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~ Information for Air Pilots ~

ITEM - 1 - Open letter to Gary Morgan, Morgan Aeroworks.
ITEM - 2 - 'To whom it may concern' - Gary Morgan, Morgan Aeroworks.

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To: Air services Australia
attn: Bill Pollard

Ref: Internet Educative Facility & AGB McNair customer survey

Thank you for your “ongoing” commitment to “flight,”
that can be a danger day or night to any that

This can be daily “seen” as mechanics at times “slip up” maybe because they are “fed up,” and pilots I see too daydream, and are at times “untrue” to themselves as they “decide” to on the wrong decision abide.

Thus society does wield a heavy “paw” as it enacts many a Law:

To in some way “berate”
to in some way

to in some way lay blame and say: “this one is one of shame.”

So its up to the very few
to try to God remain true,

and use the word “Educate” rather than 'berate and regulate.'

My task is to educate about the MIND, how it “falters” and we become blind to an imminent possibility that becomes a frightening reality.

I deal with forces untrue as well as those that enlighten me and you, and if you look up my web page you’ll see its inspired by our heavenly sage. Verily, our God of love who streams out wisdom above, and ‘tis She now calling out through me, saying:

“Bill my son, please help humanity and in every which way change the modus operandi today, by passing on the truth that flows through Terence my proof, as well as passing on ‘other truth’ too, that will help pilots via you. For soon all will understand that Father wields a very heavy hand against all who me deny and via ‘authority’ make many cry. ‘Freedom of expression’ I say, is the mode today”

So Bill, I have a web page fresh and new, its address is below now for you. Please now “look it up” and on the pages on Suicide sup, and decide if what I say is real, how “thoughts” can our sanity steal.

It is now my intent to add info on my “Notes for Airmen” so many fall not undone. This will be “placed” in a week or two so if there is aught you’d add, send it through, for my “page” will reach far and wide, verily o’er the planet will it stride to be read by you and you, verily all airmen too.

So if Australia would a little wisdom contribute, whether ref “rules, weather or wisdom,” don’t be mute. I shall be saying a word or two about how to keep the mind “focussed and true,” and please feel free to any info copy that you see on my web pages that might help thee.

 Please advise all via your “medium” too of my message on “Suicide” true, by printing my web page address so its wisdom can on all “impress.”

Terence 28.3.001 (1997)


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Civil Aviation Authority of Australia
To: Dick Smith

Ref: Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914 & 12 months imprisonment penalty.

In this day and age as you can see, the Flight Rules have become 'overloaded' and thus unsafe be, and the two “circulars” you sent around were so “Heavy” with “regulations & controls” that my plane could not get off the ground.

Dick Smith, surely you can see that “Rules & Regs” do not stop minds that “out of the flight envelope be.” Yes my brother, you are trying very hard to stop anyone suffering from a painful shard but, - - - what you do not see is that any 'open and unwary' mind can be accessed by dark invisible forces.

Yes, telepathically, and thus be used as is yours that at times is confused about “which way to go” and at these moments your actions slow. So I just wanted to say to you that God says:

“Son, you just be true and TEACH the lads the SAFE way,
but at NO time make any for their ‘folly’ pay.”

All controllers are “Reapers in action” and they do feel great satisfaction when they “shoot another down” who made them in the past frown. Please read my “Notices to Airmen” on my web page: It was inspired by God our heavenly Sage. Within it and the “Suicide” document you will see the REASONS why some, vain, arrogant, stupid and mentally disturbed.

As said, people only DO what their minds tell them to, and any who “entertain” thoughts from below do vain and arrogant grow, to the extent that they not only find their “plane” is bent, but that their “wings” are spent.

So brother, it’s over to you to now see my reasoning true.

Educate not Regulate
You make others pay and you’ll be late.

All who “against” God’s Flight Plan 'stuff around' will now be “grounded” below ground.

Terence - the Spirit of Truth

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~ The brain and body fuel ~

This web page has been formulated to assist pilots in understanding how
their mental capacity “in flight” can be maintained in a positive plus alert mode.

The MIND directs the actions of the flesh in which for a time the spirit
does enmesh, and it is affected by the emotional state of the person.

