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Giant ~~~~~~ W    ~~~~ ~~ S ~~ Warning

Pacific ocean Giant Tsunami Waves

~ Introduction ~ 

This document is a "warning" of impending disaster, but the 'date' or year of the fulfilment of the vision of giant waves is not known as I am not God, and God has not yet made me aware of 'the' day or year.

My intent was to "show" all a Vision * I had many years ago that is now documented on line. It is a vision that will come to pass, and is to have very sad consequences due to disbelief and "non" action in the area of personal "preparedness" for disasters.

I do yet hope that some "believers" will prepare to share their homes and hearts. For not only do those living on sea going craft or by the sea need to know "where to go" when the warning becomes "real," but also those living on high ground need to make some provision for the time when literally multitudes will become homeless.

It appears "today," that whenever any catastrophe 'strikes,' all look to some governmental system to "bail them out." All are ready to expect or  demand aid. I wish to warn you all now that the impending catastrophe is of such gigantic proportions, that there will be a total collapse of all "systems" and thus self-sufficiency is the requirement.

Not only this, but we must and will come to the realization that all people are to be subjected to trying times and that we must be prepared to treat all "strangers" as though they were our close relations. For in the eyes of God, this is what they are. Let us now make the necessary mental preparation so that we can be truly caring to all who come to our door.

I "present" some letters for you in the hope that you are "better off" for the day in that you will have made a little preparation. If you live near the shore then I hope you will have placed a little "store" of supplies with friends inland. If you own a small "craft" or a ship then I hope your "reaction" to information received is "quick" and thus you avoid a "total loss" situation.

If you live near the sea and believe me, then it is the time to now relocate to higher ground and safety. If you are a fisherman seeking to continue to feed your family and others, then it is the time to consider a 'trailerable' boat that is kept 'afloat' on the trailer on dry land before and after your days fishing for sure.

If you are a commercial fishing venture, then if your 'ship' is based on the sea well away from the coast it is best for sure.

Either way, on the day your mind will need to be "strong" to keep out "Devilish" thoughts that will try and incite you to do "wrong." Thus when this document you did read, then go direct to the 12 or 2 page "Brief Summary" of the message on this web site that is given in 17 languages and prepare to "save your soul."

Note: Vision *- Visions of the Last Prophet < visions1.htm

Update 1 Jan 2005 (009 TL) - The recent Indian Ocean Tsunami is not the one reported on herein. 
But it is a 'warning' of the huge Pacific Ocean catastrophe yet to unfold. 
You have hereby been foretold and warned of what is to now be.

 Good luck - Terence.

Item - 9 p. - The 'hand' & 'Act of God'


To Toppage 1

To the: International Maritime Authority
Notices to Seamen ALERT !

To any who can "believe," I do write enclosing a copy of my message sent to the "Cruising Helmsman" magazine. It contains some information which will assist your departments in making "some" preparation for soon coming catastrophic times.

The mentioned catastrophe is that of earth changes which will not only affect sea going persons and coastal inhabitants, but there is also further information available which will give all an understanding of the "why" for the planetary rising confrontation, aggression, and rising insanity (non reason).

This is extremely important to the Masters of all sea going vessels as they are dependent upon having sane rational minds at all times, and the times now upon us are leading many to lose control of their minds at the most inopportune moments.

Please look very deeply at what is offered to you. The following is a part of the letter sent to the magazine .........

More pertinent to the cruising helmsman however is my book of "Visions" in which I have seen a coming catastrophe of truly gigantic proportions which will affect every Seafarer in the Pacific basin soon......

Extract from page 29 of the book "The Visions of the Last Prophet" ...quote...

I wheeled in the air as though I was a fish eagle, seeing the long stretch of modern high rise buildings stretching many kilometres. Away to the west, rose the Tamborine mountain range about ten kilometres away. I kept turning until I faced the eastern horizon. The sea was calm, there was suddenly a swiftly moving energy wave flashing across the Pacific.  As it approached the shallowing waters of the continental shelf it turned into a GIANT wave, - - -

-- up -- UP -- UP -- it rose.

An enormous body of water, travelling at such a speed that the face of it was almost vertical. Due to its depth, it was a very dark blue colour, its summit were over one thousand feet. I felt that 350 metres would be a reasonable estimation. *

The wave totally covered the distance of my vision along the coastline to the north and south, and swept in destroying all in its path. The water from the wave swept inland, right up to the low foothills below the Tamborine range. It was truly an unbelievable sight to see.

As this wave receded, other wave surges rolled in, it went on and on, nothing stood before them. My long distant vision suddenly picked up movement, just above the line that the waters were reaching to, and I saw rows of people lined up outside tents.

All were being inoculated. I realised that either there had been some prior warning of this cataclysmic event.

I can only now consciously assume that there has been some huge undersea volcanic eruption off the Australian coastline, possibly in the area of the Lord Howe "rise" some 700 kms off shore or other cataclysmic ocean disturbance. The vision faded, and was replaced by another.

I have been given no indication of when this is to take place but I write of it so that 'believers' in the 'possibility' have the opportunity to either move inland or, at least make some provision and make arrangement with friends inland with whom they can stay. I say this because even though there will be prior warning of this 'wave' and many will be 'saved' as such, they will have no home to return to ..... unquote

Note a reasonable estimation. * - This height of 350 metres is the height of the 'standing' wave that had reared up prior to 'breaking' as it reached the continental shelf of any land. A wave of this magnitude would 'break' and begin to 'collapse' when many kilometres offshore. From this moment onwards it would become a tumbling cascade of broken seas with a frontal height of between 50 to 75 metres or so, travelling at 'frightening' and very destructive speed, with the capacity to destroy all 'shipping' in its path. No vessel would survive its 'fury.'

