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~ PUBLISHERS for The Testament of TRUTH ~

PUBLISHER sought - I seek publishers to publish the book 1 of 9 content of this web site into BOOK form in the English language and into other translated languages. I say 'publishers' because there are NO RIGHTS restricting the publishing of God's Holy Word.

This means that ANY person, group or organisation may publish any part of the Testament of Truth web site for distribution.

The 'Old' and the 'New' Testament biblical teachings are now OBSOLETE, and there are reasons 'why' all scriptural biblical and all other supposedly sacred texts are now of no 'Salvation' value to mankind, and this is revealed within Book 1 of 9 on this web site and a brief synopsis is given below. 

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No sacred texts of the day contain the required 'wisdom' to ensure 'SAFE PASSAGE' for those truly seeking salvation, and also, man has been led 'astray' for so long now that 'deception' and 'falsity' is perceived as normal, and everyone is by God required to 'drink' from the uncontaminated Wisdom of God's 'TRUTH' Testament to humanity now elevated in the 'sky.'

Only those that obtain the fresh uncontaminated wisdom of God's 'Word' as contained in book 1 of 9 written personally by the hand of the Spirit of Truth (myself) will have the understanding and 'means' to survive the mental onslaught* now to take place  and be 'saved' by God's grace, for sinful man 'wrested' the scriptures unto his own downfall.

Note; the mental onslaught* - Insanity will now escalate as demonic forces telepathically subjugate the mind of man, turning man's hand against himself and others, and great will be the agony and tribulation and destruction. Reference The National Security Alert:

If you believe that you are 'worthy' of the gigantic 'publishing' task ahead then do so.

Terence -

For the FINAL CORRUPTION of man 'synopsis' read on

Page 1 - The 'silence' of the lambs
page 2 - The 'corruption' of the soul of man
page 3 - The publisher's 'Seal of approval'
page 4 - Added Notes

The final 'corruption' is the 'silence of the lambs,' the lambs being those 'self confessed' Christian believers or others purporting to be followers of God or Allah or Buddha or Jesus or Muhammad etc., for all are presently 'deluded' as they condone, support and fund the false religion of 'State.' (Link 1 at end of document.)

For this 'silence' is that NONE now voice their 'disapproval' of the anti-god war machine of 'State,' (Caesar) that more and more interferes into every aspect of the lives of local citizens and others over the seas, as its 'arm' becomes more controlling, retributive, punitive, forceful and destructive. Where are the TRUE believers in:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Those 'claiming' to be 'Christian' are in fact selfish, demanding, vain, proud, arrogant, merciless and unforgiving and they ALL seek 'Justice' as they look to 'State' enforcement to protect them rather than to God and, they all condone, support and fund the use of weapons rather than relying on God's Holy Command to remain meek, humble, kind, compassionate, merciful and forgiving of those yet sinfully living and, - - -

None 'turn the other cheek' when faced by adversity for as said, all 'look' for the protection of armed and aggressive men paid by 'Caesar' to be State mercenaries, being men paid a wage to defy God and kill and all this condoned by scriptural texts and unfaithful priests that walk hand in hand with soldiers and ignorant politicians.

None are 'God-fearing' for all have 'sinned' to such an extent that THE TRUTH is now distorted and the INTENT of all these 'infidel' non-believers is to 'crucify' their enemy rather than 'suffering' silently as a lamb when others seek to crucify them.  Where is the 'Turn the other cheek'?

Verily I say unto you that your ways are an 'abomination' in the sight of the TRUE God, and He is now to raise His 'arm' towards all those that disobeyed His 'Order' for peace and love and mercy and forgiveness.

Foolish are those that cannot see that past 'scriptures' were written and amended by sinful men and not 'personally' by any pure 'Christ' soul, and thus they have been contaminated and 'corrupted' as 'greedy, vain and arrogant' men used them to control multitudes for and on behalf of the Dark satanic force, and great now is the travail to be that is the result of man 'wresting' the scriptures, for all now believe in the use of 'force' to defend and to fight. (Refer Link 2)

It is I the returned 'Spirit of Truth' to now personally reveal how 'Satan' did place His 'Seal' upon the 'brow' of all mankind of every race and creed, for all by DEED show Him that they are all 'unworthy' of being 'other' than His 'chattels,' and as surely as God made 'little apples,' the Dark force is to drag every soul INTO the underworld that fails to now heed (conform to) God's fresh and FINAL message given unto all via ME.

For it is I the 'Master' that returns to this 'underworld' to SEE if any 'ONE' can be elevated by their OWN efforts before the last day when as said; any that continue ON in their present 'path' ways will fall into the Abyss of eternal suffering.

Page 2

~ The 'corruption' of the soul of man ~

The corruption of the soul of man 'is' accomplished as the 'Devil' wove His powerful 'spell' of deception into the 'texts' of every book of man believed to be 'sacred,' but none were/are sacred because within all is the 'justification' to be forceful, controlling, punitive, merciless, warlike and destructive, for all condone the use of force as the means to attain peace and 'orderliness' and 'safety' in the face of adversity.

God absolutely FORBIDS the use of 'controlling' or punitive and destructive force for that prerogative is ONLY His.
Only HE is 'above' His immutable Law, for HE is 'The Law' in this and every realm.

Religions of today walk hand in hand with 'Caesar' (State) and his 'cohorts' of armed men, and all thus defy God and me being God's 'pen' and, religions of today promise salvation to those that praise God's messengers and/or that conform to various 'rituals' raised up by their priests or other UNHOLY mortals that raised up their own 'rules' or 'codes of conduct' demands rather than simply telling all of God's Command.

