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In His name - by His Word….
The Star of Bethlehem returns to every part of the world

The International
Media release

Pertaining to the "return" of the "Free Spirit"


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~ Urgent Media Alert ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

The antichrist is NOT any particular named person but in FACT is the destructive DARK energy of the Source - God which will emerge through the MIND of simple man being uncontrollable thoughts which will JUSTIFY a REASON in these 'open' minds to go forth and injure, maim and kill etc.

Yes, global insanity will 'reign' for a time as THE DARK  metes out divine retribution against ALL who defied God's 'Go your way in peace and love one another' command as they dominated, subjugated, interfered, judged, punished, controlled, injured, extorted funds, damaged, dispossessed and killed etc.. (God's DARK energy 'balancing' ITS 'Scales of Justice.')

Dear recipient - this news item goes out to over 5000 media outlets worldwide
With a message from the
Source - God - Allah - Mungu to all humanity

~ Before Its news NEWS ~
Outreach to all media outlets

The awaited MESSIAH is now in the flesh and states:
There is NO need for any more 'Popes,' for every religion is now to fall into disarray.

Dear recipient, be advised that the 'awaited' Messiah being the messenger of God walks this earth and, over the last few years has been formulating a message to humanity from the Source. It is imperative that every person find their way to IT because, all prior biblical and other supposedly sacred teachings were and are yet contaminated by untruth & deception and are of NO 'Salvation' value and, all on this earth are as yet sliding downwards and backwards towards the Abyss of eternal suffering.

As I and I alone (The Spirit of Truth) am the rightful Representative of GOD on earth to guide God's children HOME, I say: There is no more need of any 'religions' with their clerics, priests, bishops or others, for as said above, all these 'fell' by the wayside as they 'sided' with Caesar's 'warrior' men.  None seeing that the funding of INIQUITY is what has kept man complicit to evil deeds and trapped by THE BEAST for centuries.

All now have 'dues' to be met for funding, supporting, condoning and thus 'upholding' the ANTI-Christ Government 'doctrine' of CONTROL over God's children, as officials and enforcers of State via legislation: Dominate them, subjugate them, extort money from them, punish them, injure and kill them, all for greed and ABSOLUTE POWER.

Believe it or not, the deceptive power of the Dark Sovereign LORD is 'infinite,' being the power to keep UNFAITHFUL souls as His Dark servants UNTIL His 'fire' consumes them.

Be advised: The past 'The OLD Testament' and 'The NEW Testament' are now OBSOLETE and superseded by this 'The Testament of TRUTH' which has been written by my personal 'hand' and soul of pure Light uncontaminated by 'Sin.' (Negative emotions)

Know ye that what is perfect is now come and, that which is 'in part'* will be done away. (* Old scripture)
Show your Creator that you do now abide in TRUE faith and be merciful, forgiving and charitable unto all.

Sup from my wellspring of living water and attain eternal life of pure bliss.

Be advised that the message to humanity from the Source God is to prepare humanity for the now END times tribulations and separation of souls. 

The message to humanity is on line at

Here is the a link to a 45 minute VIDEO "Messiah interview" named 'The Last hour.'

Go to

The last hour interview - 44.20 minutes playing time - ( Video & Audio)
The Messiah is interviewed by an Australian barrister, an Islamic doctor and a Spanish priest.
The interview is hosted by Mrs Clemencia Barnes a family mental and emotional trauma therapist.

Let it be clearly understood by all 'hearing' these words from ME the Risen ONE that: "Catholicism is a FRAUD" for it preaches NOT 'True Christianity,' for the message through Christ to His 'Christian' followers was and yet is "Peace, NOT the Sword," and, - - -

As surely as the Vatican City sullied its spiritual 'Rose' the same was done by the Kings and Queens of the British Empire who placed their 'Imperial Lion' as the 'head' of the Church of England and, - - - thus consigned their own souls to the Devil's fold as they 'conquered' the world for riches untold and plundered every 'hut,' as they taxed IT in the name of God, as they stated that they were the 'Defenders of THE Christian Faith' of love & peace & mercy & forgiveness but, - - - they were NOT say I THE MOST HIGH.

They were cruel, unconscionable, merciless, greedy, lustful for power and unforgiving, and they in the name of 'Christ' went forth with spear and axe and gun and waged war in absolute arrogance, enslaving millions to their servitude and their VANITY, seeing NOT that HE, our GOD, sees all, knows all and IS the ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY not they.

The web site given will clarify for all souls the truth of why they are suffering mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, simply due to the false beliefs that they can defy God's Command to be "Only forgiving, peaceful and loving" in their interactions with others and still be 'safe & saved,' but that is error of doctrine.

Let it here BE understood, those who NOW continue to defy God and injure and subjugate others or, those who continue to fund the contra doctrine of control, punishment and war, FAIL their final coming test and do go to HELL.

ONLY fund benign community effort and services provision.

The information on the Testament of Truth web site will help people to understand that anyone seeking to attain Heaven/Paradise MUST now lay down their arms and become total pacifists even if faced by 'crucifixion' at the hands of the merciless. 

Those continuing to BE merciless, vindictive, retributive and unforgiving will definitely find that their eternal 'fate' is to be in the terrifying realms of ongoing suffering. Realms which DO exist, and the demonic forces therein 'await' those souls who pass over having continued to defy the call of "Love one another & Forgive your enemy under all and every circumstance no matter what the provocation may have been," since that is demanded by God's One Command.

Armageddon of THE MIND * leading to escalating insanity has commenced
All seekers of Salvation now need to read God's final message to humanity.

The means to fortify the mind against incoming 'possessive' dark thoughts is given on the web site because, as all of us can now clearly see, is the escalation of  retribution and the total disrespect of many towards other children of God because people cannot control their THOUGHTS.