I have moved from East Africa and now live in Tasmania, and since being here, I have researched the "Lord Howe" rise and find that this "Island" is in fact the remaining 2.5% of the rim of a giant volcano that rises some 6000 feet up from the ocean floor, the original rim was some 100 kms in diameter.

The Lord Howe rise is a ridge that runs parallel to the east Australian coast for some 2000 km and starts 200 miles offshore and is about 250 miles wide, along its length, are some giant volcanoes of which some extend to within 100 metres of the ocean surface.

In my vision I had seen many people already relocated above the water surge area and thus have only "assumed" the waves are from volcanic action. It is therefore hoped that helmsmen will have a few days or weeks notice of volcanic "beginnings" under the sea.

The 'cause' may of course be from some other 'imbalance' or disturbance from a continental 'plate' movement such as the Alpine fault line of New Zealand. I believe that it is only the northern end of Australia having some protection of the barrier reef will suffer a little less from the unbelievable coming wave action if it occurs at low tide. There will though still be great "surges" of water.

Truly, it will be advisable for any vessel to be at least 50 miles offshore from any coastline to be sure of survival, as due to the enormous speed and 'mass' of the expected Tsunami, the "elevation" and angle of the approaching wave front is fairly "vertical" once it finds a footing on the continental shelf, and it will definitely "knock down" and overwhelm all vessels of any size in its path, once it starts to 'elevate' itself.

I believe that all coastal areas bordering the pacific basin will be inundated by water and thus all Coastal Patrols and National Emergency personnel needs be on standby. Residents of Coastal areas needs ask themselves "Where will I go to when I hear "rumblings" offshore or a Tsunami 'Move to high ground' alert?

Due to the usual "non-believing" mentality ref "Visions" it will be a "maximum" catastrophe as few will prepare for what is to be. I can only say "Please store some provisions and "be ready" to move out of town to higher ground at the first signs of offshore disturbance. You will not be returning home after the "floods" have come."

"Find calm shelter in my harbour at my Internet web address."

*** There may be a water survey department with the capacity to calculate the danger areas that will be flooded given the size of the waves to come, to aid those "calculating" the wave flooding capacity, the collapsing wave still had the capacity to flood the "causeway" on the Mt. Tamborine road behind Oxenford (Qld. Australia) with 7 metres of water.

To Toppage 2

~ Storm Warning ~
To all Cruising Helmsmen
Extract from ("Current Affairs document" p 88)

Not too far away will arise a catastrophic day, one when the "tide" will arise as

Giant Waves

Darken the skies. Yes, much turbulence will flow as all humans get to know that the planet on which they live does at times need to "give," and as its "plates" do move, much water will my visions prove, and many for sure will frown as multitudes perish as they drown.

Many "craft" will be washed away and "crushed" as none heeded my say, being that each must now prepare their minds so devious thoughts don't them snare, by giving them every "reason" to not believe that this is the final season, thus many will plod along, "thinking" their "ship" is strong.

Anyhow, I hope I can "reach" a few who live near the coast and who'll do what it is I now ask so that ahead, they can help in my task. For many a "mouth" will needs be fed as so many will be paralysed by dread, and the fish that are available "free" cannot be caught without boats I do see.

So if your "vessel" can be kept at "home" then make sure it is kept on "high loam," away from the coming "surge" that will run due to undersea eruptions once begun. Fill it with plentiful fishing gear for the days when "lack" draws near. For not an "inch" of new line will be found as all coastal shops will be drowned.

And also many a "hook," or of food will many be forsook. It's best to fit your craft with a "Sail," for fuel will be as scarce as a 10" nail. I am just preparing your minds to be true, I am sure your guidance will help you too.

If your craft is too large to take ashore, then other preparations are in store. You'll needs find a spot where you can it "sink" as quick as your eyes blink. Yes, your craft will not be destroyed if with heavy "stones" it is "debuoyed," sunk "outside" the reef or in 20 metres or more in a "place" that is not too far from your door.

Thus it will on the bottom "rest" until with "revival" and "upliftment" it can be blest. At least then you'll "live" to sail it another day, so prepare now, for no insurance company for any losses will pay, it will be such a catastrophic relapse that every finance house will go into "collapse."

Seal up the "motor" well before time, and then rely on sail power that fresh air divine. Remove all electrics and worn out socks, and make sure it is fitted with "giant" sea cocks. For most vessels that are made of wood do for sure try and be good, yes, they can be quite hard to sink.

And also now to "Cruising Helmsmen" I add: Your free roaming days soon end and it will be a time sad. Please now decide on what soil you will wish to abide when the Pacific ocean succumbs to "high tide." For you could be "stuck" for many a day with no food and no pay.

So please make "provision" for a four year stint, with an "empty purse mint." Keep a "lot" hidden away, in the land where you'll be when you for your past will pay. Then you'll be a little more free to support yourself and any others God sent sailing with thee.

To Toppage 3

Sea station ‘Yolla’
Martin McVicar

I have received your customer “commitment” circular and have decided to write and advise you of my “projection,” being my commitment to your spiritual safety, as well as that of your offshore platform.

It is ‘I’ the spirit from long ago who now “begins” his earthly run, telling all “how” society will now fall “undone” for a time as via insanity all soil their souls with grime. This information is on my web site as well as on the enclosed CD for your ease of access.

Other than that mighty difficult time that lies just around the corner, there is another “problem” to arise that will bring Australia to its knees and bring forth many cries.

The attached sheet is an extract from the web site “Current Affairs document” being page 41, and if you have the time to read it you will be wiser. What I envisage, is that the “swell” that will reach the “Australian mainland” east coast will also swing “around” the SE corner of the mainland and in a ‘diminished’ form sweep through the straits separating Tasmania from the mainland.

