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~ Open letter to Vanessa Goodwin - Tasmania Attorney General ~
The 'Charlatan'

Dear madam, the smiling 'beauty' of youth hides the face of evil hidden behind the words: "Its for the good of the community," which belies the end result of suffering to be imposed in the name of 'Justice.' So many 'do-gooders' today who are in positions of power, show by their intended actions, their dark 'core' through which great travail is imposed upon others by them.

In 'deed,' this 'breed' is cruel, unkind and merciless having NO compassion, possibly due to their complete ignorance of REALITY.

Political POLICY is based upon the ideals of those in Power.
Politicians base their FAITH on their rules, and said rules are backed by the Gun.

Their CREED is: "We the empowered have the divine right to rule, subjugate, punish, banish, incarcerate and kill any opposition to our demands, ideals and punitive doctrine."

Their 'Right' is that bequeathed by majority vote. How foolish is man to vote in 'Rascals' to rule them with an iron fist? "It is better to vote for ones God as the head of house say I, and simply go your way in peace and cause No harm."

As I 'Terence' see it, political IDEALS are fraught with spiritual danger and ongoing material suffering and, as far as I am concerned, neither their policy, creed nor ideals are 'godly' nor are they in the interest of THE PEOPLE.

What is the REALITY of which I speak and know? It is the REAL cause of all 'criminality and offensive' activity. Be it that of those who factually 'disturb the peace' or those in 'power' who take pleasure in inflicting pain, loss and suffering upon any who fall 'foul' of their decrees. Are they not also criminals? YES indeed.

My task is to expose a reality which has been hidden from man for ages of time. This reality is the reason why our minds (thoughts) gives one the justification to 'err' in God's eyes and unwisely cause harm to another.

Whether it is the 'primary' offensive activity of striking a blow or the secondary one of meting out 'Justice' and thus imposing a return 'eye for an eye' punitive action, it is in FACT all one and the same process. Both 'parties' legitimising their activity as their MINDS fall 'foul' of the thoughts of the deceiver far away in dark spirit realms.

It is truly the time for errant man to see that ANY 'offensive' punitive activity (man striking woman) or punitive 'correctional' activity (woman imprisoning man) is all always backed by THE 'dark energy' of God in action. What is the result?

Both parties are revolving in the punitive aspect of God's immutable 'eye for an eye' Law, meaning that the police and magistrate dealing out 'madams' edicts as well as 'she herself' and all complicit to imposing said edicts, simply ACCRUE a similar DUE of suffering to BE met ahead in this world OR the next.

If others in the community have 'weak' and 'unprotected' minds and thus cannot control their thought process and they cause harm, it is better for you to show your 'charm' and assist and educate them. I believe so.

The world is full of pain - PAIN - PAIN - why do YOU 'wish' to cause more PAIN? The more 'pain' you legislate simply shows the world that you are VAIN and in truth, the more pain you will personally GAIN. Yes dear, God's LAW is immutable and inviolate and IT has THE POWER to eternally berate.

There is a REASON for the global escalation of insanity, confrontation and aggressive activity, and unless we amend the 'handling' procedure every jail on earth will become FULL to overflowing very quickly indeed, and everyone will become MORE vain and insane with NO end to the resultant turmoil as seen by me.

All earthlings are 'sinners' having negative emotions within, (the sin) and it is through these emotions that ones MIND becomes telepathically 'disturbed' and people cannot 'contain' said thoughts and they go forth and simply DO as their minds DICTATE. (Usually by becoming offensive as you now intend to)

It has been and yet is my intent to establish a PROPER rehabilitation program so that anyone losing control of their thoughts and offending through disturbing the peace of another can be caught. These are then counselled through attending a 3-4 hour 'Feeling easier' Seminar and taught how to control their thoughts. They are then set free unless they kill.

Only when man obeys God and becomes kind, loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving will man be 'revolving' within the BENIGN aspect of God's Law and therefore in receipt of a benign return daily. (As you personally sow so shall ye reap)

Dear Vanessa, we all stand before God every moment of eternal time and HE is the ultimate Judge. His Law is absolute Justice and NO position of power or earthly mandate voids or avoids or nullifies ITS implementation. What you GIVE you will GET, be it PAIN or PLEASURE. Please try and believe for my pen does not deceive. Please 'de-frock' and put on a coat of many colours and show God that you are His beauty having the INTENT to HEAL the soul of man.

Please arrange a meeting with me because I AM HE the returned plenipotentiary of the Most High.


Added Note: For ministers of religion et al:

During the ANZAC morning prayers the following words are stated by men of the cloth:

" Render unto no-one evil for evil"

As politicians commence their daily duties they bow their heads and say the 'Lords prayer' within which is stated:

"Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us"

Man needs to COMPREHEND that as man defies God and TRANSGRESSES both of the above 'prayers,' that God is now to mercilessly impose HIS 'eye for an eye' LAW upon all 'living swine' who are merciless, dispassionate and VINDICTIVE as they forgive NO-ONE.

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~ The 'adviser' to the Attorney General ~
Policy - Legal - Spiritual 

Dear Kristy, thank you for your response to my letter to the Attorney General Vanessa Goodwin. I have decided to write this more comprehensive reply and add the earlier one at its end.

As you are 'the' adviser for an extremely powerful lady whose final decisions affect so many people in respect of their 'rights,' freedom, mental and emotional and physical 'state,' I felt it important to offer you my own 'advice' or good 'counsel' as that relates to the 'policy, legality and spiritual truth' around the issues of the added control & punishment you are seeking to impose upon community members who you perceive as offending your ideals.

