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~ Sample Letters ~

As written by Terence




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~ Introduction ~

This 'Sample letters' document is written to assist you the reader to set yourself free from the ideological 'code of conduct' policies of present governing system's of man, for all are 'iniquity' in the eyes of God. The content of this document applies ONLY for those of you that are seeking 'Salvation' and thus wish to rely solely on God as your 'protector' and head of house, and this means that YOU need to become an 'absolute pacifist' and pay all outstanding spiritual dues to God before you again become 'protected' by God from persecution by other men in this realm or in the 'after-life.'.

Presently all mankind is 'enslaved' to interference, control, tax extortion, fine, punishment, coercion and killing due to them ALL following the FALSE religion of 'death,' and thus all taxpayers are complicit to the control and interference in the lives of others as well as for the resultant suffering of others and, you have to suffer your own personal 'crucifixion' in paying all dues before you become spiritually FREE to be elevated into Paradise with me.

There are in fact only two religions on earth;

The ONE is the TRUE religion.

The 'ideal' being the belief in: Peace, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, education, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (Benign) Thus the aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times, and cannot support, condone, nor fund a ‘contra’ doctrine.

The other is the FALSE religion.

The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for: War, cruelty, control, deception, disrespect, vengeance, punishment, torture, killing & destruction using FORCE. (Malignant) Thus the 'follower' is thus an aggressor that terrorises and injures others when they feel 'justified' to so do.

To become free from the 'influence' of 'warmongers' that rely on weapons, force of arms, extortion and killing you need to be mentally strong enough to never 'vote for,' condone, support or 'fund' any institutions that use self-mandated rules that 'legitimise' or empower their forces men to carry out 'terrorist' activities* against community members or those from other lands.

You must never retaliate in the face of adversity, thus you are always unarmed and never 'run' to the police for any protection in the foreknowledge that others are only 'bullying or injuring or crucifying' you if you deserve that 'fate' within the precepts of the punitive aspect of God's Law.

Remember, if you are funding any 'warring' punitive institution, even one naming itself 'The legitimate government,' then all the suffering imposed upon others in your name and on your behalf by your 'servants' has a 'comeback' upon your 'head' within the immutable "As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you" Law of God.

Note:  'terrorist' activities* - Are any activity that is in contravention of God's Command and the ideals of the TRUE religion-faith-dogma above. This means that any activity listed within the FALSE religion above is a terrorist activity as it causes some people to 'suffer' terror, pain, loss, deprivation etc.

These letters are simply to assist you to see 'something' and to assist you to reprogram your mind and to help you in your new direction in becoming a truly peaceful, respectful, kind, loving, and considerate person towards others as commanded by God, as you never again pay the 'wages of sin' and thus rely on enforcers to protect you or to interfere in the life's of others.

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~ The NO Vote Right ~

Let it be made quite clear from the outset that there are many TRUE believers such as myself who are absolute pacifists who obey the Command of their God. They also cannot condone, support or fund any person or institution having the conflicting code of conduct policy of using 'armed men' in the activity of control, subjugation, interference, punishment, invasion of property or killing. We believers only fund benign community effort.

Not only this, but absolute pacifists are also of the BELIEF that our God is the Sovereign Monarch, Power and Authority. Thus 'we' do not hold the false belief held by many that a mortal personage, government or ‘council of men’ body is ones lord or master or 'sovereign' to be adored and obeyed. Our peaceful non-intrusive living ways rely solely on the advocacy of our Sovereign Lord, God.

We also believe that all 'Crown' land is not owned by any earthly monarch or 'state council,' but is owned by God. Thus every person on earth is entitled to find themselves a vacant acre or so 'spot' on land known as 'Crown' and inhabit it. So we believe.

The below is my response to a demand to give 'cause' as to why I never vote.

Dear unsigned and thus “unknown,” I write to the unknown person who sent me a “Voting fail” form demanding to know why I did not vote, I ask: "Why do you wish or demand that I vote for 'persons' I deem unworthy to lead me or others under this sky"?

Why do you endeavour to reprimand me when by your own actions you should see that you are a “party” to an “act” untrue. So you go ahead and do ‘aught’ you are inspired to.

Your “Act” is by the Devil backed, and as I would help you to be elevated “out” of your position of “servant” to a “dark” overlord, I direct you to God’s Holy Word on my web site and say : “Please do not write to the public any day demanding that they “pay” in default for not “promoting” men you say they should.”

“Where” is the democracy ?

This regulatory 'Act' was definitely by an insane government enacted through the personal vanity of “someone” who also no doubt is unknown and unnamed. Are you able to enlighten me, or do you “think” that they rational be ?

I know that you my supposed “servant” are not my enemy, we both have a common “unnamed” enemy that inspires the minds of men from its satanic den. When humanity this does SEE, then all will become SANE and RESPECTFUL and non demanding, and then you and I and Arabs and Israelites can “happily” walk the road “unarmed” as our God of Light would have it be.

Lets us now heed GOD the peacemaker

Note: For any person wishing to release themselves from accruing 'painful dues' at the hands of their servants the 'System,' they may stop voting and write to the Electoral Commissioner saying:

Please ensure that my name is removed off the electoral role. I believe that it is my democratic right to NOT Vote, and thus not be a 'party' to the negative dark System of man.  Due to my 'difference' of belief, I cannot either fund or support, nor be a 'party' to, any punitive warring System that itself uses 'terror tactics' to enslave and subdue its own members that it perceives as its enemies if they are non compliant to it.

The System of 'Caesar' is proven unto itself as one of threat & violence, and thus it is in direct 'opposition' to my belief of Pacifism. Hence I am not a member of the Caesar 'Club.' I choose to simply belong to 'another' Club, being that of God's LIGHT and thus simply follow God's directive to "Go your way in peace and never fight."

Let it be clearly understood that IF you believe in PEACE at all times and in all situations and do thus NOT need the protection of armed men then within the 'Freedom of religion' Clause of the Constitution you do not have to vote for nor fund any person or institution that has the conflicting ideological belief of control, regulation, punishment or war.  For if you did Vote or fund them then you would be defiant of God and unfaithful to your religious ideological belief in PEACE.