There will also be a “surge” all along the north & east coastal areas of Tasmania. I write this today, for I do believe that the TIME of occurrence is VERY near and there will be very little warning.

As society will also be “collapsing” for reasons other than earthly changes, I would ask that you alert all your employees as to the information I bring, and I ask that you also endeavour to “hold” as much stock of gas available onshore as we will have a few years of difficulties ahead.

In sincerity


Note: "before the end of this year."* etc This letter will be ignored by any non-believer in visions or taken as a 'warning to make provision' for any who feel that my vision may come to pass. 

To Toppage 4

~ Flinders Island Alert ~
To: “Socks” & Rosie Wheatley

This is to thank you both personally for your kind welcome and “stay” when I God’s messenger came your way. Please quickly gather all the “meek” around and tell them that it is the time to move all “chattels” and equipment to high ground.

The East and North shall be flooded “deep” and all who believe me not will be “washed away” into God’s “keep.” The South and West shall be flooded too as the “backwash” rises high and floods your township true. Tell all that with great danger they now “flirt” and many will be left with but “pants or skirt.”

So please gather the few and tell them what now they needs do. Raise funds “collectively,” as much as they can “hock” and then purchase all items needed to feed and house the “others” of God’s flock who “hear not” what I do say, being that the “floods” now come your way.

Your “Island” like all others and “Tassy” too will be just like a shipwrecked “crew” deserted for a few years with nothing to do but survive and all will need to stay warm and alive as all succumb to the satanic “thoughts” drive as explained by me in my “books” and CD given thee.

Quickly purchase “hundreds” of 2.5 metre galvanised sheets and nails and also boots and barrows and seeds and “pails,” matches and medicines and food stocks, twine and fish hooks & sail cloth too, for as said, there will be naught to do but to “collectively” help each other along, the weak and the violently strong.

Sink a few vessels offshore and store many a kero and diesel drum and gas cylinder, and place many “stock” high up where the “tide” will not run. You as all will be “cut off” for many a day, for all Australia will be in the same way. No funds and no taxes to pay. As said, only “survival” in a Godly way.

Many shall succumb to dark thoughts and will demand and take. None “wise” must in any way these “lost” break. Just “ignore” them if they abuse you, and when possible, just give all good counsel on what I did say in the books given your way.

You have only a “few” weeks* to prepare, and to tell all that all they will needs share. IF you are lucky then the “radio” will you “warn” of offshore “action,” and then you will have but an hour or less before you all truly mourn that you did not put more away as some of you “hid” your pay.

Be brave and courageous and true, and spend all monies you can lay your hands on before my prophecy comes true. This way God will see that you too are “givers and sharers” and also divinely inspired be. Tell all the “System’s workers and boys in blue” that they from now on will be digging their own spuds alongside you.

May God grant you the “grace”
to see the truth in my “pen,” being my earthly “face.”

Terence, the “pen” of God

weeks* : Let it here be known that as I am but an earthly man that any time frame given by my pen may not be 'equated' to mankind's time and as others do know I do not personally know "the" date or year that all will feel fear from the water catastrophe "visioned."

To Toppage 5

~ Mayday - Mayday - Mayday ~

I write on the “Oceanic” call as well as that of an “Airman” about to fall. It is a “sad” fact today that none can “go their way” without the expectation that millions of dollars must be spent by their “relation” in the “event” of difficulties arising. This is the “expectation” I do see of those who fly or go to sea.

This is the “folly” where man takes from his neighbour who he “expects” to be his saviour. When I put to sea I had no such expectancy. I did my “vessel” prepare and trusted that my mind would not me snare if a difficult time arose.

So many it seems “press on,” not seeing the seas becoming “undone.” How many use a “sea anchor” on the rough “road” ? How many seal their vessel up tight and keep the crew men inside out of the fury of the night ?

This “latest” Sydney - Hobart catastrophe was through “arrogant” minds that took little personal responsibility for their vessel or their crew as they “plummeted” on into the devil’s playpen. Sure many did the “night” survive, but how many could have gone for a watery dive ? Just because a “skipper” wanted to attain that golden slipper.

Anyhow, I do see that all calling “Mayday” needs first have clear minds so maybe their “voice” they can save, and their own way at their own expense pave. All look to “others” blame. All such demands are a shame. How many “thanked” the fishermen true or the helicopter lads who did do their very best too. ?

From now on let those who go to sea “be prepared” for any eventuality. Yes, even to die when the weather turns sour. Not just cry: “Help, please come my way, and, for your services I do not expect to pay”!

It’s time to give the taxpayer a break. After all, why should we be expected to give to those who are selfish and it seems are determined to their own boats and the “backs” of their crews break.? Let any “racer” who thinks they “may” need rescuing take out their own “such” insurance policy and thus pay for their own misdemeanours.

Note: When you “run” before any “cyclone” you are “held” within it until it has overtaken you and passed by. During this “time” you may not only be taken many miles off course, but are also being drawn into its core and “remaining” exposed to the possibility of being “overwhelmed” or thrust onto reefs. On “top” of this, the dangerous conditions mean that the crew are openly exposed to being injured or being washed overboard..

The “safest” course of action when in “doubt” is to remain “stationary,” thus the storm will more quickly pass you by. The only way to do this is to “heave to” before it becomes too dangerous to remain on deck, or before the vessel is in danger of being damaged in any way that will lead to endangering the crew.

This may be done by using a “parachute” drogue that is streamed out off the bow at an angle of approx 45 off the port side of the bow in the southern hemisphere and off the starboard side of the bow in the northern hemisphere. A minimum of 200 metres of line is suggested. Other than this you may run before the wind using a drogue. The laying of an oil “slick” at the rate of 5 litres/hour will also assist to “calm the waters.”