I see that the word 'adviser' means to: "Recommend a line of conduct," and I presume that your 'head' of office is considering the 'welfare' of THE PEOPLE as both she and you are paid a wage to serve them 'judiciously.'

I ask: Is it a judicious 'act' to recommend any 'policy' which is in contravention of the Command of God? In my opinion it is not for a number of reasons as yet unseen or misunderstood by all mankind including yourself.

Since this earthly realm was created, thereby enabling spirit souls to enter IT for a time before returning to their eternal existence elsewhere, man has used FORCE to interfere, subjugate, control, extort and punish as he man waged war on others in the land. It is thus that the 'culture' or "Recommended line of conduct" POLICY in every country has always been one of punitive, vindictive, retributive and warlike interventions. (Causing harm, loss or injury to others)

None have even considered the LEGALITY or otherwise of this CONDUCT because 'retribution and punishment' went hand in hand with ones negative DARK emotions, as the person 'harmed' (illegally) screamed out for JUSTICE. (An eye for an eye so to speak)

In fact the punishment imposed by man is usually a hundred times more than the 'eye for an eye' of 'equal return' imposed by God upon man. Indeed, if one steals a 'chicken' and fails to pay the fine, one can end up in jail or be transported from the UK all the way for a life 'time' of penal servitude in Tasmania. Man is vindictive indeed and this is simply due to either their Dark inner emotions or precedents 'set' by others who, as you, are supposedly 'wise' ADVISERS.

As I am God's 'adviser,' all I can do is to speak on the SPIRITUAL TRUTH of the matter before everyone is transported to HELL by the DARK 'weight' and heavy 'vibration' of the negative ENERGY of the Source, God which they draw INTO their soul each time they 'sin.' (Cause harm)

Can one cause harm 'legally' and avoid, void, nullify or abrogate the IMPOSITION of God's "Law of equal return"? NO.

The present 'belief' of your 'office' and in FACT every 'judiciary' on earth is, that a mandate or badge of office or community wage or the 'in vote' from a democratic 'election' can or does NULLIFY the implementation of the Law of God.

It is my 'pen' to state: "That assumption is: GROSS ERROR."

Now, I ask you: "Who is wise enough to know what is 'right' for THE PEOPLE and why is that activity RIGHT"? The ONLY 'being' with this insight is myself because I am God's Plenipotentiary with very deep insight indeed and it is our God (Creator) who inspires my pen and SHE the 'God of creative Light' is the ONE to be our adviser.

She like Father are the aspects of the 'twin' energies which have existed eternally. His energy is forceful and all powerful, merciless, unforgiving, punitive, retributive and destructive and absolute JUSTICE. Hers is the opposite, being merciful, compassionate, forgiving, loving and creative and absolute JUSTICE.

Kristy, the 'hidden' from you nature of the spiritual energy that drives man emotionally is exactly the same as the 'earthly' driving force known by man and being that of: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction," - - - that is absolute justice 'correctness' and, - - - beyond the capacity of man to CONTROL or NEGATE.

I would never even consider bringing others to 'account' or demand 'Justice' because I am merciful, compassionate and forgiving, and I leave all 'retribution' to GOD. I am an EDUCATOR seeking to 'correct' man's ways and thus alleviate all ongoing suffering.

Part of my 'Job for God' this time around is to TEACH man that: "What we do unto others we do unto ourselves." For sure there is an EQUAL comeback. The ENERGY fulfills itself via man at the time and in the place so 'maximised' by IT, the Source, whether that takes place in this life time or the next realm. Our spirit soul does exist forever once created by the ENERGY of the Source. God's energy is indestructible as is our spirit soul.

One aspect of IT being that the LIGHT creates and loves through us.
One aspect of IT being that the DARK destroys and hates through us.

We become as one or the other over eternal time and live within the 'frame' of that aspect which is freedom in the Light or crushed in the Dark. Sister, the darkest days ever seen on this planet are soon to be seen globally. Let us link hands and hearts now and prepare to assist offenders rather than simply extorting their money forcefully or 'crucifying' them and thereby killing ourselves.

All I now 'ask' for is that you become aware that YOU as all are standing before God each and every passing moment of time. I also ask that you 'admit' to THE FACT that your 'earthly' authority to 'operate' is always: Subject to the 'Law of God' Rule - "As you do unto others becomes your own spiritual DUE and that is the 'ABSOLUTE JUSTICE' of God."

You as an adviser need to see that a person such as yourself, one being 'in power' and backed by Fathers punitive force has the capacity to lead multitudes INTO the darkness. Indeed it is so because everyone funding your 'actions' becomes complicit and as a consequence they, as you accrue a spiritual due every time your activities are in contravention of the precepts of God's (Her & His) Command to:

"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate and forgiving"

Why does SHE & HE Command this? Because when operating 'so' and within the precepts of Her Light, one always receives a similar beneficent RETURN of Her Light ENERGY within the ONE 'Law of God' and one is therefore granted the freedom of joy and happiness.

The moment we use His punitive forceful ENERGY to control, restrict, inhibit, subjugate, harass, intimidate, punish, injure or kill, we place ourselves within the malignant RETURN of His Dark ENERGY within the ONE 'Law of God' and one is therefore in the control of the darkness, very unhappy, terrorised and abused.

Is it 'good advice' to 'criminalise' certain activities so that 'legally' one can then defy God and be cruel and unkind so as to show THE PEOPLE the 'strength' of THE GOVERNMENT? NO.

