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~ The LAW of 'God' * - 'Mungu' * - 'Allah' * ~

As written by Terence the Spirit of Truth


Democracy v/s Dictatorship

When you live by the rules 'decreed' by mortal men (emperors or politicians) you are living under a DICTATORSHIP and there is NO democracy. (Freedom)

The 'fact' that you can (or are forced to) vote for 'this or that' head of State is NOT 'democracy' for as said, 'either way,' you become/are 'bound' and 'enslaved' by their RULES. The rules being 'strictures' backed by force of arms.

When you obey God and you do NOT 'vote' for man because you have God as 'head of house,' and you live PEACEFULLY as your God-given conscience guides you, and you conform to the Command of God, - -  then you are living in a democracy and you:

1 - Never interfere in the lives of others.
2 - Never cause harm to others.
3 - Never disturb the peace of others.

4 - Never make any demands of/from others.
5 - Never control or punish or wage war upon others.
6 - Never fund others by licence fee or tax who do use some of your funds to do any of the above 1-5.

You always and only obey God and His 'dictate' of love and peace and mercy and compassion and forgiveness and you thus ONLY fund benign community effort.

IF those self-empowered who use force of arms backup to threaten or try to coerce you into funding or following their doctrine of subjugation and war, you must deny them and remain CELIBATE to THE HOLY WORD and its doctrine of peace and never 'deviate' even if you lose all your property or are impaled on a stake. IF you 'fail' in this then for 'heaven' you will be 'late.'

It is now the 'time' for all mankind to realise that IN the 'eyes' of God, all military 'activity' is an illegal and criminal activity and all the suffering or loss imposed by the individuals and their 'backers' becomes a spiritual 'due' to BE suffered by those who imposed IT and their 'backers' for their complicity at a later time within the immutable 'eye for an eye' LAW of equal return of God's ENERGY.

Please try and UNDERSTAND that RETRIBUTION is a NATURAL EVENT because it is the eternal 'nature' of God's Dark destructive Energy. ITS 'Law of equal return' is simply the balancing of said 'energy in motion':

The "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" (As you sow so shall ye reap) is UNAVOIDABLE.

It follows that because 'sinners' have Dark energy within their souls,  - - - (Sin - negative emotions) - - - that said sinners - - - you, you and you always demand punitive 'Justice,' and you find it nearly 'impossible' to OBEY God and be merciful and forgiving and thus set yourself FREE from the eternal ongoing suffering and sorrow caused by RETALIATION.  

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.

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Item - 1 - Who IS or what IS the earthly Sovereign Power (Authority)

Item - 2 - The Legality or otherwise of the decrees/rules/laws of man
(The THREE Tiers of Command, Rule, LAW)

Item - 3 - The FULFILMENT of the punitive aspect of God's LAW
Item - 4 - The FALL of the EMPIRE - illegality of annexation

Item - 5 - The 'Lord's prayer' - Trespass & the King's Ransom
Item - 6 - Letter to the minister of Justice

Item - 7 -
'Servants of darkness' & The LAW

Item - 8 - The case of Daniel v/s the Lion


God * - The name of the Creator in the English language.
Allah * - The name of the Creator in the Arabic language.
Mungu * - The name of the Creator in the Swahili language.
Every 'language' names the Creator according to their 'tongue.'

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~ THE LAW of God the Creator ~
A Statement of Fact & Submission that;

There is an unavoidable "Consequence of ACTION" in ones interaction with other children of God.

God's Law is sacred, immutable and inviolate. God's Law you cannot break by wrong deed. God's Law is not a regulation. God's Law is simply the spiritual energy of God operating within ITS natural boundaries of flow. (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, be it benign or malignant, creative or destructive.)

God's Law is a factual Statement made by God to all His creation. The Statement being:

"As you do is done unto you - As you Sow so shall ye Reap."

"Therefore you My children must heed My ONE Commandment to 'Only be loving,' and thus only walk your way in Peace, and bear only goodwill unto all.

If any other gives you any 'bother' then you must remain meek and be non-retaliatory and forgiving and understanding of their errant ways. They ahead will be 'dealt-with' by ME the Authority they cannot see.

It 'follows' that any man or woman who 'plans' to 'manufacture' and bring into being any 'Rules or Regulations' that are backed by force or punishment is 'ONE' whom of MY Law is ignorant, and thus they 'defy' My Commandment and by ME will be sent below until MY ONE Commandment they get to know."

Father God

The Law of RETURN of God's Light or Dark energy USED BY MAN in his interaction with others is very SIMPLE indeed.

Everyone demands 'Justice,' and absolute justice is what everyone gets but they see IT not because its RETURN of joy and great happiness or sorrow and great travail is an occurrence taking place OUTSIDE of the 'comprehension' of the consciousness of man of today. Why is this so?

1 - It is so because man 'happily' accepts others respecting them, being kind to them, caring for them, loving them and giving them gifts, seeing NOT that it is God's BENIGN creative energy 'balancing itself' due to the POSITIVE, kind, loving, merciful PAST ACTIONS of the recipient.

The above is THE LAW OF RETURN of God's creative energy at the time and in the place IT so decides.

2 - It is so because man REFUSES to accept others disrespecting them, being cruel to them, uncaring of them, hating them and stealing from them, seeing NOT that it is God's MALIGNANT destructive energy 'balancing itself' due to the NEGATIVE, unkind, cruel, merciless PAST ACTIONS of the recipient.

The above is THE LAW OF RETURN of God's destructive energy at the time and in the place IT so decides.

ON THE DAY man comprehends that THE LAW OF GOD'S ENERGETIC ENERGY RETURN is UNAVOIDABLE and immutable, then man will HALT accruing further 'dues' to said punitive and destructive energy by halting his USE OF IT in his interaction with others.

People only USE God's dark destructive energy through their total IGNORANCE of ITS Sovereign Power over them. Once a person 'gives in' to ITS tempting 'thoughts' to use ITS power to accomplish 'something' or to defend oneself, then one is 'lost' because, the ENERGY return aspect is beyond the capacity of anyone to stop it taking place.

If you wish to set yourself FREE spiritually and halt your present downward slide into the oblivion of eternal travail and ultimate hellfire, you need to halt your support of others who use your funds to GO FORTH CAUSING HARM to others in your name and on your behalf.

To halt this present 'way' of man you will need to be STRONG OF MIND and emotionally courageous indeed, for the 'super intelligent' DARK energy essence will 'turn' upon you via other ignorant and arrogant persons and force you to suffer in order to balance any outstanding dues to IT.

There is NO EASY WAY OUT. The more you use forceful dark power the more of IT grows within your soul (Sin) and greater ITS mental and emotional 'hold' over your consciousness. To assist yourself you need to do the Star prayer daily and listen to the audio tracks on my web site.

~ The twin energies of God in perpetual motion during ones interaction ~

When one receives a loving kindness gift through the mind or hands or action of another it is simply the benign LIGHT energy of God fulfilling ITS aspect of ITS immutable Law: "As you did sow so shall ye receive" and this return can be immediate or many long years ahead at the time and in the place said creative Light consciousness so decides.

When ones receives a hateful cruel blow through the mind or hands or action of another it is simply the malignant DARK energy of God fulfilling ITS aspect of ITS immutable Law: "As you did sow so shall ye receive" and this return can be immediate or many long years ahead at the time and in the place said destructive Dark consciousness so decides.

Man sees NOT the subtle deception of the Dark that pervades every realm of consciousness outside the pure Light of Heaven. Man sees not that every day they are being subjected to the punitive, subjugating, controlling, injurious and sorrowful return aspect of THE DARK through the minds and decrees and rules enshrined in 'books' of laws of politicians or other heads of state.

Indeed, every rule is backed by a punishment factor for any non-conformity. Every interaction or business activity or movement of man requires a 'tax' and this is impoverishing the purses of everyone. None seeing that IT is simply the DARK extracting ITS dues owed by man for mans support, condoning and funding the impositions referred to above upon OTHERS in the community by their servants.

The more man funds the never-ending and escalating 'costs' of operating 'levies' or licence fees of fines or taxes, the more are imposed by GOD (The dark aspect) via His earthly forces who are backed by arms and His destructive energetic power. Man becomes impoverished more and more every day and soon, everyone is to be homeless as everyone DESERVES THAT FATE for their continued defiance of God's Command and for their reliance on 'arms' or destructive forceful power for protection rather than on God's Holy Words of: "Go your way in peace and love one another."

Man must now learn that God is both the Light and the Dark, the Dark is God's FORBIDDEN TO USE destructive energy, and any use of that simply places all users within ITS 'Law of Return' and all YOU OR YOUR SERVANTS do unto others is simply done unto YOU. (Absolute justice)

Man must now understand that NO decree of mortal man or any 'majority vote' or political or official mandate or status or 'wage' nullifies THE immutable LAW OF RETURN OF GOD'S ENERGY. (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction when said 'infinitely intelligent' energy so decides)

Please now STOP FUNDING any 'governing' system of man for all are RULED and driven by the DARK SOVEREIGN POWER (God the Father) who keeps you on HIS 'string' through your association with ANTI - God's Command activities.

