This is an educational indictment of Truth
~ Open letter of Complaint to the Police 'Union' and all readers ~
The COMPLAINT of a 'crime' & the 'spiritual' CORRECTION.
Dear 'Pat Allen' and 'Mark Burgess,' please pass this document on to all your members so that they can come to a personally informed decision as to whether its content is of value to them in their role as honourable Police officers. (Upholders of the Peace)
Reference the ATO vs. C. Barnes & the Tasmania Police vs. T. Malaher
The 'Freedom of Religion' Acts as enshrined in the Constitution

This document has been written as an 'advisory document' to all 'officials' in government departments throughout Australia. This document clearly sets out the fact that  the 'validity' of the Constitutional authority of Australia has been allowed to 'lapse' in that the 'rules of engagement' permitting or limiting the activity between State officials and the 'common' people are no longer being upheld by the 'office' of the Governor of Tasmania. The consequence of this is that the 'government' as such has FALLEN because it is now clear there is NO 'legality' for any interaction between officials and THE PEOPLE.

The 'sector' within the Constitution to which I refer is THE most important one. This 'sector' highlights the validity or otherwise of the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of Australia which have been usurped, ignored or overridden by criminal elements. The consequence of this is that there is NO longer any 'freedom' to live by ones conscience or religious ideology without being persecuted illegally.

The consequence of this is that persons living in accordance with the Command of THE Creator as well as within the LAW of the 'worded' Constitutional Acts s 109, 116 and 46 (1) are being harassed, intimidated, threatened, coerced, fined and jailed. This is clearly a sign that anarchy is alive as well as officials blatantly ignoring the Constitution and ITS limitations

Officials in every government department now BELIEVE that it is LEGAL to operate outside of the LIMITING constraints of the Constitutional Acts 109, 116 and 46 (1). This is criminal activity and an ILLEGAL act of TREASON.

The most SERIOUS 'business' in any 'land' is that of 'Peace or War' that results from ones RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGY. It is also a matter of life or death (materially) to the individual. The 'end' result SPIRITUALLY 'delivers' the spirit SOUL to Heaven or Hell.

This is a matter of such significance that all can surely see that this is NOT a 'case' to be 'considered' or judged in a lowly Court of PETTY SESSIONS. This RESTRICTION has always been set out very clearly in the Constitutional 'Freedom of Religion' Acts. (s109) A matter of conscience or religious ideology is deemed, by THE SOVEREIGN POWER, via the Constitution, to be a matter for the highest Court in the land ONLY, that being the High Court.

Presently, the Police are 'backing' unorthodox elements who are denying the Rights of THE peaceful in placing matters of conscience before subordinate magistrates who do NOT have any legal authority to judge them. It has now become commonplace for magistrates to imply or openly state:

"You are entitled to live according to your belief (godly and peaceful) - - - BUT - - - I (the magistrate) have sworn an oath to administer acts under the subordinate legislation - - - - and - - - within these rules I find you 'guilty' as charged."

Petty sessions Court Magistrates and Police and other departments such as the Taxation office have for some years now been made aware by my submissions that State rules/laws cannot be used as the basis of ANY complaint in a Constitutional matter of 'Freedom of Religion' or any other UNLESS, - - - the 'defendant' HAS 'disturbed the peace' or IS 'carrying out an immoral activity' (theft, drug dealing, causing harm etc.) in contravention of the limits set by the words < subject to public order and morality > of the Constitution Act 46.(1):

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality.

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I further state: There are Police and Magistrates and other 'officials' or 'judicial' persons who are defying the Command of their Sovereign overlord (Power) and they are ignoring the rules of engagement permitted by said Constitutional authority. I also state that said 'officials' show themselves to be 'mercenary' terrorists operating criminally and illegally. These people are guilty of anarchy and treason whether they know it or not. They need to learn the meaning of "Strict Liability" as well as the meaning of the words: "THE Law."

 Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of The Law excuses no one.

Why has this blatant defiance of the Constitution come about? Simply stated it has come about through vanity, pride, arrogance and ignorance. It is imperative to understand that no position of authority, badge of office or official mandate excludes anyone for their defiance of THE Sovereign authority nor does it void, nullify or exclude them from the imposition of THE LAW upon their own 'heads' as is revealed by my pen.

For over fifteen years now taxation officials backed by the Police service officials and others have been attempting to illegally, criminally and treasonably extort money from a pacifist lady 'Clemencia,' while at the same time, the same Police service officers have been persecuting myself by deliberately using the petty sessions court Magistrates. This has involved threats, coercion intimidation, fines and jail time in an attempt to ILLEGALLY force me to fund their 'system' against my 'will or conscience.'

All this ongoing activity has also caused a huge amount of emotional and ongoing mental trauma to Clemencia as the joint efforts of the prosecutions, police and judiciary have continued to try and force her to go against her 'will' and conscience by trying to force her to fund the war effort of the Australian military and/or the interfering, controlling and punitive aspects of the government 'system.'

Clemencia simply refuses to fill out tax returns and this is her Constitutional Right. According to Clemencia's lived 'belief,' it is also an illegal activity that such demands be made upon her through a lowly Court of petty sessions. Magistrate Marron places his 'final judgement' upon her 'head' in Launceston on 8th December 2015.

