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Salim Abdallah Ibn Morgan

*** Response - - - This written between the 'quotes' are written by Terence the Al-Mahdi - For those as me with the 'eye' of an eagle who can all see, I respond 'between the lines' to expose the satanic binds. I have but responded in the first few of the 50 odd pages due to time 'limitations' for, - - - every document written by 'sinful' man is distorted to such a point that readers become lost in a maze of possibilities. The ONLY way out is to reprogram the conscious mind by reading my uncontaminated web pages. I respond to words 'highlighted' by me in red, and my response in (blue) is Allah speaking direct to you.




***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "Those who 'come' in MY name are vain and are already seduced by Shetani. For they do not speak MY pure truth."

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - All praise is to Allah. We seek His aid, ask Him for guidance, and ask His forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil which is in ourselves, and the wicked of our actions. Whoever Allah guides none can send astray, and whoever Allah sends astray, none can guide.

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "I AM ALL - Both the Light & the Dark, those who heed MY LIGHT and do not fight are sheltering in My refuge of happiness. Those who are deceived by MY DARKNESS that they 'drew-in' to their souls when they defied the Command to "Only love their enemy" can be guided back into the true way if they heed the call of "Forgive thine enemy & turn the other cheek when struck by infidels who believe not MY wisdom of 'Peace unto all."

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - We testify that there is no deity except Allah, alone and with no partner.

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "I ALLAH have a 'partner' - SHE is My Light who is my eternal delight, being your heavenly Mother my WIFE."

(See Allah's 'face' in my book "The Visions of the last prophet" page 6)

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - And, we testify that Muhammad is His slave and messenger. He sent him with the guidance and the way of truth so that He (i.e. Allah)

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "Muhammad is no 'slave,' he is a free man whose spirit soul roams the eternal heavens and delights in enjoying MY given love and inspiration that is eternal in 'this' destination. MY paradise."

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - might make it predominate over all other ways, and Allah is sufficient as a witness. He sent him - - - He opened unseeing eyes, deaf ears, and sealed hearts.

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "Those who are able to heed the call of Peace show ME that their 'eyes & ears' are open and those who find reason to fight show ME their destiny lost in the dark night."

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - With it, He established the criterion for distinguishing truth from falsehood, guidance from going astray, uprightness from following of whims, the believers from the disbelievers, the joyous people of paradise and the miserable people of the fire, and the allies of Allah from His enemies.

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "Any who heed the call of the 'wolves in the flesh' being any who condone or promote death & destruction are following the 'false' and are infidels. Those who not only promote peace but themselves are peaceful, show ME and all that they are my 'lambs."

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Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - Whoever the Prophet (sas) has attested to as - - - Allah is the protector (ally) of those who believe, He takes them out of the darkness into the light. As for the disbelievers, their allies are the taaghoot who take them out of the light and into the darkness. Those are the people of the fire, and they will be in it forever.] Qur'an 2/257

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "Disbelievers are not only those who fight but are also the general population who pay 'taxes' being the wages that employ police & soldiers (disbelievers in peace) to fight for them and to protect them. These 'gunmen' are their servants and thus their 'masters' you & you whom pay their wages all daily 'accrue' a dark painful spiritual debt and by ME at the END days will ALL be made to fret, for as your servants deploy death and misery that you do not see it is and always will be 'subject to' MY ONE LAW - As you OR your servants do shall be done unto you. Believers must STOP funding war-mongers." - see "War & national karma" doc.

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - O, you who believe, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are allies of each other.

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "This is religious propaganda that turns man against man. There are good men and bad men in every race. I say that EVERY religion is man made and a veritable disgrace and I ALLAH am now to destroy EVERY religion, for all 'toy' with my message of peace as they all 'grease' their palms with shekels stolen off you."

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - Whoever among you puts his allegiance with them, is certainly one of them. Allah does not guide a people who oppress.

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "I ALLAH am ALL - thus it is I Allah whose Dark forces below guide the ignorant in the flesh to mete out punishment to other offenders in MY sight. These 'ignorant people' who think that I Allah bless them for their 'offensive' deeds see not that it is MY 'plot' to use them and then destroy them for their arrogance."

