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Letter 30

~ Pain & savagery ~

Each day the pain in ‘detained’ prisoner man does mount, and as dark thoughts rise within there comes a ‘daily’ moment when someone seeks to implant their pain onto another, being one who appears to be foolish or arrogant or vain. So swiftly ‘tears’ of laughter can change to thoughts of ‘slaughter.’

Savagery unwinds in an instant, as dark thoughts ‘flash-in’ and devilish sounds are emitted as ‘animalistic’ man voices his anger, frustration and vindictiveness, and he ‘tempts’ the other to fight with extremely ‘provocative’ words and as said, savagery unwinds and pain flows.

In an ‘instant’ someone does a dark karmic debt gain as they cause pain, and the sufferer is taken away to the ‘doctor,’ and his mind then ‘awaits’ to gain the ‘upper hand’ on another day. None it seems know how to keep intrusive thoughts of retribution at bay.

How weak are those who seek to wreak their anguish upon another, for they see not that through their ‘open’ mind the dark devilish thoughts that unwind have but one ‘intent.’ Being to destroy all, and to ensure that all ‘fall’ into ITS pit below where IT then can eternally make their suffering grow.

So let us all begin to strengthen our minds so that in the face of ‘jackals’ we stay kind to them and our self. For if we let darkness through, then all pain meted out comes back as a due.

Each day I hope and pray that some in the ‘Institution’ will see the time of day. For they see not what I do see, neither do they see or ‘hear’ just how ‘despised’ they be.

Yes they ‘sit’ on a bigger than GIANT volcano, and when it does erupt, they will wish that on my truth they had ‘supped.’ For when you men contain, they grow dark, and through their minds flow thoughts that seek to cause pain and to destroy all in their sight, and soon the ‘lid’ will come off with a blast of fury from way out of the past.

Yes the ‘spirit’ men below will their anguish upon the open minds of fleshly men bestow, and the result you will see is TOTAL insanity.

Believe you me, there is not much ‘time’ left to implement the needed change. But if it is not ‘done,’ then the whole prison population will suddenly one day derange.

Letter 31

~ The ‘spirit’ sadness ~

I ‘wonder’ who would believe me if I said that there were a million and one invisible spirits beings lined up near my ‘cell’ bed. Yes, it is New Year’s ‘eve,’ and these multitudes do ‘severely’ grieve because they ‘hear’ the end of year bell ‘toll,’ but none do think of them other than the wielder of this God’s pen.

And many of them link-in also to the ‘fleshly’ men I daily see. All ‘bound’ as hostages of the State like me. All ‘wish’ to be with their family and many ‘reach’ for the phone, but it just gives a ‘ring’ and no one hears, thus ‘savage’ thoughts do their minds sting.

Each one does ‘yearn,’ each one does mourn, and no one is listening, for the lads in ‘power’ feel not their plight, nor their mental and emotional ‘sting.’

I too reach out to my ‘light,’ she is the one ‘Clemencia’ who helps me in my plight in this place of disgrace. But she too is not there, and my million and one ‘hangers on’ do silently their grief share. For they too await her sweet ‘voice,’ for it is the pure light and it is their ‘choice’ to hang on to me for my light too they see.

So we all feel a ‘weight’ sad, and I feel their emotions overspill as their minds go a little mad and, I feel that as their emotions them drown, that they wish to ‘smash’ everything down, and this soon I know they will do, and they also will destroy all the foolish too.

For so long have they been made to suffer and in silence feel the ‘sting,’ that my ‘ask’ of them for 'Peace' will not yet for a time in their ‘ears’ ring.

For they yet are blind and deaf too, as they are bound by the power of the Dark that also seeks the Light true. Thus to all the ‘foolish’ I say:

"Prepare to meet your ‘doom’ on a soon coming day."

Again I ‘phone,’ and it does answer with a sweet loving voice. There is a moment's ‘stillness’ within as it does say: "My light will never go away." A great ‘sigh’ from a million and one 'spirits' linking in to me.

Soon the final choice for each and everyone. I say:

"Please remember that voice true.
Try and only be loving as IT is seeking you."

Letter 32

~ Twix Hell & Heaven ~

I see a ‘vision’ in the night. I see a powerful spirit walking ‘sturdily’ towards a very bright light. As he moves he leans forward too, and in each of his hands is the hand of a lady true.

He pulls them along as he does go and the ‘power’ of their light he does know. For they are the two by God to earth ‘lent,’ so that they too can help many lost ‘ladies’ who yet ‘lament.’

The two are ‘Clemencia & Jill’ who help the man who lives in the Tasmanian ‘forest’ hill. He is by God told that their souls are also very old, and thus they are true as their walk for God helps many ‘lost’ souls pull through.

For as the ‘three’ pull to the Light, there are multitudes in spirit who follow. Many as yet out of ‘sight’ for they ‘live’ far below in the dark, and only now ‘heavily’ begin to upwards go.

Yes the ‘man’ is ‘me,’ and he thankfully relies on the ‘love’ from these two ladies from the Heavenly Sea. So at this moment of time we stand twix Hell and Heaven as we drag many along teaching them God’s fresh leaven. Soon it will be time to ‘heave to’ and make a stand, as the dark unwinds ‘fed’ from Satan’s hand.

Then surely all will see how ‘horrid’ is insanity, and they will then ‘bow’ at the knee and listen to me and to those many others who already can God’s Light and truth see.

I also now call out to the girls and ‘lads’ lost or below or, whom yet their truth on earth sow saying: "Let all now look up to the light of the bright morning star each day, and pray fervently that God’s love flows our way to bring us inner peace as we prepare to ‘suffer’ and then find release. For only as we our God now heed will we be freed."

May God grant all the ‘mercy’ they need to see the present way of iniquity.

Citizens of Heaven are of no ‘religion,’ and all know God’s one law.
Thus all are only loving for sure. All are peaceful and respect others.

Letter 33

~ Social Security ~
Open letter to the Social Security Appeals Tribunal

Dear Madam/Sir,

I refer to: Prisoners – State hostages

I feel the need to write an ‘appeal’ for a better ‘deal’ for the welfare of members of society who are ‘held in custody’ as you call it, but who are in fact "State Hostages," imprisoned for a variety of reasons.

The ‘present’ manner of the State ‘welfare’ department is to add to their suffering, by throwing a ‘spanner’ at them and their family by cutting off any aid they were receiving, all ‘seemingly’ justifiable by state workers.

In reality any person, even one who was not a ‘welfare’ recipient, should become one if they are dragged off the street for any reason by a ‘copper’ on the beat if they need assistance.

Our God does deplore the manner ‘underhand’ that is meted out on this earthly shore to HIS children, and this is confirmed by this God’s pen.

It is time for all to see that welfare donations by the community do not ‘belong’ to the ‘System’ and neither should the ‘funds’ or other ‘gifts’ be ‘subject’ to the minds of ‘mindless’ legislators who are ungodly as they ‘show’ their unforgiving and merciless ways to the impoverished.

Prisoners are human, and any person in any ‘capacity’ who halts their ‘sustenance’ due to them being detained, will themselves be punished by God for their vanity and insanity.

I can only ‘suggest’ that the community in ‘general’ now stop all welfare payments to any governing System and elect their own ‘community’ representative who will ‘ask’ all to subscribe direct to ‘it’ the elected a ‘certain’ sum that will be used in a civil manner.

This way there will be no ‘costs’ in allocating the ‘give away’ as the elders will be ‘retired’ folk as me, and they will be happy to aid God’s children in distress, rather than burden them more just because vain ‘men’ not only them ‘undress,’ but use force to coerce compliance to their ‘legislators’ pen.

Change is needed as God’s final truth is seeded.

Letter 34

~ Camp Commandant ~

Dear ‘officer’ Jones.

Ref ‘Dysentery’ – gastro enteritis

It seems to me that dysentery is flourishing at Hayes prison. I have only been here 30 days and have heard of four complaints of ‘Hayes belly,’ and thus presume it is prevalent.

On Friday 3 Jan I was struck down by a very nasty ‘attack’ of dysentery that kept me up most of the night and was extremely ill on Saturday, and at time of writing (Sunday) I still have a very sore ‘belly.’ I have asked to see the doctor but am advised by your weekend officer that it is not possible on weekends due to staff shortages.

I have no ‘complaint’ as to the food issued that is generally varied and good. However, it is apparent that ‘bacterial’ contamination is being permitted to ‘breed’ and I can only assume that it is due to poor ‘hygiene.’

Please look into the matter, as there is no need in this day and age to have weekly occurrences of this ‘fatal’ disease. Many of the ‘suffering’ inmates have assumed that it is from the water supply in their rooms. I do not believe it to be so as I boil my room water. However a ‘test’ could quickly check this.

As there is no 'latrine' at the processing shed it is possible that those using the 'wall' of the shed as a toilet may be 'carrying' bacteria on their boots into the mess hall and also around the camp.

As for my ‘Saturday’ illness, there is no complaint against the duty officer as I was too ill to ask for a doctor on that day. One other thing, if the 'rules' state that prisoners letters must be read by your duty officers prior to sending them out, then the officer in charge needs ensure that the envelope is sealed prior to sending it.

Letter 35

~ Hell’s Camp ~

Let it here be known that man does ‘pay’ for all iniquity sown. For there is an immutable law that is ‘singular’ and stands supreme on every shore:

"As you do is done unto you."