The Constitutional authority (Tasmania Governor) has been advised (warned) of the great and dangerous IRREGULARITIES but they have totally ignored my warning and 'pleas' to correct the issue and they factually 'sided' with the anarchists. (Refer my letter link at document end: Update - 20 - 16th October 2015 - Letter to officers Lovell & Ritchie.  

Fortunately for the reader, I have kept the 'bulk' of letters written over the last 15 years and they are all available on line now as a 'test' case to assist all humanity reference the true MEANING of the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Australian Constitution which is very similar to all 'Western style' government authorities. The 'paper' is one of '70' as recorded publicly on pages 2 & 3 at:

( Reference pages at: )

Having written to the Police and others for said 15 years + in an effort to get them to see that they were all operating ILLEGALLY in their religious persecution of 'us' and getting 'nowhere,' there came a 'breakthrough' when THE material Sovereign authority (Governor of Tasmania office) sent members of the armed Police to my door, an incident that elicited a response from my pen as found here:

The enormity of what had transpired has enabled this added input from my pen since I realised the depths of depravity to which all 'officialdom' had 'stooped' over this time which now also encompassed the office of the earthy 'governing' Sovereign in Tasmania.

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Regrettably this has shown me that the Police services are the 'fall guys' who are being used criminally and treasonably by the governing 'heads' in conjunction with politicians, hence my last ditch efforts to now clarify the matter as best I can ONCE AND FOR ALL so as to 'save' as many of the 'lost errant' who need correction quickly before THE LAW of the invisible Sovereign Power reveals ITS 'hand' as exposed by my pen as 'coming to earth.'

Fortunately for mankind and everyone concerned, my spirit soul is 'sin free' meaning that IT has no dark energy within, (negative emotions of fear or anger or hatred etc) thus it is not possible to 'coerce' me into 'shutting up' or denying my conscience, faith and absolute pacifist religious ideology and I am also able to speak THE TRUTH as I now do to assist YOU. The Freedom of Religion Acts of the government institution state:

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 states:

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Note: To use threat and intimidation or force in an attempt to coerce a person into changing their religious ideological belief is treason * - It is an attempt to force a person to live by a contra ideology being imposed upon them and is in contravention of the Act which clearly states that: Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46 (1) of this Act.

It must now be clearly understood by every civil servant from politician to 'prime ministers,' judiciary and Police that they ALL receive their operational mandate from the Constitution. This operational mandate restricts and limits their ACTIVITIES especially in respect of the given acts above namely s 109 - 116 - 46.

Not ONE State rule or law can be used LEGALLY to persecute or prosecute a person living within the constraints of 46 (1) above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ones religious philosophy or ideology is not the one which is by man 'named' as being 'this or that' named religious organisation such as Islam or Christian or Buddhism, because mere words mean naught. Ones ideology is proven by ones daily activities, being ones interaction with other children of God of any ideology. (Deeds)

The following words from page one of this document are repeated because 'Peace or War' that results from ones RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGY is what 'life is all about.' It is also a matter of life or death (materially) to the individual. The 'end' result SPIRITUALLY is what 'delivers' the spirit SOUL to Heaven or Hell.

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It is the duty of Police and petty sessions court Magistrates and all judiciary (JP's) and others to KNOW that they cannot LEGALLY use ANY commonwealth or state rules/laws against any person who is NOT disturbing the peace because THAT is the superior LEGAL ruling of THE CONSTITUTION on matters of Religious ideology.

What makes an ACTIVITY by the Police or anyone ILLEGAL? It is the contravention of a RULE or LAW imposed or decreed by a RULING Authority or Sovereign power.

What makes the use of a State rule/law an ILLEGAL activity? It is when the State rule/law used is subject to or in contravention of or in competition with a CONSTITUTIONAL ACT/Rule or LAW. Refer:

Section 109 of the Constitution of Australia declares that:

The valid federal laws (Constitution Acts) override ("prevail") inconsistent State laws. Section 109 of the Constitution of Australia provides that:

When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

Section 109, has been considered to be the foundation for the existence of the judicial review power in Australia. The section provides:

5. This Act, (109) and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth, notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State -

"Invalid" does not mean that a State law is invalid in the positivist sense that the State Parliament lacks power to pass it. The State law, though enacted with full validity, merely ceases to operate.

Hence, in order for s. 109 to come into operation at all, there must be a valid State law and a valid Commonwealth law. When s. 109 takes effect, the State law yields to the Commonwealth law, but remains a valid law of the Parliament which enacted it. The practical significance of this will become apparent if, at some later date, the overriding Commonwealth law ceases to operate.

It follows that when I live in accordance to/with my religious ideology of absolute pacifism, and within the precepts of that ACT, I cannot be persecuted or punished LEGALLY by persons who use State rules/laws to so do. For them to so do is anarchy and Treason against THE SOVEREIGN POWER.

I will now reveal the TRUE meaning of the Freedom of Religion Acts which grant 'some' persons on the land their God-given Rights, Civil Rights, and Rights within the Freedom of Religion Acts to go about their daily business without 'let or hindrance.'

