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~ The imposition of anti-God doctrine upon all citizens ~
The 'Sin' in man

To the honourable Premier Will Hodgman,

Dear Premier, I attach a letter I wrote to the Justice minister and within said attachment is another to the Police minister. To fully comprehend the depths to which man has fallen over the ages requires you to look very deeply into my 'submissions.'

I wish to add to the attached emails because you are also the presiding 'figurehead' on the 'prow' of the Tasmania government 'ship,' and indeed, you are seen by both God and man as the 'leader.'

In view of this fact and since I am a man with very 'clear and deep' VISION, I need to alert you to some unseen factors which affect everyone. These factors not only affect your own personal spiritual destiny but in fact, the destiny of every 'voter' and taxpayer in Tasmania because they uphold and support your 'compass' direction being the 'heading' taken by those under your stewardship.

These persons are thus also complicit to everything that is done unto others in their name and on their behalf by the endless 'decrees' already established and used by the Judiciary as well as the never-ending new 'decrees' invoked which are upheld by your 'armed forces.' (Police)

My 'concern' as ever is that the RULES enshrined as 'text' by politicians are the method by which all are forced to obey or suffer because said 'rules of engagement' have punitive attachments for any non-conformity with the police service men and women being required to enforce them. (The punishment factor)

This policy of control, subjugation and extortion of money from the populace is negative and  ANTI-Christian because there is no 'mercy or compassion' in the myriad of RULES under which the populace are bound.

As leader of the State of Tasmania you need to understand that all upholding this doctrine of control and subjugation are supporting the enslavement of others. This ongoing control means that the 'sin' in man grows exponentially as does their karmic dues of suffering within God's Law because of the negativity they accrue each day.

The 'basic' aspect of my letter to you is my very deep concern for taxpayers and 'sleeping' politicians because NONE appear to believe in our living God nor in the 'eye for an eye' Law of Return of God that stands supreme above all the 'daydreams' of mortal men.

I now speak of the POLICY concerning the 'boat people' as imposed by Tony Abbott and his cohorts upon all voters and taxpayers. How or why is this so? Because the people condone, support and fund Abbott's punitive 'policy of forceful rejection.'

This constitutes a 'rejection' of those in need of our care because this policy is keeping other 'sisters and brothers' who are children of God living in Hell on the seas to suffer ongoing torment which often leads to death. Please try to understand that you are literally causing suffering and death because your 'policy' turns them away to flounder on the seas without assistance.

What is the result of all this as I see it? The result is that all voters and taxpayers are COMPLICIT to the merciless anti-Christian doctrine which our government imposes. By 'legally' enacting such an imposition upon the boat people 'in our name' means that each Australian is placed within the merciless punitive aspect of God's  'Law of Return.'  If you are an Australian voter and taxpayer you are, by God, Judged for supporting such punitive measures being placed on the boat people.

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God's Just 'Law of Return' is the consequential suffering imposed by God on the taxpaying public, a return on their own 'head' of the further suffering having been imposed upon boat people because 'voters' are always responsible for the actions of their servants since it is the servants who go forth on their behalf and in their name.

Unfortunately 'ahead' all taxpayers will be forced by circumstances beyond their control to become 'homeless,' deserted, hungry, thirsty and suffering ongoing living TORMENT. In reality, persons denying others 'access' to their 'heaven' space will by God be denied access to His Heaven place because that is absolute justice.

Try to understand that God is the ONE testing everyone on earth today and as I see IT, there will be NO 'mirth' anywhere as everyone is subjected to deprivation and suffering. Please consider opening the doors of Tasmania to the boat people so they can 'enter' and be given free 'Crown land' to move onto assisted by THE PEOPLE of Tasmania who CARE to support such an act of 'goodwill.'

Tony Abbott cannot keep away desperate people because 'we' (This land Australia) will be taken over by very powerful forces who will be 'armed to the teeth' so let us in Tasmania show the world our 'grace' and open the doors to all-comers in need even if we have to 'secede.'

It is better to obey our God rather than obey a 'black' Abbot supported by his merciless cohorts.