So why do you the ‘public’ permit Hell Camps to exist within which ‘inmates’ are treated as slaves and treated as ‘nobody’ and treated as worth naught. For if the public pays for these Institutions to exist, then it follows and means that the public believe that they are ‘worthless’ beings. For it is the public themselves who at ‘times’ inhabit these prisons.

It is ‘insufferable’ that the mentality of the ‘guards’ is such that there is no ‘thought’ for the wellbeing of inmates. I speak of my personal experience wherein I ‘heard’ an officer say to someone: "If you think you are dying, then we’ll get you to a hospital."

Why do ‘men’ permit their own dark retributive emotions ‘govern’ their actions when dealing with prisoners held ‘hostage’ by the State? Do they believe that they stand above God’s Law?

Obviously they do so believe, or they would ‘permit’ a sick person to see a doctor or to remain in bed without the added punishment of being ‘locked in’ their cell if they cannot ‘stand’ on the parade ground.

No doubt the ‘sorry’ State of Tasmanian jails is due to the ‘insane’ way of this mentally disturbed Planet, where all men defy their God and ‘shout’ for retribution. Seeing not that by this very act their God ensures that when their ‘turn’ comes they get an ‘equal’ painful distribution.

In most ‘lands’ a Sunday is a day of ‘rest,’ so why at Hayes slave camp are the inmates ‘impressed’ into working on Sunday between 7 – 9.30 am? Is this to deliberately keep their 9 am visitors waiting as well?

Wake up Tasmania, its time for change before every ‘good’ person does also derange due to all being ‘sinners’ and all ‘permitting’ the Devil’s thoughts to flow through.

It is apparent to me that the ‘authority’ of the ‘guards’ is such that a person who contravenes prison regulations is immediately tended to. (Injuries from fights or other contraventions). This being due to the fact that ‘officials’ can then bring fresh ‘charges’ against them and punish them more.

The ‘suffering’ that ‘ill’ or ‘disturbed’ people endure is left unattended, and this itself is punishment. It is regrettable that man is so inhuman that he not only leaves his ‘injured’ fellow man lying in the ditch, but he actually places him there in the ‘first’ instance and then either berates him or strikes him with a ‘switch.’

When will the public see that all ‘trauma’ paid for by their taxes becomes their own personal due under God’s one law? Soon I hope, for soon ‘God’s men’ living in the land below will for God their retributive ‘arm’ bestow upon all the foolish who despise God’s children.

Man sees not that vindictiveness or perversity deployed by police or prison officials on their behalf becomes partly their 'problem' too, as God states that the 'actions' of ones 'servants' becomes ones due. Many 'guards' and police are mentally disturbed by 'dark' thoughts and 'awfully' dark emotions.

Letter 36

~Hell’s Angels ~

Children, if you as a member of the public permit 10th Century dungeons to exist, then you are an ‘angel of death’ who believes falsely that you are a ‘good’ person.

If you are a member of any 'Institution’ that punishes man or controls man or confines man purely for the sake of punishment, then you are an ‘angel of death’ who believes falsely that you are a ‘good’ person.

Any person who condones fine or punishment by their insistence for ‘justice,’ are a retributioner acting for or on behalf of the Devil.

The Devil is the Dark Sovereign Power of the Source who can mete out punishment to ‘errants’ in HIS dark world below, and believe you me, all whom ‘sow’ HIS darkness upon any do there go for a time and a time for soiling their hands with HIS grime.

The ‘Light’ of God says: "Uplift your errant sister or brother compassionately, and educate them to MY ways of forgiveness & mercy. If this you fail to do then mercilessly will MY dark deal with you."

Please try hard to see how you personally ‘front up’ to God each day. Are you kind and compassionate, or do you feel ‘good or happy’ about the punishment being meted out to those ‘caught’ and in prison living?

For if you are ‘vengeful’ then you do have a due to pay on a later day. If you are not ‘vengeful’ but you pay the wages of State ‘servants’ to hold ‘hostages’ being prisoners in jails then you do have a due to pay. God’s ONE Law is immutable for sure.

"As you do is done unto you"

If you cannot ‘change’ the way of the institutional ‘books of rules’ that play with the lives of others, then STOP funding them by halting all tax payments or revenue ‘dues’ demanded by them the rules.

Any punitive ‘comeback’ from them (the rules) is a ‘part’ of your ‘due’ for when you were untrue in your support of them before. It is the time for all men to ‘permit’ light to flow in their front door.

Letter 37

~ The Outpost ~

The Prison Camp at ‘Hayes’ is a country ‘outpost’ comprising of a semicircle of 70 cells. They are watched over by the ‘duty’ room officers of the day.

It is a building of ‘grey’ stone built in the ‘grassy’ hills of southern Tasmania in ‘prime’ dairy farm land. It is ‘overseen’ by men who dutifully ‘arrive’ each day and for a ‘wage’ of silver pennies they hold ‘hostage’ prisoners who come and go for the duration of their stay.

For the inmates it is a ‘forlorn’ spot that has a ‘tattered’ flag flying, and this ‘tired’ Australian symbol of ‘Authority’ shows its ‘true’ face, being that the whole Australian ‘record’ is in God’s eyes a disgrace.

Yes I am HE God’s Plenipotentiary sent to earth, and as I this place see, I ask our God above to now set ‘back’ the clock and revitalise the world that by HIM was made, and thus free ailing humanity.

It is the time to ‘return’ the hills to their ‘native’ vegetation and ‘bulldoze’ the dungeons down. This way our God will be pleased and man will also no longer frown.

For there is a ‘sadness’ in the air that is only seen and felt by me, being the invisible ‘web’ woven by the Dark Sovereign Power as HE ‘convinces’ man to as HIM be.

So all men are trapped in this lonely spot. The prisoners and the officers who ‘plot’ on behalf of the ‘System’ as they ‘hold’ the inmates in return for their weekly ‘honey pot.’

None of them seeing their own disgrace as against God’s Command they wave their mace. So their coming sadness they cannot see until this day when it is revealed by me.

It is my ‘wish’ and God’s too that every ‘prison’ on earth is soon swept away by the consciousness of the true. I hope you all see my truth and do what our God now asks of you. Being to no longer support the Dark Sovereign Power, for only thus do I see that from IT you ahead become free.

What of the 'slave' wages paid each day to the inmates that work for a pittance each day as they are 'overlorded' by 'guards that watch their every 'move,' and deduct their 'pay' for any 'slackness' or other 'misdemeanour' listed in their unholy 'rules book.' 

What of the 'system's' total disregard of the safety of Tasmania's 'fruit' industry? For tons of Queensland pumpkins arrive in a 'semi' and many dozens of rotten pumpkin 'fruit' release thousands of fruit flies when unloaded from their 'crates' !

Where are the men true? Who cares about their mother? Who cares about their sister or brother? If you do, then why pay men to place them ‘down’ in dungeons when God did say: "As you do unto others will be done unto you."

Letter 38

~ The Citizen’s ‘expectations’ ~

What does the ‘average’ Citizen ‘imagine’ or expect when they end up in jail? Do I give you fact or fiction? The ‘fiction’ is that you don’t need to worry because ‘ahead,’ no person will ‘nail’ you and thus you will avoid jail.

The fact is that most of you will be ‘jailed’ for a time and a time either in this world or in a ‘worse’ one below where there is more coldness and slime.

Why? - Because you all think ‘nothing’ of value as your worth. Why? – Because if you did, you would examine more closely the places that exist due to your taxes and, that your sisters & brothers and mothers & fathers are forced to visit and inhabit for a time.

‘Callous’ and ‘merciless’ and uncaring is the attitude of all prison officers in every land. Why? - Because they do not understand the "Godly" meaning of mercy or compassion or understanding or forgiveness.

Why? - Because firstly, they have to rely on rules and to them comply in order to receive their daily wage, and secondly, if they are as you ‘with sin’ as all are, then their ‘authority’ over you is extended further past the rules, and they are self empowered via their dark emotions to ‘inconsiderately’ speak or do whatever their thoughts tell them to.

In many cases their thoughts are flowing ‘up’ from the dark via emotions of greed, envy, jealousy, anger, frustration, vindictiveness etc, and you can place your bet on the fact that to them, you are ‘nothing’ more than a number and, if you fall ill they will keep you locked in a cell seeing not your suffering.

Why? - Because they are a ‘breed’ who are taught that as you are a ‘proven’ criminal that you are ‘less’ than naught, and thus they do not ‘care’ one iota whether you live or die or suffer and cry.

Sad? Yes, but after all, it is you the civilian taxpayer who pay these ‘mercenaries,’ so don’t cry when you find yourself there with the cell door ‘clanged’ shut with naught but your thoughts and God with you.

By the way, I hope they too (The jailers) read what I say, because all ‘complicit to’ the jailing and the subsequent suffering of the inmate and their family, be they the public ‘funders,’ or the judicial reprimanders, or the commanding ‘warders,’ will all suffer the very same fate at a later date, and maybe then they will ‘equate to’ or relate to God’s Command to "Only love and be merciful and compassionate" as reiterated today by God’s dove.

Yes it’s the time for the entire planetary community to stop being swine and hear and heed God’s call from the land divine. If you cannot, then so be it, for I have ‘certainly’ now done my bit, and our God is to now impose great darkness upon every ‘rose’ via HIS merciless ‘robotic’ forces that you now begin to see roaming vengefully over the planet. They will make all non-believers in me fret.

