Letter to Maree Bricknell of NMC

Dear Maree, I write this to you for a number of reasons.

Firstly to advise you that I have finalised my 'report' that has arisen from your 'claims' for unpaid rates in the C. Barnes case. It is now on line at the following address and in fact is the completion of my 'taxation' program in reference to the Freedom of Religion acts of the Constitution.

Update - 61 - 24 October 2016: THE END OF THE TAXING STORY (Important for all community members)
The direct Link is here: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/maree3.htm

Link to all my other 60 TAX documents is:

I have placed this 'rates' article within my taxation 'expose' due to the following Local government Act:


86A. General principles in relation to making or varying rates

(1) A council, in adopting policies and making decisions concerning the making or varying of rates, must take into account the principles that 

(a) rates constitute taxation for the purposes of local government, rather than a fee for a service;

I can but trust that you will advise your solicitors of the above direct link (maree3.htm) so that they can come to a personally informed decision as to 'the correct way' to go.

I need to ADD that my 'interest' in the Barnes case was not a matter of taking 'sides,' because in reality, it was and yet is carried out equally for the benefit of all taxation officials as well as for your 'own' benefit, because ONLY through my pen has it been possible to expose the spiritual reality affecting the future destiny of all involved.

You did tell me that in your opinion I was the one causing others 'harm' through misleading them. (Clemencia B and G. Atherton) It is you rather than me who is hoping to 'win' this case so that you can legitimately steal 'something' from Clemencia in order to fulfill the Council $ demands.

I can but hope that if you take the time to read my eight page submission and that you will see and realise that it is error to ignore the Constitution which is what gives everyone in your institution their 'legality' or rights which are LIMITED, albeit you presently do not see this.

I can but also hope that you will see that some people in the community do not wish to support, condone or fund any institution that takes it upon itself (rules) to force people to part with their money through punishment. Why so? because some of 'us' are of the belief that we would become complicit to the suffering that YOU (our servants) were inflicting. This would be the case if we were paying your wages by payment of taxes.

In the case of the 'rates' act section 86A above, it is very clear that said 'taxes' are for the purpose of paying the expenses of governing. A part of that 'governance' is paying the fees of solicitors to take people to court to be punished or even evicted. (Anti-social behaviour to some of us which we cannot support)

It has been my 'work' for the Source (God) to expose many things to mankind so that after the coming total chaos globally, everyone remaining, 20% or so of the present population, can get off to a better start with NO person making any demands from others.

Since I have been to court many times in Tasmania I am well known by the 'system' and all Magistrates. In respect of my personal cases in which I have defied edicts (peacefully) so as to be able to write and educate, I have been jailed four times and spent months in the old 'prison farm' and the 'old' Risdon prison.

I state this because in each 'case' at the supposed 'hearing,' each time I stood in the dock to state my case I was told: "Shut up, I do not wish to hear one word from you, go straight to jail." So you see Maree, there is NO 'justice' in this land. Also, in cases I prepared for Clemencia in the past fifteen years the ATO prosecutor has gone straight up to the 'magi' and whispered 'something' in his ear and the 'magi' has then stated to me: "You are not a licensed solicitor in Tasmania so I do not wish to hear one word from you."

So I advise you of this now because I am aware that there is much 'collusion' with departments of THE SYSTEM, and they see NOT that as these cases have all been cases of 'faith and religious doctrinal belief,' that I AM fully qualified to represent anyone being persecuted for their religious ideology.

In view of the above and the fact that I am denied that right to speak in the lower court and that Clemencia is in a situation of 'diminished mental capacity,' I feel that it is inappropriate for me to assist her in her court action and I have advised her so.  IF you go ahead ILLEGALLY in a local Court of petty sessions it would be best for her to appoint a local solicitor to speak on her behalf. Naturally my on line 'defence' papers could be used as they are raised UP for the general use of the global public.

I can but hope and trust that 'maybe,' you and your advisors will SEE the reality as spoken by me in my on line document and withdraw your demands of Clemencia.

For your information Clemencia lives alone with no full-time 'carer.' I state this because her mental 'condition' is deteriorating quite quickly and she is becoming irrational and forgetful, and I have the feeling that even though her elderly son who lives nearby will remind her of the hearing date 9th December, she might simply decide to ignore IT and not get into the transport made available to her due to her irrationality and personality changes that do occur with Alzheimer's.

That is yet 6 weeks ahead and I will await to hear from your solicitors if they wish to contact me.

Further to the above, in reference to your 'belief' that since you are working on behalf of the council organisation, that you could not be held personally liable or responsible for any mental or emotional trauma or loss etc., that resulted from your 'signature' on the 'attend court documents' or, through you being the NMC prosecutor, I need to point out that:

Irrespective of the 'beliefs' of man that an official position, mandate, rule in a book or 'badge of office' somehow voids or nullifies the implementation of God's LAW OF EQUAL RETURN, that said belief is ERROR. Why so? Because whether you are a soldier pulling the 'trigger' and causing resultant HARM or whether you simply wield a 'pen' with the result of causing HARM, it is all one and the same thing SPIRITUALLY.

I can only SUGGEST that the CEO Des Jennings 'man up' and place his own signature upon every document that is coercive, threatening, demanding or instigating punitive ACTION because that is his 'job' not yours.

Since I am your spiritual 'brother' I am simply stating my concerns that you are presently 'out of your depth' and relying on others or rules to guide you. Be advised now by me that IF ahead the unavoidable imposition of God's Law becomes a 'reality' and you do find yourself traumatised or homeless then you are welcome to knock on my door at Pyengana for my counsel and 'shelter' assistance.

I ask: Why do you even 'consider' taking up 'arms' against a 70 year old granny who has dedicated her life to helping the needy as a mental health carer? For the 'interest' of Council staff she left her 'mark' on my web site eighteen years ago so as to assist the global mental health community long after she has left the planet. Ref her Treatise of Truth at:


Her Treatise commences with the words;

~ Foreword ~

There is in heaven, in earth and in-between, the need to join apology with forgiveness.  When we feel 'wronged' we readily identify the need for an 'apology' but seldom see the more important need to forgive, because this forgiveness must flow from us to the perpetrator of the wrong.  - - -

Please now leave her in PEACE

Sincerely - Terence - 23rd October 2016