In the eyes of God, any activity which leads others into a 'bind' or causes mental or emotional trauma or other injury is simply VINDICTIVE SAVAGERY in 'play.' This activity which has been in vogue for centuries is not good but is simply 'power play' by the VAIN who hold God's "Love & mercy" command in disdain.

I now include the contents of my prior email and below that further recommendations:


I read your PDF attached words < The Liberal government makes no apologies for our commitment to align sentencing with community expectations > The article by Sally Glaetzer ( ) seemed to indicate that the person within the ‘Liberals’ had the intent to deny the wishes of community police & church and other elders.

Keeping the community safe from ‘crime’ is an absolute impossibility because it appears that no ‘government body’ or individual other than myself seems to have any ‘idea’ as to WHY people lose control of THEIR THOUGHTS in the first instance.
Until everyone learns HOW to control their negative emotions and thought processes there will BE an escalation of ‘offenders’ globally.
The ‘punishment factor’ is the problem because it exacerbates a persons DARK emotions leading to more irrational ACTS. The punishment also causes harm to the ‘prisoner’ and everyone appears BLIND to the spiritual consequence within the IMMUTABLE Law of God:
“What you do to others will by others be done unto you” – ON AN EQUAL BASIS (Absolute Justice)
There is NAUGHT ‘tolerant or democratic’ with the ‘Libs,’ so the name ‘Liberal Party’ is a misnomer. It is now the time to become ‘tolerant, generous and EDUCATIVE’ and thus lead the way to personal freedom and happiness.
If you seek to ‘satisfy’ the community through avenging ‘malpractice’ then you are in ERROR. I have a far better plan which will not only satisfy the people, but also our God who IS the real Sovereign Power and HE demands “Peace & love & mercy & compassion.”  
I recommend:
1 - Read my 'The offender document' and avail yourself of the wisdom therein.

2 - Read my 'The Suicide document' and avail yourself of the wisdom therein.

3 - Read my 'The Feeling Easier' Seminar' document and avail yourself of the wisdom therein.

4 - Read the 'Treatise of Truth' by Clemencia and avail yourself of the wisdom therein.

Further to the above, man needs to see that in the eyes of God, that  a ‘fine’ notice is simply an ‘extortion’ attempt backed by force of arms. All funds 'extracted from THE COMMUNITY in the 'guise' of or in the 'name' of 'Justice or punishment or correction' must now CEASE. All such extortion has a spiritual comeback upon everyone supporting IT.

Education is the ONLY 'safe' way forward for anyone seeking to free themselves from their present 'road' to HELL and eternal suffering.

Feel free to call by for a discussion or phone me anytime. It is truly the time for the 'Liberals' to be the ones to bring sanity and 'humanity' back on track.

Sincerely - Terence

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~ This is an educational document reference 'fines & extortion' ~

From: Nadder
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014 2:33 PM
To: Terence
Subject: Nadder  - cfa fine

Afternoon Terrance,

I have been in construction of a house in the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne for some years now and have received reminder during that time (whenever the grass was considered not maintained) to ensure my grass lands be maintained/trimmed.. In which I have always satisfied this.

On this occasion I have received a $ 1444.00 fine for not adhering to a regular posted message by the local authority to maintain my grass growth on my property in Epping.

Please give me some advice as I feel the demands are 'bullying' - Nadder

From: Terence
Sent: Monday, 28 April 2014 8:33 PM
To: Nadder
Subject: Council response
Importance: High

Dear Nadder - I will enclose herein a letter for you to send to the Council manager, mayor and all councillors. – Go well - Terence

Firstly, in order to be able to invoke the protection of the Freedom of Religion clause and become a person having a 'different' ideology to that of the government and thus not a 'subject' of theirs you must also do the following.

1 - Never again fill out tax returns.

2 - In so doing they will issue fines notices etc., and you will need to familiarise yourself with the TAX aspect of Clemencia's case at: and act accordingly in your responses or via a solicitor who understands my process.

3 - Never again pay any money fines to any 'forceful or punitive' regime or person.

4 - ONLY fund benign community effort and services provision.

5 - Send a letter (or email this) to the Council manager, mayor and all councillors Stating: 

Open letter to the manager, Mayor and all Councillors of Whittlesea Council.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Reference my rates paid annually.

Be advised that I pay 'rates' as my contribution to the benign aspects of the local community ONLY. This means that none of my funds are to be used by your officers to bring litigation upon others in the community. None of my funds given are to be used to in any way cause duress or harm or any disadvantage to any others in the community or, to dispossess them for any rates default.

I am aware that your officers have been 'legalised or authorised' by political rules to demand a certain amount of 'rates' from citizens but, I wish to also advise you that I do not 'recognise' your authority to so do and, neither do I recognise your 'rights to impose punishment upon others or myself for any default. Be advised that I cannot and do not condone the infliction of punishment upon others.

Be advised further that IF at any stage I feel that I am unable to meet your demands OR if I feel that I wish to only 'offer' a smaller DONATION to the waste removal or other services, that I will reduce my 'offerings' accordingly.

Signed Nadder


6 - Send a separate letter to the Council or (email this) with cc to the fire officer Patrick Carra and the infringements officer. 

Open letter to the manager, Mayor and all Councillors of Whittlesea Council.
cc Patrick Carra & Chief executive officer. (Infringements)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Reference infringement notice 5410085 - $ 1440.00 dated 31-03-2014

I refer to a complaint received by me with a fine of $1440.00 for an 'alleged' offence having been committed and I respond as follows.