No 'religion' is permitted to 'operate' without the 'stamp of approval' of the government of the land, and those seeking this approval by their application 'request' to register their religion show God that they believe that the State government and ITS 'rules/decrees/dictates' is their 'god' to be obeyed and, - - - government approval is given 'conditionally,' being that the 'flocks' must all support and condone and fund the State ruler and his 'purse' and 'bow' to his 'rules' and his FALSE Doctrine/ideology or be persecuted, the false doctrine being:

The FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for:
 War, cruelty, control, deception, disrespect, vengeance, torture, killing & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)
the 'follower' is thus an aggressor that terrorises and injures others when they feel 'justified' to so do.

This 'State' religion is in total opposition to:

The ONE is the TRUE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in:
 Peace, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)
the aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times.

As commanded by the Creator. (Refer Links 3 & 4)

The 'further' corruption is:

1 - The belief that 'priests' or other supposedly 'holy' men stand between man and God - FALSE. For each child of God is directly linked to God and His energy, and each is personally responsible for their individual actions and interaction with others that is 'judged' benign or malignant by God.

2 - The belief that praising the 'name' of God's messengers of old is 'proof' of conviction and will 'save' the individual. -  FALSE. For only 'faithful' conformity with God's Command and 'abstinence' from using dark-negative-forceful-punitive and destructive energy against others saves anyone from Hell.

3 - The belief that 'forgiveness' by Jesus' crucifixion, or washing in the Ganges, or the Hajj 'visitation' or other ritual of man enables 'salvation.' - FALSE. For ONLY following the straight path as delineated in the TRUE religion above in conformity to God's Command enables the spirit soul to be purged of DARK energy by God's LIGHT.

4 - The belief that one must 'bow' to the decrees of State (Caesar) - FALSE. For when supporting and funding the 'State' one is funding others to go forth in your name and on your behalf to interfere, harass, enslave, control, tax, cast out, punish, torture, wage war and KILL. All this activity accrues YOU a return 'painful' DUE to God within the precepts of HIS immutable LAW "As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you."

5 - The meaning of the words 'Render unto Caesar' has been 'falsified' to imply that 'some' men have the divine right to rule others - FALSE. For no man has the right to be 'God.'

Let the TRUE 'Lambs of God' now reject State 'control' as they turn their faces to God as they follow His 'lead' and ONLY support and fund benign, educative and advisory community effort as they 'bow' in subservience to His Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Lambs are silent when being crucified and they do NOT retaliate.

When YOU 'suffer' when being crucified (abused) and do NOT retaliate you fulfill God's Law and become FREE.
When you FIGHT and cause pain to avoid 'suffering' you accrue a 'due' to BE fulfilled at a later date and you are more BOUND.

page 3

~ The publishers 'Seal of approval' ~

Book 1 of 9 of The Testament of Truth with its message from God to humanity is the ONLY uncontaminated and thus sacred text on earth, in the sky, and in spirit, and IT and ITS content must now be laid at the feet of all in every 'manner' as quickly as possible, and when this 'act' has been done by the FAITHFUL then the END days of absolute tribulation will begin.

Every 'known' and unknown religion is now to fall, and this includes every government institution on earth, for all are false 'religions' posing as benign 'secular' institutions, and ONLY the sacred THE TESTAMENT OF TRUTH will remain as God so 'ordains' via my pen, for truly it is now the 'time' to lay the past to 'rest.'

All biblical and other supposedly sacred 'texts' or teachings are to be consigned to the FIRE so that pure Truth can 'shine' and elevate those seeking to be 'divine' and longing to RETURN to God's fold in the Promised Land. (Spiritual realm-heaven-paradise.)

Present day 'biblical' publishers and distributors need to UNDERSTAND that they ARE promoting FALSITY and they accrue a painful 'spiritual ' due for every 'soul' that is deceived by their 'promotion' or 'misled' by ITS text and is thus 'kept' away from the TRUE Salvation path revealed within my Testament of TRUTH.

page 4

~ Added notes ~

The original downfall of man arose through man's defiance of God as man supped on the 'fruit' of the Tree of Evil and used the Dark forceful and destructive energy of God against others, and this usage of Dark (malignant) energy continues today as ALL walk the wrong way demanding 'Justice' through the Court of man and ITS punitive backing by armed men.

The use of this 'forbidden to use' energy has been condoned by priests who falsified scriptural texts due to their own 'fear' of being thrown to the lions and they 'sold' God's children into bondage and slavery to the 'State' forces so as to retain their own position of 'god-ship' control over other mortals, for as 'common' man bows in subservience to Caesar (State) and his decrees, man is not only defiant of God, but is factually funding and 'backing' the iniquitous control over and interference in and destruction of the lives of other mortals VIA the 'works' of said institutions.

If you are knowingly OR unknowingly contributing financially or otherwise to the IMPOSITION of CONTROL or suffering imposed upon others personally OR via state officials or operatives OR other 'mercenary' forces then you ARE in defiance of God and you place yourself within the bounds of the PUNITIVE aspect of His ONE Law.

The unholy TEXTS in State 'doctrine' (Rule books) now RULE man. Text is 'unconscionable' and NON-reasoning. (Robotic)
The genie is now 'out of the bottle' as such and is not a 'servant' but is in total CONTROL of YOU. (Refer Link 5)



1 - The false religion of 'State.' (Proof of the 'State' being a religion)
2 -  The use of 'force' (The dark 'energy' in the tree of evil
3 - The One true faith
4 - The Sovereign right of man
5 -
The energy of God

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