Dear Will, I just add a little more information for your consideration because soon, very soon, Tasmania will be seen as a 'Jewel' in the ocean and it will become a very sought after destination.

Only I have the deep insight and awareness of what is to come globally so, shall we simply let the people in Tasmania sit and await for masses of armed men forcing their way IN or, we can let the world know that all-comers are welcome as long as they wish to live in peace and as long as they conform to the 'Peace & love' Command of their God whether that God is named 'Allah or Buddha or Mungu' or any other.

Tasmania is well placed to open the door to those seeking shelter because it has the best basic requirements for such a move. These consist of endless water and 'hydro turbine' electricity as well as vast 'empty' spaces. On an area stretching from Campbell town to Launceston on the central midlands highway eastwards to St. Mary's and Pyengana, there is enough 'vacant' land available to accommodate millions of people or as many as God chooses to send here.

Try to understand that these people will be coming whether they are invited or not so time to prepare is very short. When these people come there must be NO named 'religion' as the criteria for entry because every child on earth is one of God's sacred children. Every Tasmanian resident or incoming person must be advised that they will be left in peace as long as they do not disturb the peace of the land because only this will insure that they do not incur the 'Wrath of God.'

Mankind must now understand that there is only one TRUE FAITH, being the ideology of PEACE.

All RULES enabling interference, subjugation, extortion, causing harm, loss, punishment or killing must now be ABOLISHED.

There must be only ONE rule, the rule enabling those who disturb the peace to be caught, counselled, educated and then set free as per the decree of God within the Offender Seminar document.

Since insanity and confrontation have already escalated dramatically, man will 'wonder' why their God has deserted them. The facts are that it is because man defied God and used God's (forbidden to use) DARK energy with ITS forceful, destructive power to enslave and abuse His precious children and for so doing, He the Father is now to impose His Law 'in toto.'

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He our God is the ONE who now is the enemy of errant man, and His dark forces in the underworld are by Him empowered to 'settle' the score and mete out His 'eye for an eye ~ as you did sow so shall ye reap' divine retribution because that is how the punitive aspect of His Law is imposed upon people.  Try to comprehend that it is God's 'scales of justice' that are being balanced at this time.

There is NO 'Jesus' to take on the burden of 'debt' that man accrues for being disrespectful or rude to any other. There is no prophet or religion to ameliorate the 'debts' owed by any person who has stepped outside of God's Only Command: "As you do unto others will by others be done unto you" for that is the only LAW OF GOD. 

All who now retaliate in defiance of His Command through their belief in their right to harm another child of God will now fall to the Abyss to fight on and suffer on forever and eventually burning in His fire.

Those ministers of religion who come 'In the name of Jesus or God' are all false prophets who have deceived God's children. God's 'LAW of equal Return' (Absolute Justice) cannot be voided or avoided by man nor by statutes, rules or by any other official status. Nor can it be 'nullified, voided or avoided' by any ritualistic invocation by a man dressed in priestly robes.

There is an insanity unseen by men in power, that insanity being that, before 'the people' of the land can actually do ANYTHING, they are forced by rules to 'ask' for permission, and they are then 'stung' by a licence permit fee demand of money to be paid in advance to the weapons wielding powerbrokers!

Politicians need to see that when a person of any age wishes to cast a hook and sinker into the 'bay' to catch a fish for their 'supper,' that they are in fact saying to the intended fisherman: "If you are 'found' to have no $51 licence fee paid 'receipt' in your pocket then you will be punished because - 'we' the leaders of this State - require your money in advance so that 'we' can purchase our own 'food' and survive even if you catch nothing."

This is the INSANITY OF VANITY wherein state 'elders' hold the false ideological belief that everything on or under the surface of the land, in the air or in the sea, is their personal property.

Furthermore, the punitive attachment for any non-conformity to RULES is the unseen DICTATORSHIP of texts which 'legitimise' political enforcers to extort more money by imposing ever increasing penalties. It is this 'factor' of endless interference in the lives of the people which is the factual CAUSING OF HARM to people. (God's children)

Try to understand that politicians invoking said decrees as well as voters are all 'complicit' to this interference in the lives of people. All people supporting or funding political activities need to now comprehend that both the invocation of decrees by politicians and the people supporting them are a denial of God's Command unto man.

