed policing 'peace corps' whose officers go forth hauling in those who disturb the peace, and only for their rehabilitation.

Read the Star prayer daily and strengthen your mind against seductive thoughts that seek to mislead you. 


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