The FLESH is activated by mental thoughts, be they:
Kind - Positive, clear, decisive, rational and correct.
Unkind - Negative, confused, indecisive, irrational and incorrect.

The flesh is affected by the functioning of the brain, which in turn is influenced by biological systems: i.e. “fuel flow,” the energy obtained from blood sugar.

The brain needs oxygen and energy and water to function.

To act out motivational thoughts, the brain has to transform them into precise physical actions. To do this, the brain function has to be maintained in its optimum operational mode.

Other than the biological requirement of sleep, and the correct “air” mixture breathed, the “state” of the brain functions depend on its correct metered measure of “fuel mix” that is the glucose available at any given moment.

Too low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), leads to fatigue, confusion, nervousness, forgetfulness, dizziness and may lead to loss of consciousness.

The “envelope” that ensures a safe “load of fuel” can be drastically altered “in flight’” if the body was given a sudden sugar “fix” prior to embarking, or in flight.

 For optimum brain function, the body needs be “fuelled” with “unrefined” sugars and grains, i.e.; fruits and whole meal wheat, oats, proteins etc. This enables the system to “slowly” absorb its fuel “in line” at a constant rate.

The brain and central nervous system cannot store fuel,
thus the brain is very susceptible to any “pressure drop” of sugar.

Any blood sugar “pressure change” may lead to malfunction,
and “thought transference” will be impaired, leading to undesirable situations.

Any lack of water in the brain through dehydration causes malfunction and more.

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The safe flight “envelope” is affected by our change of eating habit, that in this modern world means the ingress of refined sugars and refined grains. Refined products are not absorbed slowly as needed by the system, but are absorbed like rain drops onto dust caked ground, giving an energy “fuel injection” to the brain.

This instant excessive “fuel flow” not only gives us an instant “pick up” of energy, but it triggers the pancreas into producing insulin to burn off this excess “fuel flow.”

Unfortunately, not only does the insulin do this, but it also burns up more than the extra, and thus “starves” our brain by “leaning out” the remaining glucose available. Thus we suddenly feel the “down side” due to “fuel starvation,” and if we do not replenish the supply to the system, we suffer as stated before.

Too high blood sugar or glucose to the brain (hyperglycaemia) is the result of insufficient insulin produced by the pancreas (diabetes), and this too can lead to unconsciousness.

Ensure that you start the day with two glasses of water, some fruit or fruit juice, unprocessed cereals, as in whole meal bread or oats porridge. You may of course eat eggs or meats or cheeses etc. Try honey in your tea.

No sugar - no white bread - little coffee only at days end.
No en-route chocolate snacks - try dried fruit, bananas, nuts, orange or apple.

The power and nature of thought is widely discussed in other areas of this web document, and pilots needs initially make themselves familiar with the “Suicide” paper and take note of the “Acute Trauma” pages at the end, as well as familiarising themselves with the content of the meditation pages 33 onwards of the Testament of Truth. OR - direct link to the full article go to

Thus the “direction” of the flesh that is taken will correspond to the nature of thoughts “flying it,” and the biological capacity of the flesh to “pass on” the thoughts into operational procedures. When any doubt or fear shows up, then immediately think of the bright morning star as a “focussing” focal point, and breathe a few deep breaths.

You also need to read about the chronic dehydrated state of man and the need for more water.

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~ The Pilot and his Fate ~

Fate is the hunter, and every soul needs this see, whether a flier or a fisherman on the sea. This means that on a particular day, some “misfortune” may come your way.

And this “fate” that is presented to you, is sent by God to assist you. For it for sure is a test, to see what to God is shown by thee. So for sure every pilot needs be constantly alert, knowing that one day, danger may with “him-her” flirt.

And on “that” day we must do what is right, that is right as far as the light is concerned. If we make the wrong decision, there will only be pain or derision. If we are mentally “strong,” knowing the right from the wrong, then our fate we will calmly accept, even if against trees our wings are off swept, and we will keep the nose “true” thus protecting the passengers, maybe me or you.

So now you do see “why” clear headed we all needs be. It’s no good putting a plane down on the ground when the wheels are “up” bound, with the motor humming around so the props hit the ground. What a stupid mess, just because the passengers we would impress with our stupidity in that the distance to the strip we could not gauge correctly.