Note: non voters*

It needs to be understood by politicians and their officials that when a person does not 'Vote' it is because they:

1 - Are absolute pacifists and, - - -

2 - They have NO 'confidence' in any man to lead them along the correct path and, - - -

3 - They also see and believe that the 'protectionist policies' espoused by politicians is in contravention of God's Command and, - - -

4 - They thus seek not any 'protection' by armed forces because they cannot support or condone the persecution or punishment or killing of others and, - - -

5 - Thus their 'vote' is for their God as head of house and they bow to His Command at all times and in all situations and they only fund benign community effort.

6 - As politicians have made 'voting' a compulsory act or suffer a consequence it shows their ongoing purity of arrogance whereby they perceive themselves 'as' God or superior to God, and my pen (God's) states that everyone so 'arrogant' is to now FALL. Any person choosing God as their 'leader' who does OBEY God and thus never 'disturbs the peace of others' is to be left in peace.

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~ The ‘Entitlement’ & Tax ~
Sample letter issued ‘Without Prejudice’ to the Taxation department

To whom it may concern.

There is an ‘Entitlement’ granted by God unto mankind, and that entitlement is granted to those ‘citizens’ of the land that are ‘absolute pacifists,’ being any person that does not disturb the peace of the land for any reason because, they do understand the holy word of God. Thus at all times and in all situations they ‘bow’ in subservience to God’s Primary truthful & ruling Command:

"Go your way in peace, and never disturb the peace of others for any reason, and always be kind, loving, respectful, merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

The ‘Entitlement’ granted by God is that absolute pacifists will be ‘permitted’ by God to carry out their Religion of ‘Faith’ in God’s Command without being subjected to persecution, enslavement, extortion, punishment, banishment, interference, nor any other nature of ‘coercive' persuasion that would force them to change their ‘religion,’ being their peaceful ideological code of conduct policy.

Note: There are in fact only two religions on earth;

The ONE is the TRUE religion.

The 'ideal' being the belief in: Peace, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, education, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (Benign) Thus the aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times, and cannot support, condone, nor fund a ‘contra’ doctrine.

The other is the FALSE religion.

The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for: War, cruelty, control, deception, disrespect, vengeance, punishment, torture, killing & destruction using FORCE. (Malignant) Thus the 'follower' is thus an aggressor that terrorises and injures others when they feel 'justified' to so do.

Due to the above ‘revelations’ I am unable to pay any ‘tax’ levy directly to the Australian taxation office as it would be a contravention of my ‘faith, belief, dogma, religion.’ I am an 'absolute pacifist' and thus a person of PEACE, and thus I neither need any 'armed' protection from anyone nor can I fund such 'forceful' or punitive activities.

I (Your name) ‘seize’ my ‘Entitlement’ in sending this letter to the Tax Commissioner stating that as the code of conduct ‘policy’ of the Institution he serves is in direct conflict with mine and, - - -

As it is in contravention of God’s Command, that I am unable to support nor fund his ‘institution’ because it would place me in a ‘dangerous’ quadrant being, that within the single "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you" Law of God I would accrue a painful and punitive spiritual due within the precepts of God's immutable Law.

Why is this so? Because I would be complicit to all the suffering, intrusion, tax extortion, control, punishment, killing etc., meted out to other citizens of this land and others ‘over the sea’ by ‘operatives' of said ‘system’ within their daily operations and, the ‘officials' openly state that all they do is done in the name of and on behalf of those that vote, condone, support and fund the religious ideological ‘doctrine’ of their Institution. (Its policy and conduct ways)

It is quite ‘clear’ to me that a great ‘percentage’ of the funds accrued through taxation is used in the manufacture of weapons, and in the interference in the lives and livelihoods of everyone on the land and others over the sea, and many are persecuted and punished or even injured or killed, and I for one cannot support such iniquity and imposition of terror upon other children of God.

I firmly believe that what ones paid ‘servants’ do unto others on our behalf is no different than if we were doing it personally. I cannot serve two ‘masters,’ and it is my democratic right to choose 'peace’ rather than ‘protectionism’ and ‘war.’

Certainly I believe that I need to support the community, and this I do personally and directly as I give ‘contributions’ and ‘aid’ to any I feel I can help, so until such time as the community institution that names itself ‘The government’ becomes a truly benign organisation that aligns itself with God and His Command, I can never support its ‘coffers’ directly.

If others overcharge me for the goods I need because they are ‘fearful’ tax collectors on behalf of the ‘Gov’ then so be it, but I cannot defy my God nor ‘sully’ my inner ‘rose,’ and neither do I wish to be complicit to the ‘harming’ of any other person here or over the sea in other lands, as we are all children of God.

If I am to be persecuted by anyone simply due to my religious ideological belief then so be it, all I can do to assist them is to show them the ‘error’ of their ways, and to add the below ‘extract’ from their own ‘book of rules’ to which they are ‘supposed’ to follow, especially as it is contained within the Constitution of their Institution from where they receive their ‘mandate’ to operate. Quote:

ITEM 1 - The ‘Entitlement’

Tasmania Constitution Act 1934 (No. 94 of 1934)

Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.
(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, - - - on account of his religion or religious belief and no religious test shall be imposed in respect of the appointment to or holding of any public office.

ITEM – 2 - The ‘Entitlement’

Commonwealth Constitution Australia
Section 116 – Freedom of religion

The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

Section 109 - Priority of Commonwealth laws over State laws

When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

Note: Australia's own Macquarie dictionary – page 835 (Compact version)

Religion = - - - - the quest for the values of the ideal life - - - the ideal, the practices for attaining the values of the ideal, - - -
Religious = - - - - scrupulously faithful, pious, devotion - - -

This means that ones 'religion' is not any named 'Church' organisation, but it is the policy of ones daily code of conduct interaction with other children of God.

Note: My personal religious ideal or ideology is that of absolute pacifism at all times and in all situations because that is the requirement of the Creator God according to my belief, and to that 'end' I am faithful.

God is my chosen ‘Monarch,’ and I can never ‘vote’ for any man to rule me nor to be my ‘ruler,’ for that role is God’s prerogative only. I add: No mandate nor ‘badge’ nor position of ‘office’ voids or nullifies God’s immutable Law.

ITEM – 3 – Loss of entitlement

Let it be clearly understood that every person supporting, condoning, or funding the contra False ideology is a person that has 'lost' their 'Entitlement' to live in 'Peace' due to supporting the control, interference, regulation, punishment and war waged upon others, and until such time as they change their ways they will continue to 'suffer' and be disadvantaged and accrue more painful spiritual dues within the context of God's Law, and they will be 'barred' from entering the Promised Land until such time as they have amended their ways and now do follow the TRUE religion and, have paid all their outstanding spiritual dues to God.

