~ Open letter to: Chris Jordan, Commissioner of Taxation ~

Ref: Mrs. C. Barnes - complaint No: 1490710 which reports a failure to submit an income return 1996 to 2010

Dear Sir, I am a spiritual advisor to and friend of Mrs. Clemencia Barnes who has been persecuted by your 'forces' for 14+ years. Currently she is in the 'sights' of Mr. Eddie Storace who has had her 'summonsed' to a Launceston court on 12th August to 'give cause' as to why she should not be punished.

My advice to her has always been that the 'path of righteousness' as commanded by God is the correct way, not the ways of man. The 'question' here is whether or not a person can CHOOSE to walk that 'righteous' path or whether others, in this case 'Eddie' has the RIGHT to use threat, coercion, magistrates and punishment etc., in an attempt to try and force her to deny her conscience.

The reason Mrs Barnes cannot ‘conform’ to the prosecutors demand in this matter is that in doing, it would involve her in supporting the funding of what she perceives as being the punitive and warring ideology of government institutions. The question is do you concur that Mrs Barnes has the ‘right to immunity' as determined by the Australian Constitution of the governing institution? (The 'Freedom of Religion' clause)

Sir, I 'thought' I had given Eddie Storace and many others before him all the necessary information required to enable your 'office' to withdraw their complaint. Unfortunately I see that Mr Eddie Stacey now persists in going ahead with his prosecution and I see his decision as:

Religious intolerance & Religious persecution & Religious discrimination

I add, it is a known fact that this case is a matter of conscience, spiritual belief and religious ideology. That being so this matter 'falls' within the ruling Laws of the Constitution and not to the latter days rules upheld by the lower courts.

The lower magistrate courts are not 'empowered' to handle Constitutional matters since they do not fall within the magistrates jurisdiction and they do not have the authority to resolve anything to do with a person's conscience or religious ideological BELIEF. Thus for the lower magistrate's court to make a judgement is in fact an unconstitutional activity.

Your officials are also factually simply overriding the Freedom of Religion clause and though they fail to see this and irrespective of any lower court ruling, their initial actions are anarchy and treason because they ignore the Constitutional ACT in the hope that the local magistrate will also so do.

If you BELIEVE in your RIGHT to overrule the BELIEF of Mrs. Barnes then you should at least take up your complaint with the High Court directly because, the Constitution is in fact THE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY stating the 'code of conduct' POLICY and 'Charter' to the administrators of the government as well as giving them their 'operational' Mandate.

It appears to me that everyone involved 'officially' over the last 14 years have seen 'fit' to simply over-roll the said mandate within the Constitution as well as the Command of their God and persecute everyone, even those having a proven contra BELIEF and also trying to coerce them into changing their ideological belief. This 'factor' is the most insidious and dangerous one since it is a treasonable 'hanging' offence both 'literally' and spiritually.

I write this now to you personally and directly as THE 'commissioner' to ENSURE that you are aware that IT is taking place * and also to see if you are 'fit or unfit' for your 'duty' position.

Note: IT is taking place * - The illegal religious persecution of a peaceful member of the community in contravention of the 'standing orders' of the Constitutional Powers and Sovereign Authority of State government.  

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Chris, your departmental 'heads' are waging a war of attrition against Clemencia, and unless you have the capacity and courage to halt the ongoing treasonable persecution of Clemencia then all I can state is:

It appears that Police are to now again become the 'fall guys' carrying out punitive measures against an old lady living within the 'rules' of the nation and her God due to the treasonable activities of ATO officials who defy their own mandate and constitutional authority.

It is this aspect and their own duplicity and complicity within the law (rules) of man and the immutable Law of God that the Police need to see before they are used to steal her possessions or cause her other harm or mental or emotional trauma.

This the Police are doing if the magistrate also proves to be dishonourable in his judgement due to his own ignorance in the matter and ignores her 'plea' of INNOCENCE. This he has done in a prior case when he stated to me: "I am not interested in YOUR BELIEF," a clear indication that he is 'incompetent' due to the matter being ABOVE HIS HEAD and outside of his jurisdiction.

I reiterate, as this 'case' is one of a persons conscience and religious ideological BELIEF, it is a Constitutional matter and the lower courts have NO LEGAL JURISDICTION to handle it. For your officers and prosecutor to totally ignore the FACTS is anarchy and treason and INSANITY, albeit they see it not.

Notes from the ATO penalties: http://www.igt.gov.au/content/reports/ATO_administration_of_penalties/chapter-04.asp

ATO guidance material for your interest.

4.9 The ATO’s staff instructions require its officers to consider the facts and evidence in making penalty decisions:

…penalty decisions must be supported by the available facts and evidence. Conclusions about the entity’s behaviour should only be made where they are supported by facts, or where reasonable inferences can be drawn from those facts.

It is very clear to anyone speaking the ENGLISH language that protection from persecution in respect of ones ideological religious belief is guaranteed by the Sovereign Power as long as a person does not disturb the peace and is not involved in immoral activities:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Note: State Constitutional Acts apply equally to all other States.

In this 'case' the religious ideology aspect is that of absolute pacifism v/s punitive & warlike.
In this 'case' Clemencia Barnes is operating within her RIGHTS and the Taxation officials are NOT.