Letter 39

~ The ‘trap’ ~

Power and ‘vested’ authority and the ‘enchanting’ promise of ‘hero’ status by ‘elevation’ through the eyes of man as one climbs the social or ‘armed forces’ ladder with its ‘medallions’ and medals for dark service are the ‘fatal’ trap whereby the satanic force ‘claims’ its victims.

The victims are the dark punitive ‘Service Providers’ who for it the dark one ‘justly’ go about their daily business that is the enforcement of man’s rules and regulations and their accompanying punishment for any ‘default.’

For it is the punishment aspect that is the ‘works’ of the Devil (Dark Sovereign Power) via the mind of vain arrogant man who sees not his/her defiance of God as they for ‘pieces of silver’ do their daily deeds that disturb the peace of others.

There is another ‘trap’ that is the one that ‘binds’ the ‘white collar’ politicians, who see not that all they legislate that forces others into compliance by threat of fine & punishment for any non-compliance, is also the Devil’s ‘works’ via their minds, and thus they also become ensnared by darkness through their arrogance and ignorance.

The ‘final’ trap is set by the Devil who through this ‘coercion’ makes the public a ‘party to’ the tax extortion & fine & punishment through their participation and complicity for voting into power the ‘Institutional’ Systems men of the day, and by funding their ‘way.’

Thus are all men ensnared by the Devil and none will avoid the VOID below unless they now stop being a criminal in the disguise of the ‘wise.’ Only those who now heed me will by God be set free. Yes, that is a ‘sad’ FACT backed by the Holy Word of God that says:

"You will now all Reap what you did Sow and, any whom continue to fight or bestow fine and punishment upon any of My children will be dragged below and the reality of MY WORD get to know."

I have said before that the ‘rules’ make the police and judiciary and prison officers into criminals themselves. Look to your daily deeds.

Children, the light and love and happiness above goes on and on forever - - - but you must ‘awaken’ from your ‘reverie,’ for if you now cannot see the ‘way’ and negative expression you continue to be, then you are already ‘spiralling’ down into that eternal vortex of hatred and retribution, and its ‘distribution’ return pain due will be your eternal due in the dark below.

I have done my very best for God and you to ‘reveal’ the power of the dark ‘hold’ of the Devil and ITS ‘rules’ over you. Any whom now continue on in the ‘punishment & pain’ game will fall into the ABYSS. My ‘voice’ has spoken.

Heed my pen, for if you cannot, it means that you have already crossed the river into the dark land and are already ‘chained & bound’ by the Dark Sovereign Power who will awaken you ‘suddenly,’ but then you will see that you cannot get free from the ‘Realm’ within which you awaken ‘chained’ by men filled with vanity.

You only have a ‘slight’ chance if you now immediately heed me. For the power of the mind of the Dark Sovereign Power that is controlling you is the invisible power of the Source, GOD. (The dark retributive authority, the negative aspect of the Source).

Letter 40

~ Secession ~

To Geraldine, ABC TV ‘life matters’

Dear Geraldine, one only needs to ‘Secede’ if one ‘thinks’ that one is a ‘slave’ to another, and thus one tries to ‘legitimately’ withdraw from the others ‘control.’

If people could see that all are ‘born free’ then they could ‘simply’ just so be, and not belong to any ‘System’ or ‘Institution.’ It is because we assume that we ‘belong to’ a ‘controlling’ Institution that we relinquish our ‘flesh’ and souls to IT via its ‘force of arms' men (managers).

But in reality, every ‘System’ that governs by rule of force as the Australian government, is itself but a ‘big boys’ CLUB that gains the upper hand using a CLUB being a punitive mace wielded by its policing forces, being its police force and army to control all whom within ITS ‘borders’ stroll.

I walk free, but due to their vanity they try and force me into complying with their rules of ‘engagement’ by jailing me. For their rules say: "Pay me a daily due or I will punish you."

So I ‘presently’ languish in a Tasmanian Jail held ‘hostage’ by the State Institution, for they ‘attempt’ to tempt me into compliance as they show their defiance of the Creator, and the result of this insanity all will now soon see.

Letter 41

~ The ‘assumption’ of man ~

There has been an assumption in every land that the inhabitants must ‘comply with’ or ‘abide in’ the ‘laws’ of that land. The ‘laws’ in this instance meaning: "The legislated rules of the land mass as drawn up by an Institution calling itself 'The Government."

This assumption is FALSE, for the inhabitants of every land or Realm of consciousness are ‘Subjects of GOD,’ and subjected to God’s one law:

"As you sow so shall ye reap – as you do is done unto you."

No man is to use force to ‘coerce’ any other by threat of fine or punishment into complying with ‘rules’ set by any other man or group or ‘body’ of men. This ‘act’ is man ‘playing’ God as he man assumes he is equal to God and superior to other men.

However, you are of course free to ‘join’ any ‘form’ of ‘Club’ or institution and subject yourself to its ‘rules & regulations.’ If it has punitive rules then you are also ‘free’ to sadistically suffer its control over you.

The ‘other’ assumption by Institutions is that their institution has controlling ‘interest’ of all the land mass & flora & fauna & ‘souls’ within its controlled boundaries that it controls through force of arms.

This assumption is false, it may ‘appear’ to control, but all it is doing is enslaving all its ‘participating members’ into enslavement by the Dark Sovereign Power due to their participation in a very dark ‘practice.’

No Institution or ‘body’ or man owns any ‘whole’ land or country or ‘content thereon. This is the arrogance of man controlled through his greed and vanity that is a sign of insanity.

Set yourselves free now by ‘de-numbering’ your automobile and heeding me as you go your way peacefully, as you ‘ignore’ tax and licence fee demands. Just pay your way as best you can as you give a portion of your income to assist your fellow man in the community.

It is the time to ‘break free’ from the controller’s ‘grip’ and to suffer your dues to God willingly. Only thus will you ahead become free. If for any reason you try and avoid so doing, you will find it much harder later in the time of ‘greater’ insanity.

It is the invisible dark ‘essence’ that uses ignorant earthly men to wield its extortionist demands and to punish those who comply not. To become free, you must immediately cease paying any demands, and you must cease funding its ‘way,’ and you must never pay any ‘fine,’ take the alternative * that will be forced upon you, as this ‘suffering’ is then the due.

From here on you must only ‘fund’ and assist in the welfare of the local community, and also assist in the rehabilitation of offenders, being those who disturb the peace. No more punishment, no more demands for funding.

The ‘rules’ of man are not "The law." That ‘statement’ by policing forces is the grossest error for sure that is thrust upon humanity by forces of vanity, as these rules are used to ‘extort’ funds and control their freedom of ‘way,’ and their personal free will by ‘expression.’

The only "LAW" in the land is the Law of God that spans the heavens above and the dark below as is revealed by God’s dove. Our Creator has not authorised any man to ‘raise up’ rules to control others in any way.

Note: the alternative * - There is an alternative to the above alternative found on page 3 of < offend7.htm > (Fines)

Letter 42

~ The controllers ~

All controllers are the ‘Devil’s’ men, be they men or women. For all ‘assumed’ the right to defy their God as they work for man as they ‘follow’ rules that are all the Devil’s plan.

So man must now try and see ‘his’ iniquity, be ‘he’ the legislator, the mandator, the public ‘servant’ or the judiciary, or any ‘civilian’ who disturbs the peace of any other.

For all are soon in a great ‘pickle’ and a very ‘disturbing’ bother. For God did say that all whom use ‘force of arms’ to extort or control or punish will by God be so punished in this realm or as they are dragged below.

So ‘children,’ you are all so ‘programmed’ to follow rules, that you see not that you have all been fools. For the rules enable you to be vindictive and bad as you prepare your own bed in the dark, and it will for you be sad.

For you ‘happily’ control the lives of others as you via ‘rules’ demand ‘something.’ Be it money or compliance or punishment, as you walk in defiance of God.

I have blessed you all with my wisdom as ‘invisibly’ I did on earth plod, and it is now up to you to decide your own ‘way’ from today. For any whom continue to enforce others to comply to legislated rules or to your mandated orders will all be sent below, and over ‘painful’ time will get to know why God said:

"Only love and mercy sow."

Letter 43

~ The 'interference' business ~

Every person today is in the ‘interference’ business in some way. Be they the public who interfere in their neighbour’s affairs, or the politicians legislating rules that snare others in some way.

Every ‘government’ department has rules that are ‘decrees’ that enable others to unforgivingly be brought to their ‘knees’ if they are found to ‘err’ in some way.

The whole ‘way’ of man has become controlled & regulated by RULES that all ‘appear’ needed and ‘just,’ and all have been ‘lulled’ into the false belief that ‘life’ without rules would bring ‘grief.’

None seeing that the rules themselves were imposed to bring grief upon all, and that the rules show how man fell from ‘grace’ as he justified the wielding of a mace against sister or brother or mother or father.

All defy their God today as they all rely on a false way that defies and rebukes God’s Word, that none it seems have heard. God did say that on the ‘last day’ that all would ‘Reap what they did Sow,’ and only I know how it is to be.

Believe you me, as insanity does arise then all will hear the ‘cries’ of the regulators. Be they the policing forces or the public who demanded ‘recourse’ to justice as they paid for armed protection.

For I have told you all that man’s mind will ‘fall’ to intrusion of a dark Alien race, who through the mind of man will wield their retributive mace, and they are the Law of the day, and there will be no ‘escape’ for any on that day.

