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~ CRIME in society ~
The prisoners perspective

This paper was prepared for the National Conference "Designs on tackling crime" hosted by the Launceston City Council on 18 Feb, and is to assist the reader seeking to 'Design out crime.' For to so do, one needs to understand the psyche of man, as well as the 'beast' within that inspires the mind of man to 'sin,' meaning: To abuse another in some way.

This circular is written as an introduction to my web site, it contains all the pertinent information to assist responsible community members to see 'how & why' there is an escalation of mental & emotional trauma, that is the precursor to confrontation and crime.

This circular is written by a sane and peaceful man who 'found' himself incarcerated for eight weeks due primarily to his 'belief,' that is contra that of the organisation calling itself 'The State Government Institution.'

The result of this 'imposition' has led to the writing of some 55 'letters from prison' to assist you to also see the desperate plight of prisoners, as well as the need for educative rehabilitation, rather than the present 'fine & punishment' of our children, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers.


Dear Reader, you cannot by external means 'change' or 'design out' the beast within man because it is within, and 'outward' appearances cannot 'cancel' sin.

The 'beast's' emotions 'stew' and its thoughts 'brew,' and the only thing anyone can do is to quickly understand its 'nature,' and then be true.

If any of you really wish to be true to your ailing sister & brother or yourself with a mind 'criminally' under siege from dark thoughts, then all past 'beliefs' must be put on a 'shelf,' and REALITY found. Being the new wisdom from my pen that is found on my web site.

For in the soon coming dark times, the only people who are safe will be those with minds 'sound,' that are not 'possessed' and bound by insane thoughts that go 'round and around.'

Man 'presently' believes that punishment is the best way of enforcing 'change' upon offenders. Believing that the 'threat' of further punishment will 'coerce' people into compliance, not seeing that many people do not have 'control' over their own minds due to thoughts 'running riot' therein, thus they are unable to 'win' and quickly re-offend.

Mankind needs to learn to 'gain' control of thought processes so that sanity and rationality can prevail. This can only be done when a true understanding of the process is 'gleaned,' and at the same time 'forgiveness' must be to the fore, as those who 'disturbed the peace' of others are counselled in a 3 hour 'Feeling easier' Seminar and then released.

But released with an understanding as to how to maintain a calmer and saner outlook, as well as having learnt something of value that will assist them to become better people, and more able to control their thoughts and emotions.

Mankind also must try and see the difference between true 'offensive' behaviour that is criminal, and 'failing' to comply with rules and regulations of man that are not 'criminal,' but are in today's society seen as criminal.

Our minds are 'programmed' as is a 'computer,' and can only 'relate to' or 'equate' to past input that 'concretes' their formed belief in any area. This can only change as they are 'refreshed' with new input that may 'differ,' and in some instances it is difficult to 'accept' a new understanding.

The best way for this to take place is to read as much of my web site as you can, and to introduce you to the 'criminal' aspect of man, and man's rehabilitation to sanity.

I now direct you to the pertinent sections of my web site, and to the 'Letters from Prison' I did daily write. I also state that 'crime' is only halted when punishment is stopped, for all punishment is criminal action and thus crime.

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~ Notes on the 'National Crime Conference' ~

There was 'talk' on accountability passing to local community governance? The local community already calls for 'accountability' via the 'book of rules' that govern all via the legislators and their 'forces.'

All State Services are funded by the community but imposed punitively, and the public have no 'immunity' against the impositions placed upon them for any non-compliance to enforced edicts.

The 'state' bodies are now seeking business 'partnerships' with local communities as this new 'business' ensures their survival, and in order to accomplish this they 'offer' bucket-loads of financial assistance, and the 'sleeping' public see not that the funds are forcibly stolen off them in the first instance.

Any 'government' participation means more taxes, more control, and more legislation. The people need no 'governance,' they needs only 'grow up' and walk their road peacefully heeding God, and become self-sufficient in every endeavor. Leadership is 'individual' by heeding God's Word that says:

"Mind your own business and be peaceful and respectful and assist all."

The above are the 'Terms of reference' as given by God. For 'Mandates' by man are all controlling & punitive & extortive. It is not up to any person or 'group' to stipulate Policy or impose 'regulations' upon any other. This is only God's prerogative.


All present 'State' and other government employees needs find work that is funded either through private enterprise, or welfare bodies that are all funded by free giving community donation only. No more taxation demand as these 'policies' incur a very heavy reprimand from God as all will now see.

Well 'designed' public 'space' has the capacity to entertain users who are thus in a 'happier' state (Not bored). For the 'young,' restriction of movement or 'prohibition' in any way may cause 'defiance' and thus inner conflict.

Mentally disturbed people do not see the 'design' aspect of the 'space,' for their thoughts are bound, and in an 'instant' they can be 'inspired' into criminal action that was not premeditated.

So 'good' design for public space is really a 'beautification' program that is 'easy on the eye' and thus enjoyable and 'attracts' people to use it.


Crime is only prevented on an individual basis as each person stops punishing another, as punishment itself is the crime, be it control, regulation, or abuse of another in any way. Remember, 'prevention' of anything can be the use of control & force that is a criminal act itself.

