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~ The Recording of Titles ~

The Title Deed 'permit' or permission 

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page 3 - Certificate of Title introduction
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page 7 - The God given name for Titles records
page 8 - The Last 'Will & Testament'

This page is written in reference to three of the most important aspects of Title to land ownership. Namely the 'recording' of Title being the 'proof' of ownership, and the 'right' to subdivide ones property, and the right to use it in any manner one wishes to.

Presently there are 'governing' Institutions that name themselves as 'Keepers of the Title deed records for the community.' But they invoke their own rules - decrees - regulations - etc., as they interfere, control, regulate, and 'tax' every land transaction, and also punish any person that does not comply to their dictates and, they even steal it by 'seizure' if they so decide.

They go so far as to state that no Title of ownership or transfer or subdivision is 'legal' unless it has been 'sanctioned' by their 'blessing,' and recorded by them in accordance to their 'conformity' wording, and the true owner has no 'rights' to Title until they have received their 'permit' or permission and paid for this purported 'privilege.'

This regulatory control is abhorrent to God and is now to cease as all become wiser through the revelations from this God's pen. For ownership of land does not 'rely' on the 'stamp of approval' of any 'third party' person or Institution.

Ownership of land or Title becomes 'valid' as soon as one or more persons have agreed to the right of ownership Title either by 'word or signed paper mark' to this effect, and this 'act' of sale or transfer between one or more through gift, deed, or payment etc., is seen by God and sanctioned by God.

They may have this 'record' kept by one of many people but, it is to be purely a Copy of the Title Deed content as supplied by the property owner or, it may be the simple spoken word * by the owner to another.

Note: spoken word * - a verbal record of ownership transfer to you personally by the now deceased having made such a 'Last Will and Testament' statement to this effect to you. (God as the witness)

Let it here be stated quite clearly that any person wishing to have 'another' keep a record of title then that is in order. It could be the 'postman,' the neighbour, the village elders, the local town surveyor, the local town community council office, or any other.

The 'recorder' of Title must not be a regulator or controller, nor an 'extortionist,' they are simply a 'holder' of a Record of ownership, be it a record named a 'Title Deed' or otherwise.

The record of ownership could simply be a family member affair, and these family members may not need to nor wish to 'share' information of their personal or their business affairs with others.

If you wish to subdivide your land then you are free to so do by simply marking the subdivisions by any means you wish to, be it by a pile of rocks, a tree, a stream or by the means of a surveyed and 'pegged' demarcation. You do not have to 'provide' any 'improvements' unless you so wish to.

Either way is valid in God's eyes, and only the unwise will make demands or interfere into your family affairs. If you wish any of the above 'marks' to be recorded on 'paper' and held in trust by others then it is in order, and if they need some form of remuneration then that is between you and them only.

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In these difficult coming times there will be many 'land' areas left without 'owners' due to mass destruction. If you seek to build on or lay 'claim' to apparently vacant land, then I caution you to do your best and ask the local inhabitants as to its past or present owners * before you move in.

If you are an 'absent' owner and one day find that homeless 'squatters' have built a home on your property, then accept this as your spiritual due for in your past having been untrue and 'taken' from others in some way, be it in this life or a prior existence. Do not make the error of forcing their eviction or this fate becomes your own.

In this coming time of mass destruction and terror, there will be 'masses' of people moving here and there over the planet. If you are a farmer with spare land then God will smile upon you if you mark off 101 'sections' of an acre or two and place a 'note' at your farm gate saying:

"If you need a place to rest and grow your corn then enter this my homeland as I am giving away free 'spaces' for those that wish to share it with me, as we all fight the enemy within, and become spiritually free."

Blessed shall these souls be that can see the time of day and can either sell a space cheaply or give away some land to help their sisters and brothers in need. Those that seek to regulate, control, and 'tax' will themselves soon become homeless and in need of assistance.

Note: present owners * - If you are a 'distant' family member who 'hears' that someone is seeking to move onto 'land' or into the 'abode' of some family member that has deceased for one reason or another, then do not either 'assume' you have a divine right to claim it, nor should you make any effort to halt the new 'home seeker' unless, you honestly (seen by God) do have a written 'record or so stated' before God because, - - -

Proof of 'relationship' to a past owner of land or home does not give you 'automatic' ownership of their property or land. God owns all the land, and it is God via the 'hand' of a living being that authorises the transfer from one to another. If this transfer is not done prior to any land holder dying, then the land returns to God not man or any system of man, and it then follows that any homeless person can seek to inhabit it.