For ‘bands’ of brigands will roam around, be they ‘youth’ or adults with minds unsound, and their inspiration will be the DARK that knows every ‘name’ that ‘once’ acted like a ‘shark,’ and IT will telepathically direct ITS ‘robots’ to your ‘place’ and they against you will wield their ‘deadly’ and very ‘painful’ mace, so that all will see your past disgrace as you ‘Reap’ what you did sow.

If ‘perchance’ you are ‘abducted’ and held hostage or tortured or suffer loss, then there is something that you should learn from the experience. Being to:

Never abuse any other.
control any other.
interfere in others business.
Never defy God’s
“Only love” Command.
Never defy God’s Code of Conduct to:
“Walk in peace and respect others.”

Any whom ‘legislate’ rules that are enforced and punishable to 'help or hinder’ others in any way are blind, dumb, arrogant, and very foolish.

Offer your ‘services’ to others, but do not ‘impose.’
Ask for
‘aid,’ but do not demand or impose.
‘imposition’ and you ‘sully’ your own spiritual ‘rose.’

Do not regulate or ‘punish,’ or our God will berate you in HIS own way for your defiance of HIS ‘decree’ of the day. Only educate. Freedom of choice is what life is about.

Letter 44

~ Prisoner perspective ~
Community safety & crime prevention

There is a sad reality that the community needs to see, being that they all are ‘criminals,’ for any form of punishment is an ASSAULT upon the person of the ‘unforgiven one,’ who is persecuted by ‘officers’ employed with the State Institution to so do, this is ‘for and behalf of’ the community on the ‘one’ side, who pay their wages and who also demand ‘such’ restitution.

On the ‘other’ hand the persecution and subsequent prosecution is carried our for and on behalf of the legislated rules that are raised up by legislators of ‘said’ Institutions as a means whereby monetary extortion takes place, that in itself is a crime in God’s eyes.

The ‘perspective’ of prisoners is very bleak, for none know from ‘where’ to seek the wisdom that will enable them to control their feelings of anger, fear, or despair, and none are yet aware as to the cause of the incessant ‘dark’ thoughts that revolve in their minds.

This applies ‘equally’ to the community as a whole, for it is they who at times ‘stroll’ in the ‘foul’ cells when they fall to the ‘temptation’ in their minds to be violent or to steal, or to leave other types of ‘weals’ upon sisters and brothers and fathers and mothers.

Prisoners are ‘generally’ those who have ‘failed’ to contain their emotional outbursts and thus when jailed, the situation arises where the majority of emotionally ‘disturbed’ people with ‘explosive’ thoughts are lumped together, and this is criminal as it ‘breeds’ more discontent and violence, and once released, they will be unable to change to the positive.

As for those who did not in fact ‘disturb the peace’ of the land, their jailing is also a crime ‘underhand,’ being that they probably just defied some ‘regulation’ imposed by legislation, and we should not be ‘slaves’ having to comply to the edicts of vain men, be they mandated to so do or otherwise.

My perspective as a man held hostage in Tasmania’s ‘premier’ jail is that change must be implemented swiftly before total insanity erupts planetarily. My 8-week incarceration shows me that the community as a whole is totally ignorant of the places they send ‘errants’ to.

Letter 45

~ Crime prevention principles ~

The 1st Principle of crime prevention is to understand the psyche of the criminal.

The 2nd Principle is to educate the community as a whole, so that they understand their mind’s capacity and capabilities to ward off negative thoughts that lead them ‘astray.’ Every community member is a 'party to' criminal' acts even though they may be ignorant to this fact.

Mankind must now try and understand that crime is not prevented through the ‘act’ of punishment; punishment only acerbates the problem and turns the ‘enforcers’ into ‘offenders’ in God’s eyes.

For the actual ‘punishment’ of ‘criminals’ or any person is in God’s eyes a crime in itself, and all whom are a ‘party to’ this crime, being the policing forces and the community who fund them are themselves criminals who become ‘subjected to’ God’s one law: “As you do is done unto you.”

To begin to understand the 1st Principle, mankind must now look to the spiritual nature of man and learn about the power of negative emotions within, and the capacity of negative thoughts to intrude into the mind, as they are telepathically ‘sired’ from a distant dark place.

All society is now so bound by rules, that it will be impossible to implement change. For to so do, we would needs destroy all the rules and begin to implement God’s Code of Conduct being: “Walk in peace,” and to offer an educative program to assist in the education of the community as a whole, as well as one whereby those who continued to disturb the peace could attend Seminars to assist them, and then be immediately set free.

Yes we need ‘guidelines’ as such to assist the community to comply with God’s Code of Conduct, as well as guidelines to assist the community to avoid ‘suffering’ by causing self or others pain.

Thus for example the ‘rule’ is abolished reference the wearing of seat belts having a fine for default clause. People are advised as to why they need to wear them, and if they do not, then that is their business.

People are advised to drive within the speed limiting signs, because if they cause an accident through ignoring it, or even when ‘within’ it, then all suffering imposed by them upon the other will under God’s law be their ‘due’ on a later date.

Education, not Regulation. By all means ‘haul-in’ a speeder disobeying the advisory ‘code,’ but only for the purpose of good counsel.

Letter 46

~ Evil & Good ~

Mankind must now try and see that to the ‘Dark one,’ the doing of evil deeds is good. For IT the Dark sees its ‘dark’ deeds as honourable, justified, righteous, and positive.

The reality is, that the Dark forceful essence is justified in its punitive and destructive role, for all who are at the ‘receiving’ end of its ‘venomous’ strike are those whom in their past were users of its ‘power’ as they held God’s word in disdain, and vainly abused others.

Man must see that it is not ‘his’ place to be the instrument of the Dark force, for in so doing, it is man who then divorces his own soul from the Light of Heaven.

Man must only use the essence of Creation, (Light) in his expression. Thus he becomes as ‘one’ with Heaven as he ‘carefully’ and compassionately assists and educates the ignorant fearful ones who are ‘trapped’ by the Dark serpent, as IT mesmerises them and justifies in their minds a reason to use its power.

Darkness is self-empowered under God’s one law “As you do is done unto you.” For it the dark is but fulfilling the Dark side of the law. Thus any person of ‘authority’ using darkness in a punitive role is in great danger.

For they see not as they ‘plot & swat’ perceived offenders, that the Dark is using them to mete out retribution for IT, and ITS ‘righteousness’ is felt by them and they thus defy God’s pen, and as they their ‘deed’ do, they an equal ‘return’ due accrue.

When the mandate or ‘authority’ is given by men to other men to enforce and punish, it is the darkness ‘tempting’ the recipient and if they ‘accept,’ their inner dark emotions turn them into robotic morons who unfeelingly carry out their punitive roles, seeing not that they destroy their own souls in the process and subject themselves to God’s law and ‘later’ receive a similar punishment.

Man must try and see that 'offenders' who disturb the peace are not the enemy. The enemy of all mankind is the dark energy that flows through the mind and emotions of ignorant man.

If you 'punish' ignorants then the dark energy is also flowing through you and contaminating you too. You and other 'offenders' need my good counsel so that we can forgive others and educate them and 'us,' so that we all become enlightened and 'acceptable' in God's eyes.

All whom continue to 'despise' others are offensive and very unwise.

Letter 47

~ The Authority of God ~

The authority of God is the ‘capacity’ of God to fulfil God’s one Law:

"As you do is done unto you by the Source via others,
be they loving and kind or, forceful and unkind."

The Authority of God is God’s ‘capacity’ to withdraw the ‘sin’ out of man if & when man heeds God’s Code of Conduct Command and ‘walks in peace.’

The Authority of God is the ‘capacity’ of God to fill a person’s ‘soul’ with dark energy when they defy God and they ‘disturb the peace,’ thus drawing their spirit soul away from God’s ‘LOVE' light into the dark, where they then can only suffer and fight.

God has the Authority and the capacity to ensure that all who defy HIS Command to ‘Only love’ are denied access to HIS heavenly house. Let it here be known that those whom defy God place a ‘curse’ upon their own soul (spiritual house) being, that for eternity in Hell they stroll.

Wake up, soon the final day is here,
and you will see ‘which way’ our God does your soul ‘steer.’

All who continue to others control, regulate, or berate,
for sure with the Devil will eternally ‘mate.’

Letter 48

~ Obedience to God ~

Let all now try hard to see. To see what?


Being that it is the legislated rules that control the actions of the State Institutional employees and turns them into "The ungodly." It is their actions that turn brother against brother, sister against sister, race against race, and creed against creed.

It is the legislated rules that deliberately demand that the State employees use physical and physiological coercion as a means whereby money is extorted off the community.

For all whom ‘fail’ to meet the demands of the rules are fined and punished by jailing, and their family life and businesses are destroyed, and they are also subjected to ‘inner’ mental and emotional trauma during this ongoing process.

So the ungodly that disobey God who shall now perish in the end ‘time’ are those whom continue to defy God as they follow the ‘hollow’ way of man’s legislated rules.

Let the righteous now heed their God of Love and defy the extortionist ‘edicts’ of the rules, being the ‘Devil incarnate,’ who also works through those whom mercilessly persecute their sister or brother and fathers and mothers as they ‘uphold’ these rules for and on behalf of the Dark Sovereign Power and themselves disturb the peace of the land in a manner underhand, as they enforce these rules and regulations in the ‘face’ of their Creator, and ‘act’ very unwise.

