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~ The TRUE 'Salvation gospels' of 'Jesus & Terence' ~
the gospels of other men

Item - 1 -

The ABSOLUTE Truth - Gospels of Terence - 8 p.

Item - 2 -

 Letter to Peter McMaster - The man whose MIND 'contests' these Gospels - 5 p.

Item - 3 -

Letter to Police officer Dale Cook - The man whose ACTIONS 'oppose' these Gospels - 6 p.

Item - 4 -

 The 'Justice of the Peace - The woman whose IGNORANCE 'contradicts' these Gospels - 4 p.

Item - 5 -

The 'Prison' Comptroller - The man whose INTEGRITY 'concedes' to these Gospels - 3 p.

Item - 6 -

 The ‘taxman’ and Timothy - The man who ‘WITNESSES’ to these Gospels - 3 p.

Item - 7 -

 The 'juror' and the Jury - 2 p.

Item - 8 - Duty and Morality -  4 p.
Item - 9 - The Military Junta - 4 p.
Item - 10 - Non- conformity - 2 p.
Item - 11 - God’s supreme LAW & the Rules of man - 2 p.
Item - 12 - The Holy Cow of God - 2 p.
Item - 13 - The 'surrogate' God - 5 p.
Item - 14 - The justification to Fight - 4 p.
Item - 15 -  Civilisation - 1 p.
Item - 16 -  The absolute Authority - 4 p.

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~ SAVED or NOT? - that is the question ~

Why do people 'believe' that they have attained 'Salvation'? Is it simply because they 'fellowship' with one particular religion or other and have been told by 'someone' that they are 'safe and saved' as such?

Or is it that they are either 'good people' or, because they once were people living in a 'bad' way that had a 'life changing' experience or, perhaps they had a 'happening' take place as an inner emotional and mental 'release,' that was accompanied by feelings of joy and peace that helped them turn over a 'new leaf'?

Or was it because one or another of the above took place and a 'person' already involved in an organised religion told them that 'Jesus was now in their life' and, that if they made a statement accepting him as their personal saviour they would not only be saved, but after the 'ritual' verbal confirmation, they were thus in fact saved?

This 'Gospel fellowship' teaching is erroneous as are all teachings that 'force' people into performing a ritualistic 'rite of passage 'ceremony' as some sort of 'invocation to the gods.' There are such 'rituals' in every known religion of man and within every 'sect' of man.

Neither Jesus nor any other true 'messenger' of God told people to raise up religions, nor to 'praise' them the messenger. So my task is to 'simply' expose the error of the day, so as to give you the 'opportunity' to clearly see THE REAL and ONLY way to Salvation.

The rituals of 'religions' permit the 'organiser' to place themselves as 'gods' with the capacity to 'bless you' on your road or, to 'deny' you access into heaven if you 'fail' to conform to their 'rituals' or other decrees. One of which requires you to 'fall on your knees' at their feet.

All these rituals that have 'sprung up' over the ages mislead people into 'thinking' that they are 'safe and saved' from the Devil's clutches when they are not.

It is I to reveal the nature of the 'Seal' of the darkness in the soul of man as being the 'sinful' negative emotions that drive mankind into 'sinful' ways.

It is I to reveal that one is only 'safe and saved' and thus having attained SALVATION when the 'dark' energy essence of these emotions have all been withdrawn from your soul 'space' by the Grace of God. Not by Jesus or any other 'minister' of religion.

It is I to reveal how it is done, and what you need to do to assist in the process and, - - -

It is I to reveal that to attain Salvation you do not need to 'perform' any of the known religious 'rites or rituals' presently 'decreed' by the church elders of any of the 'major' or 'minor' religions or other 'belief' systems of men.

It is I to reveal that participation 'in' or 'with' any religion does 'factually' bar you from entering heaven because, - - - through any participation you are supporting and funding and condoning 'deception' that is keeping others and yourself away from MY truth reference Salvation.

It is I to reveal that the ONLY reason that people 'assume' they are 'saved' through having had an 'experience' of joy or 'fulfillment' or other is because they have been so told by false prophets posing as 'wise' elders of 'named' religions. None of these 'prophets' having any 'idea' as to the TRUE nature of SIN - - - nor as to the TRUE nature of GOD.

It is I to reveal all the above within my main Book 1 on this God's golden web site.

2 - The TESTAMENT of Truth - 278 p. Message from Heaven to all (Link 1) at end of doc

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~ Barred from entry into Heaven ~

The reason for the 'barred from entry to heaven' exclusion clause, - - - within the 'State of Heaven' decrees of God whereby if one 'fellowships with' any religion or, is a 'party member' to any State government institution, - - - is revealed within this document as well as the 'Slave citizen' document.  (Link 2) at end of doc

For membership with either 'group' keeps you 'locked-in' to perpetual sinning through ongoing acts of deception, false belief, control, manipulation, abuse, and the unforgiving punishment of others carried out either personally by you or, by others operating on your behalf and in your name as your 'servants' or, in the name of the institution or, in the name of God because, - - -

Every person is kept trapped by the 'corrupted' teachings that in one 'form' or another 'permit' governments and other men to keep 'lesser' mortals enslaved to their dictates and, to use them as their 'warriors' to defend their 'borders' and 'estates' and, all mankind now believes that God permits 'followers' to use dark force in the self defence of their flesh or family and to 'wage war' by attacking any perceived enemy and, - - -

All the above 'acts' are contra to and in non-conformity to the: "Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto others" Command of your Creator. This has all come about through the 'abrogation' of ones personal responsibility, - - -

That itself has probably come about through others enticing you to participate in the 'organisation' that they state is for your own benefit. Be it material or spiritual and, it is they that have 'coerced' you to join them in one way or another using 'precedent' and thus hidden LIES unseen by you that to you appear kindly and thus 'angelic' truth.

When you rely on any 'governing' institution of man to protect you physically, - - - you have given away your personal responsibility to simply "Go your way in peace" as commanded by your Creator.

When you rely on any 'religious' institution of man to protect you spiritually, - - - you have given away your personal responsibility to simply "Go your way in peace" as commanded by your Creator.

In both of the above situations you are deceived into believing that in conforming to the rules or rituals of the institutions or religions you are in 'safe' hands and thus safe. Not seeing that by 'bowing' to regulations or punitive rules through funding the governing 'officials' and their 'ways,' or the 'beliefs' and ways of religions and the promotions of their 'priests' rulings, that you are also condoning and funding a contra ideology to the one of "Peace," and, - - -

You thus incur or accrue a 'painful' spiritual 'debt' that manifests as a material loss or a mental, emotional, or physical suffering. The reasons for this are 'crucial' in that unless you can see them you cannot attain Salvation. For through your own 'dark' actions or those of your servants, you are 'supping' on the fruit of evil and adding to your inner 'burden' of SIN. (negative emotional energy)

No 'government' can save your 'flesh' from suffering any pain or loss. All its 'forces' can do is to cause their perceived enemy more pain and suffering that then adds to your already accrued spiritual dues to God.

In every 'facet' of government institutions has arisen a supposed 'means' to legally circumvent the Command of God and to supposedly 'thwart' the superior Law of God. The use of man's 'Court' is an example. Whereby the use of man's 'rules' permits man to defy God and be 'unforgiving and merciless' and wage war against his neighbour and steal money, goods, chattels and children using the 'power' of rules.