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~ Sample letter to local Councils ~

This letter is to you advise that what you daily do is often less than wise, and “that” of which I speak is when you your vengeful demands upon the public wreak. Yes, in the demands for payment of “dues,” you do by “court action” and by “sale of property” forceably extract your financial demanded dues.

Much have you legislated in the guise of “Its for your own good, as well as the good of the community.” You are free to comply to your enacted acts, but do not expect me to, and do not expect me to contribute financially or otherwise towards any “action” taken against those who do not comply to your regulations.

I now strongly state that on no account are you to use my annual “free giving” financial donation for the purpose of persecution of other members of our society.

My “contribution” is only for the welfare of the community .

If you take the “unworthy” decision to persecute others by prosecution, then that is deemed by me to be your own personal choice, for which you and any others involved are spiritually responsible, and you will individually “reap what you sow” without my aid or involvement.

What you “expect and demand” through threat of retribution in default is not seen by me as being within the scope of my mandate to you as my employee. My mandate to you is to “Serve with respect,” and to use my donation for the good of the community only, upon this now must all planetary council staff reflect.

I shall endeavour to pay the council “estate” an annual monetary figure that I believe is a fair one to cover services to me, as well as a little more to help others in need. If I find that I am “impoverished” for any reason, then I shall be only able to pay less, or at times maybe nil.

Do not expect your wages to be any higher than mine at any time, servants should not expect a salary “above” that of their employer, and neither should they be in the invidious position of setting their own wage scale.

“Mercy” my pen

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The following correspondence is of an informative nature that is included here for “open” planetary viewing in the hope that both the community as well as “serving” government employees will ‘see’ the reality of what I speak and thus free themselves from any employment that is “of the dark,” being retributive.

Parking meters
Council folly

In the “beginning” the council was “elected” to the community “protect” and on this they needs now reflect, for meters are the “way” today, being a “means” to extort funds from the community under the “insidious” guise of “It’s needed because you are not wise, and if we put a meter in, then you will not so easily “sin” and misuse the “space” that is for every community member's “grace.”

This is “how” every foolish council does “justify” the take that impoverishes and makes the community cry out in frustration each day when they are “delayed” and then are extorted additional money by the council's negative foray.

It appears that we “can” park a vehicle all day leaving no space for another as long as we the council for it pay. I say its time to now halt this ghastly mistake and by “force” of nil action the council and “their” heavies break.

For the systems “men” of power also have become a party to the take, as their “demand” on the community they shower via the court and its “impoverishing” system that is also a ghastly mistake. I tell you this for I am now “marked” as untrue for non payment of a “Demand Fine” issued not from heaven's land divine.

I say that I shall no payment make to any man whose “mind” is of the Devil's plan, thus I say to you and you, why not also now be true to your conscience that should say : “For our own parking place we needs not have to pay, for surely, in our own city of Launceston we have the right of way.”

Do you not realise that by “paying” the wages of meter attendants and court workers, you are condoning and thus supporting this negative system, thus it is we who are paying people wages to steal from others.

Let us the community now “tell” the Council that it needs change its way to one of “Service” and in no way must it “demand” anything from its “Employer” us. Until “the” day it changes its way then I suggest that we all just use the parking places and put no money in any meter.

If the council decides to “punish” one, then by all means just front up at the court if you wish to and “take” the alternative to the fine, as said, "Pay no money from today," that is what your God via my pen does say.

If you do not wish to front up to the court then you do not have to, for who is any “man” to so ask of you, if the court then sends someone to “arrest” you, then go calmly. It is the time for the people to change the system quietly.

Note to Council employees;

You may "believe" that I did "receive" a spiritual karmic debt/load because I did not comply with your council "rules of the road," but what man does not see is that in God's eyes there is no compliance required to man's rules/decrees/regulations.

We only "impose" a negative karmic debt/lode upon ourselves when we walk "contra" the "Only be loving, kind, compassionate. merciful and forgiving" Commandment.

You may "think" that because "a" man sees fit to impose a "tax to park" upon the community that it (the tax) is right and proper. It is not. For no man should control any other or demand aught off any other.

Thus any "controller/regulator" by their very act is "contra" the above Commandment and thus "falls" into the "dark side" of God's one law; "As you do is done unto you" and suffers the consequence later themselves. (Financial loss & punishment in some way or another.)

Thus as you "steal by mandatory ordinance" or "persecute by fine or punishment" it is your soul to "attain/gain" a karmic penalty under God's Law.

Educated man is only required to give "informative" wisdom so that others have the opportunity to "behave" in God's eyes and thus NOT be a danger unto themselves as God's ONE Law is in operation at all times (every moment).

God's One Law is but a statement of fact: "As you do is done unto you," and there are only three things we can be doing/not doing;

1 - Naught expression
2 -
Positive expression
3 -
Negative expression

Man's laws are also 'statements,' but say "If you do not comply to our demands we will steal more money off you and make you cry." Thus every punishable "law" of man is itself a negative expression.

God "asks/requires" that we only walk in the positive aspect of the law and thus ONLY be loving, merciful & forgiving etc, and at no time enforce others in any way. So the public who 'support' the system of man are themselves walking in the negative side of the law of God as they are supporting & condoning regulation and punishment.

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To the Launceston City Council & Councillors
State Department of Transport Tasmania.

I write to you ref : Mrs G. Hay, Parking Infringement Demand Notice 1145989, to advise you that I was her “chauffeur” on that day, as well as every day, for “old age” now upon her has its say, as do you I see in sending a “Final Notice” that is tinged with “infancy.”

For “someone” in your “group” did have a mind with an insane “loop” that decided to the owner fine, even if they were an angel divine. This “understanding” you may deny, but your Final demand note does definitely so imply, and it also does bear a “threat” that there is as a “safe bet” a further $ 150 to accrue if the payment demanded is not soon received by you.

So I now say to you that I demand to know the “author” of the enactment untrue that is referred to by you as you say the owner of the vehicle is responsible to pay.