They are also granted the FREEDOM by God to NOT vote for 'rule' by man since they know they are ruled by God's Command unto man. These TRUE 'believers' do not rely on being protected by man or systems of man. (Caesar)

TRUE believers in God's Command unto man do not fund by taxation payments to any contra 'warring ideology' operatives who hold God's Command in disdain, nor are they beholden to the decrees/rules/laws invoked by any other mortal or group of individuals. They live as per the dictates of their own conscience and since they OBEY their Creator they never disturb the peace nor do they engage in any immoral activities.

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State 'acts' rules or laws are not "Constitutional POLICY."  Constitutional Policy is the 'voice' of THE Sovereign Power to the "Governor" and her/his officials by stipulating and delineating their LIMITED authority in respect of their 'powers' to INTERACT with THE PEOPLE.

Many of the current politicians and state officials of 'today' have acquired the BELIEF that their mandate or authority to interfere or control or punish is UNLIMITED. Nothing is further from THE TRUTH because it is clear that 'culpability' to defiance of the Sovereign Power exists.

Constitutional Policy cannot LEGALLY be overruled by any 'acts' of parliament or 'belief' of anyone.  The reality is that no person, whatever their 'status' can LEGALLY challenge the written or 'text' wording of THE CONSTITUTION in any Court of man.  No, not even in the High Court of the land.

In respect of Clemencia's 'case' at hand, now due for sentencing 'judgement' on 8th December 2015, (Launceston) the 'held' belief of Taxation officials and their chief prosecutor Ed Storace is as follows:

1 -In their 'opinion' the 'majority' vote of the Australian people is the justification given for enforced supporting 'armed forces' for 'war in order to defend the Nation and flag.  It is also their opinion that everyone of every 'religious ideology' must be forced to fund their department and thus support the ongoing 'war effort.'

The outcome of said departmental 'DEMANDS' means that all conscientious objectors are then 'forced' by petty sessions court Magistrates to be part of (complicit to) the 'causing of harm' via the imposition of terror, killing and the destruction that results or, be jailed or lose their property to pay 'fines.'

2 - The Taxation prosecutor Ed Storace also 'cites' and uses various 'prior' court case 'judgement as precedents' in this case, precedents which the prosecution believe to be 'favourable' to their supposed 'legal' basis for persecuting and prosecuting Clemencia.  Clemencia lives by her contra religious belief in absolute pacifism. The 'referenced' precedent cases cited and submitted to the Court Magistrate by the prosecutor were:

Deputy Commissioner of Taxation v Ganke (1975)  -
This matter was NOT a matter of conscience or religious ideology and therefore IRRELEVANT in Clemencia's case.

Briggs v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation (1986) -
This matter was NOT a matter of conscience or religious ideology and therefore IRRELEVANT in Clemencia's case.

Burrowes; Ex Parte Deputy Commissioner of Taxation (1991)  - since this case was one of 'conscience' in stating his personal philosophy which sees non-violence as a way of life placing fundamental importance on the sacredness and unity of all life and that he objects to paying taxes used to finance war or the killing of human beings as it violates his conscience, it was not a 'matter' to be judged in a 'subordinate' court but for the High Court only.
This matter was illegally 'judged' in violation of the Constitutional RIGHTS in using State laws and thus the PUNITIVE outcome was illegal.

Keenan v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation (1999)  -  since this case was one of 'conscience' since stating His personal philosophy which sees non-violence as a way of life and referring to the Freedom of religion Acts, the use of ANY State or other Tax Laws to extort monies is illegal and it was not a 'matter' to be judged in a 'subordinate' court but for the High Court only.
This matter was illegally 'judged' in violation of the Constitutional RIGHTS in using State laws and thus the PUNITIVE outcome was illegal.

The use of the above last two (Burrowes & Keenan) precedents is invalid because their original 'invocation' was and yet is in total contravention of the decree of the Sovereign Authority and they are therefore illegal documents because, within the context of the Constitution, there can be NO 'use' of any rules or laws of State in Constitutional matters, especially in matters of conscience and the religious ideology of pacifism relating only to the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts 109, 116 and 46(1),

Since one CANNOT legally use any political rules or laws of State to challenge ones religious belief or conscience in any Court due to it  NOT being  'permissible' to so do against a Constitutional matter it follows, that any past 'judgement' made using said State laws as the 'justification' was a criminal and treasonable Act, an action in contravention of the mandate bestowed  via the Constitution upon all officialdom, Judiciary and Police.

It follows that to 'submit' these illegally acquired precedents as 'proof' to a Court of petty sessions Magistrate as the VALIDATION for him to 'find in their favour' and punish Clemencia, IS an illegal, treasonable and anarchist ACTION.