Simple man seeing not his error of 'judgement' and his coming terror. For the moment you use 'dark energy' (punitive force) to gain or attain, you have 'abrogated' your personal 'control' of your body and life and placed it 'squarely' into the 'hands' of the Devil for defying God's command to "Go your way in Peace."

Officers of state or religion believe that they can use darkness in their interaction because your 'support' of them is your mandate to them to so do. Foolish are those that 'permit' others to 'run' their lives for them as they 'blindly' believe that it is for their own benefit.

Try and see the reality being that, - - - the moment you or your 'armed forces' servants or local 'enforcement' agencies cause any person to 'endure' pain or suffering or loss, then they and you personally accrue a 'painful' spiritual due within the "As you or your servants did sow - so shall ye reap" Law of God and, - - -

In God's ordained time and place it is you to be 'faced' by the consequence of 'fire' or other misfortune at the hands of an 'oppressor' when least expected, when it is you 'forced' to endure the same suffering and you will wail and, - - - at that moment if you then fight back in 'fear or anger' in self-defence and cause any pain to the other, you at that very moment draw-in more 'sin' (dark energy) into your soul, and the possibility of your Salvation recedes far away.  Peace is the only way.

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~ The TRUTH of Jesus and Terence ~

I the 'Spirit of Truth' have within me the man of biological flesh the same spirit 'soul' that walked in the biological flesh of the man named Jesus and, I have returned to "Correct the truth on earth" with my personal "Testament of Truth gospels of Terence" books that are on line on the Internet. Its content is applicable to all mankind of every race, colour and creed.

I write this 'page' so that all mankind now begin to revere their Creator, and stop revering His messengers or 'priests' and religions or other men be they a 'Mandarin, Chief, King, President or ideology of punishment and war, so that they can begin to conform to God's commanded code of conduct of "Peace unto all" as they realise that they have been misinformed by false religious or secular teachings, for none realise the extent of God's Law and its 'application' to them personally. Read on.

This document has been prepared to 'expose' the dark spot within the 'Christian' rose that also exists within every religion, for all 'religions' teach falsity but, - - - their 'flocks' do now have the capacity to lead the way into my 'chapter' by not only helping the 'lost' to truly find their way but, - - -

Also in the mental rehabilitation of men and women that believe falsely that their 'Government' can protect and save them 'physically' and, that their spiritual 'Lord' was a man who had the capacity to forgive them and thus save them spiritually and thwart the singular "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of God their Creator.

This is error of 'indoctrinated' belief, for only when man realises that God stands supreme can they 'awaken' fully from their dream and, with eyes wide open they will never again 'step' onto any 'hidden' snare.

It is no longer the time to fellowship with religions that say "Close your eyes and pray for others," for in doing that you are already snared into the false belief that in some way you can thwart the destiny of another. Better to pray for yourself so that you can 'literally' give good counsel to others as you pass on the wisdom of my Holy Word.

My task for God is to turn strong men and women that are or were 'ignorant swine' into stronger women and men with hearts full of God's love divine. To this do, I have to be true to you and you and tell you the depths of the deception of the Dark 'shark' and, how you can recognise its 'control' over your mind from within and without.

This I do so that you can keep your eyes 'open' and no longer be sleepwalking and thus cruel, merciless, and unkind to others and yourself.

For without true 'contrition' and the "turning over a new leaf," those that continue to be 'aggressors, marauders, abusers, controllers, extortionists, warlords, avengers and destroyers will have shown their Creator that they do not deserve to live amongst their fellow man, and their spirit souls will be swept into the Abyss by the power of God to be dined upon by other 'living' dead swine for eternity and, - - -

Any of them that 'thought' that praising a man named Jesus, or Muhammad, or Buddha and fellowshipping with religions of men would save them from the fulfillment of God's Law, will see their error and their eternal terror as they are drawn swiftly down a very dark tunnel far away from any light for continuing to 'consort' with darkness as they retaliate when confronted and, - - -

In that foul and fearful place their minds will inspire them to eternally fight, and their suffering is unimaginable and, the 'males' are 'segregated' from the female 'race,' for any of them that also wield a mace do go to another equally foul place.

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Foolish are those that 'cunningly' attempt to indoctrinate people into 'joining' a religion, especially a religion 'ruled' by men that state that a 'man' is God or, that their 'decrees' raised up 'in God's name' are to be adhered to on 'penalty' of death or 'banishment' for any non-conformity. Let the wise now see that no 'man' nor 'book of text' is God. God is GOD.

I have come to set man free from their 'adoration' of other men, be it adoration of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, or any other of man of presumed importance. For in so doing they forget their God, and they forget the immutable "Law of God," as they have been falsely taught that through reverence of God's messengers or religions of men or institutions of men, that they will be safe and saved. This is error.

No I am not saying that 'good' things don't happen to people mentally and emotionally when they congregate in certain places, be it dance halls, or churches or any other but, in every institution of man stating that it is - - - "The religion of" - - - be it Christian or Islam or any other where rituals or 'religious' teaching is taking place, there is a false indoctrination taking place due to the 'error' that has crept into the mind of man and written 'texts' over the ages.

Whenever 'good' people or 'bad' people gather to get help or give good counsel or are simply 'fellowshipping' with others of similar like, the light of God is operating and many good things happen but, - - -

Regrettably the false 'teachings' weaken the 'conscience' resolve of the individual. For they may consciously seek to be better in the eyes of their God, but they are taught that other 'religions' are bad or 'flawed' etc., seeing not that the other religion similarly to their own has a 'flock' of both good and bad people who are also taught 'something' falsely and, - - -

At sometime in the future when there is 'war' or talk of war, the falsely programmed do 'unconscionably' reach for their sword, axe, or gun to attack or defend, and by this 'act' they all defy their Creator as they fight for man, nation, or religion and, - - -

This they do in the name of God, nation, religion, or a man, be it a chief, president, king, officer of state, priest, etc., or even for themselves, as they are 'fearful' and seek to avoid their karmic 'fate.' *

Note: karmic 'fate.' * - All 'impositions' and negative interaction are the reaper in action through the mind of the vain, arrogant and ignorant that were deceived. All that rely on the 'strength' of their arm or weapons to defend themselves have heard not the Command of the Creator, nor do they understand the Law of God.

If you say: "I will kill any person that lays a 'finger' on any of my children," then you need to 'hear' God saying to you - - - "If you abuse or kill any of MY children then I will abuse or kill you." God's Law is eternal, immutable and cannot be 'voided.'

Try and see that 'whatever' race, colour, or creed mankind is, all are God's creation and God's children, and your 'child' is but a child of God. Being a spirit being created by God, that has incarnated into your 'household' into the biological flesh and placed in your 'care' to protect spiritually, as you educate them in God's "Peace and mercy and forgiveness" way and you feed and clothe and house them materially.

You must not protect their 'flesh' using force. For they will only be 'abused' by others if their soul needs to 'reap' that fate from a past deed, either prior to this incarnation or whilst here.

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~ The ERROR reference Salvation ~

The principle ERROR reference Salvation in every community is that people have been deceived into believing that the 'performance' of certain rituals have the capacity or power to purge their souls of sin and, they have also been taught that there is ' forgiveness' that will absolve them from the fulfillment of God's Law.