Neither activities are legal in God's eyes because NOTHING legitimises ANY contravention of God's Command to: "Love one another and go your way in peace and turn the other cheek no matter what the provocation to retaliate."

Regrettably for magistrates, as 'soon' as these man-made dictates are enshrined in TEXT books as 'rules or the law' they are required to be implemented by magistrates. Once 'dictates' are enshrined as 'law' magistrates are forced by said 'rulings' of mortal men to become unconscionable and defiant of God as he or she 'slavishly' imposes the punitive factors upon those being 'judged' as non-conformists.

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None of these magistrates comprehending that, in spite of their 'status' they are NEVER above the ultimate Law which is God's 'Law of return.' Sadly the Magistrates themselves fail to understand 'why' God said:

"Judge not lest ye be so judged by ME."

Indeed, all the loss or suffering or emotional trauma imposed by magistrates in their courts adds to the 'weight' of the 'Sword of Damocles' hanging above their own head, many a 'cut' to be painfully suffered and endured by them at a time possibly far ahead or even in the after-life. None are above or beyond the 'reach' of God's LAW as all will soon see.

Woe indeed is the agony to BE endured by these arrogant, ignorant 'fools.'

 Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.

What is sadly regrettable in the current situation is that the 'peace' officers (police) are then used to enforce magisterial decrees so that they themselves are the causers of harm because they trespass, interfere and impose directives, rather than simply doing the 'job' they are paid a wage to do by the PUBLIC purse which is to haul in those who factually disturb the peace.

Presently, every 'government' system of man is using RULES to FORCE everyone into supporting the ANTI-God doctrinal policy of control, interference, subjugation, extortion of money, punishment and the causing of harm to others.

This is the doctrine of WAR, and it follows that all are presently on the wide road to Hell and all will suffer within God's absolutely 'Just and equitable' IMMUTABLE 'Law of Return' for BURNING others. (Imposing suffering and emotional torment)

All war is the 'Wrath of God' operating through the mind and hand of the unconscionable. (The Dark energy essence of the Source balancing ITS scales of justice) Those who are 'unconscionable' receive their own 'just dues' at a later date whether in this world or the next. God's creative 'love' or destructive 'hatred and control' energy is in operation at all times forevermore.

Our God is observing the ACTIVITIES of everyone living outside of the pure light of heaven. There is to be NO 'chance' of Salvation for those continuing to be defiant of God's Command to always be forgiving. Each is now to be judged. All I can say is NOT: "God help me," but: "Help yourself, for your intent and deeded activity is what paves the way for absolution OR damnation." The choice is yours and yours alone.

We must all now become true pacifists, as we 'turn the other cheek' when faced by adversity and only condone, support and fund benign community activity.

We all now 'stand' as individuals on the 'brink' of eternal SALVATION or DAMNATION. This is a personal choice to now BE either an absolute pacifist such as myself or, to continue ON using force or the back-up of force to gain or attain or cause harm.

Rules force the police who uphold them ( being the text rules in books) to BE cruel, unkind, callous and unconscionable. All persons making or upholding rules having punitive attachments are unknowingly 'workers' for the Dark Sovereign Power. (The 'Devil' in layman's terms) Mankind is enslaved by and to rules and it follows that everyone involved supporting or funding the 'invocation' of said rules is complicit to the enslavement of others in society.

These persons are the 'ungodly' in need of my counsel before they lose their soul.

Brother 'Will Hodgman,' I have stated before that: "I will to do God's Will," what of you Sir, do you so do? The power of RULES over the psyche of man is the power of the invisible Dark energy. Try and see that only those as me who defy the demands of rules and therefore I do not fund the war-machine system nor the 'political' causing of harm to others, will become FREE spiritually.

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I add a few words around the issue of 'bondage or slavery,' for although slavery was supposedly abolished years ago it does factually exist in every land today including Tasmania.

Slavery and bondage is the servitude imposed upon someone by another or others It is the complete ownership and control over a person by a master who subjugates a person using force of arms.

