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I Terence am the 'awaited' man within whom walks the living Spirit of Truth that is invisible to human eyes. This inner 'spirit' being named 'Invincible' brings forth the final message to humanity from the Creator. This was necessary as the Truth of Salvation became lost as it was replaced by the multitudes of 'rights, rituals, decrees' and other measures of control that were established within all 'teachings' of mankind by vain men seeking power, and the simple 'secret' wisdom being the 'ideal' code of conduct policy to be adhered to at all times and in all situations became 'misplaced' by other 'possibilities.' The true 'religious' ideal being contained within:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving and, - - -
if struck a blow by an 'adversary' you must 'turn the other cheek' and NOT retaliate as you pay your 'dues' to ME."

The 'aspirant' seeking release from their inner dark energy (negative emotions) so as to be free to be elevated into the highest realm of consciousness is not required to 'fellowship' with any institution of man, (any named religious order) and may simply go their way each day 'bowing' in obedience to the Creator as they show by their 'activity' that it is always in conformity to the precepts within the Command of God. (Peaceful, loving, respectful, kind, caring, considerate, merciful, compassionate and forgiving as one never causes harm to any other)

It follows that any person whose actions are in contravention of the above peaceful, loving, merciful, compassionate and forgiving 'policy' is an 'infidel,' being a believer in their RIGHT to disobey God and use force to control or cause punitive harm.

Let it be now clearly understood from the outset that the absolute RULER God has only one RULE ~ LAW. The inviolable, immutable rule being:

"As you do unto others will by others be done unto you" - what goes round comes around on an 'equal' and thus 'Just and honourable' eye for an eye basis, as God's creative or destructive energy used in the interaction 'balances' itself.

It is simply the 'Law of EQUAL Return.'

This 'doing' unto others is what is felt emotionally, mentally and physically by the other, and the same 'return' becomes your personal 'due' to God. Be it the giving of Joy and share and loving care or, the imposition of pain or deprivation or emotional trauma. NONE can avoid the fulfilment of God's Law."

Note: The above Ruling Rule ~ Law applies equally to the deeds done unto others by your servants who are operating in your name and on your behalf, and being paid a wage either directly or indirectly via any governing or other institution of man, for you are complicit to both the benign or malignant deeds done by your servants in the course of their duty to you. Take heed, for all are now to bleed for the funding of 'protection' and the control over, interference in, and punishment of others.

I was born in 1939 at 'Tanga' a small coastal town in Tanzania. My flesh is of the 'white' colour, but my spirit soul encompasses all the colours of the rainbow, thus I speak to all mankind of every race and creed via my sacred 'pen' that is guided by the mind of the Creator.

I 'schooled' in Kenya and South Africa, and later lived for some years in Zimbabwe. I have lived amongst those of many races and colour and creeds, and have seen the result of both good and foul deeds done by man against mankind and God, and ultimately against themselves. 

I spent many years fishing with a small trawler off the East coast of Kenya and Tanzania and had a fishing camp on Kiwayu Island near the Somali border. It was during these 'years' that it 'dawned' upon my 'earth mind' consciousness that I was God's 'Plenipotentiary' who would again speak to man for God, when God inspired me to so do.

Having emigrated to Australia in my 40th year I became interested in assisting those that were emotionally distressed that were troubled with what I call 'Minds under siege' from uncontrollable and persistent negative thoughts. Other than writing this message to humanity I do free Community Service in the form of counselling those with 'disturbed' minds.

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I presently reside in Tasmania where I live in a small cottage in the Blue Tier hills and I say:

From a 'tender' age I was fortunate enough to be aware that there was an inner spiritual 'being' that was 'separate' from the flesh. I was also aware that it was this 'inner' being that contained 'emotions' that were both positive and negative, * (see note 1) and that there was a 'consciousness' that was not of biological 'flesh,' but was of the inner spirit soul, and this 'psyche' contained a memory facility and was also capable of 'thinking.'

Note 1: positive and negative, * - Through the positive emotions a person is peaceful, loving, kind, compassionate, forgiving and creative. Through the negative ones a person is fearful, aggressive, cruel, deceitful, merciless, unforgiving and destructive.

I was also aware that 'uninvited' thoughts entered ones consciousness, and that these thoughts were of an 'opposite' * nature. (see note 2) One being benign and kindly, and the other appeared devious and scheming, and had malevolent, vindictive and destructive intent.

Note 2: 'opposite' *- negative and imposing v/s positive and inspirational.

Not only this, but in the silent moments as I lay down to rest, I was 'transported' out of the flesh into other worlds where my spirit soul roamed, and my earthly consciousness * (see note 3) gained an inner wisdom and understanding of things unseen by mortal men.