Note: Armageddon of THE MIND * - Is the telepathic subjugation of the mind of man by demonic forces who are now waging war upon all humanity and turning man against man. Any who fail to fortify their minds against this psychic attack will become totally 'possessed' and cause havoc. Worldwide chaos is now inevitable. Only the few who remain true to the precepts of God's Command when faced by adversity "Love, peace, mercy, compassion & forgive" will be saved.

Everyone needs to fortify their minds daily using the 'Star' prayer meditation and relevant information at:

Mankind does not need 'robed' or other MEN to lead them astray any longer.  THE TRUTH now walks this earth 'HIDDEN' and invisible in the flesh of mortal man and states: "Turn direct to GOD - Trust ONLY in God's Word and OBEY His 'Love, peace, mercy, compassion and forgive' COMMAND, and turn the other cheek when confronted as God's WRATH now descends upon all for funding iniquity."

Governments of man ARE also 'Religions,' as they HAVE an Ideological DOCTRINE of absolute DOMINATION - subjugation, interference, control, extortion, fine, punishment, injury and killing.  This destructive controlling Doctrine is opposite to and in contravention of God's Command.

Please, - - - 'NEWS Paper' or 'RADIO' or by TV  expose this 'Last Hour' NEWS so that everyone has the opportunity to visit the web site and make a personally informed decision whether to treat IT with derision or with absolute respect and consideration as it is the final message to each from their Creator.

In summary, today, many speak about light, love and mercy, but what we all see or hear about is in fact the increasing violence of man against man, and greater control by government systems over man. This all highlights the disrespect many have for God's children. It is this careless disregard of God's children which causes many souls to ultimately slide backwards and down into the dark abyss rather than them going UP into the pure Light of freedom.

It is imperative that everyone understands that if they do not fortify their minds against intrusive deceptive THOUGHTS in the manner given by ME, that they will BE used by the DARK demonic forces to impose great suffering upon others and the spiritual consequence of that will BE terrifying.

PLEASE, irrespective of 'who' you are - what you have done - what you are doing :
Turn to GOD, be respectful unto all, and BOW to God's Holy Command.

READ all about IT

I wish you well - Terence


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~ I AM the Messiah & the Imam Al-Mahdi ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

Terence claims that he is the reincarnation of the spirit of truth, the risen Christ. He states that his soul has returned "as a thief in the night," invisibly hidden in the clothing of the flesh of this world, through which none can see his divinity. He "returns" only as God's messenger.

Terence: "I am neither here to prove who I am, nor to perform miracles, only to lay the fresh uncontaminated Word of God at the feet of the world. Each soul will needs pick it up. Man seeks healing of the flesh and I am not here to heal the flesh of its ailments, it is the healing of the soul that is important, and that is in the hands of each individual, as they heed God."

Armageddon of the mind will now intensify, and insanity will sweep the planet, causing escalating suicide and violent confrontation. All who heed not this final message from God will be spiritually swept away and lost in the dark for all eternity.

Only those who read God's message in The Testament of Truth will recognize who I am, God's dove, the Prophet of God, the first and the last.

It is God's FINAL message to humanity and needs be read by all who would not themselves succumb to the escalating depression, arrogance and insanity. I further state that the final battle for the soul now begins in earnest, and is to be "Armageddon of the Mind," as satanic thoughts 'inspire' and incite mankind to destroy each other.

This negative inspiration is the "Reaper in action" through the minds of man, being the darkness "using" man to destroy all who heeded not the call of the Light to "Only love and walk in peace."

All now will be subjected to powerful non-reasoning thoughts that will give all a very good reason to deny the Light, and as each "succumbs" and abuses others or self, they draw in more darkness spiritually, and ultimately "fall" in the afterlife.

The mental battle is already leading to more minds being "Under Siege" from irrational and destructive thoughts, and all need to fortify their minds daily against this telepathic "possessive" intrusion, using God's Light to build the "Ark of the Mind" in order to survive the satanic drive.

- Terence -

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"101 million on earth are God's Light bearers"
"I speak for ALLAH too"

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Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

The "dove" of God, who has arisen from the plains of central Africa states that he speaks for all creeds on earth. He states that "Muhammad," as Jesus, was 'a' true 'messenger' or prophet of "Allah," or "God." Asked about "Allah v/s God" he stated "It is but 'words' of man that men use to describe the one Source of all Creation."

He says that men of all denominations praise the messengers and have forgotten the "Message" sent to earth from the Father, and that all teachings have become so corrupted, that man now incorrectly believes he can somehow continue to deny "Allah's" call to "Only Love" and still attain the promised land.

The truth of salvation as proffered in all religions has been distorted to the extent that men now follow the orders of politicians and religious elders, being other men, and young men are sent to war.

The religious elders also falsely bless them on their way, - - - they should say "Go home son and look after your family, all who fight are wielding the Devil's might," all soldiers are following men, and denying God.

Men have been deceived into believing that it is the correct way to go, destroying the enemy. "All Elders condoning any aggression or retaliation or punishment are deceivers of God's blessed children and shall die spiritually," says Terence

"Yes, all will fall below for a time and a time for sowing their deceitful iniquitous teachings" he stated. All today follow teachings that were distorted by their forefathers, who in the name of God, perpetuated war as a means for "gain" and revenge, and in the process, needed to validate a reason to deploy young innocents and deny God, as they say: "If you fight for 'right' you are blessed by God." This untruth is Shetani's deceitful call.

Man incorrectly teaches salvation through "forgiveness and redemption" in praising God's messengers. God says: "Heed MY Word sent through MY messengers, Peace, Love & Non-retaliation, AND you will reap what you do sow - and - any who fight, below shall go."