Slavery exists when a person bows to the dictates of an overlord. Slavery exists when a person becomes an overlord through holding the 'reigns' of forceful power backed by armed men and who thus forces others to bow to their demands or be 'whipped into submission.'

It is now the time to realise that everyone who votes for and agrees with any ruling government system is a slave bonded to the dictatorial decrees imposed by the overlords. (Politicians) The RULES are the 'slaver' keeping all bonded as slaves in servitude to THE invisible MASTER. The Master being the DARK energy of the Source (Devil) who inspires the minds of all 'in power.'

It follows that no slave can use their own conscience and thus they cannot either obey the TRUE God of Light and conform with the Command from the Light to ONLY 'love one another.'

The slaves are also those bearing arms to uphold the punitive dictates, for they cannot 'legally' exercise their own conscience. They are forced to 'honour' their wage and impose 'rules,' and they become cruel, merciless, dispassionate 'beasts.' Those imposing the punitive aspect of the dictates see NOT that what they do is the imposing of suffering and loss which later will return upon their own head.

None seeing that the destructive  'ideology' behind the RULES is doing ITS best (invisibly) to keep everyone supporting and funding the anti-god system of control, subjugation, punishment and enslavement to said 'overlord' via His ruling decrees.

Those persons such as yourself who are 'in power' hold the greatest and gravest powers being; either the power to UPLIFT the consciousness of mankind OR the power to totally destroy their own soul. Choose well brother for the destiny of many others in this land is in your personal 'mind and hand' as is your own eternal 'tomorrow.'

Education and enlightenment rather than control and punishment.

I have spent 20 years in Tasmania outpouring my inner wisdom. It is now up to THE readers to 'convert' their religious ideology to that of only PEACE. All on this land and other lands are in very 'grave' spiritual danger indeed and also have more than 'much' travail awaiting them due to the harm they continue to cause others every day.

It is now ABSOLUTELY the TIME for politicians, other 'heads of State' and their enforcers to see that political decrees enshrined in TEXT books are NOT 'the law.' To put it simply, they are the dictates of mortal man in his endeavour to 'control' everyone by the use of force.

Factually, it is the 'Sin' in man, (negative emotions) which link the mind of man to the dark lower realms from whence stems all 'thoughts' of control, slavery, extortion, punishment and killing.'

The REAL 'Law of this land' and of every realm of consciousness is the LAW OF GOD which is the energetic return of the benign or malignant spiritual energy of God used by mankind. Simply stated this LAW states:

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction at the time and in the place so ordained by the creative Light or destructive Dark energy essence of THE SOURCE" OR, the "As you sow so shall ye reap" IS "Law of equal return."

Let Tasmanians now lead the world into the LIGHT.

You are welcome to come and visit me anytime or just pick up the phone for a 'chat.'

Sincerely - Terence


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Letter 2 to Premier Hodgman - dated Sunday 14the February 2016

