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~ The 'Fall of Israel ~
A Treatise of Truth on the 'spiritual demise' of mankind as he 'muddied' his soul with the blood of others.

By Terence

As it was ‘written’ is prophesied by me to now be, for man of ‘Israel’ the Jewish State did forgo his God as he ‘hungered for freedom’ and lusted after material power. Man was also misled by Rabbi’s who were ‘ill bred,’ and thus they consorted with Caesar and other latter day warmongers and taught God’s children falsely that to ‘fight’ was their divine Right.

It was not, it is not, and it will never so be, and every ‘Jew’ now bears arms against his sister and brother of other races as well as their own, and their God does now disown them all, and all will more than ‘pall’ as into the ‘desert’ being the Abyss of suffering they will fall into for a time and a time and, - - -

Not only did vain men (Rabbi) purporting to 'hold, carry, or know' the Truth of Salvation 'grovel' at the feet of armed men of war through fear, but they also sold God's children into slavery, and this continues on today because of their 'weak' minds that gave in to the coercive threats of reprisal from said 'warlords,' for if they refused to 'cough up' all and every taxing 'tax' demand they may have had their throats 'slit' and, - - - if they had been true 'believers' in the 'call' from their Creator they would have simply said:

"NO, we cannot fund iniquity, and thus we will simply get on with our life with our Creator as our 'wife.' We will give to the poor what we can, and if you are 'hungry' then we will give you a slice of bread at our table as we tell you of the 'correct' code of conduct that we 'preach,' for it is not the right way of living to go forth over the land as you do, bearing 'swords' and threatening people, stealing their 'produce' by taxing them, robbing, raping, pillaging and killing. For that 'way' leads to spiritual death."

Now you see how Rabbi sided with the warlords, and they 'pacified' the people as they said to the people:

"Let us pay the taxes, because only thus will we be left in peace and be allowed to have our Temples and carry out our daily rituals of belief."

None seeing or realising that by this deed everyone was bound into slavery and deceived, because they saw not that by funding iniquity they were funding the Antichrist war machine, and they became complicit to all the terror imposed upon other communities by said warmongers, and all this placed themselves within the punitive aspect of the LAW of God. Hence their ongoing punishment by God via the hands of others equally ignorant of God's Command and His Law.

So the 'sin' of our forefathers continues on today as all yet fund and support terrorist organisations, being the governments of every land that believe that what they do in 'protecting' themselves, me or you as being 'right action' in God's eyes and it is NOT. God said:

"Rely not on the strength of your right arm, nor the strength of your servants. Rely only on the strength of MY WORD."

So as simple man by mouth 'praises' his Creator and 'genuflects' as he carries out the daily rituals imposed by men in robes, he in fact is simply a deluded person, for by his factual deed of supporting, condoning and funding warriors he shows his God that he is a fool kneeling at Satan's footstool.

Man has apparently forgotten that it is a God-given Right and a Right given by the Constitution of man to live by their God-given conscience and ideology of absolute pacifism, and any judicial person, officer of state or magistrate or rabbi or enforcer who denies that Right by deception or force is a living swine who is most definitely ON the wide road to Hell and within the immutable Law of God they will suffer all they impose upon others.

God Commands 'Peace' - Christ’s Message Commands 'Peace' - The Constitution of the land commands and demands 'Peace'

If there is yet ‘one’ Jew left in the land of Israel who has a soul true and thus neither funds the State system of iniquity, nor bears arms, and is a man of true Peace as Commanded by his Creator, then let him come to me so that his face I can see.

If there is one or more in that ‘sorry’ land who believes in me the invisible Light that he cannot see, and is prepared to lay down his mace and take up the Covenant of God in its entirety as given below, then there is a slight ‘chance’ that they will survive spiritually the eternal suffering to be imposed upon all who now continue to defy their Creator.

Note: The ‘fall’ of Israel – This not only applies to that ‘land’ and its people but to others in every part of this world, and every level of consciousness outside heaven, where arrogant, ignorant man continues to defy the Creator as he man ‘spurns’ God’s sacred leaven (Peace & love & mercy & forgive your enemy).  God is now to separate the just from the wicked.

It is a 'sad' fact that every 'Overlord' offers armed protection as their coercive 'excuse' for enforcing the payment of taxes. There have always been power hungry men who were 'loud voiced' and belligerent, and they all used and yet use force of arms to go forth and invade, seize, and attain lands for the sole purpose of 'aggrandisement and power and wealth.'

Once in 'control,' they then subjugate the people into 'taxing' slavery, and to be able to so do, they need to be funded by people, and that means 'YOU.' Man must now learn to halt his 'adoration' of Kings, Queens, and other 'forceful' personages, for all are backed by weapons and paid mercenaries who do whatever they are told to. Political men and their armed forces know NOT of the power of their Creator to 'destroy' those continuing to be 'bad' seeds.

It is now the time to 'repel' all political 'taxing' advances by simply NOT 'bowing' to their rule, rules or rulings, and simply getting on with your life as God Commands - - - Peacefully, and by only supporting the benign community service provision, effort, directly. Do NOT fund any 'enforcement' or punishment or war effort.

If you are 'fearful' of repercussions and 'join' the warlords then you become an eternal 'possession' of the State of Darkness. (Hell)

The biblical land * of the Jews believed to be named 'Israel' is not of this earthly realm or place. The biblical land is the spiritual land of HEAVEN from where man 'fell' from 'grace' as he decided to defy God and wield a mace.

(When you wield a mace you are supping on the 'fruit' of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and using the destructive forceful power of God. God forbids this activity, for ONLY God is above the 'Law of equal return' because He IS THE ENERGY - both the Creative and Destructive aspects)

Note: The biblical land * - This 'land' applies to all mankind of every race and creed. Only those who now obey their God will attain "heaven," (paradise) the 'rest' will continue to fight and fall into the abyss of eternal oblivion.

The 'lost' races of mortal man believe that they can wrestle with God and win, they cannot, for as they FIGHT they draw IN more SIN. The Sin being the dark energy of God which is what coarsens the vibration of their soul and drags IT away from the Light. (Divorces their souls from Heaven)

To 'win' you have to learn to NEVER cause harm, you FORGIVE your perceived enemy and 'turn the other cheek' if abused. This is THE ONLY WAY to spiritual freedom and paradise.

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“What is a Jew”?

A Jew is a person whose birth mother was Jewish by race. Thus they are an ethnic group of people.

A ‘religious’ Jew is a person who believes they are of high ethical and moral standards, and may be a person of any ethnic race who purports to follow the ‘traits’ of the religion of Judaism.

What is Israel?

It is a land based State within which persons purporting to be Jewish ‘believers’ in God are in fact all ‘bowing’ to the Dark Sovereign Power that is using their arrogance, vanity, insanity and ignorance to impose great travail upon persons of other ethnic groups and religions.

What is ‘The Promised Land’?

It is the ultimate spiritual level of pure Light within which only the pure of spirit can enter.

What is a TRUE Believer?

A True believer is one who is of NO named religion that during the course of eternal time bows in submission to the Command of the Creator. Thus they:

Go their way in peace, they love one another, they show respect, compassion, mercy and forgiveness unto all, even unto the untrue who abuse them, me, or you. They are generous of spirit, humble and kind.

They are a delight in the sight of the Creator, and by their daily deed they show others how all should live and by their actions they educate all. These are the true ‘disciples’ of God who will be ‘resurrected’ from their past ways as they permit others to persecute them or crucify them and they do not retaliate in any way as they 'permit' the fulfillment of God's 'eye for an eye' Law. (A debt their soul may have carried from pre-birth into this realm)

For they know that all suffering imposed by the ignorant upon them is a spiritual debt they owed to God for when in their past they were complicit to the imposition of suffering upon others, either directly or indirectly, or when it was done on their behalf or in their name, when in ignorance they funded and supported the punitive, controlling, taxing and warring activities of the ignorant heads or State and their mercenaries. ( State enforcers)

What is “Religion”?

Religion is the belief in a superpower to be obeyed, having an ideological belief based on a ‘set’ code of conduct. Man has given their particular 'conduct code' a name e.g.: Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity etc., whereas GOD/ALLAH stipulated that HIS Command unto ALL His children was the simple and ONLY WAY to be-live-exist, for any who defied IT would die spiritually.

People of ALL races and named 'creeds' or 'religions' need to know that the 'key' to Salvation is 'simply' to obey and remain in absolute conformity at all times and in all situations to:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God/Allah stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

There are many 'named' religions of MEN who are misleading humanity and turning man against man, for there are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs/policies/faiths/doctrines. These are the ideological 'policies' available to be followed:

The ONE is the TRUE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in:

Tender loving CARE

 Peace, compassion, respect, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)
the aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times.