Deception has crept into all belief systems, and all searchers of truth will need to understand the fresh uncontaminated message in my Holiest sacred book, in which there is also a letter from the prophet Muhammad through my sacred pen, for all those of Islam who are true believers seeking to comprehend and comply with Allah's call of "Compassion & Mercy."

He also stated that "Seeded" amongst all races, religions and countries are 101 million souls that have incarnated direct as he from heaven. "These 'Light bearers' are souls true, who will assist humanity during the soon coming times of tribulation. These 'spirits of good' are but compassionate and merciful people from all creeds and walks of life.

They will surely know me from my deed, being the message in my book I bring from heaven" he states, "and will be mentally fortified by its wisdom and truth. They are the only ones on earth today who for sure will return to heaven when they 'pass-over.'

All others will needs heed me first, and then show God by their deed that they are worthy, and in this, all must heed the call of non-retaliation, respect and peace unto others. All who cannot abide in this are to fall into Shetani's lair for eternity."

- Terence -

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This man IS the "Spirit of Truth"
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

This man IS the "Spirit of Truth" God's 'messenger' of whom it was prophesied would "return" at THE End, and teach the world of Sin, Justice, and Judgement, as he claims in his book: In which he reveals much that will help humanity to understand the escalating violence, confrontation, and suicide.

Terence states that the teachings of all religions have, over time become so distorted through language changing, as well as through revised interpretations and manipulation as to be utterly worthless in respect of giving clear spiritual guidance and direction. As can be seen from the "expression" of the world's inhabitants.

It is the requirement of God that aspirants seek the fresh uncontaminated wisdom of this Holiest Sacred Book that I lay at the feet of the world. It supersedes all religious teachings and is the ray of Hope for all. All who deny me, or the message from our Creator, are doomed. They will be overpowered telepathically from 'within' by spirits of wickedness, and thus will 'retaliate' and thus fail at the time of their last Test.

Thus will their souls fall into the abyss for all eternity. Only those who seek the wisdom of my uncontaminated word will be mentally fortified and be able to survive the last battle, which is a battle within the mind of each soul, a battle of thoughts, good versus evil.

Those who seek not the fortification of their minds will have no choice, and will heed the call of the Dark deceiver to fight and retaliate. Only those who can abide in the call of "Non-retaliation, love and peace," will enter the promised land.

"All men today are lost," all follow men, being their earthly politicians and religious elders who all deny God. All have denied God for so long, that the use of force has become a 'virtue' in the eyes of man. None can even see the reality or reason why God calls for respect, forgiveness, mercy and compassion.

Each soul must now turn away from the ways of man, and look direct to God, those who cannot, will die spiritually.

All must lay down their weapons, and be prepared to follow Jesus and "Go as a lamb to the slaughter" if so required. All will now 'pay their dues.' All must look now to the bright morning Star, the Star of Bethlehem, being the earthly symbol of God's pure Word.

The coming destruction is the reaper in action through the minds of ignorant & arrogant man, and it will wash away all religions, false teachers, as well as the arrogant and the untrue. Then, Peace will reign on earth, with Love as the everlasting unity of faith.

- Terence -

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~ To the Chief Justice and Court of man ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

Gentlemen - this is my "De facto Submission" I do FIT into the submissions that before you I sit. For it is the only one who speaks "FOR" Martin Bryant, empowered by the ONE True God who sits up high, who says:

"All who Judge My children will die, for 'spiritually' they are being 'untrue' to their own souls."

This is why I write to you, for Bryant is a "spirit" of diminished responsibility. This "PRIMA FACT" needs be understood by you, for his "MIND" was "under control" by demonic forces as on earth he so arrogantly did stroll on "The day" the dark avenger did "work" and its thoughts in his mind did "LURK."

Thus his 'reason' was "far away," overpowered from within, as said, on that day. Yes, he was totally "Possessed" by dark spirit. This "understanding" I needs somehow on you "fit," because his mind was but "tangled kelp" on that day, and he needs my help so that his "spirit" I can "aide." Not imprison him by legal "spade," for all do him condemn except me, God's sacred pen.

None of you can understand "why" this lad was "used" to make so many cry, and none of you see what it is I say to thee. But I can still "TRY" inspired by our God up high before your Judgement you "execute" with your "reason" so resolute. For what this "man" did do, in your minds was devilishly untrue, but that is not a "virtuous" reason to deny God's call to "Only Love," any season.

So if you all "Press on" and defy the light of forgiveness, you fall "undone." So for the prosecutor and the Judge I say "beware," before your souls you smudge.

Let me into the prison "in," I can teach the poor lad about his "sin," so one day he can walk "tall" when the reaper does him also maul. I send "my truth" to you, the Testament of Truth and my "Summary" true, so that you can try and understand the cause of the "eruption" on earth of the Demonic "underhand."

- Terence -

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~ Economic collapse ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

I write to also advise of the soon "total" economic collapse that will be of "insane" proportions. This collapse as said will arise from the totalitarian "nature" of all earth's governments. Each is "named" differently, but in reality, once in power, every System's "Order" becomes one of total control over the populace.

All are "blinded" to their own greed, and their manipulation and control of the destinies of the people and their "Funds" has led all to the brink of the precipice.

There is now no turning back, the "current" of the water is too strong, and our "raft" of safety has been cut loose from its "Banks" through their "extended" line of Credit, thus the rope will now snap, and as said, the raft will slip over the lip of the waterfall, into the dark abyss of humanitarian despair.

It is I the returned "Spirit of Truth" to not only alert all humanity to the calamity at hand, but to also prepare the way for the "New Order" of things to come once the "mud" has cleared after the deluge of suffering.

I am not the man of religious "hype"
who walks on water and all "that" tripe
but a simple man with soul "clear"
of negative emotions, thus God's truth is near

Can you even begin to "comprehend" the cataclysmic catastrophe that will result as funds dry up. All banks will close their doors due to "bankruptcy" as their flocks of people rush in to withdraw their dwindling money.