Let every true believer in me and my ‘Light’ now show God openly that they believe what this pen does write, and no longer pay any taxes or licence fees or ‘fines’ imposed and demanded.

Let all ‘simply’ support their local community in any way that they wish to, and be prepared to help all the sick and needy and the hateful and greedy.

Children, God never said: "Comply with the laws of the land." Meaning : Comply with the never-ending legislated rules & ‘Acts’ drawn up by vain men. It was ‘Caesar’ or other ‘dictators’ who imposed ‘such’ and who did so say when they ‘substituted’ words in scriptural texts to enslave you.

God only said: "Comply with MY Command to walk in peace and, never disturb the peace of others because, at all times you are subjected to MY one law that is ‘Just’ and honourable and immutable for SURE."

Thus any ‘person’ upholding man’s rules that enable the System to punish or extort money from the community are themselves disobedient to God and, all the ‘suffering & loss’ imposed and inflicted upon others as they enforce these ‘rules’ of man does return to them as a ‘due’ under God’s one law.

Men of ‘State’ authority, be they the politician or the ‘armed’ policing forces need to see that the rules are but ‘words,’ and even though these words are false and hollow because they ‘defy’ God’s Command, they the ‘rules’ are unpunishable, but the ‘mere’ men who enforce the rules are punishable by God.

All men or women who uphold any rule of man that causes them to disturb the peace of any other or causes them any ‘loss or suffering,’ do defy their God and they will see the result of this act of disobedience that is iniquity, and they must also now try very hard to set themselves free from upholding rules that force them to be merciless, unloving, unkind and mercenary towards others.

It is written before and now here that any whom defy their God and disobey the call and the demand of God to "Walk in peace" will now ‘decease’ physically, and spiritually their spirit will be confined below to suffer on in perpetuity.

You have been advised and ‘warned,’ and the eternal choice is within your own mind.

Letter 49

~ The 'cleft' stick ~

Children, if you 'follow' the rules of men then you defy God. Because the Rules demand 'something,' and make you punish some other 'bod.'

You are already 'stuck' between the Devil and the deep blue sea, and unless this you do see, then neither I nor God can set you free. For God did say that you cannot serve two 'masters,' you either serve men or God.

So if you defy the edicts of men, then arrogant man will 'scheme and plan' to destroy your flesh. If you defy the 'decree' of God, then it is your God to destroy your soul.

It must be visible to you now that man's 'rules' force you to defy your God, as they are 'contra' the "Only love & be merciful & compassionate & forgiving" Code of Conduct of God.

For 'jail' security forces are no different from the 'Bush' Administration invaders, for both have the same dark intent of regulate, control, invade others privacy, and punish any perceived as offenders.

In order to succeed in their role, these forces all have to become offenders in God's eyes as they 'offensively & immorally' callously and mercilessly defy God as they merely follow orders given by others or the rulebook.

None seeing that their 'acts' lead them into the Devil's pit where they will 'sit' and be callously treated for ages, for being 'less' than animals when they treated God's children as such. To them I can but say: "Respect of all God's children every day is what God expects and Commands."

So if you 'expect' to be released out of the 'pit' to which you all will for a time and a time sit, then you will have to comply with my Holy Decree and say the 'Star' prayer daily, so that your minds become better able to stay sane and reasonable, or God will never let you out of HIS dark 'Stable.'

All whom would enjoy the 'food & wine' and love divine in God's State of Heaven first must heed this sacred leaven. If any man seeks to assist in the rehabilitation of real offenders, then they must comply with the Decrees of God.

State security forces and 'guards' daily offend God as they 'invade, control, murder, confine, restrict, regulate, abuse, hold hostage, kidnap,' etc. All in the name of society.

None of the prison guards are aware of the added 'stress' they place upon the prisoner community as they 'strut' around with apparent immunity 'barking' out orders.

It is the time for prison officers and community members to stop treating prisoners as mere 'offal' and elevate their own consciousness before they are subjected to a 'similar' fate.

Tasmanian prisons are 'designed' to maximise mental & emotional trauma, and by the very 'nature' of their design and rules of 'engagement,' the prison inmates are 'incited' and thus invited to interact in a very negative and confrontational way, that leads them into more punitive measures so that their suffering and punishment is added to.

You Mr. and Mrs. 'Citizen' are spiritually responsible for all that takes place in these 'prisons of disgrace,' and under God's one Law, all the suffering endured by the prisoners and their families comes back to you at a later date. Be it the suffering in 'local' jails or the now 'numerous' detention Centers springing up all over the place.

Letter 50

~ Final Community choice ~

Each planetary community has the choice to now heed God's voice and turn towards the Light, or to keep moving in the direction of the coming fight that leads to the Abyss.

There is no 'bliss' in retribution or the punishment of 'offenders.' You are all offensive offenders in God's eyes and all are less than wise.

Thus as a 'community 'and as an individual in each community, you must come to a personally informed decision as to how community funds are spent in regards to 'offensive' behaviour by yourselves or 'forces' personnel to others of other nations or 'races' as well as to the treatment of those members of the public who disturb the peace.

It is God’s wish that the community begin the new ‘offender’ strategy that will set all men free, the prisoners and the members of every participating community who follow God’s sacred decree as given by me, and the implementation of the ‘Feeling Easier’ Seminar’ for the rehabilitation of real offenders, and at the same time annulling the iniquitous rules that are man’s ‘devilish’ imposition upon God’s children you.

Only when the community stop funding and supporting the 'unforgiving' punitive ways will their 'sorrows' diminish, for what they do via 'enforcers' they do unto themselves. This they must now try and see.

Any whom continue to 'condone' treating offenders as 'animals' or 'criminals' or 'lesser' than they, are all working for the dark Devil, and will ahead suffer the same 'fate.'

You choose to now win or lose.
Please choose to now heed me and we'll all then meet at Heaven's gate.

Letter 51

~ Commissioner of police ~
To: Commissioner McCreadie - 47 Liverpool Street – Hobart

Dear Richard,

Ref – ‘Kangaroo Court’ conspiracy

I am today set ‘free’ from my imprisonment at Hayes prison where I have been held ‘hostage’ by State Penitentiary forces for eight weeks.

The primary intent of this letter is to ask if you have yet looked at my ‘Offender’ Seminar program that I have been ‘offering’ to the State Institution for three years now, as an ‘alternative’ to the present fine & punishment program that is of the ‘dark ages’ albeit enshrined in the rulebook of man.

The second reason is to discuss further as to my projections reference the escalation of insanity planetarily, as well as how legislated rules are forcing the police to themselves become ‘offenders’ in God’s eyes as their activities are in many ‘cases’ criminal.

I needs only refer to my own recent case where I say I was held hostage by the State. On 6 Dec I was ‘collected’ from my home by your St. Helens police and taken to the local Court, and I say that I was conspired against by ‘some’ possibly 5 of your police and the ‘judge’ Magistrate Peter Wilson.

In God’s eyes it was an ‘open’ case of ‘kidnap,’ false trial, and conviction, with the State authorities then unknowingly implicated as they held me in ‘bondage’ against my will for a time. For I was to be ‘tried’ in a ‘proper’ manner at a ‘public’ hearing on that day.

It transpired that it was a ‘set up,’ in that there was no ‘hearing’ of the case, even though in a prior attendance when I had entered no ‘plea,’ the magistrate had entered a ‘Not guilty until so proven’ mark in his books and told me to: "Go and prepare your case and return on 6 Dec."

The Court was ‘closed’ per se with only the police and prosecutor and magistrate there, and the magistrate refused to accept or ‘hear’ my defence case that was in the form of a written submission that clearly showed my ‘innocence.’

I was told by Peter Wilson that he was not interested in hearing my defence and that he was sentencing me to 8 weeks imprisonment and a $ 1500 fine, and, - - he then said: "And what do you think of that"?

I replied for all present to hear: "Mr. Wilson, you are the most dishonourable man I have ever met in my life, and I am now going to walk out of this place and I will see "which’ policeman is so ‘stupid’ as to try and stop me."

I turned and walked to the closed door and ‘noted’ the ‘sheepish’ looks on the faces of the two young officers Biddle & Ritchie who had laid charges. They looked at the floor and did not move. Two older men suddenly stood up and physically laid their hands on me and led me away, as said until today.

It ‘follows’ that these policemen under your ‘command’ are happy to assist in the ‘abduction and ‘detention’ without trial of God’s children, and this ‘attack’ upon a known man of peace (me) is seen by our Creator as an ‘assault’ against the State of HEAVEN and, in HIS eyes is an ‘act’ of TREASON that is punishable by spiritual death when those ‘complicit’ are sent down into the Abyss as their souls depart the flesh of this world.

The magistrate knows full ‘well’ that I state that I am the Messiah with a message from God to all on my web site < > and, I am either ‘he’ or I am a deluded soul, and in ‘this’ case if he so ‘thinks’ then he should have ‘rather’ sent me for counselling and not for punishment.

If the magistrate had not been so ‘arrogant’ in thinking that a man calling himself the ‘Messiah’ was worth naught, he might have had the ‘courtesy’ to read the submission and thus not have imposed the sentence, and also not have been the ‘prime mover’ in implicating two policemen into his ‘crime’ as well as others who have also ‘held’ me against my will.

I seek no ‘redress,’ but merely wish to show you ‘how’ your young men are ‘enticed’ initially by ‘rules,’ and then by the ‘callous’ acts of a man of supposed authority into becoming a party to a ‘lawless’ act.