It is the time for you, you and you Councillors all untrue to be confronted by society, for Launceston appears to be controlled by a “mafiosic” squad of heavies who ‘tread’ on the people who “used to” own the Town. You cannot “condone” abuse by saying : “What is the use, the State Government has so decreed that you the people must bleed.”

You now call it a City “pretty,” but it is a robbers den, where by the stroke of your arrogant pen you can use the power of the “Law” to steal any amount “quoted” by your “Red” seal.

I now tell your Council untrue as well as the planetary community too, that change is needed in that we the people must annul all “silly” past Acts seeded. This we will do as we “planetarily” sack you, being any who impose any fines upon the people whom you "serve," I suppose?

Mrs Hay has been advised by me that her money you will not see, if you decide to take her to court, then your own soul with danger is fraught, for God says : “What you do to my daughter true will by me be done to you.” Please now all your demands on the community coffers rescind, for you are all puppets working for the dark overlord who “farts” through you as you “pass on” his foul wind.

Can you not see that “anarchy” is pure iniquity, and any who for any reason deny God’s call to be ONLY loving and forgiving and merciful are anarchists of the foulest order, it is they who daily sow disorder and discontent as they are “hell bent” on using every conceivable way of stealing the “others” hard earned pay.

To The “Complainant” and the “Summonser”

Dear Kevin Styles, I see that you “freely” sign your name to a document upon which it does say; - -“I pray that the defendant may be summoned to answer this complaint and be dealt with according to law.” As “your” court of man claims to be based on the Commandment of God then “Pray” I ask “Why to our God are you untrue"? And also, "Who is this person “Her Majesty” to whom you bow in allegiance"?

By now you should have taken more than a “cursory” glance at my sacred book that says: “All who deny the LIGHT of God will of their sanity be forsook.” Meaning, that all who deny the call to be only merciful & compassionate will have the “Heavenly Book” thrown at them too. YES, God, son says; “I destroy all whom deviousness deploy.”

You “Sir” are mandated by man to deny our God of love, falsely believing that you can deny the “call” of his dove and still in heaven abide. You Sir by your own “mind” are being taken for a “ride.” Do not expect my “light” Gillian to “roll up” at your ignorant request. If you or any man seeks to speak with her then by all means come and visit. God, son awaits to see “who” is so foolish as to continue to deny me.

Who will first see the Light of day
Launceston, or the East Coast “Break O’Day”?

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Traffic “fines” department
To Kevin Styles

Kevin, I refer to the ‘above’ infringement notice and our telephone conversation in which I stated that the “system” was “using” every way it could to steal off the rate payers and thus impoverish the community. You responded by saying that if there were no fines or penalties that there would be “anarchy.”

Town regulatory “planners” have used the assumption that many of the public are selfish and non caring of others as the justification to force people to move their vehicles around like musical chairs. Not only this, but they are forced to pay for the “seat” they occupy each time they stop, and when the music commences, if they do not move quick enough, you snuff them out with an enforced monetary penalty. It is you who accept the role of “anarchist” for the price of your wage.

I hope that you now can see that all persons not heeding God’s eternal call are the anarchists, in that they have justified a reason to deny this sacred call. I not only refer you to pages 6 & 19 of my Blood” document, but to the recent TV exposure of an eighty year old ex German soldier being “tried” for war crimes where he “murdered” civilians. “I was obeying orders” he said, “In those days, orders vas orders.”

You too today as many, are going by “man’s book.” Man does not see that when “Caesar’s” council or local government body enacts a regulation, that it does not mean that you the “messenger of it” can “get away with it,” you are not exempt under God’s LAW for breaking the Command to “Only Love.”

The “supposed” traffic offender broke NO law in God’s eyes, only the ignorant regulator did. God says : “You decide to heed man’s mandate or mine as you on earth stride. You will reap what you sow.”

What I want to say to you is that all “employees” of earthly mandated systems feel justified in controlling, abusing, or incarcerating offenders, not seeing that they are personally very unwise in God’s eyes.

Thus I ask you to be true to your own soul and now ‘retire’ from your “office” before your soul drops further into spiritual mire. All humanity has been deceived and as you see, a tighter “control” web is daily being exerted over man's “way” as the Devil does its web cunningly weave, for any “movement” today we pay.

Let it here be known that at no time did I "empower" anyone, be it a legislator or City "official" to enact rules whereby I was "liable" for a monetary payment when driving on or "standing" at any place on any road or street in Tasmania.

Please note that no "person" or government System or "Council" either owns any road nor has a "right" to claim any "royalty" fee for the use of any road or part thereof.

If you "as" an employee of the Tasmanian community believe that rules or edicts enacted by "others" within your department are a "valid" reason to attempt "extortion" (theft by servant) off me using the community peace force then that is your false belief that will bring you to "grief" both materially and spiritually.

Do not expect me to "front-up" at any Court of man or to "pay-up" any monies under threat, that you so do.

As your "employer" due to my contribution to the Tasmania "welfare" economy, I state that I would like to see every Council "freed" from its own error by amending its "rule book" so that it no longer feels the need to continue extorting money off the public.

I am here to show all the new way to go, please thus let all know that God’s wisdom does now on the Internet abide. All must “change direction” and in a loving forgiving way stride. Please give a copy of the enclosed to each councillor and the mayor, and the department of transport.

Terence - 17.03.003 TL (1999)

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The following letters were written on behalf of a lady whom the council decided to prosecute because she “gave” as her donation to the community a ‘lesser’ figure than that demanded by the council.

To : Northern Midlands Council
Re: Rates Demand Notice

Thank you for your letter of 14th October, one which I appreciate is so much better in tone but which shows that you have missed the whole point of my correspondence with you. Do you not see that it is still a demand accompanied by a reprimand that more than implies that all will hear my cries as I am dragged into a court because as all governments, the Local Councils are too on their rort.

The implication of “their rort” is that all your earnings are bought by take and demand that you believe is justified by societie's command, in that you are appointed by legal means which allows you to presume you are “entitled” to annually raise the financial “take” as you say you have fallen on hard days.

This occurrence takes place planetarily and the poor public think that they must comply with the never ending demand. I am simply making a stand to show the way to others abused by the council “hand.”

For the Law of this land states that my land is freehold, that I see is but nonsense as it can be overthrown by thee at anytime you think I do not deserve my land because your demanded payments I fail to observe, and still you fail to see that your wage is paid by me.