The Magistrate should 'throw the case' OUT.  The Police should arrest the prosecution and taxation officials complicit who illegally 'tempted' the Magistrate to be their 'tool' to defy the Constitutional authority thereby CAUSING HARM to a peaceful citizen who was and yet is living in accordance to Constitutional POLICY. (Act 46 (1)

The Tasmanian Governor should quickly take steps to HALT all treasonable and illegal activity taking place in the judiciary and in the Police service as to their complicity to criminality. All involved in this religious persecution need to learn the meaning of "Strict Liability."

page 6

What the Freedom of Religion Acts (page 3-4) factually means in the language of PLAIN ENGLISH is hereby revealed by my pen:

It means that a person living within the precepts of the Freedom of Religion Acts is granted immunity from persecution to live by their own God-given conscience as long as they have their God as 'head of house' and as long as they remain faithful and true and obedient to His Command unto man:

"Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy and turn the other cheek if abused and never retaliate in the face of adversity and never cause harm to any other."

It means that a person living within the precepts of the Freedom of Religion Acts is also granted immunity from persecution by the earthly Sovereign Power (Queen in this instance) as long as they have their God as 'head of house' and as long as they remain faithful and true and obedient to His Command unto man:

"Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy and turn the other cheek if abused and never retaliate in the face of adversity and never cause harm to any other."

It means that a person living within the precepts of the Freedom of Religion Acts is not bound' in any way to ANY State or 'council' rules/laws/decrees or decrees of ANY other person as long as they have their God as 'head of house' and as long as they remain faithful and true and obedient to His Command unto man:

"Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy and turn the other cheek if abused and never retaliate in the face of adversity and never cause harm to any other."

It follows that ANY person of ANY standing who denies this 'protection' and who takes it upon themselves to control, interfere, intimidate, threaten, coerce, cause harm or loss or suffering IN ANY WAY to a person living in accordance to/with the precepts of the Freedom of Religion Acts is an 'infidel' non-believer defiant of THE Sovereign power God, and they will be subjected to HIS immutable 'Law of equal Return' to suffer all that was imposed by them or at their instigation or complicity through their arrogance or ignorance of HIS Law.

It also follows that ANY person of ANY standing who uses coercion and terror tactics to try and force another to fund anti-God warring ways is an 'infidel' non-believer who IS defiant of THE Sovereign power God. These individuals will be subjected to HIS immutable 'Law of equal Return' which means that they will be forced to suffer all that was imposed by them or at their instigation or complicity through their arrogance or ignorance of HIS Law. (As you sow so shall ye reap - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction)

I add, no dictatorial dictate nor majority 'vote' can alter the individuals 'choice' in regard of their religious ideology. No 'contra' precedent 'set' in any court of man in any way affects the individuals RIGHT as to their religious 'observance or ideological belief however, - - - it is now the TIME to understand that there are only TWO religious ideologies (philosophies) open to be followed by mortal man. These are 'poles' apart.

The ONE is the DARK destructive energy ideology which is currently being followed by or supported by 98% of the world's population. Many of these are misled by the vain, pompous, arrogant and ignorant who are totally unaware of the invisible spiritual energetic 'Law of Return' that exists. Those supporting this ideology are knowingly or unknowingly being merciless, vengeful, retributive, punitive, cruel, dispassionate and unforgiving.

The OTHER is the LIGHT creative energy ideology followed by or supported by 2% of the world's population who as yet are persecuted by the vain, pompous, arrogant and ignorant. These ignorant persecutors are totally unaware of the invisible spiritual energetic 'Law of Return' that exists.

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The peaceful Light 'workers' such as Clemencia and myself are always merciful, compassionate, loving and kind towards our oppressors who we 'forgive' as we simply do our best to elevate their consciousness through education.

Any person of any 'official' standing which includes the Police services, who try to deny these 'godly' persons their Rights, is a terrorist defiant of their own Sovereign, and they are also taking a false wage as they try to force others through coercive methods, mostly accompanied by threats, to support and fund and thus join their 'club.'

I am trying to assist the Police service officers to SEE that they are being used 'politically' and that they are thus 'guilty' of Treason as they cause harm to those they swear an 'oath' to PROTECT.

The Police Officer Oath

I, (name), swear that I will faithfully execute the office of police officer in Tasmania, and that to the best of my power, without favour or affection, malice or ill-will, will cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against persons and properties in Tasmania, and that to the best of my ability, skill and knowledge will discharge all the duties of a police officer according to law. So help me God.

What do the Police OATH words ‘according to Law’ mean when there are Laws of State and Constitutional Laws which 'conflict.'?

It means that, when LIVING in a Democracy, a democracy where every person HAS the choice to live as God Commands with God as head of house, (Living the ideology of PEACE, absolute pacifism) the person NEVER relies upon armed forces for their protection.

When truly living by this religious ideology (belief) it means that the individual NEVER pays ‘Caesar’ (State) taxes because this 'coin of the realm' is used to fund the wages of Caesar’s armed forces. (The ideology of War) It follows, that in respect of THE PEACEFUL, the POLICE uphold THE LAW of THE Constitution ‘Freedom of Religion’ Acts 109, 116 and 46 (1) and they protect the peaceful.

It is via Constitutional Acts 109, 116 and 46 (1) that the moral and peaceful are protected, and the Police NEVER interfere in their lives to arrest or detain or ‘interrogate’ them or punish them on behalf of other statutes or officials because the POLICE have been employed to UPHOLD the LAW of the Constitution which is in fact what grants them their LIMITED operational mandate in respect of those adhering to their religious ideology of absolute pacifism.