The other is the FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for:

Cruel merciless PERSECUTION

War, control, deception, disrespect, vengeance, torture, killing & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)
Thus the 'follower' is an aggressor who terrorises and injures others when they feel 'justified' to so do.

The most dangerous religion that exists in every land is the one couched as 'secular' and is ‘hidden’ as such from man’s psyche and unseen as being a religion, but it is an ideological belief (Religion) based on a code of conduct of control, regulation, extortion, punishment and war that has formulated in every land. The 'superpower' that is adored is the head of state person and the books of rules and decrees.

It is the text  rulings in the National and State government ‘rule books’ of man, and these ‘scriptures’ are ‘adored’ by all and used to control the populace by force of arms and to tax them, regulate them, impoverish them, enslave them, punish them, wage war on them etc., and are the inspiration and imposition of the Dark Sovereign Power (God) for mans continued defiance of HIM.

All those who uphold these ‘statutes’ for a wage or, who condone them, fund their operatives or support them, are all blind and ignorant and are all unknowingly walking the wide road to Hell and eternal suffering.

Thus we all need to see that we must not 'belong' to any named religion or punitive Institution of man, we must only live in accordance to the Command of the Creator, for HE created us to be a delight in His sight and any who He sees continue to be 'bad' will by HIM be cast down OUT OF HIS SIGHT into the Dark to suffer eternal torment for their arrogance.

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What of 'the law' of Moses?

I can and do now state quite categorically that the 10 Commandments recorded as 'the law' of Moses that were purported to have emanated as such from God on 'tablets' were not, and were in fact NOT 'The Law of God.'

They were NOT script engraved on 'tablets of stone' by the supernatural power of God, for if they had so been then no mere mortal could have destroyed them and God does NOT manifest in that manner.

The content of the engraved tablets had 'appeared' as thoughts in the mind of Moses the man, and were simply his code of conduct that he 'thought' that humanity needed to TRY and follow and, the simple man 'Moses' believed them to be 'God's Law' but that was his error.

For in those days and even now, any person found 'guilty' of not conforming to said 'dictates' are 'bound' in one way or another by ignorant mortals and punished, ostracised, or cast out of society or killed, and THAT 'policy' in fact contravenes the code of conduct commanded by God and, - - - it places the 'enforcer' within the punitive aspect of the real 'THE LAW of God' that is 'refreshed' and clarified on this page.

Moses was no 'god' and neither was he appointed or 'anointed' as such by the REAL God. He was but a 'sinful' mortal who sought to do certain things, many who were in direct contravention of God's Command unto humanity, and these were done by Moses through his arrogance, ignorance, and vanity.

Foolish are those mortals 'trapped' into believing 'stories' of purported miracles of manifestation that made Moses into being perceived as  a 'god like' creature.

At THIS appointed time only those who 'accept' the 'ideological belief' or code of conduct as Commanded by God will survive to LIVE spiritually in the Light of Paradise. All others who continue to use force and control, punish, wage war etc., will fall into the Abyss of eternal agony.

God’s Commanded 'Code of conduct'

“Go your way in peace, and extend mercy, compassion and love unto all, and be forgiving unto those yet sinfully living, and turn the other cheek in non-retaliation when abused"

God's 'Covenant with man'

Being the trust in - - - and observance to God's Holy Word as required by God for the Salvation of individuals, and the Word of God 'Covenant with man' being, - - -

"Be peaceful, do not disturb the peace, be merciful & compassionate and forgiving towards those yet 'in sin' living and, - - - turn the other cheek if struck and, - - - follow Christ to the cross 'as a lamb to the slaughter' if you would become My son or daughter."

Those who 'bow' in subservience to this 'doctrine' do have a 'Covenant with God' and will be saved spiritually.

The 'LAW of God' is not any 'set' of rules, edicts, statutes or regulations. IT (The law of God) is a singular 'statement of fact' backed by the immeasurable power of God.

The single and immutable 'LAW of God'

“As you do will be done unto you” on an equal and thus ‘eye for an eye’ basis. Thus ‘As you sow so shall ye reap,’ and it simply means that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

It 'follows' that any rule or edict of the Rabbi or any other supposed 'wise' elder is NOT God's Law but simply a directive of a 'sinful' man who assumes that they have the 'right' to legislate the conduct of other mortals and impose a 'punishment factor' for non compliance. Foolish indeed are they for they will 'die' in their sin. (Control of their followers, and 'deception' and MIS-guidance through their arrogance, ignorance, and their own false and erroneous beliefs, being the 'sins' of their forefathers now ingrained in their psyche.)

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~ The Antichrist 'force' ~

The Antichrist is the invisible Satanic force that daily grows in power within all nations, and its 'rule' of regulation & punitive Law established itself within every country in place of the 'Covenant' agreement of God.

Those who continue to 'bow' in subservience to political control and support it and fund its warring and punitive ways will 'die in their sin' as they fall below because, - - - they chose to defy God, and all now use His 'forbidden to use' destructive energy (the fruit of the tree of evil) and they now have a 'Covenant' with the Serpent.

If you cause any mental, emotional or physical pain to another or, you restrict their movement or, you impose sanctions or, you steal, punish, invade, wage war, destroy and kill, then all this and any collateral 'suffering’ that results from your actions or the actions of your paid servants will come back to your ‘door’  in/on an 'eye for an eye' or equal 'measure.'  Being a retribution to be suffered by you ahead in this or the after life as ordained by God the absolute authority.

If you bestow respect, kindness, compassion, mercy and love upon others, then all this and any collateral 'joy’ that results from your actions or the actions of your paid servants will come back to your ‘door’ in an 'eye for an eye' or equal 'measure,' being a 'Tribute of happiness' to be enjoyed by you ahead in this or the after life as ordained by God the absolute authority.

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~ The ‘laws’ of the Rabbi ~

The ‘Rabbi, clerics, priests, politicians and others’ all ‘invented’ thousands upon thousands of ‘rulings’ that they imposed and yet impose as ‘laws’ and, - - -

They impose ‘statutes’ and rituals upon the people in the name of God, and all this iniquity that controls the daily lives and activity of God’s children in many a foul manner is soon to STOP as God’s Wrath unfolds in the manner as written by MY ‘hand’ and, - - -

Every ‘swine’ who 'ever' raised up even ONE ‘ruling’ of any description and imposed it under threat of fine, punishment, imprisonment or death or ‘excommunication’ for non conformity is a ‘bastard,’* and is by MY hand * now consigned to the Abyss for a time and a time for being such an arrogant and vain swine. This also applies to any person who continues to promote or uphold such false 'teaching.'

Note: MY hand * - My hand and mind is God's ‘pen,’ and it is simply advising all ‘offenders’ of their due ‘fate’ that is to be imposed by God in accordance with His Law, and He will ‘justly’ ensure that each of you receive your due for promoting and perpetuating error and deception that has misled so many and led them into the 'arms' of Satan.

Note: a ‘bastard,’* - A 'swine,' being an infidel by virtue of the fact that they are operating in contravention of God's Command, and thus their activities are 'illegitimate.'

Certainly we need 'codes of conduct' guidelines, so that our children grow up respecting others and are educated in the many ways of life on earth such as 'driving on the correct side of the road' but, - - - there is to be NO punishment factor and NO ‘taxes,’ for all will freely give of their earned income so that each community will happier live.

There are to be NO ‘strictures’ as to ‘dress’ or food or any of the multitudes of ‘religious’ rituals presently taught. Stop ‘bowing’ in subservience to the ‘rules or laws’ of vain rabbi, clerics, priests or politicians, for the HOLY WORD of God is simple and can be passed on by word of mouth, and it is not ‘bound’ by the rules of ignorant men, and it needs not belong to any particular named religion for it of itself is an ideological belief in peace and love.

The ONLY spiritual ‘teaching’ reference God and His Word is that of His commanded code of conduct given above, and His Covenant above as given by me, and His immutable Law given by me. God's Holy Word (Command & Covenant & Law) does not 'live' in any building, nor is it owned by any Rabbi, but resides in the heart of believers who see ITS reality and wish to attain Salvation.

It is the time for all to see that ‘under’ the cloak of biological flesh resides the spirit being that exists forever in one or another of the thousands of spirit realms that exist within the ‘frame’ of our immortal God. He is invisible to thee but not to me, for I see his face and I know the depth of His power soon to be seen here and there and everywhere.