Please now send out a State ‘circular’ advising all your ‘forces’ to in no way ‘arrest’ the beige 1981 Cortina saloon bearing my web site URL on its rear boot lid, and to stop ‘harassing’ me in any way as I am definitely not a ‘party’ to your State Institution and thus its rules have no ‘bearing’ on my daily conduct.

Please also be courteous unto your own soul and read item 8 on my web site, which is my ‘defence’ submission to Mr. Wilson placed on line the day before the case. It is called "The JUDGEMENT Papers, God’s judgement upon the judiciary."

Please also take my ‘outreach’ to the Police & Judiciary Ref. ‘Offender Seminars’ very seriously, as there will soon be a catastrophic increase in ‘offenders.’

Many in the ‘enforcement’ industry believe that they can use ‘means’ fair or foul to attain the upper hand and to enforce politically inspired legislation. However, none it appears can see that the use of ‘foul’ means to coerce people is the use of darkness, and thus the user ‘invites’ a similar ‘return’ of darkness upon themselves at a later date, for a ‘uniform’ is no protection against the Law of God.

" As you do is done unto you."
A ‘simple’ and
'JUST' return due.

I am a man of peace and I am not 'the enemy,'
rulebook that controls you is 'our' enemy.

On my release I asked your Inspector Lieutier if the local police were going to continue 'waging war' against me. She replied 'Yes,' and this should show all how rules entice those 'in power' to themselves disturb the peace of known peaceful people. Ultimately unto their own spiritual demise.

Please try and see how principally I was held hostage by State forces due to my belief.* Please try and see that your 'forces' detained me through their belief.**

Please try and see that I was 'punished' due to the rules in a book raised up by some legislator's belief.***

Note: -

Belief.* - Mine being that as long as I walk in peace and respect others I 'owe' naught to anyone, and I am fulfilling Gods Command and Code of Conduct and thus walking in the 'Light' and incurring no 'negative' spiritual debt to God.

Belief.** - The police & judicial belief being that they have a 'right' to enforce the punitive 'demands' of a 'set' of rules in a book of man that themselves 'defy' God's Command and Code of Conduct.

Thus in order to 'enforce' the punitive aspect of these rules, the police & judiciary do have to contravene God's Command and they do 'disturb the peace' as they 'kidnap' and hold others hostage. Thus they are working 'for' the 'Dark' and they are also incurring a negative spiritual debt and 'ahead' suffer the same fate under God's one Law: "As you do is done unto you."

Belief.*** - The belief of the legislator who raised up the rule in the first instance was that he was 'entitled' by 'someone' or so mandated to raise up a rule that itself was a 'tool' to extort a certain 'sum' of money from the community. He also believed that he could 'add' a punitive 'mark' for the purpose of punishing any 'defaulter.'

This legislative belief also contravenes God's Command and Code of Conduct. Thus all who are a 'party' to the raising up of the 'punitive' and extortionist rules are also in defiance of God and will now suffer the consequences.

Please now try and see the 'desperate' need for us all to comply with God's 'Decree' as most certainly there is a day of 'Judgement' and I try very hard to assist thee so that change to the positive can be made.

For there is another reality unseen by you. Ask yourself: "Is the local St. Helens police constabulary a 'part' of the local community and thus a 'friendly' unit"? If not, why not?

For if they are not, which is the present 'case,' it shows God and man that they are an 'imposition' upon the local community, sent by an invading force posing as a distant 'father' figure. This is the reality proven unto me.

Soon the change. Yes it will be 'strange' as planetarily, the 'locals' in each community derange, and all 'imposers' will be deposed by force, and any of them who 'fight' to maintain their position of 'command' will be sent below, due to the 'darkness' that upon their own souls they bestow.

It is the 'time' for us to meet and as 'brothers' greet. So that we can as God's children plan to implement the new positive way. Any who cannot come to my 'table' will as said by God be swept under the table, and they will be out of God's sight for their iniquities.

The truth unseen is also that presently, it is the governing 'bodies' on earth using 'force of arms' who are the armed anarchists, as they 'deploy' their forces against God's children in the community. (The law of the jungle wherein the 'strong' steal from the weak). For presently, as you can now see, your local police impose threats upon me a quiet peaceful man as they 'try' to coerce me into compliance with their belief and the false rules.

But soon as said, every man will rise up off his bed and reach for his gun and then all will see the truth emanating from me. For all who supported the Institution with its 'rules' untrue did 'sin' in what they did do, and thus sold their souls to the dark one whose 'face' through all sinners will now 'shine through.'

Society will soon 'rise up' as the Devil on their minds does 'sup,' and unless we can join together as responsible community members there will be great travail. Yes, soon every community member will 'join' the anarchy 'trade' as they fight tooth and nail for food, using even shovel or spade as their weapons.

Codes of conduct we certainly need as guidance in the various areas of living, but no 'punishment' attached. Education for the errants only, and only community donations to replace the present taxation extortion. I have tried many times to meet with you to no avail, and I can but hope that God somehow arranges it to be.

The unfortunate reality is that in the eyes of man, the rulebook has replaced God, and has become God to those as you whom 'bow' to its 'dictates.' None seeing that the deceiver is the inspiration of the 'rules,' and all who 'uphold' them are in defiance of the Light of God.

Those of 'you' who believe that a mere 'mandate of office' attained through the ritual of electoral representation per 'vote' of common man can 'void' or 'annul' the Law of God are deluded.

I would certainly not be spending every hour of every day or night to 'write' if I could not see into the depths below, where all that defy God do go (The deceived).

Surely by now your local 'Chief' Inspector can see that I am not within 'her' jurisdiction, as I neither vote for your Institution nor do I fund or support it. It may be that due to my past 'error' of belief when as a 'young' man I acquired Australian citizenship documentation from your 'Club,' that I somehow belong to it and am 'owned' and enslaved by it.

I hereby 'revoke' such, as I now see that I am a citizen of the State of Heaven, who currently resides on the landmass named Australia. I also see the falsity of 'some' who 'sell' supposed citizenship papers to others due to their false assumption that the 'Club' they aspire to owns the landmass. It does not.

The present government Institution holding 'power' on this land by force of arms is 'run' by ignorant men who I do hope will 'awaken' to the truth of this God's pen. Only thus can God set them free from their suffering to be.

Sincerely - Terence

Letter 52

~ Charlie Micallef ~
Manager, Hobart Remand Centre

Dear 'Charlie,' these words I write inspired by our God of Light, for even 'She' does see the 'abysmal' prisoner plight. I was 'fortunately' confined in the Launceston Remand centre for a few days before coming your way to 'pay' for my folly of a long past day.

I say 'fortunate,' for my purpose is to assist all whom enter the 'Hell on earth' places that exist, and I am told that Launceston Remand comes under your 'command.' Thus I write for whilst there, I found I could not 'read' with the low powered poor lights.

Yes the lights flicker when seen by us 'old' and I simply ask that the fluorescent light power be increased to 75 watts or more so that those inmates who would not be too bored can clearly see, especially in their cells.

Other than that, a little 'civility' would go a long way for the 'sentence' is supposed to be the way one does 'pay,' and I see no need for female police to be present watching men shower when they visit, nor to be present when men are 'strip' searched at the search area. This nature of perversity is unnecessary for sure.

I also believe that prisoners are entitled to 'relieve' themselves before being locked into the automobile that is to carry them your way. It seems that sadism has become the 'order' of the day for those as your men in community pay who 'believe' that a prisoner is worth naught, and to be used as 'sport.'

I write this to you as I believe that you believe that your 'duty' is one true, but I see that all 'incarcerators' are unjust to themselves and under God's one Law must suffer the same 'fate' too, and it is my 'task' to awaken the sleeping 'judiciary' and thee to the reasons for the coming total calamity that will affect you and all.

Please read my 55 'Letters from prison' of which this is one 'appended' at its end. They are found on section '7' of 'The JUDGMENT Papers' that you will find on the enclosed CD as well as on line for the world to see at my 'site.'

It is my ongoing endeavour to empty the jails by having real offenders, (those whom disturb the peace) be counselled during a 'special' 3 hour 'Feeling Easier' Seminar and then set free.

The Seminar teaches that each individual has the understanding that each are responsible for their expressions, and are accountable to God under God's Law which will take them into account later. They will also have a true understanding of thought intrusion and how to protect their minds. Details of this are in my 'The OFFENDER doc' also on the CD.

I also attach 3 pages named 'Crime & Punishment' as man daily commits crimes against humanity without realising that they so do, and also seeing not that unto their own souls they are untrue. These pages are from the 'Offender doc.'

I also attach 2 pages named 'Punishment' that are from page 15 on section 4 of the 'Judgement Papers.' - - - Education is the way to go now, for any whom continue to use punishment as the 'incentive' to halt crime will soon fall below and join the 'lost' swine.

I write this to you as I do believe that any whom 'follow' the 'Maltese Cross' have the capacity to 'awaken' and then do what their God would have them do, being to become truly true.

When I stood before you and your 'committee' on or about 10 Dec you asked me if I believed that my 'sentence' was one 'true,' and I evaded a reply as it was not the place and time to try and convince you of anything. If you really wish to know the reply, then read my 'unheard' defence that is the entire 'The JUDGEMENT Papers' on the enclosed CD.