Decide “what and how” all is to be done by you before you leave the wharf. You and I all stand “alone” before God and I for sure would not wish to lead my “crew” or any “other” coming to my aid into peril due to pride or vanity or ignorance. Very few “airmen” carry basic supplies of water - food - blankets - matches etc. Be prepared, for it is truly the time of self sufficiency. For too long now have all “expected” others to save them, be it their flesh, or their soul.

To Toppage 6

~ Response to replies ~
subject: All lives soon disrupted

Subsequent to placing this wave alert on the web site there have been many email replies that all stress the error of my “way” and their disapproval of this alert. I have replied to many and now place this “general” response that I feel should help you all.

Response: All who this web site read are only “focussed” on the wave and its “anticipated” date. My vision and its warning will none “save” from their destiny in a land below if the truth of God’s message they do not know.

I say to none “Flee to safety.” I only say “Prepare, so you know where to go and can food share.” For those already living in the hills will be full of sorrow, and I warn them also now and my voice is not hollow.

For when the “homeless” knock on their door, it is they who needs be prepared for sure, for murder will follow, this I do see as in all lands will be “those” of insanity, being all who heeded not me, for God’s message via me they could not see.

For as said, all “focus” on water saying; “We’ll prove you wrong and then we’ll you slaughter.” Yes, not many are “kind,” multitudes await justification to be untrue, and I say it is the retribution season, and soon all will have a “certifiable” reason to raise their hand against sister or brother. All denying God who says “Only be a lover.”

So if you’ve “rattled” others before, then prepare to be rattled and their fate share. For what we do is done unto us, so prepare to be non retaliatory and give no “fuss.” It is I to show the “way” that is to be when of all religions are we set free. For after man has destroyed man on this land, then Light and Love will have the “upper” hand.

That is my projection, and I say to you all: On your way you needs “reflection,” for I ask: Is the call to “Only love” a call TRUE ?

Try and see that it matters not if your "flesh" is washed away by the sea as long as you have mentally "absorbed" the fresh wisdom given by me or "at least" the 'page' Brief Summary below.

For then when you 'find' your consciousness in another "realm" you can still "rise up" to higher levels by heeding the truth of Peace and also "release" others from their ignorance by telling them of the "Star prayer" and message that the Messiah did with you share.

I teach how to fortify the mind so dark thoughts cannot you bind. That message is new, and one day soon you’ll see IT IS TRUE, and as for “followers,” there may be a few who read, then change their way and become to God true. They neither write to me nor harass me for my LIGHT they can see.

For to all I do say: Read, and then go on your way and be kind, or the devil will you bind.” It is the ignorant and blind who damage their own souls as they the darkness use and others abuse. Please tell all about this message and then prepare your minds by reading the 12 page:

“Brief Summary”

That the waves will come was a “Vision” true for sure
as for the “day,” I’ll just needs remain demure ‘till they “break” our shore.

For if for “any” reason they are “late”
many emails could “crash” on my plate.

So as said to “another” before, “You and I will both see
if ‘twas
God’s inspiration, or my personal mind ‘unsure’ speaking to ‘thee.”

Anyhow, it matters not “when” I do see
for those I “reached” will remember the “ad” they did see

And will “run” fast inland on the day knowing the Height
and not hang around waiting to see if I was height right.
I did say they would be Huge
and the coast they would totally deluge

As for the “others” who did disbelieve
well, they made no preparation so from my “ad” they did not grieve.

“Believe me, I am not wrong
when they come they’ll be
Mighty Strong.”


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~ Tsunami ~

A Tsunami is a Giant Wave that is generated by a tremendous force that is incomprehensible to the human mind. It is created by a number of "natural" occurrences, usually by earthquakes resulting from earth plate movement under the sea or by undersea volcanic explosion that is many more times more powerful than "above ground" eruptions due to the added pressure of water onto the volcano.

The size of the wave "length" will dictate the size and power of the wave that is finally seen crashing on a distant shore. The wave length is not its span across the ocean laterally, but is the distance "fore & aft" so to speak between its "leading" and "trailing" edge.

At its point of "generation" a shock wave of energy arcs outwards and travels at speeds up to 400 - 600 mph. This shock elevates a body of water that constitutes the moving wave crossing the ocean at the speed of the energy shock.

This wave may only have a height of 2' above the usual sea level and thus be "undetected" by shipping as it streaks over the ocean. The frontal "leading edge" of the wave may be some 300-500 miles ahead of the rear "trailing edge." Thus we have a "moving" body of water with incredible stored energy travelling very fast in deep water.

As the leading edge begins to reach the continental shelf it "sucks out" the shallow waters on the coast it is approaching and also slows its forward motion down from 600mph to around 150mph. This causes the "rear" of the wave to "catch up," thus elevating the wave due to compression and the shallowing sea bed, and its length now decreases from 500 miles down to 3 or less during the final hour of its "arrival." 

It will have become extremely "dangerous" to shipping on crossing the continental "shelf" and within 50nm of the shore of any continent as it "elevates" quickly with a very steep front. It may only be dangerous to volcanic "islands" when a few miles out.

As the "wave" travels at high speed it can traverse the ocean in a matter of a few hours, thus any "on air" warning of an earthquake originating from an offshore seismic movement must be taken seriously and steps taken to move well inland. "BE prepared." Within 30 nautical miles of the coast this wave will "knock down & overwhelm" any ship of any size.