The 'Holy Temple' is not any 'monolith' or building and stands on no particular place on earth, for it is the Temple of God within the spirit soul of man, being the sacred place within the 'heart and conscience' of man wherein is kept the Command of God in all ITS purity and IT is adhered to at all times and in all situations and, - - -

Only thus does IT (the spirit soul and the Command of God) remain unsullied, and only thus does man's soul ward off the 'advances' of the Devil when under duress, (Coercion & deception) and thus he does not abuse his perceived enemy, and thus his soul becomes free and pure. (Love thine enemy and uplift them by your good deeds)

Every ‘man,’ women, and child is as yet ‘sinful’ in that they contaminated their souls with His dark energy * a long time ago, and only I know what is now to be, and thus I suggest that every ‘swine’ presently promoting ANY texts of ‘rules or laws or statutes or decrees’ quickly lay down their ‘supposedly’ sacred texts and burn them, for they are all contaminated by filth and deception.

Note: His dark energy * - All is 'of' God, and He forbids man to use His forceful, destructive, controlling energy.

It is the time for all to now sup on my Testament of Truth for only IT is written by MY personal hand inspired direct from God as His message of HOPE unto all of every race and creed under this sun, and in every realm of spirit.

Note: Some examples Code of conduct guidelines - Bow in subservience to God's Command - wash your hands after using the toilet - do not litter the street with garbage - use a 'plumb line' when building walls - do not 'patent' any inspiration from God, give your ideas free to the community - ask for assistance and direction - help the needy, comfort the lonely etc.

No 'guideline' has any punitive attachment for non-conformity - Education is the way forward.

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God's LAW
The 'rules-statutes-laws' of Secular man or Rabbi, Priest, Cleric or other.

Let it BE clearly understood that for centuries man 'brooded' over the manner in which others were required to live and 'give,' and simple 'sinful' man used the name of God as his apparent authority and backed that with the use of force. Not realising that the use of force was totally forbidden by God, for IT is the use of Evil as its use causes others to suffer or lose or be disadvantaged in some way and, - - -

The use of said 'force' to control, regulate, tax, seize, fine, ostracize, punish, incarcerate or kill invokes the REAL "The Law of God" in its fullness, and the dark and forceful energy of God that 'backs' the punitive aspect of God's Law swings into operation, and at some time or place fulfills itself by returning a similar  and equitable and equal forceful 'endowment' of suffering upon the enforcer of said 'rules-statutes-laws' of Secular man or Rabbi, Priest, Cleric or other via the mind or hand of some other ignorant person.

The dark 'underhand' of the Source has ONE 'objective.' Being to deceive and destroy every spirit soul who contravenes the Command of God given in this document because, - - - it is those full of vanity, pride, arrogance and greed that bring disharmony to the lives of others as they defy the principle 'Code of conduct' Edict, Decree, Command of the Creator who is also the Destroyer, and HE is invincible and all seeing and all knowing.

Men such as 'Moses' believed in the use of force to enforce their 'opinions,' and due to their elevation into 'god-ship' by other mortals who adore 'strong men,' the greatest 'error' of judgement has become enshrined in all the purported 'holy books' upon which the Judeo-Christian religions and secular institutions base their 'rules-statutes-laws' and, - - - due to the 'fairy' stories surrounding Moses and others, all now believe that said 'rules-statutes-laws' are backed by God and 'profitable' and, - - -

It is I the risen 'Christ' spirit (Sin free - NO negative emotions within) to state quite categorically that all 'rules-statutes-laws' having a punitive 'attachment' for non-conformity were and yet are inspired by the Serpent, being the administrator of the Dark Sovereign Power, God - - - for the sole purpose of enslaving man and using man to be ITS 'tool' and, for their arrogance they enable IT'S dark energy to contaminate their souls with 'filth,' (Sin - dark emotions) that enable IT to drag them into its lair of darkness and cause them eternal torment.

Day by day mere mortals 'sit' and brood over new 'rulings' that enable the interference, control, and punitive extortion of funds from others, and all this 'thinking' is overseen and controlled by the Serpent, who gives them absolute JUSTIFICATION to do what they do as they sit in 'judgement' over others.

Foolish man, seeing not that it is ONLY God's prerogative to 'Judge' and mete out punishment to His children. It is man's prerogative to go his way in Peace as commanded by his Creator, and certainly 'civil' man may assist others in the community by teaching codes of conduct 'guidelines' that will assist the smooth running of the community. But there must be no 'coercion,' nor any punishment for non-conformity. Man needs to realise that he man is not God, and he man has NO 'god-given' right to interfere in the lives of others.

Man's whole religious and secular 'system' is based on 'silt,' and is now to be washed away in a tide of blood, mud, fire and agony as God's Wrath unfolds in the manner dictated by me on my Testament web site. Man has NO 'legal or legitimate' authority from God to 'rule, tax, control, regulate, or punish' any other person.

Education is the only way.

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Who am I ‘Terence’?

My mother's father was a 'German' Jew who married a Danish lady. My grandfather was a 'Basque' from the Pyrenees who 'fled' persecution and married a Scottish lass. My mother was half 'Jewess' and half Danish. My father was half 'Basque' and half Scottish. What then am I? Simply me, the individual.

It is irrelevant as to the 'origins' of my biological 'spacesuit,' for the spirit soul within was inserted into it by God when my biological 'heart' started to beat, thus I am of no 'blue blood' sect, but I am TRUE Blue spiritually, and was born under the African sun, so 'maybe' I am a simple 'Son of Africa.'

What is the 'ideological belief' of Africans? Some are indigenous, others of Arab descent, some from India, Europe and in fact from most places on earth. Some believe in cannibalism, some in witchcraft, some in the other multitudes of false or partly true teachings of other men. Some 'praise' Jehovah, others Muhammad or Islam, others praise Israel, others praise Buddha or Christ Jesus, many 'profess' to be Christians, but all are ready to fight for their perceived RIGHT, and all believe that their 'religion' is the only correct one. Where does this place me?

I walked my road with open eyes and observed that amongst those of every 'tribe' or colour there were some who walked tall. These were the compassionate, kind and caring, many others were murderers and thieves, and cruelly corrupt and merciless and unforgiving as through their minds the thoughts of the satanic Serpent wove their invisible 'spell' as He used them to control and deceive and abuse and destroy, and none of these were aware that ahead they would 'share' a similar 'fate' in the underworld of suffering.

I chose to try and be simple and honest and kind, for I did believe in God and did strive to meet His 'Standard' of 'giving' and living in peace, as I did my best to untangle the web of deceit woven by the dark force via the sin of vanity, pride, greed, and arrogance of our forefathers.

It matters not 'who' you are, where you were born, the colour of your biological skin, who your parents are, or what they believed etc., it only matters that you look directly to God as your head of house, and you bow in submission to His Command that He again now gives humanity via my pen, His pen.

It follows: “What are you”?

Are you by word of mouth stating that you are an adherent to one or another of the many religions on earth or, are you simply a child of God as I am who is of NO named ‘religion,’ but one who knows THE TRUTH, and thus you go your way in Peace being God’s ‘proof’ to all you meet?

Most people bow down to or 'adore' the rituals of their religion rather than God's Covenant or Command, and they elevate their Rabbi, Bishops or other elders into 'god ship'- - - do you?

Most people bow down to or 'adore' the rules of their Institution rather than God's Covenant or Command, and they elevate their Kings, Queens, Chiefs, Mandarins, politicians or other elders into 'god ship'- - - do you?

If you are a policeman or magistrate or other 'enforcer' then you have forsaken your 'stated' religion and your personal 'Covenant' with God. For you have chosen to uphold the 'rules' or 'decrees' or 'orders' of other men and their rulings, and you 'happily' punish, control, detain, and thus abuse or kill others, and in this you disobey God, and this you do for a wage, and you place your own soul within the 'mandate' of the Dark Sovereign Power.

He now seeks to destroy you within the 'bounds' of His Law that is immutable, in that it is TRUE to His Word: "As you do is done unto you." Please endeavour to amend the error of your present away, and only educate and give assistance to others yet sinfully living.

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~  Political 'Civil disobedience'  ~
Anarchy, unrest, anger & fear

For so long now has errant man disobeyed his Sovereign spiritual Monarch God, and for so long now have those empowered by the 'ring' of power bequeathed them via their earthly sovereign usurped their 'authoritative' mandate, that unrest, anger and fear now flows with increasing speed through the emotions of civilians who more and more are being subjugated by rules/acts/decrees and the accompanying 'punitive' factors imposed for non-conformity.