At the same time, there is an invisible insidious power at work that will "erupt" telepathically in the minds of man. This "insane" irrationality will add to the frustrations, misery, confrontation and destruction of every society on earth.

How and why this takes place is revealed to humanity in my sacred The Testament of Truth "Holiest" Bible." It is God's final message to humanity to prepare them for their difficult test now to begin.

Soon you will "hear" of me, and I can but hope that before you cast me aside as "another" messianic crank, that you read all I send. There were but two things that I needed to do for our God of Light and love on this "visit" to this  earthly plane.

One was to "bring forth" the wisdom from the Source in respect of all that is contained in my writings, and secondly, to alert those "others" who have "entered" the flesh as I from the Light to the availability of the message. Thus these other good souls well tried and true, can swiftly help me in the dissemination of its content to all on earth.

All spirits in the flesh are to undergo a swift "inner cleansing" that can only be fully carried out if they understand how they can and need to "help themselves" in heeding the wisdom I bring. I trust you will "understand" the enclosures in this brief document.

- Terence -

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~ The Ultimate Authoritarian Control ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

The ultimate authority of total control is the absolute control of thoughts of man, who does stroll in complete ignorance of this mighty force, that has the capacity to man from his sanity divorce, and this "force" that invisible be, is the Teacher that eternal be.

The Teacher has but ONE Demand, that all "His" children heed Mother's ONE Command. The Command to "Only Love" that essences down from the Light above. So any who in the universe stroll, needs now "understand" God's invisible control over any who dark power "use." Over any who others misuse. Over any who any deceive. Over any who Mother's call disbelieve.

Father sees all who deny the call to "Only love." Father sees all who deny Mother's sacred dove. Father sees all who from others "steal." Father will "flay them" and their "skin" will "off peel" in a very hideous way. For their "misdemeanour" do all pay for as said, GOD is "ULTIMATE Authority" wielded mercilessly over any showing impropriety.

None ever to heaven GO, until the PURE truth they get to know. For the "arrogant" are seemingly wise, and their "ignorance" does God despise. And "keeps them" on their "track" so that He can their faces "smack" once he drags them down below, for then and only then, MY truth they get to know.

Being my message from up above, my Mother's call to 'Only Love.' So sisters and brothers "dear," soon you will ALL be encompassed by FEAR. Once you "suddenly" do see my "Prophecy" revealed before thee. Proven by the soon "total" insanity erupting through man's "minds" globally.

Then you will see the pure "grief" meted out to and by those heeding the "thief," who can literally - ANY soul steal, in the manner I today do reveal. Thus I too am the absolute authority to be heeded by all man of impropriety. If anyone is so foolish as to me deny, for an eternity and more, they will more than cry.

- Terence -

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~ Senatorial Circular ~
Issued by Terence  - from the Office of the Messiah

It is now the time for all "democratic" souls to see that any tax system "dictatorial" be, thus it is a system unwise and one which our God does despise, for by 'force of arms' it does 'food off a plate' take and this is a gigantic mistake.

It is now the time for me to now advise all of thee for I AM HE the soul from a past life who has returned to "bring in" the REAPING time of strife, and I would have you all know that the wrong way you all go.

There is also naught that you can do, as you all are a "party" to the "way" untrue. Yes, all are on the "dole," as you are all "fed" wages that are stolen in the guise of "mandated" tax, and I now say that the time has come when the people will "relax." For the tax take is now to be abolished by me in a manner in which none will agree.

But it is our God who does say that; "It is THE APPOINTED time of day." Thus this communiqué to you is advisory so that any of you who would be true to your "constituents," can tell them to now read my "elevated" print that stands "free on air" for any whom would God's FINAL message share.

- Terence -

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~ To all Ombudsman ~

This email is to also advise you of my global "expression" of God's TRUE word that has emanated telepathically via my sacred pen. This is to alert you and all of the impending MENTAL calamity soon to prevail and all will quail. I also attach one of many circulars I am sending forth.

Please alert other departments as to what I give you for soon, every child "of" the LIGHT will needs assist those abused by the OTHERS who will eternally FIGHT.

- Terence -

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~ Global Alert ~
Red +Cross
The Salvation Army
Humanitarian Aid & Carer's

Be advised that the prince of peace is here and all will be fearful for he brings the SPEAR. Yes, the Reaping has begun and only those who now heed God's message will their LAST race "won." All will now "bleed," yes, even Carer's who in their past did in any way any darkness seed. Read now my message of HOPE that is elevated into earth's "sky" by God on a golden rope.

Prepare for your hearts and love to share

- Terence -

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~ Open Circular ~
To all religious bodies on planet earth

Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

The LION is now knocking on earth's door and all religious "bodies" are still asleep for sure, and it is I who has returned, verily the Prince of Peace to see WHO will their spiritual freedom earn in the manner spoken of by me the messenger of God, sent here again to "counsel" thee.

For you are all lost, and the very Devil does you all "stalk" from His land of "frost." Yes, it is very cold below for no light does there flow, and if you each personally can not now heed me or come to me see, then it is I to say: "You will fall below," and the REASON for this I now upon you bestow.

The WORD of GOD that Jesus did preach, you do daily "breach." For you say that: "God will all believers forgive so they will in heaven live," and I say: "All must their dues pay, this is the LAW of God and the ONLY way."

So any who cannot now "die" as a lamb to the slaughter when confronted by the Reaper, will not become a heavenly son or daughter. No, for they will retaliate as they are confronted by the SWORD, thus showing God that the TRUE Holy Word they have not heard, and as they in "non-forgiveness" retaliate, they will be filled with satanic hate and they then fall below as for IT the Devil they did darkness Sow.

