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Open letter to Clemencia Christina

It is with tremendous JOY that I can now say to the whole world that for over twenty years our 'sister' Clemencia stood firm with her conscience and the Command of her God against all 'odds' as she defied the officials of State so as to show them and all readers the error of their ways and to thus guide them to spiritual freedom.

Even though Clemencia was many times traumatised, terrorised, coerced and threatened with jail and eviction by the State forces men and their ignorant but treasonable Magistrates, she stood fast unto the last day (9th December 2016) even though she was 'tempted' by the Dark deceptive devilish force to bow to IT and try to earn her freedom from IT through funding ITS earthly 'coffers.'

It is with great PLEASURE that our God via my pen also thanks her for her personal contribution to the mental health institutions of globe earth via her 'Treatise of Truth' Mental Health Carer's Manual, and our God elevates her and her name into immortal sainthood for her undying fidelity to God's Holy Word.  His/Her (God's) 'pen' mine now names her 'Saint Clemencia.'