1 - In order for an 'offence' having been 'committed' and action must have taken place. In this case there has been NO 'action' taken by me whereby I have in any way caused harm or disturbed the peace of any other. I find the 'fine' notice as an EXTORTION attempt by the insane.

2 - In this case a NON action on my part is perceived by your 'rules' as being offensive in that the grass on my property was not 'cut' and thus satisfying a 'fire prevention notice.' I believe that it is a very offensive action on your part to use a rule in any book of rules to 'justify' or legitimise the extortion of funds from me backed by force of arms. (Armed men - police)

3 - I also perceive your words to me as an ungodly threat, namely: Threat of court action and 'additional costs.'

Be advised that I cannot ever pay any fines to your organisation because it has an opposing ideological doctrine to mine. Your doctrine (religion) is proven to be one of control, interference, extortion, fine, punishment and subjugation as you wage war on community members.

I am an absolute pacifist and therefore my conscience and ideological code of conduct doctrine is ONLY as stipulated by the Command of our Sovereign Ruler God being:

"Extend peace & goodwill unto all mankind and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

I have sought advice from, and been advised by my spiritual counsellor that; if I was to pay any $ 'fine' to your coffers that it would be error and perceived by God to be an infringement of His Holy Command. Why? Because I would be funding a contra doctrine and said funds would be used against others in the community whom you persecute. I cannot be complicit to any such activity in funding your 'seizure of funds' department.

This spiritual advice given I do BELIEVE to be true and I also believe that the 'secondary' rules you use against me are 'unconstitutional,' and if I am taken to court then so be IT but any financial judgement against me will be ignored. I shall simply seek 'protection' within the superiors rules of the Australian Constitution as give below for your interest. Be also advised that the Tasmania 'Acts' also apply to every State of Australia.

Australian and Tasmanian Constitution Acts. Acts which authorise the actions of public servants:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

I am an absolute pacifist who is living according to my conscience and to my ideological belief and the Command of our Sovereign Lord, God. I have not disturbed the peace of the land.

Signed: Nadder

From: Nadder 
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2014 11:54 AM
To: Terence
Subject: RE: Council response

Dear Terence,

Would like to thank you for what you have communicated to me via those typing fingers.

I have come to a decision that I am not ready to act on the advice from you. I would love to but at this present time I don’t believe I have availability to deal with courts and police. I have therefore opted to pay the fine.

Please see the attached letter I have written up. At the moment its with my sister for tuning if required. Open to discernment where you believe necessary.

Thanks again Terence – I hope to see you in Melbourne one day

Kind regards,


From: Terence
Sent: Thursday, 8 May 2014 4:58 PM
To: Nadder
Subject: Re: Council response-2

Hi Nadder, thanks for the note - As for your words < I am not ready to act on the below advice from you. I would love to but at this present time I don’t believe I have availability to deal with courts and police. > I must of course leave that decision to you but add a few words in that area.

Nadder: When you ‘cough up’ a fine you are:

1 – Acknowledging to the council that you are their ‘serf’ who must obey their every demand.

2 -  Acknowledging to GOD that you feel it better to give in to threat & coercion & extortion (The ransom demand $ 1440) to stay FREE for a little longer because, presently you do not HAVE THE TIME to obey God’s Command.

3 – Acknowledging the RIGHT of council staff to persecute you and OTHERS and you are factually FUNDING their monetary ‘attack’ upon others in the community in paying said FINE.

4 – IF you are a little stronger and wiser with the wisdom from my pen then you will spend less time AHEAD trying to avoid your KARMA which it seems you are not prepared to ‘pay or suffer’ now.

5 – You are not ‘paying off’ karma in paying a fine – you are ADDING more karma.

6 – IF you are strong enough to NOT pay the fine then you are NOT supporting iniquity and, - - - you simply leave it to them to seize some of your assets and in THIS way not only have you NOT accrued more karma, but in FACT you have paid OFF some karma when you ‘permit’ them to STEAL your property. For that act of TAKING from you as you do NOT retaliate is paying your dues to GOD. Inshallah.

My brother, the DARK energy of THE SOURCE is extremely ‘cunning’ and IT will ‘JUSTIFY in your MIND every ‘reason’ to keep funding ITS activities – why? Because ITS ‘hangman ‘rope’ is very long and you will NEVER be able to STOP funding IT and ITS ways if you cannot do it NOW – You see ‘bro,’ when IT so decides then IT will ‘permit’ you NO more ‘rope’ and IT will then call IN all your debts in ONE ‘hit’ and great indeed will be your suffering – please give IT some thought.

I await to read your response to council – go well - Terence

From: Terence
Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2014 8:59 PM
To: Nadder
Subject: Re: Council response-3

Good evening Nadder – I can see that you are an extremely thoughtful and considerate man and have written a very good reply - BUT:

In all your 4 responses you are still acknowledging that you HAVE a debt to council. A debt considered by them to be appropriate for not cutting a little grass! Furthermore, I ask: "Who are they to give you options which the last 2 have a coercive threat at the end which states: "Additional costs will be incurred"?

Naturally if you go for 3 and YOU 'elect' for a court hearing then you are responsible for the court costs.

But if you go for 4 and DO 'nothing,' and they then issue a summons to court, it was them asking the court to 'hear' their case against you and 'legally' they are responsible for the court costs 'either way' for it was they (in God's eyes) who asked for that 'service' to be provided.

IF they 'won' the case and asked for 'costs' to be added to your 'bill' that is NOT 'legal' in God's eyes and you simply then 'walk away' and pay NOTHING. What happens then? They have to go back to court some months later and ask for permission to seize some property. This you as said before simply 'permit' them to STEAL and thus as said you paid OFF some karma.