What is this subjugation causing fear, anger and unrest? It is the escalation of control over their living 'ways' and interference in every aspect of life and business and, it is the punitive action taken against any who 'fail' to 'bow' in conformity due to their 'disbelief' in this manner of religious persecution.

This subjugation results in people being harassed, persecuted, prosecuted, threatened, coerced, evicted from their homes, and their property is stolen via 'seizure' and sale by authoritarian people backed by force of 'arms' in a dishonest, immoral and unconscionable manner that of itself is 'Anarchy' in action as it defies the "Peace, love & mercy" Command of the spiritual Monarch, and all this is now leading to absolute CHAOS.

Let it be clearly understood that the 'anarchists' sowing 'Civil disobedience' are in fact the 'politicians' who have become the 'enemy of the public' due to their own emotions of pride, vanity, arrogance and greed and total disregard of the 'Constitutional' mandate. 

Let it be clearly understood that politicians and other 'dictators' now 'live' in the FALSE ideological belief that they are 'gods,' having the divine right to invoke any rules/decrees/acts/laws that they are inspired to, and these disobedient  'suggestions' that are set in 'motion' and 'seconded' and then legislated as 'text' in an unholy book of rules are what enable them and their armed forces 'servants' to interfere, control, regulate, berate, steal, coerce, threaten, bully, extort funds, intimidate, punish and destroy the livelihoods of civilians and, the added 'collateral' damage of mental and emotional trauma, loss and suffering is by them unseen.

Let it be clearly understood that a 'disobedient' suggestion is ANY 'wording' tabled for 'consideration' by political 'servants of the people' containing a resultant 'action' that will cause 'mental, emotional or physical' harm, harassment, disability, loss, inconvenience, embarrassment to another child of God, and it includes any 'action' enabling 'extortion from' and 'punishment of' those 'meek & humble' who are going about their way peacefully as commanded by their God.

Let it be clearly understood that any such 'act' invoked is in direct contravention of the 'Peace & love & mercy' Command of the Sovereign spiritual Monarch God and, it is also in contravention of and is in 'conflict' with the basic human rights and principles of peaceful co-existence and moral ethics.

Let it be clearly understood that these rules now 'established' have deceived government 'workers' into believing falsely that they have 'immunity' from God and man, in that they now believe that in the 'course' of their 'official' duty that they can do all the 'foul' iniquitous, immoral, and unethical things that man is forbidden to do by God and, forbidden to do by the normal code of conduct policy enforced by armed men upon the community.

It is now THE TIME for every politician and public 'official' to 'question' their own conscience and their own 'belief' as to their own personal conduct, and all I can say to anyone is: "If our Creator sees your conduct 'conflicting' in any way to His 'peace & love & mercy' Command, then for sure He will be the one to reprimand your 'activity' within the 'constraints' of His immutable 'eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap' LAW."

You have now been 'warned,' and I can only suggest that we all now turn our backs to any political or 'other' rule or ruling that permits 'us' to be in any way complicit to the 'backing' of the FALSE 'religion' that promotes and uses 'open' warfare being waged upon others within the community or over the sea.

Why? Because it is insanity to condone and support and fund any invasive, controlling, extortionist or punitive 'activity' in the foreknowledge that all suffering imposed and iniquity being done to others in your name and on your behalf becomes a very painful 'due' to be met by you in this or the after-life.

Let it be clearly understood that all these 'unholy' acts/laws/rules/decrees were/are invoked by immoral men whose minds were/are linked to the dark devilish force of darkness that sought to use them to inflict great suffering upon humanity within ITS dark and punitive "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW.

Why? Because every person 'bowing' to this 'dictatorship' was/is in fact supporting and funding ITS punitive 'ideology' of control and subjugation of others in the community, thus none had/have any 'immunity' from IT and ITS Law.

Let it be clearly understood that if you are a public 'servant' then you should serve the public in an honest, kind, caring, loyal, moral and ethical manner, and that means that at all times and in all situations you 'bow' to the superior 'dictate' of God's Command and, you are thus 'entitled' to ignore any political decree/law/rule or 'act' in a TEXT book that is in contravention of God's Command and, in this you are being true to the community, your 'wage,' and to God.

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Let it be clearly understood that if you 'believe' that in the course of any 'civil' duty that you can go forth and coerce, threaten, impoverish, extort, seize, evict, banish, imprison or punish any other human being and have immunity from God, then you are living in a delusion and soon to be AWOKEN from your 'reverie' in a VERY PAINFUL MANNER as is revealed by ME.

Dear READERS, it surely is THE TIME for the politicians to be EXPOSED as 'enemies of the people' for their deceit and their INTENT to 'be able' to control, interfere and STEAL whatever they wish to from community members by 'acts' of great impropriety that of themselves are 'insanity' and, said 'decrees' or 'Acts' ARE in ABSOLUTE CONTRAVENTION of the Command of God the Sovereign Monarch and, it is also 'proof' that State 'workers' are NOT acting as 'public servants' but are mere 'lackeys' for political SWINE who 'pose' as 'sheep' helping their flocks. 
I refer to the following 'Act' of Parliament that was 'invoked' by a mortal man having a mentally 'disturbed' mind controlled by the very 'Devil' himself.
"Local government act 1993 Tasmania (No 95 0f 1993) - 341-Immunity from liability
"A 'person' - - - being a member of a controlling authority - - - is not liable for an honest act - - - done or made in the exercise - - - of power - - under this or any other Act."
It is quite 'astonishing' to a spiritual man such as myself to 'read' the insanity and vanity backing the nefarious activities of politicians who DECEIVE their 'officials' who are 'mere' members of the public who take up work with the INTENT of serving the community honestly. For the above 'text' gives employees a FALSE sense of security and a FALSE 'promise' of immunity from 'liability,' for we are all responsible for our actions.
If you or any person truly 'believe' that the 'retributive' and punitive ACTIONS taken by a public servant against a person they are hounding, persecuting, terrorising, stealing their goods, threatening, coercing, evicting, and destroying their livelihood can be 'classified' as an 'honest act' because of their 'wage' or 'official' position or the above 'ruling,' then it is a very sorry day for humanity.
More to the 'point,' if any government 'worker' believes that it is an 'honest act' to carry out the above 'atrocities' against a peaceful 'Elder' of the community and that they are 'immunised' by the mere 'words' in an unholy text book written by men of flesh then they are 'sadly' MAD.
Regrettably, due to precedents set thousands of years ago, simple man now believes that, any controlling, punitive or destructive 'action' carried out dutifully on behalf of their 'leader' or superior, or to any latter day 'script' of text in a book, is a 'legitimate' activity.  It is perceived as such even though it is in contravention of all ethical and moral values and a contravention of God's Command. Any such 'legitimate' activity is seen as having 'immunity' from the 'common' law of man and the superior Law of God. It does not. Woe unto all.
The QUESTION: 1 - Is it 'honesty' or 'honest' or conduct unbecoming to implement a 'rule' or 'act' or 'law' strategy to enable the coercion, persecution, invasion, control, eviction, punishment or extortion of money from a community member?
The QUESTION: 2 - Does anyone actually believe that all the above aggressive, warring and uncivil 'actions' taken by 'government forces' or 'Council' staff are in fact 'honest' actions simply because they are recorded as such in 'text' in a book of man?
The QUESTION: 3 - Is it not a FACT that any political or other 'dictates' imposed upon the community that are thus 'exposing' community members to being enslaved, controlled, interfered with, taxed, impoverished, disadvantaged, punished are in fact the means whereby politicians are waging war against community members in a seemingly 'legitimate' guise?
The QUESTION: 4 - Is it not a FACT that any invasive, subjugating, extortionist or punitive ruling act/decree/order or law invoked by anyone is an act of war waged by the one or ones who invoked it? Being the 'means' whereby officials in their employ could 'legitimately' do so for the 'express' purpose of extortion and control?
Politicians believe that they have the 'right' to use 'legislation' to force everyone in the community to 'fund' their ways and to 'bow' to their dictates irrespective of their religious belief. This legislative 'action' is in fact forcing 'peaceful' others to participate in the support of the 'politicians' own religious ideological belief in interference, control, extortion, punishment and war or, be persecuted and 'cast out' of their homes.
This is in direct 'conflict to' and is in total 'contravention of' their Constitutional mandate, for the 'Freedom of religion' clause of their own 'Constitution' and the Command of God  'forbids' such conduct.
~ My 'Complaint' ~

I 'table' my personal 'complaint' as to the extraordinary state of affairs that exists on this planet so that mortal man can see to it that change to the truly benign needs to be attained as man turns to God rather than to armed men for protection and guidance.