However, any person living in a Democracy who foolishly contravenes the restrictions within 46 (1) and disturbs the peace or carries out immoral activities, lose their Democratic IMMUNITY for contravening the requirements of 46 (1) and the POLICE can or must then arrest them so that they can then LEGALLY bring them to the subordinate Court of petty sessions to be dealt with by the Magistrate under the ‘subordinate’ State rules/laws because they are self-PROVEN, by their actions, to be in contravention of the precepts of Act 46 (1).

In a DICTATORSHIP, NO person has the ‘religious’ freedom to follow their God or their own conscience as granted within a Democracy and the Police or other armed forces are the ‘heavies’ or enforcers used by THE DICTATOR to interfere in every aspect of living as they control and subjugate all the people forcefully. 

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It is not my intent to bring any criminal charges to anyone but simply to assist the Police Service (PEACE corps) to awaken to the reality that they are being used to wage war ILLEGALLY against peaceful members of the community.

This they may unknowingly do as they ‘side’ with persons in other government offices, the judiciary and others who are operating outside of and in contravention of the precepts of their constitutional mandate. This is TREASON against the Sovereign Powers.

Once I have exposed this ‘error’ fully so that there is NO ‘doubt’ as to ‘what and how’ this is taking place, then and only then will the PEACE CORPS be able to become honourable and become a ‘stand alone’ community operation working for the people in UPHOLDING the PEACE rather than by working for the political ‘arm’ of government to extort money from the people.

I will now reveal 'how' the Constitutional earthly Sovereign Monarchy was 'overthrown' by dissident factors on earth as they defied the Constitution limiting their activities. To do this they used underhand methods to set ILLEGAL and criminal precedents in Law in order to enable their terrorist activities to appear 'as if it was all legal.'

Many years ago possibly thirty or more, persons in high places of 'officialdom' listened to deceptive thoughts entering their minds. These thoughts JUSTIFIED a reason for them to 'entrap' everyone of any 'belief' into funding their controlling and punitive and warring ways so as to be able to gain more funding for their system of interference, control, subjugation, extortion, punishment and war effort. (The merciless and unforgiving anti-God system of retributive justice)

These 'causing of harm' ways now being imposed illegally upon everyone of all religious ideologies were enabled due to the LIMITING 'Freedom of Religion' mandate factor (Law/rules)  of the Constitution having (conveniently) been long forgotten by everyone.

This enabled the dissident 'official' persons to avoid or void or sideline the use of the High Court and 'try' a test case by placing their complaint before a magistrate in a lowly court of petty sessions thereby illegally using State rules/laws as their 'ammunition' in the hope that the Constitutional statute 109 would remain 'unseen' or unnoticed.

In this endeavour they have been totally successful, as evidenced by the additional ever-increasing politically invoked statues annually enshrined as 'State law' which give ever-increasing justification to defy the Constitutional protection.

This illegal and criminal activity did 'succeed' because petty sessions court Magistrates simply began to 'handle' whatever was/is placed on their 'plate' without 'questioning its validity or otherwise and as a consequence the very dark, illegal, criminal and treasonable precedent was SET into 'perpetual' motion until it is now exposed by my pen.

Once this was accomplished, further cases of conscience and religious ideology were also heard and judged illegally in lower courts but this factor also remained unnoticed by any governing authority and the results were that persons having the peaceful ideology were intimidated, coerced and forced to 'cough up' money or be punished and lose their property because they also were unaware of their Constitutional and Civil RIGHTS.

As it stands today, every case involving the Freedom of Religion Acts are being 'heard' and judged illegally in lower courts and to back up their 'claims,' dissidents such as the Australian Taxation Office officials use and 'present' four or more past ILLEGALLY heard precedents as their justification, and magistrates simply continue to exceed their mandate by backing the dissident factors.

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FACT and TRUTH reference Democracy vs. Dictatorship

In what 'sense' has the government fallen? It has fallen in the sense that there is now NO Democracy because that has been replaced by a Military DICTATORSHIP backed ILLEGALLY by the armed forces POLICE Service and Courts of petty sessions Magistrates who are also ILLEGALLY ‘hearing and judging’ matters of ‘faith, conscience and religious ideology’ when, as stated within the Constitutional Acts these matters of ‘belief’ can only be LEGALLY ‘heard and judged’ by High Court Judges when a person is NOT GUILTY of disturbing the peace or NOT GUILTY of any immoral activity.

What this now means is that everyone of every Religion or ideology is now being ruled by the controls of the subordinate STATE rules/laws, laws that have now ILLEGALLY replaced the Constitutional RIGHTS of citizens to democratically choose to live by their own conscience and religious ideology as Commanded by and guided by the Creator. This means that like Clemencia and myself who are still being obedient to God and factually living within the Constitutional constraints of Act 46 (1) are now being ILLEGALLY persecuted by the Police Army.