So - I SUGGEST you do wait NOT ONE DAY longer in denying God's CALL to you - IN the hope that you do this NOW I have updated the letter to the Council - IF they advise you of a 'set' court hearing date ahead in a month or so, then I will simply make up a 'defence' in writing which you will pass to the magistrate as do I - WHY do you ASSUME that said 'case' judgement will go against you?

Initially when you stand before the magistrate you are asked "Are you pleading guilty or not guilty" and you say "I plead not guilty" - You also at that time HAVE the defence submission in your hand in case he did ask for the hearing to go ahead - The case is not heard at that time and a date ahead will be set for the hearing which might be a couple of months down the track - if you require me to stand by you and speak for you at the court then I could so do and come up the day before and stop at your home. OR Emily could so do with some further info from me on the issue.

Please try hard to just let it all go ahead without any funding from you to council EVER in this case. It may take 'months' to finalise but please do not use words like < I HAVE NO TIME TO BE PLAYING GAMES! > Why do I say this? Because any demands made upon you ARE from the DARK aspect of Source GOD via 'council staff (albeit they know it not) and for SURE the DARK hand of God is not playing any games. But IT is trying to entrap you further which it is doing if you give in and pay the fine.

As I see IT Nadder, you do not have to nor are obliged to agree to any of their options - simply send the below and await the summons to court if they decide to so go ahead.

Go well Nadder - Terence

Hello again Nadder – I awoke thinking that I needed to add in the council letter the words ‘extortion’ backed by force of arms – so I have updated the letter to council below in a few places to make it perfectly CLEAR to them of the dictates of your conscience and of your ideological BELIEF as an absolute pacifist (As is your God given right and your right within the Constitution) – I also attach for you if you have the time to read it my letter to the prosecutor in my case last week – my judgement is on June 12 -
I do not wish to ‘pressure’ you into doing anything you do not wish to but you need to see that when you make the positive changes my ‘pen’ offers, it is not you following me, but you turning direct to GOD and beginning to set your OWN soul free. (Your personal Salvation)  –
I hope you can do IT - Terence


Dear Sir,

(referred as 01 throughout my letter)

Unfortunately you trying to force upon me costs that I do not believe I am obliged to pay.

After receiving ‘01’ in its aggressive context of demands; I state ‘aggressive’ because there is no option that allows me to respond in letter nor one that allows me to have an extension of time to think about my position.

IT IS MY OPINION that unless I agree to a 'payment option' that I am being threatened with additional costs and in my 'book' this is coercion as you try and force me to ‘CHOOSE’ an option. My spiritual advisor informs me that a ‘fine’ notice is simply an ‘extortion’ attempt backed by force of arms. I believe him

This has been an enlightening experience; so I thank you for you helping me understand the state in which our councils are in.

I didn’t understand until recently that council operations are a privately owned business. Which raises a lot of moral questions.

Letter ‘01’s’ purpose and goal is in my opinion an act of BULLYING me into funding the punitive ‘arm’ of your organisation. (An ungodly act)

That being said, please see the following message. I had assistance when putting in writing from a spiritual friend/elder/guide and I have decided to heed his advice which is: "To OBEY the Command of my God and NOT fund warmongers" - The punitive aspect of your 'system' is warlike and punitive and as I now understand, if I was to so do, (pay you) that I would be complicit to your punitive campaigns against others.

I have chosen to include the following letter below as informative exercise, solely for your conscience understanding and for your associates and all who would like to hear the voice of truth. 


Additional reading and understanding

Dear Sir/Madam,

“Be advised that I pay 'rates' as my contribution to the benign aspects of the local community ONLY. This means that none of my funds are to be used by your officers to bring litigation upon others in the community. None of my funds given are to be used to in any way cause duress or harm or any disadvantage to any others in the community or, to dispossess them for any rates default.

I am aware that your officers have been 'legalised or authorised' by political rules to demand a certain amount of 'rates' from citizens but, I wish to also advise you that I do not 'recognise' your authority to so do and, neither do I recognise your 'rights to impose punishment upon others or myself for any default. Be advised that I cannot and do not condone the infliction of punishment upon others.

Be advised further that IF at any stage I feel that I am unable to meet your demands OR if I feel that I wish to only 'offer' a smaller DONATION to the waste removal or other services, that I will reduce my 'offerings' accordingly.” Terence

Signed: Nadder

Dated:  8 May 2014

From: Nadder
Sent: Friday, May 09, 2014 10:15 AM
To: Terence
Subject: RE: Council

Morning Terence,

Many many thanks for your constant discerning. I will take your advice and go with this touched up letter and hope. I’ve also sent off my electoral letter today to the AEC; I feel good about that.

Again I thank you Terence. I've paid many fines until today. J

Have a great day and weekend.



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From: Terence
Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 6:38 PM
Subject: absolute truth

Hello again Danny, whenever I type your name I think of that olde song "Oh Danny boy oh Danny boy I love you so"!! Indeed our God does so love you brother and I can but trust that you will BE the ONE to believe me once you SEE the depth of insanity promoted today by EVERY religion.

When you so do then you will also realise how VERY difficult it will BE to 'rearrange' the mind of every seeker of Salvation because their present 'parroted' style memory bank of their mind is full of falsity and, - - - only in reprogramming will ANY spiritually survive the satanic drive now to begin.

