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~ The 'Ali Sina' Response Paper ~

Ali Sina v/s Muhammad the prophet and Allah's Command: Islam - Peace

As written by Terence the prophet of Allah today

This response to Ali Sina is in respect of his statement to mankind that :

A - He 'Ali Sina' does not believe in the existence of Allah.
B - He 'Ali Sina' believes that he is 'above the law.'
C - He 'Ali Sina' denounces both Muhammad and myself as 'false' prophets.
D - He 'Ali Sina' is of the belief that the religion of Islam is thus a 'sham.'
E - He 'Ali Sina' believes in his 'right' to deceive Allah's children, YOU the reader.

page 1  - Letter to Ali Sina 2004 
page 8  - Reply from Ali & response 
page 9 - Letter from Arshad Ahmed 
page 12 - Letter to 'faith'  
page 15 - Faith Freedom Reformation  
page 16  - Additional Notes  
page 18   - Ali's Letter to humanity 
page  21 - Ali's Challenge to humanity  
page  23 - Ideology 
page  25  - Faithful v/s unfaithful   
page  26  - Deliberations consideration
page  28  - Ali v/s Allah  
page 29  - Peace  
page 30 - Epilogue 
Update - letter to Ali Sina - October  2016

The following  Items need to be read in conjunction with this 'Paper.'

Item 1 - The inner energy of Allah
Item 2 - The SHARIA Law of Allah
Item 3 - The National Security Alert

Item 4 - The spiritual consequence of 'Action'  (karma)
Item 5 - The Legality of Brutality - Versus the Law of Allah

This Paper was written as my response to a letter received from one 'Ali Sina.' He is a man with a brilliant mind, but his vanity was so great that the Devil (Dark Sovereign Power)  did him bind. For he thought that he could 'slander' Muhammad and Islam and walk away from Allah his Creator, and not suffer the consequence of his own ignorance and vanity. 

For his 'actions' that are 'open' to the world also deceive others and mislead them, and incite those of 'weak' mind or yet bound by ignorance to also walk away or apart from the their Creator Allah - God and, for every action there is a spiritual consequence as is revealed by me the al-Mahdi.

This response is written in the hope that Ali and any other 'dope' reading it would 'reconsider' their own 'options,' for truly it is pure insanity to 'mock' ones Creator and at the same time 'knock' ones own soul off its mighty 'perch,' and fall into the depths of oblivion for a time and a time to be dined on by demonic swine.

There is a harsh stark reality unseen by every man that defies his Creator, and 'laughs' at the Command of Allah that does now the very heavens span, due to having been elevated into the 'sky' by me Allah's Plenipotentiary.

If any other 'non-believing' man 'readeth' these words then take heed, for there is a place where one does eternally bleed, and if you are so 'foolish' as to enter therein without my wisdom, then you will never find your way out and, - - - an eternity is surely a long, long time to in 'agony' scream and shout. 

Let it here be said, that even though this 'response' is directed at my beloved brother Ali Sina, that it does in fact apply to every reader and all men on this 'sorry' Planet. For as yet you are all walking the wrong way, and all will suffer your dues for being 'infidels' that condone punishment and warfare that is not Allah's 'Peace - Islam' way. Read on:

The 'Case' of Ali Sina v/s the Creator Allah-God

Dear Ali, I 'respond' to your 'open' on line letter to me of 19 December, and comment as follows:

Ali says: Thank you for responding. does not preach anything.

Terence replies: It is a proven fact Ali that 'darkness' blinds the ignorant through their pride and vanity and other 'sin' within, being their negative emotions. I say this because you are a self proven 'Liar' but see it not.

For you say: " does not preach anything." - - - This is FALSE, for what you have "preached' in your letter to me is:

Ali says: "This time the danger comes from Islam."

So you are teaching by preaching 'something' about which you know naught, for you 'loosely' use the word 'Islam' as though the 'word' ISLAM is the danger or, you are implying that all those that 'profess' from their mouth that they align themselves with the religion named 'Islam' are the danger or, you are implying that the 'text' recorded in the Islamic Koran is the danger.

You need to 'try' and separate the ideology of the Word (Islam) from the actions of those professing to be believers in Allah and thus 'good' followers of the religion named Islam. For there are both 'good & evil' in people, and thus also good and evil people. I give you an extract from my web site:

"The word 'Islam - Aslama' implies that one will attain inner peace and external peace through obedience to the peaceful & compassionate & merciful & forgiving doctrine of God/Allah, through the right 'submission' to, and by 'embracing,' the Command of Allah that says:

"Go your way in peace and do not disturb the peace of the land for any reason and, - - - if you are abused by any other then you must not retaliate, you must turn the other cheek and remain humble and meek and, - - - you must forgive your perceived enemies and, - - -

you must be merciful and compassionate towards them as you forgive them of their errant sinning ways and, - - - if you are put to the sword by them then you must 'die' without defending yourself, as you 'go' as a 'lamb' to the slaughter."

The word 'Peace' that is used by Allah to describe the code of conduct that must be adhered to by all aspirants to Salvation, is the doctrine that results in their spirit soul becoming freed from inner sin and, - - - then being able to enter into Paradise (Heaven) and, - - - this word 'peace' has many 'connotations,' for it also encompasses * the many negative expressions that cause man to 'stumble' along his path, and that lead him astray from the true way.

The above is an extract from page 1 of my 'Islam' document.

Note: encompasses * - Man erroneously uses force and war to enforce peace. Peace means 'peaceful ways & means.' 

I go on to say that the word 'Allah' is simply the Arabic sound vibration that refers to the Creator, being the word 'God' in the English language, or in my 'mother' African Kiswahili language it is 'Mungu.'

The known fact that, - - - not all 'followers' of the religion named 'Islam' or the religion named 'Christianity' are peaceful and thus do not conform to the above dictates of the Creator, - - - does not imply that the 'core' truth of either religion is in error. It is those individual people of politics or religion teaching the use of dark terrorist or 'warring' interaction that are in error.

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Thus it follows that the ideology of the religion Islam or Christian is correct, being peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness. It is but that man has lost his way and all now believe in confrontation and unforgiving and merciless persecution that is the wrong way because - - - -

The religious teachers have falsely taught them so, and I now again for Allah bestow the TRUTH upon all mankind of every religion, so as to give them a last chance to become real men, that have the courage to not retaliate and not promote 'hatred' against the religion named Islam as you do.

I ask you Ali, how can you say that " does not preach anything." when you say so much to me that I see as 'preaching' - - - and you also preach it to the world on line on your web site. Is it to denigrate me also? For you say: Terence, I think your problem can be solved if you visit a psychiatrist. Not only this Ali, but the content of your last page is all 'preaching' is it not? So in fact your '.org' is very much involved in preaching that it disguises as freedom through 'enlightenment.'


Ali says: There is not a particular ideology that we subscribe to.

Terence replies: This is FALSE, for your 'ideology' as proven by your 'pen' is one of criticism and condemnation and 'judgement' upon others and their 'religion' and their 'beliefs,' and you also have taken it upon yourself to 'ideologically' condemn their belief as being in 'opposition' to your own.

Do you not see Ali, that those that terrorise or those that criticise are 'both' of the same dark punitive ideological belief?