Man cannot comprehend that when they defy God THE FATHER through using His DARK forceful destructive energy that:

IT sees the user as a threat to IT, being His DARK energy and -
IT becomes the enemy of the user and -
IT sets out to destroy the user and -

IT the Dark energy essence is infinite intelligence and infinite deviousness and infinite cunning and -

IT is the ultimate conspirator and -
IT has the power to deceive your mind and -
ITS 'intelligence' becomes the merciless, cruel, dispassionate, vengeful, retributive thoughts in your mind and -

The Dark energy is the supreme terrorist that ensnares anyone so foolish and arrogant as to use ITS Power. IT justifies your ongoing use of IT so that via your 'hand and mind' IT can and does 'balance' ITS 'Scales of Justice.'

IT justifies your continued use of ITS forceful power and all the time you use this 'power' ITS energy grows in your 'belly,' (sin, negative emotions) and you accrue a due of suffering owed to IT and, - - - and it is the weight and vibration of the dark energy 'SIN' within you that drags your soul down into the depths, being ITS Domain.

The moment you decide to no longer be ON the wide road to hell through your complicity to INIQUITY in your association with IT, God's DARK energy, and you turn to the Light and OBEY the Command to "Love one another," then the Dark 'calls in' all your outstanding dues to IT.

From this moment ON your REAL suffering begins and later ENDS if you are 'brave' and do not retaliate against the adversity imposed that forces YOU to PAY for your past ways and in this you become spiritually FREE. No 'other' can suffer 'for' you, the road to Salvation and inner purity is a uniquely personal one.

The choice is yours, continue your use of ITS forceful power and lose all or, OBEY the Command of THE Light.
Only fund benign community effort and only use benign community services. Halt all support of armed or punitive enforcement.
Stop supporting any 'take' from others or their punishment.


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~ Understanding God's ONE Law ~

"As you do is done unto you - As you sow so shall ye reap"

What does this mean in a spiritual and 'logical' and 'practical' sense?

It is 'simply' the 'Just & equitable' return unto you for all the fortune or misfortune, joy or pain, or giving or taking 'deeded' by your deeds in your 'interaction' with other children of God, of any race, colour, creed, or ideology.

As you 'seed' your deed be it positive or negative, you 'earn' and invite an equal return upon yourself that is 'placed' or 'given' or 'forced' upon you by circumstance that is 'granted,' or designed and, - - -

This is in fact imposed by God in a manner that is 'unforeseen,' and in many cases arises from 'inexplicable' circumstances when least expected. Be it in this lifetime or in the afterlife and, - - -

What mankind does not see, is that the majority of 'his' deeds that are carried out due to a 'precedent' or 'false belief' or 'rule' or 'mandate,' are in fact negative and anti-god even though the 'person' believes that they are in fact 'justly' doing a positive duty to or for the 'good' of humanity.

EG: The 'precedent' has been set where you cannot 'travel' and enter another's 'land' without a passport, for this 'docket' shows that your flesh is already 'owned' by another 'landowner,' and 'entry' to the foreign place is also 'controlled' by others who protect their borders forcefully. (Bad practice, as we should all be free to travel and 'settle' anywhere without 'let or hindrance')

EG: It is a 'false belief' that taxation extortion is a 'civil' duty. It is a forced imposition that destroys the natural way of 'free giving,' and all have succumbed to the satanic 'charm' that uses force of arms to extort never ending sums of money from the people.

EG: A 'rule' might 'say' that you are punishable if you do not wear a seatbelt in your automobile. Or that a fisherman must 'radio' the fisheries department base 3 hours before returning to base, to allow the 'policing' force to be there to check the catch, or be fined. All this 'control' of the free movement or 'choice' of others is demonic control couched in 'for your own good.'

EG: A 'mandate' (being a piece of paper displaying the 'order') is given to a police officer or a soldier to 'intrude, invade, seize, abuse, destroy' etc. All the Devil's works, and the implementation of God's Law by God is not 'voided' by the false mandate.

The Law of God is 'visibly & invisibly' in operation at all times and in every realm of consciousness. Thus in the 'core' centres of God's 'space' there exists the absolutes of the 'return' one receives, due to one being in a constant 'state' of 'giving' something due to one being 'inspired' positively or 'incited' negatively to so do.

In the Pure Light of Heaven, one is constantly giving positively from ones 'Light' core. Thus one is in a constant 'state' of happiness and feeling joy and absolutely 'wonderful' at all times. (Pure bliss, as one is constantly receiving a return of goodness through loving hands.)

In the Pure Darkness of Hell, one is constantly giving negativity from ones 'sinful' Dark core. Thus one is in a constant 'state' of anger, frustration, depression, fear etc, and one is feeling pain and absolutely 'dreadful' at all times. (Pure agony, as one is constantly receiving a return of negativity and 'suffering' at the hands of hateful brigands.)

In this and other 'in-between' realms, one can be 'subjected' to a variety of combinations of either of, or both of the above in a 'lesser' way. But one thing is for sure, any intrusion upon others in any negative way is 'tipping' the scales of God's 'justice' into the Dark side, and that will weigh 'heavily' upon the vain or ignorant that 'with' the Dark energy of God do 'play.'

If there was no 'Sin' in man, then there would be no 'offenders,' and there would be no 'punishers.' The real offenders are not only the 'civilians' that abuse others, but 'most' are the 'officers of state' that via rules 'intrude, kidnap, seize, steal, abuse, punish and kill.'

These are the 'worst' types, for their deeds are 'hidden' in a 'righteous' disguise. It is the precedent 'set' that is the 'rule by rules' that man 'calls' the - 'rule of law' - that is the Dark 'devilish' invader. For every 'space' on earth has been 'invaded' and forcefully 'occupied' by this invader posing as 'justified' RULES.

So in fact, all are 'bowing' to the Devil that says "Rely on ME," rather than relying on the sacred Word of the God of Light that says: "Rely on ME and be loving and merciful, for if you rely on the 'strength' of the Dark One then you 'die' in your sin."

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~ Understanding 'payback' ~

We are all 'happy' to receive 'praise' and assistance and good fortune, but we are not happy to be 'reviled' or persecuted, or punished and abused. Thus we need to see clearly how we 'gain' a suffering return due within God's Law.

For we are not 'concerned' with the 'lovely' positive returns. We only 'squeal' when 'stuck' by a 'lance' that makes us 'feel' awful, terrified, sick to the stomach and filled with dread, as some other 'burns' our home and 'rapes' the ladies that hide under their bed, and then 'guts' the men folk for being 'their' perceived enemy.

Are you aware that nothing is ever done in a positive or negative way without the 'consent' of God? Are you aware that it is the Light power of God that metes out the 'Tribute' for positive deeds? Are you aware that it is the Dark power of God that is the 'avenger' that metes out retribution? (Negative payback).

Are you aware that we are 'created' in the 'image' of God? The image meaning that we are of the same 'essence' of God. For there is naught 'other' than God's energy essences. Light & Dark, positive & negative.

Thus at 'conception' our spirit soul is 'filled' with Light energy (positive emotions, with creative love as the core). But 'has' within it 'seeds' of darkness (negative emotions, with destructive hatred as the core).

As God 'freely' gives out 'whichever' energy is 'wished' for by 'us,' we can 'draw' on either which we do, as we 'express' our 'way' or deeds or 'activities' each day but, - - - whichever we draw on 'fills' our 'receptacle' (soul) with some of that energy and, - - -

Under God's singular Law, we are then also 'bound' to receive a 'just & equitable' return of that same energy that flows forth either directly from God in spiritual realms, or via God's other children's 'hands' and, - - -

As we 'do' and draw in some 'Dark or Light' energy, either our 'sin' grows bigger like a cancer as we impose abuse or 'control' upon others, or our Light core grows 'brighter' as we assist and care for others.

Ultimately, it is God that 'authorises' any and all negative 'payback' via His 'servant' the satanic Serpent. For it has the authority of God to abuse or destroy or 'spell-bind' and deceive and mislead any person (creation of God) that defies the Command of their Creator to "Walk in peace and love one another."

It follows, that any person that 'decides' to be 'The Authority' and take the punitive aspect of the LAW of God into their own hands and 'punish' others, are those 'deceived' by the Serpent because, in their past they abused others and, - - -

Thus their 'sin' grew and 'enables' * the Serpent to use them more, so that as they draw in more darkness, IT the Serpent will drag them underground where for an eternity they WILL be 'bound over' to ITS demonic forces for 'punishment.'

Note: 'enables' * - The 'larger' the 'sin' energy within you, (negative emotions) the easier it is for the telepathic subjugation of your mind to occur, and you lose your freedom to 'choose' between being good or bad. For when 'filled' with sin and emotionally 'aroused, your 'dark' deed is perceived by you as being good, as it (the negative emotion) 'justifies' its actions.

It is also truth that every and any person 'suffering' at the hands of other 'ignorant' people are themselves 'justly' receiving their 'just' dues for their past 'disrespectful' actions against God's creation. Be it in this or a prior lifetime.

It follows that every 'merciless' person, mandated or otherwise being 'so' unwise as to 'unforgivingly' impose 'man's punitive 'justice' upon others, is accruing a painful 'debt' that will be 'met' by them when least expected. Be it in this or the after life.

For the harassment of civilians that do not conform to a 'tax' or 'licence' levy demand with its accompanying 'fine or imprisonment' is in fact brutality against God's children 'couched' in words such as 'justice.'

