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~ Open Letter ~
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This document is written to expose the 'depth' of anarchy and treason which exists within Australia at the highest levels of government. It is written so as to break the 'spell' binding the minds of those who walk in halls of power and/or who wield great power over the lives of others due to their 'office' positions in 'official' departments, namely the Australian Taxation Office and their enforcers.

It is written so as to reveal 'how' society breaks down when 'some' exceed their authority (politicians) and they invoke rules, decrees, statutes etc., enabling people to be threatened, coerced, persecuted and impoverished. These 'excesses' of interference are all backed by force of arms and the resultant activities exceed the mandate granted by the Constitution of Australia and lead to CHAOS.

As peaceful persons are proven to be 'harassed and persecuted' in contravention of the Constitutional Authority, it proves that political DICTATORSHIP has become the 'order of the day' and there is no democratic freedom in this or any land on earth today.

This 'paper' is 'tabled' to THE WORLD on my web site so that everyone can come to their own personal opinion and 'judgement' as to its 'validity' or otherwise for them and what they will 'do' with its revelations. Read on:

Dear Mr. Robert Ravanello, (Deputy Commissioner of Taxation)

Your ref: 1012465876182

I refer to your letter to my client Mrs. C. Barnes dated 27 May 2013 stating: "You need to comply with your tax obligations and you are being 'penalised' by a daily 'interest' charge each day your account remains unpaid - - - we will begin debt collection action."

I need to be a little 'firmer' I see with my letters to YOUR department, for it appears that after more than three letters written VERY PLAINLY in the ENGLISH language to the Commissioner of taxation and others, that the 'case' is simply being 'shunted' down the line now to you and, - - -

Everyone in 'power' is so 'wrapped up' in their 'belief' that their department is above the RULE OF LAW of this land that they can continue ON in their persecution of Mrs. Barnes and exceed the authority granted unto them by the ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY, being THE CONSTITUTION as well as the MILITARY powers who UPHOLD the Constitution.

I can but reiterate to you and everyone in your department that your continued 'activity' of threats, coercion, harassment and persecution of my client is TREASON on the part of everyone concerned. It is an ILLEGAL activity and the claims are FALSE and, - - -if you continue ON with said persecution it also proves that ANARCHY exists in Australia and that politicians and tax officials and their 'enforcers' ARE in COLLUSION  against THE PEOPLE, the flag, the nation, and the CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY.

It has been REVEALED by my 'pen' in the attached letters (documents) to your 'office' that Mrs. Barnes is LEGALLY defiant of the claims you make against her for REASONS given OPENLY. "Why then" I ASK "Can you this not see"?

Your 'office' demands are always backed by 'rules, laws, decrees, statutes' raised UP by irresponsible politicians who are 'seemingly' unaware of the Constitutional Authority and their demands are 'backed' by Police officers who 'arrest' citizens and drag them away. Is this not so?

If you read some of my attached 'linked' letters you will see that some of the recent legislation actually empowers 'enforcers' and 'debt collectors' to DO 'whatever' they wish to, even if that involves the denial of a citizen seeking 'legal' discussion in a court. This illegal extortionist activity actually forces the enforcement agencies to exceed the powers granted unto them by THE CONSTITUTION and everyone is GUILTY of anarchy and treason, albeit they know IT not.

I am simply doing my BEST to help you to this see BEFORE the coming TERRIBLE CALAMITY.

People today are 'so' blind and arrogant that they now ASSUME that they can 'steal' openly from EVERYONE (legally illegally) and get 'away' with it 'Scott free.' This is a 'fallacy' - a 'dream' - a 'spell' blinding them. It is INSANITY but the 'insane' see IT not.

Stability and PEACE South of the Equator has been 'seen' to be a 'happy state' but NOT FOR LONG I say because, - - - too many have 'strayed' away for THE TRUE PATH and as said, - - - they now BELIEVE in their 'right' and 'supernatural powers' to 'rape & pillage & steal' LEGALLY.

It is I now to ADVISE you and 'all' that 'when' the 'mark' of decency is 'overstepped' by UNCIVIL 'civilians' of political standing it is THEN that Military Powers (Dictatorship) take CONTROL.

It is MY 'pen' to advise you, alert you, WARN YOU that the 'mark' has been 'exceeded' and that it is THE MILITARY who uphold THE CONSTITUTION.