Note: "Land usage" - you may use your land for any purpose, but at all times be considerate towards your close or 'distant' neighbours. Especially when water usage is the issue, and especially when your 'purpose' of use may impact negatively upon others, be it noise or 'smell' as this attracts a similar karmic due.

Note: If you invade another's space and destroy their property or seize their land, then God sees, and ahead it is your property to be destroyed and seized by others equally foolish and arrogant, and it is you to become dispossessed and homeless.

Remember, God sees your every intent and your every deed - - - and,
every 'action' is subject to God's
"As you sow so shall ye reap" Law.

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~ The personal Title Deed document ~

In the present systems of government of the day the Title Deed document as issued by and in accordance with the Decrees or 'rules' of the governing institution are not only a title of ownership record, but they are also the means whereby the governing body control and extort TAX monies from land 'Title' holder so named thereon.

Thus in the present day the title Deed is worth naught, for if the named owner on the document does not meet the demands of State regulations by failing to pay an annual 'land tax' or other sum of money to the Revenue coffers, either directly or via the local 'Council' authorities, then their land is stolen from them and they become 'homeless' and landless.

From here forth every land owner holding any deed of Title to their land needs to rewrite their Title document by example of this paper. It must not be a document 'headed' by any governing 'Crown' mark or seal or emblem. It is to be solely a piece of paper recording the land area and position and name of owner/s that is signed by 'someone' as a true record of ownership.

If this land is ever transferred to another, then that statement is recorded and again signed and dated by the transferor. This Title document does not need to be given to any other person for record or safe keeping unless so required.

It may be 'witnessed' by some 'third' or interested party to the transaction or transfer or it may not. For in reality our Creator God has already witnessed it, and foolish is any person that tries to violate the Deed or in any way use it as a means of monetary extortion.

Any person forcing others off their land for any reason, will find themselves landless and homeless and confined to the Abyss by God for their iniquity for a time and a time to be ascertained by the ultimate Judge, GOD.

The 'sample' Title Deed document is shown but, it may take any 'form' that you as an individual prefer to use as your land Title Deed statement or record. Should you require 'another' to keep a record of this Title then simply give them a 'copy' or the original and they may 'mark' it in accordance to their own filing system.

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~ The contents of the Certificate of Title Deed document ~



Area of land:

Actual plot number and description of land situation and any particular markings or satellite positioning of boundaries.

Schedule of ownership:

1 - Name of proprietor - landholder:

2 - Nature of tenure - e.g.:

"Joint tenants, or Familial joint tenants, or Tenants in common, or Sole owner."

Date of acquisition:

Transferred from:


If sold or changed then that change may be recorded hereon, and this Title is either used by the new owners or attached to their newly worded one.

Attached to this Title deed may be placed a drawing or sketch that gives a clear indication as to it position and boundaries.

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Real Estate 'tenancy agreement' Terms

~ Tenants-in-common ~

Tenants-in-common is where two or more persons have defined shares and interests in the assets. . Each share is distinct and separate, the 'interest' need not be equal. The share of a tenant-in-common may be separately disposed of by them to anyone during their lifetime or by 'Will.'

On their death it 'passes,' not necessarily to the other tenants- in-common, but as directed by their 'Will.'

~ Joint Tenancy ~

Joint Tenancy is ownership in equal undivided shares of two or more persons, stated to have the technical requisites of unity of possession, interest, title and time.

On the death of one joint tenant, their share passes to the surviving joint tenant so that they become the sole tenant of the whole or, remain joint tenants of the whole if there are more than one surviving joint tenants.

~ Joint Tenants-in-common ~

Joint Tenants-in-common is where named tenants, group (A and B) both have a 'defined share' section as well as sharing the balance of the 'whole.' The 'named' Tenants, being the basis of the agreement, are simply subject to the 'terms of agreement' herein as well as to any terms added into the contract of 'sale or purchase.'

This means that there can be more than parties 'A & B' with delineated sections and also, within 'A' or 'B' there can be more than one named person. In this case, the area delineated for use solely by 'A' or 'B' remains the defined share of all persons listed within 'A' or 'B' etc. All persons from either 'group' have the use of the balance of undefined land mass.