The police officer 'addressing' his strategies stated that only 1 in 1000 offenders ended up jailed. If all 1000 had attended my 'Feeling easier' Seminar then they all would have 'learnt' why their minds 'faltered' and they offended another in the first instance.

God gives us the wisdom of how to stop being a 'criminal,' for only when we 'stop' do we stop being 'punished' by other criminals. I am the 'one' who does have a 'crime reduction' Strategy.


No 'decision' is ever made by 'open minded' people as to whether to 'offend' or not, the decision is implanted in their mind telepathically from other realms, and this 'overrides' the conscious thought processes of the 'earthly' person being 'subjugated' by an 'alien' spirit being and used as its 'instrument.'

The saying: "People make a place safe," is also an untruth, for 'peopling' a 'deserted' spot certainly inhibits some from criminal activities, but if there is a 'due' due (spiritually) then as per in Israel and other places, even a densely populated market place can be decimated by a bomb.

So reference 'crime,' design strategies only 'delay' what is a finality, for when one has knowingly or unknowingly been a 'party' to a criminal act, there is sooner or later a 'payback.' Once humanity does this clearly see, then as individuals all can begin to become free.

The other 'reality' being, that if we can assist people to not carry out a criminal act, then we have helped them to not incur any spiritual debt, but we have not 'halted' the supposed 'innocent' from receiving their due from any past crime that will come to them later at the 'hands' of someone.

The designing of 'light' and airy and pleasing areas does impact upon the 'senses' in a positive way. However, there is a difference between night and day, and 'twilight' time in many minds is the 'foreplay' time when 'cruel' minds know they will have a 'dark' time to 'entwine.'

If you wish to 'design out crime,'
then heed me and my message from the Land Divine.

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~ Conflict Resolution ~

The present escalation of conflict will have no resolution for many, as it will go on and on as many fall 'undone.' This continuation of pain is brought on by the insane, being men of power & vanity & greed who use their forces to darkness seed.

It is also a war between the simpletons in the street who cannot 'civilly' their neighbours greet, this is due to them believing that the other is wrong as they personally heed an unforgiving song within their own mind, and dark emotions do them bind.

So as said, many soon prepare their own eternal 'bed' in the land far below where war & suffering eternally grow. This is because there is no 'forgiveness' in that land and thus any 'here' need to also understand that they must quickly learn to heed God and forgiving be, if the Light of Heaven they would see.

Only God can conflict 'resolve' as God's Light does inner sin dissolve. But in order for God to this do, you to God's Word needs draw near and make the personal 'effort' too. The effort to be sane & respectful towards any that do something 'horrid' to you.

For at 'present,' they are no different to you, equally ignorant and at 'odds' with God's call to only do what God commands them to. Being to "Walk in peace and merciful be" if they in the 'Light' of the Heavens would one day be.

So if you would resolve your conflicts with others, then you must come to an inner resolution to never seek a 'retributive' solution. For under God's one Law, all conflict must come back to your shore or 'door.'

"All whom fight do darkness invite."

It is the time to see clearly and no longer be blind, or the Devil will your soul bind in HIS dark land below, where as said, suffering does grow.

For what you do not see is that as you 'unforgiving' be, and as you thus enter 'conflict' and justifiably fight, dark 'sinful' energy you also invite for you draw it into your soul, and this is the negativity within that causes the conflict of dark emotions within you.

So as said, to conflict resolve, God will the darkness within you 'dissolve' only if you stop drawing more in, and thus to become free of inner sin, you must begin to be wise and never any perceived enemy despise.

Be forgiving, set them 'free,'
and be a person non-retaliatory.

"Live and let live - mercy and forgiveness give."

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~ Accountability & Justice ~

The spiritual 'pain & suffering' debts of the human race do 'mount' because they bring others perceived as 'offensive' offenders, or 'defiant' of rules to account. None seeing that God said:

"Vengeance is mine,' and any that seek retribution are swine that will never 'reach' the land divine unless and until their own 'blood' does 'spill' as I 'weigh up' MY scales of justice. For MY Law is supreme and all 'dream' who think that they will forgo or avoid MY 'eye for an eye' Law."

So man full of 'sin' sees not that he can never peace 'win' using punitive retributive force and, - - - when you bring an 'offender' to account, it is vengeance that does itself incur a return 'accountability' due that painfully returns to 'burn' you.

Furthermore, man sees not that as 'he' uses force to inflict punishment by fine or incarceration or destruction etc, that he man whilst so doing, sups on and draws in more darkness into his own soul that grows like a 'cancer' inside.

It is this darkness being negative 'energy' within that seeks retribution, for it is 'of' the Dark, and it also 'deadens' their inner Light 'spark' and they lose their mercy and compassion and capacity to see the 'reason' for forgiveness and education of 'errants.'

None of the 'judiciary' nor the policing forces nor the vengeful populace, realise that 'accountability' is an ongoing reality, and that none avoid their 'karmic' fate that is in fact the negative spate that does daily escalate. For all 'sufferers' are but receiving their 'due' for either having been offenders in the past or, for supporting or funding the punitive force, and this 'act' makes them complicit too.

Any person that seeks to become free needs to now heed me, and 'learn' to forgive so that both you and the 'other' errants can happier live. By all means bring them to a place of 'redemption,' where they can find 'peace' of mind through education, but not for the false 'corrective' punitive treatment, for that 'act' brings all undone and the return suffering is again begun.