This Dictatorship has been 'permitted' or allowed by:

1 – The Tasmanian Governor failing to see what took place in the past when many years ago an initial false ideological PRECEDENT was ‘set’ by state officials who enabled High Court (Constitutional) matters to be ‘judged’ in the subordinate magistrates courts.

2 – It is now proven that the Tasmania Governors ‘office’ is siding with the dissident ‘rogue elements’ of the judiciary in ignoring my ‘alerts’ when sent to their office on more than three occasions. This is also made apparent when the Governor's office sends two armed Police officers to my door to ‘warn me off.’ (Refer my link at document end to ‘Officers Lovell & Ritchie.’
3 – Arrogant Magistrates have chosen to ignore the Constitutional ‘Freedom of Religion’ ACTS for over the past fifteen years, (15) this being the times I have been advising them of their error of ‘way’ and their ignorance of THE superior Constitutional LAW.  In spite of being aware of this information the Police continued persecuting me, punishing me and jailing me ILLEGALLY for and on behalf of the Police ‘complainants.’ They have continued to do this simply because I do not ‘bow’ to their opposing ideological beliefs. This in itself is criminal and treasonable activity.
4 – State officials of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and JP’s (Justices of the peace) as well as court ‘clerks/registrars’ have also chosen to ignore their LIMITED authority or mandate as granted by the Constitution as evidenced by them deliberately and ILLEGALLY placing High Court matters on the ‘plate’ of petty sessions court magistrates.
5 – The POLICE ‘fall guys’ who are the ‘armed muscle’ enabling the DICTATORSHIP to take ‘power’ have also chosen to ignore their own LIMITED mandate granted by the Constitution in respect of the ‘Freedom of Religion’ Acts. This has facilitated the ‘overthrow’ of the DEMOCRACY thereby assisting the criminal elements to accomplish their treasonable ‘take over.’

This has enabled those of the absolute pacifist ideology (as commanded by God) to be forced at ‘gunpoint’ to “FUND the DICTATORSHIP or suffer.” The 'rogue' elements have now seized UNLIMITED Power in defiance of THE Sovereign Authority. (Worldly Queen and our invisible Creator who invoked the ‘Freedom of Religion’ Acts clause of the Constitution)

The democratic government rule by the earthly Sovereign has FALLEN when the ‘Freedom of Religion’ Acts of the Constitution have been ‘voided’ and thus are NO longer being UPHELD by the earthly Sovereign Monarch or as in the case in Tasmania where the REPRESENTATIVE (Governor) has failed in their duty by being criminally involved with those ‘rogue elements’ that have criminally overthrown the Constitutional powers using underhand means.

What has then followed is that the peaceful (those living as absolute pacifists such as myself and Clemencia) who were and yet are obedient to the Freedom of Religion Acts invoked by the earthly Sovereign Monarch, as well as living within the precepts of THE Command of THE Creator, are now ‘openly’ interfered with, persecuted and jailed by the NOW ‘Military Dictatorship’ (Police Services) who are being used criminally and illegally by the rogue elements.

page 10

In FACT, the armed Police services officers have unknowingly become the PRIVATE ARMY of the INSURGENTS who have now seized THE POWER of the Sovereign by ILLEGALLY using the Courts of petty sessions Magistrates as their ‘tool’ to so do.

Usually there is a 'person,' a SOLO figurehead ‘person’ who openly ‘heads’ such a DICTATORSHIP but in this instance, the snake-like ‘heads’ of “Medusa” are numbered in their thousands, those thousands being each and any ‘official’ person seeking to bring others to ‘account’ by using the endless State rules/laws.

These State laws should ONLY be used against persons who have disturbed the peace or who are of immoral standing or who have ‘man’ as head of house rather than God or, those who support Caesar’s warring ways through funding his ‘system’ by taxes so that they can acquire ammunition to support their judgements.

In my case, state officers are using their military powers to arrest, detain, punish and incarcerate me because they have for so long carved the path of expectancy, an expectancy that the magistrate will OK it or ‘validate’ it even though I have never disturbed the peace. This shows that they are a part of the ‘rogue elements’ who are ignoring the Constitutional authority (Limited) and simply doing whatever they wish to to persons living their pacifist religious ideology as IS their Civil RIGHT.

It needs to be CLEARLY understood that DEMOCRACY is NOT the ‘freedom’ to vote for a ‘particular’ man to rule them via the government system. It is the freedom to NOT vote for man but to have God as head of house and the freedom to live by ones own conscience according to THE Command of God THE Creator and to thus NEVER fund the causing of harm to others nor their ‘control’ or enslavement nor their punishment.

TRUE pacifists such as myself and Clemencia KNOW that voters or taxpayers who are funding enforcement and punishment or the causing of harm ARE complicit and that within God’s immutable ‘Law of Return,’ ahead, they will suffer what was done by their servants to others We also KNOW that all operating outside of the ‘constraints’ of God’s Command are ON the WIDE ROAD TO HELL.

Even though Clemencia and myself are still being persecuted by state officials and Police force officers as has been ongoing for 15 years, we continue to be peaceful and continue to defy payment of fines or conformity to the illegal judgments imposed criminally by ignorant Magistrates. All will soon be subjected to God’s “Law of Return" in the manner given by me.