I do pray that you personally now come my way, so I can tell you WHAT to my flocks under your control you must say. For any who now deny me the Light of heaven, will personally the very Devil's face get to see. I state IT here:

All persons who are personally engaged in the activity of religious 'stewardship' or spiritual 'advisor' must now themselves look directly to God and, - - - seed their minds with God's final message to humanity per my pen within The Testament of Truth and, - - - advise all their 'followers' to do the same as all 'Vicars' must now relinquish all 'controls' over God's children or 'suffer' the eternal consequence.

Look direct to God and 'bow' in ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE to His ~ Her Holy Command

- Terence -

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~ 'Alert' Circular ~
To Mental health Counsellors - Helpers
Carers & Community in general

Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

Dear Reader, soon on this earth you will "suddenly" become aware that all is insane, as the burning of houses and the visual impact of angry faces contorted by hatred and anger is presented to you personally, rather than on a TV screen. You are all "counsellors" who have "learnt" your trade from "teachings" of man, or you operate "ad lib" as you are individually inspired from a compassionate heart.

Either way, your minds "consciousness" or programming ref "true understanding" as to why the psyche of man becomes "disorderly or deranged" is not yet known by you. It is I the "returned" spirit of truth to advise all humanity as to the "how & why" we now see an escalation of mental disturbance which presents itself in a multitude of ways, intensities and outcomes.

All of which "stem" from "Minds Under Siege" from externally intruding thoughts forcing their demands upon the mind of "mankind," ( telepathic subjugation of the mind, spirit possession) that leads to "Armageddon of the mind."

Being a mind in which there is NO peace, as intruding thoughts revolve around and around as either "self destruct" thoughts or "non forgiving retributive" thoughts. Either way, if unchecked, it leads to much pain and suffering and a large "karmic" debt accruing to the "perpetrator" of any negative deed.

No "spirit" in the flesh as you are, or any spirit out of the flesh residing in realms outside heaven is to be "free" from this telepathic intrusion (attack) from "below," and already in some "way" or other, in your minds too will it be showing its power more and more eg: critical, jealous, angry thoughts etc. Some of you may "term" troubled people as "mentally disturbed or schizophrenic," it is the time now to address the spiritual cause.

The intent of this circular is to advise you that the reasons "why" and the method "for" protecting ones mind is now "up on air" free for you and all humanity on my web sites, upon which you will find some documents to assist you as "Carer's."

I now offer my services to Counsellors as "Specialist Consultant" in the field of "Spirit possession" as well as the spiritual counselling of "suicided" departed souls and their families, as the "souls" of the departed ones are often in great distress which can affect those yet in the flesh.

Please visit the web site. You may "down load" and freely copy information off the web site for distribution to the needy.

Please "use" my free "on air" wisdom to assist your own minds to reprogram their understanding so that you can be true, and please also guide the needy to this web site, and ask any "media" friends to prepare an article that will quicker alert the global community so all can become quickly "self sufficient." - Document to read first:

 "The suicide document

- Terence -

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~ Bankrupt Farmers Circular ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

There is help at hand if you can understand that there is something you can do which to the bank as well as yourselves is true. First you must understand the law of this land and then you will realise that the greedy bankers and investors have been less than wise. This I will help you to see so that all can avoid the impending gigantic calamity, for if farmers are forced off the land then truly in poverty all will walk hand in hand.

Please now visit my web site and read what I did write for all of you and then tell all your friends of this web site too. First go to my "Sample letters document" and on page 11 you will read about Farm loan repayment defaulters. Then go to the "Currency crisis document" and read page 23 The Caretaker Moratorium.

- Terence -

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Media Personnel CIRCULAR

Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

God says - All deceivers are to DIE
thus I say - Please very hard try
and only - the truth project
on these words - please reflect

For you are as ministers of religion. Try and fly higher than a "stool" pigeon. For your flocks are very many, so sell your soul not for a fast penny. Any of you who "deceive" through false projection will grieve, not for a year or a day, but for more than an eternity I say.

So look deep into your "retort" before you make a "report," and try very hard to only "sell" the true story that I do tell.

This is all I have to you say, for your past performances you'll have to pay, for you caused pain to many a "mother," as you desecrated their husbands or "lover." It is the time to now be true to God's light that shines deep in you. If you only express truth through thee, I shall set you eternally free

The Spirit of Truth

- Terence -

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~ Press Release (2) ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

~ The Great FINAL War ~
"Secure or Demure"

The "New Age" ARMY OF CARERS & HELPERS in the face of the REAPER IN ACTION through the MIND of man will be the "way" of the "awoken" wise ones of humanity today. Not an army of OFFENCE - not an army of DEFENCE, but of enlightened man with commonsense. The last great battle now unfolding globally is:

The battle within the MIND of man
Thoughts: EVIL v/s GOOD

Presenting themselves as either "Intrusive, controlling, overpowering, negative expression that justifies "killing." Or as "Genuine positive, compassionate, positive expression," as the "subject" under God's scrutiny abides in the ONE Commandment "Only love."

Let Australia become the first truly NEUTRAL country. Not a negative self defence "State," but neutral in that to God's TRUE HOLY WORD we relate. NON-retaliation - NON-confrontation. Only caring & loving & peaceful in our LIVING. 

All "combatants" are "Killers of men," and in this FINAL war, they will be sent below to Satan's shore.

What humanity needs to now see is that the REAPER is real and an eternal reality. IT is the FORCE that is empowered by God to abuse all "offenders" under any "skies." IT has the power to "seduce" man into the justification to BE used as ITS "Peace keeping by force" force. Or, ITS "Retributionary killing force" force.