The ERROR reference Salvation is that most people have been 'led' to believe that they can only attain Salvation through their 'participation' with a known religion or, through 'following' the teachings of men purporting to be 'saviors.'

The ERROR reference Salvation in some members of the community is that people are 'confusing' the 'happening' of a life changing emotional release with the ACT of spiritual salvation.

Try and see that an 'act' whereby one is either 'freed' of a 'possessing' spirit that held ones mind in bondage or, - - - the 'act' of becoming free from an 'emotion' that controlled ones emotional 'state' or, - - -

The 'act' of feeling joyful and 'delighted' or 'utterly' at peace that may have taken place either in 'private' or with 'friends' or at a 'religious' ceremony is not the 'ACT of SALVATION.'

For all 'emotional' or mental experiences that may well be life changing for the 'better' and, - - - may well be the 'beginning' point of 'wellness' of the mental and emotional state of a person that, - - - prior to the 'happening' was a mentally disturbed person either on a self-destruct path or an 'offensive' path or both, - - - cannot be 'construed' as being the FINAL 'act' of Salvation.

Regrettably men of 'religion' have 'seized' upon the positive mental and emotional experiences of simple man as their 'weapon' of control over people as well as their own 'aggrandisement.' (deification - exaltation)

For any 'experience' that had a positive 'life change' within their 'precincts' was the proof of their 'power' and was and is used to reinforce them as God's 'channel' or 'chosen' deliverers to be 'fawned' upon as 'godlike' creatures.

Believe you me, you can have a 'life change' and become freed from past bad habits or 'spirit' control even when in the desert alone with God and, - - - you can also at that moment feel 'energetically' ecstatic and know that the energy of your Creator is present, not 'Jesus' or any other man. Certainly an 'angel' of the Light might be present and visible or invisible to you.

Men of 'religion' say: "Kneel at our feet and as you 'perform' our ritual it is we the 'anointed' to grant you Salvation." All are liars and false prophets say I the Plenipotentiary of God. For only GOD the Father grants Salvation to those that HE sees as 'worthy' to abide in HIS Kingdom.

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~ The STEPS to Salvation ~

The first 'steps' to Salvation are when you understand that your present 'tribulations' and coming greater Tribulations are simply the 'reaping' (painful comeback to you) that you need to endure in order to fulfill the "As you or your servants did punitively sow - so you now reap" Law of God and, - - -

You do realise that unless you can turn over a new leaf and become a civil and respectful person that conforms to God's Command, - - - that you will fail as you 'fight on' in self-defence or in attack or other and your tribulations will go on FOREVER. Thus you make the personal effort to now "Go your way in Peace" as commanded by God and to do this you:

1 - Free yourself from being an 'enforcer' for any Institution as you amend your 'service' to humanity to a kindly, merciful, compassionate, forgiving and purely peaceful rehabilitation and educative role that does not contain any punishment.

2 - Do your best to free yourself from the mental interference of spirit forces that seek to use you as their 'tool' of 'accountability, vengeance, retribution, torture, justice, control or destruction.'

3 - Do your best to control your negative emotions the 'sin,' so that dark spirits cannot use this 'sin' energy in you to incite you to express their thoughts and feelings and thus use you to abuse others or self. (harm)

4 - Learn about the single "As you do is done unto you" Law of God, so that you do understand that God is absolute in His 'authority' and that all receive a similar 'due' or return for every action be it kind or unkind because, - - -

God is merciless in meting out pain for pain given. God is merciful and all receive an equal 'bounty' of good for good done unto others. Read 'The spiritual consequence of Action ' (Link 3) at end of doc -  And the 'Hand of God' (Link 4) at end of document.

5 - Learn about the Command of God to "Go your way in peace and love one another and turn the other cheek when struck down," and conform to it when under duress when the 'reaper' knocks at your door by not retaliating.

For you only stop drawing in more dark energy (sin) into your soul when you stop using darkness in your interaction with others and, - - - only thus does God's cleansing Light energy purge you of the 'sin' you already drew in and, - - -

Because you are now enlightened and you heed and conform to God's command to never retaliate, you willingly 'suffer' your karmic fate at the hands of the untrue and thus pay your 'outstanding' spiritual dues as God fulfills His Law.

Only thus does God see that you see His requirement of thee, and safe and saved you will be and, your Salvation will then be assured for your conformity to God's Command. For your Creator will see that your 'seed' is peaceful, honourable, respectful, kind, merciful, compassionate and forgiving and thus 'worthy' to enter His Kingdom of love.

6 - Read the two page 'Brief Summary' of this message to humanity so you understand the principles of what is taking place within you and around you. (Link 5) at end of doc

7 - Learn about the Star prayer and its power. (Link 6) at end of doc

8 - Never let your mind or emotions or other men or Institutions of man give you any 'justification' to 'carry you' away from the "Go in Peace" command. If you do anything 'contra' this command that in any way causes another person to suffer 'pain or loss' in any way then you place the destiny of your soul out of your personal control and INTO the hands of the 'cruel' Dark Sovereign Power that is a part of GOD that will fulfill HIS 'punitive' aspect of HIS divine LAW.

9 - The 'road' to Salvation begins when you take personal responsibility for all your actions and, as you go forth each day others see you as God would have you be, - - - kindly, respectful, peaceful, compassionate, merciful, and forgiving.

10 - You do not rely on any 'system' of man to perform any 'punitive' duty on your behalf, nor to interfere into the lives of others on your behalf. For in so doing you are 'permitting' them to place your 'name' into the book of DEATH and to 'accrue' painful debts of suffering through their dark impositions upon others that return to your 'bed side.'

11 - You do not rely on any 'religion' to guide you for you now know the "Go in peace and love one another" Command of God that you must adhere to each day in all situations and, - - - as each person 'turns' and faces the Light of God then that person leads the way to others who see their 'example,' whereby the new 'order' of PEACE is established by individual conformity to God's Command.

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~ The TRUE Gospels of Terence and Jesus ~
The Redemptive factors in Salvation

The TRUE Gospels of Terence and Jesus are the spiritual revelations now contained within this 'The Testament of Truth' web site. For they are not written by some 'others' hand but by my own 'pen' with God's inspiration.

The scriptural 'prerequisite' happening prior to entry to the kingdom of heaven reference the 'born again' text has naught to do with the 'literal' exiting of the spirit soul from the biological flesh such as in earthly 'death,' nor has it anything to do with religious 'fervour,' - - -

It means that: "Only when your spirit soul has been 'redeemed' and 'delivered' through the removal of the 'sin' within (negative dark emotions) by the grace of God, - - - that you are 'born again' as a being a spirit of PURE Light within as Christ" and, - - -

You are thus saved and 'permitted' to enter the pure Light of Heaven where no 'darkness' exists within any spirit person and, - - - you will then never again be tempted to 'sup' of the 'fruit of death'* from the 'forbidden tree.'

Note: 'fruit of death'* - Is the use of God's dark energetic force to steal, lie, deceive, invade, gain, attain, control, enslave, criticise, condemn, judge, abuse, punish, wage war, destroy, etc. Every 'government' partakes of this darkness, and thus is man 'culpable' also for condoning or funding punitive or armed forces.