Ali says: We are a group of people dedicated to demonstrate that the world is facing a great danger akin or perhaps worse than what happened six decades ago that destroyed six million lives.

Terence replies: This appears to be a TRUE statement Ali, the only problem is, - - that it is the 'likes' of you that are a 'part of' and 'complicit to' the cause of the problem. For you are inciting and breeding hatred.

For the escalating insanity and confrontation is due to the darkness (Dark energy source) that is the 'avenger' that fulfils the dark side of Allah's one Law in operation through the minds of the vain, arrogant, and ignorant.

Being the 'infidels (non-believers) as you and most that have not 'heard' Allah's call to "Go your way in peace and be merciful, be compassionate, be forgiving, and educate those yet 'sinfully' living."

Allah's singular Law states:
"As you do is done unto you - As you sow so shall ye reap"

It follows that those that are peaceful and give goodness and are loving and kind receive a 'similar' equal and equitable return from ALLAH via the hands of the 'kind & good' of love and kindness and live in peace.

It follows that those that do disturb the peace of others and wage war and terrorise and destroy receive a 'similar' equal and equitable return from ALLAH via the hands of the 'unkind & merciless' of cruel punishment and are not able to live in peace.

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Man sees not the 'capacity' of Allah to fulfil HIS own Law. For as 'sinful' man sees not the 'face' of Allah (The Creator) he does not 'believe' in HIS existence. Nor has man been taught that Allah is both the Light and the Dark essence. For there is nothing 'outside' of Allah - God is all and everything. Allah is omnipresent, Allah is omnipotent, Allah is omniscient.  

Thus Allah says: "Any that use MY dark energy and cause any suffering to any of MY children become MY enemy and it is I to impose a similar suffering upon them."

Foolish man, you cannot destroy the dark energy, for by the very action of killing a person that is using darkness due to their ignorance means, that in your 'act' of 'recompense' you also use darkness and your suffering continues on and on.

You cannot wash away blood with blood, only with the water of forgiveness.

It is I to reveal the great danger facing humanity. It is the telepathic subjugation of 'each' mind by demonic THOUGHTS that will 'incite' them to be their 'strong' retributive force to 'expose' and then destroy the 'others' that used darkness that caused others to suffer.


Ali says: So why should we believe in you and not in other impostors when neither of you have the proof for your claims? What sets you apart from other false prophets? Don’t you think it is kind of silly for Allah to send a messenger without any proof and demand obedience?

Terence replies: I see Ali that you also 'preach' to the world that I am an 'impostor' do you not? - I Terence do not demand obedience, I am a simple messenger that speaks to man for Allah. It is Allah that Commands obedience. It is Allah that Commands all to "Only love one another" and why? - - -

Because Allah is THE LAW and, - - - Allah reveals HIS one LAW "As you do is done unto you" and, - - - I say that HE says that all that fight will die spiritually and be 'cast' by Allah into the Abyss thus, - - - it is your 'freedom of choice' to believe or not to believe. It is your choice to grieve or be happy. Simple is it not?

I also 'simply' give the understanding of 'how' and why the demons will access your mind and, - - - how you can fortify your mind against them and stay kind and respectful unto ALL, even your perceived enemies. They are only 'enemies' because they are as ignorant as you.


Ali says: Thank you for responding. does not preach anything.

Terence replies: But he is preaching these following 'fateful' words in his 'epistle' to me; - - "Allah, whom you claim to represent, is not the real God." -

Before I respond fully I need to 'educate' Ali and many others as to the use of the word Allah or God. For in fact, these words are 'simply' a 'shortened' description of "The Divine Creator" and, - - - the one version 'Allah' is as spoken in the Arabic language, and the other version 'God' is as spoken in the English language.

It follows, that Ali's "Allah is not the real God" is erroneous as it is in fact saying when spoken in English : "God is not God," or if an Arab speaking Arabic said : "Allah is not the real Allah," he would be saying "Allah is not God."

It is all these 'minor' understandings that give the Dark a 'means' to cause disruption. Let us now reflect that when we say 'Allah' or 'God,' that we mean the same thing - - - The Creator of all.

It follows, that as the 'Creator of all' - Allah or God in whichever language you speak, is the Creator of ALL, that HE is both the Light and the Dark that is self-empowered to dispose HIS 'Justice' upon your actions, be it merciful or merciless.

"So Ali, the 'fatal' and worst thing that you do preach and teach being that: 'Allah, whom you claim to represent, is not the real Allah.' Is a LIE. 

For it is 'Shetani' the Dark 'Devil' (Dark Sovereign Power) speaking through you in an 'attempt' to turn people away from PEACE - Islam. 

 I Allah have spoken."

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Ali, it is you that is 'lost' my friend, for you 'confuse' the word 'Islam' as being the 'flock' of people. The word 'Islam' is the 'principle' of PEACE upon which men of all religions 'founded' their religions. Do not 'denigrate' others, simply promote Peace Ali.

The obvious and 'sorry' FACT that all the texts in supposed 'holy books' have become 'confused' and distorted and the sorry FACT that most men have all become 'warmongers' due to their fear and their false 'leaders,' does not mean that the underlying 'factor' being the TRUE ideology of PEACE is wrong or false.

The error of following the false ideology is what needs be understood. For there are two opposing ideologies from the same 'Creator of ALL' being -

The ideology of the Light energy of Allah is:
Go your way in peace and love one another.
Be merciful, compassionate, kind and forgiving and educate the offenders.

The ideology of the Dark energy of Allah is:
Disturb the peace and destroy your enemy.
Be merciless, cruel, unkind, unforgiving, punish or destroy the offenders.


Ali says: Which side your Allah is standing dear Terence? Is he on the side of the terrorists? How can we not fight Evil? You talk about peace. Shouldn't we condemn evil and those who do evil? But making peace with Evil is evil. How can you be a friend of evil and good at the same time? Shouldn't we condemn evil and those who do evil? - - - you condemn people who do not believe in you and pay taxes?

Terence replies: Allah is Allah Ali, Allah simply IS - the I AM that exists. HE - SHE is all. The Light energy essence (positive emotions) and infinite 'consciousness' of the Light side Allah 'backs' all deeds of good with inspiration of good through the minds of the good.

The Dark energy essence (negative emotions) of Allah and infinite 'consciousness' of the Dark side of Allah 'backs' all deeds of evil with inspiration of evil through the minds of the bad.

So you cannot 'fight' against Allah and win. You can only fight his 'tools' being other foolish men and as this you do, you draw in more black, dark, evil 'sin' energy that grows within you as a 'cancer' and - - - you 'earn' a painful karmic due to be 'met' when Allah decides to 'balance' HIS Scales of Justice.

It is not a 'matter' of making 'peace' with evil, it is simply a matter of 'suffering' your dues at the hands of those 'possessed' by evil, and as you 'peacefully' go your way you become free of your 'dues' to Allah, that your 'oppressors' have taken upon themselves, to be suffered by them at the hands of others equally ignorant.

The 'wise' neither condone nor condemn evil, they simply ensure that they never use any darkness in their interaction with others. Thus they eventually become free. They also 'catch' offenders and educate them rather than punishing and incarcerating them. I do not condemn people that do not 'believe in me,' I simply tell them their error and that they should heed Allah's "Only love" Command. They 'condemn' their own soul when they defy Allah and use force to fight or lie or steal or abuse or deceive or criticise or destroy.