There has been and yet is a very 'sinister' occurrence taking place that is resulting in peaceful civilians  being disadvantaged, abused, coerced, threatened and punished and having property stolen by 'officials,' and the end result of this is to have monumental consequences. For politicians have been and yet are invoking ANTI-social rules/acts/decrees/laws that lead mankind to 'error' and defiance of their God and, these 'rules' turn man against man.

The COMPLAINT is: The 'civil disobedience' of politicians is causing uncivil activities.
The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that
permit home invasion.
The COMPLAINT is: The 'legislative' actions of politicians are
causing 'civil unrest' within the community.
The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that
force people to be evicted and sold up.

The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that permit state employees to wage war upon community members and to extort money from them.
The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that
force state employees to wage war upon community members and to steal their property and destroy their livelihood.

The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that deceive state employees into believing (falsely) that there is no 'recourse' against them by community members for invasive or punitive deeds/actions carried out against community members because the 'text' wording of the 'law' gives them immunity from prosecution.

The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that deceive state employees into believing (falsely) that there is no 'recourse' against them by God within His 'superior' and absolutely immutable and Just "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW.

The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that enable state employees to wage a Treasonable war of religious persecution against community members in defiance of the Constitution of the land.

The COMPLAINT is: Politicians invoke 'decrees/acts/laws' that enable state employees to wage a Treasonable war of religious persecution against community members in defiance of the "Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness" Command of the spiritual Sovereign Monarch, God.

The COMPLAINT is: That these iniquitous political 'decrees/rulings' or 'laws' force state workers to threaten, coerce, and use the 'forcefulness of 'Courts' to try and force peaceful members of the community (True Christians or True 'believers' of any 'race or creed') to change their religious ideology of peace and to 'join' the 'opposition' by supporting, condoning and funding it, and, - - -

Thus becoming 'complicit' to the religious ideology of 'punishment & war,' and to thus defy their God as they 'engage' in the punitive 'effort' being waged upon other members of the local community by state employees, officials, and armed forces both within and over the seas.

This forceful 'attempt' is not only an 'attack' against the 'guaranteed' right of the individual to live in peace but is also a TREASONABLE offence against the Command of God. For as all should know, the individual is also responsible in God's eyes for the 'actions' of ones 'servants' who 'do all' in their name and on their behalf.

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I submit this 'complaint' in the form of a written submission, for it is also to be submitted for public scrutiny on my web site and to the media, so as to be an 'open' and educational process whereby the general community will have the opportunity to 'gauge' the response of those in 'power' who are presently possibly 'unknowingly' causing civil unrest within the community.

For a long time now politicians have been invoking 'decrees/rules/acts' that give them and their 'enforcers' the right to 'tax' and interfere more and more into every aspect of living, and the public are oblivious to the actual extent of the 'controls' now exerted over them by 'the law' so legislated and 'written' as TEXT in rule books.

Not only this, but officials of public service departments believe that they have 'immunity' from being 'punished' as they using rules impose their punitive 'effort' seeing not that this controlling and punitive measure of itself is in contravention of God's 'peace & love' Command.

It is my RELIGIOUS DOCTRINAL BELIEF that I must 'follow' and 'bow' in absolute submission to the Command of God as HE is my 'Sovereign Monarch,' thus I am an absolute pacifist who also believes that to 'bow' to the dictates of any man or institution espousing a contra and thus 'punitive, extortionist and warring' ideology is error and an 'act' of faithlessness.

Thus I can only 'condone, support, use or fund' the provision of 'services' who are within the 'precepts' of my belief and thus in accordance with God's: "Go your way in peace, love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command.

I cannot support, condone, nor fund any 'activity' having the contra ideological code of conduct 'policy' of interference, control, extortion, punishment, destruction, killing or war. For in so doing I would by God be seen as a 'faithless' non-believing 'infidel' who relies on force to gain, maintain or destroy others in the community and I would lose my God-given immunity. and, - -

I would be complicit to all the 'iniquity, loss, trauma and suffering' imposed by 'government' forces upon other children of God within the local community and/or over the sea and, - - - I would accrue a similar 'due' within the immutable "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you" LAW of God.

I and every TRUE BELIEVER have a divine right to conform to God's "Peace & love" Command, and the Constitution of the land should also give me 'protection' from the 'godless' who have NO 'ethics or morals' and NO understanding of God nor their own Constitution.

This 'epistle' is raised up as an 'act' of courtesy, and it is so, for as I see it, every seemingly 'legal operator' is in dire spiritual danger, for all have become a 'stranger' to their Creator and, as it is I to now speak His last 'warning' to the world I can but do what I can to reach into your souls, for we ARE ALL 'Liable' for the results of our interaction with others within God's ONE Law, and no 'mandate, badge or position of office or 'act/law/rule' can void or nullify God's immutable LAW - - - "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you."

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~ Political Control & the Devil's beguile ~

A person is being controlled and thus 'under control' when their 'oppressor' is out of control. A person is 'out of control' when they have the justification to become disrespectful and 'uncivil' and they then use force or beguile or rules or a wage to in some way control, disadvantage, steal, invade, terrorise, impose their will or 'injure' or worse, and at this 'moment' their mind becomes 'possessed' by the demonic force of Dark energy that 'invades' their psyche and imposes ITS 'strictures' upon others using ITS arrogant 'victim' that IT controls telepathically.

How is the initial 'control' instigated? By beguile, as the Dark Sovereign Power via the mind of a politician 'offers' to do 'Good works' for the community if the politician is voted 'In' and thus gains 'access' to the 'inner sanctum' of the "House of Lords."

Note: House of Lords - It is the place where the 'chosen' obtain free accommodation and free wine & dine and anything else that they 'desire.' (Paid for by others)

What is the 'beguile' that 'tempts' the people to 'accept' the 'proposal' of a politician and thus permit them to enter into the 'inner sanctum' of their life.?  Is it simply the precedents set whereby we believe that they or others have the right to so do, and to then interfere into every aspect of our lives and control and punish us?

It is the above as well as the proposal that the politician promises to be a 'faithful' servant to the inferred 'Boss' being the citizen, as they say: "I will protect you and supply you with whatever you need or desire for you will be the master and I will be the servant." 

By this false 'promise' the citizen' is duped due to their need to be 'loved, cared for, protected and provided with services,' and they see not that as soon as the one they 'empowered' has entered their "Territorial Domain," that the Dark 'shark' lurking within their soul begins to enforce ITS 'policy' of control, regulation and compliance by 'pushy' and coercive ways and ever increasing forceful demands that enable IT to do whatever IT desires that effect the material and spiritual 'destiny' of everyone it has 'trapped' in ITS 'net.'

The political 'control' is attained by the justification of: "It is for your own good, that of the nation, flag and everyone." None realising that the sole INTENT of the Dark is to entrap and destroy everyone and, - - - once ITS 'earthly' minions are empowered and protected by armed men, the Dark Sovereign Power operating through the MINDS of those in 'power' shows ITS arrogance by OPENLY saying:

"As I AM now THE BOSS you will all do it MY WAY or there will BE 'Hell to pay,' and if you do not 'bow' to My 'orders, rules, wants, desires' I will persecute you mercilessly and punish you, banish you or destroy you, for I AM your 'Master' for the time span of My 'stay' in Power."

Yes, the 'person' controlling the mind of the politicians who see themselves as the 'untouchables' having sovereign authority over the lives of others is the invisible Dark Sovereign Power (God-Devil) who is in control of them or any 'other' who ingratiates themselves as being a 'superior' person standing above others and assuming the 'right' to be 'god in action' over other mortals.

The Dark Sovereign Power force is the retributive destructive power that flows through any vain or arrogant person, and IT is so 'dark' that the user sees not that they are controlled by IT, they only see that they are being 'helpful' to you and me, for their 'justification' to be forceful is ITS and, IT has the power and authority to control EVERY 'sinner' and cause them harm within ITS Law, being their 'due' for being untrue to others and 'faithless' subjects of God.

Once any person or politician has established their position of RULE, they become a great 'danger'  to the community they 'serve' by control as well as to themself. How is this so? Because the immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God is inviolate and superior to any 'person.' So any person using Dark energy to control or harm others causes the 'user' to inflict 'terror, subjugation, incarceration, interference, loss, injury' upon others, and it follows that the user of the forceful energy will by God be forced to endure the same 'agony,' for none can void or avoid the implementation of God's Law.

Politicians and their 'forces' see not that in their attempts to please or 'appease,' that they are in fact appeasing their own emotional need to stay in CONTROL and to satiate their own desires, and the ones under their 'spell' of control also gain a 'karmic' due of 'pain & suffering' for their complicity in supporting, condoning and funding the activities of the controllers in their interference in the lives of others.