As for the 'Justice' of man, it is a misnomer, for man knows naught about justice. Man only knows about revenge, and in man's retributive 'policy' there is no 'doubt' that man 'clouts' his 'opponent' with as much force as he can within his unholy 'rules.'

It is because man is 'hell-bent' on revenge, that he has become 'blinded' to his own iniquities, and his own offensive behaviour that is done by 'officers' perceived as 'saviours,' as they for and on behalf of the public, mete out retribution and become 'offenders' in God's eyes as they 'intrude, kidnap, seize property, abuse, punish, and hold men as hostages in 'cells.'

Man is 'incensed' with his need to ensure that none 'get away.' Seeing not that God sees ALL and that all are 'found' and pay on a later day. So every person that is complicit to the 'arrest' and 'trial' and punishment, are also 'equally' or more offensive offenders in God's eyes and, - - -

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No 'mandate' or 'rule' of man's Law stands above or 'voids' God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law and, - - - they did their 'deed' with pre-meditated 'savagery,' and gave more than an 'eye for an eye,' thus ahead our God makes them cry as God returns unto them God's 'Just & Equitable' an 'eye for an eye' return.

To 'break' the 'cycle' of sinful suffering, all must heed their Creator and become merciful and kind and forgiving and, - - - as given by me, all offenders needs be 'caught' and made to attend a 'Feeling Easier Seminar' and then set free.

For God will bring them to 'account', for that is God's prerogative, and God's 'JUSTICE' is that as they 'suffer & fall,' all will know that they did the same to others before. Be it in this life or in another realm and time frame.

Man needs to see that 'accountability' with its punishment aspect is an unkind act, and that the punishment of one by another is 'person to person' abuse, and all men 'invite' dark forces into their mind, and dark 'sin' into their souls when their intent is to be unkind.

Jailers may 'be' happy smiling 'chaps,' but as they turn the 'key' in the lock, their intent was to confine, and their deed was criminal in God's eyes and for them and their 'sponsors' very unwise.

Whether you are a 'civilian' person, or an 'officer' or soldier, or a Judge or 'jury member,' you are responsible for your deeds. Thus it follows that if your deed to another in any way is abusive due to your 'belief' or mandate, then you are 'defiant' of God's Command to "Only be loving, compassionate, forgiving, and merciful" and, - - - -

You also 'accrue' as your personal due a 'similar' deed placed upon your 'head' later, by the Dark Sovereign Power who is 'self-empowered' and self-mandated and above HIS own 'LAW,' for HE is 'The Law.'

It 'follows' that any person that takes it upon themselves to punish or abuse another either 'privately' or for a 'mercenary' wage, is 'accountable' for their 'misdeeds,' and they subject themselves to God's 'eye for an eye' LAW.

Man is a 'responsible' person to others and 'himself' when he educates offenders. He is irresponsible when he 'berates' and punishes, and suffers the consequence of his actions in a time and place ordained by God.

The 'blame' game is for 'losers,' and it makes all 'participants' lame, and all walk into the 'Lion's' den for their defiance of God's sacred pen.

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~ The 'safe at home' Options & response ~

Introduction: This article was written as the result of the Tasmanian government seeking to 'resolve' the escalation of violence within the community. It is given here as it applies to all people on earth and as one can see, the present 'punitive' way of man that I say leads to disaster, is 'apparently' being promoted planetarily by 'enforcement' agencies.

This article is a response to a 60 page 'projection,' being "A Criminal Justice Framework for Responding to Family Violence in Tasmania," that has been developed by the Office of the Secretary of the Department of Justice and Industrial Relations (DJIR) in response to the announcement by the Attorney-General, the Hon. Judy Jackson MHA, in September 2002, of the establishment of separate Family Violence restraint order legislation to be introduced into Parliament in 2003.

My 'six' page 'open' response to the sixty page "Safe at Home" Options Paper document issued by the Tasmanian Criminal Justice system begins with my 'summary' of their own words stating that:

'It is built on the premise that family violence is a crime and should be treated as such' and, - - - 'stopping family violence is a job for everyone' and, - - - 'we all have a role to play in giving support to victims' and, - - - 'this Paper seeks to achieve safety for victims with strong pro-arrest and pro-prosecution responses' and, - - - 'also proposes strategies to better manage family violence offenders within the criminal justice system' and, - - -

The policy outcomes that the Attorney-General wishes to achieve through this reform process are: 'The increased criminalisation of family violence and enhanced criminal justice system responses so that people can feel safe at home.'

In the medium to long term this strategy underpins an effort to 'ensure the safety and protection of all persons who experience family violence in Tasmania' and - - - 'reduce and prevent violence between persons.'

This is to be accomplished by 'providing civil law remedies and more effective sanctions and enforcement in the event that restraint orders are breached' and - - - that a broader definition of violence is utilised so that new crimes can be created under the new legislation' and, - - - 'requiring respondents to attend programs that have the primary objective of stopping or preventing family violence' and - - - by a signal to the community that it does not accept domestic violence in any form.