Or, if a door catch flips open in flight and we fear being gassed as our plight, then just switch the motor off, and to the angels give a hat 'toff,' saying: “Well I’ll meet the ground with my mind alert and sound, and we’ll all see just what will be.”

There are rules and rules today, I say you don’t have to meet them more than half way. If you want to land on a road or a bush track, don’t fear that “authority” will your face smack. Just take your time and prepare, as said, to your fate share.

Learn what your plane can do, at least when flown by you. Others have their way, but when you are in command it heeds your “say,” and it can only “do” what it is told to by you. So as said, you needs see what is your personal capacity.

As said, whatever happens “to” you, is put there “for” you. Never any other blame, for all such end up with no name. Be wise and always forgive the errors of others so ahead you too will happier live.

Regulations have been enacted in order to “force you” to comply, and in failing, others say “You cannot fly,” and they with force take your licence away and also a fine they make you pay.

This Golden web page is to advise you all, that “ahead,” every soul will walk tall, meaning, that all will endeavor to do the right thing, and will thus always in happiness sing, but until “that” day when all regulations have by me been “put away,” just spend a little time and think of ways to enhance your flying days.

There can always be a little adventure in your song, as long as your soul is tall and strong, in that you never another blame if they by “fault” hang their head in shame. For some “dark reason,” people are always looking to “sue” another sister or brother who did err, and thus cause another pain.

The “error,” being the err-or, needs be forgiven by thee, the err-ee. Never seek any compensation from friend or unknown relation, for whatever your loss, it is spiritual karmic payment for your past dross. So if you did not insure, then the loss you must endure.

And any who “litigate” to by court action claim, be they the Insurer or individual, are souls of “no name,” for “Any demand in the eyes of God is negative,” say I the heavenly bod, any who by force of arms “take,” ahead, another on another day does them break.

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~ Empowerment - Anarchy - the LAW and you ~

Empowerment starts at boarding school where “prefects” are permitted to “swipe” all beneath their footstool. Yes, they are elevated up high and are empowered to make the “lowly” cry.

The lowly do today believe that they must allow others to make them grieve, and are afraid to anything do unless it has been “certified” by the power brokers untrue. Yes, all are untrue to their own souls if they in any way abuse me or you if we do not “conform” to enacted Acts that they say we must perform, and if we “off course” deviate, they us fine and berate.

Government bodies say that any heeding not “their” way are a danger to the State and thus call them “anarchists” and them berate. So it is now the time to truly see “who” the defaulters really be. For God says:

“Any who others abuse under any guise are foolish souls and for sure not wise”

Anarchists are those who in the guise of “society” are unwise and come to your door with a loaded gun saying, “Give me some money or we’ll bring you undone.” Lets have a “turn around” so that none of us are burdened or bound by any other who for sure is not a “lover.”

For it is improper to say to any other that they have defaulted in any way and “thus” must for their “iniquities” some dollars pay. This is the immoral disguise that is the Dark in action under earth’s skies as it “uses” the arrogant in the guise of “It is we who are true” to regulate and take, and at that same moment does of the “takers” souls a mess make.

There are “men” who laws make
there are “men” who can you break

if their demand you do not heed
for sure they’ll make you bleed

And they say: “You must comply if in ‘our’ air space you would fly.” Not seeing that the air is “free,” given by God to you and me. And God says not that you must fly according to their rules I hear from up high. God says:

“If you are ‘sick’ and journey up and do a back flip, then that is your personal choice in heeding thoughts that may or may not be my voice. So let no man command their compliance and you reprimand by saying: “You ‘licensed’ be, before in the air you can be” in the guise of “It’s for safety.”

Let us now just be “true” to any offender be it me or you who for some reason does not comply to “Sane reasoning” as we “fly.” If a danger to “self” we’d be, well let it so be, and if others “cry” because of the way we fly then, “That their Karma be” I hear from God up high. This is what today God says to thee:

Educate - not regulate
be kind - not berate
as said - My Law you must heed
be loving - or you will bleed.

So fly high, fly free, fly true by listening to me.


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Medical note for 'oldies'

There are many pilots who are “forced” to imbibe drugs that lower their blood pressure in order to maintain their license. Most of the hundreds of tablets like “Tenormin” have very severe side effects.