Try and see that any person coming to you with a 'smile' who 'promises' to be your 'helper' may well be the REAPER having within them a 'dark shark' waiting to take a 'bite' out of you when IT decides to. The 'sin' within man is the Dark essence, so do your best to resist ITS 'advances' so that the arrogant one in the flesh is not 'tempted' to be the one to cause you harm, albeit only emotional trauma and inconvenience.

Remember, the DARK energy of the Dark Sovereign Power has NO respect for your 'privacy' nor your 'life,' and ITS intent is to destroy the arrogant through whom IT is operating, but to 'trap' you into helping IT do ITS foul but justified 'works,' so that it can also justifiably destroy YOU the 'ignorant' for being complicit in its interfering and punitive ways.

Note: Justified works - simply balancing the punitive and thus dark aspect of the scales of justice of God.

This dark 'force' presents itself as a 'benign benefactor,' but in FACT it is a very malignant and destructive force using a 'smile' and 'promises' to look after your best interests as it hides its 'beguile.' Naturally we need the provision of benign community services, but not services that 'interfere' in the lives of others or cause harm to others for any reason, or that control us all. Every child of God must be free to go about their daily business without restriction as long as they do not disturb the peace of the land, and if they do, then they must be 'caught' and counselled and set free in the manner prescribed by God via me. (The Feeling Easier Seminar - Offender document)

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Let it be clearly understood, any person who believes that they have the right to control your life or 'ways' by inducing you to 'do it their way' through deception or 'emotional' or coercion is a dishonest and disrespectful individual who has NO respect for God nor you, and if they are a politician using rules/acts/laws/decrees backed by forceful means that they USE to control you in any way, then they ARE the 'Devil's' men operating in this 'earthly' realm 'play pen,' and they ARE people to be avoided at all 'costs' for they ARE 'public enemy' NO 1.

Why is this so? Because they keep everyone away from conformity to God's "Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command, as they demand that you support, condone and fund their merciless persecution, intrusion, extortion, punitive and warring ways that lead EVERYONE to Hell.

Politicians invoke rules that turn man against man. (Gross Error)
Politicians believe that they have the divine right to enforce their own policy agenda. (Gross Error)
Politicians invoke rules that force man to defy God and to support the religious doctrine of WAR. (Gross Error)

Politicians deceive their 'operatives' into believing that in the course of their duty that they can contravene the moral code of ethics emplaced by God's Command and avoid the absolute 'Justice' of God's Law. (Gross Error)

Have politicians the faculty to comprehend the word 'Comprehension'? Can they not see that no priest nor politician nor 'saviour' can grant 'absolution' for the sinning ways of man, for God is GOD not man, and God only 'forgives' AFTER His Law has 'balanced' ITS Scales of Justice. NOT 'before.'

Jesus 'suffered' on the Cross to show man by example that ALL pay the 'price' for being less than nice.

The QUESTION is: 'Are you the Light or Dark energy of God in action'?

Whether you are a person providing a 'free' service, or operating as a paid service provider, or an enforcer, or a person seeking election into a position of trust who has the capacity to influence the lives of other children of God, and to thus affect their mental, emotional or physical state, then you all need to know something: That your ACTIONS are fully in conformity to God's "Go your way in peace, love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" Command.

IF for any reason any of the following 'attributes' can be 'stitched' on your uniform then you are NOT in conformity to the above, and you ARE in great 'peril' physically, emotionally and spiritually, because you ARE a 'dark' operative heading for HELL.

1 - You are merciless, disrespectful, dispassionate and unforgiving, aggressive or intrusive, controlling or forceful or demanding.
2 - You are a liar or a thief or an extortionist or a deceiver, or you are punitive, vengeful or destructive.
3 - You 'offer' your services to the community to be an enforcer who for a 'wage' upholds the verbal dictates of others, or 'text' in a book purported to be 'sacred' or 'the law' of the land.
4 -  You offer your services to another or to the community for a 'wage' or for 'free' in exchange for food and housing, but once 'elected' you begin to impose your own needs, wants or desires, and you use forceful means as a vendetta of 'retribution' if your demands are not met.
5 - You are a person who supports or funds the wages of others that assists them in protecting you using force, and they use your funds to interfere in the lives of others using force.


God forbids man the use of His Dark forceful, controlling, interfering and destructive energy, and anyone using it is in fact stealing His 'prerogative' and trying to emulate HIM and be 'God,' but ONLY God and His 'energy' is beyond THE 'eye for an eye' LAW, for the Dark energy IS THE LAW.

What is this 'stricture' imposed that causes suffering? It is the retributive and punitive 'arm' of God in action within the 'bounds' of ITS "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law that it is imposing ITS controlling, painful & destructive energy via the MINDS of the vain, proud, foolish, ignorant or arrogant.

Try and understand that the 'orders/decrees/acts/rules/dictates' that men name 'the law' are for sure the CAUSE of disadvantage, banishment, restriction or loss or 'harm' suffered by 'someone' and, this 'harm' that was couched as 'benign charm' to assist you becomes your painful spiritual DUE.


It is I now to advise every person under the 'Sun' that 'each' stands before their God who sees all and knows all, and I say: "All are known by their deeds, being their personal interaction activity with others, and they will be 'judged' as to their conformity to, or defiance of, God's Command."

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FINAL NOTICE & 'living' Truth

To common man , Kings, Emperors, dictators, politicians & their enforcers.

The 'Freedom of Religion' PROMISE by the 'earthly' Monarch to the 'citizens' was/is FALSE because, what his 'scribes' did not see was that through the 'citizens' support and funding of the 'controlling, invading, pillaging, extortionist, punitive and warring' ways of the earthly Monarch, that they were automatically in 'breach' of the 'subject to' clause in the 'Freedom of Religion' ACT that said:

"You are free to go your way and live in peace without being hindered or harassed or persecuted by my 'forces' men as long as you do not 'disturb' the peace of the land."

For it 'follows' that every person in every land was/is in FACT 'guilty' of 'disturbing the peace' of others because they were/are complicit to all the offensive 'criminal terrorist activity' of 'subjugation, interference, suppression, control, invasion, sanction, extortion, kidnap, detention, punishment, torture, killing' done in their name and on their behalf by the 'King's' officials or armed 'horsemen,' as it became/becomes a DARK spiritual 'due' upon everyone 'living' on the land within the precepts of God's immutable LAW:

"As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you."

Let it be clearly understood that : The 'king' or emperor or dictator and their officials and the citizens of every land on earth have all 'placed their bets' on the 'forceful & punitive' ways of the 'Devil,' and only my LIGHT can set you FREE.

Let it be clearly understood that : One cannot 'contest' the credibility of the 'Freedom of Religion' Act in any 'earthy' court of man for it is in fact the Court of the Dark Sovereign Power, God, and HE will 'negate' any attempt by a 'sinner' to 'attempt' to go FREE unless/until they have paid Him all past spiritual dues accrued.

Let it be clearly understood that : Those who continue to fund iniquity will FALL. It is time for 'believers' to stand TALL.


Let it be clearly understood that : You are only 'permitted' to live in peace and follow your 'dreams' and 'religious ideology' of love when you HAVE paid all PAST spiritual dues to HIM the spiritual Sovereign Monarch, for HE then becomes your 'protector.'

Let it be clearly understood that : Relying on the 'protection' of armed men places all the 'interference, loss & injury' meted out by them upon others as a 'due' to be met and suffered 'equally' by them and you within the absolutely 'Just' LAW of GOD.

Let it be clearly understood that : Those who continue to defy the "Peace & love" Command of the Sovereign Monarch and continue to 'interfere, punish, and wage war' will FALL.

Let it be clearly understood that : It is the time for 'each' to choose their final eternal destiny.

Let it be clearly understood that : The absolutely 'dictatorial' RULES in every land on earth are invoked by Him, God the Dark Sovereign Power, and He 'permits' His 'earthly' forces to 'invade, terrorise, subjugate, and punish' ALL who condone, support and fund His dark controlling earthly system and, - - -

HE also then destroys the SOULS of all those enforcement 'operatives' of HIS earthly 'legions' who are defiant of His "Peace & love" Command.

Let it be clearly understood that : All that His dark punitive 'forces' are actually doing is meting out retributive 'Justice' and 'balancing' His 'Scales of Justice' of the DARK side of His Law because everyone condoning and supporting His 'punitive' system ARE in 'violation' of His "Peace & love" Command and, - - -

They daily place themselves within His "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law and, all 'politicians' and officials of governing institutions who 'invoke' and uphold His 'rules' are also persons who daily place themselves into the Dark aspect of HIS "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW to 'suffer' in the PIT in the after-life for sure.