A 'dangerous' criminal is simply a person 'filled' with darkness that is a danger unto themselves, for any person they 'attack' is simply receiving a JUST due, and the 'fool' assumed 'dangerous' has by their dark deed accrued a debt, and ahead it is them to bleed. 

When you 'forgive' someone, it is not that you 'condone' their evil ways, it is but that you personally conform to the peaceful 'dictates' of Allah as you stay sane, respectful, and rational, and you extend Allah's love as you give them good counsel and show them the TRUE PATH - - - PEACE UNTO ALL. Thus you conform to Allah and attain your spiritual freedom.

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So as you see Ali, as you 'sleep' you can also accrue a 'pain' due if your 'taxes' are being used to fund iniquity. Naturally 'some' are used for the welfare of the community. It is 'best' to ONLY support community welfare directly, this way you ensure that you are not funding 'war' and 'earning' a dark painful spiritual due.

What you need to see Ali is that the 'RULES' of every Government are ALL dictatorial and 'Autocratic.' There is NO 'democracy' on earth for the 'rules' RULE and, they the rules are 'unconscionable' and merciless and extortionist and punitive. So any person upholding rules are defiant of Allah's "Only love and be peaceful" command.

We do not need the 'rule' by men, be they men of 'religion' or state politicians. For all regulate, control, interfere, condemn, and punish. All must now 'burn the books' and have the CREATOR as the 'head of house' and abide in HIS "Only love" command.


Ali says: The real maker of this universe (if there is any) will not persecute people. He will not torture them or burn them in hellfire.

Terence replies: Allah says:

"Ali, MY Word is true, - - - any person continuing to use 'force' and control or abuse any other is 'seen' by ME their Creator as a 'bad' seed, that by ME is now to be 'cast' into the 'Pit' to join the other 'swine' that live demonically in the underworld and, - - - they will fight each other there for eternity and suffer great pain with no surcease and then, - - - they will be burnt in MY fire for another eternity for being such 'callous' infidels and swine."

Ali my 'proof' being my 'words' that "Peace not the sword is the only way" should be 'visible' to you, for the whole world now uses the sword and is 'falling' into disarray.

Ali, why don't you ask yourself the question: "If 'Allah - God - The Creator' is ONLY Love then, from where does all the 'un-loving' stuff come from" and, - - - why does it come to cause us suffering"?

Ali, if the Creator (Allah - God) is truly the 'Allah of all,' the 'God of all,' the 'Creator of all,' then it 'follows' that, all the emotions good or bad are a 'part' of the Creator's 'essence' and, it also follows that as mankind is using this dark essence that is the 'evil fruit' from the 'forbidden tree,' and man is thus being 'controlling, interfering, abusive, destructive, merciless, and unforgiving,' - - - then the 'imposition' of suffering upon all is being 'superimposed' upon all by that invisible force (Creator Allah - God) as the fulfilment of HIS Divine Law.


Ali says: You said that Christ was a messenger of Allah. Didn’t he say pay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar?

Terence replies: Ali, all references to the 'words of Caesar are documented in my "Testament of Truth' site. What I will add here briefly is that the 'script' texts in the 'bibles' of the day have all been corrupted and Allah via my mind says:

"The man 'Caesar' was a stupid arrogant infidel who told the 'scribes' that they must place the words 'Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's' into their 'holy book' so that he Caesar could enslave and steal from everyone and, - - - it was the same scribes that said that it was 'said' by Jesus because, - - - they were told by Caesar that it was them to be 'fed' to the Lions if they failed Caesar's command. Caesar and all that use Caesar's control over MY children do go 'below' to suffer their fate."

So Ali, errant, deceived man has used those 'words' even in the 'Courts' of today as justification to 'extort' ever increasing taxes, licence fees, rates, duties, goods and service tax etc., and, to punish any that default. Allah says:

"First 'earn' a wage and then you are to help the needy and your community by giving 'some' of your 'bread' away. - You only 'owe 'Caesar' or any man 'something if you have borrowed something from them, or purchased something from them and not paid for it. - Do not pay money to 'thieves' or 'extortionists' or 'warmongers' simply because they have deceived you through the 'sins' of your forefathers."

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The Devil has 'tempted' you Ali, and you have failed to 'defend' your mind and soul from his subtle deceptive 'advances,' for you now do 'speak' for the Dark one, for it is HE that is using you to turn man against man and religion against religion. You have also been 'deceived' by the Devil into 'sowing' discord within the minds of the 'followers' of the Islamic 'religion' and, - - - by this very unwise 'act' you are also giving 'ammunition' to those followers of 'opposing' religions.

Ali, rather than continuing to 'slander' a man 'Muhammad' who lived long, long ago, and whose 'ways' may not have been 'correctly' recorded by 'historians,' it is a better 'prospect' for you to 'simply' now tell all 'men' that: "Any person that abuses any other for any reason deserves to suffer the same 'fate,' - - - but the man named Terence who lives today says:  

"The 'administration of Vengeance is the sole 'prerogative' of Allah the Creator and, any person taking the LAW of the Creator into their own 'hands' also deserve to suffer a similar fate in this life or in the hereafter."

Ali, I would not have it that you 'friend' are late to enter the Paradise of 'Heaven's Gate,' so please halt your personal attack against Islam or any 'man,' for it is in fact an 'attack' upon the Peaceful Ideology of the Creator, and you and I and all ultimately 'answer' to HIM and HIS forces as HE is THE LORD of ALL.

I say 'Amuka rafiki' (Wake up friend) for every 'soul' that you fill with 'doubt' or 'inspire' to fight will be a 'debt' upon your own self brother. "For the  Just the 'eye for an eye' LAW * of the Creator 'Allah - God' is immutable and invincible. So all pain and suffering that was inspired by YOU becomes YOUR 'eternal' DUE."

That 'statement' above is the WORD of the Creator through ME, now I do not say anything other than: "You are the one who must 'choose' to believe or disbelieve." 

For only Allah is 'above' the punitive aspect of His 'own' Law, and as I 'speak' for Allah, it is only I that have immunity from the punitive aspect of His Law when I 'criticise, judge, or condemn,' for at that 'moment' I am wielding His pen that is His 'voice' on earth. So all 'others' such as you that also criticise, judge, and condemn the actions of others are incurring the 'WRATH' of Allah for your defiance of HIS "Only Love" Command and, - - -  my pen does also say, - - -

"Be careful 'son,' - - - your 'cross' is already too heavy for you to 'bear."

Ali, any person that defies Allah places their own soul in 'deadly' jeopardy, for they place it within the Dark punitive side of Allah's Law and, as you have incurred the 'wrath' of Allah for your 'attack' upon HIS 'peaceful' ideology, then He will 'raise' up HIS Sword against you via the mind and hand of another angry & insane infidel.

Ali, I do not wish to raise up any 'new' religion,' nor do I wish for any man to follow me or Muhammad, I simply tell all that they are wise if they follow the fresh uncontaminated Command of their Creator (Allah - God) as given by me HIS messenger to be "Peaceful" that is contained within these pages and the Dar es salaam (haven of peace) web site.