The central tenet of this proposed paper is the need for a 'pro-arrest policy' and, - - - the key aspects of a Police response in an integrated approach would be quote:

'Where there is sufficient evidence to warrant it, the alleged offender would be arrested and charged, or if they are absent from the scene, a summons would be issued' and - - - 'The offender would be held in custody until the police and Courts were satisfied that they were no longer a risk to the victim or the victim’s family' and, - - -

'Bring domestic violence into the Court system for resolution to deter, punish and rehabilitate abusers, accomplished by a firm pro-arrest policy by police' and - - - 'strong guidelines and procedures to increase prosecution convictions, pre-sentencing' and, - - -

'post-conviction probation guidelines, enforcement of civil protection orders, and co-ordination of the flow of interagency information' and - - - 'impose and enforce legal sanctions through the Courts with increasingly harsh penalties for repeat offenders' and - - -

It is further stated that the 'principal' need for such a program is that: 'Tasmania can no longer afford the economic or social costs of family violence' and, - - - the 'secondary' stated as: ‘Have a community where people feel safe and are safe in all aspects of their lives.’

I continue on with your recommendation: "The Recommended way forward, being that the term ‘family violence' be used instead of the term ‘domestic violence,’ in order to take into account the diverse range of relationships that should be covered under the new legislation."

I can but state that all 'true blue' men abhor the use of violence against women and children, and maybe the quotation you give reference to the definition of violence against women is for a reason? - - - Quote:

'Behaviour by a man, adopted to control his victim, which results in physical, sexual, and-or psychological damage, forced social isolation or economic deprivation, or behaviour which leaves a woman living in fear.'

page 7

My main 'response' to the 'Safe at home' submission.

I do believe that words such as 'domestic violence' or 'family violence' are merely that, words - words - words, that hide a truer and deeper reality that now confronts all humanity, being the fact that every 'contact' between 'persons' is a 'relationship' of some kind and, - - - all violence is quote:

'Person to person' violence. Be it at home, on street, or international war, or sanction, or invasion, or high seas piracy, etc., by a 'civilian' or any form of abuse by a 'supposed' mandated authority.

TRY and see the 'bigger picture' being, - - - that any violence perpetrated by 'man' in man's eyes v/s God's eyes, as being any man or woman against man or woman or child.

I state 'any' man, for what none of the public 'perceive' is that in their name, and on their behalf, the 'policing' force in the course of their 'duty,' are by 'mandate' allowed to commit all the acts of violence quoted in your 'Options paper' as criminal acts, quote:

  • Causing or threatening to cause a personal injury to a person, or the abduction or confinement of a person; (jailing is abduction or confinement)


  • Causing or threatening to cause damage to a person’s property; (forced entry & seizure or confiscation)


  • Behaving in an harassing or offensive way towards the person; (Detainment is harassing and offensive)


  • Stalking; (Phone tapping, literal stalking, 'set ups' and any 'subterfuge' the police need to 'entrap' or detain for the sole purpose of inflicting punitive abuse against a person they 'deem' as so deserving)


  • Economic abuse (e.g. such as the controlling the family finances or property in a manner which renders the other person unreasonably dependent on the other); (fines or seizure = 'theft by servant' and it impoverishes the community)


  • Abduction or confinement; (Abduction or confinement)

  • Intimidation or harassment; (Intimidation or harassment)

Provisions for offences occurring if a person counsels or procures someone else to commit an act of domestic violence; (procures a policeman to commit an act of domestic violence)

All the above 'acts' (placed within brackets by me) are criminal acts perpetrated daily by policing forces and, - - - the policing forces are 'procured' by pieces of silver and 'forced' to operate 'above' the law of man in the course of their duty and, they 'openly' defy their God.

For all the above 'crimes' of which you refer to are daily carried out by policing forces who believe that they are 'somehow' above man's 'rule of law' and God's Law. None seeing that all men are 'subject to' God's Law that is the law of this and every land:

"As you do is done unto you - be it good or bad."

In fact, the only positive points noted in your paper that were of 'aid' to the 'battered' section of the community was your: 'Provide victims of abuse - - - the provision of emergency shelter, advocacy and education for victims.'

It is now time to see that any abuse of one by another has a 'cause' and a positive resolution but, - - - no forceful, retributive reaction that uses fine or punishment will have any resolution, for that 'way' is the reason for the escalation of violence within the community.

Man must now try and see that any 'rule' of man that aids or 'permits' any 'authoritative' person to disturb the peace of the land is as much an offence in God's eyes as the 'civilian' causing a disturbance of the peace by raising 'his or her' voice or hand against another.

At present, man only sees the 'end' result, being the suffering imposed upon 'a' person, and the response has always been a negative and punitive one. The imposition of a punishment by fine and incarceration has been perceived as the 'corrective' way to rehabilitation, but it is not.

For the principal causal 'factor' has remained 'invisible,' being the reasons for the 'dark' thoughts that inspired the 'raised' voice or 'hand' in the first instance and, - - - "Forgiveness is the way" our God did say.

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The 'Systems' workers believe that they can defy God and their own civil Code of Conduct 'rules' and use force to 'smash' any opposition into submission in the guise of 'correction,' seeing not that their 'acts' are no 'better' than the 'acts' of the offenders, nor do they see that both 'parties,' being the offensive offender and the offensive 'corrector' were 'used' by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power.