Once the visual "draining" of beaches is seen, then the wave front is only 5 - 30 minutes away depending on its size, and it will destroy all in its path. Once the wave has 'broken' so to speak, the turbulence of the broken water continues as a seething roaring tumbling cascading mass of broken seas, as its forwards momentum is compounded by the 'flood' caused by the rear of the wave catching up and elevating the coastal sea level considerably.

A large 350 metre Tsunami * as is expected off Queensland, Australia will "wash" inland some 10 km or more on flattish land before its energy has "collapsed" so to speak, and will be followed by a succession of waves.

Note : A large 350 metre Tsunami * - This height of 350 metres is the height of the 'standing' wave that rears up prior to 'breaking' as it reaches the continental shelf of any land. A wave of this magnitude would 'break' and begin to 'collapse' when many kilometers offshore. 

From this moment onwards it would become a  seething roaring tumbling cascading mass of broken seas with a frontal height of between 50 to 75 metres or so, travelling at a 'frightening' and very destructive speed, with the capacity to destroy all 'shipping' in its path. No vessel would survive its 'fury.'

Image of waters receding off Kalutara beach, Sri Lanka, as the approaching 2004 Tsunami wave takes effect.

Aceh pre Tsunami waves

Aceh after the waves have receded - Pink denotes run-in of waves.

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~ Extract from the 'Hutton Commentaries' ~

By William Hutton

The largest wave in recorded history, witnessed in Alaska in 1958, was caused by the collapse of a towering cliff at Letuya Bay. The resulting wave was higher than any skyscraper on Earth and gouged out soil and trees to a height of 500 metres (1,640) feet) above sea level. 

Geological studies have found evidence of giant landslides elsewhere in the world such as Hawaii, the Cape Verde Islands and Reunion in the Indian Ocean. 

Dr Simon Day, of the Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre at University College London, UK, believes one flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma, in the Canaries archipelago, is unstable and could plunge into the ocean. 

Swiss researchers who have modelled the landslide say half a trillion tonnes of rock falling into the water all at once would create a wave 650 metres high (2,130 feet) that would spread out and travel across the Atlantic at high speed. 

The wall of water would weaken as it crossed the ocean, but would still be 40-50 metres (130-160 feet) high by the time it hit land. The surge would create havoc in North America as much as 20 kilometre (12 miles) inland. 

Dr Day told BBC Science's Horizon programme: "This event would be so huge that it would affect not only the people on the island but people way over on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean - people who've never heard of La Palma." Day's latest work on the subject has been published in the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research.

To Toppage 9

~ State Emergency Services ~

This short note is purely 'advisory' for your personnel as well as advisory for any town council 'elders' of responsible people that do have the welfare of their local community at heart.

Any 'catastrophe' can result in a total calamity or, it can become a 'manageable' disaster. With a little foresight every community can be advised to standardise a GIANT WAVE ALERT by telling all living near the sea that responsible radio stations will 'break' their program if so needed by saying - 

Tsunami alert - move to high ground - 

Tsunami alert -move to high ground - 

Tsunami alert - move to high ground - 

And this 'alert may be recorded and continue on and on until such time as the 'wave deed' is completely done.

Prior to this 'deadly' day for so many, it would now be wise for every town and city to make a 'space' or two or three or more available far from the sea shore. This space place may be prepared to become a 'tented' city for the hundreds or thousands who become 'as' refugees.

Water and toilet and cooking facilities will need to be in place as well as other necessary items, be it medical facilities, power & fuel and food and other stores, sanitation facilities, mass grave facilities, tools and implements for growing food etc. 

I live in Tasmania and I do foresee an apocalyptic calamity for mainland Australia due to its "I'm OK today" mentality. Thus this note is for anybody, be it you the reader or me to make some provision for the last day of 'derision' soon to be.

Try and remember that every 'government' department is manned by simple people like you and me, and they all have to take care of their own family. So even if you do pay them a wage to look after you, it is better that from now on you take care of yourself too.

Personal survival is at stake and full self-responsibility is a prerequisite, as for too long have people relied on governments for 'immediate' attention in times of disaster, and the public are often 'critical' of any apparent 'slackness.' Try and realise that no other 'person' or 'System' of man actually owes you anything.

You do have your own mind and hands and feet, your mind can either guide or misguide you. Your suffering that may eventuate is purely your own spiritual due that in your past you did accrue, so make no demands from others and do not criticise their apparent 'lack' in any way.

You have been advised today, do not rely on any 'official' aid effort. Those of you that cannot or do not think ahead a little must be prepared to suffer or fall dead. Lay no blame on any other as we all 'enter' the prophesied 'Last Days,' at which time all mankind is to be 'tested' in more ways than one, and any that give out any 'flack' can expect others to them attack.

Remember, if you live near the sea, then the day will surely come when you will become homeless. If you do have any friends 'inland' then make provision today as to them you say: "Dear Jenny & Fred, may I please leave a spare bed and some clothes and other items of tinned food etc., under your bed, as I do not wish to impose 'empty handed' on the day that my home is lost."

Most importantly now is the time for all mankind to realise 'something,' being that it is not enough for people with homes to simply 'observe' others in a 'homeless' and traumatised state and leave their 'welfare' to aid organisations. For God expects the true to go forth into the towns and villages and collect up the children and needy, and bring them home into your own 'space' and give them shelter, care, and love.

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I give here and extract from page 22/23 of the 'The Testament of Truth' being the fresh message from Heaven that you will find on this web site at:

< testamnt/test001.htm#testament 22 >

So soldier blue who is so true, we continue again our saga to you. Across the plains and out of the woods, debris will soon come floating through. Debris of women, men, and children too, and for your band it’s work to do. We’ll appear too little and few, but believe us when we say “never.”