The 'redemptive' Factors in Salvation are firstly, the symbolic 'Crown of thorns' and 'Crucifixion' that represent the actual 'suffering' to be endured by the individual at the time of Tribulation as they 'Reap' what they or their 'servants' sowed in their past, as God fulfills His divine law and, - - -

Secondly, the removal of the 'sin' being the negative emotions from the soul by the power of the Holy Spirit Light outpouring, that is the 'Grace' of God in action and, - - -

I categorically state that: "Any person that continues to condone, support, fund and 'fellowship' with any dark and punitive 'ideological' state government or other institution be it 'religion' or, - - -

Any person that personally engages in acts of revenge or abuse of others or their property will suffer the same way and, they will find their 'soul' dragged down into the 'pit' to endure an eternity of agony through their ignorance and defiance of their Creator."

I add: "There is only a very 'brief' time frame of TIME to turn over a new leaf before God's outpouring of cleansing light energy halts and God completes HIS separation of souls and, HE is the one to 'Judge' your worth or worthlessness and, HE is the one to 'decide' in which realm within HIS 'frame' you will abide for eternity. For HE is Almighty God and HE 'brooks' no 'pretenders' to HIS Throne."

I add: "Jesus and other messengers of God brought the Word of Truth to earth over the 'ages' as do I now so that you can save yourself with the help of God's outpouring love and light."

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~ The FALSE Gospels of 'priests' & religions ~

The 'teachings' of the day be it in the Koran of 'Islam' or the Bible of 'Christian' have been so 'interfered with' and misinterpreted by men of religion and others that have raised up multitudes of 'sects,' that there has been a great 'illusion' of delusion that now exists.

One being that 'baptism' by water 'immersion' be it in the 'Ganges' or the sea or anywhere has the power to 'purge' the sin in man and to 'nullify' the Law of God in respect of past 'abusiveness' on the part of the 'sinner.' -This is a FALSE teaching and thus also a false belief.

Not only this, but the 'greater' delusion that has man 'spell-bound' is the one whereby they now believe that if they praise the messenger of their Creator be it Jesus, Buddha, or any other and, - - -

They raise 'him' into God-ship by 'swearing' allegiance to him the man because they have been taught that in so doing, - - - that they will also be forgiven for their past evil ways and thus not only 'thwart' the superior Law of God, but that they are safe and saved. -This is a FALSE teaching and thus also a false belief.

Not only this but man has been taught that he has the 'right' to use force of arms to defend himself, and during this 'act' of attack or defence in which he 'justly' abuses the other, he assumes again that he is operating 'above' or 'beyond' the reach of the Law of God. -This is a FALSE teaching and thus also a false belief.

Not only this, but every 'religion' uses the name of Jesus or another 'messenger' or their Creator as their 'authority' to control, and to enact decrees or rituals that they impose upon their 'followers.' None seeing that Jesus actually said:

"Beware of those that come in my name because they are ignorant and vain and all you need to do to attain Salvation is to go your way in peace, and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving towards those as yet sinfully living and, - - - I will return at a later time to give you more wisdom that you would not understand today."

Not only this but people representing Buddhism and Christianity place the messenger of God before their God or as their God and, all place the punitive ideological RULES of their state governing systems as being their 'holy bibles' to be adored and 'bowed' to as though they/it the Rules were God. -This is a FALSE teaching and thus also a false belief.

The only major religion that sees the Creator God (Named 'Allah' in Arabic) as the superior being to whom all 'bow' is the 'Muslim' of Islam. But they too are in a 'jam' because they are equally as deceived by their 'own' misinformed zealots, as are the 'elders' of all other religions and 'cultures' reference the right to fight and wage war or, the right to fight in self-defense and still be 'accepted' into heaven without paying their spiritual dues. -This is a FALSE teaching and thus also a false belief.

None that fight or abuse another can 'avoid' suffering a similar 'eye for an eye' return within the "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God and paying ones karmic dues first before entering the kingdom of heaven, for that is 'Just' and it is the absolute Justice of God.

Christian 'followers' believe that their religion is superior because they have been taught that their 'head' man Jesus was reported to have walked on water and carried out other material 'miracles.' -This is a FALSE teaching and thus also a false belief

Christian followers believe that their religion is superior because they have been taught that the biological flesh of Jesus 'arose' from the 'dead' and it the 'biological flesh' returned to heaven. -This is a FALSE teaching and thus also a false belief.

Christian followers believe that Jesus was crucified so as to 'void' or nullify God's Law and Wrath against them due to his 'love' for them and that the 'spilling' of his blood would 'suffice' as a sacrifice to God on their behalf. -This is a FALSE teaching and thus also a false belief.

Jesus yes did 'sacrifice' his flesh and suffer and be crucified so as to show by EXAMPLE that the only way to spiritual freedom was to "Go as a lamb to the slaughter" and be prepared to 'die' or suffer without retaliating.

For Jesus knew that during retaliation one was defiant of God's "Go in peace" command and accruing more 'karmic' suffering through causing more pain to another.

The followers of every 'sect' or religion believe that theirs is the superior way. -This is a FALSE teaching and thus also a false belief.

There is only ONE superior way. The 'way' taught by God via me that 'belongs' to no religion and itself is not a religion. It is simply the Statement of FACT issued by your Creator and backed by HIS Might. "Go your way in peace and bear goodwill unto all."

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~ The Sinners prayer ~

This is the 'Sinners' prayer to be used by all of every race until the 'day' they depart the flesh. For its use will assist them in more than one way as thrice daily to God the Creator they it say:

Creator of the Heavens - Mother of love*
I see your Star shining above
please cleanse my mind with all your love
so I may heed your call of peace from above

Note: 'Mother of love'* - you may choose to say : 'Father of love'

And, you may 'add' these words on the first 'day' that you repent and relent about what you did do that to others was untrue:

For I now do fully understand the consequence of using God's underhand, being the dark energy from below and, - - - I now also understand that for its use that I will REAP what I did SOW.

Thus I am happier to hear the Truth that is sent by your dove your proof, that heaven above does exist as does hell where all go that weave and twist.

Your Wisdom does now set me free for I know the Truth of what truly be, that only those that do others love will one day find their way to your land of love.

Thank you Mother and Father too for being to us sinners so loving and true, for again sending your messenger through to show us sinners how to be true.

For we now fully understand that none are above your divine law, and we will pass on that message to all on this earthly shore.


I will add a few more words unto all about the word 'forgive - forgiven - forgiveness' and its use by God and yourself. For I would have it that you now understand that the requirement of God is that YOU forgive thine enemy, your past, present, or future enemy. For all are simply as you, persons needing to be shown the way to set themselves free from the REAL enemy. Being the dark essence that they drew into their souls through their ignorance. Give them and thus yourself a second chance.

The LIGHT of God energy - - - is loving, kind, and forgiving. Thus all are welcome into Its heavenly abode that are ABLE to reach its 'gate' and enter.

The DARK of God energy - - - is destructive, cruel and unforgiving. Thus IT does not 'permit' you the freedom to go into the Light until you have paid your dues unto IT and, until you have returned * unto IT all the dark energy within your soul that you took from IT illegally as you foolishly used IT in your interaction with others.

Any 'speck' of dark energy is 'heavy' and is what keeps your soul from being 'uplifted' into the PURE Light of Heaven. You cannot become 'free' from SIN energy when you in any way use it to 'abuse, steal, criticise, judge, condemn, invade or wage war and destroy.'