So any flock upon your Council’s “sacred” land can be abused by court demand, a court empowered by your hand once you decide that I should go for a ride. I believe that it is complicity to be a party with a system that one of impropriety be.

And any system that can “legally” take another's land by payment default is very underhand. It is now the time for all to see that councils as all must now funded be by donation, not by “We demand $ “x” or you will suffer repatriation.”

So I say : "I did in no way make you a promise which allowed you to bring upon me my own demise if I failed to pay your “expectation” any day. I stated to you that as a soul true I did pay you what I deemed a proper amount for services that did “amount” from your “expressed” services to me personally."

Please therefore understand that any “act” you deem a “legal action” is an act of retribution and thus you will personally become responsible to our God up high who says “All who cause pain shall cry.” I can only suggest that your department make a new study of the manner in which its funds are raised. I am telling the world that it is time for “better days.”

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To : Northern Midlands Council
Re: Rates Demand Notice

I refer to your letter of final demand dated 27.10.97. In this letter you state that you will “elect” an agency to collect monies off me that you deem as a debt to yourselves.

Pray I ask, “When did this debt incur, and to “what” particular service does it infer"? Because I do emphatically state that I did not at any time “agree” verbally or otherwise that you were entitled by “position” of your office to demand off me any monies or to berate me.

Do you not now “see” how council and other government departments have for so long assumed it their right to “Take by demand and force” monies off the public ?

As stated, I do not owe you anything, however, if you so “think” I do, and wish it to be taken off me by a Court “untrue,” then that is your prerogative.

I shall go my way until the day I go to heaven, and until that day I sup on God’s leaven which says : “Be loving and kind to those who would steal off you or you bind.”

So it is “your” soul that may be “bought” by the Devil, for the path you take is so fraught with danger that it is I to say to you : “Please defer and refer to the now documented ‘The Testament of Truth’ and read the contents of the CD I give and your soul with wisdom seed before you personally proceed and thus ahead bleed.”

Remember, whatever “costs” are incurred are public funds that you will also need to steal off the public purse as you “seal” the next annual take demand.

Did I “tender” for your services ?

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Tasmanian Collection Service
Re: Rates Legal recovery action advice, 12/12/97

I refer to your note unsigned sent to me, “Pray” I ask what you mean by the words “Legal action for recovery”? Surely I needs incur a debt before anyone would assume that an attempt for its recovery would be legal.

Firstly, I do not have any debt with yourselves, and secondly I ask why you believe that you have the right to ask me for monies another states that I owe them.

If you believe that you are “endowed” with the right to be the “heavy” and take by force through ill gotten means monies off people just because “others” say it is owed to them, then that too is your prerogative to “try.”

Did you write first and “ask” me if I had dues to pay to the “other” arrogant one who also "assumes” it is their divine right to demand a "certain” wage off the public? No, you just blithely send out notices on behalf of a public department and expect me and no doubt others to pay up, and if we do not, then you endeavour to use an “Illegal” justice department to enforce your “ask” as well as expenses accrued.

I use the word “illegal,” for as said in my previous letter to the council :

“Pray I ask, “when” did I this debt incur, and to “what” particular service does it infer? Because I do emphatically state that I did not at any time “agree” verbally or otherwise that you were entitled by “position” of your office to demand off me any monies or to berate me?"

Do you not now “see” how council and other government departments have for so long assumed it their right to “Take by demand and force” monies off the public ?

As stated, I do not owe you anything, however, if you so “think” I do, and wish it to be taken off me by a Court “untrue,” then that is your prerogative.............. "Did I “Tender” for your services” ?

And, as I did not ask for the “said” rendered service, I believe that any court that prosecutes this or similar "demands” by yourselves are themselves thieves on the take. So I again say, I owe you nothing, I owe the council nothing, thus my conscience is clear and I do not fear what will happen to me if you and “yours” drag me off to the court.

I shall but pray that the magistrate is one not “bought” by an ailing society, but that he is one of propriety who can stand tall and see the reality of that which I speak, and not only set me of your demands free, but who will take into account your improprietous demands and tells you of your default in God’s eyes.

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Further to this, on your again “unsigned” note of 17.11.97, you state that this “bad” account has been recorded on your Credit Bureau file under my name.

It has also been confirmed to me by phone that you were advised to so do by your client the Midlands Council. It has also been stated to me by phone that as the council never “lie” as far as debts go, that you were and always “are” prepared to believe them, and are thus prepared by this “act” taken solely by yourselves, to slander another's name. I therefore ask the magistrate to also take this into account when “judgement” is passed on this case.

Foolish it seems are those who “believe” that they are mandated to go against the “Father’s” demand to only love one another, you not only bring others to justice, but also slander others and make them grieve, believing falsely that they are miscreants who rightly deserve to have the book thrown at their head by you.

Please now change your “way” for it is but your soul now “judged and bound,” also please read the Final Notice on the web page inspired by the risen Messiah:

I am a busy lady, by your letter, you have asked me to write to you: “Please quote our ref : BARNCC 02," - "Thus you have tendered for my time, please note that this letter costs you $ ---. I expect your cheque by return mail."

Your letter also advises me that you have instructed your solicitors to prepare the necessary documents to “convict” me. If you as the “Agency” similarly as the “Council” are unable to present your own case to the court due to your wish to “steal from a distance,” then do not expect me to pay the wages of “other” thieves as well.

As your “letters” of threat and contempt and demand are all unsigned, I can only assume that “you” whoever you be are afraid to be known publicly.

If you believe I am a “thief” and have failed to pay monies for a service tendered for by myself, then surely you can personally stand up in court in front of God and me and politely tell the magistrate so as I present my own case. I am but a simple woman, are you a wimp? As said, do not waste my time any further.


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~ Farm loan repayment ‘defaulters’ ~
Reply to eviction threats

Dear Bank Manager, I do suddenly realise that in the past I was not wise when I signed my property over to you against a loan that has become “untrue.” For I do see that on that past day, ownership of my “place” was transferred to “another” being you, and you now wield a heavy mace as you say “Pay up or go away.”

I do see that it is an “act” of impropriety for me to “slave” for you night and day and pay you as well because interest rates and circumstance bring me to the gates of hell. I do believe that as you are the “owner” of “my” lands and home that it is you to pay me a “royalty” as caretaker for you until you are able to sell the property now owned by you by virtue of your demands.