The time will come when you shake your head, looking across the morning dew saying, my God can this be true. Bodies piled up thick and thin, the mist rising up from their skin. The daily prayers that they will say will herald the brand new waking day. Your little band of mighty men will rise up fast and say again:

"Together lads we’ll go forth now into cities standing afar, we’ll drive down every street and corner and lean and look out of the window, we’ll search and search and search we will, finding all the broken-hearted and little children till, we’ll load them up onto the trucks and then wander on back down the road, follow the winding tracks we made until we find our sweet ever glade."

So stretch your minds and come along, there’s a lot to do a' fore we sing this song. There’s mountains of work lying ahead and still you folks are lying in bed. Verily, verily I say unto you, wake up and follow our Lord God true.

Her guidance and blessings She will send to you, will go on forever if only you are true. So make your move fast for good days won’t last, and it’s harder and harder when we needs fill the larder.

The angels above send their love and hope and pray and watch every hour, to look and see from you and me, which of us will go higher and higher.

Now’s the time to gather around and listen to God’s triumphant blast sound. Sounding out from the heavens above, outpouring Her mighty love. Peace, Love and truth forevermore will She on mighty women and men outpour, daily, daily must they go their way, doing Her deeds every day.

Follow ME the cry calls out, or you’ll miss this triumphant shout. Flowing from this mighty pen is the cry of a hundred million men. Men who are angels now at last, from their strivings aeons past, seeking to uplift you too, gathering you up in their arms.

"Forever forever," is their cry I hear coming down out the sky. "Never ever will you die, if you remember the truth and why." Hundreds and thousands and millions, hundreds and thousands and millions, ever and ever, ever and ever, this is the cry forevermore, that I hear them outpour.

Silently now they bow their heads, knowing the deadly dread ahead, for these men of the king they see, the deadliest of ever foes before, forever forever forever forever, as the sound is fading away I hear some of them start to cry, the sound now is humming low, forever forever forever forever, but gently now receding low.

From ten million billion mouths - I hear the pleas, hear the shouts:



Moving forwards and faster too, not e’en time to put on shoes, desperate our plea to you, much to be done as you know, hundreds of millions, hundreds of millions, hundreds of billions, hundreds of billions.

There’s nothing more for me to say, I’ve never known such an incredible day, to hear the sound of ten billion men flowing vibrant through my tiny pen, their cries and pleas I shall hear forevermore and never forsake a knock on the door.

Brethren mine, children so sweet, I reach out to the humble, caring and meek, from this very hour I implore, unlock your hearts and open the door.

Open your arms forevermore, for God’s children the needy and the poor, for this too is the cry from up above, strumming vibrant on air from our turtle dove, forever forever, forever forever, forever forever, forever forever.

For me the world will never be the same again, for I’m just a scribe with a tiny biro pen. Can it be the truth that I’ve just heard, all those men singing out of love for our LORD, forever forever forever forever, that rolling, calling, distant cry, will roll around my head until the day I die.


This 'notation' is from God, thus you are free to go forth and collect up any needy you are so inspired to, and help them in any way that you are so inspired to. If you find any person in a 'refugee' camp and you wish to take them home then do so, do not be afraid of 'rules' or 'officials' that wish to control and regulate the needy or you.

Any 'authority' that wishes to give aid on behalf of their community is free to so do, but if they try and stop you from doing your personal activities that is error on their part, and they and you all now need to fully understand that God does see every 'activity,' and all are 'accountable' to God for their daily deeds.

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~ The Examiner Newspaper - Launceston ~

Dear Editor

I refer to the response by Rupert Sands of the State 'SES' (State emergency services) in your 'Michael Stedman' Tsunami 'alert' article of Jan 6 - 2005 and respond as follows:

It may well be that SES personnel receive a 'timely' warning of a Tsunami event, and it may well be that they believe that they are 'ready and prepared. But the reality is that they are not prepared, and neither are the inhabitants of Australia.

There is now 'certainly' a psychological imprint in the minds of many coastal dwellers that great damage can be caused by a Tsunami, but the residents as such have not yet realised that when the 'event' occurs in Australia, that due to the 'massive' population that will suddenly become homeless, and due to the fuel, power, and water supply, and manufacturing infrastructure being by the sea, that there will be a huge calamity.

The expected Pacific Tsunami will be far greater than the recent one, and could well be 10 to 20 times greater in height and thus the water mass could be 100 fold greater. Thus every low coastal plain will be totally destroyed and left 'void' of any buildings.

There does need to now be an emergency education plan for every child, woman, and man living both near and far from the sea. For there will be very few SES personnel compared to the millions of people seen 'homeless' by me.

And those living far from the shore will need to also make provision for 'welcoming' these homeless into their own door. For one cannot leave people in tented sites 'in perpetuity' after a 'cataclysmic' event. Those 'faithful' and true to God will need to open their hearts and welcome others to live with them.

People living in low land or within 12-20 kms of the shore on low land need to make provision now to store some food, tents, sleeping bags, cooking facilities, shovels, buckets, gas, tinned and dried food, medicine etc with people inland, or in 'depots' allocated by Councils of inland town areas.

It is far to 'late' once the local radio station suddenly interrupts the 'cricket' saying "Tsunami alert - move to high ground." Every coastal and inland town needs to have its residents prepared. For 'after' the event there will be no 'power' or 'fuel' or manufactured goods available for some YEARS.

Storage of every conceivable item required for survival needs to be done by all 'responsible' people in all countries on the Planet, for 'natural' events will now increase and the results will become more 'disastrous' for people as all 'systems' fail to cope.

It is well documented that Tsunamis generated from earthquakes have 'lesser' wave sizes compared to Tsunami waves generated by landslide from underwater volcanoes. In the event of an underwater 'landslide' there are Tsunami waves generated that are well over 200 metres in height.