Try and see that 'Justice' is always 'served.' For God is God. But if punitive 'justice' is 'served' up by you or your 'organisation' then your 'guide' and inspiration is the Dark Sovereign Power and HE and HIS 'hidden' power awaits to meet you.

Note: 'legal': Only man perceives 'illegality.' This is due to man's 'need' to punish those that defy man's 'rules or decrees' that man names 'the law.' There is no such thing as an 'illegal' act in God's eyes, for God permits the freedom of choice to choose to kill or create - to live or die - to punish and abuse or to educate and infuse love. Your choice. God enables both 'crime & kindness' to occur.

BUT - None have 'immunity' from God's supreme singular Law that is 'immutable' for sure. "As you do is done unto you - on an 'eye for an eye' basis." For God is infinitely 'Just,' and equitably returns to you your due for any action taken by you, - - - that is either 'forcefully' imposed or 'kindly' given unto the perpetrator of any 'sort' of deed.

What does God expect 'us' to do with those that defy HIS Command and, - - - 'offensively' become offenders in HIS eyes as they 'decimate' their enemies or abuse their 'brethren' by fine and punishment? - - - Punish them? - NO - Simply educate them and lovingly show them the error of their way because that is the Command of the day and, - - - all 'punishers' for their folly PAY.

Man is 'free' to do whatever he is 'inspired' to, thus God also permits man to 'punish' for and on behalf of God (HIM) but, - - - as any persecution or punishment is contra the Command of God to: "Only be peaceful, merciful, compassionate, kind, and forgiving," it 'follows' that all persecutors and 'enforcers' pay for their folly, because HE will ensure they receive 'flack' when they mercilessly abuse, punish, or in any way deceive, steal, or 'attack.'

The more 'darkness' (sin) within the soul of man the more 'as' the Dark enforcer they become and, - - - the more they 'feel' incensed by others being 'offensive' and, - - - the more justified they become in defying the Light of God and being the retributive 'ARM' of God.

So 'Yes,' when an 'enforcer' says to someone "Take him out," and the death sentence is carried out, the 'thought' emanated directly from the Dark Sovereign Power and, - - - the enforcer sees not that as they are not God, that they too have just 'delivered' their own death sentence, - - - that will be imposed upon them on another day by some other 'one' as equally 'dark' and merciless, - - - that too is inspired by the Dark Source via their dark and arrogant inner sin. (An equitable 'eye for an eye')

Note: 'criminal': Must now be seen as not being a punishable 'offence,' but purely as an 'offensive' act that contravenes the "Only love" Command of God. All offenders are to be treated humanely and educated. (Refer the 'offender document' - Feeling easier Seminar).

God's 'good for good' or 'bad for bad' payback Law is inviolate, immutable, eternal and unchangeable. As you are not God then leave negative 'reckoning' to God. For if you 'try' to 'serve' the imposition of 'negative' justice, then you will receive it in return. Only 'earn' a positive 'return' from God by giving good unto all.

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~ Understanding the 'giving' & the 'receiving' ~

Man has never understood the capacity of his inner 'Light' to give. But he has 'felt' the capacity of his inner 'Dark' to selfishly and forcibly take from others so that he can 'comfortably' live.

Man of today 'lives' in the Dark ages due to his inner sin, thus the only 'way' he can see to survive is to 'extort' money in the 'guise' of honest taxation. This he does in his 'drive' to greedily control, and greedily 'show' his 'giving' as he 'doles out' some of his take to the impoverished.

It is thus that men in 'power' shower darkness upon all, for the Law of God stipulates that all 'takers' that take, HE God will 'break.' Thus as the populace condones and supports and funds the wages of the takers, they too become complicit takers, and thus their impoverished 'taxing' suffering goes on and on.

And for those 'enforcers' giving out strife, they too make Satan their 'wife' or 'husband,' for as they darkness give, so shall they darkness receive. Thus too do all continually grieve, for all 'support' the punitive way of living.

The Light within man has the capacity to give more than enough for every 'endeavour' of man that could be imagined, for there are always 'supporters' of any good plan.

The Dark within man (sinful negative emotions) cannot this giving way see, and to maintain its control, it demands that its 'users' take all forcefully and greedily.

Present day 'governments' are not 'servants of the people,' they are an uncivil imposing force that regulates and controls, and it keeps the 'people' on their knees as 'serfs,' as they are forced to 'bow' to dark dictates and decrees and taxes.

Any 'fare ye well' body raised up to truly serve the people civilly and peacefully must 'begin' its 'service' from the free giving 'choice' of the people, and only be 'funded' by ongoing freely given contributions.

If a 'service provider' needs more funding in order to maintain a good service to the community, then IT must put out ITS 'begging bowl' and ask. It must not use 'force of arms' and set the people into any harder task. If the people do not 'wish' to fund more, then it will needs 'cut its cloth' to suit the smaller 'coat' for sure.

People do not need 'protection,' that is God's prerogative, and on this all needs a little inner reflection. For if you use force to 'defend,' then it is the Dark Sovereign Power you 'befriend.'

It is God to now 'break' all takers and leave them 'penniless' with no 'home.' For none that 'took' deserve to live, and this is why I say: 'Turn away from supporting the taxing 'wolves,' or from being a taxing 'wolf.' For only thus will you be 'permitted' to see the Light of eternal Life once you have 'suffered' for all past iniquity.'

And as for the 'Laws of man,' any decrees that punitively control or bring others to their knees will be your downfall too, for you will 'receive' from God an equal 'Just' return of suffering too.

Let us now become enlightened. No more 'levies' or 'stamp duties' or taxes. Only the 'notice board' outside the 'fresh' Council of Elders chambers that says: "By 'ask' we call for funds to build a school; repair the road; pay the wages of workers" etc. This way people will freely give some of their 'pay' after they have earned their salary of the day.

Those that now fund 'war & punishment' are the criminals in God's eyes as they show that they despise God's children. They shall by MY power be swept into the Abyss for an eternity.

You must all now simply give freely of your 'wise' counsel as you counsel the youth with 'Codes of Conduct,' and 'Codes of Practice' in the many varying ways of business. Be it for builders, seamstresses, fishermen, teachers or any other. Simply advisory codes with no 'punitive' attachments.

Any that 'suffer' due to the error of their 'builder,' needed to suffer for their past ways and, - - - any errant builder needs be 'educated' and counselled as to their error, so that they ahead do not needs suffer for any ongoing 'folly.'

They must not be vindictively and unforgivingly punished and 'struck off' and left 'penniless' with no work, just because 'devious thoughts' did in their mind lurk.

Education and forgiveness is the new way

Thus are you GIVING and RECEIVING merciful Light.

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~ Understanding 'Tin-pot gods' ~

In every 'walk' of life there are 'tin-pot gods.' * These are people that find themselves in a position of authority and control over the lives of others. This 'power' is given by rules in a book. Many seek to attain or maintain an 'as god' superiority over others. The dark rules give them:

The 'power' to dictate 'terms & conditions.'
The 'power' to take control of others lands.
The 'power' to seize others property or beasts.
The 'power' to impose the 'punishment factor.'
The 'power' to know everything that is going on.
The 'power' to investigate, intrude, and interfere.
The 'power' to implement strategies of their choice.
The 'power' to 'kidnap' citizens and incarcerate them.
The 'power' to raise up edicts for others to conform to.
The 'power' to wage war, invade, impose sanction, or kill their enemy.

Note: 'tin-pot gods.' * - A 'tin-pot god' is an absolute 'bastard,' a bully, a despotic ruler with the power to abuse, the power to control, the power to destroy lives and livelihoods.

They 'begin' at home; maybe they are the elder child that bullies the younger. Maybe they are the younger being bullied; either way the day does come when 'either' has the opportunity to have their negative 'say.'

It is all a matter of either or both showing their ignorance of God and God's required way, and being ignorant of God's Law, or also due to the power of the dark emotions within them that hold' sway' over their intellect and consciousness.

For much has been written and said that gives the reasons why 'man' holds others in contempt and fills them with dread. All being due to their thoughts that are untrue due to their 'inspirer' the Dark Sovereign power that controls their thought processes.

Negative emotions are 'responsible' for man seeking to attain or maintain a feeling of 'superiority.' This is a sort of 'kingship' or 'god' authority over the ways of others. Seeing not, that they are subjects of God, and God is the absolute AUTHORITY.

It is 'easier' for men to 'hold' this upper 'position' due to their physical strength compared to that of the female race. Thus many men in God's eyes are a veritable disgrace as they 'rule' their household in 'abominable' ways.

Be it by enslaving others to be their 'serfs,' or be it emotional and sexual slavery to their greed and 'lusting' that makes their own daughters into their 'private' unpaid 'whores.' The 'greater' the position of authority, the greater the 'opportunity' to be a tin-pot god.

This is seen where people attain a position within government departments, be it local or State or National, for once ensconced in their office 'seat' of power, the rules they are paid to serve force them to 'inflict' the extortionists 'whip' over the populace, and to also then become a disgrace in God's eyes as they also impose the punitive enforcement for non-conformity to rules.

Society has 'led' people to believe that a 'job' or a mandate to 'do' a job enables them to defy God's 'Only love, only walk in peace, only be forgiving' Command. People are 'blinded' by their feelings of power over others and, - - - they also believe that they are 'Just' and 'honourable' in their role.