Some not only induce cardiac arrest, but can lower the capacity for the lungs to transfer oxygen to the system, giving you a shortness of breath, as well as giving you a “floppy joystick.”

Whatever drugs you are “offered” needs be examined as closely as you do your en route chart. Ask for the chemists “side effects” documentation before imbibing liquid poison. It is not worth imbibing drugs that will destroy your biological spacesuit just to keep a pay check coming in.

There is an excellent alternative to the usual tablets offered, that is the natural herb called “Hawthorn Herbal Tonic,” consisting of 70% hawthorn, and 30% other ingredients such as ginkgo, milk thistle, liquorice, tissue salts, flower essences and other, ask any herbal practitioner to make you up some.

Take 5mls twice a day or as directed and it will assist your blood pressure to become normal or lower and it will strengthen your heart, and is a good way to "start" your high blood pressure treatment. As will extra water intake each day, for hypertension is in fact an adaptive process of the body trying to conserve water when dehydrated, and high blood pressure and angina are a sure sign of dehydration. Quotes from "The body's many cries for water":

High blood pressure may be a sign of gross body water deficiency, that results in the blood vessels closing the 'lumen' to compensate for water loss. In a well 'hydrated body, water is the adhesive material of hydrocarbon 'bricks' of cells that also permit water to diffuse through into the blood, and these cells are lined with water and the bi-layer membrane is open and allowing enzyme activity.

Cholesterol is formed to close the cell membrane in 'drought' conditions so that the cells survive. Up to 66% of water held in 'capillary' cells is lost during dehydration. When dehydrated, the cells produce cholesterol to stick the hydrocarbon 'bricks' together and to halt loss of water from the blood. Excess cholesterol is a sign of dehydration.

Daily exercise will open the capillaries and thus offer no resistance to the blood flow. For when capillaries have been closed due to dehydration, there is a pressure build up. Hydration is important in high blood pressure persons.

As you dehydrate, your blood may lose 8% or more liquid water volume, thus its 'channels' being the arterial system have to shrink proportionately. As they do this, the force needed by the heart to pump the thicker blood through thinner passages imposes a load upon it and a greater 'blood' pressure is needed.

Once you reach the age of 45 then you need to ensure that you do have sufficient exercise every day. It is not good enough to just stroll around if due to your "work" you are with inactivity bound. Excess "baggage" needs be kept to a minimum.

You need to daily have an hour long "power drive" walk, preferably uphill so that you perspire and feel that your heart is working hard for most of the way. This coupled with an intake of magnesium & zinc picolinate & vitamins E & C will help your blood circulate more easily. Activity is the way.

You must remember that your "flesh" does age, and thus whatever your "herbal" or medical "usage," your flesh will deteriorate so do not the "medicos" berate when you finally go into a "quick" relapse and onto the floor collapse.

No, the flesh is not "forever," and we must understand that God it so planned that our visit into "this" earthly space was just to aid us to learn to love with God's grace, and we do spiritually depart and "instantly" on another "level" make a fresh start.

So any "tincture" be it "herbs or wine" or chemicals less than divine, all can only give you a little "aid" to ease your last days before your flesh is dug in with a spade. Try and this see and "freer" will you be, for in truth, any medication imbibed to keep you "alive" means that your flesh has gone past its "use by" date, and every fresh day is a 'bonus.'

Remember, as you age, you become less active and you do still 'assume' you can eat as much or you might think that you can. In my experience, one has a tendency to layer on quite a lot of excess fat that may not be noticeable due to muscle mass lessening.


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~ Flight safety & ‘classified’ air space ~

Yes, it is the time to now see that those seeking safety needs “alert” be. Do not demand that you can control the free movement of others who o’er the skies would stroll. By all means lets educate, but no, from now on we’ll not regulate.

“Personal responsibility it will be, for your own safety”

Note: “well used” space, * - I would be foolish and unwise to fly through the flight patterns of a busy airport without having advised their 'controller' of my intent and this I would do, even if by telephone. What I am saying to you is that if I was unwise and did so do without advising others, then any 'bad' outcome must not be penalised by you. For in the eyes of God any punishment attracts a similar 'eye for an eye' return due.