Thus I now declare that I shall seek to sell no “ware” that is yours, and I shall pay no more “price” being the demand of interest rates not nice. I shall also now ask of you to pay me a sum monthly of $ 600 that be a pittance for “protecting” lands now owned by thee.

Be also advised that I shall invoice you this amount thirty days from today. If you decide to evict me then that be “your way” and our God will speak to you another day.

Any banker true would see that in reality the caretaker “has” an “invisible” share of their property, and as such the banker would not seek to retribution wreak upon one who for “whatever” reason could their loan repayments not meet.

It is now my intent to take care of these lands and to continue on farming for “us,” so that neither “my” share nor “your” investment “per loan funded” is not lost. Please advise me if you can agree that I remain “in situ” as a caretaker for thee.

Refer to the “Caretaker Moratorium” for bankers
under the “
National Currency crisis” document.


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To : “The Prosecutor & the Judge”
c/o The Magistrates Court

Dear “Unknown”

I refer to your “judgement in absentia” issued upon me in the form of a “Notice of fine” that is accompanied by a threat of arrest if unpaid within four weeks, with the “added” burden of another monetary charge.

Your “Invoice” 1049280 states a “certain” amount Due. I hereby advise you that this “figure” is UNTRUE as I owe you naught, for nothing off you was bought. Therefore I your notice return, and advise you that it is the TIME for you to learn that it is improper in God’s eyes to “attempt” to off another $$ steal, and thus you are unwise.

It is a “fact” that your “actions” are by your “own” mandated “Acts” backed, but what you do not see is that God says that all men are free from the “requirements” of other men, who “control” the free “way” of others and steal “money” from others in the guise of “Its for the good of society.”

Be they mandated or otherwise, that reason is not a valid one in God’s eyes to “defend you for your acts of impropriety in denying God’s “Forgiveness” call of you to any who “offend” your consciousness by their actions. You “son” will pay for all acts carried out by you that are in God’s eyes less than “Only loving.”

Man “somehow” believes that his mandate not only “justifies” his negative actions but “legally” overrides God’s ONE LAW and thus he will avoid the “Reaping” consequences. Man as you will soon see has for “ages” been very foolish in his ignorance of God’s REALITY that will show “itself” in the manner revealed to all humanity via my sacred pen.

Please seek the FINAL message from God to all offenders such as yourselves on web page - - Please do not “trouble” me any more by sending demands to my door.

Note to readers : If you are “called” to “any” man’s “Court,” then the Light says : “It is not I who calls you into my sight, therefore you do not have to “show.”

If you are then enforceably brought to stand “trial” for any act, be it in contravention of man’s law or God’s, you may speak the truth, or you may remain silent. Either way, you will be “judged” by the darkness through the mind of the arrogant ones who “hold you,” as they persecute in “contempt” of God’s forgiveness call.

Do not “pay” any monetary fine, just take the alternative, be it imprisonment or “enslaved” labour, in this event, you may decline to work and will then take the alternative to that, which may be “additional” imprisonment time or physical abuse, or even “crucifixion.”

You will only “receive” your just due and punishment that you deserve from the past, be it from this life or another. Naught will be done unto you that you do not need to “suffer” to free you from your past.

Any “free giving” monetary payment or acquiescence to demands just “lengthens and deepens” your spiritual “debt and suffering.” You may not be able to understand this. Just trust and “suffer” the consequences and the quicker are you free from your persecutors.

Be courageous, and thus to your own soul true.

Blessed God, please help all to see
just how iniquitous m
an's system be
please now open all eyes so all can see
that we must love all your children placed before we

Terence, God’s “pen” Mercy


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To : The Anti Discrimination Board
Ref : Anti discrimination ACT of 1977

I refer to your “notice” in the Trading Post ref discriminatory advertising, and wish to advise you that the “Act of 1977” is an act very untrue, and also is discriminatory itself, as it puts “choosers” on a “shelf.” It the “Act” states that “it” must have “its” way.

This very act is discriminatory I say. Thus if I wish to “someone” employ, I reserve the right to advertise the “post” saying : "I need a “woman” or a “man” or a “child” and if you cannot “French” as a Frenchman speak, then I do not your application seek.

And, if you “get” pregnant and need time “off,” then for no “work” I’ll give you a “hat toff” and wish you well as you relax with no pay for a spell.

And, if you get sick whilst working for me then do not expect me to “flick” pennies to you, for if you are true then you’ll take out your own insurance as I pay only for work done."

So as said, if I need a “female” around, then by any silly “Act” I’ll not be bound. If I’m “tired” of seeing “white” faces around, then I’ll advertise until an “Asian” is found. Too many today expect “others” to heed their “discriminatory” demands. I say that freedom of choice is the way from today.

Foolish is mankind” who have been deluded into “thinking” that “Justice” is found by enacting regulations to control the freedom of choice of others.

Foolish is “any” who uses their foolish “illegal” enactments to justify retribution against any who comply not with their “arrogant” demands.

If any person “finds” that they are “unemployable,” then they had better ask God “Why”? and God up high will say : “My child, why cry, why not use the arms and legs given unto you and TRY and weave your own basket and plant your own vege patch before I put you into a casket.”

All via some “means” or another demand work or free pay. It’s now the time to “get busy” and then you’ll have something to eat or sell or give away. Please visit my web site and become enlightened quickly, for all humanity walks the wrong way today as they heed the false “call” of the invisible dark destroyer who seemingly “justly” sings his song of vengeance and retribution.

As for “words” and their today “implied” discrimination, ie: Salesman, it does not imply a “male” person, it categorises the “nature” of a position. So we do not need to change the dictionary to “Sales person.”

Leave the “old” words be until the world has “found” sanity, or all will end up in a “pickle & bother” as we will not know the differences between “sister or brother,” as some will call them “gay,” and we’ve already lost the TRUE meaning of that word today.

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~ Vehicle Registration Fee ~
Department of Transport Tasmania

I have written a few lines to you below ref “compulsory” for I believe that the whole planet does the wrong way go. For in every “aspect” of regulation do “acts & possibilities” grow, and due to this, more and more demands via taxes and fees upon the public does the system bestow, and in order to “franchise” the “Act,” by much “time & manpower” needs it be backed.

Thus as said the costs do rise and as all become penniless they the system more despise. Every “department” needed to “take” in order to cover “maintenance & costs” expenses to roads whenever we drive or brake. And “above” this I do see is the ever increasing “service” fee.