Man has always 'assumed' that anger and all other negative emotions were 'normal' and, - - - that the 'violent' actions perpetrated due to aroused emotions was a 'controllable' element, one that was 'altered' or 'deterred' by some other 'mandated' authority imposing a greater 'violent' or 'restrictive' punitive element of 'payback.'

If 'Judy Jackson' the State Attorney General wishes to truly 'aid' the community for the right reasons, - - - being the alleviation of suffering, rather than the 'cost' factor, then she had better change her point of view and become "God's wife" and, - - - every other person in the State had also so be, (Married to the Light of God) - - - being that we all now look to the "Light" of God and stop holding the 'dark' Devilish 'hand' that all do, when they punish and regulate and berate.

Punitive Court action is not the 'answer,' for the use of 'force of arms' in the street in a Tasmanian town or in the city of 'Basra' by Bush's 'clowns' is error. The only 'answer' is the education of humanity using unarmed peaceful means. We need an enlightened and dedicated 'Peace Corps,' not a political 'policing' force.

My 'proposal' is the only one that will 'lead' Tasmanians and every person on earth into 'recovery' from their suffering 'due' as well as their present suffering. For no 'punishment' on earth will halt the mental 'invasion' of the psyche of this 'inhuman' race until they individually find out the "how & why & what to do" to remain true to themselves and God too.

There are not enough 'jails' nor 'police' to stem the 'torrid' tide of emotions that will now rise up within every woman, man, and child and, - - - as these 'dark' emotions rise, the world will be naught but the cries of the 'wounded' and, - - - their minds will be naught but an 'open' door through which satanic thoughts outpour.

Man 'saw' not that - - - the 'actions' of his 'armed forces' that were his 'paid' mercenaries who daily walk deeper into darkness for and on behalf of the community they serve, - - - would return as a 'personal' due to be suffered by me and you under God's ONE Law. For God said:

"Do not berate or punish or use force to steal by fine from those that are mentally disturbed and acting as swine, for if you do, then you are swine too and, - - - my command to you is that you remain loving and true and mercifully and compassionately you forgive them and teach them all I have given you."

Try and see that the real 'victim' needing good counsel and rehabilitation is the 'avenging' imposer or 'abuser,' for they were the victim of the darkness that invaded their mind and used them to mete out its retribution.

So again the 'teacher' is here and my response to your 'paper' of DEATH is that you quickly come to me and together we will elevate my 'Feeling Easier Seminar' so that 'offenders' that are: "ANY person that abuses another" may be counselled and set free and, - - - my 'Brief Summary' of God's message of the day needs quickly be given to all in the community.

For no person is safe from 'attack' until they or their 'servants' stop 'attacking' others. It is the time to see the 'bigger picture,' and only when each individual stops 'funding' darkness in action, will they personally become free from being subjected to darkness at the hands of others.

For the 'dark' energy that is used by you or your servants in any 'negative' anti-God process returns through the 'hands or voice' of any person that has an 'open' mind through which the 'darkness' speaks telepathically.

Soon, very soon, no person will feel safe any place, for there is now to be no 'escape' from the Beast that will 'rape' all that defied the God of Light, being any person that either personally or 'per servant' used force to steal, control, evict, seize, or punish any of God's children and, - - - that applies also to those 'in charge' who feel justified in 'barging' around and interfering in the lives of others due to their having a 'mandate' to so do.

page 9


It is 'obvious' from my 'summary' of the 'Framework for responding to family violence in Tasmania' article presented by your 'office' to the people of Tasmania that, - - - it is your intent to use all the 'forceful' power at your disposal to maximise the punishment of any person 'deemed' by new legislation as having committed a 'crime' against another and, - - -

You see not that this punishment is itself abuse of another and itself a 'crime' due to its abusive nature and, - - - you 'justify' this punishment and abuse of another's 'liberty' and imposed mental and emotional trauma upon them because, - - - you see it as a 'deterrent' and, - - - as a 'corrective' service to the community and, - - - you perceive it as a corrective 'rehabilitation' of the offensive one and, - - - you 'vengefully' feel 'satisfied' that they paid for their 'sins.'

Try and see that all 'abuse' is an offence in God's eyes and, - - - try and see that as you 'despise' the use of criminal violence, that it is 'madness' for you to use it by disguising your use of it through legislation.

If you read my 'The Slave citizen' document you will realise that there are 'greater' forces and powers at 'play' than is visible to man and, - - - you will realise why one should not use 'darkness' to stem darkness for, - - -

All the 'avengers' become 'as one' with the Dark and, - - - there are no 'winners,' - - - for the vain believe falsely that the use of darkness alleviates pain. It does not, it only 'adds' to the sorrows of all and to the imposition of greater rules and regulations upon all.

If Tasmanians seek to be the 'showcase' of the world with 'reform' to their 'archaic' penal and criminally 'unjust' and 'corrupt' justice system, then the 'revival' will needs take place using 'grace & love & forgiveness' as its 'foundation,' as it educates the whole community under the 'direction' of God's dove, not by the legislation of man that defies God's great Salvation Plan.