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~ Quiz answers ‘falsity’ ~
Attn: Mick Toller

Dear Mick,

I refer to the Nov 98 Safety Magazine “Bankstown lane safety check scenario” p. 42, as well as the “Ops quiz” on p. 44, and note that in each case you give the correct answer “hidden” within four possibilities.

I would like to advise you that this now “common” mode of “answering” does little to educate, and is in my considered opinion a projection of false “possibilities” into the mind of any reader that not only leads to confusion, but also falsely programming the mind to a later memory retention of the incorrect answers.

Please read the attached “Educaters” letter that is on page 39 under “Sample letters” that I give below, and please also give some attention to the “ISIS Suicide document” on the web page that will be of great interest to your fellow pilots as it explains Minds under Siege that leads to irrational acts.

It is now the time for all to learn the correct answer rather than “guess,” as well as “imbibing” falsity. Please publish this in your next edition.

~ Educators ~
And the false teaching “aid”

A long time ago a “student” had to THE TRUTH of the matter learn. This way their “goal” of achievement they did earn. But for many a long year now the “possibilities” upon the answer did grow because too many were lazy and thus did fail, so the “tester” did say : “Let’s have exams where you cannot fail.

To do this we needs give a question with three possible answers.
ie; Which of these has an 8” tail
a cat - a rat - or a water pail ?”

And what the silly teachers did not see is that all these “possibilities” actually program the mind to accept the wrong answers as a possibility. So lets now set the Record straight. If you know the answer, you get food on your plate.

This is the way that I do see that our children, not “kids,” need to be taught the right way by you and me. Thus the “professionals,” be they pilots or medicos will truly be worthy of their task when they serve you and me.

Let’s now “cut out” the rot
and not allow
“cheats” to stand on the “spotlight” spot.
No more
“Tick either (a) or (b) or (c),”
“find out” just how good your memory be.

For this “memorabilia” Test is what it is all about, for if your memory is poor or you are “slack” then you do not deserve to arrogantly “shout” that you deserve a “white collar” pay when in reality you’re not sure of the basic time of day.

Learn to “grow” your own seed
before you
“try” and teach others to sustain your greed.

On the principle of “probability,” one could “guess” the correct answers in two out of ten questions with the a or b or c system and know naught about the subject matter. Can none see that this mode of “teaching” is with danger fraught.

It is better that the student look within their own mind for the correct answer to unwind, as well as looking within to consider any “possibilities” that present themselves. After all, what sort of a “Test” is it when the student is already given the correct answer?

Let educators advise all students of the new “Principle” of the day.
“No work - no pay
no mental sweat - no free ‘degree’ from today”

Student = Studious studier studying
reading and writing and arithmetic
not expecting to an
“incorrectly” given answer tick.

Reading & doing develops the area of “Planning & Development” in the mind.
Too much watching television makes one's
“inner minds” development blind.

“Keepers of Dictionaries” are educators too, so they too needs keep their “trust” true and delegate slang to its proper “place in the back of the book.” This way dark forces don’t our language attack. eg:

~ English Dictionary ~

Child, children - The offspring of God and mankind.
Kid, kids - The offspring of goats.
Star - Celestial body seen as true light.
Starr - Earthly embodiment of false light

~ Slang section ~

Kids - sometimes used by the “ignorant” when speaking of their children. For in the “past” the goat was the symbol of the Devil, thus those “of” the dark one used this terminology when speaking of their offspring in the centuries between AD & BT, when the false five pointed “starr” was in “vogue,” none seeing that it was the symbol of the Devil that man had “permitted” to replace the six pointed true light star.

The “wise” would “turn” the five pointed star “clockwise” and “see” the “goat” as to them it did “reveal” its two horns, two ears, and its “beard.”

How can “another” or even “us” learn a language when we are given multiple choice answers ? Let’s keep the “colloquial” slang, taboo, vulgar, and informal words under separate “cover” so as not to confuse the issue of meaning.

Who has the Might of Light to the dictionary rewrite ?


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~ The Aviation Authority ~
Letter to Casa regulators

I am aware that every "Authority" of the day believes in two "factors." Firstly that as a "mandated" office, that it has the task of "advice" for educative & safety purposes and "threat" of punishment for any "code" breach.

This it so believes due to the false belief that "it" owns the skies and is thus "able" to control any whom would therein "sail."