I was so 'glad' to attend your service at the Scamander 'Kingdom Hall' yesterday because it showed ME the grave errors trapping man in so many ways, and NONE it seems realise the POWER of the Deceiver to keep one 'spell-bound' and thus in GRAVE spiritual and mortal danger indeed. I will first speak on the TRUE path as known by me and then will speak on the 'ministerial' talk by your minister and 'correct' what by me was perceived as error.

I did state that everyone's 'ship' had drifted off 'beam' and had lost sight of the TRUE LIGHT of the 'Lighthouse,' and as I see it, the keeper of said Lighthouse is no man but is God. The 'True way - True light - True WISDOM' is contained within the content of the MESSAGE from God sent to earth via Jesus and reiterated now by me the spirit soul of purity which none can see. The Light is symbolised by the 'Star' way up in the heavens. The Star of Bethlehem:

How has man gone 'off beam'? Man has become hypnotised by a 'name,' being the name of God's MESSENGER. (Jesus) Thus they are no longer focussed on THE TRUE AND ONLY PATH TO SALVATION.

Instead of having 'FAITH' in THE Wisdom within the MESSAGE from GOD the Father they have placed their 'faith' in the name of the messenger or the messenger himself.

The FINAL 'Test' for each soul INDIVIDUALLY for them is to show their FAITH in the content of THE MESSAGE when confronted by aggressors who persecute them, injure of kill them, or dispossess them of all they own.

The below is an extract from my 'The one true faith' document:

There are many 'named' religions of MEN that are misleading humanity and turning man against man, for there are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs/policies/faiths/doctrines. These are the ideological 'policies' available to be followed:

The ONE is the TRUE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in:

Tender loving CARE - extended unto ALL
 Peace, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)
These absolute pacifists are PROTECTED BY GOD for their 'fidelity' to His Holy Word of 'love & peace unto all.'

Thus the salvation aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains faithful to God's Command and loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times even when being persecuted, injured, dispossessed or killed. (The 'devilish' Reaper in action via the ignorant)

The other is the FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for:

Cruel merciless PERSECUTION - control over ALL
War, subjugation, deception, disrespect, vengeance, extortion, torture, killing & destruction
using FORCE. (malignant)
These 'faithless' pay 'Caesar' a tax for His PROTECTION and lose God's protection, for God's 'eye for an eye' Law is then imposed by GOD.

"As you sow so shall ye reap - God's absolute Justice"

Thus the supporter or 'follower' is either an aggressor who terrorises and injures others when they feel 'justified' to so do or, they pay others (servants) to use force to protect them and do the above in their name and on their behalf. (Represented by 'Caesar' or today's punitive government agencies)

People of ALL races and named 'creeds' or 'religions' need to know that the 'key' to Salvation is 'simply' to obey and remain in absolute conformity at all times and in all situations to or with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

You have been spiritually 'baptised' when the above IDEAL 'policy' has been given unto you and you have made a personal choice to be faithful and loyal to its code of conduct policy at all times and in all situations, especially when faced by aggression.

Danny, much was said in the Kingdom Hall on Sunday and I wrote down some of the headers spoken on and comment here:

Other discussion points raised in the 'sitting.'

1 - The 'test of faith' - 'faithfulness or fidelity' which will PROVE ones 'Salvation' - The test of faith is simply whether or not when put on the 'spot' by ones persecutors one REMAINS steadfast to the Primary Ruling Command of God reiterated above, and one simply 'turns the other cheek' when 'struck down and in no way raises their hand to defend themselves. This 'benign, merciful, compassionate, loving and forgiving' response to aggressive activity has nothing to do with the man Jesus, it has all to do with obeying GOD the Father.

2 - God's protection - Terence responds: When a person is ONLY walking their road and living within the precepts of THE Command of God, then they are placing themselves within the benign aspect of return of the LAW of God. Thus one is safe from harm. (No person is ever incited by THE DARK to harm them)

When a person is walking their road and at times living outside of the precepts of THE Command then at those 'disobedient' times they are placing themselves within the malignant aspect of return of the LAW of God.

Thus they have LOST the protection of God and it is HE God who then becomes their 'adversary,' and HE then sets out to punish them within HIS immutable 'eye for an eye' EQUAL return Law. NONE can 'win' against God and ALL pay the 'blood price' for being less than nice AT the time and IN the place that HIS Majesty so ordains. Be it in this life or the hereafter.

3 - Inheriting Sin - Terence responds: It is so 'easy' to blame another for ones 'internal' sinful ways and accruing problems of suffering. One CANNOT 'inherit' SIN. Sin is the DARK energy (negative emotions) which an individual draws INTO their OWN soul when they defy God and 'sup' on the 'fruit' of the tree of the knowledge thereof. The more they use dark energy the more IT grows as a cancer within and the more 'evil' they become.

4 - Honouring God - Terence responds: One honours ones God when one remains loyal to THE COMMAND at all times and in all situations, even unto mortal 'death.'

5 - Injustice - Terence responds: there is NO 'injustice' other than that which one places upon ones own soul. All sorrow or suffering or apparent LACK of 'Justice' is simply THE punitive aspect of the LAW of God in action through an arrogant infidel/non-believer imposing 'suffering' upon another, being their spiritual DUE. God 'backs' every benign and every malignant ACTIVITY as HE authorises it.

6 - Evil in action - Terence responds: Every malignant activity is simply the DARK energy (evil) of God in action.

7 - Flawless souls - Terence responds: A pure or flawless spirit soul is one free of SIM. Meaning, NO negative emotions within. Only Light and love within.