None 'today' can see that retribution and punishment is the wrong way, as it 'defies' the Light of God and 'paves' the way for more 'sorrow' to return 'earth's' way.

Punishment is when 'man' calls on the Devil's Might* to regulate & control & fight, and is the moment that 'he' man denies his inner Light and, - - - he 'awakens' the dark genie that 'gleefully' delights in 'granting' the forceful & imposing 'wish,' for the genie knows that he then 'commands' the 'stage' and later in a 'rage' returns to 'smite' those that arrogantly used his Might.

I submit this 'response' so that those 'true' in the community have the opportunity to see a 'way' free from the eternal 'suffering to be' for any that do not 'conform' to the dictates of their God of Light and Love.

It is now imperative for all to fortify their mind and strengthen it against the escalation of the telepathic attack from a dark alien race that has the sole purpose of turning man against man and destroying all. It is called 'Minds Under Siege' and explained more within Items 15 & 16 on my web site given below.

Item 15 & 16 are submitted by Mrs. 'Clemencia' Barnes a Tasmanian Spiritual Consultant and myself on matters of Mental Health and 'Subjugation of the mind' by spirit interference:

15 - The TREATISE of Truth 85 p. Mental Health Carers Manual
16 - The I.S.I.S. SUICIDE document 58 p. For all to read

It is the time to now provide good counsel and education to the 'victims of the dark' that were mentally 'possessed' as they 'dealt' a dark 'body blow' to another. All are but ignorant and all the abusers and the abused are thus 'victims' that need my good counsel.

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Notes: - Devil's Might* - The 'Might' of the Devil is its thoughts that 'incite' or inspire man's mind when man seeks to use force. Thus the 'causal' factor for ongoing suffering is the mind of the legislator who is seeking a solution, - - - for the legislator is seeking to resolve the 'problem' of non-conformity to 'rules' by using thoughts that enter 'his' mind from the land of darkness.

For Darkness is an 'energy' that has the sole purpose of invasion, intrusion, regulation, control, abuse, punishment, and ultimately destruction, if its 'demands' are not met and, - - - as the legislator is seeking retribution, it follows that his thoughts are inspired by the Devil. (The Dark Sovereign Power).

It matters not that the legislator 'couches' his punishment as 'correction' using words such as 'rehabilitation,' etc., the fact of the matter is that the legislated punitive RULE that is attached to the 'crime' is anti-god as it is merciless, dispassionate, cruel, unkind, unforgiving, and abusive.

All must now 'look' to the Light of God and educate, for the 'resolution' that the Devil seeks is more 'control' and punishment upon the 'lost race' who all defy their God. This is a 'just' return due upon the whole community for supporting such dark policies.

The 'causal' factor for the 'entry' of negative thoughts into the psyche of man in the first instance, be they the 'civilian' abuser or the legislative and enforcer abuser has remained 'invisible' - - - and is only revealed to you when you read my Testament. For my 'wisdom' reveals the reasons for the 'raised' hands as man abuses man on a 'person to person' basis.

For so long has man lived under 'rules' that enforced taxation extortion, be it 'levy' by stamp duty or licence fee, or sales or land taxes etc, that he sees not that in the first instance, the 'Chiefs' of long ago using force of arms imposed 'such' and, - - - they also 'raised up' rules that made people into criminals for non-conformity, and the same rules 'permitted' the extortionists to punish, and thus maintain their extortionist policies and, - - -

These 'ruling' class 'emperors, kings, queens' and other 'style' dictators, assumed that they had a divine 'right' to enslave others perceived as 'commoners,' so that they and their 'officers' could live off the 'fat' of the land, as every other 'hand' worked in servitude for their profit and, - - - they took 'control' of every acre of land and all flora & fauna and fish in the sea, - - - initially by pure 'force of arms,' and later by legislation backed by force of arms.

None of the 'legislators' nor the people seeing the implementation of God's retributive LAW - - - being the painful return due to those that 'thought' that they and their nefarious deeds were above the LAW of God.

The 'end' result of this will now be seen, and any 'legislators' or enforcers that continue to 'dream' will awake with a terrifying scream. Yes, they will live in terror and be with terror forever unless they implement positive reform to their own deeds.

There is not 'much' I can do other than be true and give you all God's guidance, as I 'hope' that you will all soon see the depth of your 'punitive' enforcement iniquity and then - - - suddenly you will 'wish' that the 'rules' that you placed into your 'unholy' books of statutes would dissipate like invisible ink.

For it is the very rules in these 'unholy' texts that force man to wield a punitive mace against his own mother or father or sister or brother mercilessly and unforgivingly and, - - - 'as long as' these rules therein remain, all the legislative enforcers and their policing 'judiciary' that 'bow & kneel' to these rules and thus abuse their sisters and brothers, will continue to accrue a similar painful return due ON and EYE FOR AN EYE basis to be 'suffered' at a God appointed time.

That is FACT backed by God's Holy Word, for God said: "Wield no sword, for MY Word is immutable, and - - - MY Law has a very long arm thus, - - - I command you to be merciful & compassionate and forgive any that you perceive as offensive for, - - - no man is above MY 'Just' and equitable 'eye for an eye' Law."