What is of interest to me is "what" the punitive measures are to be for any "breach" of non-compliance to any past or future regulation listed. Is there anywhere I can find this 'factor'?

I also seek the "name" or names of those responsible for legislating "such" as I believe they are out of "touch" with reality as well as their own loss of spirituality.

It is my "job" to bring a little "order" to the coming "disorder" due to every "arrogant" one believing that they have a "right" to control others who "fly high" under earth's sun.

If you can aid me then please so do. If you cannot then please 'point' those responsible for "demands" upon others to the direction of my "web" site so that their minds can be "elevated" before they "spin" down out of sight into the Abyss.

For our God did say that all men were/are free to sail away without any Pre-flight requirements if that is the way that they would have it so be. This "may" seem like insanity, but in reality it is a reality and it is also the way it soon will be.

Please therefore just remind all that it is now the time to Educate, not Regulate. All men must be free to heed advice or bleed, for that is the freedom of the soul "planted" in all being God's seed.

Regards - Terence

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~ 'Vehicle' registration mark ~

I speak of the 'compulsory' use of 'markings' that are required by the 'State' systems of man in order to 'avoid' punishment and 'banishment' from society. For it appears that in the fields of 'transportation, be it on land, sea, or air, there is a 'coercion' imposed by rules to use 'systematic' identity markings that also have an annual 'cost' factor.

Certainly there may be a 'need' for identity markings on vehicles, for if we all sat 'astride' the same colour bicycle then we would have an 'identity' crisis when leaving the football field.

As I see it, I have a God given right to leave my 'aircraft or automobile 'unmarked' or, I can help myself or others by placing my web site URL upon it or, I can simply place my name or paint colour or a 'ribbon' on it to assist me.

The reasons 'why' the governing body of controllers needs to 'number' everything is because it is a department of the retributive 'Beast' that was spoken of as 'numbering' everything in the last days, be it tax file number or business registration etc. All 'kneel' at the feet of the beast that demands 'satiation' under pain of death.

For everything numbered by it is controlled by it, and all 'such' habitually fund it and its punitive doctrine. Thus we 'all' must now set ourselves free from its 'control' over us and individually 'delete' the imposed number from our lives.

There is no 'need' to pay for any registration fee nor to obtain any 'number' to identify who you are. Let us all now follow the 'rising' Star that shines in the East and now 'feast' on the wisdom of God.

By all means 'belong' to an 'Aero' club and do your level best to 'conform' to its Code of Conduct by educating yourself to the 'principle and practise' of flying. For in this you will 'treat' your fellow man respectfully. But there must be no punishment factor imposed by any person upon another sister or brother.

Regulating, controlling, dictatorial, and punitive organisations that use force to enforce or coerce compliance will now be 'washed away' in a rising 'tide' of blood and mud. Prepare your mind so that you can be peaceful, loving, forgiving, and kind.

There is no 'need' to 'register' any business name or organisation for the purpose of being controlled by another. Simply 'form' your solo 'flight' or business plan and all will find you at your stated address. By all means use a dot 'com' or other international identity, but do not conform to 'dictators' that command you to be 'managed' by them for the purpose of taxation or punishment or any other form of control.

If you have an 'interest' in flight safety or any other aspect of community welfare, then by all means share your ideas, but do not implement any 'strategy' of conformity that has punitive attachments. That is contra the dictate of God. Any person that has contra 'ideals' to yours is 'permitted' by God to go it alone. Even if their actions endanger themselves or others.

Try and see that freedom of expression is ones right. Try and see that none stand 'above' the ONE 'Rule of Law' of God. All do reap what they sow, so any that try and 'play' God or that continue to play 'god' will now find their soul being sent below by God.

For too long have 'imbeciles' invoked their own 'rule of law' that decreed that all men were 'below' them and 'subjects' of their 'pen.' Let it here be known that God is to now 'disown' all these 'idiots' for their defiance of God's Command to: "Walk in peace and do not disturb the peace of the land and be merciful and forgiving of those others yet in sin living."

If you are 'one' that is demanding compliance by another one to your 'doctrine' or book of rules, then you had 'better' turn your face to the Light before you see the result of your own plight. Insanity is now to sweep the 'runway' clean and 'ream' all that inhibit the free flight of others through coercion, intimidation, or prohibition, or punishment.