Let it be clearly understood that : The 'Constitution' of the supposedly 'democratic free world' is a LIE and a 'farce' invoked to 'dupe' all the people, for IT has no 'teeth' because all 'kings, queens,' and other mortal 'monarchs' are 'thieves, liars, extortionists,' and 'killers of men' who will now fight 'tooth and nail' using their 'rules' and their 'tin pot' men to coerce, invade, evict and destroy anyone who they are 'inspired to' by their thoughts that ARE controlled by the 'devilish' Dark Sovereign Power and, - -

Anyone so 'foolish' as to believe that they can continue this 'policy' of invasive 'iniquity' and NOT 'pay' are very foolish, and they will 'suffer' the 'Lose all & DIE' result and, - - - those who through 'fear' continue to 'fiscally' support EVIL in action, be it pure liquid evil expressed by known and proven terrorists OR, be it EVIL in action via the 'hands' of mandated officials 'posing' as benign community servants or 'protective' forces, are people who keep themselves 'bound' to perpetual misery, and all these ALSO FALL.

Let it be clearly understood that : ANY 'operatives' or 'officials' whose 'actions' are in contravention of God's "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive" code of conduct policy COMMAND will PAY the 'ultimate' agonising 'blood price' for their personal 'invasion' of others living ways.

Let it be clearly understood that : All the 'control, interference, punishment, destruction and killing' is simply THE FULFILLMENT of the DARK aspect of the Law of God in action via the 'hands' of the merciless 'ignorant' who believe in their 'RIGHT to FIGHT' and, - - -

They see NOT the 'delight' and glee their actions invoke in the 'belly' of the Dark Sovereign Power as He 'enjoys' every 'drop' of liquid fear and agony they impose upon those of you who in your past did impose upon others via your funding support of INIQUITY because, you deserve IT, and they the 'imposing' will ALSO suffer IT later.

Yes, all the 'ignorant and depraved' officials who so 'resolutely' carry out His/their punitive 'correction' see NOT their own 'similar' fate to BE.

There is but ONE 'God,' and no 'man' or 'woman' is HE

ONLY HE stands 'above' His own LAW.

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~ Letter to the Rabbi ~

There are many men of flesh who 'impress' others with their 'ordination' into the realm of 'spiritual guide and comforter and leader of men,' and the worst criminals amongst these are those named 'Rabbi' because they personally defy the Command of the ONE God as they walk hand in hand with 'warmongers' and killers of men, for this is the ultimate deception and distortion of God's Primary Truthful and Ruling Command, and this deception is the vilest crime known to man.

Why is it so? It is due to the fact that these armed forces men and women now believe that they can defy God and His holy 'pen' mine and not suffer the consequence. This is a FALSE assumption backed by the false promises of men of the 'cloth.'

Why do they and the community who support them so believe? They believe that as they walk and fight that they are 'protected' by 'Rabbi' perceived as 'wise' men of God in the 'Word and testimony' of sacred text and they are NOT, for no person of any 'station' in life can 'void, nullify, or avoid' the implementation of God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW.

The ONE True God absolutely FORBIDS the use of His destructive force to control, subjugate or injure others.

I the 'pen' of the Most High categorically state that 'Rabbi' and their 'lineage' back to the 'beginning' of their 'time' thousands of years ago are all condemned to suffer great travail for supporting and condoning the killing of other children of the ONE God, and for condoning the invasion and persecution and destruction of life and livelihood of others and, - - - for their support of 'Caesar,' being their condoning of the payment of 'taxes' who are used by Caesar (State governments) to fund iniquity.

Whether Rabbi are 'liberal,' traditional or fanatical, by virtue of their very 'existence' they control, deceive and mislead children of the ONE God using their 'rabbinical laws' to enslave the Jews and hold them in the 'bondage of ignorance' using their 'peculiar' and erroneous interpretation of the Torah that has led to their ongoing bondage to the Dark satanic force. (Punitive, warlike and destructive)

Their interpretation of God's 'Will' stands between God and His 'Jewish' children. Woe and more woe.
The Rabbi are currently ‘MIS-interpreting’ God and God’s message to his children.

As I see it, the error of the day is that Rabbi (self appointed & self anointed) teachers are so far from the TRUTH that they are totally unaware as to 'how' their personal beliefs, teachings, promotions etc., are in fact leading God's children into eternal slavery, suffering and spiritual DEATH in the underworld that ends up in eternal hellfire and anguish for them AND the Rabbi who deceived them.
Why do I say this? It is all simply a 'matter' of God's SPIRITUAL LAW as well as the 'Wrathful' aspect of God that everyone of every race and creed simply 'forgets' as an inconvenient truth because they have been deceived by Rabbi and other supposedly 'holy' men who ALL defy their Creator and His 'pen' mine.
Rabbi are all 'busy' interpreting laws of State, or their own 'rules' or ancestral 'laws' or making up fresh ones, and none realise that all laws or 'rules' of men be they of 'State' or of 'religion' or the supposedly 'wise or elect' are simply EDICTS raised up by the vain, proud, arrogant, ignorant and power hungry, and all are 'backed' by force and punishment for non conformity.
The Dictionary - the word "Jurisprudence" = 'Skill in Law'
Why do purported 'teachers' of spiritual truth get involved with the 'Laws of mere mortals' and totally IGNORE God's Law that is THE defining FACTOR in the destiny/destination of every soul? It is because 'fool's such as 'Rabbi' and other clerics or priests conveniently FORGOT the SPIRITUAL aspect of God. No person is a teacher/counsellor/guide of spiritual truth unless they KNOW God's Law and God's Primary Command.
The Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."
So, as 'Rabbi' and other priests or clerics bow to the forces of 'Caesar' (State) and factually walk hand in hand with their forces into 'battle,' their 'condoning' of 'taxation' and the use of punitive force MISLEADS God's children into believing that it is OK to wage war on others, being an activity that is in TOTAL contravention of God's Command, and all Rabbi seem to have forgotten the 'majesty' and absolute 'justice' and immutability of God's ONE spiritual Law:
The LAW of God that stipulates:
"As you sow so shall ye reap"
"What you do unto others will by others be done unto you on an EYE FOR AN EYE and thus EQUAL basis, be it merciful and benign or merciless and malignant."
So 'brothers' soon GREAT PAIN is to seep into the very 'marrow' of every person who deceived God's children through their complacency, ignorance, vanity or arrogance, and this includes YOU. Please tell all men to lay down their arms, stop funding iniquity, and start bowing to God and His Command before all 'Hell' breaks loose in the MIND of man as dark forces invade the psyche of man and turn man against his sister, brother, mother, father, daughter and son. (Armageddon of the Mind being  the last battle for the soul of man).

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There are but few 'Rabbi' on earth who will see the 'truth' emanating from my pen for they are all 'bound' mentally by the false 'ritualistic' teachings of their forefathers, and by their own pride and arrogance that 'flowers' each day as they control the living ways of the 'Jews' who are forced to conform to rituals of 'dress code,' food, prayers and other 'habits' that have nothing to do with their Salvation, and nothing to do with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

And their 'rituals' have nothing to do with conformity to:

The ONE TRUE religion/faith.
The 'ideal' being the belief in:

Tender loving CARE
 Peace, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)
the aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times.

All now follow the FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for:

Cruel merciless PERSECUTION & dispossession.
War, invasion, control, sanction, deception, disrespect, vengeance, torture, killing & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)
Thus the 'follower' is thus an aggressor who terrorises and injures others when they feel 'justified' to so do.

I say that it is up to EVERY Rabbi and 'Jew' to spend their 'time' preparing their minds for what is soon to BE, - - - Armageddon of the MIND that will lead to total insanity as HE the 'Dark Lord' and His demonic men invade the psyche of all mankind telepathically and use them (sinners) to destroy His enemy.*

Note: His enemy. * - Being any person who deceived God's children - Being any person who raised their hand against another - Being any person who paid the wages of 'enforcers' to operate in their name and on their behalf to 'rule, tax, subjugate, invade, enslave, persecute, dispossess, banish, punish, injure or kill' others who were perceived as an 'enemy' to their 'Nation, flag, rules, belief' or for any other reason, for the DARK FORCE is the 'underhand' of God that metes out divine retribution against all who foolishly enter the domain of the Dark energy of God for their own personal 'vendettas.'