For their 'role' is dictated to them by 'set' rules. Thus if they 'adhere' to the rules, they 'assume' that they are protected by said rules and are 'operating' according to the 'law.' They are operating 'within' the scope of the rules, but are still 'subjects' of God and 'subject' to God's supreme Law.

For they perceive the RULES as the LAW, and as such perceive their 'dark' actions as civil. What a false assumption, for the rules are but 'decrees' made by mere men. The only 'law' that exists is the Law of God.

Note: - What 'men' call 'law' is but 'rules or edicts or decrees' of vain men, and these men change these rules to suit themselves. Thus what man 'sees' as his 'law' is not 'the law,' for THE LAW of God is immutable, and in operation at all times, and all men are 'subject' to IT.

Try and understand that abusive or controlling or punitive 'people' are but 'insane,' vain, or deluded, - - - deluded by society, their elders, or by precedent, or by their emotions. All 'persecutors' are prosecutors inspired by darkness, and using IT'S force they set out to destroy the 'life' of another.

Either way they 'play' at being the Dark Sovereign power, and as this they do, they see not the web 'net' the 'black widow' spider is drawing tighter around their spirit soul and, - - -

For sure, as their spirit departs the flesh, it will be dragged below to 'suffer' every 'drop' of poison that the 'darkness' bestowed upon God's creation through it (their 'embodied' spirit) and, - - -

You may feel 'sorry' for them, for they will suffer, for they are as yet ignorant of God and the 'totality' of God's Law, and the capacity of God to enforce HIS Law upon all 'tin-pot gods' that 'aspire' to HIS 'seat' of POWER. They are also ignorant of the 'capacity' that God has to 'administer' HIS 'justice' according to HIS 'own' LAW in HIS 'ordained' time and place.

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The 'tin-pot gods' are also ignorant of the 'capacity' of the Dark Sovereign Power to 'manifest' its thoughts in their minds via their inner sin, and to give them the justification to 'dispense' and impose its 'directives' or 'subtle' impositions upon others, - - - this it does in such a cunning way - - - that they see not that they are being used to use dark energy in their daily 'interaction' and, - - -

These 'tin-pot gods' see not that their 'criticism, control, or punishment' of the other as abuse. For they only 'see' the other as having 'violated' a ruling decree, and thus 'deserving' of the imposed fiscal or physical incarceration, and this imposition they 'believe' to be 'just justice.'

People in 'offices' of authority over the lives of others believe that as their negative actions are 'backed' by rules, that these actions are 'positive,' and they feel totally 'unassailable,' untouchable, self-righteous, and powerfully invincible. - - - Why? - - -

Because they are deluded and misinformed and are 'with sin,' and this dark energy within is the same energy as the Dark Sovereign Power being the Source of darkness that is invincible, and it 'blinds' them to their vulnerability within ITS Law for as long as it wishes to.

I can assure you that every 'enforcer' in every walk of life has made the 'Devil' his 'wife,' and the Devil will 'certainly' them 'entertain' for a time until they have soiled their soul with ITS grime and then, 'oh' what a calamity as all grinds to a halt in the 'infirmary.'

For IT (The Devil) too has a singular Law: "As for ME you did work and make others suffer, will I now do unto you and, - - - at the same time this is done unto you I will try and make you retaliate, * so that you NEVER get away from Hell's gate."

Note: retaliate, * - As in the jails of 'this' realm, prisoners are exposed to more and more 'prison' rules, and if these rules are 'violated' their 'sentence' is extended and, - - - prison guards 'taunt' the prisoners and try to 'coerce' them into negative retaliatory action so that they will never 'end' their 'time' and get away.

And "Yes," if for the darkness you did wield 'foul' word or abusive sword against another, then against you on a 'later' day the darkness has the 'divine right' to be 'heard' and 'blame' you and 'criticise' you and punish you.

I cannot 'force' tin-pot gods to change their way, for those employed as 'officers' of State see it as a 'good' job, and for 'it' they get a salary each day. So how will 'we' get them to set themselves free of their 'unseen' iniquity?

Simply by letting them educate themselves with this fresh food placed on their 'plate' by the TRUE God. Then and only then will they wish to implement change, and thus set themselves and all free from the 'hateful' devilish conspiracy that has embroiled all for many a 'century.'

Note: None become spiritually free when they 'conform' to and live by the 'rule of man.' This is due to them all being 'inspanned' by the Dark Sovereign Power that dictates its 'authority' via the rules that force all to bow to IT and ITS dark punitive ways, rather than heeding their true God of Love and mercy and kindness.

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~ Understanding Spiritual suicide ~

When 'man' uses darkness in his interaction with others, he 'commits' spiritual suicide. As we see it, suicide in a material 'biological' sense is the destruction of the flesh, and by this 'act' one deprives oneself of the 'use' of ones senses. One 'ceases' to exist in this Realm of consciousness.

For once 'dead,' the mind is incapable of 'sensing' via its biological sensory organs and the biological 'brain' stops functioning, and the person is presumed 'dead' and incapable of functioning on this level. Thus their flesh is buried and 'rots' away.

Spiritual suicide is where you knowingly or unknowingly 'permit' your 'highly' sensed spirit to be 'dragged' into a very cold, dark, and foul 'space' where two of its 'senses' are 'stilled,' but others are exposed to a great 'painful' imposition that is of such 'magnitude' that it is unimaginable.

In the very lowest 'place' that the spirit can travel to, being its 'dead' suicidal 'end' so to speak, it is 'blind and deaf' due to the intensity of darkness where no 'light' can enter.

It is also 'deaf' as it is 'buried' under a great 'mass' of such gravitational 'pull' that is also beyond measure, and no 'sound' can enter. There is also absolutely no 'space' and it is 'crushed' and immobilised, entombed as 'stone' for an eternity.

It can however 'smell' an abomination of 'foulness,' and as it is 'squeezed' it is compressed, and it can feel the pressure that is agonising beyond imagination and, - - - the mind and emotions are 'interactive' to the 'maximum' on an 'icy' cold, fearful, painful, terrifying and excruciating pain 'level' with NO surcease and, - - -

I say no surcease because, an eternity 'spent' suffering is equal to an eternity of eternities of time and, - - - at the 'end' of all that time, the 'coal' face approaches the eternal fire that consumes all 'darkness' with its flame and, - - -

As a 'portion' of your indestructible spirit draws near to the flame it 'warms' up and then as the 'cancerous' dark energy you drew in 'ignites,' you will scream 'silently' and, - - - it will take another eternity for your whole being to pass through the fire due to the eternally 'wide' energy 'face' that is alight and, - - -

During all that time, your emotions and thoughts and 'nerves' will be 'exploding' in agony and insane turmoil until, - - - your spirit soul has had all the dark 'sin' burnt out of it, and once 'purified' it is 'free' to again enter the land of Light and, - - - and for SURE wise enough to NEVER 'entertain' the use of darkness ever again.

However, prior to being sucked down to 'such' depths, there are multitudes of higher but still 'dark' and insufferable realms your spirit will be dragged into if you continue to defy my sacred pen. Realms of 'bedlam, turmoil, insanity, and perversity' and, - - -

Any that enter therein will never rise up again unless they do have this fresh wisdom 'ingrained' in their psyche so that they can try hard to 'loving' be, as 'below' they are imposed upon by 'demons' only seen by me.

When man uses darkness, he is in fact 'crossing' the 'border' into the 'shadow land' of merciless cruelty. For he is in fact 'entering' that place with the intent of using ITS 'dark power' to 'aid' his 'greed' need or 'controlling' deeds of the day.

So as State 'workers' send out a 'fines' notice, or a notice of 'intent' to seize goods or sell land in non payment of 'taxes' etc., they are all using the 'force' of darkness as their coercive 'back up' to enforce their extortion attempt.

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For the time does come when their 'enforcement' arm the police and judiciary are used by the rules to rule their 'judgment' upon the other and as said, the use of force is the use of the Devil's power and, - - - all that use it, will be made by IT to 'suffer' it. *

Note: it * - Whatever is 'done' to the other, or whatever is 'felt' by the other during or after the 'due process,' will be imposed upon the enforcers by the Dark Sovereign Power either in this realm or a later one. That is the absolutely 'just' fulfilment of God's ONE Law. (An eye for an eye - joy for joy - pain for pain).

Even if 'you' as a 'civilian' seek justice in the 'Court' of man, you are using darkness and thus 'trespassing' onto forbidden ground by:

Using the 'force' of darkness to make the other 'submit' to the judgement of man.
Using the 'force' of darkness to 'force' the other to pay 'compensation' to you for your 'loss.'
Using the 'force' of darkness to attain money as recompense for your 'pain & suffering.'

And if your are an 'official' of the state empowered to enforce 'regulations' you are:

Using the 'force' of darkness to enforce 'rules' that give the 'authorisation' to 'fine & incarcerate.

The 'Court' of man is in fact the 'strong arm' of the Dark Sovereign Power, and any that seek its 'aid' dig their own grave with their own black 'spade.' For any 'imposition' by the Court is in direct 'contravention' of God's "Be forgiving & merciful & compassionate" Command and, - - -

Whatever 'loss or pain' you suffered, was your 'due' for unseen 'past' follies, and to be 'true' to yourself you should forgive the other so that both happier live and, - - -

If you 'as' an 'officer' of the State seek punitive 'redress' by the 'penned' mark of a magistrate, then you too are complicit to using the 'force of darkness' to force 'suffering' upon others, and by this 'force' you also 'coerce' them to 'bow & bend' to the wishes or dictates of the rules of other men.