I can but now ask all of thee to try and this see. For the GREAT FINAL WAR will now unfold and "enfold" all humanity, as man "inspired" by the dark one will abuse his sister, brother, father and mother. Let us now become "wise", and see that this LAST WAR is a "battle" within the MIND of each spirit in or out of the flesh. A battle in which they will either be kind or unkind in their expression (expressed deed) and thus seed their own spiritual fate. God says: 

"I AM ME the invisible God you cannot see. Man tries to divide me into "two" the Light of love and the Devil (untrue.) I AM ALL - man falls under MY LAW - What you personally DO will by ME be done unto YOU.

If you choose to walk in the "shadow" being the "dark side" then MY hand will crush you into submission and eventual oblivion. All pain meted out by you or your forces during war is 'imported' back to your shore, for the populace pay the wages of the killers who "sin," and thus too pay the painful price. Thus in war, none do win."

All who heed not my FINAL message from God will be late for heaven.
Sup on my wisdom for it IS God's fresh uncontaminated leaven.
Tell all
"forces" men & women to visit my "BLOOD document"

- Terence -

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~ Press Release (3) ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

~ Foreign Policy ~

It "appears" that politicians do their own policy make, even if this policy does their "people" break. Yes, they can even treaties sign, but in the "End," all politicians are less than benign. For as "around" the planet they roam, they always find someone who is different to their own type of "loam," and thus they have the desire to uplift their "ego" much higher.

This leads to the national "sport" rort where they demand that the "other" listen to their "retort" report, and in the end as said, they all the very Devil befriend and use control over the others ways or others "maize," (sanctions) and this leads to the need of a "peace keeping" force that ends up where all divorce their souls from the Light as all "peace keepers" end up joining the FIGHT.

I have said before that the people end up suffering as they pay the wages of the politicians and thus are spiritually responsible for the accruing "pain" dues and all suffer one day ahead when some "other" is inspired to them abuse. Let us all mind our own business today and not our "pollies" pay. We need no more peace keepers. Only Carers sent into any aggressive foray to aid all "Parties."

To; Alexander Downer
Minister of Foreign Affairs - Australia

Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

Dear Alexander, I see that in every way people are "intruding" into the affairs of others every day, not seeing that this is unwise as our "nearby" relatives begin to us despise. For "who are we" to say to them that they heed not the call from God's pen, the call to be merciful and true when we too show God that WE are untrue. I have written the "below" to assist you on the road ahead, for soon even you will believe my "prophecy of dread." 

Good luck to you. - Terence

The "minister" responsible for foreign affairs is one who shares the wisdom and "affairs" of this land with others who are "foreign" and may not understand the "wherewithal," and thus a minister of this land needs stand "tall" and not fall into "dark" ways and "dismal" forays.

You are not responsible for "occurrences" underhand that happen to people who have travelled overseas from this land. That occurrence is their affair, and any "mishap" is but "payback" for a past "ware" that they did "deal," be it abuse or maybe they did "steal."

You are only responsible for matters that others needs see in relation to "custom" and "equitability." Your "office" will one day "encompass" trade, and thus you will no longer be "required" to "deal a spade" and demand ought from others as to "what & why" they do what they do. Please now just be true and walk tall with quiet "pride" that Australia will abide in God’s call of "Care & share" as others less well do fare.

This is written to "ministers" of every land who needs now understand that God is real and so is the devil who is now to destroy every "non believer" in God’s call to "Only love" and their soul "steal away" to its eternally painful destructive place where all suffer as all eternally abuse each other in disgrace.

"Any who "justify" retribution are now to spiritually die."
that is the message from the Most High.

Read now my "War & national karma document."
Terence - the pen of Allah/God
26.4.003 TL - True Light

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~ Press Release (4) ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

~ The "crazy" riders ~
All global "System's" men

There is a "horse" called DEATH, for from out of its mouth comes Satan's breath, and the "riders" will soon feel frozen by fear as they now fall to the SPEAR. Yes, it is the "apocalypse" as spoken of in the past "time" and the crazy rider was "unknowingly" a swine, a "pig" who did too much take as 'he' put in his greedy rake as on his "mighty" challenger he rode and sat in his "greatness" upon the populace whom he "bestrode."

And these "horsemen" are you the "force" of power that is untrue and it is I to you "unseat" as my invisible force does you greet. Yes, it is the Mighty "underhand" which none of you do understand. Being the power of the satanic hand that is now to ERUPT in every land. IT is the force unleashed by ME the invisible GOD you cannot see, and IT will you "unseat" as the prince of peace does you greet.

For none of you do "believe" his story that you all live in a land of "make believe," and you would all just cast him aside as you on your horse called "Death" do ride. So this "man" you cannot see because in "flesh" the spirit within invisible be and he will now the END "unfold" as he said he would when in the PAST his story he told.

Not in the manner of "wine in the spring," but in a manner that will in minds eternally "ring" for those as said who do not believe for they now will eternally grieve.

Ten million trillion "workers" live in "realms" below and their hatred and anger will now in "earthlings" MINDS grow. Yes, its called "telepathic hate" and to it you "horsemen" will not relate, for they will cut you down to size for you do THE WORD OF GOD despise and, your greed does blind you to the deeds that you do and thus your "breath" is foul and thus Satan does soon at you "growl."  God says:

"His deed is worse than a dogs "bite," for HE wields God's eternal Might. For the REAPER that you on earth will see is VERILY your GOD, ME.

I said to all long long ago; I AM GOD and the AVENGER too I BE, but you "silly" pompous religious men disbelieved my sacred "pen" being the man I sent to you, being "Mother's" dove eternally true, and now through HIM I speak and any "true blue" soul I seek, saying;

"Quickly to this man go for only he does know the depth of insanity that is now to BE unleashed upon "inhumanity." He will his wisdom share so that you "few" believers can prepare to the very DEVIL meet, for soon VIA the mind of man He will PROWL on every city street. I your GOD of Abraham has spoken today."