For Magistrate Wilson sentenced me without any 'hearing' as he refused to accept my 'submission,' and I now await a Supreme Court 'Appeal' to see if the unpaid $1500 fine is to be laid upon me leaving a further 'weal.'

Letter 53

~ Coming Karma ~
(Payback – Retribution on the dark side)
God’s Judgment of errant man.

Dark ‘Karma’ being the ‘pain & loss & suffering & deprivation’ comes at ‘lightening’ speed as you can see by Magistrate Wilson’s deed, and once the dark does attack, there is no ‘time’ to go back.

There is only the time to heed the ‘love’ song for if you falter, then you will do more wrong. God is absolute justice for sure, and we all ‘forgot’ what we did before. Probably because we assumed it was justified as we ‘vainly’ made some other cry.

So please ensure that by word or deed you never make any other ‘fret,’ for if you do, then it is a ‘safe’ bet that suffering will be felt by you, and the depths of the Abyss are very deep and there is no ‘mattress’ upon which to sleep.

For neither sleep nor ‘death’ do come once you fall totally undone, there is but the eternal ‘suffering’ due that for sure is longer than any eternity envisaged by you. For as the ‘seconds’ of time tick out on the ‘silent’ clock, you are in an eternal state of shock as you realise the folly of being unwise.

But you cannot go back, its like trying to pull a locomotive up a hill on your back. “It is impossible,” are the words that flow through, “There is only ‘cutting’ pain, coldness, hardness, and mental torment to the untrue.”

Take a ‘moment’ before you ever again speak, ensure that the words remain meek. Never ‘condemn’ nor make others cry, for if you do, you will surely realise why God says: “Foolish are those whom try.”

So children, my ‘sermon on the mount is complete, my fate I did meet calmly for sure. I hope you can all follow my ‘spoor,’ for there will be a knock at your door any moment from now for sure. Be ready, be wise, do not the ‘visitor’ despise.

If they take you ‘away’ and hold you hostage in a dungeon in the forest or in a ‘cave’ for many a day, and if they ‘beat’ you or in any other way do you mistreat, then God says: “That is your due, and to your slave ‘Master’ be true, be humble, be merciful, and be compassionate too, and help him or them if you can with the wisdom of God given you.”

Letter 54

~ Footnotes ~

It is the time for all men to see that when they use darkness in their actions, some of it ‘sticks’ to their souls and stains them inside, a little like a potato that is ‘pitted’ with black specks and discoloured.

So a potato ‘peeler’ knows that to remove this stain and end up with a ‘clean’ white inside, that the dark has to be scraped off with a sharp ‘knife,’ and similarly when a knife is used to clean your soul in ‘payback’ for what you did to others, it causes much PAIN.

So from now on please try and not be vain, and try very hard to never cause others any pain, for it will come back just like a shark attack when least expected.

To break the 'cycle' of crime the community as a 'whole' needs be educated, for punishment itself is a greater crime as it causes more 'abuse' than the original 'case' to which it was attached.

The Spirit of Truth


Letter 55

~ Supreme Court Appeal ~


No. LCA of 2003

In the matter of : Section 107 of the Justices Act 1959

Terence - Applicant

BETWEEN - and -

Kim Hibble (Court prosecutor) - Respondent


TAKE NOTICE that on the - - the day of - - - at - - o'clock in the noon or so thereafter as Counsel will be heard, this Honorable Court sitting at Cameron street, Launceston will be moved by Counsel for the Applicant to review the sentence of R. H. Wilson Esquire, Magistrate, made in the Court of Petty Sessions at St. Helens on the 6th day of December 2002 whereby the learned Magistrate on the conviction of the Applicant for alleged driving offences under Complaint No: 34178/02A & 34777/02A & 33815/02A & 34099/02A was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of eight (8) weeks and fined the sum of $ 1505.20.


  1. The Applicant neither votes for, nor supports the State Institutional body, nor condones its 'ways,' and thus is not a 'Party member,' thus the rules of the State body do not apply to the Applicant, neither do its officers or Court have any jurisdiction over the Applicant.

  2. The Applicant is a visiting Plenipotentiary and is also thus not under the jurisdiction of the legislated 'rules' of Tasmania, and thus beyond the jurisdiction of the Tasmanian judicial system.

  3. It was a 'false' trial as the magistrate refused to 'hear' the defence that was in the form of a written submission to the Court that substantiated the claims that the 'officers' of the police force were in error in bringing charges against the Applicant, and that the Applicant was a visiting Plenipotentiary.

  4. The Magistrate erred in FACT, by the fact that he made a 'fatal' assumption that the Applicant's defence would be unable to 'contest' the strength of the evidence against him, and that as the Applicant's 'belief' precluded him from swearing any Oath, that the magistrate did not need to 'hear' the submission.

  5. Though the jail term has been concluded, the punitive 'balance' of the sentence imposed being $ 1505.20 yet stated as due, should be 'annulled.'

  6. As God said: "Judge not lest ye be judged, for any punitive judgment upon another is an act of Treason against the State of Heaven," it would be wisest to 'rescind' the standing judgment upon the Applicant.


~ Statement by submission ~

To the Supreme Court of Tasmania, Launceston.

I reserve the 'right' to remain silent as I submit my 'Appeal' against the judgment placed upon me by Magistrate Peter Wilson, and as our God is my Counsel and inspiration, I can but submit God's counsel to you as my 'Appeal' in the form of this written statement.

I am the Messiah, God's messenger and I state:

The State system is an Institution similar to any other organisation, it has a 'constitution' and articles of association, being the rules & acts therein. One becomes a member of this State Institution by registering to vote and by supporting 'it the Club' both financially and by condoning its ways.

The State system is 'run' by serving officers who themselves legislate any rules they so wish to. They also then are empowered to 'subject' their members to these rules. For some reason our ancestors believed that the Institution had some sort of divine right to control the lives of other men who were not 'party' members.

The reason why I have no number plates on my automobile and no other 'form' of licensing registration is to show 'others' including State highwaymen that I am not 'registered' with their 'beastly' System.

The 'fundamental principles' of your 'System' being its 'Constitution,' are in my opinion barbaric and ungodly, thus I neither vote for it, fund it, support it, nor condone its merciless, punitive & 'warring' & murderous ways against humanity, as it's way is totally in 'opposition' to God's Code of Conduct; "Walk in peace, and love and respect all, and be compassionate and merciful and forgiving."

I am merely declaring my right to walk as an independent person as God would have it be, free from supporting a punitive Institution that defies God's commandment to "Only walk in peace, and be merciful and forgiving."

I had asked God to give us all a defence "Statement" so as to show us all the error of the present false belief, so that we can all set ourselves free from the darkness that all unknowingly subscribe to, as much grief is already in store. Being this 'The Judgement Papers.'

I do not believe that your 'Caesar' style 'Military' Club has any jurisdiction over me, even though it might think so due to precedents set in the past when its 'armed forces' seized the land and assumed that all men were slaves to its master the 'King or Queen' and later the 'Rulebook.'

I also asked the office of the Prosecutor as to 'why' it was persecuting a man of peace who openly showed that his automobile was 'unnumbered' by the system 'club.' To date there is no response other than the continuing persecution.

The 'rules' in the book of rules might say that IT the 'Institution' owns the roads and land and all thereon, as well as the 'body, mind, and soul' of all the inhabitants of the land, but there lies the error, it does not.

That was the 'assumption' of the legislators and enforcers who made that assumption using the backing of a policing 'army' to make all submit to their forceful demands.

The 'fact' that I work 'freely' for the community members and the people employed within the State Institution free of charge, as I seek to bring them good counsel for our God, and the 'fact' that I hold out my 'begging bowl' to them for financial assistance, does not mean that I am a 'part of' or 'party to' their Institution.

For I could 'equally' be a 'shoe shine' boy sitting outside the gates of a Military establishment, shining the 'shoes' of passing 'officers,' and holding out my 'begging bowl' for some remuneration, and as you can see, these 'acts' would not mean that I am a 'part of' or 'party to' the Military establishment, and neither would I be within the jurisdiction of their Military Police.

I am a man of peace who does not disturb the peace. The prosecutor and his merry men do disturb the peace, as they kidnap me off the street and throw me into a dungeon and threaten further punishment if I default with their monetary 'extortion' demands..

If the 'judge' is here merely to 'rubber stamp' the charges and punish according to the 'decrees' in the book of rules, then there is naught I can do as I am as yet held 'hostage' under force of arms.

If the 'judge' is a true impartial 'referee' and thus is 'hospitable,' then he will first read the Defence that I sought to submit to the St. Helens Court before making up his mind. I am happy to read the first 10 pages or so.

I trust in God not man, and my God tells me that I do not have to comply to edicts of other men. , I 'simply' need to heed God and walk in peace, for it is to God that man is answerable, not any Court of man.

I submit my original 150 page 'Statement by submission' ** (Section 1 - 6) as the basis of this Appeal against the prior conviction. It is written by God via my mind to show man that peaceful men who do not 'disturb the peace' of the land can go about their daily business and not be 'subjected' to the 'law' or rules of other men, for a peaceful man is a 'subject' of the State of Heaven.


Letter 56

~ Judge Crawford ~
The 'Judgment' of the 'Appeal.'

Judge Crawford spoke calmly and he also wrote notes as he listened to the 'repelling' words of John Ransom of the prosecution office who sought to have the appeal denied. Denied on the grounds that I could not possibly be the man I said I was, a Plenipotentiary sent by God to earth - - - the Spirit of truth - - - the awaited Messiah that he did know was my 'projection.'