Only use the Court of God to decide 'who' is to be set free, and 'who' needs to be 'restrained' until they have attended a 'Feeling Easier' Seminar as implemented by ME.

For any other 'way,' and you 'enter' into the negative 'side' of God's ONE Law and: 'As you forcibly do will be forcibly done unto you.' For you are using the power of the 'Court' to force the 'other' to submit to the judgement of man, and this is the use of darkness.

Try and understand, that the dark energy of GOD is purely that, - - - energy - - - that flows through any person 'foolish' enough to use it. If someone verbally criticises you and 'upsets' you, your 'mind' and dark emotions will try and retaliate against them the person.

You cannot 'hurt' the dark energy that flowed through them, so why abuse the person? If you try to, then it is again simply the dark energy working through you. It has the intent to 'set' man against man and destroy the creation of the Light.

So be you simply a civilian abuser of wife and children, or a politician abusing others via 'legislation,' or an 'armed' servant of the State doing your duty, you are all using darkness that is 'setting' you up for the day of 'reckoning' when IT will 'collect' ITS 'dues.'

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Would you 'knowingly' commit suicide? Would you knowingly 'sell' your soul into eternal suffering through spiritual suicide? If 'NO' is the answer, then please now make an 'enlightened' choice to be a 'civil' and respectful civilian or be a 'civil' servant of the people.

All 'offenders' that abuse others are but people 'unknowingly' enslaved by darkness. Let us educate them now rather than berate and punish them. For if we continue to punish, then we shall be punished eternally by the Dark Sovereign power for our arrogance.

The eternal present is NOW.
Your personal spiritual safety is attained by your daily deeds NOW.
The 'deepest' truth is revealed by me NOW. Try and believe it 'somehow.'

The Light Sovereign Power is God the Mother.
The Dark Sovereign Power is God the Father.

The 'Devil' (Serpent) is the 'self-mandated' authority that metes out divine retribution for God the Father. (The negative aspect of the ONE Law) It is the all-knowing 'essence' of darkness that deceives and 'destroys' all that defy the Holy Command of God to: "Only love one another."

For these are the 'worthless' seed that wither away in the underworld due to their 'vanity' in believing that THEY are as 'great' as their Creator, and thus 'could' defy the "Only love" Command and abuse others and not 'cry.'

Foolish are these, soon by their God to be brought onto their knees.

All written above is my belief and my truth.
You may choose to believe or disbelieve.
You may choose to now
'live' or 'die.'

I have now given you all my 'understanding' of God's Law. It is up to you to decide whether 'priests' with their 'different' belief being that God is only love, and thus 'preaching' that - - - every 'abuser' will still find their way above - - - is true or false.

For in my opinion that 'belief' has been the greatest deceit, and I say that all believing it will for sure Satan meet. For I say that God is all, the love and the hate, and any that choose 'hatred' and merciless persecution will 'find' that their Creator will become their destroyer.

Priests are also 'tin-pot gods' that 'vainly' come in my name and 'gain' your money and your 'confidence' in their power play, due to them telling you that they are 'as' God with the power to 'forgive' your 'sinning' ways, and I say that they all will 'live' for a time below for deceiving you.

Priests falsely bless you. For you are only truly 'blessed by God' through deeds that are Holy and peaceful and thus TRUE. It is up to you to now continue to berate and punish, or to 'simply' forgive and educate.

If you are a Pilgrim seeking 'redemption,' then know that redemption is only through the 'pilgrimage' of being peaceful each day in the face of adversity, whatever comes your way.

This you do by being to God's Command TRUE, not by 'travelling' here or there and 'bowing' to priests, but by staying peaceful and forgiving in the face of the merciless. You must not defend your flesh with force; you defend your soul by being peaceful.

The 'blessings' bestowed upon you by 'priests' are but mere words spoken. God's blessing is 'automatically' bestowed upon you when you heed God's word and are thus only peaceful.

Conduct 'unbecoming' in the eyes of man's 'rules' needs be seen as different to conduct unbecoming in the eyes of God. For any person disturbing the peace of another is perpetrating abuse, and their conduct is bad and ahead, they are punished by God.

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~ Understanding 'Lawlessness' ~

Man uses the 'banner' of legal v/s the 'banner' of illegal in his 'quest' to enforce his decrees and also in his quest to maintain peace in the land. This 'paper' is 'aimed' at exposing the reality behind 'lawlessness' with its hidden 'agenda' that is only seen by God and me.

There is 'apparent' lawlessness and there is 'hidden' lawlessness.

Lawlessness is the 'apparent' illegal application of abuse or 'disturbance' of the peace without being 'brought to account.'

Example 1 - A 'town' without a 'gun toting' Sheriff.
Example 2 - Someone is 'taking an eye' without 'losing an eye' in return.

This is 'apparent' lawlessness because the fulfilment of 'God's Law' of payback is not perceived as being done. None 'aware of' or seeing that the 'sufferer' is in fact receiving their 'due' * at the hands of the vain and ignorant.

Note: 'due'* - All suffering 'endured' by people is the payback 'repayment' of a 'known' or an 'unseen' debt, accruing from their own 'offensive' behaviour that may have 'occurred' over time and time in this realm or a 'prior' existence in spirit realms.

Hidden 'lawlessness' is where people are being 'abused,' but the abuse is not seen as such. It is perceived as 'accountability' (Justice) and also, the 'lawlessness' of the 'State' officers and judiciary in their 'administration of abuse' is not seen as 'lawlessness,' nor is it seen as abuse.

Only God the 'ultimate' Authority can 'administer' the payback 'eye for an eye' via man and be 'above' HIS Law. Thus HIS 'apparent' or 'hidden' lawlessness. Only God the Authority is 'above' the law and 'lawful' in HIS distribution of punishment.

The 'authority' to punish invested in man via 'officialdom' enables man to become 'as God' as he 'man' takes the 'eye for an eye' and, - - - this abusive 'taking' is neither seen as 'lawlessness' nor is it 'known' to be 'subject to' the Law of God.

Let it here be known that 'lawlessness' (unlawful abuse) - - - be it perceived by man as 'apparent' or otherwise does not exist, for God the Dark Sovereign Power 'backs' all the vain and 'ignorant' that are 'applying' abuse and, - - -

This abuse of others in any way by any person is the 'eye for an eye' Law of God in action. It is only 'unlawful' for man to be the abuser, for and on behalf of God.

Be it the 'official' policing punishment, sanction, war, invasion of home or lands, seizure of property etc, or be it the 'terrorist' in action, or be it the 'thief in the night,' or the 'child abuser,' or the 'lad' that on a dark street does fight and, - - -

ALL are 'administering' legitimate payback for the Dark Sovereign Power, and ALL are 'subjects of' God and, - - - ALL will be punished by God for their 'illegitimate' use of HIS dark power, for 'lawlessness' does not exist in God's eyes.

Any that defy the "Only love and do not disturb the peace of the land" Command, are by God brought to account through any 'ignorant' man or by the Source in the afterlife.

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It is now the time for man to see his apparently 'hidden' bastardry. For too long has man 'hidden' behind the fašade of his 'office' mandate, as he ignorant man strode forth 'self-righteously' and 'sinned' blindly.

Seeing not that his 'sin' was 'equal to' or 'greater than' the one 'perceived' as an offensive criminal and, - - - self-righteous man foolishly 'took' it upon himself to be 'as God' and take the 'eye for an eye' or 1000 times more and, - - -

He foolish vain man saw not that God sees all, and that the 'officers of State' that - - - 'drive dangerously,' disturb the peace, invade, interfere, seize others possessions, carry guns, manufacture armaments of war, deploy fire and brimstone upon others, kidnap citizens off the street, hold them hostage in cells, treat them as 'offal,' and destroy lives and homes, - - -

Shall themselves be 'exposed' and be 'subjected to' the very same 'violations' as God via HIS 'demonic' force below 'SHOUTS' loudly and 'shows' HIS 'hidden' Might as revealed by my 'pen' with ITS 'insight.'

Let it here be known that the application of abuse (sinning) in any 'form' or manner by man is 'unlawful' in the eyes of God and, - - - if the police and judiciary and other 'officials' in the various departments of 'government' that bring others to 'account' cannot see their 'complicity to brutality' then so it so be but, - - -

They shall now all be 'awakened' to their 'horrific' position as 'THE LAW' of God swings into action OPENLY as revealed by me and, - - - suddenly the 'authority of man' is deposed by the Dark Sovereign Power as HE proves to man that HE is the 'rightful' punitive Authority and, - - -

HIS 'dark spirit forces,' being the souls of men that 'lived' before erupt 'mentally' from their 'torrid' Alien shore within the mind of 'common man' and, - - - a 'great' apparent 'lawlessness' will exist on earth for a time but, - - -

The WORD 'apparent lawlessness' is but the 'mist' that hides the reality being, - - - that the 'terrorising' destroyers of all are the 'JUST' actions of GOD in action against those that defied the 'Only love' Command.