Terence - the "pen" of God
27.4.003 TL - True Light

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~ Press Release (5) ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

Clinton & Blair

Yes, the devil did them snare for neither of them can now "shut up shop" even though their "attack" was a "flop," for neither of them could see that all war is "self" denigrating.

Man it seems is perpetually locked into a "day dream" as he justifies sending his own soul to Hell as he hears not the Messiah's LAST BELL that does "ring," saying; "IF you dark thoughts heed, then at this time your soul you will with darkness seed if these thoughts you do follow, for my message of eternal Hell is not hollow."

As the world can now see there is an escalating "explosion" of violent "confrontation" where all the forces do "wrong," even the ones we "think" are Right as they do wrong.

For any action "wrong" is one where the perpetrators are heeding the Devil's song and they now cannot stop for the Devil himself is in control and HE seeks not to stop HIS action and HE seeks only to draw in as many as HE can into negative interaction, and all "combatants" fall below because IN THEIR SOULS darkness does grow as their ACTION permits the Devil to them with more darkness infuse as they by deed do others abuse.

So the "offender" in NATO's eyes is no worse than the NATO force who now also does "others" abuse, and the Devil already did the NATO leaders & Milosevic snare so why now do we permit young men to join in for they too will then the hellish realm share.

If you sane politicians and media men spoke as me FOR God and write with your pen, then we could turn the tide of fate by teaching multitudes that they do pay spiritual dues and can for heaven be late. Thus they would at their own conscience glance and thus give their own souls a chance before they go to war in some other land and die there to be consigned to hell's door.

For I AM HE and I have said that at the END all warmongers will be filled with dread as their souls the "flesh" depart, and in another "realm of consciousness" they make another "start."

So please I ask of you and you; "Please raise your voice as me and to God be truly true. Tell all young soldiers to stay at home and feed their families and till their loam. For no 'man' will now stop the REAPER on HIS run, and any who try will also a REAPER become."

Blessed are the ones today who read my message and teach others the WAY to fortify their mind so dark thoughts don't also them bind, for Clinton & Blair and others "untrue" are already "dead" for already I SAY in Hell have they made their bed.

 I AM the "pen" of God.

- Terence -

28.4.003 TL - True Light.

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~ Press Release (6) ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

Religion v/s Truth

No "religion" today does to any man say: "If you fight you wield the devil's might and thus you will your soul to the devil lose." No, they all bless young men going off to war to kill God's other children on a far distant shore. Thus it is that their "move" is a movement for the devil who feeds them HIS daily bread, which is "control & pride" as on earth these supposedly "heavenly elite" do stride.

In the past days I did say that when into the flesh I returned at the end days, that I would wash away "religions" per se, as they were "of" the dark force, for they were "used" by IT to divorce souls from true spirituality, as they blinded them in "non reality."

For it is "unreal" to believe that by the 'Act' of a man being "crucified," that others could avoid their "karmic fate" being the fulfillment of God's ONLY LAW that says: "I will do unto you what you do, be it "loving," or when you are UNTRUE." So I again do say that we needs also show the true way to these men of the "frock," who by their very deed do God's Commandment to "Only Love" mock.

And these "pastors" untrue are also paid by you as they in armies work as "chaplains" and thus help the dark one do HIS work as to young men they say: "Be brave son, for we have blessed your guns and souls today, and what you do is true, therefore God/Allah is with you." 

These "deceivers" too shall be deceived, for that too is the LAW and they by ME shall not be permitted to see the LIGHT of heaven as they, by their deed denied others the "sacred leaven" being the Wisdom of the LIGHT that says: "All die spiritually who FIGHT."

I your God say:

 "Go home, do not fight, or you are a "devilish" worker and your soul will fall into the dark night. Heed not the call of Satan's pen, which is the decree of men who say: "Go to war and deny God's sacred pen." I have spoken, heed or bleed, for all "soldiers" are but tools of political men who too by ME will be consigned to Satan's "play pen."

Father GOD

29.4.003 TL - True Light - Terence -

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~ Press Release (7) ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