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Note: There is no 'safety' guarantee that can be provided by any 'enforcement' agency, for God said: "Rely on the strength of my word" (wield no sword), for any reliance on protection that uses force means, that one has relied on 'said' protector to abuse another as they 'force' them into submission, and under God's one law there is a return 'penance' of similar suffering to be met by any that relied on mercenaries to protect them, and every 'enforcer' is a mercenary paid a 'sum' to defy their God and abuse another. No mandate of man 'voids' God's law.

Thus every 'temporary' relief using forceful means is but temporary, and it is also accruing a further 'suffering' due to be met on another day. For all whom defy God are 'forced' to pay.

The only way 'forwards' to true peace is by ensuring that from this moment on one is only abiding within God's commandment to educate, for those that now continue to berate and punish the 'mentally disturbed' become mentally disturbed, and they too will be late for Heaven's Gate.

The 'enemy' is within, being the darkness that uses you to attack or punish or fight back. Thus to become free from persecution, one needs be peaceful and never 'fight back.' Those that cannot see that 'terror' breeds terror, will end up in a 'worse' situation than the Israel v/s Palestinian fracas that will only 'cease' when all is destroyed or, - - - this message of Light finds its 'way' into the minds of the remaining few.

As for 'this' place or any land, mankind needs now try and understand that their punishment of 'offenders' is the imposition of terror upon the minds and emotions and 'person' of the one being confronted and, - - - it also 'terrorises' their families that suffer in many a way, as 'System' enforcers steal their pay and keep their 'men' locked away.

In God's eyes, any abuse by a person against a person is a criminal and offensive act. Ask yourself: "Who is the 'worst' criminal, the person that abuses another in an emotional outburst, or the person that 'pre-meditates' their actions of criminal abuse?

For man sees not that all 'punishment' in any form is person to person abuse. Thus a 'legislator' that 'criminalises' actions for the purpose of punishment is an offender in God's eyes and a person very unwise.

For as they 'meditate' on the Devil's thoughts of 'how much' pain they can punitively inflict and forcefully impose, they 'sully' their own spiritual 'rose.' Better to pre-meditate on how to 'disarm' the abuser with charm, and forgivingly educate them using love and God's wisdom.

Man sees not that the use of his 'rules' are an 'injustice' to himself, for God would require a stolen 'apple' to be returned for the theft of an apple. (An eye for an eye).

But vain and vengeful man would 'justify' and steal money per 'fine' from the errant and, - - - for a second offence he would incarcerate the offender, thus man's 'perceptions' of 'just' recompense is 1000 times more than God's for sure and, - - - in the 'first' instance, God forbids man to punish, as any 'expression' of man has a return 'due' upon man under God's immutable law.

"Wake up" Tasmania, let us 'together' implement a Strategy true as is commanded by God, and thus begin the road home before the world does 'groan' from God's JUST & EQUITABLE return due upon all via the minds of 'others' as ignorant as you.

Note: The 'angry voices' and 'raised hands' that now will escalate, is the 'Wrath of God' being the 'voice' of the Dark Sovereign Power operating telepathically through the 'open' minds of the ignorant, and it (HE) abuses and destroys those that in their past in some way in this or some 'other' realm raised their hand or voice against another, on a 'person to person' basis.

Let it here be known that any person the raises their hand or voice 'on behalf of' this Dark Power will ultimately be destroyed by that same Power, for it will 'turn' and strike them for 'indulging' in its Dark energy, - - - on an 'eye for an eye' basis. All that use its 'power' to punish, will by it be punished.

Let the enlightened 'wise' now only use the positive energy of the Source being love, and uplift the mentally disturbed by educative reform. For only thus will this inhuman race regain its place within God's 'house' as a humane race of 'grace.'

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~ Notes ~

For centuries, the 'seat of power' being the Chief or King or government Authority was the 'suburban terrorist,' and they will now 'give way' to civilian terrorists. The paid authoritative power by 'force of arms' is now to be superseded by the unpaid 'civilian' terrorist force.

There has also been a 'fixation' in the mind of man that the 'enemy' was 'over the hill' or was a person of a different race, colour, or creed. None seeing that it was their own dark deeds that caused 'darkness & suffering' to return to them at the hand of another on a later day.

Even today, none see that 'pre-emptive' strikes are devilish terrorist attacks upon others in other lands. Once man realises that the real enemy of all is the invisible, indestructible 'darkness' that plots and schemes in his own mind and works through his own hand to use him and thus destroy him, will he make an effort to become 'peaceful & kind.'

What man needs to see is that via the State & County & Town authority suburban terrorism has been going on for a very long time in a 'hidden' disguise, as man mercilessly did what he did do as he callously allowed darkness to flow through his 'vain' mind and 'bad' hands.

The 'authority' had the power to arrest people, kidnap them off the street, punish them, and incarcerate them and even kill them, and to also destroy their family life and their livelihood and steal their property. All this terrorism 'couched' in normalcy and funded and supported by the community in direct defiance of God's commandment to;

"Be merciful & compassionate & forgiving"

Yes the police have been 'authorised' by the State rules to 'disturb the peace' of community members in every land, and 'armies' have been 'authorised' to invade and destroy, and 'judiciary' and mental health authorities and doctors have controlled and abused the mentally disturbed, and 'killing' by abortion has been condoned and enforced, and many an 'intrusion' upon God's children through female and male 'circumcision' has been enforced by 'precedent' from dark ages.