I see you Ali as a man with a 'brilliant' mind that is 'kindly' trying to show mankind that there exists 'error' and terror. So I thank you for the opportunity of being able to use this 'communication' positively so that I can more easily uplift the consciousness of all mankind.

May the LIGHT of Allah guide us all
May the
LIGHT of God guide us all
May the
LIGHT of the Creator guide us all

May the destructive DARK be now exposed so we all become 'wiser' not 'killers.'

Ali, if you try and destroy 'dark evil' you are attempting to kill Allah - God - Creator. Those that are 'terrorists,' being any person inflicting abuse, pain, or destroying homes. lives' or livelihoods of others, - - - are 'simply' people that have lost their way and infused their souls with dark energy. Let us now educate them and thus 'save' their souls and keep 'ours' peaceful and thus 'safe.'

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Ali says:  "Terence, As my site keep growing and as people learn the truth about Muhammad, Islam will wane and with that your message will also go down to oblivion."

Terence replies: Ali, that my brother is your 'prophecy' and it is also your statement to the world. But what you have 'failed' to see is that, - - - 

The DOCTRINE OF ALLAH: 'Islam - Aslama' implying that one will attain inner peace and external peace through obedience to the peaceful & compassionate & merciful & forgiving doctrine of God/Allah, through the right 'submission' to, and by 'embracing,' the Command of Allah - - - is not 'dependant upon the reported 'deeds' of a mere man named 'Muhammad.'

Allah can 'speak' or 'inspire' any person that HE Allah so chooses. So if you 'think' that the above stated 'doctrine' of Islam being the TRUE 'core' of the religion named 'Islam' will 'wane,' and my message will be 'lost' in oblivion, then that is your 'sad' belief that I see is now to bring 'grief' upon you and your own household.

Ali, there are 'facts' relating to spiritual matters and the 'ways' of men that you are ignorant of, and I see that your mind is 'spell-bound' by the Devil with a 'fixation' on the 'errors' of Muhammad. Why not take the 'beam' out of your own eye Ali, are you so 'pure'?

I 'fear' for your spiritual welfare Ali, and I know that the 'spell' binding you can only be broken by Allah or me, and to enlighten yourself so as to save yourself an 'awful' lot of misery, I would suggest that you avail yourself of all the wisdom of Allah as written in my web sites. I wish you well Ali, I do not 'ask' you to 'abolish' your web site but, - - - please place this following 'notice' on your web site on the first main index page :

"I Ali Sina do state that there is a man of flesh who believes that he has a message to humanity from the Creator. 

Please visit his web sites and come to your own personally informed decision as to the 'validity' of its 'truth or falsity,' for I would not wish to personally advise you wrongly. Go to:

< > or
< >

May peace and goodwill be your personal way from today"

Note : 'eye for an eye' LAW * - The Creator (Allah - God) commands man to only fulfil the positive side of the law - this means that 'we' the children must only give the 'payback' of good for good, and joy for joy etc.

It is not for man to fulfil the negative side of the law. For if we so do and mete out the 'payback' of pain for pain, abuse for abuse, then we live eternally in that 'karmic' wheel of suffering.

Make sure that you never use darkness in your personal interaction. Make sure that you never 'fund' punitive systems of man, for if you fund the State enforcement agencies then all the 'terror' and abuse they impose 'for and on your behalf' upon others of other nations or upon other citizens of your own land, then you also do incur a 'pain' debt. For they are your 'paid' servants.

 As decreed by MY sacred pen

I Terence the 'risen' Al-Imam al-Mahdi have spoken.

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~ Letter 2 from Ali ~

----- Original Message ----- From: Ali Sina To: Terence Sent: Monday, 20 December 2004 4:21 PM Subject: Re: Response

Ali Sina says: Terence, I published your last letter in the forum.

Terence replies.

Thank you Ali, please now look very deeply into your consciousness, for I believe that you are a 'decent' man, but one that has set a 'train' in motion, and it will be very difficult now for you to make 'amends,' as this would be showing your 'peers' and the world that you were in fact wrong in your attack upon the man Muhammad.

For it was that 'projection' that ultimately drove you to 'rubbish' the Holy Word of Allah being the 'core' doctrine of the truth of salvation, being 'Peace unto all' that is the 'core' of the 'religion' of ISLAM.

I know that 'mad' Mullah's and their 'scribes' also 'trashed' the contents of 'book' texts by adding in their own abominable controlling 'rites,' rituals and rules,' as they sought control and money 'honey' through greed, pride, and vanity. But they too 'as' you all pay the ultimate price * for being 'less' than nice to Allah's sacred Creation - - - mankind, being HIS beloved children of every race and creed.

By placing my letters on your site that will now assist you and all readers out of your dark plight, it does show Allah your courage and your intent to make amends. Seek now the bright morning Star and let it guide you and all mankind from afar, for truly, every mortal man has sinned * against his God/Allah/Creator, and that too includes Muhammad, Jesus, and me.

Note: ultimate price * - The reciprocal return unto man for every deed be it good or bad receives a JUST and equitable return as Allah fulfils HIS singular divine Law on an 'eye for an eye' basis. ( Deception for deception given, abuse for abuse given, pain for pain given, disruption for disruption given, despair for despair given, love for love given, compassion for compassion given, mercy for mercy given, etc.)

Note: sinned * - Used force of arms or angry words to abuse another or have relied on the strength of 'State' forces (Caesar's men) to supply protection, or stole, or deceived, etc. For any 'voter' that condoned the punitive & warring governing systems has become 'complicit' to the defiance of Allah's Command to "Walk in peace and only love' and, - - -

As all 'youths' grow up believing their elders, all even me are taught falsely, and we only become wiser and make change when as I, Allah inspires us with the REAL TRUTH. Make use of my wisdom sent by Allah, and change your ways before you 'die.'

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~ Letter from Arshad ~

----- Original Message ----- From: Arshad Ali - To: Terence Sent: Monday, 20 December 2004 4:29 PM 
Subject: Thank you for the truth

Dear Prophet Terence,

I am an ex-Muslim turned atheist from India. I was just going through Dr Sina's site and happened to see an article about his discussion with you. That's where I first heard about you, sir.

If Ali Sina's mocking response has hurt you, let me apologise for it on his behalf. He really is a very nice man underneath it all. I am very familiar with Ali's method of argument and style of writing- that's Ali for you. He means no harm to anybody.*

Let me tell you here that it was just out of curiosity that I opened up the link to your web site posted by Ali. Ever since I read through the articles there, I have been able to experience a sense of elation and calmness of mind never felt before.

It's been a week now that I have been fighting with my conscience, to reject my lack of faith and replace it with truth of reality that you deliver. I am now more than convinced that you Terence, peace be always with you, are indeed a real messenger of the ultimate reality we call Allah.

It is indeed sad that so many of us will never come to this beautiful realisation and truth, when today religions are being attacked and criticised by the so-called 'intellectuals' with their scientific and rational arguments. But Prophet Terence, in you I find purity of wisdom and truth that I wish to emulate.

As I slowly regain my trust and faith in the higher reality called Allah and his messengers, I am beginning to find inner peace and tranquillity. But, Prophet Terence, I need divine guidance from you in accepting once more, Muhammad as a prophet.