That is the Salvation Truth from my pen.

Note : you have returned * - in your own 'suffering' you pay your dues to God within God's Law, and God then draws out the dark 'sinful' energy little by little until you are free. If you keep drawing it in through retribution then you never become free.

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~ The TRUE Jesus 'crucifixion' Revelation ~

The Truth of the matter is now revealed so that the 'wise' can begin to see the errors of the past 'insanity' as they set themselves free from false teachings, and they begin to understand that Jesus was but 'as they are' a simple man that was sent by the Creator to walk in this land and, - - -

The reality being that no mere man can 'get away' and not pay for any 'folly' of the day because, the Law of God is supreme, immutable, Just and eternal and none can it 'void' or avoid.

Thus any 'angel' of the Light that 'lowers' themselves into this sad world through their 'love' for God and his children, is a person that is prepared to 'suffer' whatever the 'load' that becomes their karmic 'fate' when they 'stumble' on the road.

There is a 'factor' unseen by man being that when one incarnates into this 'realm' ones spirit mind is 'blocked,' and ones earth consciousness thus knows naught other that what it experiences from the moment it enters the mother's womb.

These experiences are those 'recorded' by its senses as well as any 'thoughts' that appear from within its own mind from 'somewhere' else. Thus when an 'angel' that is a pure 'Christ like' spirit enters this realm for a 'tour of duty,' it is prepared to 'take on' into its soul some negative emotions (the sin of this world) because, - - -

If it did not, then it would not and could not understand what 'sinners' felt ref - sorrow, greed, fear, anger, revenge, jealousy, etc., but, - - - once it was again thus a 'sinful' person, it would as all 'sinners' be 'subject to' the absolute authority of God's Law in every interaction with others.

God 'imbued' Jesus with 'enough' dark energy to ensure that he would 'sin' to the extent that he would then not only 'consciously' understand the power of 'Satan' being the Dark Energy essence of GOD * but, - - -

Through this energetic 'power' of 'sin,' the thoughts of the Serpent would then be able to enter his mind via the 'vibration channel' of the 'sin' emotions and 'tempt' him to be its 'angry' retributive force, and thus he Jesus would accrue a 'painful' spiritual 'due' that would ultimately cause him to be 'flayed' and betrayed and 'nailed' at the time and at the place that God so ordained and, - - -

You need to see that as God's LAW is absolutely 'Just' in its "As you sow so shall ye reap" statement, that Jesus could not have been 'nailed on a cross' to show you the way that you would have to go for being a 'swine' unless, - - - he first accrued the spiritual karmic 'due' of suffering himself and, - - -

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You need to see that as God's Law is absolute, that no man can be 'tempted' to pay or can 'offer' to pay or can 'literally' pay the spiritual dues of any other. For it would mean that God was not God and, it would mean that God's ONE Law could be voided or avoided, and that my 'friends' is the erroneous belief of false teachers and the greatest false teaching of the day and, - - -

It follows that Jesus did not 'die' on any cross to save you from the end time fulfillment of the immutable "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of God. It was simply a 'loving' demonstration wherein his soul divine was prepared to 'suffer' so that he could save you from continuing on being swine once you learnt the TRUTH about God's immutable Law from me Terence, the same spirit that was in his flesh because, - - -

In every race and creed the same 'deception' has occurred in that via 'religion,' mankind has been falsely taught that his inner 'sin' can be nullified and he can be saved by either praising Jesus or other men seen as 'gods' or, through the 'acts' of carrying out a variety of rituals. This is the falsity I have returned to expose and, - - - when this Doctrine of Truth has been 'preached to all nations' then THE END with its eternal separation of souls will come.

Examples of rituals of man that have no 'Salvation' significance being:

Immersion in water, be it in the sea, the Ganges, or by priests on the heads of 'babes' - - by visiting 'temples' and paying a 'royalty' of booty to show ones 'fealty' to that religion and its purported 'belief' - - by being 'celibate' as Buddhists and many others and thus showing their supposed 'purity'  - - circumcision - - - appeasing the spirits of the dead by asking their advice and offering them material 'gifts' or - -

By a once in a life time visit to a 'shrine' that is a supposed 'holy place' - - lighting candles or praying to ward off evil - - flagellation - - throwing stones at a 'symbolic' devil - - destroying ones enemy as a duty to God - -  food fasting discipline - - ritual of 'communion' being the 'ritualistic' eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood of a 'sacrificial lamb' or - -

Praising God or God's messengers - - genuflecting to robed priests - - daily or weekly rituals of giving 'alms' to supposed holy men in return for their 'blessing' - - raising up punitive 'rules' to force conformity to ideological beliefs - - the 'blood' sacrifice of animals or humans etc., to appease God.

All is Falsity inspired by the Serpent via the mind of the fearful, vain and arrogant that 'thought' it was necessary to do 'something' more than simply conform to God's TRUE WORD of "Peace unto all" for their spiritual protection and salvation. 

Heed God, only thus are you ' blessed' by God.

Every 'society' and religion has its 'quaint' but false beliefs surrounding the FACTUAL act of purifying the soul and Salvation. Every person has been 'deceived' as there is only ONE way as given by ME the Light of God.

For every 'other' promises your freedom through your avoidance of the fulfillment of God's LAW. Only I can promise your freedom through your understanding that God's Law is THE LAW of this and every land and, - - -

You can only become spiritually free when you understand the reason 'why' you need to fortify your mind in the manner given by me. For it is only then that you can then begin to CONFORM to God's Command to "Go in peace and extend goodwill unto ALL" and, - - -

You thus understand that only when you are mentally strong enough to NOT retaliate when faced by 'wolves' because, - - - you now know that they are His 'God sent' avenging angels * sent to mete out HIS divine Justice and, - - - you now know the 'how and why' you must truly follow 'Jesus' and "Go as a lamb to the slaughter," as you 'forgivingly, lovingly, mercifully and compassionately' stop bringing others to 'account' for their misdeeds as you conform to God's commanded 'code of conduct' of "Peace unto all" even if you are to be crucified.

Note: avenging angel * - Is a 'swine' that is an ignorant 'non-believing' person that is not only using dark merciless punitive energy, but is one that has a mind that is telepathically 'possessed' by demonic forces that know exactly what they need to do to you in order to fulfill the 'eye for an eye' aspect of the negative side of the Law of the Dark Sovereign Power (God)

Note: being the Dark Energy essence of GOD * - See 'God is GOD' (Link 7 ) at end of doc.

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~ The TRUE End times Mission ~

The TRUE End times Mission for mankind and God, - - - as is required by God of True believers that can see what it is that I Terence say today, that could not have been understood by simple men when Jesus walked on earth a long past day is, - - -

To go forth and in every way possible spread the word that God's final message is now available on line at and, to assist in the dissemination of the fresh revelations about God and 'sin' and the energy within, and the 'what and how and why and when' the Tribulations will be and what each person needs to do to assist themselves and others.