The share of a Joint tenant-in-common may be separately disposed of by them to anyone during their lifetime or by 'Will.'
In the event of no 'Will' left by a person, their 'rights' would simply pass to the others named in their group, be it group 'A' or 'B' etc.

 ~ Familial Joint Tenancy ~

Familial Joint Tenancy is ownership in equal undivided shares of two or more persons, stated to have the technical requisites of unity of possession, interest, title and time.

On the death of one familial joint tenant, their share passes to the surviving familial joint tenant or tenants as well as the deceased's "companion and progeny," so that the deceased's familial companion* and children* join the remaining party and together continue on as Familial Joint Tenants* of the whole, enjoying the "partnership of unity and love" and having the "use of" the property in continuity with their "successors."

companion* - In this context the word 'companion' means the 'partner, wife, husband, companion and their children' either named or unnamed in the Will as such, as well as the persons named in a Statement of Declaration attached to the Will.

children* - In this context the word 'children' means the children of the deceased as well as any children born to the named companion with some other parent either prior to or subsequent to the 'companionship' being formed with the deceased.

Tenants* - In this context a 'Familial Joint Tenant' is one declared as such by the property owner in their Will or, in a Statement of Declaration attached to the Will as well as those 'joined' in paragraph two above.

In the event that the surviving 'companion' or any other 'party' to the familial tenancy obtain 'other' companions or children, then they all jointly become Familial Joint Tenants.

Note: Familial Joint Tenancy ensures that at the time of their companion 'deceasing,' that the 'surviving' partner would not be required to vacate the home nor sell the property.

Other joint familial tenants would in the case of a large property such as a Farm have equal 'rights' in its running and be able to obtain an income for personal 'joint' effort input, but in the case of a small 'town' house they would 'simply' respect the 'right' of the 'surviving' occupier to continue on their 'sole' occupancy until such time as they deceased or, all agreed to sell and share the proceeds equally.

Note: 'The Property' that is the 'possession' deemed as owned jointly and equally by the familial tenants is the land and all buildings thereon, as well as other fixtures. Any 'moveable' assets to belong to the 'whole' or left to individuals are to be listed separately on the Will Testament declaration.

Note: As it is our God that is the 'principle' owner of all land on earth, in the event of any dispute arising as to who is or who is not a familial tenant within the 'bounds' of this agreement, then the 'conscience' of the one being 'disputed' is deemed to have the last say as that is the 'way' that God would have it be.

Note for Familial Will benefactors:

My intent and endeavours have been to prepare a place where a family and others sent by God can find "rest & sustenance & good counsel" during the time of trauma and chaos.

Thus when I "deed" this land to you or others, I am not "giving it" away for you or others to be able to "take" a part or "their" part and fragment it and, - - - neither am I wishing others living on it to thus "have to" move due to others seeking to "cash in" anything.

I am thus deeding it to all on a "familial joint tenancy" basis, and am advising that any of the family and others God sends have been granted "permission" to make use of the space and facilities only.

And that no one or "majority" can at any time demand that it be sold, for if any of the familial parties wishes to thereon remain, then the others must be "happy" that it so be.

If any of the "familial" parties living thereon at present, or that may be living thereon in the future wish to depart for "bluer skies," then they needs simply pack a bag and get on the road.

For they must see that a 'familial' place space is not "theirs" to sell unless there is a full "agreement" by all to so do. This way it is 'insured' or 'ensured' that no person will "ever" be forced to leave.

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~ The legalities of joint EQUITY in the 'term' JOINT TENANTS ~

There is a legal and moral responsibility in a 'Joint Tenancy' agreement for both parties to 'share' their joint tenancy 'equity' EQUITABLY.

If either 'party seeks to exceed the bounds of moral or legal EQUITY during the time of the agreement then the 'other' party may legally claim their 'loss' of EQUITY.

In the 'case' of 'Toni R and Rob & Jane D' placed before me for my 'consideration,' I have advised my friend 'Toni' R as follows.

From the date of the formed 'Joint Tenancy' agreement on (Approx Jan 2000) up until today 28th May 2018 the home on the property has been solely occupied by the 'one' party Rob & Jane, this 'solo' occupancy was agreed to by Mrs R because she had no need to 'share' joint residency of the house at that time.

This however does NOT discount the fact that the 'D' party was receiving a usage 'value' over and above the Joint Tenancy AGREEMENT.