I do 'hope' that soon, 'some' understand what I say and 'come' my way. For only the 'application' of an OPEN display of 'love' and true 'Correctional' Service to the community by a true peace Corps, will halt the slide into the Abyss by policing 'forces,' for they all as 'yet' are full of Pride & Vanity as they 'play' God.

Let all 'avengers' that become 'possessed' by demonic thoughts also know that they too are all 'accountable' to God, and as their 'spirit souls' depart the flesh of this world, their 'souls' will be thrust below to 'join' the 'demons' and be 'knurled' and 'reamed' with pain by the 'presses' of God in the underworld.

Let us 'observe' the way all minds now 'swerve' away from 'respect & sanity' as dark emotions arise within all the unwise. Greater 'insanity & punishment' will be seen within the 'confines' of 'Council' and 'Government' and in the 'general' public.

All men will be subjected to powerful intrusive and overriding* thoughts that 'vainly' and 'unchallenged' impose their commands and demands within each unprotected and ignorant 'psyche.'

Note: powerful intrusive and overriding* - Known as 'spirit possession,' the mind being telepathically overpowered, and the 'person' becomes controlled as a 'robot' carrying out the invisible dictates of their 'possessor.' *

Note: 'possessor.' * - Ultimately being the Dark Sovereign Power operating through the minds of demonic forces, that are 'incited' and inspired and 'authorised' to mentally invade and control and destroy the human race. Their mental 'access' being via the vibration of the 'sin' in man, being the dark negative emotions.

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Show your respect to your Creator and protect your mind and soul by only giving good 'counsel' to 'offenders' and humbly go your way in PEACE, by showing respect to your fellow man.

It is time to also reflect on the 'legality' of the 'bringing' of offenders to punitive 'account' by police & judiciary, that is presently perceived as 'lawful.' (Permitted by law) For the actions of the police and judiciary 'if' carried out by the public would be 'classified' as 'unlawful.'

For in the 'course' of their 'duty' of bringing others to 'account' for their perceived sins, the police & judiciary are 'permitted' by legislation to 'sin,' as they by rules are forced to 'invade, wage war, take hostage, incarcerate, abuse, cause pain, or even kill.'

Thus the policing 'authority' operates 'above' the law of man (rules), and its 'warriors' are granted immunity from prosecution for their 'offending' ways. None seeing that this immunity is looked on with contempt by the Dark Sovereign Power that is using them as its 'killers.'

Man in 'authority' tells the public : "Do not take the law into your hands and 'punish' offenders, as we are mandated to so do." Thus is 'man' untrue, for all men in any 'position' are 'subject to' God and God's punitive law.

For there is no 'difference' in applying abuse as an 'apparent' lawless abuser, or applying abuse via the 'Law of God' or the 'rules of man' (man's law). All abuse of God's children is 'sinning' and forbidden by God.

The use of 'force' is forbidden by God.
Using 'dark' energy is forbidden by God.
Causing 'pain' to others is forbidden by God.
Any form of 'retribution' is forbidden by God.
Disturbing the 'peace of the land' is forbidden by God.

In 'any' of the above you are supping from the tree of EVIL.
All are 'accountable' to God, and all are brought to 'account' by God.

Remember that if you 'enter' the Abyss there is a 'depth' therein where the 'essence' of hope does not exist. For the 'mists' of death are too strong, and wherever you go there are none that any 'truth' know. Thus are you lost, for your heart is cold and full of vengeance and frost.

Thus all you 'can' do is to the Dark Sovereign Power be true. For HIS 'thoughts' of 'Justice' fill your mind and you remain blind to 'forgiveness' and as for HIS 'avenging' arm you work, the dark energy grows within your soul, and heavier it gets and the more you fret as you 'sink' deeper and deeper out of sight.

Lost in the dark forever.

The 'entire' human race has become 'trapped by darkness,' and this is obvious by the 'amount' of people that are 'vindictive, abusive, retributionary, merciless, and unforgiving.'

They are 'unknowingly' being used by the darkness to 'spread' its 'poison,' and at the same time their souls are becoming 'leaden' and ensnared by its cunning and power. Let us quickly 'awaken' from our sleep and fight 'back' by being kind by rejecting dark thoughts seeking to overpower our reason. Only this way will we:

Live in the Light forever.

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~ Understanding 'Rules' ~
'life or death' Club

There are many 'types' of Rules, some 'dictate' the 'terms & policies' of organisations such as the 'Yacht Club, Golf Club, Football Club' etc. Being their 'rules of engagement or 'dress' code etc.

The 'rules' referred to in this 'article' are only in respect of the 'ideological' rules of engagement in the 'Club' or 'Religion of death' Club. Being every government 'body' on earth.

For only these organisations demand your 'full-time' participation and complete 'observance' to their RULES, and their rules have the 'power' of 'life or death' over you, due to them being 'backed' by a private 'policing' army that is 'armed' and, - - - it is 'backed' by the invisible satanic & punitive 'Army of God' the Dark Sovereign Power.

The 'government' Club is not 'optional,' it is forced participation. Only the truly true believers will defy ITS demands, as they follow the loving & caring & mercifully forgiving ideology of the TRUE God.

A 'Rule' is a 'statement' written by 'a' man for and on behalf of another man or a group of men that via the 'enshrined' rule state:

"We have decided that you and all must comply with our 'belief' and 'ideology,' and as our 'statement' enshrined in our 'sacred texts' (statutes) is enforceable by force of arms and, - - - as we are the 'authority' backed by force of arms, and are thus in control of you, - - -

We further state that the 'rules' are not 'democratic,' for they are 'autocratic,' and their 'dictates' must be adhered to by you and your children in perpetuity and, - - -

If any of you 'try' to avoid the 'ruling' of the RULE, or do not comply with its 'dictates,' we using force of arms will hunt you down and either abuse you, confine you, tax you, or destroy you and your family."

A 'Rule' is also a 'statement' that legitimises other rules. These other rules 'authorise' control of others, extortion from others, the enslavement of others, and the punishment of others and, - - -

The 'same' rule or rules by their very 'existence' mandate any 'believer' or 'supporter' or 'administrator' of said rule to use any force or punitive 'coercion' needed by them to ensure that all comply with ITS 'mandated' dark ideology.

Oh foolish 'vain' man, seeing not that his 'feelings' of power as he 'exercises' his 'rights' to control and subjugate and punish, as 'bequeathed' upon him by said rules, are the very 'rules' that enslave him to eternal servitude and suffering at the hands of their invisible 'Dictator,' the Dark Sovereign Power.

page 14

For the rules that 'control or extort or punish' are telepathically 'dictated' by the Dark Sovereign Power through the 'possessed' * vain minds of power hungry men and their 'legislators.'

The 'Rule' is the 'command' of the Autocratic Dictator authorising 'control of others, extortion from others, and punishment of others, all in the 'guise' of democratic benevolence and, - - -

This they deserve to 'suffer' due to their ongoing 'support' of its dark anti-God' way and, - - - none see that the 'agenda' of the 'hidden' Dark Sovereign Power is the TOTAL 'impoverishment' and control and ETERNAL enslavement over all 'using' the rules, as well as ALL complying with the rules.

All suffer and 'wither' and 'die' spiritually, due to the rules forcing them into defiance of the Command of the God of LIFE. Any 'rule' that gives you 'power' over another is your own 'death warrant,' bequeathed unto you by the deceiver.

If you 'use' its satanic power by 'placing' its powerful 'ring' upon your finger, then not only will you be 'hard-pressed' to take it off, but you will find it 'hard' to give up your 'mercenary' wage and, - - -

You will find it hard to 'retire' and step off the 'stage' of false 'lights' and false 'stardom.' You will also find it 'hard' to 'retreat' unarmed into the forest like me, 'awaiting' to see 'who or what' God sends your way. Be it 'beauty,' or the BEAST to 'feast' upon your carcass for your past ways.

Either way, I 'pray' that as me, you 'see' that the TRUE way is not by 'forcing' others to conform to RULES, but together we implement a 'safe' Strategy to guide all into 'calmer' waters, as we 'jointly' set aside the use of force, and only give good counsel unto others.

The Dark Sovereign Power permits people to 'fellowship' with other 'personal' religious groups, in order to let them to 'gullibly' think they are safe and saved.

None seeing that as they 'bow' to these other 'Altars,' that they are still 'bowing' to HIM. For all these other religious 'Clubs' were 'inspired' by HIM. For all believe in 'attack or defend' using force of arms, and all are 'controlling' and manipulative and 'governed' by GREED.

It matters not to HIM, 'which' belief you 'think' you aspire to. For as long as you conform to, and comply with, HIS 'governance' via punitive Institutional Rules, you are in fact by deed a 'follower' of HIS dark and punitive 'Order,' and you all defy the TRUE God of Light.

page 15

Note: possessed * - Any person 'intending' to 'hunt down, seek out, persecute, prosecute, bring to account, punish, abuse, control, enslave, or be a 'sneak' or 'whistleblower,' with the sole intent of aiding or bringing the other to 'account' for the express purpose of 'punishment,' is a person 'surrounded' by, and inspired by invisible demons and, - - -

Is a person that has 'become' a mentally disturbed person that is 'incited' or inspired 'telepathically' by intrusive thoughts emanating directly from the Dark Sovereign Power via HIS demonic forces below.