While it can be proved from the authentic early scriptures that Muhammad had indeed lived a less than holy life, could it still be possible that he was nonetheless a true prophet of Allah, just like you are one?

Is it not possible for a prophet of Allah to sin and make mistakes, like the rest of us?. After all they are also mere mortals with human conditions, attributes and qualities. But to believe in this contradicts Islam's claims of Muhammad being pure, sinless and an example to follow.

Islam's claim of Muhammad being the last prophet from Allah is also in direct contradiction to you being a messenger. Prophet Terence, I am now in a state of utter confusion over the contradiction that has resulted from Quran and your claims of prophethood. I have no doubts about the truth you profess, but does that now mean I should reject part of the Quran? I'm confused. Please clarify, prophet Terence.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Peace from Allah be always with you, your devout follower

Arshad Ahmed

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Terence replies:

My dear brother Arshad, your words are a comfort to me also, for few men respond with a 'waving' palm frond. Too many reject me and turn away from Allah as they so do, but that too is only because of their 'error' in thinking * that Muhammad was the 'last' prophet, or that 'Islam' is false.

They 'forget' or see not that Allah also said that HE would send the 'Al-Mesih' at the end, and I too am Allah's Prophet, for what would be the 'purpose' of sending me if I was a 'mute' and not able to speak for Allah?

Note: thinking * - The 'scribes' that 'tended' the 'flock' of words in the Quran will answer to Allah for their iniquities as they 'altered and added' whatever they decided to, similarly as the scribes that tended the Christian 'Bible' will 'die' in their sin for saying that Jesus 'worked' miracles and walked on water, so that they could 'attract' followers to fill their pockets with shekels.

For it was truthfully written within the 'Biblical' texts that : "Man would 'wrest' the scriptures unto his own destruction." (The word 'wrest' means 'Manipulate')

I reply to your words < It's been a week now that I have been fighting with my conscience, to reject my lack of faith and replace it with truth of reality that you deliver. > -

Arshad, you are only 'fighting' with your conscience because of the false programming therein, but in fact a part of your programming knows the truth that I again make clear as my pen is guided by Allah with the sole purpose of elevating the consciousness of all mankind out of the dust and into the Light of the Star in heaven above.

As for the last paragraph of your letter below Arshad, I answer it for you and all mankind, for my reply joins the Epistles to Ali on my web site 'Ali paper,' for what you nor Ali see, is that it was the divine inspiration of Allah through both of you to write to me, for my replies to you both are a part of the 'wisdom' of Allah to set free so many yet bound in falsity raised up by their forefathers who were all 'sinners.'

Arshad, I refer to the most important part of your letter that says : "Does that now mean I should reject part of the Quran? I'm confused." Please clarify, prophet Terence. "

Arshad as ALL 'religions' have their own supposedly 'holy' texts, and as all written by MAN over the ages has 'altered' and contaminated these texts, I Allah's messenger say now that via this pen Allah speaks to you and all saying:

"There is only a very small 'section' of any past texts written that you need to concern yourself with and, - - - this 'section' is that which contains MY truth reference your personal salvation and elevation into MY homeland in the Light above and it says that, - - -

If you would live in peace and be loved by others then you must conform to MY Command to "Walk in peace and do not disturb the peace of others and, - - - you must be compassionate and merciful to the aggressors and, - - - you must turn the other cheek if they strike you and, - - -

You must forgive them for their abuse of you and, - - - in so doing you must in no way become complicit to their downfall and, - - - all I expect of you reference their 'unholy' conduct is that you assist in their educative rehabilitation as per my Decrees as given by Terence and, - - -

Any of you that 'persist' in the punishment of others are seen by ME as 'unworthy,' and you will by ME be cast into the PIT to live eternally with other swine."

So Arshad, Allah can 'inspire' any that Allah wishes to, and Allah can give guidance to any person. But as this inspiration is but 'silent' thoughts, people are unaware of it as being from Allah. They just assume that it is their own 'brilliance.' Every 'invention' is given to mankind is given by Allah.

Yes it is a fact that every person born to flesh has 'sin' * within, and even I took on this 'sin' as my divine pure soul entered the flesh of this biological body, so that I could 'understand' other sinners ways, and at times it made me a 'sinner' as was Jesus when he 'lashed' the moneylenders etc., and did more wrong that was not recorded.

But Allah has now 'delivered' me from it the 'sin' and my spirit soul now has no 'darkness' within. Thus my inner energy is pure and I am demure and at peace, as shall you and every other follower of ALLAH and HIS "Peace - Islam" Command.

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Note: 'sin' * - The dark negative emotions of 'hatred, greed, pride, vanity, jealousy, vindictiveness' etc.) These emotions are seen by man as 'normal,' they are not, and it is through them that the Devil inspires and incites man to rob, rape, pillage, control, deceive, and destroy others. Once you heed Allah and 'pay' your dues to Allah then Allah sets you free of this dark energy and you become an 'angel' of pure Light.

Arshad, I end saying: It matters not whether Muhammad was evil or otherwise, it matters not whether the Quran was or was not corrupted, it matters not whether there was or was not to be another prophet sent by Allah, it matters not what any person says to you in that respect because, - - -

All that does matter is that you and any seeker of salvation decide whether the Command of Allah is True. Being the words I gave above from Allah. For 'Inshallah' - - - that any person continuing to BE defiant of those words will fail and fall into oblivion. Let us all now consider our 'options,' there are only TWO.

The first being that we continue to defy Allah and defiantly turn away from HIS Light and we abuse HIS other children as we 'fight, criticise, judge, condemn, steal, control, tax, regulate, punish, incarcerate, kill etc. or,

Secondly, we personally and individually conform to Allah's Command and we 'walk in peace and are 'merciful, compassionate, kind, caring, loving, and forgiving' because we have understood that those yet 'sinning' and abusing others are simply souls still 'trapped' by inner darkness needing our help.'

To overcome inner confusion, you need to 'refresh' the content of you mind's programming by reading all I have written, for this then seeds your consciousness and 'memory bank' with fresh uncontaminated wisdom. As it is I and only I that speak for Allah - it is I and only I that can say: In the name of Allah I come, I speak, and I say:

"YOU and all must be Merciful & Compassionate or for Paradise you will be late."

The 'deception' within texts of all religions is that because Allah was 'reported' to be forgiving, merciful and compassionate, that man could 'sin' and get away with it. This is false, for Allah has NO mercy or compassion or forgiveness with the Dark side HIS divine Law.

He is merciful with the merciful, and merciless with the merciless, for that is His 'eye for an eye - As you do is done unto you' LAW because, - - - Allah's Divine Law is predicated upon absolute pure Justice.

If we 'walk' peacefully then we are 'walking' within the Light side of HIS Law, receiving a happy return.
If we 'disturb' others we are then 'walking' within the Dark side of HIS Law, receiving an
unhappy return.

I wish you well Arshad. I will place this correspondence on line in a few days and, I have not been 'hurt' by Ali's words, to the contrary, I thank him for his honesty.

Do not 'follow' me Arshad, simply 'follow' the Command of Allah as you look to HIS Light in the heavens, as you walk in peace in the knowledge that you have found The TRUE Way and, - - -

As you walk your way please tell all others that we do not need religions nor 'places' to kneel and pray, * we just need to walk upright facing the Light as we enlighten all and walk tall on our peaceful journey home to Allah's heavenly Kingdom.