This extends to the 'merciful' education and enlightenment and thus 'elevation' of the minds of 'offenders' (sinners) that interfere, control, and abuse and thus disturb the peace of the land. This is accomplished though their education and attending the 'Feeling Easier Seminar' if they 'offend' and are thus able to make change and, - - -

The dissemination of the 'Brief Summary' and reinstitution of the singular "As you sow so shall ye reap on an eye for an eye (equal basis)" Law of God, and God's command to "Go your way in peace and extend goodwill unto all in being merciful, compassionate, kind, and forgiving" and, - - -

To assist in the enlightenment of the uncountable spirit beings lost in the dark realms of spirit. For as they attain wisdom from this level due to their emotions and minds linking-in telepathically to the minds of earthly beings, they too will be 'saved' and elevated back to the light. (The spiritual dead shall rise)

For as earthly man 'learns' truth and sets himself free from the 'ignorance' and deception of 'accountability' and punishment and warring ways, those linking in mentally from the dark also have the opportunity to change their ways and rise up from the 'dead' into the light.

All 'bad' or offensive persons that have 'seen the light' and turned over a 'new leaf' need to read the Offender document and become Carer's that implement the Feeling Easier Seminar in every town as they become a true 'Peace Corps' of dedicated men and women serving their God directly as God inspires their conscience. (Link 9) at end of doc.

Maybe 'Peter' the man of God that operates the Pyengana branch 'Chapter of' the "Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International" needs to now join my 'chapter' of able bodied believers that go forth into their community and help dispel the 'myths' reference Salvation and, - - -

Maybe his 'group' will become the first Elders of the Pyengana community to commence and 'run' the "Feeling Easier Seminars," as they 'haul in' any person that disturbs the peace of the land in some way or, that are a 'danger' unto themselves.

Let Pyengana become the first 'district' where all 'Elders' conform to God's Command to "Go your way in peace," and thus no man is to 'bear' a gun in a public place, nor 'threaten' any other person with a weapon of any kind, nor use their 'arm' to strike any blow against any other person and, - - -

Thus any person found not conforming to God's Command is seen as a person needing to be 'arrested' * and taken to a place where they will be subjected to the 3 hour "Feeling Easier Seminar" and then set free as commanded by their God.

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If any person from any other place or 'institution' enters the district bearing 'arms' for any reason or threatens any of the local populace with the intent of 'kidnap' from their home to be 'judged' by any 'judge' for the purpose of their punishment then, - - -

That uniformed or otherwise 'invader' is also to be seen as a person needing to be 'arrested' and taken to a place where they will be subjected to the 3 hour "Feeling Easier Seminar," and then set free as commanded by their God within the "State of Heaven Decrees."

Note: 'arrested' * - Go to the < The Community Peace Corps Arrest Mandate > (Link 10) at end of doc.

Maybe every 'gospel' organisation and the "Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International" organisation can now also advise all their members to do the same as they the 'group' amend their projected 'Creed' to state:

We believe that there is only one God for all mankind that says: "Go your way in peace and love one another as you extend goodwill unto all mankind and you are respectful, merciful, compassionate and forgiving to all others yet sinfully living" and, - - -

We believe that His messenger the Spirit of Truth has returned in the flesh and blesses us all with God's fresh wisdom found at "The Testament of Truth" and we now believe that the 'crucifixion' of Jesus was to show us the 'way' it is to be for all that sinned as all must pay their dues personally to fulfil the one Law of God.

We now believe that no person or 'servant' of the people has any mandate from God to 'take the punitive law' of God into their own hands, as all punitive 'correction' is God's prerogative only and, we believe that mankind is only permitted to fulfil the 'positive' aspect of God's law and thus only educate offenders.

We now believe that no man should use the strength of 'arms' to defend themselves against any perceived 'threat' or invaders and, all that is needed is to be mentally strong enough to not retaliate in the face of adversity, so that as we 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' in self-crucifixion we attain spiritual freedom.

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~ The ‘unsaved’- what lies in ‘store’ ~

Those that do not attain ‘salvation’ begin their eternal journey into GREATER sorrow and suffering, as their spirit soul spirals downwards with ever-increasing speed through its own ‘determination’ to fulfill the expression of the powerful and growing dark emotions within. Being the Sin through which there is an intensifying  mental ‘justification’ to bring others to account in order to fulfill the DARK aspect of God’s Law of the punitive As you did sow so shall ye reap” side of the ‘eye for an eye’ Law of restitution.

Not seeing that their inner darkness that is driving them mentally and emotionally ‘blinds’ them to the reality that, - - - as they ‘penalise’ and abuse the other, that they at that very moment subject themselves to an ‘equal’ payback within the very same DARK aspect of God’s Law of the punitive As you did sow so shall ye reap” side of the ‘eye for an eye’ Law of restitution.

The DARK power gives every ‘enforcer’ more and more reason (telepathically via someone’s mind) to ‘legislate’ more and more authority unto itself, so that it can ‘justifiably’ terrorise others more forcefully. All thus accrue a greater return due of suffering within the immutable Law of God for their defiance of God’s “Forgive and go in peace” command.

You cannot find peace through waging war; you cannot wash away blood with blood.
Only through the ‘water’ of forgiveness is peace attained.

If you fail to be saved at this end time then you find that little by little that your mind becomes under the ‘control’ of invisible demonic forces and, - - - you then become mentally ‘possessed’ by their minds and lose all personal capacity to think for yourself. This means that you are unable then to even consider conforming to God’s “Go in peace” command, and you only express the destructive ‘wishes’ of the ‘invisible’ Alien race from HELL and, - - -

You become an insane, cruel, vindictive and merciless unforgiving person that is only emotionally ‘satisfied’ when someone is being ‘victimised’ by your punitive actions you can only perceive as ‘Justice’ because, - - - the ‘rule book’ of man and the DARK emotional energy ‘growing’ within your soul sees its actions as ‘rightful’ and ‘Just,’ and only ‘permits’ your consciousness to see the error of the other and, - - - you have not been taught to be merciful and forgiving. You have been taught to bring others to account and to punish them and, - - - many of you receive a ‘wage’ to so do.

From this time forth your negative interaction with others ensures that you accrue a similar ‘pain and suffering’ due and, - - - as your soul becomes burdened with more negative energy its vibration ‘coarsens,’ and the time comes when your flesh ‘dies’ and your spirit is released and, - - - that is the moment of time when your spirit consciousness is ‘awoken’ to the fact that life goes on eternally ‘somewhere’ and, - - -

Your ‘burdened’ spirit is ‘dragged’ at the speed of light into a realm of God’s choosing. Being the energy of the Dark that is similar in nature to your own unseen energy within and, - - - in that realm you are ‘stuck’ with others all waiting to strike you down with their mace, for they can only see your disgrace and their ‘possessed’ and thus controlled minds are unable to see their own error or actions as anything other than ‘Justice.’

Every ‘mind’ in that space is subjugated by the power of the Dark Sovereign Power and, - - - its intent is ‘horrible.’ For it not only ‘wishes’ to destroy your ‘bad’ seed but, prior to that time  it wishes to ‘torture’ you in every conceivable way that IT can think of because, you DESERVE it for your defiance of the Light of God your Creator to “Go your way in peace” and, - - -

The only thing that does take place eternally in that aspect of God’s energy is that forever you draw in more darkness that ‘crushes’ your beautiful inner ‘light’ rose and, eternally your every moment of existence becomes one of excruciating pain and suffering and you ‘die’ spiritually and, - - -

Deeper and deeper your spirit is drawn into the depths of ‘oblivion’ to ultimately become ‘frozen’ in a wasteland of putrefaction that is so far from the Light that it turns to STONE for another eternity until, - - - the ‘day’ does dawn that it approaches the ‘coal face’ of the eternal FIRE of Creation where it ‘revolves’ in agony for a time and more time, but your ‘shrieks’ are unheard * as your spirit is purged of its ‘dross’ and you again are ‘reborn’ into the Light. 