No person in their 'right' mind would even consider 'reparation' and vengeance when their God says: "Be merciful, forgiving, and loving." Thus it follows that the 'above' nature of man is a 'lost' soul needing God's counsel and redirection for their error.

Note: - Any person 'scheming' ways to control, invade, extort, enslave, or raise up any 'rule' that will 'interfere' with the 'ways' or 'lives' or 'beliefs' of others, is a person that has 'become' a mentally disturbed person that is 'incited' or inspired 'telepathically' by intrusive thoughts emanating directly from the Dark Sovereign Power via HIS demonic forces below.

Note: - Any person that in any way 'momentarily' or otherwise that abuses any other in any way, is a person that has 'become' a mentally disturbed person that is 'incited' or inspired 'telepathically' by intrusive thoughts emanating directly from the Dark Sovereign Power via HIS demonic forces below.

Now you can see the 'sickening' reality that everybody on earth is a 'person that has become a person' that is at times 'insanely' possessed and in need of God's good counsel and, - - - this 'spirit possession' takes place as their minds are 'overpowered' by dark intrusive thoughts, being thoughts of vengeance. All this due to their inner Sin. (Negative emotions).

Note: - Some may 'wonder' at how 'apparently' meek or 'weak' individuals can suddenly 'erupt' into a frenzy of 'attack' upon others that are 'strangers' or close family.

This is due to them 'losing their mind' to others overpowering thoughts from below, and it is their 'demonic' emotions and thoughts that flow UP and 'sup' cruelly and mercilessly upon 'someone' perceived by 'man' as an 'innocent.'

'As ye Rule - so shall ye be Ruled'

page 16

~ Understanding 'accountability' ~

Your painful accountability 'debts to God' do mount as you bring others too 'account' for their criminal * misdeeds.

Note: criminal * - Any person that is 'sinning' against another 'child of god' is a criminal in the eyes of God and, - - - - one needing to be brought to 'account' to be punished by God.

A criminal is one that commits a 'crime' against another, as they: 'deceive them, steal from them, or abuse them in any way, by inflicting mental or emotional or physical pain, or interfere in their lives for the purpose of punishment.'

Man sees not that he is 'accountable' for all his misdeeds carried out in the 'course' of his 'perceived' duty to man or God. Man sees not that as 'he' brings others to their 'knees,' and 'gloats' over their 'misfortune' and his own 'good' fortune, that his own deeds were 'contrary' to God's "Only love" command and, - - -

He also sees not that all 'suffering' imposed as 'justice' is added to his own 'account' as God's 'book' of life or death is daily 'tallied' by God. Man also sees not the immense 'co-lateral' and other damage and injury he causes in his efforts in bringing others to 'account' for their misdeeds.

All 'criminal' agencies or 'dark' operatives believe that their 'actions' are justified, and all believe that they are doing 'right' in their cause against the other.

Let it here be known that all persons bringing others to 'account' for the purpose of punishment are the Devil's stooges. Yes, it matters not their belief or cause or 'station' in life. All become 'bound over' to the Dark Sovereign Power for a time and a time in the 'afterlife.'

So whether you are 'Attila the Hun', Bush or Saddam or 'Maggie' or just the 'child' or 'wife' abuser, or the 'arresting' police officer, you are all in the Devil's employ as you 'toy' with darkness.

Try and understand that God knows and sees all, and all 'participants' to any 'abuse' of HIS children of any 'race' or land has an 'accountability' factor and, - - -

HE imposes HIS 'darkness' via HIS stooges, and then drops them (the stooges) to their 'knees' and confines them all into 'cells' in the afterlife, when they 'freeze' in solitude and emotionally bleed.

By all means peacefully 'haul in' those perceived by God as 'criminals,' and educate them as per the good counsel of this pen. Remember, as the Dark Sovereign Power uses you to be to IT 'true' and bring others to account that used ITS 'force,' - - - your 'debts' to IT do mount and, - - -

It matters not to IT how long with ITS dark power you 'play,' - - - - one day IT will 'decide' to come to your 'door' FOR SURE. Just as the 'bush fire' sweeps across the 'plains' when least expected and 'devours' all in its path.

Try and understand that a Rule is but text in a 'book' of Statutes perceived by man as being sacred. The reality is, that this unholy 'scripture' is the 'ungodly' Bible 'held' in high esteem by legislators and governing 'officials' of the State religion that poses as a secular Institution.

So any 'person' or 'officer' of the State in any 'department' that takes a wage to 'uphold' any Rule that requires them to seek punitive 'redress' and bring another to account, defile their own soul and bring 'accountability' upon themselves under God's supreme Law: "As you do is done unto you."

Punitive accountability is God's prerogative ONLY.

page 17

Man is 'incensed' with the need to haul in 'offenders' to punish them. Seeing not that NONE ever 'get away,' as God knows all and sees all. By all means 'haul in' offenders to educate them.

Ponder a moment, from 'where' do your vengeful & hateful emotions arise? Or is it possibly not 'emotional' but merely the false teaching of your forefathers, that 'demands' that you or your 'servants' bring others to 'accountable' justice? And why do I not seek retribution?

Your 'hateful' emotions are the 'sin,' the Dark energy of the Source that over eons of time you drew into your soul. Thus you 'feel' what you feel, and 'think' what you think, being the 'thoughts and emotions' of the Dark aspect of the Source.

As for me, my soul is 'clear' and shining bright, and I have no negative energy within, (Sin) only pure Light. It is thus that I am 'forgiving' to those as you yet 'in sin' living. Any person 'feeling' justified to unforgivingly 'criticise, condemn, or abuse,' is a 'dark' operative, and ahead they will be brought to 'account' by God.

So if from the Dark Sovereign Power you would become 'accountably' free, then read all given now by me. For any of you that continue 'on' drawing-in dark energy as you others abuse, your soul will become 'so' infused with it that its 'weight' will drag you very deep and icy 'pain' into your 'marrow' will seep.

The Dark Sovereign Power will do all HE can to keep you on HIS 'line.' For HIS intent is to destroy ALL that 'live' as 'bloody' swine as they 'dine' on HIS children.

Man seeks immediate 'accountability' for any perceived 'injustice' or contravention of a Rule, not 'wishing' to let the 'offender' get away. Have you ever 'considered' the 'fury' you would 'face' if you in any way 'abused' the child of the most angry, hateful, resentful, vindictive, and merciless man in existence?

Even if you abused them 'simply' because they did not 'conform' to one of the Rules that you 'hold' sacred? No you cannot for you cannot see 'ahead,' and thus 'fear' not the possibility of a 'belly' full of dread.

Well I just want you to 'consider' the possibility that the Dark Sovereign Power the Father having 'ad infinitum' all the above emotions and more, driving HIM 'insane' with your daily deeds against HIS children and, - - -

The ONLY 'reason' that HE 'permits' you to be more 'offensive,' possibly for a lifetime or so, is so that HE can justifiably 'ransack' your 'place,' even into the very core of your soul.

I say BEWARE if you continue to abuse ANY person that on earth does stroll.

Note: - As the 'wise' can now see, the entire 'inhuman' race is 'subjugated' and controlled by the Dark Sovereign Power that has complete 'control' over their 'sinning' ways and minds. It has all 'spell-bound' to such an extent, that all now see 'retribution' with its 'Justice' as the 'right' way of living.

God's energy is in action through us at all times for eternity. For we are eternal spirit beings 'subjected' to the ceaseless 'flow' of God's energy that we 'draw on' in our daily deeds.

Is your daily deed merciful, compassionate, peaceful, forgiving, caring, and truly one of 'well-fare' to your fellow man? - Or is it a deed of control, manipulation, intrusion, investigation, and fine and punishment?

Remember that the emotions are the 'link' to God's energy. If your actions are 'accountability' imposed, then the satisfaction you 'feel' as you 'conquer' the perceived 'offender,' is the darkness in action through you, and you are untrue to your own soul, and your inner 'sin' grows and you spiritually SINK.

None see that all are 'heading' downwards in a 'vortex' of hatred that leads into the Abyss. Extend kindness, and the Light is then your emotional 'link' to God, and you RISE up into Heaven's sky.

page 18

~ Understanding 'Lunacy' ~

Lunatics come in many a disguise. The 'normal' one is the man 'appearing' wise to many. Every 'leader' today is a 'lunatic,' for they have the capacity and do make others 'painfully' sick.

They are egotistical and vain, and they all hold God's Word in disdain. This is the 'sign' of their mental 'distress,' for all they can do is to try and 'impress' others with their invulnerability.

But by now you should all know that every 'fool' that makes 'Satan' their 'bedfellow' is a lunatic. For ahead, their own 'forces' fall away, and alone they stand before God and man with naught to say.

Take 'Saddam,' for he was a 'forceful' man. Giving out his 'death' edicts of the day as via his mind and 'hand' the Dark Sovereign Power had ITS say. And what do all now see? A very weary and mentally 'distressed' man, and 'undressed' of his pride and vanity.

And what about 'Bush & Blair' and the 'Howard' coward? Are they 'less' mentally disturbed? NO. For in order to 'catch' the other and bring them to 'account,' they 'kill' 190 of their own 'coalition' soldiers and, - - -

They also kill thousands of Saddam's soldiers, and hundreds of Iraq citizens are either killed or wounded and, - - - destroy the 'fragile' home and livelihood structure, and the 'fragile' habitat and, - - - this is but the 'beginning' of the result of 'man' sinning.