Sincerely - Terence Al-Imam al-Mahdi  

Note: kneel and pray, * - All these 'ways' are the 'Cleric & Scribe & Priest' rules that regulate and constrict and control their 'flocks.' Those true to their Creator do not need to 'hammer' their heads against any 'wall' or 'rock' back and forth in meditative prayer, or 'kneel' or 'dress' in a certain way as a 'sign' of 'worthiness.' All believers must now 'break' away from these strictures imposed by men.

Your single 'ritual' is your observance to Allah's "Walk in peace and love one another" Command by 'ritualistically' so doing. Never 'falter' from this TRUE path, always remain sane,  respectful and obedient to this Command of Allah as you are faced by 'adversity or terror,' and you thus show Allah your belief in HIS Command.

Note: He means no harm to anybody.* - Arshad, I refer to your paragraph 'two' in your letter page 9 above. What Ali Sina 'means' and what he does are two different things. He may mean' well' but his DEED is most definately going to send him to HELL for a time and a time, for being an 'infidel' and a 'swine' as he deceives many. Regrettably he sees not the mentality of some of the 'idiots' that visit his web site and, his 'words' incites them and 'invites' them to join his 'disbelief' in Allah or 'any' Creator.

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~ Letter to '' ~

Dear 'Sirs,' I refer to your words of 'Churchill and Lincoln' given great prominence by you on your main web site Index page. It is no doubt placed there as you think that its 'content' is the 'absolute pure truth' that confirms your 'stance' against Islam. I place the content of the words here:

Abraham Lincoln says:

"As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy."

Terence says: As all men seen as 'great' in their own eyes, they are blinded to reality by the Dark one, and see not their demise nor their own lack of spirituality. For in the USA or any other 'supposed' Democracy, there is in fact 'slavery' and Autocracy.

For it is the men like Lincoln that raised up legislation that itself (the rule books) RULES with an iron fist. So where is the democracy if one is forced to 'live' in accordance with rules made by others?

Are all men not yet 'slaves' to the rules books of 'State and religion? Are the rules and their 'legislators' and the 'enforcers' not the 'Master' as spoken of by Lincoln? They most certainly are, and any person that 'fails' to fund the never-ending taxation demands imposed by 'said' Master (rule books) are punished by fine and incarceration and death.

All Autocratic dictators such as Lincoln who 'set' the rules that you are forced to comply with, as do the religious 'elders' similarly, - - - all believe or 'think' that they are benign benefactors. None see their error and their imposition of 'terror' upon any that oppose their 'regulation of others' Doctrine.

Ali Sina says: Thereupon I concluded: As I would not be a dhimmi, so I would not be a Muslim.

(The word "dhimmitude" as a historical concept, was coined in 1983 to describe the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule. The word "dhimmitude" comes from dhimmi, an Arabic word meaning "protected.")

Terence says: I 'assume' from this that Ali perceives that the religion of Islam equates to a word 'dhimmi' and that he also sees the 'rule' by the 'Clerics' or 'rituals imposed by the 'text' books of the religion of Islam as a form of 'slavery.'

How right he is, for all 'rituals' imposed by man that are enforced by punishment or 'banishment' or death, are 'enslavement' of their followers. But what Ali fails to see is, that every Institution on the planet has its RULE books that all 'subjects' bow to and are enslaved by. I agree with Ali, and I say 'burn the rule books' and simply follow the Command of Allah to:

"Walk free and walk peacefully, and control no other by 'rule' and, simply raise up educational codes of conduct as guidelines, that have no 'punishment' (enslavement) attachment."

Ali needs to see that in every land in every race or creed, the 'invader' has forced their 'prey' to comply with their rule books, (ideology) for all men believe that it is the rule book that 'protects' the people. Man has 'fallen' by believing that the rules stand above their Creator and, - - -

Man erroneously believes that the rules are the 'protection' against the enemy. This is error for when complying with punitive regulating rules that force man to invade, steal, seize, coerce, abuse, kidnap, punish, and destroy, they (the rules )are in direct contravention of Allah's Command.

Thus the "dhimmitude" concept applies to every race and creed and nation on earth.

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Churchill says: "How dreadful are  - - - - , and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

And, - - -  degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife, or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

"Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities and, - - -  Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytising faith. - - - and more.

Ali Sina says: Note: Churchill's comments are posted here ( because he understood the danger of Islam. This is not an endorsement of Churchill as the man.

Terence says: Ali, if you think that Islam 'falls' due to your 'faith' in Churchill or his above 'words,' then you know not the power of the hidden 'sword' of the Devil, that so cunningly speaks through HIS 'army' of earthly men, one being Winston Churchill, who as you and many, is yet * defiant of Allah's sacred pen.

Note: is yet * - The 'spirit soul' of Churchill yet lives in the darkness below.

For Churchill is also a proven 'warmonger,' for he sent thousands of young men to kill thousands of other young men over the sea, and all this out of pure ignorance and vanity.

Yes, and he also 'attracted' millions of his 'flock' being men, women, and children of the 'English' race to rise up as a 'Christian' disgrace and to wage war in direct defiance of the Command of the Christian God that also as 'Allah' said:

"Go your way in peace and do not fight any perceived enemy, for if you so do, then you are placing your 'trust' in the REAL enemy that you cannot see, and HE is the Dark Sovereign Power who will most certainly destroy everybody that relies on HIM and HIS forces of darkness below."

So 'Ali' and others of, the words of Churchill < and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. > - - - in the eyes of 'his' God and Allah the above also applies to Christianity and every Secular Institution, and equally reads as: < and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the man Churchill rules and lives. >

I say this because 'security of property' is a fallacy, and a 'lie' imposed on all citizens of all 'Western' nations. The lie being that there exists 'freehold title to property (land.)

This is false, for the State owns all land in perpetuity even though it the State issues a 'paper' writ to the effect that it has granted title. For unless an 'annual' demanded land tax fee 'toll' is met by the landholder, the land is seized and confiscated by the State authorities and 'auctioned,' and the dwellers thereon are cast out into the 'wilderness.'

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His words < The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife, or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. >  - - - in the eyes of 'his' God and Allah the above also applies to Christianity and every Secular Institution, and equally reads as:

< A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Christian Law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife, or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Christianity has ceased to be a great power among men. >

Can you not see 'Ali' that the 'Priests' controlling the 'Christian' religion are also 'fundamentalists' who perceive 'sex' as sinful, and marriage without their 'permission' as illegal and sinful, and children born without their marriage 'permit' as unlawful and sinful, and they 'preach' that woman must 'abide' and conform to the dictates of her husband etc, and all these 'vain vagaries of mere men are backed by the 'rules' of State authorities.