Far better to TRY and move forwards and UPWARDS to the Light rather than go the ‘other’ way.
Your choice which ‘voice’ to now heed.

The one of the Light essence of God that says; “Turn over a new leaf and begin to go in Peace”
Or you may continue to heed the call of the Dark essence of God and continue to punish and FIGHT.

Note: ‘shrieks’ are unheard * - There is 'utter' silence in the depths below because God the Father does not 'permit' any offender to 'vocally' disturb the peace there, and HIS dark forces mentally control your mind so that you cannot even SPEAK. For HE does not need to hear the 'result' of your disgrace for wielding a mace against HIS children, and neither does HE wish to hear your 'pleas' or 'reasons' for so doing and, - - - HE simply 'shuts your mouth up.'

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Note: - the negative emotions are from the dark energy 'spectrum' of the Source - God. This energy is malicious and 'inspires - incites - invites' a person to Sin. Thus causing another to suffer pain because it the dark energy is vengeful - cruel – merciless - destructive and unforgiving etc. (encompassing the negative manifestations of the emotions of hatred, greed, jealousy, anger, criticism etc.)

The more you use this energy in your interaction with others in expressing it verbally or physically, the more you draw it into your soul where it grows as a cancer within you and the further away from the Light and Salvation you go and, - - -

Because the use of this dark energy by you causes another to suffer in some way, the more your own suffering grows as God within the 'Just' fulfillment of His divine law does the same suffering upon you impose via some other 'ignorant' person at a later stage in time.

If you always go your way in peace, then you are never causing pain to others and never 'permitting' darkness into your soul and, as you then only express positive light energy in being kind, respectful, compassionate and forgiving etc., your soul becomes lighter and brighter and nearer to the pure Light of God and Salvation. You may read more on Sin and sinning. (Link 12) end of doc.

I Terence the man of flesh that has within me the same spirit soul that 'walked' on earth within the flesh of the man Jesus, and I am the man that returns to 'Anchor' you to the Truth of God as given by Jesus and, - - - he or she that endureth hardship by remaining faithful to God's Command to "Go your way in peace" shall be saved through their perseverance and God's grace.

Remember, nothing happens to you that is not deserved. Be it good or bad.

The 'foreign' policy of others towards you is determined by your own 'Foreign Policy' ACTIONS towards others. Abuse others for any reason and you will also be 'justifiably' abused. THE LAW of God is absolute. If your 'servants' detain, punish, kill or torture or 'skin' people alive, then be 'assured' by me of what awaits YOU.

All the suffering imposed upon 'prisoners' and their families comes back to 'haunt' you personally. All the intrusion, restriction, extortion by fines, punishment, or removal of children from their family etc., carried out by 'Court' officials operating on your behalf and in your name comes back to 'haunt' you personally.

It is the time to realise the danger you expose yourself to when you by 'taxation' or other 'fee' levy do fund and condone the actions of State 'enforcers' and other armed personnel who are thus operating as your servants. The only time you or I or any other should ‘caution’ a person is when they are seen to be in a position where they are or can become a danger to others or themselves.

 We then ‘kindly’ give them our educative counsel and thus positive direction so that they can have a little inner reflection. For all are answerable to God when they disturb the peace of HIS land.

 Be warned, your 'day' of Tribulation is soon to begin personally, and it could become an 'eternal' tribulation as it will if you deny my message from HE the Father of all. For eternal tribulation does lie in 'store' for any that fail to be saved.

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~ Additional Notes ~

If you have the belief that you can 'void' or avoid the "As you sow - so shall ye reap" Law of God then so be it - time will tell.

If you have the belief that you have been forgiven, then there will never be a 'hand' raised against you in anger and neither will you suffer any material loss - time will tell.

If you have the belief that you are truly 'sin' free, then you will never again raise your hand against any other because you not only have relented and repented, but you can "Go in peace and extend goodwill unto all mankind" when in the face of adversity - time will tell.

If you have the belief that there is more than one 'Creator' - - e.g. one for Muslims and one for Christians then you are deluded. The word 'Allah' is simply the word God as spoken in Arabic. God created all races - and all are 'equal' in His eyes - all 'sinners' needing to begin to conform to His Command of "Go your way in peace and love one another."

Persons 'falling' at the feet of ministers of religion that say "Praise Jesus and be saved" are being deceived.

It is time to see that 'Christians' wage war on others as do 'Muslims' because their 'elders' have taught them falsely. The word 'infidel' is simply the Arab rendition of the English word 'non-believer' - meaning a person that does not conform to God's message via Jesus and Muhammad & Buddha to "Go in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

My 'non-retaliation' Gospel is simply a statement of FACT backed by Jesus' words "GO as a lamb to the slaughter," for that means "Do not fight back" because - the word 'Karma' means "What you do comes back to you - good or bad" - that is JUSTICE is it not?

Surely even God's law "As you sow so shall ye reap" is also simply stating that? - God's LAW is absolute, so where is the confusion?

Those as me that DO believe in God's absolute Justice ensure that if ever confronted, that they do not raise their hand or voice because they KNOW the consequence of that ACTION.

I say: I speak of the SAME Jesus as you have 'heard' and simply ADD that - "It is 'he' (his spirit) that has returned in MY fleshly body to bring you the SAME gospel without the 'distortion' that has been added to scriptural texts."

And I say: ANY person that is preaching 'other' than - - - what I say ref. God's Law & God's Command to "Go your way in Peace" and, any other way to 'redemption' - - - ARE deceitful workers and false apostles who most certainly will answer to their Creator and, subject themselves to the words of the 'old' biblical texts : If anyone preaches a gospel to you beside what you have received from ME, they 'curse' themselves and their end shall be according to their works - - - because, I preach the same true 'gospel' that does not 'differ' from that day to this.

Because, any person that believes that they can be 'forgiven' by the simple 'act' of a statement reference their 'love' and acceptance of Jesus as their saviour or, through the simple 'acts' of performing rituals are deceived and - when the END days tribulations do commence and they ARE confronted by their past and expected to NOT retaliate, they will 'fight' tooth and nail and fail.

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I preach the REAL Truth reference the absolute LAW and Justice of God and any person teaching any other shall surely BE accursed - as shall be they that changed the Holy Word so that others would find a means to thwart the Holy Word of God I did bring then and reiterate NOW.

GOD says : Do not rely on the strength of your right arm to defend yourself, rely ONLY on the strength of my "Go in Peace" word" because only thus do you NOT accrue any 'bad karma' - -

So any 'apostle' preaching that one can 'fight' or 'defend' and only need to rely on their 'oath' of allegiance to Jesus or any other man or religion, are in error.

Why does God allow or permit people to be abused or tortured? Because within the Law of God they knowingly or unknowingly deserved it and are receiving their 'karmic' JUSTICE at the hands of the ignorant inspired by the DARK avenger.