Why are they NOT? Because their ADVISORS incapable of comprehending the texts above so officials feel 'safe' and are trying to force their BELIEFS down her throat using threat and coercion and ongoing intimidation in treasonable arrogance in contravention of the Constitutional authority ref:

< "The Commonwealth shall not make any law - - - for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, >

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Sir,' as a man born in a small coastal village in Tanzania 75 years ago, I am familiar with both the Christian 'faith, belief, religious ideology' as well as the ideology of the Islamic 'faith.' Both the Christian and the Islamic Faith have the very same 'professed' BELIEF that Allah/God Commands man to SUBMIT to His Command at all times and in all situations and OBEY it being:

"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate & forgive your perceived enemy as you 'turn the other cheek' if abused & go as a 'lamb to the slaughter' if confronted by non-believers because you must never retaliate."

It is our BELIEF that only a person who SUBMITS to the Creator's command even when under duress is a TRUE Christian believer as well as a TRUE Islamic Muslim who will be 'saved' and attain Paradise, the spiritual holy land.

"Cause no harm" is the 'way and path' of righteousness as we see IT and as we believe IT.

It is THE BELIEF of absolute pacifists that a person who for any reason 'takes up arms' to fight his enemy or funds and condones and supports the punitive activities of a controlling or warring system or individual is an 'errant' Infidel (non-believer) who has probably been deceived by other mortals.

In this day and age of THE END DAYS everyone will also see 'who' the false religious 'shepherds' are who profess to be spiritual guides 'for' Allah/God but in FACT are wolves dressed in 'sheep's clothing' working for the Devil - El Shaitan because, they 'prescribe' terrorism and destruction who have and yet do lead multitudes to their literal and spiritual death and to the ultimate destination in the FIRE of Hell.

The Devil deceives man telepathically with negative and punitive thoughts. Thoughts which JUSTIFY vengeance & retribution & monetary extortion to fund control & subjugation and punishment and war. This is the tax 'take' error or so BELIEVED to be by absolute pacifists as Clemencia Barnes and myself who are the 'subject' of this letter to you and your officials. We only believe in funding BENIGN community effort.

Our God and I and THE WORLD awaits to see the result of this 'case' which appears to be one of ABOMINATION indicating that insanity and THE DEVIL via the minds of the arrogant RULES with a stern fist.

I can state quite categorically that everyone defiant of their Constitution and God's command is most certainly going to lose all their own 'possessions' and holdings. It simply also remains to be seen if they will also lose their spiritual freedom and be confined FOREVER in the Abyss of eternal torment.

Man must now learn of the immutable LAW of God: 'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'

That is the LAW of ENERGY

It is ALSO the Law of the benign or malignant spiritual emotional energy essence of God.

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It is a personal journey and we now all stand at the gate which opens two ways - To the eternal light and to the eternal darkness. You have now all been 'warned' of the consequence of Treason. NO 'judgement' of any magistrate will exonerate anyone, for God is the ultimate Judge and I am His 'pen.'

It is very clear from all the letters I have written over many years around this particular case, even my recent one to the governor-general, that to date, not one 'official' person has the 'guts' or honour to stand UP for a lady in using the constitutional guidelines available to them and halting this disgraceful persecution by treasonable anarchists who are falsely using the police & prosecutions & lower courts to be their 'lackeys' and armed backup.

Sir, Mrs. Clemencia Barnes is doing her very best to 'live' in OBEDIENCE to her God and to follow HIS directives. This she is doing in the face of adversity as she does her best to NOT 'succumb' to the 'advances' of the DEVIL which VIA the minds of her 'oppressors' is trying to force her to go against her conscience and change her system of belief from that of being an absolute pacifist to the other warlike one, YOURS.

God states: I give you good precepts so do not forsake my teaching ~ Let your heart hold fast unto my words ~ Keep my commandments and live ~ Do not enter the path of the wicked who walk in the way of the evil ~ Do not swerve to the right or to the left ~ You cannot serve two masters ~ Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness must at all times and in all situations be extended unto all mankind IS THE ONLY WAY.

Sir, can you not hear the 'magic' sound of the distant trumpet blowing and calling HOME all the faithful and true? Can you be the ONE to see reality and set a true precedent, a precedent where a 'lass,' a peaceful daughter of God, can live by her belief in Him and His Word and not be persecuted by your personal SWORD? You are the 'Chief' of the ATO Clan.

Please respond directly to Mrs. Barnes or myself prior to the court date to advise if you are withdrawing the 'complaint' or at least directing IT to the proper authority. Please advise your 'persecutor' Eddie Storace to halt his phone calls to Mrs. Barnes and to use the email as the means of communication.

I attach for you my recent letter to Eddie Storace, also linked below. Please read IT, for it and its content extends to every 'solicitor' advisor to man, for 'each' today has the 'choice' to defy God or to now turn to THE LIGHT of my pen and find Salvation.

Loyalty must be to God ~ God before Queen or King, Emperor or village Chief.

God says: "He that honours ME in obedience to MY Word - I shall honour"
God says: "He that dishonours their own soul in disobedience to MY Word - I shall destroy"

Sincerely - Terence
(For and on behalf of Clemencia)

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