Regrettably, all court activity including the hauling IN or 'holding' of victims or their arrest or detention is carried out by equally ignorant or arrogant Police services officers who all simply do as they are told without 'question.'

It is only my 'pen' and insight to now expose this ongoing iniquity where the criminal persecution of the 'innocent' has become 'endemic' and the PEACE force (Police) see NOT that they are the 'fall guys' being used by other State officials:

1 - POLICE  illegally cause HARM to those they are paid a wage to PROTECT.
2 - POLICE also now use State rules/laws to coerce, intimidate, punish and extort money from the community as they defy statute 109.
3 - POLICE are now 'guilty' of religious intolerance and persecution.

4 - POLICE are now complicit and 'guilty' of the extortion of money from the people.
5 - POLICE are now 'guilty' to the illegal arrest, detention of, transportation of, and imprisonment of the people.
6 - POLICE are now 'guilty' of the use of threat, punishment and coercion in an attempt to force people to change their ideology in funding darkness in action. All the above is vindictive and treasonable ACTIVITY.

All the above activities are totally forbidden by THE Sovereign power who invoked the Constitution, being THE 'text' WORDS of THE Authority unto man.

page 11

It appears to me that THE official POWERS (Governor) mandated to UPHOLD the Constitution have sided with the anarchists and this factually means that the Constitution is now INVALID as is the operational mandate IT granted unto ALL state officers and officials. This means that everyone is engaged in ILLEGAL criminal activity. (Refer letter Update - 20 - 16th October 2015 at the document end below)

This means that THE 'government' has 'fallen' and is yet being ruled by TERRORISTS. There is NO Democracy because the 'new way' is now a Dictatorship ruled by THE GUN and enforced by the Police PEACE CORPS.

There appears to be NO 'Power' able to HALT this extraordinary process because the Constitutional authority (State Governor) and team are actively colluding with the treasonable anarchists and they are thus 'permitting' the CRIMES against humanity to continue unchecked.

What all politicians, state officials, magistrates and the Police service persons need to see is that since the Sovereign powers have been 'set aside' CRIMINALLY, that everyone RULING others using Decrees/rules/laws or any TEXT in books to so do are operating with NO official mandate and thus all the State rules/laws being used to TAX, control, punish, or wage war are ILLEGAL activities.

More to the 'point' now is that in every town of the Australian 'land' there are differing religious ideologies or 'sects,' and NONE are now 'exempt' from persecution through Constitutional protection, - - - and it follows that 'mob' RULE of law now RULES and CHAOS has to be THE END RESULT.

When the Police Services officers are revealed to be actively engaged in the criminal assault of THE peaceful of 'other' ideologies,' then the Police are proven to have become a terrorist organisation extorting money illegally and causing TERROR and harm to others in the community, then said others will eventually 'take up arms' to defend themselves and their families.

My TASK for God is to REVEAL unto all the ILLEGAL, criminal, anarchist and treasonable 'mob' that there is now to be a 'separation of souls' FOREVER for the reasons revealed by my pen, and for all continuing to be 'aggressors' defiant of their CREATOR (God) there is to be an eternal agony of suffering BELOW in the wastelands of the Abyss.

My TASK for God is to ADVISE and warn all of every 'race or creed' that all continuing on the 'path' of V - for Vendetta, retribution and causing of HARM that they will 'fall' due to the REASONS given by my PEN.

My TASK for God is to CONFIRM unto man that the ONLY way OUT of their present predicament is for them to try and comprehend that THE 'Return unto user' LAW of God's ENERGY is REAL and unavoidable in ITS implementation and IT is of infinitely 'super' intelligence beyond the reasoning of man's 'simpleton' mind to comprehend.

Man always demands 'Justice' and that is EXACTLY what man receives when IT the ENERGY decides to implement ITS 'eye for an eye' return LAW that may well be 'instantly' or 100 years down the 'line' in the after-life when ignorant 'fools' have accrued enough 'pain debts' to 'drown' in liquid agony forever for their arrogance.

My TASK for God is to EXPLAIN to all those absolute pacifists such as myself that the 'rogue' elements in society whose arrogance, pride, vanity and insanity will now 'excel,' this means that the ONLY way to FREE oneself spiritually is to TURN THE OTHER CHEEK if persecuted.

My TASK for God is to EXPLAIN to the armed Police Services that ONLY those who now DISARM and become sane, rational and respectful to ALL will be 'safe or saved' and that ALL the others ARE to 'die in their sin' alongside all other 'warmongers' who continue to wage war upon their neighbours as they uphold their FALSE beliefs and FALSE flags and ways.

page 12

My TASK for God is to EXPLAIN unto everyone that God has THE POWER to mete out 'divine retribution' upon the 'heads' of all dissidents as is now to BE in the manner revealed by my PEN in my National Security Alert document, and more than terrifying it will BE TO THE RECIPIENTS, believe you me. (See link below)

It is now imperative for all 'terrorists' being those persons who cause harm to learn that even terrorists ARE 'subject to' the immutable 'Law of Return' of God's benign Light energy or the 'Law of Return' of God's malignant Dark energy.