Gods' "Go in peace" command is true, as is HIS divine Law - any teaching that tries to 'nullify' these precepts of the TRUE IDEOLOGY OF GOD are error that lead to terror.

The 'beam' in the eye of man is that he sees the error of the false teaching and preaching that has entered into EVERY OTHER RELIGION - - - but NOT the error that has entered his OWN. - Every religion has the error of ideological belief that 'permits' the use of force to defend - and the use of force to 'attack' in self defence - all these anti-god actions are condoned by men of religion who THUS mislead God's children.

I can ASSURE you that ANY person 'pointing the bone' at any other is NOT a Christian. TRUE followers of CHRIST do not 'bear' arms, nor do they 'strike' any perceived enemy - they CONFORM to God's command and they 'Go in peace' as given by God through Jesus' 'mouth' AND again now through mine because - - - all now have been 'led' to believe that they can use force and 'get away with it.'

Ask yourself - "What is the Tribulation all about - - who is going to suffer and why"? - I can tell you NOW - those of ANY race or creed that defied God's "Go in peace" command that in any way abused others and thus placed themselves within the negative aspect of God's "As you did sow so shall ye reap" are the ones to face the 'lions' that will be as 'iniquitous' to them as they were to others and, - - -

ONLY those that have now become 'enlightened' by my pen who thus do see the 'Wisdom of God' and thus do not retaliate will pay their 'suffering' penalty dues to God and become spiritually free. They lose their 'fleshly' life and gain eternal life in the Light of heaven freed from their 'sin.'

It needs be seen and understood that when you share an emotional release or a 'life' changing testimony with others one feels closer to them, be it as a 'Legionnaire' in the French foreign Legion or in a church 'group' or 'religion' or other 'familial' situation.

Do not let this 'closeness' affect your relationship with any other person or race or creed or ideology because, all are God's children and all need your care, blessing, friendship and good neighbourliness.

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When you make another your 'enemy' then you have made God your enemy. For whatever you do unto them will by God be done unto you VIA others. The wisdom I bring you is a sacred blessing to help you fortify your mind and soul against any 'thought' that tries to use you in a negative 'response' to the 'darkness' you see shining through others.

Help them free themselves from it the dark energy being their inner 'sin' as you control your own dark emotions, and you both win eternal happiness. The 'inherent' danger to the exclusive 'heavenly' membership is the power of the invisible Dark One, who via your sin tries to give you a very good and 'justifiable' reason to be it in action.

Your God and Creator would have you see that all 'mankind' and all 'demons' are sister and brother and thus you need to love one another because your Creator the Mother of Love so does, and He the Father will now destroy any person that uses His power to destroy Her creation.

Only when you can love your enemy 'unconditionally' are you truly a 'free' spirit as 'Jesus' or me and, - - -then and only then do you feel fully at peace within at all times and, - - - you know that you are saved and safe as you would never raise your hand or voice against any other and your spiritual destiny is the 'Promised Land.'

God also does have His own 'eye for an eye - as you sow so shall ye reap' Law that now swings fully into 'operation' and, - - - irrespective of what you have been taught by men, there is NO 'forgiveness' within God's Law and, - - -

Every 'sucker' that used deception, force, indiscretion, and abused or invaded or waged war upon any other is to be 'crushed' in a similar way as insanity encompasses this world.

Its time for the 'people' of every land to awaken to the truth that they may feel 'safe & saved & godly' as they fellowship with one religion or another but, - - - what they all need to now see is that the mere fact that they 'vote' or condone or by tax fund their governments interfering, taxing, invasive, punitive and destructive ways that, - - -

In the eyes of their CREATOR they are funding a very DARK and destructive IDEOLOGY that itself is an 'anti-god' terrorist organisation (religion) terrorising its own community as well as others over the seas and, - - - within the immutable divine Law of God every person is now to 'face' a similar due at the hands of the 'untrue.'

Believers in my Truth do not 'wage war' against their perceived enemy. For they have learnt that the other is but a poor soul trapped by darkness that they drew in to their soul and, they are trapped through ignorance and false ideological teachings.

Thus they teach the other to help free themselves from this dark energy and at the same time they free themselves. For every 'government' on earth is a religion with the false ideological doctrine of extortion, regulation, invasion, punishment and war and, - - -

All that fund or condone or support 'it' are walking deeper into the darkness each day and as they sleep at night they are accruing a painful karmic due as the result of the actions of their servants.

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Every person or government 'body' that uses force or bears 'arms' against the other is either a 'Christian' extremist or 'Islamic' extremist etc., neither are a 'believer in' nor 'follower of' the "Go in peace" Command of their Creator.

Both 'parties are of the same 'evil' ilk, and both are seen by many on their 'side' as good and 'just' and 'honourable' and working for God and the 'good' of their people. They are the deceived that from now on pave the 'way' to their eternal 'place' with the Deceiver, the Serpent, the 'hellish' underworld realm of GOD the Dark Sovereign Power.

Let us join hands to try and set them free be they Howard, Bush, or Bin Laden or any other knowingly or unknowingly being an 'abuser.'

For the reality is, that all mankind has been 'deceived' by the power of the Serpent that has operated in the mind of simple man for aeons of time via their 'sinful' emotions, as it 'tempted' them and then seduced them, as it gave them a 'justifiable' and 'valid' reason to defy God and sup on ITS dark, forceful, merciless, unforgiving, cruel, and punitive energy.

I have returned 'as a thief in the night' for my spirit soul is invisible. You cannot see its power or brilliance until you enter heaven. My sole purpose is to 'simply' tell you all the Truth and lay it at your 'feet'. It is up to you to decide whether it 'rings' true for you and, - -

I am not here to tell you to 'do' anything other than to use my 'wisdom' so that you are able to become 'as me' a pure spirit, and so that you are truly able to assist others to find their way home to the Promised Land.

The 'chains' that bind you are the 'sin' emotions, and thus you are 'linked' to the dark until every 'speck' of ITS energy is 'delivered up' and you are purified and, - - - only as your spirit soul 'exits' the flesh will you know your eternal destiny, as you either 'streak' to the light or 'fall' crushed into the oblivion of the eternal dark night with its terrifying and eternal torments.

This END time Salvation program is one of self-sufficiency. This means that you look direct to God and not to men of 'cloth' with their religions of differing beliefs. Feed yourself with this final wisdom and set yourself free as you daily conform to God's "Peace unto all" Command and make no demands of others. 

All of every race and religion presently condone, support, fund and follow 'The LAW of the BEAST'  as all 'bow' to the 'dictates' of 'Caesar' who is used as the 'symbol' of the false 'justness' of the State Rule book (statutes) of man. - - - Read it (Link 11) below

The only daily "Rite of passage" ceremony needed by each soul to become free as given by GOD through ME:

"Go your way in PEACE at all times and in all circumstances"

Heed me or, fail and fall to 'Hell's Gate.' For soon the whole world 'dissolves' into a 'cyclone' of intense emotional 'frenzy,' as insanity erupts within the mind of man and mankind sees the end result of their defiance of the Creator. Being the power of the dark energy essence the 'Sin' that has 'silently' grown within their spirit soul through their ongoing punitive and thus negative  and Dark interaction with others..

Anchor yourself safely to my ‘rendition’ of God’s Holy Word, for I AM the 'Link' between Heaven and Earth

Terence - the 'pen' of God/Allah

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