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~ Constitutional Authority and limited powers of State (MPES) ~

Dear MPES staff and Director and all recipients, I refer to today's telephone call you received from Clemencia Barnes (5-4-017) asking that her 'suspended by you' driver's licence be reinstated because she 'fears' driving 'illegally.'

Since her phone call to me of your 'refusal,' and being her spiritual and constitutional consultant and advisor, I wish to bring to your ATTENTION that she is driving LEGALLY within her RIGHTS as granted to her by THE CONSTITUTION.

Clemencia is over 70 years old now and is very 'small' and fears being confronted by ARMED MEN, (Police) hence her ASK of your office which was refused.

I 'accept' that Magistrates (Launceston court) have 'passed' judgement against her in the past solely due to their ignorance of their LIMITED and RESTRICTED powers, in that matters of faith, conscience and ideological belief (religion) cannot be legally 'heard or judged' by them. (Prerogative of the High Court ONLY) That however does NOT 'exonerate' YOU. (Staff.)

I simply wish to advise all your staff that the 'suspension' of the 'validation' of her Drivers Licence by 'someone' in your office was/is ILLEGAL.

I ADVISE that you LEARN about the LIMITED mandate granted unto the State officials, Courts of petty sessions Magistrates, Police and MPES by the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Constitution.

I ADVISE that you EACH take personal responsibility in learning 'of' said SOVEREIGN constitutional Authority because, IF you continue to simply put 'pressure' on Clemencia through failing to rescind said restriction or, by sending letters of demand through your official position, then you are foolish indeed and criminally INSANE, and the consequences for YOU are painful indeed.

I can but ADD; we all stand 'before' our GOD. We are all 'subjects of' and 'subject to' THE Sovereign Powers backing THE CONSTITUTION, albeit that it is not apparent at this moment. Do NOT be 'fooled.'

The time will most definitely 'come' when He THE Sovereign Power will 'reveal' His very heavy 'hand,' and anyone who exceeded HIS 'decree' will truly REGRET their own arrogance or ignorance.

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I 'suggest' that you 'await' the 'judgement' to be given by the Launceston Magistrate (yet pending) before you make any further demands upon Clemencia, and since your office has already been PROVEN to have exceeded the powers granted by THE Constitution to IT, I suggest that you RESCIND the driving 'restriction' NOW and advise Clemencia that UNTIL the appropriate HIGH COURT authority has given ITS 'judgement,' - - - you have 'lifted' all fines and restrictions and set them ASIDE so to speak.

I shall by 'copy' of this letter ask the Launceston Magistrates to 'confirm' this, however, - - - it is NOT 'incumbent' on their confirmation which will set your officers 'free.' You need to take immediate action PERSONALLY.

I also send a copy of this to the Police Commissioner because, IF he was TRUE to his 'office,' the person in your office who ILLEGALLY restricted Clemencia should now BE 'arrested' and detained. This 'breach of protocol' is of THE MOST SEVERE NATURE, believe you ME.

I also send a copy of this letter to the Governor of Tasmania because 'She,' (Madam Kate Warner) will also be subjected to the 'wrath' of THE Sovereign Power for failing to be true to her SOLE DUTY in upholding THE CONSTITUTION so as to PROTECT the lives and livelihoods of THE PEACEFUL from persecution by warmongers. I ADD:

If those empowered to RULE cannot themselves live WITHIN THE LAW, then anarchy exists.
If those empowered to RULE are openly causing harm and stealing money from people in the community, then anarchy exists.

If the peaceful are being intimidated, harassed, coerced, threatened and emotionally and mentally HARMED by those empowered to RULE, then anarchy exists.

If the Governor herself 'permits' this anti-social and UNGODLY behaviour to continue, then she is also a treasonable anarchist siding with the UNRULY.

Let us here in Tasmania be the FIRST 'globally' to:

1 - Recognise what is taking place.
2 - Turn over a new leaf.
3 - Forget 'yesterday' and now move ON using the Command of our God as the guideline for CIVIL CONDUCT.

Fail in this and insanity and chaos will RULE FOREVER and great will BE the TRAVAIL for ALL.

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It is my 'task' for God to explain unto man that irrespective of by 'what' means man Rules, that THE LAW OF EQUAL RETURN of God exists, and ITS 'punitive aspect' is now to show ITS VERY DARK 'face' more and more each day.

Let us now quickly PREPARE by showing our 'Love and share and care' and EDUCATE everyone before it is TOO LATE. If those who have defied their own 'book of rules' and have thus caused immense agonising suffering to our divine sister Clemencia, cannot now simply 'apologise' to her with a small note saying:

"We regret our past and we will now leave you in peace."

Then truly, there is NO 'hope' for this world. Clemencia has given her 'life' to you and you and YOU, so as now asked by me for the third time, please 'rescind all your dictates' and leave her in PEACE.

Please now help ME to implement the NEW WAY and instigate the 'Feeling Easier' Seminars so as to teach everyone 'how' to fortify and protect their minds from being telepathically subjugated by demonic forces. (Reference the National Security Alert)

You should by now be able to see that my 'pen' is TRUE and simply doing ITS 'best' to help you and you and YOU. If the peaceful are being persecuted then what of the public 'dissidents' who are becoming more angry? They now will BE 'incited' by DARK THOUGHTS as revealed in my National Security Alert and absolute destructive INTENT will take 'hold' and show ITS power.

Let us together with Clemencia's Treatise of Truth, Mental Health Carer's Manual now lead the world back to SANITY.

The Governor of Tasmania needs to make a PUBLIC DECLARATION via the media stating:

"The peaceful of this land will NOT be subjected to State rules/laws/decrees IF they go their way in PEACE as commanded by their God, and so 'granted' by the Constitution, as long as they do NOT 'disturb the peace' or carry out any immoral activities."


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