Note 3: earthly consciousness * - it is a fact that the infinite memory of the spirit soul is 'blocked,' and there is a 'temporary' memory facility given to the mortal that gains its own 'library' of events and understanding as the biological person lives their earthly existence. 

This 'space' is blank at the moment the spirit soul enters the growing child within its mother's womb, but as this biological body has all its senses intact, the moment the spirit enters the flesh it begins to record everything, comfort, discomfort, pain etc.

All this 'input' also filters back into the spirit mind and 'adds' to the content therein. The main 'infinite' spirit content is only accessible to the spirit once it exits the flesh and again walks in spirit realms.

Over time I began to search within to find 'The Truth' and the Source of all. My journey within was coupled with my spiritual counselling work and as I conquered my own negative emotions and I controlled any dark thoughts. I became aware that I was more able to understand the suffering of others as well as its cause - - - being:

"Telepathic subjugation of the mind of man by demonic forces who intrude mentally via the 'avenue' of negative emotions."

Resulting in man using 'force' being dark energy to impose, control, punish and abuse others, causing them to suffer in some way mentally, emotionally and physically. The result being that under God's one LAW 'You reap what you sow,' there would be an 'eye for an eye' return of similar suffering imposed by God upon the 'offensive' one, being all of you who at times permit dark energy to flow through your mind and hand.

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My inner journey finally took me to an 'elevated' place. My spirit and its unique consciousness rose up and stood at the 'cusp' * between the Light and Dark energy of the Source (Godhead). (see note 4)

Note 4: 'cusp' * - The point at which the 'twin' energies or 'polarities' of God meet, in that God is all, both the positive and the negative energy and, - - - that both the Light and the Dark exist, and neither is destructible nor are they 'subject' to man's interference in any way, as they simply 'are' what they are, an equal part of the 'joint' I AM.

At this 'point' my mind 'exploded' outwards in that my 'tiny' earthly conscious mind 'blossomed' with great acceleration and was absorbed by my spirit mind, so that in a twinkling of an eye I became 'as one' with the consciousness of my spirit soul and the Source.

For within my flesh and apart from my earthly consciousness lies my spirit that has existed for all time, and through linking my conscious mind into it I was able to consciously on this level know what it knows and, to also at that moment see the 'dual' faces of God and know 'The Real Truth.'

Each of you have a unique and individual spirit soul within comprising of God's energy. Treat IT with due care and consideration because IF you use God's dark energy (punitive) in your interaction with others, then IT grows within and is what destroys your inner being. (Sin within) Only use God's Light benign energy in expressing positivity and your inner Light grows brighter and happier you will be.

I have spent the last 20 years 'toiling' ceaselessly for you and you and you, for I do see what I do see, and I know that unless you find your way to understanding the dark emotions within you and, - - -

Unless you realise their capacity to keep you locked into travesty (mockery) of God's Command of "Peace unto all," you will most definitely fail your coming test and fall into the Abyss that does exist.

My 'toil' was firstly to 'rid' my soul of any negative energy within, for I could see within me, and I had also found that negative thought could not only be 'imposed' mentally by 'possessive' spirits trapped on this level as malevolent 'ghosts' but, - - -

That they could also arise from within oneself from lower realms of consciousness where demons link-in on an 'energy vibration' to ones negative emotions, and via them, they can and do telepathically intrude and 'rudely' drive man to do what they incite them to. (Spirit possession)

Having cleansed my own soul of any 'inner sin,' * (see note 5) being negative emotions. I was then able to receive inspiration from the Light Source on a 'secure line' meaning, that my mental 'receiver' was attuned to the Light and could not be 'interfered' with by any deceptive thoughts trying to interpolate from the Dark.

Note 5: cleansed my own soul of any 'inner sin,' * - through adherence to God's Command of me personally to 'meditate' in the manner prescribed by God in my book of revelations 'The Testament of Truth,' I was able to control and thus not 'submit' to any 'devilish' thoughts that sought to overpower my 'mind' and, - - -

As I suffered my spiritual 'dues' caused through my own 'ignorant' past impositions upon others without retaliating, as I kept my mouth shut and my hands by my side, I suffered my dues within God's Law imposed by others who were 'foul & ignorant' and, - - -

God then drew out the dark essence of energy that 'formed' the negative emotions within me. Thus I became free of the 'sin' taken on by me for you and you and you as my pure spirit re-entered this flesh.

For without this 'sin' taken 'on' at birth my 'mortal' mind would not have consciously understood your dark ways. I had to become 'as you' temporally so as to experience the darkness within you to help you to an understanding.