8 - The dead souls elevated - Terence responds: My message reveals the great outpouring of LIGHT energy through every realm of consciousness of which there are limitless and uncountable souls in each realm. This energy is drawing OUT the dark inner sin. (negative emotions) The spirit souls of 'fallen' man are named 'the dead' and as they are purged within they simply rise UP to higher realms and become 'alive and vibrant' again. They do not have to enter this realm to so do.

9 - Good government - Terence responds: Good government is NO government. Simply everyone living with God as their 'head' and minding their own business and assisting others and freely giving to uplift society. No monetary extortion or punishment. Benign guidelines to assist the youth and education.

10 - The OLD and present System - Terence responds: The old and present systems are all to do with 'some' dictating to others and backing said dictates with the use of FORCE and destruction and punishment, coercion and threat. All attributes of THE DARK devilish force. It follows that everyone supporting or condoning or funding said INIQUITY are operating in contravention of THE COMMAND and all are sliding backwards towards the ABYSS and also accruing painful spiritual dues of travail and loss even as they sleep. This means YOU the reader.

I refer now to:

~ Caesar & the Lions den ~

The LION is 'symbolic' of THE LAW of the punitive and destructive DARK aspect of the Source. When one uses darkness to 'maul' or disadvantage or steal from others, then THE LION being the darkness (dark energy of the source) will return unto you and maul or kill you to balance ITS Scales of Justice.

Once you have used ITS energy then IT keeps you trapped as IT justifies your continued use of IT and, - - - IT coerces you by threatening to 'maul' or punish you if you FAIL to keep supporting ITS punitive way by funding ITS 'coffers.' So you see, IN THE OLDEN DAYS Caesar literally used Lions as the means to impose God's punishment upon those who were errant offenders and, - - -

IF any person wished to deny paying Caesar's demanded 'taxes' then he simply fed them to the Lions. This continues ON today as man is punished if he fails to fund the endless monetary demands of government officials. Why did or does God permit this? Because to become FREE spiritually you will needs BE crucified in order to permit the balancing of God's books. All are now to BE crucified in one way or the other and suffer. The more you fund the crucifixion (punishment of others in paying taxes) the MORE suffering you accrue. ONLY fund benign community effort directly.

All men of religion erred for they walk hand in hand with Caesar's forces even unto war, and they condone IT and mislead ALL. All will now pay the price say I.

11 - The new world order to BE - Peace in the land and only love in the heart of man on earth.

All continuing to raise their voice or hand against their sister or brother will have been 'killed' and their spirit soul draw DOWN into the abyss to fight on forevermore in an insane turmoil of blood and agony with NO surcease as the 'eye for an eye' Law of the Dark remains in operation even unto the time the destructive ones are drawn into the eternal fire.

12 - Here I respond to the words spoken by Charlie "Why does a loving God permit evil to exist on earth"-
Terence responds: Man sees 'evil' as outside of God, and as yet does not accept that there is nothing in existence which is 'outside' of God.

(a) Man will need to accept that AS 'evil' exists, that it exists 'somewhere' within the frame of God. Firstly we need to comprehend 'what' exactly is this 'evil' of which we speak. (b) Why it causes so much travail and can so do for an eternity IF the individual soul becomes 'trapped' by IT.

It is my pen (God's) to now clarify this issue and the answer is in fact simply that this 'evil' is an invisible DARK ENERGY which pervades every realm of consciousness outside of THE PURE LIGHT of heaven.

The 'nature' of the DARK energy is TOTAL power, force, destructive, deceptive, aggressive, vindictive, merciless, cruel, vengeful, unforgiving etc., and IT is vain, proud, arrogant, jealous, angry, hateful and all unknown or known negative EMOTIONS and, IT has infinite intelligence. It IS the energy of God the Father. It IS the 'fruit' of the 'tree of the knowledge of good and evil.'

The use of ITS power by man is forbidden by GOD. Why? Because it is ONLY God's prerogative to use IT. Why? Because only GOD (The energy) is above the reach of ITS 'eye for an eye' LAW. IT IS THE LAW. It IS a 'LAW' unto itself and thus NO mortal can halt its RETURN unto the user if they use ITS power to cause harm to another. Dark Energy has ONLY one 'eye for an eye' Law - "For every warring or punitive or extortionist action there is an equal and opposite reaction." The more you abuse the more you will BE abused and the more you will lose and be impoverished.

This is why God said: "IF you disobey me and sup on this DARK energy then you will 'die' in your sin." Why or How? As you use said energy some of IT grows within your soul. (being the negative emotions) You also will be forced by IT to 'suffer' the same 'injury' or loss etc., which you or your 'servants' imposed upon the other.

As ITS vibration is 'course' and heavy, your spirit soul is immediately drawn OUT of the pure Light as you use IT the Dark. The more you use IT or become used BY it, the darker becomes your soul, the more powerful become your negative emotions, and the further away from the Light your soul is drawn.

What is ITS absolute deceptive power? It is its capacity to keep JUSTIFYING your use of IT and ITS destructive malignant power for your 'protection.'

The pure Light of heaven is also an ENERGY having the total opposite NATURE to that of the DARK. The Light is all the 'love & joy and kind, merciful, compassionate and forgiving attributes. IT is also of infinite intelligence. Light Energy has ONLY one 'eye for an eye' Law - "For every loving or kind or giving action there is an equal and opposite reaction." The more you are loving and giving the more 'beneficence' you will receive.

What you and all need to SEE is, that the whole world is using DARK energy and thus the ongoing suffering. Man fights 'tooth and nail' to NOT receive his 'just' return within the 'balancing' of the 'Scales of Justice' of THE DARK,  and IT now is to 'explode in a fury' and balance ITS 'books.' Any who 'fail' to fortify their minds and stay faithful and within the precepts of the Command of 'love & peace' will fight tooth and nail and fill themselves with more dark energy and fall into ITS lair forever.