It is now imperative for all citizens to be ADVISED by the Police Services that IF they OBEY the Command of THE CREATOR and therefore they do not 'disturb the peace' of the land, nor get involved in any immoral activities, that they WILL be 'left in peace' and NOT be persecuted nor detained or 'hauled in' for ANY reason. Only thus will stability and sanity and respect return.

ALL people need to be taught that they 'stand' in God's 'sight' 24/7 and it is HE they need to APPEASE, not me. His BENIGN Light or MALIGNANT Dark ENERGY records (endlessly) the use of ITS 'energetic power' by every person because, we cannot 'move or have our being' without ITS energy flowing through us. This ENERGY is a 'law' unto ITSELF:

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"
At the time and in the place IT so decides to 'balance' ITS 'Scales of Justice.'

I am here to EXPOSE 'how' souls are to be eternally separated, those continuing to be 'swine' causing harm are to be 'crushed' into submission and cast into the hellish underworld by the dark and negative vibration of their own inner soul. This is due to their continued use of God's DARK destructive ENERGY. (Sin)

Those now choosing to 'follow my lead' and become OBEDIENT to the Command of God will find that their spirit souls become purged of the Dark energy essence they drew IN in the past (Sin) and their inner LIGHT creative ENERGY will uplift their spirit souls with ITS positive refined vibration as they depart from this earthly realm.

Those of the Light as myself KNOW that they cannot fight the oppressive force for in so doing, they would be the dark destructive force in action having a painful consequence ahead within God's Law of Return. It is thus that the TRUE to God remain steady in the face of oppression and 'bend' but do not 'break' as they simply try their best to assist and help their oppressors through education.

Since THE Constitutional 'power' of both Australia and Tasmania has now FALLEN, there is NO legal operational mandate for the Police or ANY judiciary to operate. It is my task to expose the political and judicial interference into the ROLE of the community PEACE CORPS (Police) who have become 'embroiled' and are now controlled by politicians and used as their 'muscle.'

All controlling, taxing or punitive ACTIVITIES are ILLEGAL and criminal AND everyone involved is accruing a VERY painful spiritual DUE daily. The Police will now be 'mandated' illegally by other mortals to control, tax, interfere, punish and kill, more and more.

Clemencia and I know that the 'status quo' has been ongoing for many long years and that ignorance now flourishes. We are simply doing our best to awaken everyone to the error so that they can save themselves an awful lot of suffering IF THEY SO CHOOSE.

I now 'rest' my case because I am now 'old and tired' and anyone believing that I am not 'he' the messenger of God is entitled to ignore me but regrettably, their 'fate' to BE is one of unimaginable 'horror, travail, agony and suffering' for ETERNITY.

Police must now halt their support of enforcing the punitive attachments to the endless political decrees and revert back to their role of simply upholding the PEACE and ONLY hauling IN those who disturb the peace.

Terence - 29th October 2015

This email document becomes : Update - 21 - 29th October 2015 - Letter to the Police Union found on page 3 at:

To fully understand the issue of the 'fallen' Constitutions of Australia and Tasmania please read my prior letter:

Update - 20 - 16th October 2015 - Letter to officers Lovell & Ritchie at:

To understand the 'how and why' man is becoming more violent, unconscionable, confrontational and destructive go to:
National Security Alert:

Added notes to assist the reader:

This LAW of ENERGY RETURN is THE REAL INVISIBLE SOVEREIGN LAW because it has but ONE 'rule' being that:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - good for good, cruelty for cruelty.
Mercy to the merciful - merciless to the merciless
Joy for joy given - suffering for suffering imposed
What you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you.

Man (you) need to comprehend that the energy of THE SOURCE is within you and is what sustains your eternal existence as IT is indestructible and is what gives you LIFE to live, move, and have your being. It is eternal and everywhere present. All knowing and IT sees all.

What mankind needs to now comprehend is that the consequence of imposing every 'decree' or rule or law of MAN upon another is 'subject to' the spiritual law of return above.

Man needs to try and comprehend that in supporting, upholding and funding State commands or punitive 'laws' in set (1) they are illegally operating in the DARK energy essence aspect of set (3) in defiance of God, and all are ON the wide road to Hell.

For over fifteen years (15) both Clemencia and I have been doing our best to awaken the police and judiciary as to their excessive use of force through using IT against the peaceful in contravention of the standing rules of their own institution. (The Constitution)

To read more on my prophecies to mankind written during 1991 in book 1 of 9 on line please read the first 33 pages found at:

It is the time for the Police to read my 'offender document' and begin to halt enforcing extortion of money and punishment, and simply revert back to their 'peace-keeping' role and have offenders educated as per my 'Feeling Easier' Seminar because we cannot 'lock up' the whole world each night. Everyone must now learn to stem the incoming 'tide' of negative thoughts that are misleading them into being RETRIBUTIVE for the DARK energy of THE Source.

~ The Legality or otherwise of the decrees/rules/laws of man. ~
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All 'found' by God THE Sovereign authority to now be in contravention of His Command to man are to be "sent down"  ETERNALLY.