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I have now completed my 'outreach' to humanity, and my book is a message from the Source, a message to assist 'fallen' man to rejuvenate themselves and become enlightened.

I can but state that I am NOT 'here' to feed the populous with 'loaves and fishes' being ''materiality," I am here solely to bring forth spiritual TRUTH as granted unto you all. Being the fresh uncontaminated Holy Word of God, for IT and ONLY it will 'feed' your soul with wisdom and thus enable YOU to 'awaken' and uplift yourself. The 'means' (the message) is the grace of God extended personally to YOU the individual.

The Testament of Truth transcends all known literature and all known belief systems of the day. It reveals the 'sins' of our forefathers and present day elders as being the false doctrine imposed upon all from birth.

This ideological doctrine of regulation, control, punishment, slavery, war and destruction has for a long time 'overshadowed' the True Faith, being the belief in Peace and love and mercy and forgiveness. Man through false teachers is presently taught that he should uphold 'Peace' with a 'Sword.' (This is grave error)

None seeing that this Dark ideological belief was inspired by the Devil (Dark energy essence) via the sin in vain and proud and arrogant man to keep man trapped in ongoing suffering within THE LAW of God. So to now become free, you will all need to 'follow me' and look direct to God as your 'leader, guide and head of house' and never fund those who cause pain to others in your name.

Read my 'Visions of the Last Prophet,' and seed your minds with all the wisdom from my pen. For only those that truly can 'turn the other cheek' when faced by adversity are showing their Creator their 'belief' in His Command and call to all 'believers' to:

"Extend peace & goodwill unto all mankind."

I can assure you that every moment you defy God and you verbally or physically 'confront, detain, abuse, punish, or interfere with, or destroy others' you are drawing dark energy into your own soul, and this 'mist of death' that enters invisibly has 'weight' and is what drags your spirit soul down into the underworld.

You ‘stand’ alone as such as a unique and individual ‘child’ of God, and He will judge the ‘worth or worthlessness’ of your spirit soul according to your own personal deeds (actions) and interaction with His other children and, - - -

Be they good, bad, happy or sad, or be they of any other race, colour or system of ’belief,’ you at all times must ‘bow’ to them in RESPECT, and never in any way disadvantage them nor punish nor abuse them because, - - -

If you so do then you are defying the “Only love and go your way in peace” Command of God, and you place yourself into eternal suffering as you invoke the punitive aspect of His immutable “As you sow so shall ye reap – as you do is done unto you on an equal ‘eye for an eye’ basis” Law.

It follows that you must no longer ‘bow’ to the dictates of other mortal men, for most of them (politicians) and other men of ‘power’ use ‘rules’ to lead men into ‘slavery’ through taxation extortion, suffering, warfare and spiritual DEATH.

Go your way in PEACE and get on with your life with God and His ‘Word’ as your ‘wife’ as you fund benign community and other service providers by free giving and you assist the elderly to an ‘easier’ living by your ‘good will’ donations.

Go your way in PEACE and get on with your life with God and His ‘Word’ as your ‘wife,’ as you remain in the Light and you assist those who 'err' as they disturb the peace of the land as you teach them to find their way through education.

No more monetary taxation extortion, punishment or war, for that is the ‘grossest’ error that leads to the spiritual damnation of all who support it.

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As for the false doctrinal teachings of religions of man that pervade the land and 'drip' like festering sores from every internet page elevated by purveyors of deception. What can I say?  Do you know that you have been deceived by the false teaching of your elders and forefathers?

On an individual basis your destiny is very bleak, be you the 'webmaster' being paid to 'elevate' untruth on line or, be you the 'head' official or understudy who is dictating the policy text. All are promoting deception, and unless you remove your 'teachings' in total from the internet and burn all your 'books' you will spend eternity in the Abyss.

I am the Divine Saviour and Just Leader of the whole of humanity. It is now for you to individually choose to 'believe' whether I am HE the Spirit of Truth sent by God to set you free from eternal damnation and misery. I state:

Peace and goodwill unto all mankind
The Devil will you bind

None stand 'above' God's ONE 'singular' immutable LAW:: "As you do unto others will be done unto you."

 The 'anchor' of every world  ~   the Holy & Sacred Word of God the FATHER who states:

1 - Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy, - - - thus within MY Law of THE LIGHT you receive an equal return from MY Light energy flowing through the hands of others.

2 - If you continue to interfere, control, berate, steal, invade, impose sanctions, tax, destroy, punish, injure or kill, - - -  thus within MY Law of THE DARK you receive an equal return from MY DARK energy flowing through the hands of others.