Why do you 'fund ' lunacy? Can you not see that 'strong men' are weak? Only the 'meek' as I can walk unarmed and alone into the same 'space' as Saddam, and calmly have a helpful 'discourse' that might make him feel 'remorse' and help his 'addled' mind become less 'blind,' so that one day ahead he could return to God's fold and sup on Holy bread.

Could or would 'Bush' walk alone and unarmed into the same 'room' as Saddam? NO. For his 'fear' is greater, and if placed 'together,' they would fight 'tooth & nail.'

So whether you are an invading 'Bush' facing a 'Saddam' or a policeman 'facing' an obvious lunatic on the county street, try and remember me, and send in a man of peace and dignity to give good counsel to 'halt' the lunacy, rather than using force that results in physical and spiritual death, as all 'divorce' themselves from sanity and God, due to arrogance and vanity.

When you 'set out' to forcefully 'bring' a man down, it is you to ahead 'frown' and drown in your own 'blood' from having misunderstood God and God's 'payback' way.

Every person setting 'out' to punitively bring others to 'account' has a 'Mind under siege' from the Dark Lord, the Dark Sovereign Power, and is a lunatic in thinking that he is 'as God.'

For only the 'ignorant' or arrogant and vain hold God's 'Word & Command & LAW' in disdain and, it is also 'lunacy' on your part to 'complicitly' fund any 'war,' for it brings a terrorist 'due' to your personal 'door' for being so untrue.

God's Might is the Word *
God's Might is the Sword *

Note: Word * - Those that do go their way in peace & forgiveness and never condone or fund or wield the Sword, are left in peace by God.

Note: Sword * - Those as 'Saddam' or 'Bush' or any other that condones or funds or 'bears' a Sword against another, are wielding the 'retributionary' Sword of God against those that defied God in their past and, - - - these 'present' wielders terrifying God's children themselves 'face' God's Sword on another day, and have no peace until they 'hear' what I say and pay their 'painful' dues to God.

page 19

~ Understanding 'Peace' ~

The 'word' Peace implies that you maintain a 'calm' harmony and quietness of mind, so that your deeds remain peaceful and kind, and you thus are peaceful, 'full of peace.'

If you 'permit' your mind to become 'distressed' due to others being 'undressed' by the dark then you become as them, mentally disturbed and full of 'strife,' (Devilish) and then less than at 'peace.'

God's Command that you 'Walk in peace' means that you maintain this 'stance' at all times. I suggest that you give your 'soul' a chance by 'learning' as to 'how & why' others or you become 'troubled' and then 'trouble' others.

For only this way will you be able to make amends to God, as you become 'enlightened,' and can then stay sane and respectful and merciful and forgiving and peaceful towards all others.

If you 'disturb' the peace of others in any way for any reason, then you are the 'dark' in action, and IT is never peaceful, for IT is the 'invading intruder' and 'disturber' of the peace.

It is via your emotions and via your mind that the dark intruder disrupts your inner peace, and seeks to cause you mental and emotional 'strife' so that you abuse others. Be it strangers, or your own children or wife.

God tells 'us' to 'walk in peace' because, - - - only this way are we 'comfortable' within God's LAW - As you do is done unto you - For when we are not 'peaceful,' it means that we are disturbing the peace and thus 'fall' into the dark side of God's immutable Law, and God 'Justly' disturbs our peace for sure, and possibly forevermore.

You cannot 'enforce' peace. For the use of 'armaments' is waging war. Thus all 'armed' peacekeepers are but invaders that are 'forcing' peace, and they will themselves be later 'forced' into submission.

Peace is only attained by good intent that is shown by 'brave' unarmed intervention. Intervention that 'calms' as it shows respect for the 'errant.' The good 'intent' is backed by the good deed of educating the offender and, - - - if they 'desist' this deed, then leave them to God and go your way.

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~ Understanding 'Citizen's Arrest' ~

Every person on earth is a citizen of God's land. Thus they all have the 'Right' to 'arrest' any others that wield bad 'words,' or 'swords or axes or guns' against any other, as they ignorantly abuse or fight.

Their 'arrest' Right within the 'eyes' of their God of Light is purely one of 'assisting' the offender, so that they can be 'counselled' and educated, and set 'upright' to go their way wiser and, hopefully they will 'thank' their 'arrestors' for giving them aid, and for not punishing them in any way.

As no 'man' is 'above' God's Law, it 'follows' that any man of any 'station' in life can be brought to arrest and detained by any person for sure. So if you see an 'armed' forces man or 'civilian' abuse any other 'sister or brother' of yours, or of any 'other,' then you may using 'force of hands' * bring them to a place to face a 'Council' of believers.

They needs be 'detained' and made to attend the three hour 'Feeling Easier' Seminar as 'granted' by God on this web site within the 'Offender' document, and then set free.

Let all now try and see that people presently in 'power' are the most 'offensive offenders' in God's sight, and the ones needing good counsel, and needing to be 'detained' by good citizens who can see the reasons for their plight.

Note: 'force of hands' * - This means many things. No weapons are used. No verbal or physical 'striking' of any blow is used. The 'force' of the hand is the strong 'grip' of one or more persons, that enables the 'arrestor' to take the person unharmed to the 'holding' point to await the next Feeling Easier Seminar.

If the one to be arrested is armed and mentally disturbed and thus 'dangerous,' then let them calm down before making any attempt to speak with them, and then 'suggesting' that for their own good, they lay down their 'arms' and come peacefully, in the foreknowledge that they will be released after the Seminar. (One exception, see 'The Police Mandate')

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~ Understanding 'emotions' ~

Emotions are 'sensory' feelings that exist within the spirit soul, and are 'different' to the senses 'felt' by the physical biological body as it 'hears & feels & smells & tastes & sees.'

The emotions that one 'feels' within are the energy 'essences' of both the Light and the Dark that exist within mortals (incarnate spirits) and spirit beings. Only the spirit beings living in the pure Light (Heaven) that are enlightened and thus purified, have only the positive energy essence emotions within of 'love & happiness & joyfulness' etc.

Those yet 'living in sin' due to their unenlightened 'sinning' ways, have souls that are contaminated with a variety of negative 'sin' emotions. Being the Dark emotions of 'greed, hatred, criticism, jealousy, anger, envy, pride, vanity, vengeance' etc., and many more that are 'felt' by them during their daily living.

Dark emotions can 'cloud' or shroud your inner Light that is at your spiritual 'core.' For all created by God has inner light and love within for sure, but if 'clouded' by darkness, one can become 'cruel' to others and thus to oneself, as the Devil places all 'users' of its cold energy in an 'icy' lowly shelf.

Once you 'understand' the reasons why it is of importance to understand your emotions and the 'use' of them, will you be in a better 'advised' position as to the need to control some of them. (The dark sinful ones).

This you will seek to do as you understand that the use of any of them brings not only a similar negative 'stressful' energy 'return' to you, but that you also 'draw in' more of the used dark energy into your soul as you 'express' it in your daily deeds.

If you use 'light' positive energy and are thus kind and caring and forgiving and merciful and happily loving to others etc, then you 'fill' up your senses with more positive light energy as IT 'grows' within you, and your 'candle' flame grows brighter and, the energy 'essence' of your spirit soul becomes of a 'higher' and light 'vibrational' frequency, - - - lifting your soul UP.

If you use 'dark' negative energy and are thus unkind and uncaring and unforgiving and merciless and 'happily' abusive to others etc, then you 'fill' up your senses with more negative dark energy as IT 'grows' within you, and your 'candle' flame grows dimmer and, the energy 'essence' of your spirit soul becomes of a 'lower' and dark 'vibrational' frequency, - - - pulling your soul DOWN.

Your inner emotional senses can be 'triggered' from within by your thoughts, and may also just become active for no apparent reason. They may also be 'triggered' by what your being 'sees' or hears externally. These 'happenings' are of great import, as your response will either be positive or negative depending 'largely' upon your emotions of the moment, as well as your 'programmed' beliefs.

Try and 'accept' that as all 'energy' is 'of' the Source, God, and that the use of IT is 'subject to' God's Law. In that whatever energy you use, will be given back to you by God. Pain imposed upon you for your abuse of others, and happiness 'given' to you for your 'love and kindness' given to others.

You only become 'freed' from your inner sin, (negative emotions) when you firstly stop using dark energy and 'dragging' more in, and secondly when God sees this 'effort' on your part and then slowly purges it out from your soul. This only takes place as you 'face' the mace wielded by others, and 'turn the other cheek' and suffer it silently in NON-retaliation and, - - -

Only when your spirit soul is 'free' of dark 'sin' within is it able to enter into the pure Light where all are loving and none fight. It is truly the time to 'observe' the sin within you, and make an effort to halt its 'growth' so that you can be 'saved' by the wisdom of this pen that is God's 'grace.'

For all 'taught' by religions of man are false, for not one of 'their' elect has any 'idea' as to how to protect their or your minds and emotions against Satan, and HIS demonic forces will keep you ALL 'hamstrung' in the 'retribution' game and 'mace' race of disgrace.

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