Let’s now change the way it is run, for soon we will all in impoverishment fall undone. Let us no longer any tax via licence fee impose. This is the “ask” from my inner “rose.” Let the user be the one to pay. Thus my car can stand unused for free. No annual “tax,” no fee, no insurance called for by any.

Then when I upon the road would stride, let my fuel cost feed the roads upon which I ride. Let the maintenance costs come out of the fuel “surcharge,” so this way the annual demand does not into the “door” of a non user “barge.”

Thus too are “we” users set free from the extraordinary costs for printing set by thee, as well as “labour” that in reality a waste of time be. We may also “find” that as we “car drivers” are no longer “paying the way” for the large transport fuel users, that goods once more would find their way to the rail depots.

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Vehicle Registration
Compulsory ‘TP’ Insurance

It’s now the time for all society to become demure and not demand that the “other” driver does them insure against personal injury or loss, for surely we can buy our own “candy floss?”

If I am “knocked down” by your vehicle, I should not expect that your insurance policy must for me pay. If I “think” that my flesh I needs “insure” against possible accident then I should be “frank” with myself, and say :

“If another does knock me down because they are driving like a “silly clown,” then God says I must “him” forgive so we both in God’s LIGHT live. So I will make no “false” claim for I am not vain and as said, I will remain “pure” in God’s Light and thus myself insure. If for any reason I am not insured and I suffer, well then, I shall go my way “asking” for help, not demanding that others pay."

It is the time for us to see that annual vehicle registration “fees” be only for the roads we needs maintain, not for “others” to via “illegal” legal means to “gain” vast sums of money in compensation off you or me via our policies or of their nearest relation.

Self sufficiency is the way today. So from this moment on let no vehicle registration department demand that we “contribute” any “sum” for policy “underwrite,” as this demand is not right in the eyes of God.

Insure your own vehicle, do not expect this of me.
Insure your own
“flesh” and claim naught off me.

If I did cause pain through my “default,” then it is God to “Insure via Ensure” that I will not evade God’s “Reaping Vault.” If you try and make me pay, then you will “give up” all you “claimed” to God another day.

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~ Speeding infringement notice ~
Statutory Declaration reference an “other” driving

Sample letter - To: The officer in charge - Traffic Branch

Dear Sir, Ref speeding ticket no:

As a responsible community member it is not my intent to "flaunt" warning signs that indicate possible dangers to self or others if the indicated advisory speed limit is exceeded.

That you hold a mandate to issue a fine "ticket" to any exceeding that speed sign limit is not "questioned" but is rebuffed by me namely because I do not believe that I am "covered" under any mandate issued by other men. Let them subject themselves to such if they so wish.

Secondly, I feel that any community "force" should be used to apprehend those who actually offend God by disturbing the peace of others and these "miscreants" should be brought to a place where they can be counselled as to their error which does effect them ahead, and then set free.

As said, I have no intention of either paying this fine or attending the Court in default. If you wish to come and arrest me and have me "dragged" under armed police guard to stand in front of any magistrate then that is your choice and it is you then disturbing the peace in God's eyes.

Try and see that to arrest me "someone" is required to impose themselves uncivilly upon my "freedom" due to their false programming & belief. Thus "your" act is of both negative intent and action, this is an act unwise.

It is beyond my comprehension that any taxpayer would continue to fund "your" wages, being the "authorisation" to "by mandate" steal millions of dollars off the community in the guise of "It's for your own good."

It is the time for the community to see that all must be permitted to freely do what they wish to without 'let or hindrance' from others.

By all means have advisory signs to aid the community, but if any wish to ignorantly or arrogantly 'flaunt' that advice and they cause pain or damage to others then it is our God to inflict the same suffering upon them another day. - -

Ref "dobbing-in" defaulters etc.

“Issuing Officer,” you might have been programmed to believe that “dobbing in” a defaulter is “good” citizenship in our society, but I know that that belief is falsity and that course of action is detrimental to one's “soul.” For our God said :

“Forgive any you ‘think’ may a defaulter be,
if in heaven you would live with me.”

So all I can say to the “System” today is that for your default I do pray. For in the guise of seeking justice you put the “dark side” into practise, and as you judge & condemn, you “justify” further and steal money in the guise of “honest” retribution says God’s pen.

"And all who are a party to the “break,”
and all who are a party to the $ “take,”
and all who are a party to make any cry
will be themselves punished"
says our God up high.

I speak now to the “populace.” If any “person” comes to you and says “Please ‘dob' in” or “Please give information that will lead to an arrest.” I for God’s Light attest that all who so comply through self righteousness or fear will find that ahead, a Reaper to them will draw near and they will then suffer as they pay for denying God’s call of "MERCY" on a past day.

If any “System's men” approach you saying “If you don’t tell us “who” did “this or that” then we will assume that you are a party to the default and we will lock you up in a vault,” then I say that you should say : “To me you can do whatever you wish to, I will stay true to my God above who says : 'Be only merciful and only love,' thus I cannot aid you in your retributive way.”

I can only say : “I was not the driver on “that” day, and I needs not it “swear” before any man, thus I have done all I needs do which is to point you to God’s message true, and it is now up to you to do what you would do, be it in your God’s eyes true or untrue.”

Even if I had been the driver, I would admit to no wrong in God’s eyes, and would still be unable to pay your fees demanded, for “It is unwise to freely give to thieves,” says our God in the skies, “They come in many guises.”

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~ “Conspiracy” to Retribution ~

Any person who “nominates” the name of any “other” as the “party” who was the “offender,” be it the driver of a speeding vehicle or other, becomes a part of the retributionary enforcement “Unit” that is the reaper in action. This negative “interaction” is retribution and thus contrary to God’s call of Forgiveness.”

If your vehicle has been driven by “another” at a “reckless” pace then it is you to personally them advise that their actions were arrogant and unwise, and that if they “had” caused pain to any other then they placed their own soul in “bother” for they would ahead reap the pain they did sow as “another” person would one day “strike” them with a blow.

As for man’s ungodly enforcement policies, you needs not comply. For if you do then as said, it is our God to you later “try” for being a “party” to persecution. All “penalty” demands off you by Councils or Police or any *Authority* must be ignored and their “demand notices” of reprimand returned to them with direction to this web site document.