His words < Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytising faith. > - - - in the eyes of 'his' God and Allah the above also applies to Christianity and every Secular Institution, and equally reads as: < Far from being moribund, Christianity is a militant and proselytising faith. > and, - - -

Try and see Ali, that every 'nation' on earth 'fell' to the Devil as every 'leader' and 'legislator' and every 'Cleric or Priest' was also 'seduced' by the Devil into the 'promotion' of the use of dark punitive energy and wage war upon others (In the name of God or Allah) in direct defiance of and contravention of the Command of the Creator Allah - God - Mungu. Allah says:

"Every 'past' leader of men and their warring 'cohorts' as well as all priests or other that condoned warfare sit in cold and barren wastelands below for their iniquitous ways and they all 'await' MY pleasure or displeasure and, - - - any of you 'here' in the flesh that 'bless' or 'condone' their iniquitous ways will surely follow them into purgatory and be lost in the 'deserts' below."

Ali, if you retain Churchill as your 'image' of purity and wisdom, then Allah sees that you Ali Sina have placed a man before or 'ahead' of your Creator, that 'image' is to be your downfall Ali unless, - - - you now conform to the Doctrine of Allah as given by ME.

For the 'supposed' wisdom or 'words' of a mere man is used by you to 'attack' the GREAT Salvationary Plan of Allah, that Allah gave 'us' to save you and all HIS other errant children is a disgrace to HIM.


Gandhi says: "When in despair I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won; there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall."

Of the men 'three' on your web site, only the words of Gandhi ring true to me but, you are using his words 'cunningly,' for readers will assume falsely that Gandhi's truth is backing your 'cause.' It is the time to separate religion from TRUTH. For Allah's 'salvation' wisdom of "PEACE unto all" is not 'religion,' it is a simple statement from Allah backed by the MIGHT of Allah.

Ali, read my 'Crucifixion of religion' and my

'Vatican City - harlot of Babylon'

Sincerely - Terence

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~ Faith Freedom Reformation ~

Faith freedom - is the freedom to have faith in Allah's Word alone.

Faith freedom - is the freedom to not conform to the ideological beliefs of others.

Faith freedom - is the freedom to walk 'outside' any named religion, and this means that its policies or rules being the 'dictates' of other men may be ignored.

Faith freedom - is the freedom to walk 'apart' from any State government Institution, and this means that its policies or rules being the 'dictates' of other men may be ignored.

Faith freedom - is the freedom to do anything one wishes to, be it good or bad in the knowledge that it is Allah to bring one to 'account' for every action or interaction that 'opposes' HIS Command to:

"Only walk in peace and love one another and do not control others or steal their goods or chattels and,
 be merciful and compassionate and forgiving of their ways."

Faith freedom - is the freedom to do anything one wishes to, be it good or bad in the knowledge that every action is subject to Allah's single Supreme Divine Law:

"As you do is done unto you on an equitable 'eye for an eye' basis."

Faith freedom - is the freedom to conform to the Ideological Doctrine as given by the Creator, being the freedom to 'practice' the 'faith' of Peace - Islam, or Peace Christian, or 'Peace' through any other 'named' group of the 'day,' without the need to form any 'religion' or to 'fellowship' with any others.

In the knowledge that the choice of eternal Salvation or eternal 'suffering' is ones personal divine right, and not to be 'controlled' or 'imposed' by any man or institution of man.

Faith freedom - is the freedom to 'exercise' ones courage and 'oppose' the controls and demands imposed by religions and secular organisations by halting any and all 'taxes' demanded, as you simply give some of your earnings to community welfare or any other projects that you wish to fund, be it hospitals, schools, roads, inter galactic travel programs etc.

Faith freedom - is the freedom to defy the 'advances' of the ignorant, and you refuse to 'take up' arms and fight for them or their lands, and you also have faith in Allah and Allah's Word of 'Peace unto all' and thus you do not take up arms to defend yourself nor your family.

Faith freedom - is the freedom gained by the knowledge that as you 'suffer' your 'karma' willingly and in non-retaliation, that by this 'act of faith' you are compliant with Allah's Command and you know that HE will thus set you spiritually free.

Faith freedom - is the freedom gained by the knowledge that as you have found the True 'faith' and True 'path,' that you faithfully do all in your personal power of mind and pen 'hand' to advise all others of Allah's Golden Web Site, so that they too can take this 'leap of faith' into its revelations and freedom.

For by this 'act' of yours, any other person that may have been deceived by you or others past conduct will be able to return unto the 'fold' of Allah and, Allah sees your 'holy' aid.

For any person that 'mercifully & compassionately' guides another 'errant' onto the True path is a 'priest' of Allah due to their beneficent counsel.

Faith freedom - is the freedom gained from the knowledge that you must never use the 'Court of man' (Caesar) to bring others to account and, - - - you never personally involve yourself in acts of 'accountability, vengeance, or retribution,' as you now know that all 'suffering' is imposed by Allah and deserved and, - - -

You thus 'accept' personal responsibility for any 'pain or loss' suffered and you quietly forgive the 'imbecile' that imposed it upon you for Allah and, - - - you ensure that you never again offend others in any way and thus bring the 'Wrath of Allah' to your door.

Faith freedom - is the freedom to live and let live, to love and let love, and to give with love to all that Allah sends to your door.

Faith freedom - is the freedom gained through the knowledge that you must never oppose darkness with darkness, but simply and caringly give your good counsel to the 'offender' so that they can be rehabilitated. For only thus are you washing away blood with the water of forgiveness.

Faith Freedom - is the freedom gained through having faith in what we believe or would like to believe, being that Allah exists, and that HIS Word is TRUE and is powerful enough to cleanse our souls and 'pull' us through from Darkness into pure Light if we conform to HIS Command.

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~ Added Notes for Ali Sina & you all ~

Men of 'religion' are not men of Allah's TRUTH. For they adhere to 'decrees' and RULES of men purported to be 'Allah's but they are NOT. Those that conform to Allah's Command and adhere to Allah's Doctrine of Peace - Islam are 'faithfully' following the Word & Way of their Creator Allah.

Try and understand that the dark energy the 'sin' is the dark energy of Allah, that you 'draw in' to your soul each time you 'oppress' others through your negative 'abusive or taxing or controlling or punitive or warring' ways. It is because Allah's dark energy is 'self' justified in abusing those that offend Allah, that any of you with it (dark sin energy) within your soul are 'incited or invited' by it to do or be Allah's Dark side of the 'eye for an eye' Law in action.

Allah forbids you to so do, for HE knows that when you use HIS dark energy to abuse or punish, that you immediately become within HIS punitive jurisdiction and suffer equally within HIS Law. Never use punitive force and never criticise, judge, or condemn. Be at Peace with all men. Be they good or evil.

My written words are not 'spoken' by the man 'Terence,' they are simply written down by his 'hand' as he is Allah's earthly scribe. The man 'Terence' is an uneducated fisherman from Tanzania. He has not 'studied' any 'text' books of any religions, thus his subconscious mind is 'uncluttered' by nonsense or falsity, and it is thus 'easy' for him to write his 'thoughts' and not interfere 'mentally' with what he is receiving 'inspirationally.' 

As this 'Paper' is in respect of Ali Sina's web site that presently does 'incite' others and 'invite' them to side with him against Allah's Islam - Peace Command or, to walk away from Islam as a 'whole,' I say a few more words to Ali Sina.