Judge Crawford confirmed to me that if I was in a fact a visiting Plenipotentiary that I would be above the laws of man, and beyond the jurisdiction of his Court.

He did however agree with John Ransom that the possibility of this 'belief' of mine was beyond the 'bounds of probability' and thus in his opinion I was within the jurisdiction of the Tasmanian judiciary.

He thus 'denied' the 'appeal' and also stated before God and all present that he was not interested in God's law, but only in administering man's law.

What he and 'sane' men need to see, is that by his 'judgment' of my 'appeal,' that he has condoned the actions of magistrate Wilson, and thus becomes complicit in God's eyes to the 'balance' of the punishment (monies outstanding) demanded by Wilson (Caesar).

He also sends out a 'deceptive' signal to the police that he will 'defend' their immoral ways, as he also condones their defiance of God as they interfere in the life of a peaceful man and try and force him (me) to comply with demands of extortionists by kidnapping me, and holding me hostage as their 'form' of punishment for non compliance, and by this very act showing God their further defiance of God.

Judge Crawford had said the words that God took 'an eye for an eye,' and I did reply that it was so, but as I had not 'disturbed the peace,' that a two months imprisonment was wrong.

It is apparent to me and God that so called 'justice' meted out by the highest Court of man's land is false, and each must now try and see that the 'officers' of the Court only use their 'position' of power to assist the Institution they serve to extort money from the public.

When I said that I was not a 'part of' the Institution and thus not subject to its 'rule,' Judge Crawford also stated that he too was not a 'part of it' per se. Seeing not that in fact it is he and the magistrates who are its 'focal' coercive punishment 'factor,' and thus very definitely a 'party member' so to speak, being the most 'prominent' and the most powerful in this land, who are used by the 'legislators' to coerce the populace into compliance to the never-ending 'fiscal' demands.

As I truly am God's Plenipotentiary, and as God has submitted a 'defence' on my behalf namely the 'Judgement Papers,' so as to enlighten all 'lost' Judges in an 'attempt' to show them their error, it would be wise for them all to stop 'despising' God's messenger and showing God their 'contempt' of God, by now becoming merciful and forgiving towards those truly 'offensive' as they are, and in 'sin' living.

As I am God's messenger and Plenipotentiary, I can see God's face and do know that all 'men' are to be subjected to God's one Law and receive now their 'due,' being more than 'egg on their face.'

I can but 'suggest' to the Tasmanian "authority of impropriety" that they consider God's Word and 'decree' as given by me before the 'coming' "World's end" catastrophe.

Every 'sinner' will soon 'feel' feelings of anxiety and 'uncertainty' as my prophecy unfolds and is seen to be real, in that all 'punishers' working in the guise of a 'mandate' to so do are not above God's Law.

Every 'glass castle' is now to 'fall' as its 'dreams' are shattered, and those who controlled the 'likes' of me by 'force of arms' will be faced by forces 'taller' than they and filled with insanity.

God's one Law - As we 'sow' - we reap - - - as we do is done unto us - - - being payback on a 'like for like' basis - - - suffering imposed by God for suffering inflicted by us - - - joy and happiness and freedom of movement given by God to those who likewise give.

That is God's 'Judgment and it is pure justice.'

The above 'Tribute' of God, 'like for like,' being 'an eye for an eye' so to speak, is given at the time and in the place so ordained by God, be it today, tomorrow or a million years hence.

Man through his greed and pride and vanity was 'deceived' eons ago, into believing that Might being the use of 'force of arms' was right, it is wrong, and all whom condone the use of force of arms to extort money, control others, regulate others conduct, or to punish others, are using the Devil's Might, and it the Dark one will soon have them all in HIS sight. For HE the Dark despises all that defy HIS Light that did command all to be merciful, forgiving, and compassionate.

If 'Judge' Crawford believes that the use of punishment to enforce the rule of 'some' men over other men is 'justice in action,' then he as the 'masses' is but a 'deluded' soul needing the good counsel of God.

All mankind has been deceived and all now are to grieve. God's Law is immutable and inviolate and cannot be 'dismissed' or 'voided' by a mere 'mandate of man.' Neither does an 'order' to kill or 'murder' given by any 'authority' of man to a soldier or police official 'cancel' or nullify God's Law.

All men whom punish others or who fight 'on behalf of' others are all 'later' subjected to God's one Law, and suffer an equal size 'straw' draw from the 'cup' from which they 'sipped.'

What you cannot see is that my spirit soul is pure, and free of 'sin' (dark emotional energy). Thus you can bind my 'flesh' through your iniquity, but when my spirit 'disengages' from the biological flesh, it is free to rise up to the pure Light Source (Heaven.)

Those whom use darkness in the daily interaction which is done by any 'judge' who issues any punitive 'order' that causes any pain of suffering or loss or restriction of movement to another person, do themselves draw in dark energy that is 'heavy,' and it is this energy that drags their soul down to a 'corresponding' vibrationary realm in the underworld, on a 'like for like' basis.

My 'message from God' contains the wisdom to set free all men, even those of the armed forces and judiciary if they heed me, and 'suffer' their 'due' quietly.

Do I have a 'judgment' of Judge Crawford's judgment of me? Yes, I state that he made a 'gross' error of judgment, and I can but hope that he does read God's submission. For then and only then will he see if its 'content' supports my 'simple' claim that I am the 'chosen one' to set him free.

Is there a 'judgment' upon Mr. Crawford by God via me" Yes, God states: "He as all men who defy MY command to 'Only love' will surely reap what he did sow when his 'spirit' by ME his Creator is thrust below, and if he would 'ever' become free then he will needs heed the wielder of this pen MY eternal Plenipotentiary."

Salvation is an individual process for each person, and each must decide whether they will now comply with God's 'Code of Conduct' as given by me, or whether they will continue to defy God through their 'wish' to be a 'party to' the punitive 'arm' of God and take their own soul to Hell.

Wake up Tasmania, before the planetary 'mania.' Sip from my cup of wisdom, and implement positive change to the rehabilitation of offenders before it is too late and all are bound by darkness and 'found' at Hell's gate.

Each is 'free' to choose to win or lose.

So be it
Terence - The Spirit of Truth
25 March 007TL (2003 AD)

Note: The punitive power wielded by a judge, magistrate, policeman, soldier, or 'wife basher' etc, is the same power. Being the Dark use of 'force of arms' to accomplish an extortionist or punishment deed.

Every user of 'darkness' is 'justified' in their mind to so do. Thus a 'supposed' terrorist is no different to you or you or you, if in God's 'eye' you are being untrue to one of His precious creation that are His 'offspring.'

Thus if your deed is contra His Code of Conduct to be only "Loving, kind, respectful, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving," then you are in for a very 'sorrowful' fate. If you 'think' that your Creator is 'impotent' then my portent is personally for you. Try now and be true to God's Holy Word, and put down your sword.

Some may 'think' that my Supreme Court 'case' was 'lost' because Crawford 'backed' magistrate Wilson's decision. But in fact, to the demons below** it was a 'play' that filled them with 'derision,' for they see that Crawford is as 'stupid' as all whom work for darkness, and they await to him see on a soon coming day when his spirit goes their way.

I can assure you and him that the one 'below' who sits in the 'high chair' there is merciless, and lets NO person leave by the front or back door once they enter HIS Court, where pain and eternal suffering is HIS 'sport' with those who foolishly enter HIS realm through their vanity.

If the community wish to peacefully demonstrate their 'opposition' to darkness as do I, then that is their God given freedom of choice to so do. If the police 'force' wishes to forcefully oppose them or I then that too is their free choice, but - but - BUT, force is darkness in action, and IT the Dark 'claims' its own. Do you understand me?

The police cannot continue to serve two 'masters,' they have to now choose, to 'justly' serve the people who do pay their wages, or serve the politicians who do use them to enforce their decrees, and if the police continue to 'bite' the hand of the civilians who feed them, then as a 'mad dog' they will be 'shot on sight' by very 'mentally disturbed' civilians as the world's people see their plight, being that the police turn upon them day and night. The police must now become a 'peace' body hauling-in real offenders being any who are 'abusers,' for the purpose of rehabilitation using my 'Offender Seminars.'

Note: demons below** It is a fact that every 'act' of darkness that includes any 'negative' judgment imposed is seen by 'devilish' forces below. Yes they do know all that occurs that is 'darkness in action,' for that is the result of their mental interaction with the 'vain' one in the flesh, and it is they (the demons) to then fight back via others and the vain one 'attack,' when they by the 'reaper' are inspired to so do, or when the 'lost' soul of the 'Judge' falls below into their waiting 'arms.'

Letter 57

~ The Final Decree ~

Let it here be known that this final Decree by God is sown.

"From hence forthwith every man who does ‘plot or plan’ to bring any other ‘undone’ turns his own soul into mud, and I your God will ‘spill’ your blood.

Let it here be known that the final truth has been sown, and from here forthwith all men will ‘groan’ from the imposition of suffering imposed by ME their God for any defiance of MY truth sown.

Let it here be known that the last ‘bell’ did now ring, and the time has come for those whom in Heaven would sing to show ME their God that they believe in ME and do all that they can to now heed MY message via Terence whom on earth does plod.

Let it here be known that any whom do not I will disown, and for their ‘folly’ they will eternally groan. I have had MY say, prepare now for the FINAL day."

Father God


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