Every known and unknown misdeed is to now be 'addressed' by the darkness, and as all 'suffer,' let all know 'how' the sufferer 'undressed' others and caused them pain or loss, that is God's 'justice,' all will know what others did do when in the day or in 'darkness' they 'abominably' allowed foulness to flow though.

As said, the Dark Sovereign Power sees all, knows all, and all the above 'atrocities' are criminal & 'terrorism' perpetrated against God and God's children by God's children, who are all to now the 'appointed hour' be 'subjected to' God's ONE Law:

"As you do will be done unto you"


What you need to personally do reference the 'terrorist' activities of others is to separate yourself by going about your daily business peacefully, and do not 'join in' any 'seek out the enemy' witch-hunts. If you are told: "Join us or die," then it is best to die at their hands rather than joining their manhunt.

Remain calm and respectful unto all, and if you do come 'face to face' with armed men or 'suspected' terrorists, then quietly ask them to 'reconsider' their negative disposition as it is contra the Light and counsel them if you can, that is all you need to do.


Never 'blame' others or criticise their deeds, for any of you can and probably will become equally 'untrue' as your emotions surge and you 'permit' dark thoughts to drive you into insane acts of aggression that will result in you becoming 'hunted' on another day by 'fiends' who work for no pay.

At this end time, people will be 'cycling' in and out of negative states, the offensive becoming very nice, and the nice becoming more critical and evil etc. To understand this read the 'Brief Summary,' and you must also try and understand the 'reason' for the seemingly 'unjust' suffering of children.

Their biological 'body' may be small and 'growing' after being created by the union of woman and man, but within it is a fully grown 'spirit' that has existed for eternity in other realms, and it has probably 'accrued' many a 'due' through its past negative ways that it will 'suffer' here or later in the afterlife.


page 13

Interpersonal relationships are a daily part of eternal life. Any verbal contact between two people is a 'relationship' that can be 'neutral,' or it can be personally and intimately positive or negative.

Any use of 'darkness' during a verbal relationship is already an intimately 'distressing' relationship between the recipient and the invisible instigator, the Devil.

The recipient 'suffers' the attack, the 'imposer' feels satisfaction, and the Devil 'fumes' at the imposer's arrogance and 'prepares' its ahead 'counter attack.' The 'escalation' from the verbal to the physical attack is but the escalation of dark energy and thoughts overpowering the 'reason' and mind of one or both.


People must try and see and understand that God permits no 'error' or 'unjustness' in any land, and that 'terror' and suffering imposed upon any is a 'Just' due for when in their past, be it in this life or 'another' time in another 'realm' of God, the 'sufferer' imposed a similar 'pain' upon another.

The only 'injustice' ever (If I can use that word) is the 'self-inflicted' one where a person brings 'harm & deprivation' upon themselves as the result of using darkness to inflict pain upon others.

This occurs where a person 'becomes' the retributioner for God due to their ignorance or arrogance and they abuse or destroy others, for at this very moment they 'take on' the suffering debt being the suffering they imposed upon the other 'for and on behalf of' the Dark Sovereign Power.

You are only personally 'safe' from suffering or from Hell when you never find 'justification' to abuse any other for any reason, for 'punishment' is punishment, be it imposed by an insane man or a 'politically' authorised authority. All are acts of impropriety in God's eyes.


You only stop being terrorised when you stop being a 'person' who terrorises others, be it you or your 'servants' being your armed forces that you 'pay' or support in any way. The 'real' terrorist is the dark force that incites invisible demons to telepathically 'possess' any 'unprotected' mind.


Security of the citizen is a personal thing that comes at no 'material' cost. It is a spiritual 'cost' in that only when we default spiritually in God's eyes and 'offend' by abusing any other, that we 'invoke' the Devil and invite him to send an 'opposing' retributive force to 'punish' us for our error, and our 'security' from pain is lost due to our own 'dark' past deeds.


God is our protection, in that God permits no person to be 'touched' who has not 'earned' the right to be abused by the darkness that only 'abuses' the untrue whom 'permitted' its dark energy to flow through them or their servants at some prior time.


Feelings of fear and uncertainty will arise in those of 'authority' as they realise that they were unwise to control & abuse and others despise. It is now for each of you to be wise and not despise them. Give them and all every possible assistance and God will release you for being truly true.


For every 'action' there is an equal and opposite reaction from God - love for love - pain for pain.

Try and realise that any pain 'coming' to you personally is your due.

An 'infidel' is one who defies God's Command of "Peace" and raises their sword by deed or word.

Each community member only becomes SAFE when they become PEACEFUL.

Yes there will be a time when all 'terror' is gone and peace on earth reigns.


God's Code of Conduct is: "Be peaceful and be respectful unto all."

Trust in God and you will be set free.


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This document was formulated at the express request of Kenneth Atherton an 'Elder' in the Tasmanian 'Longford' community who wished to assist his community to an understanding of the causes behind escalating community violence, as well as to the formulation of a 'Community Safety Plan' to assist his local community that is experiencing escalating violence. Thus this document has been prepared for him and 'elevated' for the entire world.

Issued by Terence

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