Further to this, if you “freely” pay a fine it implies that you are “giving in” to the demands of a thief who has “hoodwinked” you into believing that their “extortion” demand is a “virtuous” payment. This is false, and if you give in through fear of further retribution, then you are “aiding” in their spiritual demise.

I hope that “they” the system’s enforcers become a little wise, for all man’s enforcers are workers for the Devil who is working through the mind of man (powers thought the norm) in the “guise” of “civil rights,” and the courts of man are the Devil’s “place” of jurisdiction where his judgement and punishment is meted out through the minds of the “lost” human race.

Any person who is a “party” to a “submission” for the Devil, be it by “serving” a notice of “intent to prosecute,” or serving a notice of a “fine,” or any other part of the extortion or punishment of offenders are all offenders in the eyes of God and the Devil, and it is the Devil to later bring them all to account once their spiritual debts did mount.

“Authority”* - All “Authorities” are intruders, manipulators, controllers, regulators, and all mete out retribution if their “compliance code” is not met. All who work for any such “authority” are working for the dark force as IT wages its eternal retributionary WAR, as well as ensnaring those who for it work.

Children, we don’t need to “elect” men to govern and control us, and dictate to us, and punish us. We need to elect our God of love to inspire us daily to freely others respect and love. This way no “System” will there be, and no taxes stolen off you and me. Only people of LIGHT who work and travel and trade freely and help others, even those out of their sight.

Blessed LIGHT, please help humanity to see that we all should ONLY counsellors be.

It is I now to counsel all humanity for all “offenders” be.

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~ Dee Margetts (Senator) ~
Editing of text

Further to your response to my letter to Senator Lightfoot, in which you state that I waste an awful lot of time to a "no benefit" end by 'editing' & 'coloring' my communications, I say: Like many other "areas" today, we the people have become very slack to the point where because we are becoming illiterate, that so few take the time out to prepare a "formatted" document.

Maybe this is why so few people understand the written Word? I see that, as HTML is more in use, that we seem to be "excused" from using capitol letters & format "justification" of text. Maybe it is the time to go back to basics and teach our children and selves that "capitols" & "underlining" & "bolding" & "inverted commas" & "italics" etc., do bring added "meaning & emphasis" to the word.

Dee, when you go to a restaurant to have a meal, do you sup on it and taste it or do you just comment on the "way" the Chef did "deal it up" into your sight with colored "capsicums" to help it look "bright" so that you could see the "text" you do consume?

Dear lady, to help the community which includes thee, I have spent many a long year and many a "late" night preparing God's "bread," being "fresh wisdom" to place in your sight before the planet goes into relapse and every "society" does collapse.

"Australians" have a wonderful opportunity to "see" the wisdom "first hand" from me, for I do here "live" and my "time" I freely give to any seeking help who wish to know how the satanic "whelp" is to souls "devour" due to "His" belly feeling very sour.

I ask, "Other than the "look" of my text, did you on the content reflect, or did you but give it a cursory glance as 'strange' thoughts in your mind did "dance"? I would "hope" that my "word" is a "painted picture" that will endure.

Please read my message from GOD to humanity

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~ Computer 'Virus' protection ~

Computer viruses are "man made," and some become email "attachments" that can cause an inconvenience to me or you and your computer contents too.

The "manufacturers" are 'poor' souls who see not that their "mischievousness" is to themselves being untrue, for what they put out does one day come back and cause them flack.

There are a "few" new viruses sent into circulation each day. The virus protection Service Providers do make "antidotes" and thus it is "imperative" that your computer virus protection system is not only the "best" but is kept updated weekly from the Service source to ensure maximum protection.

If your computer is not adequately protected then you will unknowingly spread the "infection" quickly as you send out emails each day.

A computer virus is like a "common cold" that we "catch" when communicating with others, be they young or old. So on this we needs a little reflection as well as giving our computer as much aid as we can with "protection."

But if we are sensible Internet travellers we will not "freak out" if a virus does enter in and make our "system" weak. No, we will accept it as a fact of life and not get upset and at others shout. Just today open a fresh page and find out what to do when we have caught a "cold" and thus we "come of age."

To top of pagepage 20

There is a virus of the soul that has crept in like a "sole," a fish underfoot, and your soul cannot "re-boot" like a computer virus scanner for you cannot enter your soul with a spanner.

This deadly virus did every human spirit soul breach, and only I can you teach what now to "do" if you would "clear" your inner "space" and finally purified become a soul true.

For it matters not what man does say about your "Salvation" way. NO, for all did get it wrong, and I say that this "spider" virus has a "web" that is built with infinite threads and all of them are very strong, and they have "seeped" into every soul that has ever done any "wrong."

Over "aeons" of time did it contaminate souls who became less than divine. Yes, all became "infected" because their minds were not protected against the ingress of negative thought through which a "man's" sins are bought.

For as we use the poison of this virus and others abuse, it the dark poisoner does our souls infuse with its dark energy and that is the emotions of sin within (anger-fear-hatred-greed etc).

So to overcome this "virus of the soul" we need detection of it. That is the observation of our "actions" when under "duress" as well as the recovery "clean up" of the mess. The detection is when you can consciously see that you less than a real kindly forgiving "Godly" soul be and thus you are contaminated.

IF you retaliate in the face of adversity, or are unforgiving or merciless towards others who are "wrong" or "bad" in your eyes, or if you are less that wise as to the real message of mine in the skies about Salvation through self crucifixion, meaning "Go as a lamb to the slaughter" if you are being "chastised," then it is apparent to you and me that this black widow spider virus has been impregnated into thee.

Your mind is like the computer "fax" modem that permits internal/external - positive/negative energy flow to "grow" in your soul due to your expressed deeds that are the result of your thoughts.

Unlike the computer, you cannot "purge" contaminant "emotional" viruses from your soul. You can only "halt" the ingress that "powers up" and enlarges the "Sin" virus already within you, as when you "fight" and deny the Light.

The "dark energy" ingress is only halted when you "wisen-up" and in heeding the call of non-retaliation and non-expression of negativity, you halt the ingress of dark energy.

The Recovery is by first seeding your mind with my fresh wisdom from above, and by daily fortifying your mind with the Star prayer and God's love. Then the system "clean-up" is done by God whose "grace" will purge the souls of all who put down the verbal and physical mace.

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