I believe that any responsible newspaper will place this letter in their 'pages' so that 'believers' can visit my web site. For it then becomes a matter of being personally informed and also there is a lot of 'survival' information and guidelines for food storage on this site. 

Any person presently living by the sea should either relocate now, or at the very least they should fill a 'trailer' with all necessary survival gear and food to be left with others living on high ground or, that can be quickly 'hitched' and driven to high ground. For if they do not, then they will not only become a very 'sad' refugee in their own 'land,' but also a burden upon others.

Every 'Council' on any sea based town need to now quickly relocate their 'heavy' equipment and workshop depots to high ground, for only then will they be able to 'clear' the debris. All emergency and Council workshop 'staff' need to also relocate themselves to high ground so as to be able to be of true community service. 

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~ True burial of the dead ~

The true 'Christian' burial is the one in which the 'burier' knows that the spirit soul of the 'departed' has already 'flown away.' Because for their 'time' on earth their 'debts' to God they did 'pay.'

Thus the 'flesh' of the biological body is purely 'waste' that returns unto 'dust,' and it is thus 'bad taste' and total ignorance to give the 'dead' flesh 'reverence' and adoration or 'adulation' when placing it the flesh back into the ground. For all the 'rituals' surrounding that 'act' are only due to all being bound by precedents set by their ancestors long ago.

Also the 'systematic' and 'frenetic' urge, need, demand, requirement in the "Bring the body home" syndrome, if the spirit 'departs' when the person was 'killed' or 'passed over' whilst overseas, is also as nonsensical as keeping the flesh from 'decomposing' naturally through keeping it 'chilled' or in a 'cooler' freeze.

Simply put the 'flesh' underground or burn it immediately and stay mentally sound. You also stay physically well, for every day that the 'smell' of putrefying flesh hangs around is a day lost, one that you could have and should have used to dispose of it. 

For if you loved them you still do, and if you hated them you may also still do or you may feel 'relieved' that their 'presence' is gone. You do not have to publicly 'wail' or dress in 'black' and mourn for a year or a day to prove your loyalty to the departed. Your 'feelings' are personal and do not have to be 'shared' publicly or with anyone.

Nor do you have to 'prove' to anyone that you have 'done the right thing' by spending great 'sums' of money on a coffin or ceremony. That again is an imposition of impropriety of an ignorant society, for both birth and death should be and are as natural as 'awakening' in the morning and going to sleep at night.

The insane needs and demands of the 'State' regulators for 'identification' as a means whereby people become 'legally' dead, or 'officially' dead, with its accompanying 'prerequisite' of "Cause of death" recorded, is insensitive, invasive, abusive, callous, and an imposition upon people and, into and upon the 'affairs' of the deceased's family.

The only people that need to know that 'Fred or Jenny' passed away, and 'how' on any particular day are their close relatives, and these 'folks' then decide whom else they would so advise. Systems need to now 'butt out' of the personal affairs of people. For too long have their 'operatives and departments' been 'clowning' around assuming ownership of people and 'bodies' from birth to death.

This was 'invoked' solely because the 'System' records needed to know 'which' slaves their 'State' or King owned, and thus had under their 'control' for the purpose of using that person for taxation and as a conscripted 'soldier' during times of war.

So in the coming times as you will all see, there will be nobody needing to know who the 'body' be, for it is I to say that the 'spirit being' that was within it has 'flown away' and truly, it has gone home to God, being the place from whence it came on a prior day.

So the burial true is the one where you as a community member simply help your neighbour to bury any 'dead' flesh found around and, - - - whether you do or you do not know the name of its 'occupant' pre-death, don't keep the flesh 'hanging around' just because 'enforcers' demand that you must meet their demands.

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Just remember that in any 'natural' death or 'disaster,' the family members probably already know 'who' was here or there or anywhere, and if 'someone' does not come home for their 'flesh' has fallen, then it is not up to any 'System' to 'pick' at their 'flesh or bones' for any reason and, - - -

There is no need to formerly 'prove' who did or did not get 'carried away' on a disaster day. For it is only up to the local villagers to call for a 'Roll call,' and find out who is missing, and for them to then decide what to do reference the 'property' now vacated permanently by me or you if there are no relatives left.

Just remember that God sees every 'sparrow' fall, and God knows who went 'where,' - - - be it Heaven waiting for you to 'follow' or, - - - to Hell 'trapped' by the satanic snare. For it is the 'hand' of God that 'sets' the due date to FALL or 'rise' up to Heaven's Gate.

You just need to be a 'Christian' true, and kindly and mercifully and forgivingly do all with love and peacefully, for only thus do you ensure that you will join the departed in the Light of Heaven above. Those having 'possibly' lost loved ones seeking what is termed 'closure' and the 'knowing' of what 'is' in reference to missing persons need to know that: - - - 

If they never find out, then that is also God's karmic imposition upon them, for this is the 'End Times' where all our mental, emotional, and physical 'suffering' dues are to be imposed by God * and met by us. It is best to simply keep steady and true in the knowledge that God knows, and it is God that needs be relied upon by me and you.

The 'last rights' ceremony being the consecration ritual is in fact a 'hoax' imposed upon mankind by 'priestly' men offering 'last minute' salvation for a 'fee,' and no man even me can so do and, - - -

There is nothing to 'consecrate,' for the spirit soul has already departed unto its next destination, and from the 'nature' of that destination it already knows whether it (the spirit being) held the Word of God as 'sacred' whilst it was incarnate in this realm.

If it did and thus had held God's 'Peace unto all' Command as 'Sacred,' then it the spirit soul had already blessed itself by its daily deeds of kindness, mercy, respect, compassion, and forgiveness unto others, and it finds itself in the LIGHT above.