I have been ADVISED by the MILITARY 'Chief of Staff' that ANY 'case of irregularity' in respect of the 'Freedom of Religion' clause of THE CONSTITUTION will result in 'Chaos' in the land and, - - - that any 'such' ACTION will result in a SWIFT 'execution' of Military 'Justice' imposed upon the 'heads' of ANY person 'complicit' to/with such 'devilish' works.*

Note: 'devilish' works * - Defiance of the religious freedoms of the peaceful and attempting to coerce and threaten and thus force  them to fund, support, condone a contra doctrine to that which they presently adhere to, being their religious ideology, conscience and belief in PEACE and absolute pacifism.

Absolute pacifists cannot 'obey' orders or statutes or rules issued by other persons which in their mind are unconscionable or in 'conflict' with God's Command.

Persons taking a wage to uphold the 'rules' or decrees of their 'bosses' have NO 'legitimate' right to impose said 'taxing' or any other dictates upon other peaceful people going about their daily business LEGALLY in God's eyes as well as within the Constitution of the land.

Slavery exists in this land because those believing in the apparent absolute power of political dictators are living in a delusion and are using the PUBLIC 'peace force' as their personal 'heavies' to back them up using force of arms. (Weapons) This of itself proves that a Military dictatorship already exists. Woe indeed is the 'result' soon to be as the 'intimidated' flocks become mentally disturbed by VERY DARK THOUGHTS due to the livelihood of their families now in serious danger.


I reiterate. Any person in any official position doing 'anything,' be IT sanctioned by statues or otherwise, which is a contravention of the Constitutional Authority is TREASON and ANARCHY in action.

For any politician to 'invoke' any rule, decree, law, statute exceeding the Constitutional Authority by ENABLING the 'Freedom of Religion' clause to be 'sidelined' is of itself an ACT of DICTATORSHIP and NO 'democracy' exists.

More and more 'strictures' are imposed upon THE PEOPLE by politicians who are 'operating' in excess of their Constitutional 'mandate' and said 'strictures' are thus ILLEGAL and, - - - as a consequence, ILLEGAL interference, control, punishment and impoverishment is enforced by THE POLICE.

The Police 'force' executive authority 'head' needs to comprehend the 'difficult' situation their officers are IN due to using ILLEGAL rules of operation which is in fact THEM 'waging war' upon THE PEOPLE whom they 'swear' an 'oath' to PROTECT.

The Police 'service' now must decide as to which 'side' they will GIVE their 'allegiance,' - - - to the politicians or to THE PEOPLE - - - in this coming time of GLOBAL DISASTER soon to overtake this 'shore' as fast as an 'American' TORNADO.

When THE PEOPLE become emotionally aroused and 'persecuted' then CIVIL WAR erupts. THE PEOPLE pay the wages of all - - - THE PEOPLE need PEACE in order to 'prosper' and pay for the services every community needs, wants, desires.

When there is NO peace, there is but chaos and disarray and disrespect and disruption and total destruction. ALL SUFFER.

Too many people today are 'relying' on TEXT in books to legitimise their interference in the lives of others. It is the time to exercise ones God given CONSCIENCE. Please now MARK MY WORDS:

Any person continuing to 'illegally' interfere in the lives of others will by 'great powers' be 'found' and DEALT WITH.
If your intent is to control, dominate, interfere or cause harm, you are bound by Satan's 'charm.'

Soon, everyone 'marked' by THE BEAST is to be 'swept away' INTO THE ABYSS.
Enforced taxation is EVIL - "Give with love" our God does say.
"As you sow so shall ye reap" - is THE LAW

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of THE LAW excuses no one.

Mr. Ravanello, I EXPECT a 'letter of apology' to be sent by 'courier' to Mrs. Barnes as soon as possible. I also 'ask' that 'when' your legal team has 'examined' my 'defence papers' that their 'name' and response to YOU is sent to ME so that I can examine IT and, - - - ITS 'findings' are to be made PUBLIC via the news media so that everyone can see the 'State of the land' and also to see IF the Constitution is still ALIVE or DEAD.

The PEOPLE want to KNOW


The below relevant Links are on line at: :


For centuries untold simple man has been ruled and dictated to by armed 'strong men' and their forces who believed in their right to so do. It is I now by the power of my pen to 'abolish' this error of belief and once man has passed through the turmoil to now be, the better and correct and ONLY way forward will be implemented, being:

No person will interfere in the life of any other for any reason. No person will TAKE by enforced taxation from any other as all will OBEY their God and 'Give with love' to the needy and any community effort will be by donation only. Naturally everyone will pay for the services rendered unto them by others which they personally require and ask for.

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