So let all men TRUE now 'provision up' and prepare to share their light and love and food and shelter 'ware' with the homeless of any 'race or creed or deed'  soon to be seen in every land.

All will soon be 'imprisoned' in their homes as bandits roam the streets freely, and multitudes will become homeless as they are dispossessed or when vandals burn their houses, and millions will be 'brutalised' and decimated and killed as the Wrath of God unfolds in the manner revealed by me and, - - -

All material wealth will become of NO value, so I suggest that it is quickly 'converted' and used to 'provision up' with needed food and other survival commodities to be made available to all.

ONLY those who NOW walk 'tall' and 'bow' to the Command of the ONE God as given by me will survive spiritually.
ONLY those who NOW cease to fund 'warlords' (Caesar and his forces men) will survive spiritually.
All who continue to fund, condone or support ANY 'activity' that is in contravention of God's 'Peace & love & mercy' Command will DIE

Any person of any 'belief' believing that they are spiritual guides, counsellors or teachers MUST now speak out and tell everyone to lay down their 'arms' and other weapons and 'bravely' face their 'perceived' enemy as they conform to the Command of the ONE TRUE GOD and "Love one another."

I Terence speak for the ONE TRUE GOD

I AM he the Messiah sent to FREE those who my Light & Truth & Wisdom can see.

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~ The 'Wailing Wall ~

Who was the 'one' to place a 'spell' over the mind of the 'blind' by saying that a stone wall was 'sacred' ?  - - - And who invoked the 'belief' that it was the most sacred of places where God resides on earth? Was it a 'Rabbi' or other?  God is omnipresent wherever you be. Be it in this world or the 'other' of spirit reality

Praying at the Wailing Wall is believed by many to signify being in the presence of the Divine where it is said one immediately has the “ear of god.”  Who was the one to so say?  Does mankind not realise that God is aware of ones thoughts and deeds wherever you be?

Those who cannot pray at the wall can send prayers or ask for the Kaddish to be said for departed loved ones. Prayers sent in are placed into the cracks of the walls and are called tzetzels. There is usually a small charge for this service.  Who is it who offers this fiscal service? Why does man not simply speak to the departed verbally or by thoughts? Surely it is now the time for man to link DIRECTLY with the realm of spirit and send their loving thoughts through the 'ether' rather than being 'stuck' into a rock wall?

Believe you me, it is up to you the individual to personally break the spell binding your mind as you read my wisdom, God given herein.


A copy of the Testament of Truth page 265

Sacred site - Divine Holy Place - Holy Grail.

Your "Inner divine spiritual Light," is the only sacred site.  If you try and protect it with negative "Might," one day you will fall into the dark night. 

Your sacred divine light becomes "clouded" when you deny God's call to "Only Love," and thus you "employ" darkness as you others abuse or destroy, clouding your light with more negative energy, "sin" drawn in. 

Marriage, divorce, adultery, illegitimate children.

Marriage is: a "contract of love inspired by God above." - Man has through religion deemed, that children born "out of wedlock," as illegitimate, i.e.  "illegal to mate" if not "licensed by Religion or State."

In God's eyes, this is pure "adultery" of Truth.  All are God's children "Legal and loved by God." We must all "divorce" our "Minds" from the "Dark force" saying: 'til death do us part, I from darkness will "stand apart."

When you have:

"Heard" the call to "Only love"
"Seen" the reality of God's call of "Forgiveness"
"Heeded" the wisdom of God's Holy word by

Thus have you "supped" on God's "Bread" and drunk of the "living water of eternal life," and thus, have you been baptised and consecrated by the Holy Spirit. 

Heaven: The ultimate realm, of pure light, no darkness.

Resurrection: means: The Spirit soul enters the ultimate level of light, heaven. 

Your soul - is only "resurrected" when free of sin, matters not whether it is "out of the earthly flesh" or IN, it can ONLY to heaven GO when its "fleece" is as "white" as snow. 

Fasting: Abstaining from supping on darkness, (negativity - dark energy, destructive force).

Faithful: True to God's Word: Compassionate & Merciful & Forgiving & non-retaliatory & always peaceful.

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I say:

Every 'ritual' of every religion is now abolished by God via this pen. For all are 'impositions' forcefully imposed by vain, arrogant or greedy men who sought power as they used the name of God in vain.

God is not 'concerned' whether you wear a bikini or a 'Burka' or go naked in the street as long as your activity is in accordance with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

God is not 'concerned' whether you wash yourself or your clothes or not as long as your activity is in accordance with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

God is not 'concerned' whether you dance or sing or sleep all day as long as your activity is in accordance with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

God is not 'concerned' whether you have long hair or short hair as long as your activity is in accordance with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

God is not 'concerned' if you work seven days a week or none, as long as your activity is in accordance with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

God is not 'concerned' as to the food you eat or drink as long as your activity is in accordance with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

God is not 'concerned' whether you pray or not as long as your activity is in accordance with:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

Why is this so? Because when living in conformity to the Command of God it IS your daily 'praise' of HIM

The Light of God is CONCERNED for you if you defy the 'Edict' above, for if you defy IT and you use God's dark forceful destructive energy to control, subjugate, interfere with or injure any of His other children of ANY race or creed, then by DEED you show Him that you are a BAD 'seed' to be destroyed by Him, and you place yourself within the punitive aspect of His divine Law and you will 'suffer' all that you or your servants imposed upon others.

God's children are simply required to conform to their 'side' of God's Covenant as they 'bow' in subservience to His Command and they "Go their way in peace and love one another."

Set yourself free from all false ideology by now following the way of :

'PEACE unto ALL.'

For those of you who cannot show respect unto others will become bound below.

It matters not 'which' creed you presently 'bow' to or follow, turn direct to your God of love and heed His-Her call of 'Peace unto all' from above, and become free, for it is not your 'part' time 'rituals of religion' that please God. It is simply by your daily action or interaction with others that you are 'seen' by Him as being a 'bad' seed to be banished below, or a good seed who is a delight in His sight, being one to dance the eternal dance of 'love and happiness' in His sight above.

Try and understand that if you vote for any political party, then by this 'action' you are condoning its activities and, if you fund it by taxes then you are paying the wages of enforcers and warriors who do all in your name and on your behalf and, - - - all the misery they impose upon others by torture, bombs, rockets, bullets etc., are the activities of terrorists, albeit you might believe that it is justified or legitimate and, - - -

I can assure you that no mandate of man or a million men nor any religious 'ritual' can 'thwart' the 'application' of the Law of God. Thus it is now imperative for you the 'civilian' or armed enforcer to see that every 'drop' of blood you spill or that is spilt in your name, and every 'speck' of travail and suffering imposed by you or others on your behalf stains your spiritual 'door,' and marks IT as 'ONE' to suffer the consequence, for only thus do you fulfill the immutable Law of God.

Yes, all taxpayers accrue a painful spiritual due even as they work or play or sleep. Yea verily I say unto you: "Torture and travail has become your due, and I can but suggest you halt funding iniquity, and assist those others who are being 'pounded,' harassed, impoverished and destroyed by 'your' people."

Lay down your verbal and physical 'mace' and halt your vengeful retribution and stop bringing others to ''account," and show God your 'worth' as you show Him that from now on you will be 'loyal' to Him, His Command, and your own soul as you prepare for the Wrath of God to unfold upon your own 'heads' as HE imposes the absolute JUSTICE of HIS immutable Law.

"As you do is done unto you" - that is the absolute 'JUSTICE of God.'

Just tell all 'Rabbi' or politicians this: "I am now going to only fund benign community effort that is in conformity with God's "Love one another" Command, and I am going to get on with MY life with God's Command as my 'wife,' and quietly go about MY business without your spiritual 'guidance' or government 'control or interference' and, if you 'stroll' into MY 'back yard' to rob, castigate or punish me then so be it, for it is YOU to fall 'undone' as MY soul 'streaks' for the inner SUN."

Be ADVISED that 'Spirits of brilliance' when up in the Light of Heaven are the 'ultimate' pleasure giving and receiving creatures of God as they strive to satisfy the "Love one another" Command and needs of their God of LIGHT. These spirit people are kind, respectful, non-intrusive, very loving and caring.

Be ADVISED that 'Spirits of darkness' who fall from God's 'grace' into the Abyss do over time become the 'ultimate' aggressor meting out and receiving terror and agony as they strive to satisfy the "Terrorise and destroy all" Command and needs of their God of DARKNESS. These spirit people are cruel, unkind, disrespectful, interfering, very hateful and vindictive.

This IS the LAST CALL - you have been warned - turn over a new leaf TODAY or die in your sin.


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