If it had not, and it was thus unkind, cruel, abusive, controlling, punitive, merciless, and un-forgiving, then it did and had placed a 'devilish' spell upon itself, and no 'ritual' of man standing over a 'grave' has any 'effect' upon the departed nor their salvation, nor the 'destiny' they invoked upon themselves, and it finds itself in the DARK below.

Burial is simply that, the placing of a 'carcass' into the ground, and it is best to 'wisen up' and remain with a mind sound. Place the body in the ground 'unceremoniously' and 'simply' wrapped in a cloth.

Then go home and, either personally or with immediate family members you can either 'mourn' your loss or, be happy that the departed one was 'upright' in God's sight, and thus you will see them again ahead when you also go home to the Light.

The 'quest' to find and identify 'rotting' carcasses is also a mental and emotional imposition upon people from within their own 'psyche.' For once they have found and seen the 'body,' they will suffer more from the ongoing 'memory' of it in its 'damaged' state, rather than the 'older' memories of the past healthy person.

Try and control the incoming thoughts that say: "You must view the 'remains' for only this way will you be at peace." For you may very well find that you will be more 'at peace' with healthy and happy memories that will endure as you remember the departed one as 'whole & pure.'.

It is natural to 'fret' when a loved one departs on a journey far away, but when you do see that 'life' is eternal, and in the foreknowledge that all 'believers' in Love & Peace will join hands on another day, that should help you to say: 'Goodbye dear one I will remember the happy times we had on many a day.'

Note: imposed by God * - The 'reaper' in action against us in 'payback' for our past negative 'deeded' action against others. Be it in this life time or in a prior time and place. God's singular divine law in action: 'As you do is done unto you.'

You may read more at Page 33 of the TRUTH document -- The "burial" true

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~ Community & Local Council ~

These few words are to prepare you a little for the changes that will take place not too far away. You have all been 'indoctrinated' into the negative and controlling and punitive  system of belief whereby there is nothing you can do without first asking 'someone' permission. Be it the Federal or State or local Council departments that then 'refer' to their standing books of RULES.

You cannot 'fly' away without a passport 'clearance.' You cannot build a home or do many other things without 'permits' and permission from someone else. In fact you have been 'led' by the nose as a 'bull' slave from birth unto death. I wish to make it clear that, that 'way' is soon to fall away, as fear and confrontation and utter devastation soon encompasses the whole planet for many reasons, as given on my main web site 'home pages.'

The 'strictures' imposed upon every community by 'rules' imposed by their 'governing' Council officials and legislators must now be seen for what they are - INSANITY - being the absolute control of the lives of others brought on by vanity. This 'enacted' way has caused many problems that now affect you and all.

The 'least' being that as land 'use' and Zone classification is regulated, that it is almost impossible for any 'farmer' to break up their land into small 'lots' for sale at the today land prices. This results in the never ending escalation of 'town & city' land prices that are already far above the 'reach' of the average person.

Desperate times are at hand, and every person living by the sea will need a 'section' of land as do the youth of the day already. I can but 'suggest' to farmers that they now 'brave' the wrath of legislation, and simply mark off 'acre by acre' sections with 'common' access areas, and offer them for sale to the youth and to any 'needy' that they feel would benefit.

They would also advise 'purchasers' that it would be their personal responsibility to supply their own infrastructure and, - - if any farmer is kind, they may sell the section at half price and, if they are a true 'believer,' they may even decide to give some sections away to others for free.

Soon there will be incomprehensible 'masses' of people moving back and forth across the planet from place to place, and they will ask no other for 'permission,' and they will be the kind, the cruel, the caring and the dictatorial, the loving and the destructive, the merciful and the merciless.

It is now the time for the 'local' community in every village and town to 'reassert' their needs and to advise their local 'Councillors' that the past regulatory and controlling ways must cease. It is now the time for every 'welfare' department to stop being a 'governing'  and regulatory body, and to become solely an advisory body that aids the community endeavours. If 'Council' workers do not conform to public needs then simply 'sack' the lot and pay them naught.

As the planet 'relapses' into total chaos there will be the need for you all to read and seed your minds with the fresh wisdom of my pen, that has been chosen by your Creator to guide all out of the Lion's den of 'Caesar' and into the Light of freedom.

If you feel the need to aid others from over the sea, then they must be free to visit and stay without any other having any 'say' on the matter. I hope that you begin to see the new way that is soon to be, as all 'controlling' books of RULES are buried or burnt, and all become simply sisters and brothers that are free to roam on earth's sea or loam.

Let it here be now said, that these are the END DAYS when many will suffer and feel dread and, let it also be said that any person or a person in any 'position' of 'officialdom,' that interferes in the lives of others, place themselves in a position of 'indisposition' in the eyes of their Creator.

No 'mandate' is any protection from the one Law of God that is now exposed by me as being THE LAW OF THE LAND. 

"As you do is done unto you"  
love for love
given - abuse for abuse imposed.

What man 'presently sees as the 'Law' are simply the dictated decrees of 'Caesar' now to FALL.
sanity and respect now prevail as God sees the true and the untrue and, - - - 
God will do what God will do unto you and you and you.

Remember, as exhaustion, frustration, anger, and desperation becomes the normal, great will become the pressure upon the minds of all of society, and cruelty, retribution, unforgiveness, and savagery will become the 'order' of the day. Seed your minds with my wisdom and be prepared for every eventuality, as spiritual survival is the agenda of the day.

Mankind is enslaved to and follows the false doctrinal ideology of Satan, that is 'regulation and control and punishment and War.' It is the time for true believers to reinstate the TRUE ideological doctrine as Commanded by the Creator of "Peace unto all" that encompasses the Command to only be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving.


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