Ali, I do not ask you to shut down your web site but, - - - Allah asks you to change the 'colour' of its 'dress' and yours from the 'warring' BLACK of 'inquisition, condemnation, and judgement,' to the RAINBOW colours of Salvation through the exposure of 'truth and education and good counsel,' and, - - -

 Instead of trying to bring Islam to 'account' through errors within text books purported to be of 'Islam' or, the 'criticism' of the wrong ways of its 'people,' due to their unfortunate deception over time by men of religion purporting to be of Islam, simply now promote the positive and TRUE ideology of Allah that is the REAL ISLAM as given to us ALL by Allah as the final 'ray of hope' that is:

"Peace unto all or you fall."

Men in black robes or red robes or yellow robes or brown robes in every 'religion'  have 'Institutionalised' and taken control of Allah's Word as they said, that they were the 'keepers' of Allah's Truth and, they also by 'force of arms' bound all men and all women into their controlling 'decrees & rules and rituals & rites' that are an abomination in Allah's sight. This is now revealed by me as FALSITY existing in every 'city.'

Take that 'rogue' Churchill off your web site. He is not your 'Messiah.' Do you 'think' that his spirit is any 'higher' than yours? No, for it sits in dark gloomy isolation below and it is filled with DREAD and, - - - every other 'leader' of men that defy this sacred pen will fall and be with him for an eternally long time.

Soon the eternal 'end' for those continuing to be infidels (non-believers in the doctrine of peace) will come as swiftly as the 'falling' of a Giant AXE. Please now make the true Word of Allah as your 'wife,' and make your 'bed' with HER wisdom. Make IT your new way of life today, for our spirit soul does exist forever and a day and, - - - 

It would give me very great pleasure to see that the name 'Sina' becomes written in the Book of Life of Allah as ONE that in the 'Last Days' did find his way, and spent the rest of his life using his brilliant mind positively and his web site to reach every person of Islam, - - - who as he had 'erred' through the power of the 'great deceiver', - - - to find their way home.

Ali, help me to expose the REAL enemy of all mankind, being the 'energy essence mist of death' of the dark force of evil that works through the mind of man with the deadly intent to sow discord, dissent, disharmony, and destruction amongst Allah's children and, - - - 

All that 'listen' to the telepathic 'whisperings' of this 'Serpent' are tempted to forget the Command of their LOVING Creator they then 'justifiably' turn man against man, and this causes others and ultimately themselves great harm. 

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Ali Sina, you are telling the world that you now no longer believe in Allah because of the 'actions' of a man Muhammad and, - - - as you do what you do you are 'tempting' people to turn away from their 'faith' and follow you. So what is the difference between Amrozi, Ali Sina, or Bin Laden?

Amrozi was deceived by his elders and thus he destroyed the flesh of man. Ali was deceived by his own thoughts and thus he has the power to deceive man, and thus Ali could become 'complicit' to the destruction of their soul and, - - - Bin Laden 'as' an elder that was himself deceived as are all men, is complicit to misleading other men into acts of terror that lead to the 'death' of flesh and soul. Who is the worst in the eyes of Allah?

Is Saddam or Clinton or Blair or Churchill or Howard or Hitler or Attilla the Hun any 'better or worse' than Bin Laden? "NO" says Allah, "They all deserve to 'die' for a time and a time and be dined on in the wastelands below by other swine."

Who are the worst 'terrorists'? Are they the Americans for obliterating Nagasaki & Hiroshima, or the 'warring' Taliban, Britain, or any other 'State' of man? Allah says: "All 'attacks' of man are insanity inspired by the Dark Sovereign Power, and every 'militant' is a non-believing infidel that goes straight to HELL when their spirit departs the flesh."

Every 'warring' head of State, be they Bush, Clinton, or Saddam or any of the 'multitudes' of past Kings, Queens or Emperors all end up in the icy 'snow' in the wastelands below, where they face to face meet their past enemies and 'entwine' and struggle and 'toil' in the 'mud' for a very long time, for in the eyes of their Creator they are 'worthless'  Swine

Every person outside Heaven other than me does have dark emotions (Sin) within, and it is via these emotions that the thoughts of the Dark One invade their mind and silently and subtly enter in. So please now take the 'sting' out of your 'tail' and begin to tell all of the LOVE story tale.

The tale being the one where if we individually learn to be meek and humble and show respect unto all, - - - that Allah sees and Allah then frees us of our inner Sin so that we can become 'purified' within, so that we can then walk tall and gain entry into Heaven.

Ali, sup now on the compassion & forgiveness & mercy 'leaven' of Allah. For only thus does any 'man' become free of inner sin and, - - - none can enter into Paradise if there is even one 'speck' of darkness within. For what man does not see is that as he 'sins' and criticises & judges & 'pens' the condemnation of others, he draws the dark mist of death into his own soul and this satanic 'breath' grows like a cancer inside his own soul and 'crushes' his inner love Rose.

Great now has become the 'burden' on every man's rose, and only Allah's Light energy can of it 'dispose' after the sinner STOPS drawing more in. Heed my call and begin to win your personal battle over inner sin, for too many men are involved in making others listen to the voice of darkness that is making them turn their face away from the SUN and LIGHT of Allah, and any man or cleric or priest that sends men into 'war' * are the Devil's workers disguised as 'angels.'

Note'war' *- Any form of punitive action is 'war,' be it an act of terrorism or an 'anti-terrorist' punitive reaction.

Ali, the 'dark' energy of Allah is what drags us down into the 'Hell fire,' but it is we who condemn ourselves, for the Justice of Allah is the Justice we bring upon ourselves as we defy Allah's "Only peace" Command, and we place ourselves within the DARK punitive aspect of Allah's singular 'eye for an eye' - As you Sow so shall ye Reap - Law, because, - - - 

As we 'criticise, despise, condemn, interfere, regulate, control, lie, steal, deceive, abuse, tax, seize goods, impose sanctions, invade, kidnap, hold inquisitions, prosecute, persecute, punish, abuse, destroy property and kill,' we have condemned ourselves, and the 'proof' is proven by the 'act' of our negative deed and, - - - by Allah's power and dark 'energy' we are brought to 'account.'

"As you do - is done unto you"

The Wisdom of Allah is given freely by Allah through me to any that would 'drink' of ITS 'cup of love.'

I end this 'epistle' by saying that: - - - Even though 'Ali' could prove from past texts that Muhammad 'sinned' against Allah, mankind, and himself, Ali assumed falsely that the Mighty Islamic 'banner' Standard Doctrinal Ideology of Allah of Peace - Islam & mercy & compassion & forgiveness had fallen, and I state that:

The doctrinal 'observance' of 'Peace - Islam' and the promise by Allah that, all conforming to that 'peaceful, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving' Command would be saved and uplifted into Paradise, still STANDS, for it does not 'depend' upon any man or Muhammad himself being good or evil.

Allah speaks through any person be they sinners or otherwise, wise or unwise, and if Muhammad the prophet did himself at any time 'defy' or contravene Allah's command, then he Muhammad would pay the blood 'price' as did Jesus on his 'crucifixion' day and, as will every man now so pay, be it here or in the hereafter.

No man has any 'immunity' from Allah's singular divine Law that is administered 'invisibly' and Justly by Allah on an equitable 'eye for an eye' basis. Ali, I am an old man now, please tell me if there is anything else you need to 'hear' to believe me.

I Terence the 'risen' Al-Imam al-Mahdi have spoken.


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