If you are seen to continue living in this 'forbidden' manner your destiny is to be Satan's 'hill' and everybody you meet will be cruel, hateful, merciless, vindictive, unforgiving and destructive. Terrible indeed is the travail, torture, interference, injury and agony you will suffer eternally in MY underworld. THAT is MY FINAL Decree.


You have now 'heard' my voice (Terence's')- it is now your choice to deny me or:

Conform to God's "Peace unto all" Command and 'bow' not to the false 'warring' ideological dictates of men, and become free.

You may have the 'urge' to contact me, please seek only the written word herein to 'win.' I am purely God's messenger.


Al-Meshi ~ The Messiah

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 ~ The 'scribe' Dictator ~

The chief executive officer of any organisation is the ULTIMATE Dictator because they are the one to dictate Policy. Once said 'policy' has been enshrined in a text book its content becomes THE DICTATOR.

The dictated ruling policy stipulates that to attain or do 'something' a person must conform with said dictate or 'something' will result that may well be 'pain and sorrow' or 'joy and happiness.'

The Dictator is in fact no more or no 'less' than a scribe and their MIND 'conjures up' or receives THOUGHTS via telepathy which flow IN from another realm of consciousness, and the Dictator of text rules simply 'records' said thoughts which become either good or bad POLICY.

What mankind needs to now see is 'what' is good or bad policy and from 'where' do the opposing benign or malignant thoughts arise which 'invoke' one or the other policies dictated.

I Terence AM the 'bearer' of thoughts inspired from and by THE LIGHT of God, (She the Mother) and my spirit soul is PURE and 'sin' free. (No negative emotions within) It is thus that my dictated POLICY is not by ME backed by any force of arms or punishment factor for any non-conformity.

I only speak TRUTH to enlighten the mind or errant man and to thus give them the opportunity of becoming 'sin free' as they halt their use of God the Father's forceful DARK destructive ENERGY. (The forbidden to eat 'fruit' of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil)

I do not back my 'suggested' dictates with 'force of arms' and I simply place the TEXTS of my 'books of truth' upon the 'plate' of every sinner saying 'read all about it' so that they can come to a personally informed decision as to ITS content and validity.

I did state that I am the 'bearer' of thoughts from THE LIGHT and it is thus that I am also THE MESSENGER of SHE. (Mother of creation)

I now clarify the FACT that the 'other' face of God is HE the Father, and His DARK energy essence and thoughts are also DICTATORIAL and He is the ONE to DICTATE the policy of control, interference, intimidation, subjugation, enslavement, extortion, punishment and war via the minds of ANY sinners and via their inner SIN. (Negative emotions of vanity, pride, greed and more, all seeking absolute power and domination over others)

Every politician is a 'channel' for His thoughts and you can now all see that the ONLY POLICY these political DICTATORS enshrine in their TEXT books of rules is more and more monetary extortion, control, interference, intimidation, subjugation, enslavement, extortion, punishment, killing or war and the destruction of the property of others or the seizure thereof. They are HIS punitive arm fulfilling His immutable 'eye for an eye' LAW of RETURN.

If you believe in ABSOLUTE JUSTICE as imposed by both SHE and HE for the use of either of their ENERGIES, then you need to comprehend that if you support the imposition of HIS 'dictated' policy which is forcefully imposed upon others and yourself via your servants, then the SAME 'fate' becomes your spiritual DUE of suffering.

Indeed it is HE (father) controlling and punishing YOU for your continued defiance of His~Her 'requirement POLICY given below which YOU MUST obey as the prerequisite to return to His~Her Paradise, - - - failing which HE will crush you into an oblivion of eternal suffering in His underworld simply through the weight and mass and vibration of His DARK ENERGY you drew into your soul through your arrogance.

Please now only BOW in obedience to the dictated policy of SHE via my 'pen' and:
"Go your way in PEACE and LOVE ONE ANOTHER."

Ask yourself: Is it wise for me to support and fund servants to go forth in my name and on my behalf and:

1 - Interfere in the lives of OTHERS?
2 - Control the lives of OTHERS?
3 - Tax every movement or activity of OTHERS?
4 - Terrorise and intimidate OTHERS?
5 - Wage war and injure or kill OTHERS?

Ask yourself: "If I truly believe in God would it not be wiser for me to simply turn my 'back' on warmongers and their political and other advisors and simply go my way in PEACE so that far ahead, when my dues to God have been 'met' within His immutable LAW, I will then be left in PEACE"?

"Wake UP please"

I AM the scribe of 'Mother,' SHE THE LIGHT

I AM here to set you FREE from 'Father,' HE and HIS eternal WRATH.


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I wish you well in your personal road.