Dear Editor & News Editors 'Nigeria' media.
Be advised that the Imam Al Mahdi the TRUE messenger of Allah is in the flesh and has raised up a message from Allah unto all nations at:
Be advised that by now it should be clear to all humanity that men of EVERY 'religion' being the self appointed 'ministers' of God or Allah or any other 'name' used to describe the Almighty, have all deceived His children through their vanity, pride and absolute GREED to the point that they have sold their souls to 'LUI' the Serpent through their arrogance that now exceeds the word 'abomination' in the eyes of Allah.
Thus it is now incumbent upon those of the Media with souls honest and true to do their personal best via their powerful 'text' medium to TEACH and quickly enlighten all humanity of a few FACTS.  For without this everyone is lost for everyone is walking deeper into darkness. WHY? Because they have been taught falsely that they have already been saved by 'idiots' that steal their money each week, and everyone now believes that they can 'fight, steal, condemn, persecute and continue on seeking vengeance, retribution, accountability, justice etc., through the punitive court of man and, everyone is disrespectful to others, their wives, children and business competitors etc., and everyone is defiant of the COMMAND of the ONE Creator I now give below.
Please advise all to visit my web site so that they become aware of the dangers soon to be faced by everyone.  Aggression, hatred, control and 'punishment' will now escalate over the globe for the reasons exposed by me, and also, the youth need to be guided into the Light of Allah as they learn to never retaliate against aggression or other 'adversity' as they 'bow' in obedience to Allah's Command; There is ONLY one Command to learn, be you of 'Islam,' of Christian., or of any other religion;
The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God/Allah to all is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."
People need to simply go their way IN OBEDIENCE to 'Allah/God's' Command and stop giving their hard earned money away to thieving wolves, being false ministers dressed as lambs that are deceiving them and leading them into foul deeds and ultimately to HELL.
NOTE: - Dear Editor, please ADD this 'epistle' from me addressed to EVERY 'clergyman' to the effect that: Allah/God AND 'Lui' the Serpent observes their every activity and, that deception is the 'worst' criminal activity in the eyes of Allah/God because, it causes others to abuse each other or, to feel terror or, to become impoverished and ultimately they suffer pain, anguish, hopelessness etc. Every thieving 'evangelist' will at the 'time' of their biological death feel the POWERFUL coils of the GIANT Serpent LUI crush their soul and drag it down into His lair and, their shrieks of terror and agony will last for an eternity and be unheard by others for they will be living in the darkest space for a time and a time. 
Please advise them that IF they wish that their 'time' below is not 'endless' then they must now return all their 'ill-gotten' gains to the people from whom it was stolen by sleight of hand and mind and, they had better now get on their knees and PRAY in the manner given by my pen for I can ASSURE each and every one of them that Allah/God IS MERCILESS in the application of HIS ONE superior "As you did sow so shall ye reap" LAW. and, any suffering that accrued by their 'victim's is ADDED to their own coming burden of suffering.
NOTE: - Dear Editor, please ADD this 'epistle' from me addressed to every 'evangelist' and reader: The living proof of the escalation of insanity worldwide is whereby we see supposedly 'Christian' ministers placing their own 'voodoo' spell upon young children, and this obscenity leads other persons in the villages to cast them out, ostracise them, torture them and kill them.  The insanity being that these arrogant, vain and greedy self named 'priests or prophets' are themselves WITCHES that are mentally 'possessed' and mentally subjugated by demonic forces that are using them to wreak havoc all over the place.
Soon there will be utter turmoil in every village on every land on earth as demonic forces gain the upper hand in every land.  The ONLY way to break their spell is for people to realise that ANY activity that is in contravention of God's command is ERROR and places the 'offensive' person using force or deceit or causing 'injury' into the punitive aspect of God's ONE "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW of God/Allah.  For Allah/God Commands everyone of ANY race or religion to bow in subservience to and to OBEY HIS:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command to all is:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

Any person being merciless, interfering, punitive, aggressive, deceptive, forceful, controlling, critical etc., are themselves 'non-believers (infidels) that are in dire spiritual danger.
Any 'preacher/chief/elder/spiritualist' laying claim that a person is a 'witch' or a demon to be punished are themselves a 'witch ' controlled by demons and in need of MY counsel.

Note An infidel is a person of any 'race' that does not espouse the religious ideal and 'belief' in absolute pacifism at all times and in all situations, and they are persons that justify the use of force  (the sword-spear-axe-gun)  in defiance of God's Command:

Infidels are people that have been deceived by the false beliefs of their forefathers that had succumbed to the 'temptation' of the Dark-Devil that 'spoke' within their thoughts, and convinced them that they could or should rely on it and its forceful 'power' rather that simply having God as their Monarch and leaning on the wisdom of His holy word.

To assist people that are already mentally 'disturbed' by aggressive or vindictive or destructive thoughts they all need to say the STAR prayer at:

The reality is that EVERYONE needs to say the Star prayer so that they remain respectful and sane during the troubled times now at hand.
ANY person that factually 'disturbs the peace' of the land or that leads others to so do MUST be 'arrested' and taken to a place where they are put through a 3 hour Feeling Easier' Seminar and released. This seminar will educate them and assist them to better control their mind and emotions:

The penal system is now to be deleted as man becomes enlightened and prisoners are set free: Go to 'Penal Reform':

NOTE: - Dear Editor, please tell everyone to ask themself: Why would God/Allah issue a Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command if there was no 'consequence' for being other than 'peaceful, merciful, loving and forgiving'? I add, there are many 'named' religions of MEN, but there are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs/policies/doctrines:

The ONE is the TRUE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in Peace, kindness, truthfulness, respect, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)

The other is the FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for War, cruelty, deception, disrespect, control & destruction using FORCE. (malignant)

YES, there is a 'consequence' for each and every 'activity' or interaction with others, and whatever we DO unto others will by others be done unto us on an EQUAL and 'Just' basis at the time and in the place so ordained by Allah/God in this world or in the after life.
Let the Editors of Nigeria now 'edit' THE TRUTH unto THEIR 'flocks' and Allah/God will smile on them.
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Imam Al-Mahdi
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~ Press Release (8) ~
Issued by Terence - from the Office of the Messiah

In His name- by His Word
The Star of Bethlehem returns to every part of the world

All that is being "sent" from this office today is a "photo" of the man God sent earth's way. This is so that you do "know" whom to seek if you the TRUTH want to know.

I would also say: "Remember, that in your 'disbelief' that I am HE, and subsequent delay in "publishing" the availability of the GOOD NEWS I have elevated "free on air," means that many more will "die," rather than being "uplifted" on high from having had the TIME to prepare their MIND, as already Satan does multitudes mentally snare." Please now "Alert" the global community that all need to "change their shirt" and show God a "cleaner" image before the global deluge.

Please advise your "readers & listeners" of the availability of God's message of HOPE


- Terence -

Year 001 TL (True Light) was (1997) being the first year that God's Testament of Truth was placed "up in the air" on the Internet for all to see. After God's reaping cleansing is done; the NEW date will be effective globally.

The "way" - is by crucifixion
"self" crucifixion through "non" retaliation in the face of adversity.

Note: This page was updated 5 March 0017 TL. (2013 AD)

Many years have passed with the message on line, and thousands of emails, faxes, and letters sent to media outlets and, - - - NOT ONE kindly 'Media' face do I see that seeks to help me or their Creator set mankind FREE.

However, there is no need for me to speak with any of you, for your task for God and humanity is to simply tell all that; both God and I am now here and direct all to the web sites. For I say that you the 'Media' must say the following text to all: 

"Read all about it."


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