The reality is that man chose and yet chooses to use 'evil' dark destructive energy, and man brings IT onto this level because ITS energy is within man's SOUL. MY 'message' to humanity clarifies 'how' the end is to unfold and how the purging LIGHT energy is cleansing ones soul of the dark but - - - it can ONLY purge the soul of the individual IF the individual HALTS their use of IT and thus STOPS drawing in MORE. Thus enabling their soul to be 'cleansed' - all this again has NAUGHT to do with Jesus the man nor Terence the man. Both simply entered the flesh of this world to transmit a message from the Source to humanity.

Danny, the dark energy is cunning indeed, and IT is all about CONTROL of others. The danger for the JW 'tribe' is that its 'elders' in fact control the flocks of God's children, and by seeking to protect their minds they in FACT are keeping them away from THE TRUTH of my pen, God's. Even 'Charlie' your speaker told me personally that I was not 'welcome' to discuss my beliefs to attendees.

Furthermore, your 'club' preaches unto its followers that as long as they fellowship with the Kingdom hall people that they will be safe. Nothing is further from the TRUTH, for each child of God stands ALONE before their Creator, and HE will deal with each INDIVIDUALLY because, for any to be set free, they MUST pay their dues within THE LAW of God. This has naught to do with the rules of man which man claims as 'the law.'

This is also naught to do with the man 'Jesus' nor the man Terence. God is God and God is NOW to have His 'say' in a very painful way. The ONLY way forwards is to fortify ones MIND in the manner given by GOD via me so that when faced by adversity, one remains steadfast in THE LIGHT. Please read my 'Star prayer' document link below.

I trust Danny that you ARE the man I believe you to be sent to earth by GOD to assist me and all humanity into THE TRUE LIGHT.

Please read : The cause of all suffering and sorrow:

and Star prayer:

Note - in the next week or so once my court case is finalised I will place a copy of this letter on line as ITEM 201 at:

Feel free to pass this email ON to everyone.

PS – A greater danger soon at hand in this land as the ‘Abbot’ Tony Abbott the head of the ‘Order of Caesar’ will no doubt make even more use of powerful weapons of war against others and every taxpayer will BE complicit. Not only this, it appears that he is soon to demand a ‘levy’ upon all taxpayers to cover his excess spending. More woe. As I see it, a monetary debt accrued by politicians is either gross malpractice or fraudulent misrepresentation and thus criminal activity. Any such debt accrues needs to be paid for by those who overspent and not the people. 

The below is a small extract from my ‘Render unto Caesar’ document for your interest. Found at:

I have raised UP this document to assist every 'believer in God' seeking to "Do the right thing by GOD" and doing the RIGHT thing for the benefit of their own soul and coming ETERNAL destiny. It must BE clearly understood from the 'outset' that one cannot serve TWO 'Masters' having opposing doctrines.

Caesar represented by 'State' governments commands obedience to ITS rules and grants PROTECTION using armed forces. (WAR)

God Commands obedience to His RULING Command: "Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy" and promises HIS protection to the FAITHFUL who obey HIM. (PEACE)

It is your 'choice' as to 'which' ideology you adhere to. It is my 'job' for God to expose that IF you 'vote' for man to LEAD you and protect you then you must 'Render unto Caesar' taxes to PAY for his armed forces. Try and understand that as you so do, all that Caesar's forces DO UNTO OTHERS is done in your name and on your behalf and you are complicit. (An accomplice as they are your servants)

It follows that all the control, subjugation, interference, extortion, fine, punishment, injury or killing of OTHERS becomes your DUE to GOD within the immutable Law of God. No 'mandate of man' nor 'official' position nor mandate nullifies nor voids the implementation of God's LAW.


It follows that a TRUE believer of 'Christian or Islam' or other must NOT fund INIQUITY or the imposition thereof upon OTHERS because, that activity is in DIRECT CONTRAVENTION OF GOD'S Command and brings 'grief' eternally upon the ignorant or arrogant.

It is too 'simplistic' to say: "We must pay taxes for the benefit of society." Certainly we MUST pay for all benign community effort or services we PERSONALLY seek to support or use. Pay the 'roads department directly. Pay the hospital authority or schools directly. Pay the builder or plumber or gardener directly etc. Do NOT fund the coffers of any institution which uses 'force of arms' against others. Education is the way, not punishment.

Simply put: Do nice things to others and God via kind others does nice things to YOU (kind, loving, merciful)
Simply put: Do nasty things to others and God via cruel others does nasty things to YOU (cruel, hateful, merciless)

God's Law of return for the use of HIS creative or destructive ENERGY is 'absolute Justice in action.'

NEVER take a wage to uphold RULES in a book which force you to defy God.
NEVER pay a wage to others to uphold RULES in a book which force both them and you to defy God.

If you fill out a 'tax return' and pay income tax to Caesar (State) it proves to God that you are an unfaithful person defying Him and funding iniquity, being the subjugation, enslavement, punishment and killing of His other children as YOU contravene His Ruling Command.

The words “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” have for many a long year been used as the ‘tool’ whereby man has ‘salved’ his conscience, as he ‘Caesar’ of 'old' and the today State Institution via magistrates use force of arms to ‘tax’ the populace, and to punish them for any ‘defiance’ or non payment of demanded ‘taxes, licence fees, levies, stamp duties, royalties’ etc., - - - continues on line - - -



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