If the occupiers had offered a weekly monetary payment (e.g. half a rental value) it would have been a part 'balancing' of the INEQUITY of the agreement taking place. This however was never spoken of by either party.

The home occupiers now have some funds available 'willed to them' and have offered to purchase the 'share' held by Mrs Rogash who has declined because she feels that IT is an inequitable offer.

Mrs R seeks to now obtain a fair 'share' of the property agreement Joint Tenancy so that she can get on with her life by 'cashing in' so to speak on the part ownership she has been involved in with the other 'party.'  

What now is my advice to Mrs R?

She has the legal right within the formal 'Joint Tenancy' agreement to NOW 'balance the books' of EQUITY equitably.

How is this to be legally and morally accomplished? By serving the present occupier a 'one month's' notice to vacate the house so that IT reverts to the 'sole usage' of Mrs R for an EQUAL length of time to that which her 'partners' had SOLE use of the house. 

Mrs R then has the legal Right to 'do' with the house as she so decides for an EQUAL length of time to that which her 'partners' had SOLE use of the house.

Mrs R has the prerogative to live in it or, leave it empty or, rent it out and keep all the income or, if she changes the 'Joint Tenancy' agreement to 'Joint Tenants in COMMON,' and sells her 'share,' the new purchaser has 'equal' YEARS of usage for 'free' occupancy before being legally required to 'share' the USE of the home with the other party.

The present occupier has in fact the MORAL obligation to financially compensate Mrs R a 'certain' amount to 'balance' the present INEQUITY prior to or at the date they vacate the premises. Why? Because if both 'parties' agree to simply sell the entire 'estate' and share the sale proceeds, there would still be an unconscionable and ungodly 'inequity' in existence.


Judge Terence (retired)

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~ The God given name ~
I am Terence, son of Irene and David

That from now on I do see, is the way it should be. Let there be no “family” name, for through it man does o’er the woman gain a singular advantage of command, as his “lineage” he does demand as being the only one of value under this sun.

“Thus shall “each” have a say.” Says our God as my pen does sway.

“And when two “together” do walk, “of them” others may of their “given” names talk. The “old” surname shall now be “gone” once each soul has their journey won.

All will the “past” forget. Family names are what made all fret, using it to with pride command that “theirs” was a “blue blood” demand, seeking to use it to empower, as darkness through their veins did shower.

So when two now do “unite” for a lifetime or but one night, it will be but by their God given name that all know the “two” do for a “time” God’s love and light show.

So from now on let all “see” that the way to become free is to stand from their ‘past’ apart and with a new name make a fresh start.”

So to you you and you, let me be known but as Terence the soul true, and as for my son Timothy, let him now be known as the son of Inge and Terence. So if he purchases a plot of land or home then on its “name” shall be “driven”: "Timothy, son of Inge & Terence," by God given.

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~ The 'Last Will & Testament' ~
of man, and the "Judge"

"Man makes a Last Will and Testament before he does die."

This I do hear from our God up high, and "Solicitors" do his "living will" contest because "of greed" are they "blest." Seeking to in some way "Steal by precedent" for robbers who "appeal" against the "Word" of the departed one, who they "believe" they can bring "undone."

By the seemingly virtue of a "wise one," a Judge who agrees to a "case begun," and "he" the living "man" Judges another who has lived out his life span, and with the "help" of a barrister or two who "contest" that the departed "knew" what he "really" did decide, ref: "With whom my earthly chattels will abide"

And God now says "Any who 'judge'
those who have come to me, their own souls smudge
and I will them condemn I espy
and will certainly not lift them up high"

For if a man's "Last Testament" is his word, and "takers" wield a robbers sword and try and find any reason to thwart the testator any season, just because one has a "line" of blood, means not that they were deemed "So good" as to have had all to them "left," leaving another "loved one" bereft.

"Let NO ONE any Will contest." This our God says must be on all impressed. "And any who "try" a Will under man's law I detest for sure." So I now speak to any Judge and say:

Please let others their souls smudge if they "demand" to stand before you and "contest" a "Will" they say is untrue. Let them come your way then calmly to them say:

'The Last Will and Testament' I have read,
I have read all that I have read,
and what it 'Says' will stand.
That is THE Judgement by my hand."

Thus you will be TRUE to the departed who rely on you.



End of document



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