Any person or 'group' or organisation that states: "Your 'vehicle' must be 'registered with' or 'licensed by' or 'insured by' us or you will be punished for any default" is an anti-god forceful institution that itself walks outside the 'configuration' as stipulated by God as HIS requirement that no person is to be 'controlled' by any other for any reason in any 'season.'

In every 'facet' of life today there is a 'group' of people that 'believe' as they say:

"We are employed by you to look after your 'interests and safety' - - - thus we know what is best for you and - - - thus we command you to do what we say you must do and - - - any non conformity by you will be seen by us as 'anarchy' and - - - you will be persecuted and punished by us and - - - we also believe that we have a right to be 'paid' for our service to you and the country and - - - we have the right to raise up any 'rule' or decree to bring you down onto your knees and - - - we will also use 'force of arms' to maintain our position even if you see it as an imposition."

I say that there is a better way

Education & guidance - not - the 'big stick' & regulation.

I 'suggest' that you now remove any 'disfiguring' marks on your vehicle and walk free as do I.

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~ The Right to fly ~
The God given Right to “jump” up into the air and die.

Dear Editor of Australian Ultralight. Ref your Nov 98 article: “Unlicensed ultra-light flyer charged $6000 for ‘regs’ breach.” Why do us “free” flyers assume that others demands must be met ? Do “they” own the sky ? When I “fly” I need not to others regulations comply. We have misunderstood, and all regulators and “thieves” are no good.

Visit my web site and read my “Notices to Airmen” document. It’s time for courageous flyers to reclaim their freedom to fly or to die without first giving in to “You be licensed first or we make you cry.” Better a week or a day in Long Bay than giving in to the “mafiosic take any day.

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~ Jim Dawson ~
Aviation Safety issues

Jim, it is when the 'pressure' builds that we need clear thinking minds, and the most important 'issue' relating to aviation safety at this moment of time is not one of fleshly 'tissue' but one of a spiritual nature. Being emotions that us 'bind,' as well as thoughts that in moments of impending 'disaster' are unkind so that we 'err' and are thus to ourselves and others unkind.

This is what I call "minds under siege" from the dark liege below who can and does via negative emotions of fear etc telepathically 'throw' thoughts into our minds. Thus when emotionally 'distraught' our minds can become 'fraught' with confusing/conflicting thoughts and our actions are thus irrational and 'less than' positively responsive.

This not only applies to the mentally disturbed people who I usually counsel, but to all 'men' faced with danger. In the 'first' instance those facing an aggressive 'stranger' do through their fear or anger attack or retaliate and thus 'work for' and use the darkness that ultimately destroys their soul and they become 'as it' and one of 'its' when their flesh does no longer in the flesh of this world stroll.

In the 'second' instance as per this 'accidental' collision with an electric cable, the 'mind under siege' would have been 'held' through its fear to 'lock in' to the 'safe' field and blinded to the possibility that the road was 'lined' with posts and wires which should have been an immediate 'thought of' probability.

My 'purpose' today is to teach the planetary community how to 'fortify their minds' by building the "ARK of the mind" so that when 'faced' with mortal danger they can remain calm and clearer thinking as well as being aware that their actions each day do pave the way for their ultimate last 'flight' that can end up in the dark night or in God's 'light' landing strip.

In this case if the engine had actually 'failed' in flight then he did need a quick responsive mind to immediately and decisively trim to maintain minimum safe flying speed as well as selecting the best available 'spot.' In this case both sides of the road had open fields to choose from.

If he 'had' been descending through any early morning fog then of course his final decision time on passing into clear sky could have been minimal and would possibly have been the cause of striking the wire.

Pilots as all men of today are experiencing heightened emotional negative 'feelings' due to an invisible spiritual 'purging' of all souls, and as these emotions 'surface' to clear they show their true dark 'face & power' and will lead all 'unprotected' minds into very negative processes, i.e. the rising confrontation and aggression now openly visible that will 'rise' until men's insane 'cries' are heard even in the skies.

In any 'event,' all pilots today need to understand what I have to say on this 'mental' matter as the last "battle" is one within the mind of each spirit, and all would be advised to visit my web site and read my:

I.S.I.S. SUICIDE document

54p. For all to read.

of God's message to humanity in the languages:


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