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - And so, you see those in whose heart is sickness rushing to (make alliances with) them, saying: " - - -

O, you who believe, whosoever among you turns back from his way

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "Any whom turn 'back' from my way of "Peace in the land" will by ME ALLAH be sent to join the Satanic band below to toil eternally in ice cold snow with NO reprieve and they will eternally grieve."

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - (Islam) Allah will surely bring another people whom He loves and who love Him. (They will be) humble and merciful with the believers,

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "The TRUE are humble and merciful to the NON-believers for they KNOW why they are 'lost,' because their minds are trapped by the dark. Thus they show by DEED to these lost that the TRUE way is PEACE and they TELL the lost how to find their way as does Terence MY messenger today."

-Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA : - - strong and firm with the disbelievers; they fight in the path of Allah, and do not fear the blame of those who blame.

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "All whom fight 'enemies' are themselves disbelievers and they WILL fear MY 'blame' when their spirit souls 'drop' into the abyss to be unheard and unseen with NO name for eternity."

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - This is the grace of Allah, and He gives it to whom He wishes, and Allah is encompassing, knowing of all things.

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "MY Grace is given unto ALL both the true and the untrue for you ALL are 'lost' in many a way so my 'ray of hope' I extend today is my message on high raised-up by Terence who says 'please try."

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - Verily, your (true) ally is Allah, His Prophet, and those who believe; those who establish the prayer, pay the zakat, and bow in prayer.

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "Those who believe pay no 'zakat' to any man, they only 'pay' a contribution to 'welfare' to aid the hungry and homeless and they need not 'bow' in prayer, they 'show' their allegiance to My true Word by being it in action by extending peace & goodwill unto all."

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Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - Whoever puts his allegiance with Allah, His Prophet, and those who believe, the party of Allah are surely the victorious ones.] Qur'an 5/51-56

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "Those who walk in PEACE - ISLAM are the victorious ones who will find a 'place' in heaven with ME. They will 'fear not' to lose their flesh for they will know that any sent to abuse them are sent by ME to set them free of their past iniquity."

-Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA : - - Thereupon the only true alliance is with Allah, the Truth, that is the best in reward, and the best in final results.] Qur'an 18/44

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "Alliance with the 'truth' that freedom is only attained when you are 'strong' enough to maintain a peaceful and non-retaliatory outlook even if sent to the 'crucifixion' cross."

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - The allies of the devil have also been mentioned in the Qur'an : And so, when you read the Qur'an, seek refuge in Allah from the accursed shaitaan.

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "Shetani the Dark one is MY reaping force that is eternally TRUE to MY Law and 'Justly' metes out retribution for ME and once this you see then you will from "its" web become free, for when you try to fight "IT" you are fighting ME and you cannot then get free. All whom fight are the Devil's 'allies."

Quote BY: IBN TAIMIA :- - - He has no power over those who believe and depend on their Lord. His power is only over those who give their allegiance to him and who (succumb to his urgings and) associate (partners) with Allah.] Qur'an 16/98-

***Response by Terence for ALLAH - "The 'urgings' of the dark satanic force are its 'thoughts' that intrude into the human psyche via their 'sin' (dark emotions) 'urging' one to 'justifiably' right the wrongs of the day. None seeing that once they 'succumb' to its seductive voice they become its 'faithful' servants."


This letter is to aid all to see that even though much truth was written by the 'author' of 'The Criterion' that both he and the translator were unable to see the possibility that any reader could become 'confused' as to the truth of the matter at hand.

As I AM the one sent to guide you all back to the Promised Land, I can "Only" reiterate that ones mind 'absorbs' (as a computer) what is placed before it, and the only way to move forwards and upwards into the Light is to 'refresh' the contents of your mind with Allah's pure truth by READING IT on my web site.

Those of you who 'cling' to the old texts, be they of Islam or Christian or any other will 'die in your sin,' for you will not believe that I am HIM sent to aid you and you, and you will thus not seed your minds with the wisdom needed to strengthen your minds against the 'advances' of the Devil.

For the Devil will continue to bind you into 'believing' that it is JUST & honourable to destroy the enemy, and in this 'act' you become Allah's enemy, and NONE can withstand the Might of Allah who WILL destroy HIS enemies, being ANY who defy the 'call' of HIS Light to "Be peaceful and NEVER fight."

I AM Allah's messenger the 'Mahdi' - and I have spoken.


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