Dear Premier, some time last year I did write the above letter to you.
It is the time for all humanity to now come to a personally informed decision as to 'who' is their leader or 'head of house' or Premier. Be it some mortal man such as yourself or GOD, for one cannot serve two masters at the same time especially if their commands or demands are 'poles apart' so to speak with one having the ideology of control, subjugation, persecution and punishment and the other (God) is clear in commanding love, peace, mercy, compassion and forgiveness.
I enclose for you the recent completion of 15+ years of my time testing the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution. I would 'hope' that as Premier you would see that I am no 'dope' because I have clearly exposed the 'rort' of the whole system's 'men' (Magistrates and police and prosecutors) as well as the Governor, all who totally ignore their own Constitutional authority as they treasonably persecute the peaceful who are LEGALLY obedient to the Constitution as well as the Command of their Sovereign Lord God.
For over fifteen years I have been 'bringing' the most serious indictment against the 'officialdom' of Tasmania because they are all defiant of their limited mandate, a mandate granted by the Constitution as you will see when you read the below letter written to the ABC TV 'crew' who interviewed Clemencia and myself on February 9th after her court appearance.
I was educated at one of the best 'African' colleges in the 1960's and having represented insurance companies in over 100 court cases as a loss assessor in Africa, I do believe that my comprehension of the English language is 'enough' to comprehend the intent and meaning contained within section 116 and 46 (1) of the Constitution. (In the following texts below) Sadly, the prosecutors, magistrates and supporting police hold a different perspective.
I 'wonder' also at their audacity when they name themselves "Servants of the people" but they are most disrespectful, arrogant and vain as they hold their 'master's' in disdain and use the armed PUBLIC police PEACE force to extort money, punish, fine and imprison as though it is they who are 'God.'
Brother, we are all 'born' of our heavenly Father and Mother and the separation of souls TIME is now here. Since you are in such a powerful position maybe it is now YOU to whom I make 'plea' to try and begin to see the TRUTH that I speak and I am.
It is now the time to advise THE POLICE that their DUTY is to uphold the PEACE and only haul in those 'dissidents' who disturb the peace rather than they themselves 'siding' with treasonable anarchist and interfering in the lives of the peaceful, whether they be the ATO officials or Magistrates who are criminally involved in monetary extortion.
Brother, soon 'we' (Tasmania) are to be 'flooded' with incoming armed people as the northern part of the globe becomes embroiled in insane chaos. We here need to be prepared to accept our 'fate' and be ready so that we have established the means to EDUCATE dissidents rather than berate them and suffer the same 'fate' within God's immutable 'eye for an eye' LAW.
Dear Premier, there are two extremely important issues to NOTE.
1 - In the first instance and many years ago, kings, queens, emperors and their politicians were of THE BELIEF that God empowered them to RULE the UNRULY. These said 'empowered' were inspired to rule using the rules, decrees and laws that they IMPOSE using force of arms to give themselves backup.
What all 'officialdom' needs to now try and see is that they are ALSO required to remain OBEDIENT to the superior Constitution texts from 'whence' their LIMITED authority stems from because ITS 'powers' to rule the unruly ONLY apply to those who needed guidance and direction and inner reflection because they have become dissidents defiant of God's Command unto man and, - - -
Those who were truly peaceful such as Clemencia, myself and other absolute pacifists were granted and guaranteed immunity from persecution as well as the RIGHT to live with their God as their 'Premier' rather than man and therefore all or any controlling, taxing or punitive rules/decrees/laws of man did NOT apply to them because they do NOT believe in the invasive, controlling, punitive, warring or killing doctrine you uphold.
2 - The second 'Note' to you and this applies to THE POLICE as well as to all 'systems officials is for you to ask yourselves:
"If 'we' politicians believe that it was our God who granted 'us' the powers to use force of arms in 'certain' circumstances then what does God 'think' or see or do to 'us' if we defy His Command and openly defy His ruling Constitutional Authority as all 'happily' defy ITS limitations and using police and magistrates to go forth deliberately disturbing the peace of the peaceful whom we were 'obliged' to protect"?
Dear Premier and all readers, the matter at hand is of extreme importance as you will see when you read the below* (Update 52 at page end) and other attachments. As I see it, the present iniquity is soon to come to a dramatic halt as insanity becomes the 'order of the day' and all the vain or arrogant who defied their God will themselves be forced to suffer the same 'fate' which they so blindly imposed in the manner revealed by my pen.
This email goes out to every Australian politician and is added to my prior on line letter to you on the link in para one above.
Why not 'fly' up to St. Helens and get the local police chief to drive you up to my place for a 'chat'? We need to move quickly because my biological 'body' is old and getting ready to 'drop' and my spirit soul is to then exit this realm and it will then be extremely difficult for you to do the right thing without my initial input.
We need to implement the 'Feeling Easier' Seminars so that persons who do disturb the peace can learn how to control their thoughts and remain rational and sane and then be released, rather than have money stolen from their purse in the form of fines or jailed. Things will otherwise become so 'bad' that we will be unable to 'lock up' the whole world each night.
Sincerely - Terence

Note: - Other attachments: Constitution - Freedom of religion

Update - 52 - The finding of the court response - update 11th February 2016